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									Everything Wholesale Directory:
**Every wholesale directory CD has some links that are outdated or have been moved. All these links have been tested recently but they do change. If a link does not work, input the name in a search engine to find their latest address. As a veteran shopper, you must search the wholesale websites, do research and compare the products prices. Most of all you should talk or email the wholesalers directly as the best and cheapest deals sometimes aren't listed on their sites. Sometimes a phone call or email could save you hundreds since item prices and quantities vary so much.

There is a lot of info here. Take your time to research it. Good Luck!
http://hotbuy4u.com http://www.videogamedist.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc http://llamma.com/ http://www.freewebs.com/awd-computers/xbox.htm http://tomekswholesale.zoovy.com/ http://www.nominimum.com/index.php http://www.freewebs.com/awd-computers/ http://soundpros.com/index.cfm http://wholesaletooldepot.com/ http://www.aaimporting.com/ http://www.addco.net http://www.aempower.com http://alpine1.com http://www.apexsprings.com http://www.bostonacoustics.com/car http://www.dcsports.com http://www.tires.com http://www.adelcom.net/ http://www.aempower.com http://www.agsmembers.com http://www.americandropshippers.com http://www.amstreetrod.com/ http://www.apex-audio.com http://www.asia.globalsources.com/ http://www.asiansources.com http://www.asylumms.com http://www.auctionaddict.com http://www.audio-warehouse.com/ http://www.bargains-deals.com http://www.bestforsale.com http://www.bizland.com/

http://www.buycheapprice.com http://www.cantek.com http://www.web-smiths.com http://www.epochsales.com http://www.thechipmerchant.com http://www.wwpcmac.com http://www.classicgamesource.com http://www.closeoutcorner.com/Industry_Links/industry_links.html http://www.closeoutnation.com/ http://www.closeoutsupply.com http://www.closeouts-usa.com/ http://www.clothingbids.com/ http://www.couponsnippers.com/ http://www.crystalquest.com/index.html http://www.darksidemotoring.com http://www.dimensional.com/~langley/ http://www.discountautosound.com/ http://www.discount-car-stereo.com/ http://www.dropshipper.net/welcome.htm http://www.dropshippingcentral.com http://www.dynamicturbo.com http://godfathercustoms.com http://www.24hiper.com http://www.jacksonracing.com http://www.jcwsportcompact.com http://rockfordfosgate.com http://www.hypertechnokraft.com http://www.spwusa.com http://www.speedandstyle.com http://www.mackinindustries.com http://www.rd-tanabe.com http://www.teamdynamicsusa.com http://www.turboneticsinc.com http://ultraperformance.com http://www.freewell.com/free/Free_Books/ http://www.mowheels.com http://www.fulldiscount.com/ http://carmedia1.com http://www.gamestech.com http://www.goodstuffdepot.com/ http://www.hisan.com.hk http://www.hobbyclub.com/ http://www.impactparts.com http://www.importhookup.com http://www.impulseusa.com/ http://www.jewelrydealz.com

http://www.jewelrysprite.com/index.cfm http://www.jspec.com http://www.justamps.com http://www.kazelectronics.com.au/ http://www.kbwholesale.com/ http://www.ldpublishing.com/index1.html http://www.liquidation.com http://www.logicbox.com/ http://www.masonsupply.com/ http://www.milloutlet.com/closeout.html http://www.modchip-sbox.com http://www.myjnk.com http://www.mywebwholesaler.com http://www.naycogroup.com/ http://www.newageconsoles.com http://www.toysnjoys.com/psx2specs.html http://www.onlinecarstereo.com http://www.onlinetrader.com/ http://www.oxelectronics.com http://www.partsexpress.com/ http://www.patiostore.com/closeout.html http://www.pcboost.com http://www.pricewatch.com http://www.pro-max.com http://www.psx2central.com http://www.redoctane.com/ http://www.psera.com/ http://www.rim1.com http://www.rocketwholesale.com/ http://www.rothmancloseouts.com/ http://www.salesco.com http://www.salvage.com http://www.salvagecloseouts.com http://www.savesucash.com http://www.sell.com/ http://www.smartbargains.com http://www.softwaredropship.com/ http://www.sounddistributors.com http://www.sportscar-parts.com http://www.springfieldleather.com http://www.store.yahoo.com/swapselltrade/index.html http://www.surp.com/# http://www.surplus.net http://www.swapselltrade.com http://www.sylves.com/index.html http://www.tdwcloseouts.com

http://www.thefitnessstore.com/ http://www.thepartstrader.com http://www.thezeb.com/zebaudio.html http://www.tigerdirect.com http://www.tms-electronics.com/ http://www.TodaRacing.com http://www.toydirectory.com http://www.tpis.com/ http://www.twhouse.com/ http://www.ubid.com/ http://www.victoriatire.com http://www.wheelstogo.com http://www.wholesalecentral.com http://www.wholesalecentral.com/ http://www.wholesalegiftscatalogclub.com/main.html http://www.wholesalehyperformance.com http://www.wholesalemarketer.com http://www.wholesalesounds.com http://www.wholesalewebdirect.com/ http://www.wholesalewheel.com http://www.wwpcmac.com

Addressees of Global Wholesalers (some w/websites) Taiwan Vendors
ULTRASONIC PEST CONTROLLERS: Leaven Enterprises Co., Ltd. 24F-1, No. 161, Sung-Teh Rd. Taipei 110, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-759-5512 GARDENING TOOLS, SOCKET WRENCH SET & CAMPING EQUIPMENT: Wallace Industrial Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 58815 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-5062718 HIGH-PERFORMANCE TOOLS: Moldmaster Manufacturing Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 1-132 Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-211-7583 PERSONAL SECURITY:

Sang Min International Co., Ltd. 336 Cheng-Kung Rd. Feng Yuan Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-527-0578 TELESCOPIC STEERING WHEEL LOCK: Gourmet Equipment Corp. P.O. Box 68-515 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-521-0357 MOTION DETECTOR & OTHERS: Ian Technology Co., Ltd. 3F, No. 5. Alley 3, Lane 130, Sec. 3, Nan Kind Rd. Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-7885661 GLITTER GLUE & NIGHT GLOW GLUE: P.O. Box 48-169 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-791-6015 AIR FRESHENERS, CAR CARE & MORE: RCS International Corp. 16-1 Fl. No. 128, Tun Hua S. Rd., Sec. 2 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C Fx# 886-2-701-0961, or 886-2-707-9040 ROLLER BLADES & ACCESSORIES: Amulas Enterprises Corp. P.O. Box 20-14 Panchiao Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C Fx# 886-2-261-5686, or 886-2-265-5611 POLYRESIN & CERAMIC PRODUCTS: Design Craft Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 55-900 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C Fx# 886-2-592-3594 CAMERAS & BINOCULARS: Aremac Co., Ltd. 13F, No. 10, Alley 119, Lane 103, Neihu Rd. Sec. 2, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-799-4276

SWIMMING/DIVING GEAR: Exquis Enterprises Co., Ltd. No. 23, Tung An Street Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-367-8128 SELF-WATERING PLANT STAND: LCS Auto & Hardware International Development Co., Ltd. 8th Fl. No. 9, Lane 403, Pa-teh Rd., Sec. 4 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-747-2929 KITCHEN UTENSILS: Chain Corn Enterprise Co., Ltd. No. 30-12, Ku Ju Tou, Hsikang Hsiang Tainan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-6-795-6278 MAGNETIC HEALTH PRODUCTS: Taiwan Creations Joe L. Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 26-233 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-704-0069 HEATED TOILET SEAT/BIDET & CHLORINE REMOVING SHOWER: Aizia Enterprise Co., Ltd. 5F, No. 226, Min Chuan Rd. Panchiao Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-965-1166, or 886-2-967-2225 RIBBONS: Party Art Enterprise Co., Ltd. 2nd Fl., No. 1, Lane 7, Pao-Kao Rd. Hsintien City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-915-8230 SELF-EXPANDING INFLATABLES: Commark International Inc. P.O. Box 109-815 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-231-4354 TOOTHPICKS: Welters Co., Ltd. 85 Kon-Yeh Rd., Touliu Ind. Park Touliu, Yinlin, Taiwan

Fx# 886-5-557-1213 COLOR CHANGING MUGS, GLASSES & MORE: P.O. Box 6-166 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-632-7544 CEILING FANS/LIGHT PULL CHAINS: Euroglory Corp. No. 13, Alley 28, Yunt Ho Lane, Sha Tien Rd., Hsin An Li, Sha Lu Cheng Taichung Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-635-9326 MILITARY COMPASSES: Dah Yuan Iron Work Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 46-53 Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-358-5600 PLAYING CARDS: A Plus Playing Card Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 41-55 Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-436-7799, or 886-4-436-8787 ORGANIZERS & PENS: Kendy Corp. P.O Box 24-24 Pan-Chiao Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-242-0821 E-mail: kendy@asiansources.com.tw WASTE CAN/TISSUE HOLDER: Mark Of Excellent Enterprise Co., Ltd. 1F, No. 54, Lane 15, Chi Hsiang St. Hsin Tien City, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-215-5066 VINYL TABLECLOTHS: Nan Tai Industrial Co., Ltd. W & H Plastic Corp. P.O. Box 629 Tainan, Taiwan Fx# 886-6-264-2131 TEA:

Great Lakeland International Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 48-5 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-767-8565 RUBBER MATS OF ALL SORTS: Champion Rubber Enterprise Co., Ltd. No. 799, Chon Fon Rd., Loon Tang Hsiang Tao Yuan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-3-479-6027, or 886-3-489-8377 TUBULAR & WOODEN FURNITURE: Kou Tern Trade Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 1266 Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-251-2758 MOPS, SPONGES & MORE: Yeh Young Products Co., Ltd. 2F, No. 70, Lane 242, Hulin St Taipei 110, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-726-4237 KITCHEN KNIVES: Long-Shye Enterprise Co., Ltd. No. 16, Ching Mei Rd., Taiping Hsiang Taichung Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-270-0506 CLEANING PRODUCTS: Taiwan Duncombe International Inc. Reticle Industry Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 19-50 Taichung Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-479-1217 NOVELTIES & DECORATIONS: Popolo Industrial Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 77-86 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-883-5103 Agents Wanted CEILING FANS: Ralada Manufacturing Inc. No. 53, Ming Sheng Rd., Sec. 2, Taya Hsiang

Taichung Hsien, Taiwan Fx# 886-4-567-1375 BREAD MACHINE, TOASTER & MORE: Orinstric Electric Ltd. No. 57-61, Alley 21, Lane 279, Chung Cheng Rd. Yung Kang City, Tainan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-6-201-3648 BATHROOM ACCESSORIES: Green Source Ind. Co. Ltd. P.O. Box 4-8, Chung Li Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-3-457-8446, or 886-3-457-4145 POLYSTONE FIGURINES: J.C.L. Design Co., Ltd. 271 Fu Ying Rd., Hsin-Chuang Taipei Hsien, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-906-0509, or 886-2-901-3927 PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Long Dar Plastic Co., Ltd. No. 12, Wu Chung 6th Rd., Wu-Ku Industrial Park Taipei Hsien, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-299-6665, or 886-2-298-2423 Merit Enterprise Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 11861 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-226-2224 PICK-RESISTANT STEERING WHEEL LOCKS: Aurum Electronics Corp. No. 79, Lane 121, Fu Chiang Rd., Sec. 2 Yung Kang City, Tainan Hsien, Taiwan Fx# 886-6-271-1890 SINGAL CONE: Tong Ming Ind. Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 67-483 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-712-3698 HOME SECURITY: Well Electronics Co., Ltd. 8F-5, No. 2, Chung Shan Rd., Sec 1

Panchiao City, Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-953-1840 http://asiansources.com/wallelec.co SECURITY SYSTEMS: Jenn-Hann Technology Co., Ltd. No. 1367-1, Sec. 2, Sung Chu Rd. Taichung, Taiwan Fx# 886-4-291-4827 WATCHES: Austin International Corp. 6F-4, No. 31, Sec. 3, Dong Men Rd. Tainan, Taiwan Fx# 886-6-290-2540 FASHIONABLE CLOCKS: May Keh Industrial Co., Ltd. No. 24, Lane 80, Hsing An Rd., Shalu Chen Taichung Hsien, Taiwan Fx# 886-4-6629003 READING/SUNGLASSES: U-Rop International Co., Ltd. 51, Lane 27, Shien Pei St. Tainan, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-6-280-2849 SCARVES, NECKTIES & BANDANAS: Union Rainbow Industries Co., Ltd. 3F, No. 38, Lane 80, Nankang Rd., Sec. 3 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-783-4326 UMBRELLAS: Full Phong Enterprise Co., Ltd. 4F, No. 2, Lane 9, Chung Shiao E. Rd., Sec. 6 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-786-7850 JACQUARD GLOVES: Power Textile Enterprise Co., Ltd. 1 Fl., No. 15, Alley 29, Lane 372, Chung-Hsiao E. Rd., Sec. 5 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-729-9302

BRIGHTLY COLORED CLAY JEWELRY: Superior Traders International Ltd. P.O. Box 84-79 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-720-6013, or 886-2-758-9756 LUGGAGE CART: Jiun Long Metal & Industrial Co., Ltd. No. 152, Lung-An St., Sec. 1, Lu Chu Hsiang Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C Fx# 866-3-369-5583 WIRELESS HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS: Rotel Electronics Co., Ltd. 7556 Sand Street Fort Worth, TX 76118 Fx# 817-284-3112 BRASS & PEWTER JEWELRY SETTING: Jewelserein Enterprise Inc. No. 19, Alley 16, Lane 154, Min Chuan Rd., Luchou Hsiang Taipei Hsien, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-283-7354 HATS & PURSES: Sun Star Hat Corp. P.O. Box 54-70 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-725-3178 ELECTRONIC CALENDAR, CALCULATORS & MORE: Shinyo Technology Co., Ltd. 4F, No. 330, Ta Tung Rd. Kwei Shan Hsiang Taoyuan, Taiwan Fx# 886-3-350-0838 AUTO WRIST BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR: Rossmax International Ltd. 2F, No. 8-10, Alley 20, Lane 106, Sec. 3, Nan Kang Rd. Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-783-6987 NEOPRENE SLIMMING ACC. & SPORTSWEAR: Bao Jye Enterprise Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 137 Tainan City, Taiwan

Fx# 886-6-250-8779, or 886-6-222-2289 DUMBBELLS: Alexandave Industries Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 51 Lin Kou Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-600-2662, or 886-2-600-2670 MASSAGE RECLINERS: Kuang Yu Metal Working Co., Ltd. No. 299, Tien Shiang Rd. Chang Hua, Taiwan Fx# 886-4-761-6758 UNIVERSAL RIBBON RE-INKIER: Handy Thing Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 53-824 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-394-3494 HATS & CAPS: Willow Industry Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 1218 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-558-5053 PAPER SHREDDERS: Moldmaster Manufacturing Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 1-132 Taichung Taiwan Fx# 886-4-211-7583 VERSATILE ORGANIZERS IN GENUINE/IMITATION LEATHER: Leading Plus Ltd. 3F, No. 223, Sung-Te Rd. Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-727-1073 MINI TV's: Tele Electronic Co., Ltd. 10F, No. 167 Ming Shen East Rd., Sec. 5 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-7606410 SCISSORS, GARDENING SHEARS, HAIRSTYLING MODELS & MORE: Kwang Hsieh Enterprise Co., Ltd.

P.O. Box 13-109 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-931-6089 ORNAMENTAL POLY DOLLS: Nu Star International Co., Ltd. 6F, No. 30, Alley 5, Lane 289, Juang Jing Rd. Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-729-3127 BABY JOGGERS: Chang Hsing Handicraft Co., Ltd. No. 9, Lane 2, Nan Hsing Rd. Tainan Hsien, Taiwan Fx# 886-6-271-0005 WOOD & BRASS GIFTS: True Much Enterprise Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 1268 Taichung, Taiwan Fx# 886-4-382-1105 BADGE PRINTING AND ENAMELING: Vantik Enterprises Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 112, Chung Ho Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-924-5884 NO WATER DRIPPING UMBRELLA Shen Lon Enterprise Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 3-97 Nei-Hu Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-798-8304 PRINTING ON TEXTILES FOR FLAGS: Flag Kind Co., Ltd. 3F, No. 104, Sung Teh Rd. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-345-3185, or 886-2-345-7028 Quality Search International Co., Ltd. 2nd Fl., 17 Lane 30, Cheng Kung Rd., Sec. 4, Nei Hu Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-794-0782 BABYWARE & MORE:

Gapao Enterprise Ltd. P.O Box 36-268 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-765-2770 POLYRESIN FOUNTAINS: Lasting Growth Co., Ltd. No. 41, Alley 11, Lane 405, Chung Hua Rd. Chu Pei City, Shin Chu Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-35-512-840 ALL KINDS OF POLYWARE: Chia Fu Lin Enterprises Co., Ltd. 5F-8, No. 413, Lin Sen N. Rd. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-541-6675 TWIN FLUORESCENT PL LAMP: Chian Chyun Enterprise Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 295 Pan-Chiao 22099, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-685-2637 WIND CHIMES & KEY CHAINS: V & W International Inc. P.O. Box 135 Panchiao, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-955-4242 WASHABLE DUSTERS CLEAN BY STATIC ELECTRICITY: Neu Dark=l Li Duster Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 83 Hua Tan Hsiang, Chang Hua Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-786-8765 ACRYLIC & PLASTIC HOUSEWARE: Sixty-Six Goods Creation Ltd. 5F, No. 158, Te-Hwei St. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-597-5757, or 886-2-595-2747 SEWING MACHINES & VACUUM CLEANERS: Zeng Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd. No. 78, Yong Cheng Rd., Taiping Hsiang Taichung Hsien, Taiwan Fx# 886-4-278-7013

CERAMIC DOLL DESIGNS: C. Kao International Trading Co. 8F-6, No. 17, Cheng Te Rd. Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-559-7056 RECHARGEABLE LIGHTS & FANS: Holy Top Enterprise Co., Ltd. No. 33, Alley 6, Lane 3, Nan-Hsin Rd. Yung Kang City, Tainan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-6-272-4477, or 886-6-271-5557 CUTLERY SETS: Gold-Silver Cutlery Products Co., Ltd. 12F-1, No. 256, Shin Yi Rd., Sec. 4 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-6-707-5087 MISC. HAND SAWS: Big Carry Plus Co., Ltd. 1F, No. 4, Lane 45, Chia Hou Rd., Tai Chia Chen Taichung Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-688-4412 TOOL SETS: Taiwan Ricar Tool Co., Ltd. No. 122, Hao-Lai 1 St. Ta-Li Taichung Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-277-3223 GOLD, COPPER, PEWTER, CHROME PLATED COFFEE PLUNGERS: Intercon Trader Ltd. P.O. Box 96-863 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-708-5242 TOOL SETS: T.U.I. Tools & Machinery Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 53-732 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-741-3046 DOOR VIEWERS: Antelope Enterprise Co., Ltd. 6th Fl., Rm. 11, No. 61, Yan Pyng South Rd.

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-311-2921 INFLATABLES, FIGURINES & MORE: Wide & Tall Industries Co., Ltd. 4F, No. 117, Chien Kuo N. Rd., Sec 3 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-516-5345-7 http://www.asiansources.com/widetall.co AIR PURIFIERS: Foresty Evironment Enterprise Ltd. 19F-5, No. 400, Huan-Pei Rd. Chung-Li City Tao-Yuan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-3-426-1300 http://www.asiansources.com/forestye.co STONEWARE MICROWAVE DISH SERIES: Heros Development Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 55-172 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 866-2-273-6430 HALLOWEEN/CARNIVAL COSTUMES: Lucida Handicraft Co., Ltd. No. 82, Lane 120, Yung Chi Rd. Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-767-0451 http://www.asiansources.com/lucida.co KEY CHAIN/LIGHT: Optimec Corp. 10F-2, 51, Sung-Chiang Rd. Taipei 10424, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 866-2-504-5703 MULTIFUNCTIONAL ALARM CLOCK & MORE: Leh Chu Enterprise Co., Ltd. 8F-2, No. 60-2, Kung Yeh Chu 1 Rd., Hsi Tun Dist. Taichung, Taiwan Fx# 886-4-359-8643 NONSTICK COOKWARE: Pra-Ware Corp. P.O. Box 1235 Tainan, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Fx# 886-6-355-1203, or 886-6-247-5892 TOASTER OVEN, HUMIDIFIER, HAIR DRYER & MORE: Eucore Enterprises Co., Ltd. 2F, No. 9, Lane 110, Hsi Men Rd., Sec. 4 Tainan, Taiwan Fx# 886-6-251-1535 http://www.asiansources.com/eucoreec.co CERAMIC HOUSEWARE: C. KAO International Trading Co. 8F-6, No. 17, Cheng Te Rd., Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-559-7056 http://www.asiansources.com/ckaoint.co ACRYLIC AQUARIUM SETS: Moki Enterprise Co., Ltd. 12F-1, No. 116-5, Tsu-Chiang Rd., Tan-Shiu Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-809-0495 E-mail: moki1234@ms5.hinet.net MELAMINE TABLEWARE SETS: B & U Enterprise Co., Ltd. 12 Fl, No. 400, Sec.1, Keelung Rd. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-729-8250 EXERCISE EQUIPMENT: Gym Top Trading Co., Ltd. 2F, 272, Sung Lung Rd. Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-767-5000 http://www.asiansources.com/gymmaxco.co ORNAMENTAL POLY STATUETTES: E-utopia Industrial Corp. P.O. Box 44-254 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-704-7430 Expand Plastic Ind., Ltd. 2nd Fl., No. 10, Lane 42, Min Chuan Rd. Hsin-Tien, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-910-3464

CHROME & STAINLESS STEEL BATHROOM ACC.: Cosmos Collection Co. 8 Fl., No. 19, Chung Hsiao E. Rd., Sec. 5 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-763-0224 NOVELTY CHEMICAL LIGHTS: Kai Gee Enterprise Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 216 Tainan, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-6-599-6387 SAVER COOKER: Chine Lee Industrial Co., Ltd. No. 74, An Ho Rd., Sec. 6 Tainan, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-6-255-9777 NONSTICK XYLAN COOKWARE: Sheng Guard Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 1129 Baldwin Park, CA 91706 Fx# 1-818-814-1710 FULLY AUTOMATIC LCD DISPLAY CAMERA: Charman Optical Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 10-8 Tainan, Taiwan Fx# 886-6-253-0364 SCREWDRIVERS & TOOL KITS: Shou King Enterprise Co., Ltd. No. 148, Chungshan Rd., Sec. 3, Wujih Hsiang Taichung Hsien, Taiwan, .O.C. Fx# 886-4-338-3565 COSMETICS & NOVELTIES: Van Degas Enterprise Ltd. 2 Fl., No. 141, Kwang Fu N. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-763-6442 BLENDERS: Ea Feng Co., Ltd. 8F-2, No. 859, Chin Kuo Rd.

Taoyuan City, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-3-355-6194 MARBLE GIFTWARE & STATIONERY: Chao Shih Enterprise Co., Ltd. 3F-8, No. 18, Lane 609, Chrong Shin Rd., Sec. 5 Sanchung City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-999-3303 PLASTIC CLOCKS: Chang Chin Lin Co., Ltd. 1F, No. 657, Shih Chia East Rd., East Dist. Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-4-123-5746 Pro Yang Enterprise Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 26-814 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-706-8780, or 886-2-325-0842 ULTRA-BRIGHT LED LUMINOUS PENS: Excellence Optoelectronics Inc. 5D, No. 55, Dong-Kwang Rd. Hsin Chu, Taiwan Fx# 886-35-723-134 HEAVY-DUTY EXERCISE MACHINES: Art & W.S. Industry Corp. P.O. Box 10-94 Tainan, Taiwan Fx# 886-6-201-2543 E-mail: bob@ms2.hinet.net TALKING & RECORDING SETS: Ultmost Industrial Corp. 4F, No. 52, Ming Chuang Rd. Hsintien, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Fx# 886-2-917-7603 Hunan Golden Globe Overseas Enterprise Developing Company Xiangtai Bldg., Tiantai Rd. Zhuzhou Hunan Province, China, 412000 Fx# 86-755-881-1638 ROLLER PENS & REFILLS: Morris Roller Pen Manufacturing Company

Room 504, Jinju Bldg., 943-1 Shinjung 4-dong Yangchun-ku Seoul, Korea Fx# 822-606-0605 MARATHON THREAD: Dong-ll Industrial Co. 1124-49 Guro-dong, Guro-ku Seoul, Korea Fx# 822-868-1989 MONEY COUNTERS/COUNTERFEIT MONEY DETECTORS: Zhongshan Guzhen Bai Jia Financial Machine Electronics Factory Right Flank, Waihai Bridge, Guzhen, Zhongshan Guangdong, China, 528421 Fx# 86-760-3355466 HANDICRAFTS: Trim Arts & Crafts Pte Ltd No. 7, Jalan Terusan Singapore, 2261 Fx# 65-2642277 BAG ACCESSORIES: Fancy Fittings Ltd. 259/145, Minerva Ind. Estate, 2nd Floor, Sewri Bunder Rd. Sewri (East) Bombay-400 015, India Fx# 91-22-414-3288 BUTTONS & BADGES: Tianjin No. 3522 Factory No. 49 San Wei Rd. Nankai District Tianjin, China, 300100 Fx# 86-22-2730-1477 CHINA FABRICS: Kangda Textiles Printing Dyeing & Garments Corp. Mei Ji Yuan Bldg., 17/F., 358 Yanan Rd. West Shanghai, China Fx# 86-21-6247-8309 BODY CARE: ITO Co., Ltd. ITO J.V. INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. Blk 165, Bukit Merah Central #03-3685 Singapore, 0315

Fx# 65-271-8729

Hong Kong Vendor

HEADWEAR & HANDICRAFTS Melco Trading Co Inc http://www.asiansources.com/melco.co UMBRELLAS Wah Sun Umbrella Enterprises Co E-Mail: wahsun@asiansources.com CERAMICWARE Glorieux Industrial LTD E-Mail: h225712@hknet.com MAGNETIC GAMES Super Accord Industrial LTD http;//www.asiansources.com/superacc.co BACKPACKS & SOFT BAGS Widdy Limited Unit C, 8th Floor, Dragon Industrial Building, 93 King Lam Street Kowloon, Hong Kong FASHIONABLE & CASUAL BAGS: Celesway International LTD http://asiansources.com/celesway.co USER FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: Sun Mak International Co http://www.asiansources.com/sunmak.co FOOD PROCESSOR: Cart LTD http://www.asiansources.com/cartltdd.co MUSICAL PENS Chiki Industrial LTD http://www.asiansources.com/chiki.co

MISC. GIFTS & HOME PRODUCTS: Haber Wong & Company Limited http://www.asiansources.com/haberwon.co GIFTS & HOME PRODUCTS: Webco International Co http://www.asiansources.com/webcoint.co PRODUCTS WITH MUSIC, VOICE AND SOUND EFFECT COMPONENTS: http://www.asiansources.com/tilahk.co HAIR BEAUTY PRODUCTS: Cheung's Hair Beauty Co, LTD http://www.asiansources.com/hoilungp.co MASSAGERS Hoi Lee Trading Company Limited Block B, 17th Floor, Shui Chung, N.T. Hong Kong Tel# 852-2428-5541 ,2425-5158 Fx# 852-2427-9954 LICENSED SPORTS SHOE MANUFACTURER: Ahead Footwear Manufacturer (HK) Co Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/ahead.co FASHION ACCESSORIES: Rich Truth Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/richtru.co BACKPACKS & OTHER BAGS Daily Crown Industrial Co http://www.asiansources.com/dailycro.co LEATHER GOODS,HAND BAGS ETC: Starrex Limited http://www.asiansources.com/starrex.co EARPHONES, HEADPHONES, MICROPHONES: WT Products Co Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/wtproduc.co CLOCK RADIOS Chi King Electronics Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/chiking.co

LCD WATCHES: Malo Manufactory Limited http://www.asiansources.com/malo.co STAINLESS STEEL: Fortuner Watch (H.K.) Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/lecock.co SECURITY PRODUCTS: Radiance Industrial Co http://www.radiance-ind.com SECURITY & BUILDERS HARDWARE: Luen Fat Metal & Plastic Factory P.O.Box K-89274 Kowloon City, Kln., H.K. Tel# 852-241-34386 Fx# 852-241-52235 PHONE LINE CCTV SYSTEM: Signal Communications Ltd 1/F Hong Kong Industrial Technology Center 72 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2319-2550 VISIT COM DOOR ANSWERING SYSTEMS: Mobile Video Products Co Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/mvpjjw.co FACIAL SAUNA, FACIAL CLEANING: Tohkai Precision Ind'l Ltd G.P.O. Box 8660 Hong Kong Fx# 852-2790-9029 Ph# 852-2790-3202 MARBLE FURNITURE: Fortech Industries Co E-Mail- fortech@netvigator.com DUST BUSTER, FLASH LIGHTS, MASSAGERS, LIGHTED MAKE-UP MIRROR Amptek Industries Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/amptek.co ABS EXERCISE EQUIPMENT:

Man Will Industrial Company Flat E, 10/F., Mai On Industrial Bldg. 17 Kung Yip Street Kwai Chung, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2401-7407 Ph# 852-2401-1925 SILVER PLATED ITEMS: Henrybell Enterprises Limited Unit 2A, 2/F, Winbase Centre 208 Queen's Road, Central Hong Kong Fx# 852-2802-1354 Ph# 852-2802-0770 HANDY, FUNCTIONAL HOME APPLIANCES: Yauw Lien Electrical MFG. CO., Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/yauwlien.co FURNITURE: Same Rich Industries Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/samerich.co CE-APPROVED PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS: Benestock Company http://www.asiansources.com/benestoc.co WATCHES: San Shun Watch Co http://www.asiansources.com/sswatch.co ZINC ALLOY PHOTO FRAMES: Angel Gifts Industrial Company Flat 6, 9/F, Flourish Ind'l Bldg. 33 Sheung Yee Rd., Kowloon Bay Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2755-8342 Ph# 852-2755-9752 3D LASER CUT COLOR KEY CHAINS: Widon Production 22/F., Yans Tower, 27 Wong Chuk Hang Road Aberdeen, Hong Kong Ph# 852-2893-9902 Fx# 852-2893-7318 CUTLERY:

Winox Company Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/winoxcom.co KITCHEN GADGETS: On Winly Industries Corporation G.P.O. Box 6744 Hong Kong Ph# 852-2541-9932 or 2543-6997 Fx# 852-2243-8724 VIDEO CAMERAS & ACCESSORIES, PERSONAL PROTECTION PRODUCTS: P3 Personal Protection Products E-Mail: P3@felsweb.com PORTABLE AUDIO EQUIPMENT: Marsa Industry Company Ltd. Unit 2A, 2F., Winbase Centre 280 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong Ph# 852-2802-0770 Fx# 852-2802-1354 HEADWEAR & HANDICRAFTS: Melco Trading Co Ltd Flat C, 2/F., Cheong Fat Factory Building No. 265-271 Un Chau Street Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2386-1802 Ph# 852-2386-7881 AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS: Reicorp Co O/B Galaxy Link Industries Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/reicorp.co CONTEMPORARY DESIGN CLOCKS: Modern-day Clock & Watch Industries Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/moderndy.co UMBRELLAS: Wah Sun Umbrella (HK) Enterprises Co E-Mail: wahsun@asiansources.com UNIQUE WATCHES: T-Arts Int'l (HK) Co http://www.asiansources.com/tarts.co Fx# 852-2815-3265

WATCHES: Evertrade Development Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/evertrad.co Fx# 852-2493-8817 SOFT SEATS, TOILET SEATS: Long Sheen Ltd http://www.asiansources.com/longshee.co Fx# 852-2352-0545 CHRISTMAS WREATHS & DECORATIONS: Key Right Crafts Limited Room 1710, 17/Fl., Block A Wah Sang Industrial Building 14-18 Wong Chuk Yeung Street Fo Tan, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong HAND BAGS, TRAVEL BAGS, BRIEFCASES, & WALLETS Yip Sing Trading Co http://www.asiansources.com/yipsing.co Fx# 852-2397-2671 ELEGANT WRITING PENS: Jaguar Pen (HK) Ltd Fx# 852-2751-6659 http://www.asiansources.com/wdc.co PORCELAIN & STONEWARE DINNERWARE SETS: Join Skill Development Ltd E-Mail: joisk@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/joisk.co SMALL APPLIANCES: New Leaf Electrical MFG Ltd Unit 1, 11/F., Block B, Tuen Mun Industrial Centre 2 San Ping Circuit Tuen Mun, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2454-0553 SMALL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: Yick Man Chinese Electrical Co Ltd Flat A, 3/F., Wing Wong Building 557-559 Nathan Road Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2771-7763

AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS: Fortune Lion Industries Ltd Fx# 852-2408-2810 http://www.asiansources.com/fortunel.co SHOES: Supreme Exports Limited E-Mail: supreme@netvigator.com http://www.asiansources.com/supexp.co JEWELRY: Wai Kit (Fashion Accessories) Limited Fx# 852-2342-2386 http://www.asiansources.com/waikitfa.co WOMEN'S CLOTHING: East Golden Garment Manufactory Room 1001-2 Fibres & Fabrics Ind. 7 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2342-8566 TOYS & GAMES: Hung Hing (Peoples Group) Co E-Mail: hunghing@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/hunghing.co http://www.am-21.com/hunghing STAINLESS STEAL CAMPERS TOOLS: Peace Target Ltd. E-Mail: peacetar@netvigator.com http://www.asiansources.com/peacetar.co SUNGLASSES: Xiamen Bangni Optical Industry Co., Ltd. Xinrong Ind. & Comm Building Huli Ave., Xiamen, China (Contact: Ms Alice Bao) Fx# 86-592-562-1825 GIFT & PREMIUM ITEMS: Tse Yu Hong Metal Ltd. Fx# 852-2388-0741 http://www.asiansources.com/tseyuhom.co MINI AIRPOTS & VACUUM FLASKS:

Tiger Vacuum Flask Co., Ltd. E-Mail: tigervfc@assiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/tigervfc.co FINELY CRAFTED JEWELRY: K Yu Sein Trading Co., Ltd E-Mail: kyusein@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/kyusein.co MULTI PURPOSE BAGS,PACKS: Dasco Land International Ltd. E-Mail: dascolan@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/dascolan.co KEY CHAIN, MONEY PURSE: Caleridge Industries Limited Blk. B, 10/F., Mai Tak Ind. Bldg. 221 Wai Yip Street Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2341-8442 CERAMIC TEA & COFFEE SETS: Fennington Company Limited Rm. 1501, 15/F., On Hong Commercial Bldg., 145 Hennessy Road Wanchai, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2865-3671 FRESH WATER PEARL & AKOYA PEARL: Gembright Development Ltd. E-Mail: gembrigh@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/gembrigh.co ALL TYPES OF SPORTS BAGS: Winpro Enterprises Co., Ltd. E-Mail: winpro@asiansources.com Fx# 852-2443-5033 VIDEO SURVEILLANCE & ALARM: Group Sense Limited 27/F., Wu Chung House 213 Queen's Road East Wanchi, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2892-0361 FOOD SLICER:

Main Power Electrical Factory Ltd. 4th Floor, 45 Hoi Yuen Road, Yau Lee Centre, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2797-8631 JEWELRY: Ming Lee Metal Lace Factory Limited Fx# 852-2481-7266 http://www.asiansources.com/mingleem.co SOFT LUGGAGE WITH WHEELS: Bestplus Industries Limited E-Mail: bestplus@hkstar.com http://www.asiansources.com/bestplus.co GARMENTS, NAME BRAND: Zheng Li Enterprise E-Mail: zhengi@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/zhengli.co AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS: Elegant Trend Ltd. (H.K.) Fx# 886-2-773-9157 http://www.asiansources.com/elegant.co RATTAN, WICKER PRODUCTS: Mandarin Rattan Ware Designs Limited E-Mail: manratan@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/manratan.co HAND PAINTED PORCELAINWARE & LAMP BASE: Wa Ieong Trading Co Shop 5-6, Kingsfield Tower A 64-68 Pokfulam Rd, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2858-0490 ALL PURPOSE WASH MITT: Legia Limited 10/F Cameron Centre, 57-59 Chatham Rd Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2377-0969 NATURAL BATHING GOODS, LOOFAH: Leihop Industrial Limited Fx# 852-2578-0147 http://www.asiansources.com/leihop.co

AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS: Azad International (H.K.) Ltd. E-Mail: azadinte@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/azadinte.co AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS: Konex (Japan) Electronics Fx# 852-2858-8459 http://www.asiansources.com/konexjap.co AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS: TV Products (Hong Kong) Ltd. E-Mail: alex.tv@hkinternet.com E-Mail: tvphkltd@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/tvphkltd.co AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS: Luen Tai (Far East) Development Limited E-Mail: luentai@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/luentai.co HAND PAINTED GIFTWARE, BOXES: The Asian Trading Co. E-Mail: atchk@businessweb.com.hk http://www.asiansources.com/theasian.co FULL CONTAINER ONLY! ARTIFICIAL FERNS, PLANTERS, ETC. Green Concept Company Fx# 852-2763-0846 E-Mail: wahmou@hkstar.com HAND PAINTED PORCELAIN DOLLS: Gold Deer & Co., Ltd. Room 7-11, 3/F., International Plaza 20 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2796-8284 ONE STOP SHOPPING: FAR EAST: Eagleton Direct Exports Ltd. (Contact) E-Mail: eagleton@hkstar.com (Kit) E-Mail: eagleton@ms9.hinet.net (Jenny) E-Mail: eagleton@ppp.nasionet.net (Mike) E-Mail: thailand@loxinfo.co.th (Adrian)

GIFTS, TOYS,DECORATIONS, BASKETS: Dong Fung Holdings Ltd. E-Mail: dongfung@att.net.hk http://www.asiansources.com/dongfung.co SOFT TOYS: Chong Shing International Ltd. Rm 301 &304, 3/F., Chevalier House 45-51 Chatham Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2456-3414 HOT SELLING TOYS & EXCLUSIVE ITEMS PMS International Far East Ltd. suite 708-715 New T&T Centre, Harbour City, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2375-3281 UNIQUE & INNOVATIVE CAMERAS: Ginfax Development Ltd. E-Mail: ginfax@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/ginfax.co SPORTS FOOTWEAR: Sprandi International Ltd. T.S.T. P.O.Box 90954 Kowloon, Hong Kong E-Mail: sprandi@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/sprandi.co SPORTS SHOES: Everboth Footwear Limited Fx# 852-2790-8587 http://www.asiansources.com/everboth.co MINI POCKET DATA BANK & WATCH: Grand Power Electronic Ltd. Fx# 852-2429-9930 or 852-2429-9961 http://www.asiansources.com/grandpow.co TV MANUFACTURER: Skyworth Electronics Co. Ltd. Room 1601-04, 16/F., Westlands Centre, 20 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay Hong, Kong

Fx# 852-2856-3590 LCD PRODUCTS: Stelex Industries Co. Ltd. E-Mail: stelex@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/stelex.co KITCHEN GADGETS, WICKER, RATTAN: Wickerland Ltd. E-Mail: wickerld@hkstar.com Fx# 852-2411-2887 PINS, KEY CHAINS, SOUVENIRS, COLLECTIBLES: Latitude Promotions & Gift Ltd. E-Mail: latitude@natvigator.com Fx# 852-2395-8902 RADIOS, LANTERNS, ELECTRONICS Tung Wei Electronics Co. Ltd. 11/F., Flat B-C, Block 2, Kwai Tak Industrial Ctn. 15-33 Kwai Tak St Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong Fx# 852-2489-8486 GOLF BAGS, TRAVEL SUITCASES,COMPUTER BAGS: King Power (H.K.) Enterprise Company E-Mail: kingpower@asiansources.com Fx# 852-2312-1997 TV's Akasaka Limited E-Mail: sherim@interserve.com.hk Fx# 852-2810-5387 CD PLAYERS,MULTI DISK PLUS MORE: Yanion Co., Ltd. E-Mail: yanion@hkstar.com Fx# 852-2411-0369 LAPTOPS, DATABANKS, ORGANIZERS: Kessel Electronics (H.K.) Ltd. 7th Floor, Block A, MP Industrial Centre 18 Ka Yip St, Chai Wan, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2896-0850

DIGITAL BATH SCALES, SMOKE DETECTORS: Management Investment & Technology Co. 7/F., Tin Fung Industrial Mansion, 63 Wong Chuk Hang Rd Aberdeen, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2873-3423 ELECTRONIC WEATHER STATIONS: Kings Manufacturing Co. Ltd. E-Mail: kingsmcl@netvigator.com Fx# 852-2365-6257 BREAD, PIZZA, PIE, CAKE MAKERS: Top Summit Limited Unit D, 6/F., Summit Bldg. 30 Man Yue St., Hung Hom Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2365-0247 CLOCKS, JEWELRY,WATER BALLS: Wealth Grand International Co. Ltd. Room 8, 27/F Wharf Cable Tower, No 9 Hot Shing Rd., Tsuen Wan, N.T. Hong Kong Fx# 852-2619-1862 MODERN STORAGE CONTAINERS: HK Fei Hong Industrial Co. Ltd. Unit 421, Nan Fung Commercial Centre 19 Lam Lok St. Kowloon Bay, Cowling, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2753-7394 KNIVES, SCISSORS, MULTI PURPOSE TOOLS: Bewin Industries Ltd. Room 606, 6/F., Welland Bldg., 368 Queens Rd- centre Hong Kong Fx# 852-2543-4832 BATTERY CHARGERS, WARNING LIGHTS Ever Step Development Ltd. 15/F., Tak King Industrial Bldg. 27 Lee Chung St Chawan, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2897-2365

ELECTRONIC GAMES, DATA BANKS: Same Time Marketing Ltd. Block 1, 17/F Kingsford Industrial Bldg. 26-32 Kwai Hei St Kwai Chung, Hong Kong E-Mail: sametime@asiansources.com LADY'S COTTON SOCKS & HOSIERY: Fitlady Hosiery Factory Ltd. Block C-F, 3/F Kwai Shun Industrial Centre 51-63 Container Port Rd Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong Fx# 852-2480-5438 WICKER, RATTAN, & BASKETS: Kam Chi Hong Matting Co. 10/F., Hyde Centre, 223 Gloucester Rd Wanchai, Hong Kong E-Mail: kamchi@asiansources.com ARTIFICIAL PLANTS: DB Plants Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 6/F., Primoknit Ind. Bldg., 7-9 Kung Yip St Kwai Chung, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2422-9165 FABRIC EXPORTER: Billion Tex Trading Co. Ltd. E-Mail: billiont@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/billiont.co SECURITY PRODUCTS: Lelux Electronic Ltd. Fx# 852-2427-4666 E-Mail: lelux@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/lelux.co

Philippine Vendors

FURNITURE, PICTURE FRAMES, JEWELRY BOXES & MORE: Indophil Eximport Trading 878 Gerardo Ouana St. Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines Fx# 6332-61949 HANDCRAFTED PAPER DOLLS: Celcricha Trading International Prudencia St. Don Pedro Subdivision Valenzuela, Metro Manila, Philippines Fx# 632-355-716, or 632-292-0217 GENERAL MERCHANDISE: Marau General Merchandise #4 Gumamela St. Mother Earth Subd. Talon 2, Las Pinas Metro Manila, Philippines, 1701 GENERAL MERCHANDISE: P.O. Box 21 Valenzuela M M Philippines Fx# 632-292-0217 BASKETRY & OTHER WOVEN PRODUCTS: Import Export Corp. C.P.O. Box 646 1099 Manila, Philippines Fx# 632-242-2457

FASHION JEWELRY & BELTS: P.O. Box 1 Cebu City 6000, Philippines Fx# 63-32-346-0460 WICKER FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES: Murillos Export Lower Inayawan Cebu City 6000, Cebu, Philippines Fx# 63-32-2960681

FOOD: The Tangible Corp. Garden Floor, LPL Towers, 112 Legaspi St. Legaspi Village, City of Makati 1229 Philippines JOG SETS, JEANS, T-SHIRTS, SHORT SET: Bldg. 1 Blossom Arts & Crafts Compound Veterans Center Veterans Rd. Taguig Metro Manila, Philippines Fx# 818-18-12 FASHION JEWELRY: Blue Planet Inc. 556 J. Luna Mabolo, Cebu-Philippines Fx# 63-32-232-0935 DESIGNER PLANTS & TREES: No. 4 Quezon Ave., Dist 4, Barangay Central Quezon City, Philippines Fx# 632-813-0665 MISC. MERCHANDISE: 831 B. Balagtas St. Mandaluyong City, Philippines Fx# 632-722-5475 TFE Sales Marketing Corp. 298 Magallanes Street Cebu City, Philippines, 6000 Fx# 63-32-54560 REVERSIBLE 3-IN-1 DOLLS & MISC.: P.O. Box 84 AC Cubao Quezon City 1135, Philippines Fx# 632-912-0877 SWORDS, CUTLERIES, BIRD HOUSES/FEEDERS: Mystic of Nature P.O. Box 3539 Makati Main Post Office Makati City, Philippines Fx# 632-817-9742 Att. Rommel Yambao-TP-0803 CHRISTMAS DECOR ITEMS:

Flora Generic Ventures Inc. #4 La Trinidad Rd. New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines Fx# 632-721-9141 HANDCRAFTS & NATIVE PRODUCTS: A.R. Solis Commercial Enterprise 105 Bustamante St., Bgy. STo Nino, Santol Quezon City 1113-Metro Manila, Philippines Ph# 714-4321 RIBBONS & NYLON STRAPS: Les Products Co., Inc. Skyline Rd, Paradise Farm Tungkong Mangga, Bo. Gaya Gaya San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan #342 Visayas Ave., Quezon City, Philippines Fx# 2-926-8295 WOODEN FIGURINES, NOVELTIES: Absolutely Filipino Trading Company 35-B Amon Court, Salinas Drive Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines Fx# 6332-2314633, or 6332-2535531 FOLK ART: Folk Arts #516 San Jose dela Montana Mabolo Cebu City 6000, Philippines Fx# 6332-231-1846 HOME FURNITURE: Carlos Antonio Disenos Inc. Herman Cortee St., Banilad Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines Fx# 6332-346-0875 FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES: Pundok Atelier de Arte P. Burgos St. Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines Fx# 6332-346-1004 FRUITS & NUTS: B-G Fruits & Nuts Stall 516, Bldg. 5 FTI Complex

Taguig Metro Manila, Philippines Fx# 632-812-3661 BASKETWARES, HOUSEWARES, NOVELTY/GIFT ITEMS, FOOD: Going Native Inc. G/F Cheng Tsai Jun Bldg., 533 Quirino Ave. Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines Fx# 632-833-0265, or 632-833-7452 SEASHELLS, CHANDELIERS, WIND CHIMES & FASHION ACCESSORIES: 462-A Gorodo Ave., Cebu City 6000, Philippines Fx# 310788 DRIED FRUITS: Balls Food Products, Inc P.O.Box 515 Cebu City, Philippines 6000 Fx# 6332-54767 RATTAN, WICKER & WROUGHT-IRON: Demex Rattancraft, Inc. 3/F Guadalupe Commercial Center Makati City, Philippines 1200 Fx# 632-818-6027 (Mr. Narciso T. dela Merced) DOLLS, TOYS & MISC. Dyles International Corp Suite 12C, 12/F G.E. Antonino Bldg. Kalaw St, Ermita, Manila 1000 Fx# 632-526-4321 LEATHER GOODS: Manel's Leather Goods Corp 6157 Einthoven St, Palanan Makati City,M.M. Fx# 632-833-3022 FASHION ACCESSORIES,SHELLCRAFTS: Darsons Export #8-AJ. LLORENTE STREET CEBU CITY, 6000 PHILIPPINES Fx# 6332-253-1524 (Mr Deepak T Daryanani)


ATP Corp. Velasquez Street Subangdaku, Mandaue City 6014 Cebu, Philippines Fx# 6332-346-4057 HANDMADE PAPER DOLLS & MORE: Los Banos Handmade Paper Enterprises 181 National HI-Way, San Antonio Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines Telex# 7525-4909 RCPI/LBL SECURITY SYSTEMS: Himaya Electro Corp. P.O. Box 1428 Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines Fx# 632-716-1517 MOSQUITO NETS, TEFLON TAPES: No. 10 I. Mendoza St. San Roque Marikina, Metro Manila Fx# 632-70-37-47 HANDCRAFTED PUPPETS: Esterlyn Export 2368 Interior I Pasig Line Sta. Ana, Manila, Philippines Fx# 632-817-9742 CATRUS FRUIT MADE OF GRASS: Mapecon Philippines Inc. Mapecon Bldg. 2459 Arellano Avenue Malate, Manila, Philippines Fx# 63-2-521-5645 NOVELTIES & MISC.: P.O. Box 4420 Manila, Philippines Fx# 632-362-0576 INFANT/CHILDSWEAR, LINENS & MORE: New Creations Manufacturing Co. Inc. 0675 Quirino Ave. Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines Fx# 827-5745, or 844-4259

ELECTRONICS, FURNITURE, GARMENTS & MORE: Gruenthaler-Supplies Philippines Ltd. 27 N. Domingo St. Quezon City, Philippines Fx# 632-706-092, or 632-799-464 BARRETTES, PENDANTS, ANKLETS, BRACELETS: 439-A. Del Rosario Cebu City, Cebu 6000, Philippines Fx# 6332-520481 WOODWARE, RATTAN FURNITURE, CHRISTMAS DECOR: P.O. Box 634 Manila, Philippines Fx# 632-241-3192 (J.S. Hernandez) SARDINES & FISH: Sharmila Inc. P.O. Box 1505 Manila, Philippines Fx# 632-58-49-45 SEASHELL JEWELRY & MORE: #1881-Rc Sun Valley Subdivision V. Rama Cebu City, Philippines 6000 Ph# 6332-254-7924 Engelhart Manufacturing Corp. 645 Paso De Blas St. Manila Valenzuela, Metro Manila, Philippines Fx# 632-361-1051 BAGS, HATS, BASKETS & MORE: Paulins ABACA Handicrafts Inc. Dona Maria Subdivision Velasco St. Daraga, Albay 4501 Philippines Ph# 63-52-483-2149, or 63-5221-461-59 TROPICAL DEHYDRATED FRUITS, PUREES, JUICES & NECTARS: Profood International Corp. P.O. Box 653 Cebu City 6000, Philippines Fx# 6332-346-7737, or 6332-346-7738

LADIES KNITTED SHIRTS, DRESSES & MORE: Lot 5 A & B, Block 6, Greenvale Homes Marcelo Green Village, Paranaqui Metro Manila, Philippines Fx# 632-832-09-13

Other Orient Vendors

CASUAL GARMENTS: Shanghi Light Industrial International Co Ltd. E-Mail: shight@asiansources.com Fx# 8621-6247-9331 http://www.asiansources.com/shlight.co SHELVES, RACKS, MANNEQUINS: Dahab Int'l Corp P.O. Box 26-531 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C Fx# 886-577-0098 http://www.asiansources.com/dahab.co SPORTS SHOES: No. 58 Hu Dong Road Fuzhou, China Fx# 86-591-781-0131 E-Mail: fcc@asiansources.com TOILET TRAIN BABY EFFECTIVELY: Penta Zone Co., Ltd. Dowon Bldg., Room 302 837-16 Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu Seoul 137-060, Korea Fx# 822 -594-0778 CHINA MADE INFLATABLES: Shanghai Ji Long Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Huang Lou Town, No 76 Lan Xue Rd Pu Dong Area, Shanghai, China Post Code: 201205 Fx# 8621-894-1281 (Mr. Zhu Zheng Ren) LEATHER GOODS:

Jaguar Industries (Thailand) Co. Ltd. 99 Moo 1, Soi Wat Chantrpraditaram, Petchkasem Road, Pasicharoen Bangkok 10160 Thiland Fx# 662-410-1727-8 PAPER PUNCH, DRAFTING, SCHOOL SUP. Shanghai Hong Da Stationery Co., Ltd. No72, Nan Feng Rd, Feng Chen Feng Xian, Shanghai, China 201411 Fx# 8621-752-1732

NO MIN. ORDER PHOTO ALBUMS, ROLLER PINS: C & G Corp C.P.O. Box 7340 Soul, Korea Fx# 822-785-4806 or "4830" PEWTERWARE: Royal King's Pewter Co Ltd. 95/193 Moo 10 Krungthep Kreetha Rd Pravet, Bangkok, Thailand Fx# 662-368-2815 or 662-368-1653 FALSE EYELASHES: Boin-Mania Corp. 5/F., Jinsung Bldg., 150 Samsung 1 Dong Kang-ku, Soul Korea Fx#822-556-2944 PLASTIC HOUSEWARES, KITCHENWARE: Sonyu Plast Lot 2 & 4, Solok Selat Selantan 21B Sobena Jaya Industrial Area'Pandamaran 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor, Malaysia Fx# 603-367-0233 CASH COMB COUNTERFEIT DETECTOR: Katsuki Co. Ltd. No 2 Yamashita Bldg., 1-6-26 Nishikubo Musashino-Shi, Tokyo 180 Japan

Fx# 0422-55-5157 Sales Agent Wanted MEN & WOMEN'S APPAREL: Amaltas Inc. D/8, Parkbay Society P.O. Vidyanagri Bombay 400098, India Fx# 9122-611-4152 or 9122-610-6007 SPORTS SHOES: Inner Mongolia Hailaer Haixin Shoes Ind. Co. Ltd. Room 212, No.. 24 of No. 9 Building Xuangeli Xiamen, Fujian, China Fx# 86592-510-3325 ART SLIPPERS (THONGS): Quanzhou Dasheng Plastic Products Co. Ltd. Jinmei Ind. Bldg., Jiangnan, Quanzhou, Fujian, China E-Mail: regal@qpublic.fz.fj.cn http://www.asiansources.com/regalpp.co HOSIERY, SOCKS: Hop Hing Hosiery & Garment Limited E-Mail: hosiery@netvigator.com Fx# 852-2729-3887 http://www.asiansources.com/hophin.co POPCORN POPPERS: Dong Bo Electronics Co., Ltd. Room No. 1A-05 Korea Exhibition Center 159 Samsung-dong Kangnam-Ku, Seoul, Korea Fx# 822-551-0584 LEATHER CASES, GARMENTS, GLOVES, &HATS: E-Mail: unicor<sab@uninet.co.cn (Mr. Long) E-Mail: fuhua<sab@uninet.co.cn (Mr. Guang) E-Mail: lgg<sab@uninet.co.cn ( Mr. Wei) Fx# 8621-6209-0646 LANGUAGE LABORATORY SYSTEMS: Media International, Inc. KWTC #4105 Seoul 135-729 Korea Fx# 822=551=5694

HOOK & LOOP fASTENERS: Sam Boo Industrial Co. Ltd C.P.O. Box 7669 Seoul, Korea Fx# 6221-596-0548 BUTTONS: Cosmos Buttons Co. Ltd 4F-6 No 67, Sec 2, Chung Ching N Rd Taipea, Taiwan Fx# 886-2 588-1532 WEDDING GOWNS, SWEATERS,EVENING BAGS, ETC: China Artex Corp, Garment Decoration Fx# 8620-8184-2768 http://www.asiansources.com/artexgar.co ZIPPERS: Ti Sing Enterprise Co. Ltd Fx# 886-2 906 6319 E-Mail: tising@ms16.hinet.net

CHINESE INTERLINING SPECIALIST: Shenzhen Zhong Sheng Interlining Co. Ltd. Room 501-502, No 3 Pengsheng Bldg Bagua No 1 Rd Shenzhen, China Fx# 86-755-240-1683 BUTTONS, SHOE BUCKLES & TRIMMINGS Rebach International Co. Ltd. Rm 2Bo4, Taipei World Trade Center No 5, Hsin Yi Rd, Sec 5 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-722-2144 METAL JEWELRY, CHAINS: Sam Won Metal Ind. Co Fx# 822-868-0579 http://www.asiansources.com/samwon.co GARMENT ACCESSORIES, BUTTONS:

Hun San Industrial Co. Ltd. E-Mail: phitile@ms9.hinet.net Fx# 886-2307-9764 LEATHER BAGS, CASES, ETC: Handcon Leather Products Factory E-Mail: gzfstjho@public1.guangzhou.gd.cn Fx# 86-757-577-0288 COSMETICS: 37 c Centigrade International GMBH E-Mail: lipstick@asiaonline.net Fx# 886-2701-6270 QUALITY APPROVED MARKERS: Wip Industries (M) Sdn Bhd Lot 1920, 7th Mile, Jalan Bukit Kemuning 42450 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia Fx# 603-521-3132 PHOTO ALBUMS: Dae Myung Industrial Co. Ltd. Yeongdeungpo P.O.Box 321 Seoul, Korea Fx# 822-847-5335 QUALITY FABRICS: Jeen Wei Enterprises Co. Ltd E-Mail: jeen888@ms14.hinet.net Fx# 8664-622-4070 KNITTED FABRICS: Shunde Wei Lun Knitting Co. Ltd Fx# 86-765-556-2682 http://www.asiansources.com/sdwl.co SHANGHAI LEATHER/METAL GOODS: E-mail: heag@asiansources.com Fx# 86-21-5663-1461 http://www.asiansources.com/heag.co BAGS, BACKPACKS & TOTES: Jeong Ho Korea Co. Ltd. Fx# 84-31-872-445

E-mail: gionesti@jhkorea.co.kr http://www.jhkorea.co.kr HAIR BRUSHES: New Land Company Yangchon P.O. Box 45 Seoul, Korea Fx# 82-2-665-5737 ZIPPERS: Interasia Zipper Mfg. 5001 Beach Road #08-01/02/03 Golden Mile Complex Singapore 199588 Fx# 65-292-9811 CAMPING EQUIPMENT: China National Aero-Technology Import/Export Corporation Shenzhen Company 22/F Aviation Plaza Shennan Rd Shenzhen, China 518041 Fx# 86-755-321-6085, or 332-4736 COSMETICS: Cris Go Co. Ltd. 85 Moo 13 Petchkasem Road Omnoi, Krathumban Samutrsakorn 74130, Thailand Fx# 66-2-420-4842 BUYING ASSISTANCE: ASC Enterprises Ltd., Part. 301 Akarnsongkroh Soi 18 Thungmahamek Bangkok 10120 Thailand Fx# 66-2-213-1673 CONTEMPORARY/ETHNIC COSTUME JEWELRY: Seasons One Co. Ltd. 120/5 Sukhumvit Soi 23 Bangkok 10110, Thailand Fx# 66-2-259-9636 E-mail: seasons1@loxinfo.co.th http://www.asiansources.com/seasons.co CORRECTION TAPE: Fancy Bank Co.

5th Floor, Shin Hwa Bldg. 602-1 Shinwol 2-dong Yangchun-ku, Seoul, Korea Fx# 82-2-602-1636 MAGNETIC SNAPS: Aoki Metal Industry Co. Ltd. 9-16 2-Chome Hanahata Adachi-ku Tokyo, Japan 121 Fx# 81-3-3859-1313 THREAD & YARN: Tsung Ih Thread Mfg. Ind. Co. Ltd. PO Box 5-356 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 886-2-301-9679 E-mail: tsih@tpts4.seed.net.tw http://www.asiansources.com/tsungih.co EVA PRODUCTS & WOODEN TOYS: Taiwan Exclusive-Capital Shanghai Huisheng Art Furniture & Gifts Co. Ltd. Fu Dao Dong Ce, Fu Jia Expressway, Ma Lu Town, Jia Ding District Shanghai, China 201801 Fx# 86-21-915-7306 SUPER ANMASON MASSAGER: Hyundae Green Co. Ltd. 3rd Floor Shinyang Bldg., 368-100 Shindang 3-dong Chung-ku, Seoul, Korea Fx# 82-2-236-8161 SHOWER HEATERS & ELECTRIC KETTLES: Eleken Appliances SDN BHD 11A Jalan PJS 11/16 Sunway Technology Park 46150 Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Fx# 60-3-736-1398 ADHESIVE CLEANER ROLLS: Korea Bimix Mfg. Co. 602-12 Bangkok 2-dong Dobong-ku Seoul, Korea Px# 82-2-997-9423

TOYS: Shanghai Toys Import/Export Corp. 165 Puan Road Shanghai, China 200021 Fx# 86-21-320-3353, or 311-2761 NEEDLE PUNCH PRODUCTS: New World International Ltd. Part. 1077 Moo 1 Sukhumvit Road, Km 33.5 Soi Sangfa Tambol Bangpoomai, Amput Muang Samutprakarn, 10280 Thailand Fx# 66-2-323-9611 TORTOISE SHELLS: Sunrise Plastic & Metal Mfg., Co., Ltd. G/F., 202 Yu Chau St. Shamshuipo, Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2729-6763 WOODEN HANGERS: Kong Lung Houseware Co., Ltd. Fx# 852-2782-5443 E-mail: konglung@asiansources.com http://www.asiansources.com/konglung.co GAS STOVES: Prenex Industries SDN BHD Lot 17494, 8 1/2 Miles Jalan Ipcm Selayang Industrial Estate, 68 00 Batu Caves Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Fx# 603-618-1355, or 603-616-3516, MARKERS & GLUE: Yamayo Metal Manufacturer No. 2, Kallang Pudding Road #07-13 Mactech Industrial Bldg. Singapore 1334 Fx# 65-741-9062 SILVER JEWELRY: Tawan Jewelry Co., Ltd. 492/3-4 Suksawat Rd., Rajuburana Bangkok 10140 Thialand Fx# 662-477-2900 NATURAL SCENT AIR FRESHENERS:

C & G Corp. C.O.P. Box 7340 Seoul, Korea Fx# 822-785-4806, or 882-785-4830 NAIL FILES & EYE LASH CURLERS: File Diamond Corp. 91B-1L Ind. Area, Namdog-Ku Incheon-Korea Fx# 8232-811-9303 C.Z. JEWELRY: Chun Chin Enterprise Co., Ltd. No. 74/62-70 Dumrong Villa, Phetkasem, Omnoi Kratumban, Samutsakorn 74130 Thialand Fx# 662-431-1731 TIMER SWITCHES: Choheung Electronics Co., Ltd. 2nd. Floor Yongma Bldg. 544-1 Guro 5-dong, Guro-gu Seoul Korea Fx# 822-865-1673 BACKPACK, SCHOOL, TRAVEL BAGS: Shanghai Xinni Leather Goods Co., Ltd. 272 Da Tian Rd. Shanghai, China 20041 Fx# 8621-258-7563 CLOTHING: Suzhou Masha Art Garments Ornament Co., Ltd. No. 150 South Renmin Rd. Suzhou Jiangsu, China 215128 Fx# 86512-525-1964 (Ms. Xie Wei Fang) HEADWEAR & HAND CRAFTS: Melco Trading Co., Ltd. 2C, No. 265-271 Un Chau Street Kowloon, Hong Kong Fx# 852-2386-1802 MEMO HOLDERS: Cheung Jo Trade Co., Ltd. 2nd. Floor, Jin Woo Bldg. 48-4 Nonhyun-dong Kangnam-gu, Seoul Korea

Fx# 822-518-4038 MICROPHONES: Maha Electronics Co. 96-5, Kyungdon, Jung-ku Inchon Korea Fx# 8232-765-5911 MARCASITE JEWELRY: J. R. Jewelry Co., Ltd. 128/163 Payathai Plaza 15th Floor Payathai Rd. Rajthavee Bangkok10400 Thailand Fx# 662-216-5581 NAIL CLIPPERS: Wooshin Industrial Co., Ltd. PO Box 355 Busan, Korea Fx# 8251-867-3767 CD PLAYERS: Shenzhen Hang Hui Electronics Co., Ltd. Block 21, The Municipal Industrial Zone East By Xiang Mi Lake Shenzhen, China Fx# 86-755-3344589 MICROPHONES: K.P.O. Box 1389 Seoul, Korea Fx# 822-234-2323 STAINLESS STEAL SCISSORS: Han Kwang Ind., Co., Ltd. C.P.O. Box 6541 Seoul Korea Fx# 02-551-6796 BOOM BOXES: Shenzhen Top Industrial Co., Ltd. 3/F, B No. Zhongshen Pet Rochemical Industry Bldg. Dongsheng Rd., Shenzhen, China Fx# 86-755-551-3474 HAND BAGS:

Chiu Wah Investment Ltd. B. 3/F. Way Lee Ind. Centre 30-38 Tsuen King Circuit Tsuen Wan, N.T. Hong Kong Fx# 852-2411-0670 ALL KINDS OF BAGS: Fuzhou Tai Fu Plastic & Leather Products Co., Ltd. 13D Hua Sheng Bldg. No. 528 61 N. Rd., Fuzhou, Fujian, China Fx# 86-591-7517214 MAGIC PULSE LOW FREQ. STIMULATION: Bowon Trading Company C.P.O. Box 6841 Seoul, Korea Fx# 822-785-1436 ANALYTICAL BALANCES: Changshu Weighing Apparatus Factory 5, Li Zha Rd. Changshu, Jiang Su, China 215500 Fx# 86-5221-881-818 TOOTH BRUSHES & HANDY SCRUBBERS: Sinorita Sdn Bhd Lot 5, Jalan 6, Kawasan Perusahaan Ceras Jaya Jalan Balakong, Batu 11, Ceras 43200 Selangor, Malaysia Fx# 603-905-2031 ENVELOPES & CARDS: Shanghai Shenle Paper Co., Ltd. No. 20, Dong Tang Jia Ta Lane 1039 Kong Jiang Rd. Shanghai, China 200093 Fx# 8621-539-9284 (Ms. Xu Wen) CAPS: Denim, Racing, Wool, Suede: Peter Caps & Hats Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 24-69 Taipei, Taiwan Fx# 866-2395-6531 HEATED EYELASH CURLER: Jin Sung Corp. Woosong Bldg. 362-27 Shindaebang-dong

Dongzak-gu Seoul, Korea Fx# 822-826-0290, or 822-825-9238 Agents Wanted CERAMIC ARTS & CRAFTS: Xiamen Hauhui Industrial Development Corp. 19/F., Hong Xiang Bldg. South Rd. Hubin Xiamen, China 361004 Fx# 86-592-515-0618, or 86-592-506-5650 (Ms. Keung Lee Catherine) BRASS RELIEF ARTWORK: P.T. Uninda Eka Hastakarya Jalan Ser. Mar. Usman Janatin 14 Semarang 50129 Indonesia Fx# 622-455-3325 SILVER JEWELRY: Trade Well Oversea Co., Ltd. 128/167, 15th Floor, Phayathai Plaza Phayathai Rd. Rajthevi, Bangkok 10400 Thailand Fx# 662-216-5589 EELSKIN PRODUCTS: P & J Trading Co. Mapo P.O. Box 171 Seoul, Korea61 N. Rd., Fuzhou, Fujian, China Fx# 86-591-7517214 Fx# 822-209-7163 GARMENT FABRIC: Yixing Lucky Textiles Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. No. 71, Yibei Rd. Yixing Jiangsu, China 214200 Fx# 86-5218-732-400 (Mr. Liu Jin Yun) REMOTE CONTROLLER ASSEMBLY & LED LAMPS & DISPLAYS: Korea National Electric Co., Ltd 679-3 Jakjeon-dong, Buk-ku Incheon City, Korea Fx# 82-32-542-0650 LEATHER GARMENTS & PRODUCTS: Ceylon Leather Products

141 Church Rd Colombo 15, Sri Lanka Fx# 941-523-702 QUALITY TINS: Ahgasa Industrial Co C.P.O. Box 8692 Seoul, Korea Fx# 822-871-1807 DISPOSABLE CAMERAS: Miracle trading co. ltd. 3rd Floor, Songsan Bldg., 651 Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-ku Seoul, Korea Fx# 822-508-1009 ZIPPERS: Xunxing Zipper Group Co. E-Mail: xunxing@public.qz.fj.cn Fx# 86-595-828-2502 http://www.asiansources.com/xinxing.co MULTI-PURPOSE LABELERS: Korea Labeler System's Co. C.P.O. Box 6337 Seoul, Korea Fx# 02-675-6034 THAI HANDICRAFTS: Top Crafts Co. Ltd. 607/23-24 Soi Pradu 1, Charoenkrung Rd, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120, Thailand Fx#662-291-1144 WORLD CLASS SPORTS BALLS: Jiangsu Feida Rubber Group Corp. 11F, Jiaodian Bldg, No.2 North Great Street Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 214043 Fx# 86-510-270-4444 CHRISTMAS, EASTER & OTHER FESTIVAL DECORATIVE ITEMS: Shenzhen Mingtai Arts Factory Opposite Shiyan Hospital, Shiyan Town Baoan Zone, Shenzhen, China 518108 Fx# 86-755-776-2809

SHOES, CAPS, BAGS, & MORE: Gaungzhou Light Industrial Products Group Bags I. & E. Company The Bund Guangzhou, China Fx# 86-20-8333-9145 AUDIO PRODUCTS: Natthapong Sales & Services Co., Ltd. 119 Near Sapanmorn Bridge, Asadang Rd. Bangkok 10200 Thailand Fx# 662-225-2528 MELAMINE WARE: Thousand Neats Ltd. Sheng Ta Ind. Zone, Qiaotou Zhen, Dongguan Guangdong, China Fx# 86-769-334-1793 GLASS LENSES: Elang Mas Optical Co., Ltd. Mangga Dua Raya Plaza, Block E, No. 3 Jakarta 10730 Indonesia Fx# 62-21-612-0076 INFLATABLES: Shanghai Hua Mao Craft Toy Co., Ltd. Rm. 230, No. 200 Shun Chang Rd. Shanghai, China, 200021 Fx# 86-21-374-1408

Footwear Headgear Suitcases &

SHOES: Shanghai Export Bases Development Lujiazui Corp. 1035 Chang Le Rd. Shanghai, China, 200031 Fx# 86-21-6466-4786 FLOWER POTS: L & R Holdings Sdn Bhd Suite 5.45, 5th Floor, Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Fx# 603-261-3613 BAGS: Travel, School, Sports, File & More:

Shanghai Xinni Leather Goods Co., Ltd. 272 Da Tian Rd. Shanghai, China, 200041 Fx# 86-21-258-7563 SUNGLASSES: Xiamen Fuming Optical Industry Co., Ltd. Ban Shang Rd., He Shan Xiamen, China, 361009 Fx# 86-592-578-1343

Mexico vendors

EMBROIDERY LABELS Euic Art Sa De Cv Viaducto Rio De La Piedad N 561 Granji Mexico 08400 Mexico Df Mexico Ph & Fx# (5) 657-4488 GLASS CONTAINERS FOR CANDLESTICKS: Articulor Artesanales Sa De Cv Virgilio Guerra N 128 La Fama 66100 Santa Catarina Ni Mexico Ph# (83) 48-7113 GLASS CONTAINERS FOR CANDLESTICKS: Vidriera San Pedro De Monterrey Sa Virgilio C Guerra N 128 La Fama 66100 Santa Catarina Ni Mexico Ph# (83) 78-2017 SPORTING GOODS: Ind Reyes Sa Wagnet N 289 07870 Mexico Df Mexico Ph# (5) 537-2851 Fx# (5) 759-0040 CLOTHING: Alfa Sport S A Xocongo 0167 Mexico 8D F Mexico Ph# (5) 22625 FOOTWEAR: Aldrovande Sa De Dv Zapateros N 210 Fracc Ind Julian De Obregon 37290 Leon Gto Mexico Ph# (471) 4-1700 Fx# (471) 6-1069 COWBOY BOOTS: Botas Equs S A De C V Zapateros N 312 Fracc ind Julian De Obregon 372900 Leon Gto Mexico Ph# (471) 6-6175 Fx# (471) 4-1309 MEXICAN PIMENTO COFFEE: Aric De RI Products Agropecuarios Plan De Arroyos Prol. Calle Central S/n Centro 93695 Plan De Arroyos, Veracruz Mexico Ph# (231) 50281 Fx# (231) 50393 MARBLE TILES: Aric De Recursos No Renovables De La Comarca Lagunera San

Isidro 35156 Lerdo Durango Mexico Ph# (17) 250990 Fx# (17) 250078 CANDIES:Abarrotes Y Envasas Desechables La Nena Arboledas No 1171 Bosques da La Victoria 45030 Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico Ph# (3) 6712440 Fx# (3) 6712440 CANNED BEANS, BRAKE LIQUID, DIAPERS, TOILET PAPER: Arastecedora Fronteriza De Reynosa Sa De Cv Carr a Monterry Km 213 Fuentes Del Valle 88730 Reynosa Tamaulipas Mexico Ph# (892) 48859 Fx# (892) 45641 JEANS FOR MEN & WOMEN: Abel Calzada Sanchez 1 Poniente No 309 Int. 5 Centro 75709 Tehuncan Puebla Mexico Ph# (238) 33511 Fx# (238) 22117 CUTLERY, FLATWARE & MORE: Acero Porcelanizado Sa De Cv Av Sn Nicholas No 2121 Nte lo de Mayo 64550 Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico Ph# (83) 293500 Fx# (83) 293505 DATE STAMPS, STAPLERS, DRILLERS: Acme Lamuse Sa De Cv Pastores No 68 Santa Isabel Iztapalapa 09820 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 5822011 Fx# (5) 5825389 TOMATOES, CUCUMBERS, GREEN BEANS, BELL PEPPER: Adolfo Clouthier Montoya Carr a El Dorado Km 16 80220 Culiacan Sinaloa Ph# (67) 17215 Fx# (67) 172909 FRESH GARLIC: Agro Chef Cesar Alejandro Aguilar Gonzalex Calle 60 Central De Abastos Ejidos Del Moral 09040 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 694-6949 Fx# (5) 694-6829 BOOKS: AGT Editor Sa Ab Progreso 202 1 er Piso EscandUn 11800 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 164261 Fx# (5) 5152922 PHOTO FRAMES: Agustin Juarez Soto Arteaga 27 Guerrero 06300 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph & Fx# (5) 5293209 MEN'S SHOES: Alex Pare Se De Cv Madero 542 Centro 20000 Aguscalientes Aguascalientes Mexico Ph# (49) 155102 Fx# (49) 185705

BLOWN GLASSWARE, CERAMIC TRAYS & MORE: Aluart Sa De Cv Galeana No 144 Santa Fe 01210 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 5705693 Fx# (5) 2592604 SILVER JEWELRY: Amalia Exportaciones benito Juarez No 25 Centro 40200 Taxco De Alarcon Guerrero Mexico Ph & Fx# (762) 25860 DENIM CASUAL WEAR: Ando Sa De Cv Calle 5 No 1092 Zona Industrial 44940 Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico Ph# (3) 8120135 Fx# (3) 610317 CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS & MORE: Antico Muebles Rusticos Ascar Borbolla Montes 5 de Mayo Norte No 33 Centro 73680 Zacapoaxtla Puebla Mexico Ph# (231) 142762 Fx# (231) 42762 SILVER JEWELRY: Araceli Gomez Lagunas Plazule da San Juan No 5 Centro 40200 Taxco De Alarcon Guerrero Mexico Phone (762) 24175 Fax (762) 24175 WEDDING RINGS: Argollas Matrimoniales Sa De Cv Eje 104 No 105 Manzana 5 Zona Industrial la Seccion 78395 San Luis Potosi San Luis Potosi Mexico Ph# (48) 45535 Fx# (48) 245535 WOMEN'S BLAZERS: Ariel Estilos Sa De Cv Av Morelos No 7 Zacahuitzco 03550 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 5396837 Fx# (5) 5390771 DECORATIVE ITEMS, TABLEWARE, BLOWEN GLASS ITEMS: Arts & Crafts Export Sa De Cv Bufon 25 Nueva Anzures 11590 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 2540490 Fx# (5) 2540490 MEXICAN FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES: Calle Rio Independencia No 393, Guadalajara, Jalisco 44890 Mexico,Ph# 52-3-657-4648 Fx# 52-3-657-4652 HOSIERY: Interpunto Mexico, S.A. DE C.V. Ave 8 De Julio 2685, Zona Industrial Guadalajara, Jal. 44900 Mexico BAGS, BACK PACK, TOTE, TRAVEL: Industrias Urman S.A. de C.V., G. Zuloaga No36, Col Barrio de San Miguel C.P. 09360, Ph# (52-5) 686 0126 or 686 1497 Fx# (52-5) 685 5136 http://www.asiansources.com

STONEWARE, WATER DISPENSERS: Stone Ware De Mexico S.A. De C.V. Rivera No 78 Col, Las Aguilas 01710 Mexico D.F. Ph# (52-5) 680 1321 or 680 1371 Fx# (52-5) 593 0334 MEXICOS FINEST LEATHER BELTS,WALLETS, PLANNERS: Industrias Unidas De Piel, S.A. DE C.V.-Callee Agujas No 669, Col El Vergel Iztapalapa C.P. 09890 Mexico D.F. Mexico, Ph# (525) 608 4570 Fx# (525) 608 9356 HANDCRAFTED MEXICAN JEWELRY: Joyeria Baque, S.A. DE C.V. Calle Oriente 237-C #74-G Colonia Oriental Deleg. Iztacalco C.P. 08500 Mexico, Ph# (525) 700 3459 Fx# (525) 700 9190 WOODEN FOLDING SCREENS, BOOK CASE, FRAMES, DINING SETS, WINE CELLERS, DESKS:Arte Isabelino Sa De Cv Cafetal No 427 Granjas Mexico 08400 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 657 0969 CERAMIC FIGURINES, CERAMIC DINNERWARE: Artefuego Sa De Cv Paseo Lomas Altas No664 Lomas Del Valle 45120 Zapopan Jalisco Mexico Ph# (3) 642 2934 Fx# (3) 642 2934 SWEAT SHIRTS, JACKETS, EMBROIDERED DRESSES, SHIRTD, JACKETS: Artes Colors Y Disenos Sa De CV Calzada Centro 75240 Tecali De Herrera Puebla Mexico Ph# (3) 627 2544 Fx# (3) 627 2545 Bookends, Pencil Holders, Paperweights, Flower Pots, ashtrays, Candlesticks, Lamps, Decorative Articles: Artesania Fina En Onix Tellez Hermanos Sa De Cv Av 25 de Agosto No 403B Centro 75240 Tecali De Herrera Puebla Mexico Ph# (227) 14199 Fx# (227) 14066 IRON FURNITURE, EARTHWEAR: Artexport Ricardo Hugo Morales Landa Rio Nilo No 2421 Jardines del Nilo 44860 G PLASTIC SPRAYERS, PLASTIC DUST PANS, WET MOPS: Aspermex Sa De Cv Antigua

Carr a Tequisquiapan Km 3.5 Industrial 76800 San Juan Del Rio Quertetaro Mexico Ph# (427)20410 Fx# (467) 20619 CRYSTAL, SOLDER BARS, RESONATORS, TRANSISTORS, JACKS: AT & T Products De Consumo De Mexcio Perferico Sur No 7999 Tlaquepaque 46500 Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico Ph# (3) 669 8000 Fx# (3) 669 8441 ANSWERING MACHINES, TELEPHONES: AT & T Products De Consumo De Monterrey Sa De Cv Parque Industrial Monterrey 208 Monterrey 66600 Apodaca Nuevo Leon Mexico Ph# (8) 369 2600 Fx# (8) 369 2682 SOCCER BALLS, GRANITE, SLATE, CELLULAP TELEPHONE ACCESSORIES, LATEX GLOVES: Atencion Inc Sa De Cv Newton No 186 Desp 202 Polanco 11560 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 545 0057 Fx# (5) 203 5501 BEACH ACCESSORIES, SHOES, COMPUTERS, SPORT CLOTHS, FABRICS: Atwood De Mexico Sa De Cv Monte Elburns No 132-2o Ousi Kinas de Chapultepec 11000 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 566 4878 Fx# (5) 705 5555 HOUSEHOLD RUBBER GLOVES: Guantes Vitex S.A. de C.V. Uxmal 81, Col Narvarte C.P. 03020 Mexico D.F. Ph# (525) 538 3818 Fx# (525) 538 0366 CLOCKS: Hope International S.A. de C.V., Javier Martinez V No 248, Col. Escuadron 201, C.P. 09060 Mexico D.F. Mexico Ph# (525) 518 8152 Fx# (525) 670 6187 COTTON SHIRTS, SWEATERS, WOMENS BRIEFS: Avante Textil Sa De Cv Industria Automotriz No 128 Parque Industrial El Coecillo 50200 Toluca Estado De Mexico Ph# (72) 790 900 Fx# (72) 112585 KNIT CLOTHS, PANTS, BLOUSES, SHORTS, SKIRTS, T-SHIRTS: Azteca Textil Sa De Cv Calle 6 No 106 Agricola Pantitlan 08100 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 558 0422 Fx# (5) 758 1023

MENS, WOMENS & CHILDREN'S LEATHER SLIPPERS: Barry De Sa Cesar Lopez de Lara No 3130 Anahuac 88260 Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas Mexico Ph# (87) 140 518 Fx# (87) 148 889 GIRLS APPAREL & SLEEPWEAR: Bekita Sa De Cv Netzahualcoyotl No 130 Centro 06090 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 709 6123 Fx# (5) 709 4176 FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES, BELL PEPPERS, TOMATOES: Bionova Sa De Cv Gomez Morin No 285-3 Valle Del Campestre 66265 SN Pedro Garza Garcia Nuevo Leon Mexico Ph# (8) 356 9231 Fx# (8) 356 9222 TOWELS, DRESSING GOWNS: Blancos Tepeji Sa De Cv Blvd Centro Industrial No 28 Puente de Vigas 54070 Tlalnepantla De Bax Estado De Mexico Ph# (5) 565 2222 Fx# (5) 565 2000 BRAS, NIGHTWEAR, PANTIS, GARTER BELTS: Bony Lingerie Sa De Cv 121 No 305-a Maria Luisa 97199 Merida Yucatan Mexico Ph# (99) 299 233 Fx# (99) 299 0000 LEATHER BELTS, BOOTS: Botas La Diligencia Jesus Guerrero Rios Jesus Urueta No 137 Partido Romero 32030 Juarez Chicuahua Mexico Ph# (16) 157 237 Fx# (16) 149 637 REGULAR SOLUBLE COFFEE, DECAFFIENATED COFFEE: Cafe Internacional De Cordoba Sa De Cv Carr Cordoba Veracruz Km 341 Buenavista 94640 Cordoba Veracruz Mexico Ph# (271) 227 44 Fx# (271) 416 15 CERAMIC ASHTRAYS, CERAMIC CANDLESTICKS, DINNERWARE, ANIMAL FIGURIES, GLASSWARE, MUGS, FLOWER POTS: Calidad Artesanal Tonalteca Sa De Cv Morelos No 100 Centro 45400 Tonala Jalisco Mexico Ph# (3) 683 0656 Fx# (3) 683 0784 PANTS, BLOUSES, T-SHIRTS, SKIRTS: Caribean Board Sa De Cv Calle 6 No 106 H Agricola Pantitlan 08100 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 756 2706 Fx# (5) 756 2331

PAINTS FOR STAINED GLASS, FINGER PAINT, CLOTHS, CERAMICS AND MORE: Productos Y USA 20 De Noviembre No 2 Y 4 53000 Naucalpan, Edo De Mexico Ph# (52 5) 576 9677 Fx# (52 5) 358 4707 GLASS MOSAICS FOR- SWIMMING POOLS, FACADES, KITCHEN WALLS, BATHROOMS & MORE: APDO. Postal 325 Centro, Carrt. Fed. CVACA- CUAUTLA KM3.5 CP 62570, Cvernavaca, Morelos Ph# (5) 564 65 Fx# (5) 211 02 15 CERAMIC DINNERWARE, WOOD RELIGIOUS FIGURES, PAINTED TRAYS, LACQUERED CHAIRS: Casa De Las Artesanias Del Gobierno Del Edo Michoacan Humblot y Fray Juan de San Miguel No 129 Exconvento S Centro 58000 Morelia Michoacan Mexico Ph# (43) 120 848 Fx# (43) 131 933 RUGS, MEXICAN BLANKETS, OVERCOATS, WOOD & CERAMIC HANDICRAFTS: Casa Temoltazin Sa De Cv Ignacio Picazo Nte No 36a Santa Ana Chiautempan 90800 Santa Ana Chiautempan Tlaxcala Mexico Ph# (246) 401 32 Fx# (246) 421 06 EARTHENWARE, BLOWEN GLASS: Centro Artesanal Tultenago SRL Xola No 82 Alamos 03400 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 796 424 SHORT PANTS, ENSEMBLES, JACKETS, SHORTS, T-SHIRTS: Chhacalo Tuachi Jose Fray Servando Teresa de Mier 120 Pb Centro 06080 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 709 2596 Fx# (5) 709 7358 SOCKS, STOCKINGS, GIRL'S SOCKS: Chernos Sa De Cv Cda de proton No 3 Fracc Parque Industrial Naucalpan 54060 Naucalpan Estado De Mexico Mexico Ph# (5) 300 0303 Fx# (5) 709 7358 WESTERN SHIRTS: Cia Industrial Tecotlan Sa Lopez Mateos No 39a Tecolotian 48540 Tecolotlan Jalisc0 Mexico Ph# (3) 826 9440 Fx# (3) 826 8516 DENIM JEANS, OVERALLS, JACKETS: Cia Manufacturera Libra Sa De Cv Valle Del Gualdiana No 560 Parque Industrial 35070 Gomez Palacio Durango Mexico Ph# (171) 901 53 Fx# (171) 944 65 LEATHER BELTS, BOOTS: Cia Procesadora Y Elaboradora El Canelo Sa De Cv

Obreros No 101 Obrera 37000 Leon Guanajuato Mexico Ph# (47) 145 913 Fx# (47) 146 755 MEXICAN HANDICRAFTS, WROUGHT IRON FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES: Comercializadora Vela Y Cia Sa De Cv Av Lazaro Cardenas No 403 Emiliano Zapata 64390 Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico Ph# (8) 346 1398 Fx# (8) 346 9898 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS, POLO SHIRTS, SKIRTS, DRESSES, BLOUSES: Confecciones De Excelencia S De Rl Benito Juarez S/N Ejdal Alm 54500 Tequixquiac Estado De Mexico Mexico Ph# (5) 272 4158 Fx# (3) 272 4158 T-SHIRTS, TANK TOPS, BATHROBES, DRESSING GOWNS, SPORT SHIRTS: Confecciones De Romano Sa De Cv 5 de Febrero 130-501 Obrera 06090 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 761 7622 Fx# (5) 761 7213 GIRDLES, CORSETTES, BRAS, PANTIES: Confecciones Xoconga Sa De Cv Xocongo 225 Transito 06820 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 542 5549 Fx# (5) 542 2055 JEANES & SHORTS FOR MEN, WOMEN, BOYS & GIRLS: Coordinados Elite Sa De Cv 13 Oriente No 326 75790 Tehuacan Puebla Mexico Ph# (238) 30938 Fx# (238) 30888 SURGERY GLOVES, COTTON DISPOSABLE GLOVES: Corp Guantera Sa De Cv Av 16 de Septiembre 113 A y B Alce Blanco 53370 Naucal Pan De Juarez Estado De Mexico Mexico Ph# (5) 576 2848 Fx# (5) 576 2848 MEN'S COTTON SHORTS & PANTS, WOMEN'S PANTS & SKIRTS: Creations Pafer Sa De Cv Armando Del Castillo Franco No 765 Parque Industrial Lagunero 35078 Gomez Palacio Durango Mexico Ph# (17) 142 293 Fx# (17) 148 733 SILVER JEWELRY: D'Escorcia Benito Juarez No 46-4 centro 40200 Tasco Guerrero Mexico Ph# (762) 24070 Fx# (762) 26474

SILVER JEWELRY: Deco Taxco Sa De Cv Palma No 2 Centro 40200 Taxco Guerrero Mexico Ph# (762) 245 56 Fx# (762) 24556 COTTON CAPS, T-SHIRTS, SHORTS, SHIRTS, JACKETS, SPORT BAGS, VISORS, De Cv Calle 10 No 11 San Pedro de Los Pinos 01180 Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico Ph# (5) 273 3022 Fx# (5) 516 4957 PLASTIC ARTICLES: Compania Mexicana Tuboplast Sa 107 Oriente N 2406 Mexico 14 Df Mexico Ph# (5) 537 6745 FOOTWEAR: Teneria De Pachuca Sa 16 De Enero 100 Pachuca Hiadlgo Mexico Ph# (771) 219 28 KNIVES: Ekco Sa De Cv 16 De Septiembre N 31 02160 Azcapotzalco Df Mexico Ph# (5) 382 4222 Fx# (5) 382 4977 CLOTHING: Camisetas De Puebla S A 19 Norte 1606 Puebla Pue Mexico Ph# (22) 461 966 T-SHIRTS: Camisetas De Puebla Sa 19 Norte N 1606 72090 Puebla Pue Mexico Ph# (22) 46 1966 Fx# (22) 654 1321 PANTS: Disenosbuena Vista Sa De Cv 1a Poniente N 14 40330 Buena Vista De Cuellar Gro Mexico Ph# (733) 1 0230 Fx# (733) 1 0012 CIGARS: Alberto Turrent Cano 20 De Noviembre N 25 95700 San Andres Tuxtla Ver Mexico Ph# (294) 2 1090 Fx# (294) 2 3393 HANDICRAFTS: Tradiciones En Arte 23 Sur 702 72000 Puebla Pue Mexico Ph# (22) 48-8100 Fx# (22) 48-8047 HANDICRAFTS: Artesaniz Fina En Onix Tellex Hermanos Sa 25 De Agosto N 403-b 75240 Tecali De Herrera Pue Mexico Ph# (227) 1-4199 Fx# (227) 1-4066 CLOTHING: Exclusivas Carpi S A De C V 26 Oriente N 2402 7200 Purbleque Mexico Ph# (22) 36-0144 Fx# (22) 36-0509 CLOTHING: Impex De Puebla S A 3 Sure N 4117 Sto Pico Pueble Pu e Mexico

Ph# (22) 406277 Fx# 1781250 CLOTHING: Textiles Centenario S A 32 Norte N 1007 Pueble Pue Mexico Ph# (22) 462766 T-SHIRTS: Hilados Y Retorcidos La Moderna Sa De Cv 32 Norte N 639 Resurgimento 72370 Puebla Pue Mexico Ph# (22) 35-9100 Fx# (22) 35-9407 PANTS: Fabrica De Ropa Manjal Sa De Cv 35000 Gomez Palacio Dgo Mexico Ph# (17) 14-9805 Fx# (17) 14-0049 BLOUSES: Movis Sa De Cv 5 De Febrero N 137 Desp 202 Obrera 06800 Mexico Df Mexico Ph# (5) 588-2320 Fx# (5) 761-8264 HANDICRAFTS: Vicente Fernandez Sa 8 Sur Y Prolongacion 3 Pte 75700 Tehuacan Pue Mexico Ph# (238) 2-0099 Fx# (238) 2-0873 FURNITURE: Antiguedades Chapis Sa De Cv 9 Oriente N 804 72000 Puebla Pue Mexico Ph# (22) 42-1336 Fx# (22) 42-1336 CLOTHING: Bernardo Zohn Wurm Academia 30 1 Mexico 1 Df Mexico Ph# (5) 5225921 HANDICRAFTS: Promociones La Fiesta Sa De Cv Acueducto N 13 006360 Mexico Df Mexico Ph# (5) 577-7822 Fx# (5) 567-3804 HANDICRAFTS: Galeria Reforma Norte Sa De Cv Acueducto N 13 Mexico Df Mexico Ph# (5) 557-7822 PLASTIC ARTICLES: Mizrachi Y Compania De Mexico Sa Agua Caliente 10 Tijuana Baja California Mexico Ph# (66) 545020 CLOTHING: Mezrachi Y Cia De Mexico S A Agua Caliente 10 Tuuana Baja Mexico Ph# (66) 64502 FURNITURE: Ponderosa Dimensional Sa Aldama 1101-200 3100 Chihuahua Chig Mexico Ph# (514) 151010 CLOTHING: Antulio Tamayo Jimenez Alejandro Duam 71 C Colonia Polanco Mexico

5 Df Mexico Ph# (5) 5311333 HANDICRAFTS: El Arte Y Diseno En Metal Sa Alfredo Robles Dominquez N 78 Vallejo 07870 Mexico Df Mexico Ph# (5) 517-2888 BOOTS: La Gran Bota S A De C V Allende N 232 Obregon 37320 Leon Gto Mexico Ph# (471) 3-2495 Fx# (471) 6-6762 CLOTHING: Gonzalo Bauer Eparussi Alumnos N 14 Mexico 18 Df Mexico Ph# (5) 2861179 FOOTWEAR: Botas Jaca Sa Alvaro Obregon E Hidalgo Leon Guanajuato Mexico Ph#(471) 41556


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