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					Let the Internet make you money with
                                                     Proof of Identity --

Electronic                                           Salsgiver Inc.’s secure server uses a
                                                     unique Digital ID. This ensures that
                                                     all data sent and received is encrypted
                                                     and therefore can not be read or
                                                     modified by anyone else.

Commerce         Don’t just have a web
                                                     Strong Security --
                                                     Based on the same technology
                                                     used to protect nuclear missile
                                                     codes. The secure server uses the
                 page with contact                   strongest security available today.
                                                     Best of all the technology you need
                 information, let your               to establish a secure channel for your
                 web page be your                    customers is already enabled on most
                                                     web browsers from Netscape and
                 newest sales tool.                  Microsoft.

Take orders from customers and resellers 24          Peace of Mind --
hours a day over the Internet. Salsgiver Inc.        Not only are Secure Server IDs
                                                     based on the strongest available
offers free access to their secure server which      encryption technology, but they are
ensures the security and privacy of these            backed by VeriSign's NetSureSM
transactions. Salsgiver Inc. can custom design       Protection Plan. NetSure provides up
your Electronic Commerce application to give         to $100,000 of protection against
                                                     economic loss due to theft,
you more advanced ordering capability with a         impersonation, corruption, or loss of
shopping cart and email-to-fax for added             use of an ID. Additionally, VeriSign
convenience to you and your customers.               has partnered with Comdisco
                                                 .   Continuity Services to provide full
                                                     disaster recovery for all Digital ID
Salsgiver Inc. is a full service Internet provider   services.
offering Silicon Graphics servers, high speed
digital dial-in connections, 24x7 monitoring,        Transfer Your Domain --
UPS and generator backups, network and               Transfer your domain from your
                                                     current provider to Salsgiver Inc. at
security consultation and server co-location.        no additional charge and let the
                                                     Internet start making you money with
To set up a consultation to find the best            Electronic Commerce.                .
Electronic Commerce configuration for you and
                                                     Salsgiver Inc. can add an order fea-
your business please contact Salsgiver Inc. at       ture to your pre-existing web site and
(724) 295-1970 or email           provide you with any design or
                                                     programming services you may need.

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