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					Rm 1 (Human-Computer Interaction I)Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 835 A Haptic Teleoperation Study Using Wave Variables and Scaling Matrices 982 Omnidirectional Robotic Telepresence through Augmented Virtuality for Increased 1120 Compensating Device Inertia for 6-DOF Haptic Rendering 125 Algorithm Optimizations for Low-Complexity Eye Tracking 245 Fuzzy Virtual Impedance Controller in Human-Vehicle Interaction 30 Streaming selves on screen: declarative, acting and calculated identity in the web Rm 2 (Assistive Technology I) Paper ID 187 434 540 1209 56

Session Chair(s) Paper Title Navigation in Eight Cardinal Directions with Pseudo-Attraction Force for the Visu Target Acquisition by a Hands-free Wireless Tilt Mouse Predictive Validity of Wheelchair Driving Behavior for Fine Motor Abilities - Def Towards a 2D Tactile Vocabulary for Navigation of Blind and Visually Impaired New Computer Protocol with Subsensory Stimulation and Visual/Auditory Biofee

Rm 3 (Systems Safety and Security)
Paper ID 109 123 974 1127

Session Chair(s) Paper Title Network Intrusion Detection using Fuzzy Class Association Rule Mining Based on Design of a Lattice-based Access Control Scheme Sh@re: Negotiated Audit in Social Networks Keystroke-Based Authentication by Key Press Intervals as a Complementary Beha

Rm 4 (Human-Computer Symbiosis for Information Retrieval)
Paper ID 1204 704 1140 1009 1222

Session Chair(s) Paper Title Adapting to the Data Explosion: Ensuring Justice for All The Centrality of User Modeling to High Recall with High Precision Search Impedance Matching of Humans <=> Machines in High-Q Information Retrieval S Replication and Automation of Expert Judgments: Information Engineering in Leg Human Aided Computer Assessment for Exhaustive Search

Rm 5 (Soft Computing I)
Paper ID 181 198 156 427

Session Chair(s) Paper Title Self-supervised learning by information enhancement The Simulation of MRT Transfer System Based on Bus Holding Strategies with pl Motion Planning with Obstacle Avoidance for Kinematically Redundant Manipula An interactive evolutionary approach for content based image retrieval

Rm 6 (Image Processing/Pattern Recognition I) Session Chair(s)

Paper ID 99 102 169 232 31 755

Paper Title Simulating Inertial and Centripetal Forces for Segmentation of Overlapped Handw A Filtering Algorithm for Highly Noisy Images of Brazilian ATM Bank Checks New formula for image reconstruction from projections by the 2-D paired transform Two-view face recognition using Bayesian fusion Charged Active Contour model A comprehensive audio-visual corpus for teaching sound Persian phoneme articula

Rm 7 (Discrete Event Systems) Session Chair(s)
Paper ID 638 646 791 1080 1123

Paper Title Using Information and Communication Technologies in Intermodal Freight Transp Fusing Multiple Sensors Information into Mixed Reality-based User Interface for R An Enforcing Supervisor for Flexible Manufacturing Systems Using Theory of Re Design of Petri Net-based Deadlock Prevention Controllers for Flexible Manufactu A New Class of Petri Nets for Modeling and Control of Ratio-enforced Resource A

Rm 8 (Computational Intelligence I)
Paper ID 191 1287 500 501 503 793

Session Chair(s) Paper Title Bio-Inspired Node Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks IPCM Separability Ratio for Supervised Feature Selection SKELETONIZATION BASED ON CONTOURS REPAIRED SKELETONIZATION BASED ON HIGH-LEVEL MARKOV RANDOM FIELD ONE SUFFICIENT CONDITION FOR HAMILTONIAN GRAPG USING ITS S Robust Semantic Concept Detection in Large Video Collections

Rm9(Human Centered Transportation System I) Chair(s) Session Paper ID Paper Title 84 Evaluation of Ship Navigator's Mental Workload for Ship Handling Based on Physiolo 88 Evaluation of Marine Simulator Training Based on Heart Rate Variability 184 Suitable GUI Selection Using Analytic Hierarchy Process 1145 A Study of a Collision Avoidance Support System 1175 Development of a Sensor System for Grasp Behavior on a Steering Wheel

Rm 10 (Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems and Control I)
Paper ID 105 263 327 370 634

Session Chair(s) Paper Title A Practical Approach for Design of PD and PI Like Interval Type-2 TSK Fuzzy C Implementing Self-Management for Evolvable Assembly Systems Designing Type-2 Fuzzy Logic System Controllers via Fuzzy Lyapunov Synthesis Obtaining an FOU for a Word from a Single Subject by an Individual Interval App Uncertainty Measures for General Type-2 Fuzzy Sets

Rm 11 (Manufacturing Systems and Automation I)
Paper ID 357 386 458 849 1064 Rm 12 (Smart Sensor Networks I) Paper ID 1126 994 1257 1291 1177

Session Chair(s) Paper Title Optimal Cyclic Multiple Hoist Scheduling for Processes with Loops and Parallel R Job Batching and Scheduling for Parallel Non-Identical Machines via MILP and P An Integrated Column Generation and Lagrangian Relaxation for Flowshop Sched An Automation Agent Architecture with A Reflective World Model in Manufactur Simultaneous state and dead-zone parameter estimation using high-gain observers

Session Chair(s) Paper Title A Cluster-Based Protocol for Self-Organizing UWB Wireless Ad hoc Sensor Netw Path Loss Revisited Using Computer Simulation A Simple and Least Complex KV Transform Coding Technique with Low BER Pe An Emerging Technology for Improved Building Automation Control Human-Behaviour Study with Situation Lattices

Rm 13 (Environmental Decision Support and Visualization Systems) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 440 Impact of Increased Spatio-Temporal Radar Data Resolution on Forecaster Wind A 891 Designing Flow Visualizations for Oceanography and Meteorology using Interacti 1043 Interactive Visual Summarization of Multidimensional Data 20 Group Awareness Information in Web-Based Group Decision Support System 86 A SMILE Web-based Interface for Learning the Causal Structure and Performing

Rm 14 (Intelligent Learning in Control Systems I ) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 82 A Probabilistic Fuzzy Logic System: learning in the stochastic environment with in 111 Novel Direct Adaptive Fuzzy Control System Design 130 Real-Valued Q-learning in Multi-agent Cooperation 132 Behavioral-Fusion Control Based on Reinforcement Learning 437 Interactive Emotion Recognition Using Support vector Machine for Human-Robot

Daniel W. Repperger/Vasily Moshnyaga Authors Daniel W. Repperger, Rodney G. Roberts, Mark Alise, Carl A Moore Daniel Per Johansson, Leo J de Vin Jilin Zhou, Francois Malric, Emil M. Petriu, Nicolas D. Georganas Vasily Moshnyaga, Shinji Yamamoto Seiji Yasunobu Fanny Georges Ferrol Rawson Blackmon/Nikolaos G. Bourbakis Authors Tomohiro Amemiya, Sugiyama Hisashi Ferrol Rawson Blackmon Meike Jipp, Christian Bartolein, Essameddin Badreddin Dimitrios Dakopoulos, Nikolaos G. Bourbakis Ming-Yih Lee

Chia-Chu Chiang/Mark Paul Wachowiak Authors Ci Chen, Shingo Mabu, Shimada Kaoru, Kotaro Hirasawa Chia-Chu Chiang, Coskun Bayrak Alejandro Gutierrez, Apeksha Godiyal, Matt Stockton, Michael LeMay, Carl Gunter, Roy H Campbell Shallen Daniele Giroux, Renata Wachowiak-Smolikova, Mark Paul Wachowiak

Robert S. Bauer Authors Julia Lynn Brickell Dan Brassil, Christopher Hogan, Simon Attfield Robert S. Bauer, Dan Brassil, Christopher Hogan, Gina Taranto, John Seely Brown Bruce Hedin, Douglas W. Oard Christopher Hogan, Dan Brassil, Mitchell Marcus Shih-Che Lo/Francesc Josep Ferri Authors Ryotaro Kamimura Shih-Che Lo, Wei-Jie Chang, Peng-Cheng Kuo, Chun-Yun Kuo Jun Wang, Xiaolin Hu, Bo Zhang Francesc Josep Ferri, Miguel Arevalillo-Herraez, Salvador Moreno-Picot

Carlos Alexandre Mello/Ke Lun Tang

Authors Carlos Alexandre Mello, Edward Roe Carlos Alexandre Mello, Byron Bezerra, Afonso Ferreira, Juliano Rabelo Artyom M Grigoryan, Nan Du Grace Shin-Yee Tsai, Chih-Wei Tang Ke Lun Tang Azam Bastanfard Maria Pia Fanti Authors Maria Pia Fanti, Valentina Boschian, Giorgio Iacobellis, Walter Ukovich JIE ZHU, Xiangyu Wang, Michael Rosenman Yi-Sheng Huang, Mu Der Jeng Weimin Wu, Mengchu Zhou, Guoqiang Zeng, weijie Mao, Hongye Su, Jian Chu Hesuan Hu

Wing Yin Ng/Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy Authors Raghavendra Venkatesh Kulkarni, Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Maggie X. Cheng Wing Yin Ng Zhiwu Melody Liao Zhiwu Melody Liao Zhiwu Melody Liao Jialie Shen, Dacheng Tao, Xuelong Li

Koji Murai Authors Koji Murai, Kousaku Hama, Laurie Stone, Yuji Hayashi Koji Murai, Sam Teel, Jim Sanders, Daniel Parrott, Larry Wade, Timothy Gervais, Katherine Rovinski, Yuji Hayashi, Laurie S Sumie Yamada, Yuta Uesugi, Nonaka Takako, Tomohiro Hase Jun Kayano Takashi Imamura, Zhong Zhang, Tetsuo Miyake, Othman Md Rizal

William W. Melek/Mohammad Biglarbegian Authors Mohammad Biglarbegian, William Melek, Jerry M Mendel regina frei, bruno ferreira, giovanna di marzo serugendo, jose barata Oscar Castillo, Nohe Cazarez, Luis Aguilar Jhiin Joo, Jerry M Mendel Daoyuan Zhai, Jerry M Mendel

Steffen C. Steneberg Authors Ralf Froehlich, Steffen C. Steneberg Matthias Huesig, Ralf Froehlich Nishi Tatsushi, Isoya Yukinori, Inuiguchi Masahiro Mathieu Vallee, Hermann Kaindl, Munir Merdan, Wilfried Lepuschitz, Edin Arnautovic, Pavel Vrba Salim Ibrir Bing W Kwan/Dhadesugoor R Vaman Authors Hai Hung Hoang, Bing W Kwan Hung Huy Khong, Bing W Kwan, Leonard J Tung Dhadesugoor R Vaman Wenqi (Wendy) Guo, Mengchu Zhou Juan Ye, Simon Dobson

Don J. Rude/Ellen J. Bass Authors Don J. Rude, Ellen J. Bass, Brenda Philips Colin Ware, Peter Mitchell, John Kelley Sarat M. Kocherlakota, Christopher G. Healey Nipat Jongsawat, Wichian Premchaiswadi Nipat Jongsawat, Wichian Premchaiswadi Ching-Chih Tsai Authors Han-Xiong Li Shun-Feng Su, Yao Chu Hsueh Kao-Shing Hwang, Chia-Yue Lo Kao-Shing Hwang, Yu-Jen Chen, Chun-Ju Wu, Cheng-Shong Wu Ching-Chih Tsai, Ching-Wen Liao

Gunter, Roy H Campbell

is, Katherine Rovinski, Yuji Hayashi, Laurie Stone

Arnautovic, Pavel Vrba

Rm 1 (Human-Computer Interaction II ) Chair(s) Session Paper ID Paper Title 259 Vibrotactile Rendering of Head Gestures for Controlling Electric Wheelchair 311 Human Communication Network Based on the Classification Results of Personal Pr 394 Filling out Learning Object Metadata considering Cultural Contextualization 546 Adaptive Embodied Entrainment Control and Interaction Design of the First Meetin 555 Optimal camera angles in mental imaging of three-dimensional structures from plan Rm 2 (Assistive Technology II ) Paper ID 197 1097 854 513 Rm 3 (User Interface Design) Paper ID 358 575 344 911

Session Chair(s) Paper Title Possibility of guiding arm movement in circle drawing A Framework for Reasoning Under Uncertainty with Temporal Constraints Alert State and Drowsiness Detection for Driver Assistance Subjective Image Quality Assessment: a Method Based on Signal Detection Theory Session Chair(s) Paper Title Application of a Seeded Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for User Interface Design User-Friendly GUI in Software Model Checking Digital Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Chaos and Improved DES Using Designer’s Effort for User Interface Evaluation

Rm 4 (Biometric systems and Bioinformatics I) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 485 Online Signature Verification Algorithm with a User-Specific Global-Parameter Fus 666 Performance Enhancement of Smith-Waterman Algorithm Using Hybrid Model: Co 723 Recognition of Drug-Target Interaction Patterns using Genetic Algorithm-optimized 565 Walking Stability using Portable Acceleration Measurement System 941 A Fingerprint Pattern Classification Approach Based on the Coordinate Geometry o Rm 5 (Soft Computing II) Paper ID 310 350 367 377

Session Chair(s) Paper Title EMO-based Architectural Room Floor Planning Visualizing Method based on Item Sales Records and its Experimentation Fast Document Clustering Based on Weighted Comparative Advantage Improving Generalization of Radial Basis Function Network with Adaptive Multi-O

Rm 6 (Image Processing/Pattern Recognition II ) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 962 Mixed Fourier transforms and image encryption 253 An Automated Change Detection Approach for Mine Recognition Using Sidescan S

292 Linear-Projection-Based Classification of Human Postures in Time-of-Flight Data 295 Fast Signal-Induced Transforms in Image Enhancement 760 Image Restoration of Warped Complex Chinese Documents Based on Text Bounda

Rm 7 (Evolutionary Computation Session Chair(s) I) Paper ID Paper Title 121 Evolutionary Algorithm Sandbox: A Web-Based Graphical User Interface for Evolu 293 A Study on Energy Consumption of Elevator Group Supervisory Control Systems u 569 Improving Coordination via Emergent Communication in Cooperative Multiagent S 611 Constructions of Equiangular Tight Frames with Genetic Algorithms 1187 An Efficient Image Pattern Recognition System Using an Evolutionary Search Strat

Rm 8 (Computational Intelligence II Session Chair(s) ) Paper ID Paper Title 1030 A Bilevel Optimization Model and a PSO-based Algorithm in Day-ahead Electricity 1039 A Hybrid Knowledge-based Prediction Method for Avian Influenza Early Warning 1288 Combining Classifiers With Dynamic Weights Using Localized Generalization Erro 1289 An Improved Sammple Selection Algorithm in Fuzzy Decision Tree Induction

Rm9 (Human Centered Transportation Session II) System Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 1065 A Comparative Assessment of One's Own Age from Facial Images of Others: Two 1102 Effects of Overlaid Navigational Information on Seascape on Ship Crew Performan 701 Modeling Driver Operation Behavior by Linear Prediction Analysis and Auto assoc 732 A Study on Berth Maneuvering Using Ship Handling Simulator

Rm 10 (Fuzzy Logic Systems and Control II ) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 852 Uncertainty Prediction for Tool Wear Condition Using Type-2 TSK Fuzzy Approac 977 An Evolutive Interval Type-2 TSK Fuzzy Logic System for Volatile Time Series Id 460 Creating and visualizing fuzzy document classification 526 Variable-Geometry Clustering and Its Optimization 724 On the Equivalence of Single Input Type Fuzzy Inference Methods 463 Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for General SISO Mamdani Fuzzy Systems on

Rm 11 (Manufacturing Systems and Session Chair(s) Automation II ) Paper ID Paper Title 958 A Modeling and Aggregation Approach for Analyzing Resilience of Manufacturing 920 An Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for solving the Single Machine Scheduling Problem 1019 Modeling Strategy by Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Production Reactive Schedul 688 modeling and optimal control of automated trolleys

Rm 12(Smart Sensor Networks II ) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 68 EEG Measurement System With Asynchronous Pervasive Sensing 321 Precise Positioning with Wireless Sensor Nodes: Monitoring Natural Hazards in Al 629 A Node Localization Scheme for Zigbee-based Sensor Networks 1018 A big picture on localization algorithms considering sensor logic location 1243 A New Distributed Coverage Algorithm Based on Hexagonal Formation 924 Zigbee Network Application Research-Case Study Within Hsing-Wu College T Rm 13(Grey Systems I ) Paper ID 110 134 136 147 173

Session Chair(s) Paper Title Construction of New Weakening Buffer Operators Based on New Information and T On Positioned Solution of Linear Programming with Grey Parameters Concepts of Broad Class Ratio Dispersion and Broad Smooth Degree for Nonhomo Study on the possibility degree of the optimal solution of grey dynamic programmin The Evaluation of Liver function via Grey Relational Analysis

Rm 14(Intelligent Learning in Control Systems II ) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 505 Reinforcement Self-Organizing Interval Type-2 Fuzzy System with Ant Colony Op 759 CMAC-Based Compensator for Limiting Bound Required in Supervisory Control S 1077 A Spatio-Temporal Fuzzy Logic System for Process Control 1092 A Case-Based Service Request Interpretation Approach for Digital Homes 1292 Desiging Robot Services with Ontology and Learning

Takumi Ichimura/Junia Coutinho Anacleto Authors Shafiq Rehman Takumi Ichimura, Azusa Yamasaki, Akira Hara, Tetsuyuki Takahama David Buzatto, Junia Coutinho Anacleto, Ana Luiza Dias, Marcos Alexandre Rose Silva, Johana Maria Rosas Villen Kenzaburo Miyawaki, Mutsuo Sano, Ryohei Sasama, Tomoharu Yamaguchi, Keiji Yamada Koji Kashihara Eugene Santos/Watanabe Norifumi Authors Iwaki Toshima, Takashi Omori, Watanabe Norifumi Eugene Santos, Deqing Li, John Thomas Wilkinson Miguel Torres-Torriti, Javier Jimenez-Pinto Yurong He, Yuming Xuan, Wenfeng Chen, Xiaolan Fu Carl J Mueller/Haruhiko Sato Authors Nicholas S Hardman, John Colombi, Jacques David, Raymond Hill, Janet Miller Haruhiko Sato, Shoichi Yokoyama, Masahito Kurihara Yunpeng Zhang Carl J Mueller, Dan E. Tamir, Oleg V Komogortsev, Liam Feldman Daigo Muramatsu Authors Daigo Muramatsu, Takashi Matsumoto Mahdi Noorian, Hamidreza Pooshfam, zeinab noorian, Rosni Abdullah Michael Fernandez, Akinori Sarai, Shandar Ahmad Yuriko Tsuruoka, Masako Tsuruoka Ishmael Sbusiso Msiza Hideyuki Takagi/Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin Authors Makoto Inoue, Hideyuki Takagi Yoshihiro Hayashi, Hiroshi Tsuji, Ryosuke Saga Qiangfu Zhao, Jie Ji, Tony Y.T. Chan Sultan Noman Qasem, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin Artyom M. Grigoryan Authors Artyom M. Grigoryan, Sree Devineni, Nan Du Shuang Wei, Henry Leung, Vincent Myers

Folker Wientapper, Katrin Ahrens, Harald Wuest, Ulrich Bockholt Artyom M Grigoryan, Khalil Naghdali, Ranjith Raghunath Hong Liu, Runwei Ding Jason C. Isaacs/Dan Simon Authors Brent George Gardner, Dan Simon Lu Yu, Shingo Mabu, Tiantian Zhang, Kotaro Hirasawa, Tsuyoshi Ueno tavakoli naeini armin, Ghaziasgar Mehran Jason C Isaacs, Rodney Roberts Pei Fang Bess Guo, Prabir Bhattahcarya Daniel S. Yeung/Guangquan Zhang Authors Guangquan Zhang, Jie Lu, Ya Gao, Guoli Zhang Guangquan Zhang, Jie Zhang, Jie Lu Daniel S. Yeung Xizhao Wang Tadatsugi Okazaki Authors Yasuhiro Azuma, Mayuka Nishimoto, Miyamoto Naoyuki, Takashi X. Fujisawa, Noriko Nagata, Akio Kosaka Kenji Yoshimura, Kenjiro Hikida, Nobuo Mitomo, Junji Fukuto Othman Md Rizal, Zhong Zhang, Takashi Imamura Tadatsugi Okazaki William W. Melek/Mohammad Biglarbegian Authors Qun Ren, luc baron, marek balazinski Juan Carlos Figueroa Garcia Judith Gelernter, Dong Cao, Raymond Lu, Eugene Fink, Jaime G. Carbonell Adam Pedrycz Hirosato Seki, Masaharu Mizumoto Jin Yang Marcone Jamilson Freitas Souza/Qijun Chen Authors Yao Hu, Jingshan Li, Lawrence E. Holloway F?bio Fernandes Ribeiro, Marcone Jamilson Freitas Souza, Sergio Ricardo Souza Orides Morandin Jr, Edilson R. R. Kato, Danilo Sipoli Sanches, Bruno Drugowick Muniz Jian Xu, Qijun Chen

Ben Abbott/Mario Siller Authors Chih-Yu Wen, Ming-Feng Wu Joshua Douglas Kenney, Donald Poole, Gregory Willden, Ben Abbott, Alan Morris, Ronald McGinnis, David Ferrill Ernesto Navarro-Alvarez, Mario Siller Salvador Jauregui, Mario Siller Ahmad pourshoghi, Heydar Ali Talebi Chiaping Huang Kun-Li Wen Authors Yao-Guo Dang, Chuanmin Mi Si-Feng Liu Yong Wei, Dahong Hu Hongxing Shi Kun-Li Wen, Hsiao-Ying Chen, Jee-Ray Wang, Kuan-Ying Lu Chia-Feng Juang Authors Chia-Feng Juang, Chia Hung Hsu, Chia-Feng Chuang Ted Tao Han-Xiong Li Chiung-Hon Lee Alan Liu, Chiung-Hon Lee

va, Johana Maria Rosas Villena, Aparecido Fabiano Pinatti de Carvalho

agata, Akio Kosaka

d McGinnis, David Ferrill

Rm 1 (Human-Computer Interaction III ) Session Chair(s) Hong Zhang/Eduardo Mosqueira-Rey Paper ID Paper title Authors 617 Web Collaboration Motivated by Colors Emotionally based on Common Sense Rosangela Aparecida Dellosso Ana Luiza Dias, Junia Coutinho Anacleto, 636 Optical Touch Screen with Virtual Force Zhang Hong 799 Usability Taxonomy and Context-of-Use Taxonomy for Usability Analysis Eduardo Mosqueira-Rey, David Alonso-Rios, Vicente Moret-Bonillo 887 Six-Digit Stroke-based Chinese InputLai-Man PO, Chi-Kwan Wong Method 893 Benefit and evaluation of interactive 3D process data visualization in operator training of plant manufacturing i Dorothea Pantforder, Birgit Vogel-Heuser 904 Motion Planning for Human-Robot Interaction Based on Stereo Vision and SIFT Hong Liu, Jie Zhou

Rm 2 (Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems I) Session Chair(s) Marinus Maria Van Paassen/Jung Kim Paper ID Paper title Authors 28 Haptic Interface in UAV Tele-operation using Force-stiffness Feedback Max Mulder, Thanh Mung Lam, Marinus Maria Van Paassen 404 Towards Workflow Acquisition of AssemblyWebel, using Hidden Markov Models Sabine Skills Yana Staikova, Ulrich Bockholt 696 Real-Time Upper Limb Motion Prediction fromKwon, Jung Kim Suncheol noninvasive biosignals for physical Human-Machine Interactio 753 Modeling and evaluation of harbor crane work Samuel Aulanko, Kalevi Tervo 763 Motion Analysis by Experiment and SimulationMatsuzawa,Bicycles with Children Iwase, Teruyoshi SADAH Shunsuke for Riding Hirokazu Ohno, Masami 1230 A Modified Cross Power-Spectrum Phase Method Based on Microphone Array for Acoustic Source Localizatio Hong Liu, MIAO SHEN

Rm 3(Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems) Kazuyo Iwamoto/Fakhreddine Ababsa Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper title Authors 207 A Monocular Video See-through Head Mounted Display for Interactive Support System - Instruction of 3-dime Kazuyo Iwamoto 541 Advanced 3D Localization by FusingFakhreddine Ababsa GPS, Inertial and Vision Sensors Measurements from 648 Fusing Multiple Sensors Information JIE Zhu, Xiangyu Wang, Michael Rosenman into Mixed Reality-based User Interface for Robot Teleoperation 815 Robust Camera Egomotion Estimation from 3D Straight Line-Based Environment model Fakhreddine Ababsa 888 Quality of Experience for Adaptation Damien Perritaz, Christophe Salzmann, Denis Gillet in Augmented Reality 1006 A Novel Curvilinear Collision Avoidance Scheme for Interacting Avatars in a Virtual Environment Ziad Sakr

Rm 4 (Biometric systems and Bioinformatics II )Masako Tsuruoka, Yuriko Tsuruoka Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper title Authors 859 Analysis of Factors Affecting Improvement ofTsuruoka, StabilityTsuruoka Masako Walking Yuriko 987 A Scooping Simulation Framework for Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement Sen, Tansel Halic, Coskun Bayrak Sinan Kockara, Ermisoglu Emre, Fatih Surgery 768 A Novel Grey Model to Short-Term Electricity Price Forecasting for NordPool Power Market Ming li Lei 819 Support Vector Classification for Pathological Prostate Images Based on Texture Features of Multi-Categories Cheng-Hsiung Lee, Whei Po Huang 700 An Effective Multi-Biometrics Solution for Embedded Device Li, Ping Liang, Guohui Zhang, Xinyu Ao Jingyan Wang, Yongping 1184 Fingerprint Classification Based on Maximum Variation in LocalPatil Milind E Rane, Pradeep M Orientation Field Rm 5 (SoftSession Chair(s) Computing III) Keiji Tatsumi Paper ID Paper title Authors 385 Restarting Multi-type Particle Swarm Optimization Using anYukami, Tetsuzo Tanino Keiji Tatsumi, Takashi Adaptive Selection of Particle Type 387 The Intelligent Control based on Perceiving-Acting Cycle by using 3D-range camera Hiroyuki Masuta, Naoyuki Kubota

415 Interval type-2 fuzzy logic system to simulate the environment resources stochasticity inducing the population Oscar Castillo, Cecilia Leal-Ramirez, Patricia Melin, Antonio Rodriguez 426 An Evolutional Optimization Algorithm to Provide Individual Illuminance in Workplaces Mitsuharu Yoshikat Shingo Tanaka, Mitsunori Miki, Tomoyuki Hiroyasu, 304 Induction of Compact Neural Network Trees through Centroid Based Dimensionality Reduction Hirotomo Hayashi, Qiangfu Zhao

Rm 6 (Image Processing/Pattern Recognition III)Ken Okamoto/Artyom M. Grigoryan Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper title Authors 484 Elliptic Discrete Fourier Transforms of Type II Grigoryan Artyom M 544 Video Monitoring of Slope Failure Using Spatiotemporal Gabor Filtering Ken Okamoto, Toshio Watanabe, Akitoshi Hanazawa, Takashi Morie, Hi 567 A Novel Region based Image Fusion Tanish Hemalbhai Zaveri Filtering Method using Highboost 414 A Fast Region-Based Image Segmentation Based on LeastYong Xiao Guo, Xin Meng Chen Gang, Hu Tai, Square Method 604 Object Tracking Based on the Combination of Learning and Cascade Particle Yi Xie Hanjie Gong, Cuihua Li, Pingyang Dai, Filter 786 A Method to Restore Chinese Warped Document Images Based on Binding Characters and Building Curved Li Hong Liu

Rm 7 (EvolutionaryChair(s) Session Computation II) Dan Simon/Orides Morandin Jr Paper ID Paper title Authors 233 Population Distributions in Biogeography-Based Optimization Algorithms with Elitism Dan Simon, Mehmet Ergezer, Dawei Du 281 Biogeography-Based Optimization Combined with Evolutionary Strategy and Immigration Refusal Dawei Du, Dan Simon, Mehmet Ergezer 300 Biogeography-Based Optimization and the Solution Rarick, Dan Simon,Problem Richard Allen of the Power Flow F. Eugenio Villaseca, Bharat Vyakaran 402 Oppositional Biogeography-Based Optimization Mehmet Ergezer, Dan Simon, Dawei Du 983 Genetic Tuning for Improving Wang Edilson R. R. Fuzzy Orides Morandin Jr, Mayra Sgavioli, Bruno Drugowi and Mendel's Kato, Database

Rm 8 (Fuzzy Control Systems and Applications)Tzuu-Hseng S. Li Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper title Authors 236 Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor Drive Design Based on Sliding-Mode Control and Fuzzy Deadz Ming-Shyan Wang, Ying-Shieh Kung, Cheng-Yi Chiang, Yi-Ci Wang 560 LMI-Based H-infinite State-FeedbackShun-Hung Tsai, Time-Delay Hsiao, Tzuu-Hseng S. Li, Kai-Shiuan Shih, Control for T-S Ming-Ying Discrete Fuzzy Bilinear System 598 FPGA-Based Fuzzy PK Controller and Image Processing SystemTzuu-Hseng S. Li Yu-Te Su, Chun-Yang Hu, for Small-Sized Humanoid Robot 804 The Design of Internal Type-2 Fuzzy Ming-Ying ControlShun-Hung Tsai, Tzuu-Hseng S. Li, Kai-Shiuan Shih, Kinematic Hsiao, and Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Terminal Sliding-Mode Dy 844 Design of Observer-Based Integral Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding-Mode Controllers for a Class of Uncertain Nonline Kai-Shiuan Shih, Tzuu-Hseng S. Li

Rm 9 (Systems Engineering and Sustainability I)Aziz Guergachi Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper title Authors 224 Corporate Sustainability PerformanceCory Searcy Lessons from System of Systems Engineering Measurement: 578 System-of-Systems Iso-performance Search to Inform Multi-actor Policymaking to Reduce Aviation Life Cycle Datu Buyung Agusdinata, Daniel DeLaurentis 876 Information Systems and Social Legitimacy: Scientific Visualization of Water Quality Ibrahim Demir, Feng Jiang, Rodrigo Villarroel Walker, Amanda Parker, M 879 Identifying the potential for Failure of BusinessesRajiv Athavale, Aziz Guergachi, PouyanBanking Sectors Sridh Yashodhan in the Technology, Pharmaceutical and Hosseinizadeh, usin 900 Predicting System Collapse: Two Theoretical Hosseinizadeh, Aziz Guergachi, Vanessa Magness Pouyan Models Rm 10 (Intelligent Computing in Medical / Health Care Hata, Cathy M. Helgason, M.D. Session Chair(s) Yutaka Systems I ) Paper ID Paper title Authors 329 Multi-Level Reconfiguration in the DANAH Assistive System Said Lankri

702 721 1025 1029 1225

Real Time Autonomic Nervous System Display with AirNaoki Tsuchiya, Hiroshi Nakajima, Syoji Kobashi, Yu Kenta Yamamoto, Cushion Sensor while Seated Trans-skull Imaging System by Ultrasonic Array Probe Seturo Imawaki, Yuri T Kitamura, Toshio Yanagida, Sy Genta Hiramatsu, Elastic Model Based Brain Shape Homologous Using Sulcal-Distribution Ikuko Mohri, Seturo Imawaki, Masak Kosuke Yamaguchi, Syoji Kobashi, Index 2-D/3-D Image Registration of Implanted Knee DR Images with Kalman FilterTsumori, Nao Shibanuma, Setur Yusuke Nakajima, Syoji Kobashi, Yohei Progress Away From Evidence basedCathy M. Helgason M.D., Thomas H. Jobe Medicine to Discovery of Dynamic Principles of Disease and its Treatme

Rm11 (Conflict Resolution I) Session Chair(s) Liping Fang Paper ID Paper title Authors 271 Economic Impacts of Disasters Taking into Account the Costs of Substitution of Intermediate Goods Kazuyoshi Nakano, Hirokazu Tatano 283 Risk Management of Liability Uncertainties toWang, Liping Fang, Keith W. Hipel Comparing the Situation Lizhong Facilitate Brownfield Redevelopment: 285 Interrelationships among Attitude-Based and ConventionalHipel Takehiro Inohara, k. Stability Concepts within the Graph Model for Con 294 Alberta Oil Sands Development Conflict Michele Heng, Keith W. Hipel, Liping Fang 1026 Development of a Decision System toAnthony PaulManagersRobert J Hammell, II Aid Project Barnes, in Determining Information Technology Project S Rm12 (Intelligent Internet Systems I) Session Chair(s) Makoto Katoh Paper ID Paper title Authors 660 Development of a Case-Rule-Based Reasoning Engine for the Double Agent Convoying Simulation Makoto Katoh, Imura Natsuki 302 Using Question Classification to Model User Intentions of Different Levels Wang Yaoyun Zhang, Xuan Wang, Xiaolong 432 Extracting Chinese Question-Answer Baoxun Wang, Bingquan Liu, Chengjie Sun, Xiaolong Wang, Lin Sun Pairs from Online Forums 588 Improved Classification Based on Predictive Hao, Xuan Wang, Lin Yao, Yaoyun Zhang Zhixin Association Rules 51 A review of classification methods for networkJin Shuyuan vulnerability

Rm13 (Intelligent Internet Systems I) Session Chair(s) Shunxiang Wu Paper ID Paper title Authors 152 A new grey-rough set model based on interval-valued grey sets Shunxiang Wu 163 Discrete Grey Model of Systematic Prediction Xinhai Kong, yong wei 240 A Note On the Sequence of Weakening zhengpeng, Si-Feng Liu, Chuanmin Mi wu Buffer Operator 594 On Evolution Trend of R&D Input and Scientific and Technical Input in Jiangsu Province De jin Song 60 The Pattern of Multiple Attribute and Xican LI Xican LI( College of Information Science anddecision for Land Multiple layers and Multiple Dimension Grey Making Engineering, Sha

Rm14 (Intelligent RFID systems) Session Chair(s) Chui-Yu Chiu Paper ID Paper title Authors 162 Develop Patient Monitoring and Support System Using Mobile Communication and Intelligent Reasoning Amy J.C. Trappey, Charles Trappey 761 Optimal RFID Networks Scheduling using Genetic Algorithm and Swarm Intelligence Chui-Yu Chiu 1112 Applying RFID Hand-Held Device for Factory Chen, Yu-Huei Liao, Fang-Chih Tien Kai-Ying Equipment Diagnosis 1238 Distributed Intelligent RFID SystemsWilliam A. Gruver, Dilip B. Kotak 969 A framework for FSM based multi-model approach to interconnected components’ network Babiga Birregah, Kondo Hloindo Adjallah 539 Critical Infrastructures: from risk assessmentOlivero, Massimo Migliorini, Federico Stirano, Nicola Bazzurro, D Sergio to identification of improvement priorities

Rosangela Aparecida Dellosso Penteado, Luciana Martha Silveira, Marcos Alexandre Rose Silva, David Buzatto, Johana Maria Rosas

os, Vicente Moret-Bonillo

Maria Van Paassen

sami Iwase, Teruyoshi SADAHIRO, Shoshiro Hatakeyama

, Tansel Halic, Coskun Bayrak, Richard Rowe

Guohui Zhang, Xinyu Ao

cia Melin, Antonio Rodriguez Hiroyasu, Mitsuharu Yoshikata

Hanazawa, Takashi Morie, Hiroshi Ban, Yuji Maeda

nio Villaseca, Bharat Vyakaranam

ayra Sgavioli, Bruno Drugowick Muniz

ng-Yi Chiang, Yi-Ci Wang Hseng S. Li, Kai-Shiuan Shih, Chan-Hong Chao Chao, Chi-Hua Liu

Hseng S. Li, Kai-Shiuan Shih, Chan-Hong Chao, Chi-Hua Liu

roel Walker, Amanda Parker, M Bruce Beck i, Pouyan Hosseinizadeh, Sridhar Krishnan anessa Magness

i Nakajima, Syoji Kobashi, Yutaka Hata Kitamura, Toshio Yanagida, Syoji Kobashi, Yutaka Hata, Yuichiro Ikeda Mohri, Seturo Imawaki, Masako Taniike, Yutaka Hata sumori, Nao Shibanuma, Seturo Imawaki, Shinichi Yoshiya, Yutaka Hata

n, Xiaolong Wang, Lin Sun

Science and Engineering, Shandong Agricultural University/, Jing WANG Jing WANG( Key Laboratory of Land U

ico Stirano, Nicola Bazzurro, Dragan Savic

avid Buzatto, Johana Maria Rosas Villena

WANG( Key Laboratory of Land Use, Ministry of Land Resources/

Rm 1 (Human-Computer Interaction IV ) Session Chair(s)
Paper ID 921 978 1011 1024 1183 905

Michael R. Neal/Tony Poitschke Paper Title Authors An HTML analyzer for the study of webDavid Alonso-Rios, Ivan Luis-Vazquez, Eduardo usability A Game to Support Childrens? Expression and Socialization Considering their Cultural An Marcos Alexandre Rose Silva, Junia Coutinho Ba Towards a Method For Evaluating Naturalness in Conversational Dialog Systems J Gonza Victor Chou Hung, Miguel Elvir, Avelino Context Aware Personal Agent for Spiritual Exploration Michael R. Neal Using Liquid Lenses to Extend the Operating Range of a Bardins Stanislavs, Erwin Bay, K Tony Poitschke, Remote Gaze Tracking System A Novel Approach To Video-Based Pupil Tracking Nishant Kumar, Erich Schneider, Stefan Kohlbech

Rm 2(Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems II ) Session Chair(s)
Paper ID 868 940 812 846

Michael Lewis/Goran Martinovic Paper Title Authors Reduction of Complexity for the Analysis of Human-Machine-Interaction Dennis Gamrad, Dirk Soeffker Human Teams for Large Scale Multirobot Control Michael Lewis, Huadong Wang, Shih Yi Chien, P Resource Management System for Computational Grid Building Goran Martinovic Visual Tracking Algorithm Based on CAMSHIFT and Multi-cue Fusion for Human Motio Yang Ge, Hong Liu

Rm 3(Web Intelligence and Interaction )
Paper ID 128 680 856 736

Session Chair(s) Lawrence J. Mazlack/Yoshitaka Sakurai Paper Title Authors Query Recommendation and Its Usefulness Evaluation on Mobile Search Engine Shunkai Fu, Bingfeng Pi, Michel Desmarais, Ying Ontology Granularity and Rough Equality of Concepts Lawrence J. Mazlack, Pavel Klinov Providing Adaptive Support in ComputerProfessor Kinshuk, Yoshitaka Sakurai, Kouhei Ta Supported Collaboration Environments Cognitive Agents for Understanding the Complexities Involved in Web-based KnowledgeBalaji Rajendran, Iyakutti K

Rm 4(Best Paper Finalist Session ) Session Chair(s)
Paper ID TBD Paper Title TBD

TBD Authors TBD

Rm 5(Soft Computing IV )
Paper ID

Session Chair(s) Takashi Hasuike Paper Title Authors 490 Multiobjective Random Fuzzy Portfolio SelectionHasuike, Hideki Katagiri, Hiroaki Ishii Takashi Problems based on CAPM

590 663 1281 1058

Tabu Split and Merge for the Simplification of Polygonal Curves Gildas Menier Pierre-Francois Marteau, Construction of Image Feature Extractors Based on Multi-objective Genetic Programming Ukrit Watchareeruetai, Tetsuya Matsumoto, Yosh Hybrid Clustering Algorithm Chandra B An Evaluation Method of EndoButton Position NagamuneImage After Anterior Cruciate L Kouki in MDCT

Rm 6(Image Processing/Pattern Recognition IV )
Paper ID 498 591 642 667 576 774

Session Chair(s) Fethi Belkhouche/Min Han Paper Title Authors DIGITAL IMAGE ENCODING USING Fethi Belkhouche HYPERCHAOS Facial-component-based Bag of Words and PHOG DescriptorImai, Masahide Kaneko Zisheng Li, Jun-ichi for Facial Expression Recog Using Exact Bounds for Fixed Time Template Matching Robert Finis Anderson, Haim Schweitzer Position estimation of goldfish using image processing for scooping goldfish robot Tsutom Yoshihiko Yamamoto, Hiromi Watanabe, A two-step Pansharpening of ETM+ TIRMin Han, Weion SFIM and neural network regress image based Yao An Effective Background Reconstruction Method for Complicated Traffic Crossroads Hong Liu, Wei Chen

Rm 7(Evolutionary Computation III )
Paper ID 298 864 1103 1202 871 205 Rm 8(Agent-Based Modeling) Paper ID 360 511 647 991 1046 1231

Session Chair(s) Shingo Mabu/Patricia Anthony Paper Title Authors Evolving Plural Programs by Genetic Network Programming with Multi-Start Nodes Shingo Mabu, Kotaro Hirasawa A Multi-inner-world Genetic Algorithm using Multiple Heuristics to Optimize Delivery Sc Yoshitaka Sakurai, Setsuo Tsuruta, Takashi Onoy Backward Time Related Association Rule mining with Database Rearrangement in Traffic Huiyu Zhou, Mabu Shingo, Shimada Kaoru, Kota A Novel Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm for Quadratic Knapsack Problem Apurva Narayan, Chellapillah Patvardhan Comparing the Performance of Deterministic Dynamic Adaptation GA and JasonAdaptive G Kim Soon Gan, Patricia Anthony, Self Teo, Kim A Novel Set-Based Particle Swarm Optimization Method for Discrete Optimization Proble jun Zhang, wei-neng chen, Wen-liang Zhong

Session Chair(s) Jose Juan Tapia/Takumi Ozaki Paper Title Authors Data-Parallel Algorithms for Large-ScaleJose Juan Tapia, Roshan D'Souza Real-Time Simulation of the Cellular Potts Mode Office Layout Plan Evaluation System for Normal Use and Emergency by Multiagent Takumi Ozaki, Hiroyuki Takanashi, Yuko Osana Impact of Communication on Agent-Based SocialPita, Fernando Buarque PAX Framework Marcelo Simulations Using the Lima Neto, Hugo An Adaptive Ant-Based Clustering AlgorithmEl-Feghi, Mohamed Errateeb, Perception Idris with Improved Environment Majid Ahmadi Constrained Rationality: Formal Goals-Reasoning Approach to Strategic Decision & Confl Majed Al-Shawa, Otman Basir On a Framework for the Prediction and Explanation of Changing Opinions John Thomas W Eunice E. Santos, Eugene Santos,

Rm 9(Systems Engineering andSession Chair(s)) Sustainability II Aziz Guergachi Paper ID Paper Title Authors 902 Canada’s healthcare sustainability: a holistic perspective on emerging challenges Vikraman Baskaran 988 Stochastic inverse problems for growth models Basta Hycham 1035 Using heavy-tailed distributions to stress-test kernel methods for segregating the firms that Aziz Guergachi, Pouyan Hosseinizadeh

1178 Eco-Effectiveness, Eco-efficiency, and the Metabolism of a Walker,Multi-sectoral Analysis Rodrigo Villarroel City: a M Bruce Beck, Feng J 1195 Incremental infrastructure transitions towards cities as forces for good in environment Feng Jiang, feng shi, Rodrigo Villarroel Walkeru,

Rm10(Informatics and Computational Intelligence) Session Chair(s) Sabine Buckl Paper ID Paper Title Authors 874 A Viable System Perspective on Enterprise Architecture Management Sabine Buckl, Christian M. Schweda, Florian Mat 1162 Gain-Scheduling Control of a Teleoperation System Doo Yong Lee Jang Ho Cho, 55 Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Multicast Algorithm Yangyang LI 810 Improving Image Sets Through Sense Disambiguation and Context RankingMayol Anthony Roger Buck, Walterio W 741 Using Fuzzy Cognitive Map for Evaluation of J.C. Trappey,Reverse Logistics Services W Amy RFID-based Charles Trappey, Chang-Ru 956 Combination of Nonlinear Filters and ANN for Detection Maria Guadalupe Cortina,Digitize Joel Quintanilla, of Microcalcifications in Jose M

Rm 11(Conflict Resolution II ) Session Chair(s) Min Zhao/Keith W. Hipel Paper ID Paper Title Authors 333 Establishment of the Index System for EvaluationZhu, Keith W. Hipel, Peng GuoProjects i Yuming of Brownfield Redevelopment 347 An Extended Power Index to Evaluate Coalition Influence Based on Blockability Relations Masahito Kitamura, Takehiro Inohara 369 Representing Status Quo Analysis in the Kevin W. Li, Min Zhao, Haiyan Xu Graph Model with Strength of Preference 479 An Algebraic Approach to Calculating Stabilities in the Marc Kilgour,with Strength of Pre Haiyan Xu, D. Graph Model Keith W. Hipel 662 Using Fuzzy Real Options in a Brownfield Redevelopment W. Hipel,Support System Qian Wang, Keith Decision D. Marc Kilgour

Rm12(Intelligent Internet Systems II) Chair(s) Session Jane T Malin Paper ID Paper Title Authors 672 Text Clustering Approach Based on Maximal Frequent Term Sets Xiaolong Wang, Xianju Chong Su, Qingcai Chen, 734 CRF-based Active Learning for Chinese Lin Yao, Chengjie Sun, Shaofeng Li, Xiaolong W Named Entity Recognition 1069 The Improvement of Q-learning AppliedJing Lin, Xuan Wang, Lijiao Han, Jiajia Zhang, X to Imperfect Information Game 1070 Facial Expression Recognition Using Embedded Hidden Markov Model Languang He, Xuan Wang, Chenglong Yu, Kun W 1071 Applying Conditional Random Fields On Chinese Syllable Recognition Li Jie 189 Linguistic Text Mining for Problem Reports T Malin, David Rutherford Throop, Christop Jane Rm 13(Grey Systems III) Paper ID 596 855 872 126 161 557

Session Chair(s) TBD Paper Title Authors On Effect of Qualified Scientists and Technicians Gathering Ke Qin Sheng The Status Quo and Supply Prediction for Suzhou Sci-Tech Innovative TalentsChuanmin M Jianling Wang, Si-Feng Liu, Lu QIN, Study on 2-tuple Linguistic Assessment Method based on Grey Cluster with Incomplete A Chuanmin Mi, Si-Feng Liu, Yao-Guo Dang, Jianl Development and Application of Computer Decision-making System for Crop Grey Breed Ruilin Guo A New Improved Model of the degree ofBo Zeng Incidences Based on the Change Rate Grey slope Study on the Model of Grey Matrix Game Based on Grey Mixed Srategty Zhi-Geng Fang

Rm14(Intelligent signal processing and its applications) Session Chair(s) Mong-Fong Horng Paper ID Paper Title Authors 409 An Intelligent Detection Approach to Multi-Intrusions BasedWen-Shayng Hsieh, Bo-ChaoA Mong-Fong Horng, on Hybrid-model Searching

551 552 789 805 811

A Fast Tree-Based Search Algorithm forChun-Wei Tsai,Engine Cluster Search Ming-Chao Chiang, 竹星 楊, Ko A Semi-Supervised Support Vector Machine Based Tsai, 竹星 for Face Recognition Ya Chun-Wei Algorithm 楊, Ming-Chao Chiang, Automatic Die Inspection for Post-sawing LED Wafers Chang張 Chuan-Yu傳育 Mixing Matrix Identification for Underterminated Blind Signal Separation: Using Hough T Tsung-Ying Sun, Ling-Erh Lan, Chan-Cheng Liu, Out-of-Focus Blur Estimation for Blind Image Deconvolution: Using Partical Swarm Optim Tsung-Ying Sun, Sin-Jhe Ciou, Chan-Cheng Liu,

Ivan Luis-Vazquez, Eduardo Mosqueira-Rey, Vicente Moret-Bonillo ose Silva, Junia Coutinho Anacleto, David Buzatto Miguel Elvir, Avelino J Gonzalez, Ronald DeMara

dins Stanislavs, Erwin Bay, Klaus Bartl, Florian Laquai, johannes Vockeroth, Gerhard rigoll, Erich Schneider h Schneider, Stefan Kohlbecher

n Martinovic

dong Wang, Shih Yi Chien, Prasanna Velagapudi, Paul Scerri, Katia Sycara

k/Yoshitaka Sakurai

g Pi, Michel Desmarais, Ying Zhou, Weilei Wang, Han Song k, Pavel Klinov Yoshitaka Sakurai, Kouhei Takada, Sabine Graf, Ardah Zarypolla, Setsuo Tsuruta

deki Katagiri, Hiroaki Ishii

eau, Gildas Menier ai, Tetsuya Matsumoto, Yoshinori Takeuchi, Hiroaki Kudo, Noboru Ohnishi

Imai, Masahide Kaneko on, Haim Schweitzer o, Hiromi Watanabe, Tsutomu Tanzawa, Shinji Kotani

etsuo Tsuruta, Takashi Onoyama, Sen Kubota Shingo, Shimada Kaoru, Kotaro Hirasawa ellapillah Patvardhan cia Anthony, Jason Teo, Kim On Chin chen, Wen-liang Zhong

han D'Souza yuki Takanashi, Yuko Osana do Buarque Lima Neto, Hugo Serrano Barbosa Filho med Errateeb, Majid Ahmadi, M. A. ahmed

gene Santos, John Thomas Wilkinson, Huadong Xia

yan Hosseinizadeh

Walker, M Bruce Beck, Feng Jiang, Olufemi Osidele Rodrigo Villarroel Walkeru, Zhulu Lin, M Bruce Beck

ian M. Schweda, Florian Matthes

k, Walterio W Mayol Charles Trappey, Chang-Ru Wu ria Guadalupe Cortina, Jose Miguel Barron, Antonio Vega-Corona, Diego Andina, Aleksandar Jevti

W. Hipel, Peng Guo Takehiro Inohara hao, Haiyan Xu Kilgour, Keith W. Hipel W. Hipel, D. Marc Kilgour

Chen, Xiaolong Wang, Xianjun Meng un, Shaofeng Li, Xiaolong Wang, Xuan Wang g, Lijiao Han, Jiajia Zhang, Xinxin Xu Wang, Chenglong Yu, Kun Wu Rutherford Throop, Christopher Millward, Fernando Gomez, Carroll G. Thronesbery, Hansen A Schwartz

eng Liu, Lu QIN, Chuanmin Mi ng Liu, Yao-Guo Dang, Jianling Wang, wu zhengpeng

Wen-Shayng Hsieh, Bo-Chao Chang, Yu-Cheng Lin

g-Chao Chiang, 竹星 楊, Ko-Wei Huang 星 楊, Ming-Chao Chiang, Yang Wei-Shan, Keng-Mao Cho, Shou-Jen Lin

ng-Erh Lan, Chan-Cheng Liu, Chih-Li Huo n-Jhe Ciou, Chan-Cheng Liu, Chih-Li Huo

Rm1 (Human-Machine Session Chair(s) Interface & Communications I) Julie A. Adams/Masayuki S Paper ID Paper Title Authors 137 Understanding And Executing A Declarative Sentence Involving A Forms-Of-Be Verb Jean-Marc Frayret 164 Evaluating A Model for Generating Interactive Facial Expressions using Simple Recurrent Ne Yuki Matsui, Masayoshi K 338 Conversational Gestures in Human-Robot Interaction Paul Bremner, Anthony P 442 A Human Eye Like Perspective for Remote Vision Curtis M Humphrey, Julie 747 Social Network Service with Maturity Level for Science Teachers Masayuki Sakoda, Yoshih

Rm2(Human Factors ISession Chair(s) ) Tomohiro Amemiya/Meik Paper ID Paper Title Authors 83 Impact of Pulse Width and Pulse Oscillation Interval on Perception of Pseudo-Attraction Forc Tomohiro Amemiya, Taro 353 Relating biodynamic feedthrough to neuromuscular admittance Joost Venrooij, Marinus M 506 Mechanical and Perceptual Analyses of Human Foot Movements in Yoshiyuki Tanaka, Hideka Pedal Operation 619 Psychomotor Profiling with Bayesian Neworks - Prediction of User Meike Jipp, Christian Baro Abilities based on Inputs 639 Haptic Car-Following Support with Deceleration Control Mark Mulder, Marinus M

Rm3(Information Systems for Chair(s)and Marketing) Session Design Yukio Ohsawa Paper ID Paper Title Authors 213 Chance Discovery with Data Crystallization for Scenario FormationTzu-Fu Chiu Technology in Solar Cell 436 Reflective visualization of dispute resolution Yoshiharu Maeno, Nitta K 524 Niche of Idea Activations as Source of Social Creativity: a Finding from Innovation Yoko Nis Yukio Ohsawa, Game 592 Social Chance Discovery Jheng-Long Wu, Chao Fu 616 Seeking Chances through Interface Design. The Role of Abduction Magnani Lorenzo, Emanu

Rm4(Brain-based Information Chair(s) Session Communications) Jose M. Carmena/Justin C Paper ID Paper Title Authors 659 Possibility of reinforcement learning using event-related potential toward an adaptive BCI Yasuhiro Wada, Kazuhiro 1124 A model of motor learning in closed-loop brain-machine interfaces: Rodolphe Heliot, Jose McC predicting neural tuning 1260 Spatio-Spectral & Temporal Parameter Searching using Class Correlation Analysis and Partic Abdul Rehman Satti, Dam 895 Prerequesites for Symbiotic Brain-Machine Interfaces Justin C Sanchez, Jose Pri 1179 Use the concept of the social capital to search enterprise's competitive environment Mu-Hua Lin, Hsiao-Fang

Rm5(Soft Computing Session Chair(s) V) Hisao Ishibuchi/Takehisa Paper ID Paper Title Authors 720 Development of the Color Constancy Vision Algorithms using Bio-inspired Information Proce Yasunori Takemura, Kazu 765 Differential Evolution with Polymorphic Schemes Christian Veenhuis, Mario 776 Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization by NSGA-II and MOEA/D with Large Population Hisao Ishibuchi, yuji saka 796 Music/Lyrics Composition System Considering User's Image and Music Genre Takehisa Onisawa, Chisa 829 Estimation of Mobile Robot Ego-Motion and Obstacle Depth Detection by Using Optical Flow XueBing Wang Rm6(Image Processing/Pattern Recognition V ) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title

Minho Lee/Hessah Alsaar Authors

822 671 743 839 807 61

Image Segmentation Using Minimum Cross-Entropy Thresholding Ali El-Zaart, Amani Al-A An Application of Linear Mixed Effects Model to Steganography Detection Mei-Ching Chen, Anuradh Image Classification and Processing using Modified Parallel-ACTIT Ando, Tomoharu Nag Jun (2D)2PCA-ICA: A New Approach for Face Representation and Recognition Jeong, Sang-Wo Dongmin New Edge Detector Using 2D Gamma Distribution Hessah Alsaaran, Ali El-Z A Novel Vector-Field Transform for Image Analysis Inspired by Electrostatics Zhuang, Hui Z Xiao-dong

Rm7(Swarm Intelligence) Session Chair(s) David Sturgill/Weihang Z Paper ID Paper Title Authors 190 Parallel Ant Colony with Local Pattern Search for Nonlinear Function Optimization with Grap Weihang Zhu 730 Control Of An Airship Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Neural Network Ruting Jia, Michael T Fry 963 Hybridisation of GA and PSO to Optimise N-tuples M.A. Hannan Bin Azhar, 998 Image Compression and Recovery through Compressive Sampling and Particle Swarm David Sturgill, Benjamin 400 A Clustering-based Adaptive Parameter Control Method for ContinuousZhang, Yue-jiao Gong jun Ant Colony Optimiza 1201 Edge Detection Using Ant Colony Search Algorithm and MultiscaleAleksandar Jevtic, Joel Qu Contrast Enhancement

Rm8(Innovative MethodologyChair(s)Computing for Management Engineering ) Session of Soft Junzo Watada/Huey-Ming Paper ID Paper Title Authors 176 Wise Mining Method through Ant Colony Optimization Jianxiong Yang 231 Fuzzy Portfolio Selection based on Value-at-Risk. Bo Wang, Shuming Wang 272 Fuzzy Random Facility Location Problems with Recourse Shuming Wang, Junzo W 430 Finding Abnormal Events in Home Sensor Network Environment Using Correlation Graph Huey-Ming Lee, Ching-H 441 The IEEE802.11n Capability Analysis Model Based on Mobile Networking Architecture Ju Mei-Fang Lin, Lily Lin,

Rm 9 (Machine Learning I)
Paper ID 1038 371 93 235

Session Chair(s) Lawrence O. Hall/Michae Paper Title Authors Machine Learning despite Unknown Classes Christopher B Smith Automatic Red Tide Detection from MODIS Satellite Images Weijian Cheng, Lawrence Design of a Modified One-Against-All SVM Classifier Manikandan J, Venkataram Multi-Stage Decision Tree based on Inter-class and Inner-class Margin of SVM Philip Chen, Mingzhu Lu,

Rm10(Cognitive Radio Networks and Technologies I ) Session Chair(s) Ju Bin Song/Husheng Li Paper ID Paper Title Authors 155 Fairness Constrained Optimization of Channel Allocation for Open Spectrum Networks Zh Tao Zhang, Bin Wang, 208 Joint Algorithm of Scheduling and Network Flow in Cognitive Radio Wireless Mesh Network Ju Bin Song 382 Channel Selection in Multi-user Cognitive Radio Systems: A Learning Framework Husheng Li 403 Compressive Spectrum Sensing Front-ends for Cognitive Radios Zhuizhuan Yu, Sebastian 685 Novel Reconfigurable Randomized Broadcast Algorithm for Channel-Aware Wireless Networ Hsiao-Chun Wu Rm11(Conflict Resolution III)Chair(s) Session Paper ID Paper Title

Keith W. Hipel/Liping Fa Authors

644 686 691 695 703

Strategic Analysis of the Conflict Over Iran’s Nuclear Program Majid Sheikhmohammady Modeling and Analysis of Aid Coordination Processes for Post-disaster Education in Indonesi Megumi Sugimoto, Norio Labor Mobility, Goods Tradability, and Efficient Allocation of Disaster RiskMuneta Yokomat Tao Ye, Collaborative Action Development for Community Disaster Reduction by Utilizing the Yonm Jong il Na, Norio Okada, Modeling the Social Resilience of Mountain Communities Under Volcanic RiskHasiholan Sag Saut Aritua

Rm12(Intelligent Control for Mobile Robots ) Session Chair(s) Ching-Chih Tsai Paper ID Paper Title Authors 62 Mixing Matrix Identification for Underterminated Blind Signal Separation: Using Hough Tran Tsung-Ying Sun, Ling-Erh 97 Mobile Robot Localization and Path Planning Using an Omnidirectional Camera and Infrared Huei-Yung Lin, Min Lian 438 Human-Robot Interaction of an Active Mobile Robotic Assistant in Ching-Chih Tsai, Environm Intelligent Space Shih-Mi 443 SoPC-Based Parallel Elite Genetic Algorithm for Global Path Planning of an Autonomous Om Hsu-Chih Huang, Ching-C 452 Nonlinear Adaptive Sliding-Mode Control Design for Two-Wheeled Human Transportation V Shui-Chun Lin, Ching-Ch

Rm13(Distributed Intelligent Systems ) Session Chair(s) Philip Chen/Yu Zhang Paper ID Paper Title Authors 157 Relative phase control in a circularly coupled oscillator system and Satoshi Ito, Takafumi Tsu its application to timing re 345 A Deterministic Model for History Sensitive Cascade in Difussion Networks Yu Zhang 661 An Autonomous Agent-based Framework for Self-Healing Power Grid zeinab noorian, Hadi Hoss 779 Quick Consensus Through Early Disposal of Faulty Processes Biplab Kumar Sikdar, Ma 1237 Sequential Auctions for Heterogeneous Task Allocation in Multiagent Routing Domains George Thomas, Andrew 388 The Design of Multi-agent based Distributed Energy System Mingzhu Lu, Philip Chen

Rm14(The System of Vehicle,Chair(s) Environment and Control (VDEC) I ) Session Driver, Jianbo Lu/Dimitar Filev Paper ID Paper Title Authors 202 A Biologically Inspired Adaptive Nonlinear Control Strategy for Applications to Powertrain C Hossein Javaherian, Ting 1034 Model Predictive Control of Velocity and Torque Split in a Parallel Tae Soo Kim, Chris Manz Hybrid Vehicle 1215 Real-time Driving Behavior Identification Based on Driver-in-the-loop Vehicle DynamicsLu, Dimitar Filev, Jianbo and 1216 Robust Sideslip Estimation Using GPS Road Grade Sensing to Replace a Jonathan, Bevly Dav Ryan Pitch Rate Sensor 1267 A Unified Approach to Semi-Autonomous Control of Passenger Vehicles in J Anderson, Steve Sterling Hazard Avoidanc

Julie A. Adams/Masayuki Sakoda Jean-Marc Frayret Yuki Matsui, Masayoshi Kanoh, Shohei Kato, Tsuyoshi Nakamura, Hidenori Itoh Paul Bremner, Anthony Pipe, Sriram Subramanian, Mike Fraser, Chris Melhuish Curtis M Humphrey, Julie A. Adams Masayuki Sakoda, Yoshihisa Wada, Hiroshi Tsuji, Seta Kazuhisa Tomohiro Amemiya/Meike Jipp Tomohiro Amemiya, Taro Maeda Joost Venrooij, Marinus Maria Van Paassen, Mark Mulder, David A. Abbink, Max Mulder Yoshiyuki Tanaka, Hidekazu Kaneyuki, Toshio Tsuji, Tooru Miyazaki, Kazuo Nishikawa, Takahide Nouzawa Meike Jipp, Christian Bartolein, Essameddin Badreddin, Ciamak Abkai, Juergen Hesser Mark Mulder, Marinus Maria Van Paassen, Max Mulder, David A. Abbink, Jasper J.A. Pauwelussen Yukio Ohsawa Tzu-Fu Chiu Yoshiharu Maeno, Nitta Katsumi, Yukio Ohsawa Yukio Ohsawa, Yoko Nishihara Jheng-Long Wu, Chao Fu Hong, Chien-Jen Huang Magnani Lorenzo, Emanuele Bardone Jose M. Carmena/Justin C. Sanchez Yasuhiro Wada, Kazuhiro Nomoto, Tadashi Tsubone Rodolphe Heliot, Jose M Carmena Abdul Rehman Satti, Damien Coyle, Girijesh Prasad Justin C Sanchez, Jose Principe Mu-Hua Lin, Hsiao-Fang Yang Hisao Ishibuchi/Takehisa Onisawa Yasunori Takemura, Kazuo Ishii Christian Veenhuis, Mario Koeppen Hisao Ishibuchi, yuji sakane, Noritaka Tsukamoto, Yusuke Nojima Takehisa Onisawa, Chisa Nakamura XueBing Wang Minho Lee/Hessah Alsaaran

Ali El-Zaart, Amani Al-Ajlan Mei-Ching Chen, Anuradha Roy, Benjamin M Rodriguez Jun Ando, Tomoharu Nagao Dongmin Jeong, Sang-Woo Ban, Minho Lee Hessah Alsaaran, Ali El-Zaart Xiao-dong Zhuang, Hui Zhu David Sturgill/Weihang Zhu Weihang Zhu Ruting Jia, Michael T Frye, Chunjiang Qian M.A. Hannan Bin Azhar, Farzin Deravi, Keith Dimond David Sturgill, Benjamin Van Ruitenbeek, Robert Marks jun Zhang, Yue-jiao Gong, Xu Rui-tian Aleksandar Jevtic, Joel Quintanilla, Maria Guadalupe Cortina-Januchs, Diego Andina Junzo Watada/Huey-Ming Lee Jianxiong Yang Bo Wang, Shuming Wang, Junzo Watada Shuming Wang, Junzo Watada, Witold Pedrycz Huey-Ming Lee, Ching-Hao Mao Mei-Fang Lin, Lily Lin, Jung-Yung Tzu

Lawrence O. Hall/Michael A. Pittarelli Christopher B Smith Weijian Cheng, Lawrence O. Hall, Dmitry B Goldgof, Chuanmin Hu, Inia M Soto Manikandan J, Venkataramani B Mingzhu Lu, Philip Chen, Huo Jianbing, Xizhao Wang Ju Bin Song/Husheng Li Tao Zhang, Bin Wang, Zhiqiang Wu Ju Bin Song Husheng Li Zhuizhuan Yu, Sebastian Hoyos Hsiao-Chun Wu Keith W. Hipel/Liping Fang

Majid Sheikhmohammady, D. Marc Kilgour, Keith W. Hipel, Hossein Asilahijani Megumi Sugimoto, Norio Okada, Liping Fang Tao Ye, Muneta Yokomatsu, Norio Okada Jong il Na, Norio Okada, Liping Fang Saut Aritua Hasiholan Sagala, Norio Okada, Douglas Paton Ching-Chih Tsai Tsung-Ying Sun, Ling-Erh Lan, Chan-Cheng Liu, Chih-Li Huo Huei-Yung Lin, Min Liang Wang, Li-Wei Kao, Chia-Hao Hsieh Ching-Chih Tsai, Shih-Min Hsieh, Yuan-Pao Hsu Hsu-Chih Huang, Ching-Chih Tsai, Shui-Chun Lin Shui-Chun Lin, Ching-Chih Tsai, Hsu-Chih Huang Philip Chen/Yu Zhang Satoshi Ito, Takafumi Tsukiyama, Minoru Sasaki, Yoji Fujita zeinab noorian, Hadi Hosseini, Mihaela Ulieru Biplab Kumar Sikdar, Mamata Dalui, Bidesh Chakraborty George Thomas, Andrew B. Williams Mingzhu Lu, Philip Chen Jianbo Lu/Dimitar Filev Hossein Javaherian, Ting Huang, Derong Liu Tae Soo Kim, Chris Manzie, Rahul Sharma Dimitar Filev, Jianbo Lu, Prakah-Asante Kwaku, Fling Tseng Ryan Jonathan, Bevly Dave, Jianbo Lu Sterling J Anderson, Steven C Peters, Tom E Pilutti, Karl D Iagnemma

kahide Nouzawa

Rm 1 (Human-Machine Interface & Communications II ) Session Chair(s) Hermann Kaindl/ John G. Whipple Paper ID Paper title Authors 757 A Software Framework for Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction Systems Jie Shen, Maja Pantic 909 Generating content presentation according to purpose Sevan Kavaldjian, Juergen Falb, Hermann Kaindl 912 Semi-automatic user interface generation Sevan Kavaldjian, David Raneburger, Juergen Falb, Hermann Kaindl considering pointing granularity 951 A Public Safety Application of GPS-Enabled Smartphones and the Android Operating System Boler William L Arensman, John G. Whipple, Marian Starr 927 Do User Appreciate Novel Interface Features for Literature Search? -- ARico Landefeld,the Life Sciences Doma Joachim Wermter, Udo Hahn, User Study in Anne Schneider

Rm 2 (Human Factors II ) Session Chair(s) Nico Hempe/Pravir K Chawdhry Paper ID Paper title Authors 256 Personalized Curriculum Composition by Rainer Knauf, Yoshitaka Sakurai, Setsuo Tsuruta, Kouhei Takada, Sh Learner Profile Driven Data Mining 630 Cognitive styles and Web-based Instruction: Field Dependent/Independent vs. Holist/Serialist Sherry Chen, Natalie Clewley, Xiaohui Liu 830 Positive and Negative Predictive Power as an Aid in Robust/Dynamic Decision Making Daniel William Repperger, Joel S. Warm, Michael A Vidulich, Victo 837 A flexible model for real-time crowd simulation Nico Hempe, Philipp Tietjen, J?rgen Rossmann 1207 A Joint Model for Usability and Security Pravir Passenger Process in Airports of the K Chawdhry, Giuliano Pirelli Rm 3 (Design Methods ) Session Chair(s) Laszlo Horvath/Chia-Chu Chiang Paper ID Paper title Authors 122 Applying Software Product Line Technology to Prototyping Bill Marshall Object Tracking Chia-Chu Chiang, of Real-Time 473 Design and Implementation of Data Encryption for Networked Control Systems Jian Sun Ke-Ya Yuan, Jie Chen, Guo-Ping Liu, 597 Processes in Virtual Engineering Spaces Laszlo Horvath, Imre J. Rudas 851 Future User Requirement Elicitation for Technology Investment: A Formal Approach Mary Tom, Joaquin Sitte Rm 4 (Multimedia Systems and Web Intelligence ) Sergio Donizetti Zorzo Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper title Authors 857 A personalized TV Guide System: An Approach to Interactive Digital Television Paulo Muniz Avila, Sergio Donizetti Zorzo 869 A Framework for Attention-Based Personal Photo Manager Wen-Hung Liao 809 A Boosted Semi-supervised Learning Framework for Li, Hu Weiming Zhu He, Xi Web Page Filtering Rm 5 (SoftSession Chair(s) Computing VI ) Kaori Yoshida/Shigeyoshi Tsutsui Paper ID Paper title Authors 832 Effect of Using Partial Solutions in Edge Shigeyoshi Sampling Algorithms with Different Local Searches Histogram Tsutsui 834 Office-mate: Selective attention and incremental Lee, Young-Min Jang, Sang-Woo Ban Minho object perception 875 A Study on Motion Adaptation against Robot Structure Changes Yuki Funabora, Yoshikazu Yano, Shinji Doki, Shigeru Okuma 1004 Evolutionary Routing-Path Selection in Congested Communication Networks Mario Koeppen, Kaori Yoshida, Masato Tsuru, Yuji Oie 1007 Active-Semantic Localization with a Single Consumer-GradeSuh, Gi Hyun Lim, Byung-Uk Choi Chuho Yi, Il Hong Camera Rm 6 (Image Processing/Pattern Recognition VI ) Takio Kurita/Congyan Lang Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper title Authors 495 logistic discriminant analysis Takio Kurita, Kenji Watanabe, Nobuyuki Otsu

1170 1118 1161 699

A Robust Wavelet Based Feature Extraction Method Iman Makaremi, Majid Ahmadi Salient region extraction based on Intensity Mapping for image retrieval Congyan Lang Effectiveness of Assigning Confidence Levels to Classifiers and a Novel Feature in Fingerprint Matching khurram Yasin Qureshi, shoab ahmed khan khurram Yasin Qureshi( National University of Sciences Elgawi Osman Hassab and Technology/, shoab a

Rm 7 (Swarm Intelligence/Knowledge-based Systems ) Session Chair(s) Carmelo J. Albanez Bastos-Filho/Orides Morandin Jr Paper ID Paper title Authors 1214 Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Reactive R. R. Kato, Scheduling Problem in the Job Shop System Fo Edilson Production Orides Morandin Jr, Marcos Abraao de Souza 1012 Termination Analysis of Active Rules - AXiaoou Li,Based Approach Petri Net Lorena Chavarria-Baez 1142 An architecture for integrating an Expert System with NEPLAN in a DMS/EMS operational environment Sie Alfredo Espinosa, Jesus Fidel Borjas, Agustin Quintero, Benjamin 227 A Cumulative Belief-Degree Approach for Nuclear Safeguards Evaluation Ozgur Kabak, Da Ruan

Rm 8 (Knowledge Acquisition in Intelligent SystemsDennis Gamrad Session Chair(s) ) Paper ID Paper title Authors 182 A Computer Experiment and Consideration of Rule Extraction Methods by Rough Sets Based on a Rule Space Yuichi Kato, Tetsuro Saeki 320 Analysis of uncertain data: Selection of probes forGershman, Eugene Fink, Bin Fu, Jaime G. Carbonell Anatole information gathering 863 Simulation of Learning and Planning by aDennis Gamrad, Dirk Soeffker Novel Architecture for Cognitive Technical Systems 1063 Learning to Generalize and Reuse Skills Using Approximate Partial Policy Homomorphisms Srividhya Rajendran, Manfred Huber 831 Decision Support Systems of Creative City Design: Rethinking Urban Competitiveness Lee-Chuan Lin, Junzo Watada

Rm 9 (Machine Learning II ) Session Chair(s) Yuko Osana/Asem Eltaher Paper ID Paper Title Authors 486 Agents Learn from Human Experts: An Approach to Test Reconfigurable Systems Asem Eltaher 504 Generation of Roles in Reinforcement Learning Considering Redistribution of Reward between Agents Masahiro Nakahara, Yuko Osana 530 Development of a multilingual text mining approach for knowledge discovery in patents Chung-Hong Lee 478 Nearest-Neighborhood Linear RegressionRenata Cardoso Souza, LucianaEffort Estimation in an Application with Software Leal, Roberta Fagundes, Hermano 908 MP-Draughts: a Multiagent Reinforcement Learning System based on MLP and Kohonen-SOM Neural Netwo Valquiria Aparecida Rosa Duarte, Rita Maria Silva Julia 1008 Grouped data clustering using a fast mixture-model-based algorithm Allou Same Rm 10 (Cognitive Radio Networks/Communication Networks ) Session Chair(s) James Lansford/Kelley Todd Brian Paper ID Paper title Authors 919 Spectrum sensing with multiple antennas Kalle Ruttik, Konstantinos Koufos, Riku Jantti 923 Feasibility Study of Sensing TV Whitespace with Local Quiet Zone Jianfeng Wang, Vasanth Gaddam 953 Cognitive UWB Radio: A Smarter Radio James Lansford for Smarter Products 410 A Receiver-Based Rate Control Scheme for Streaming Video over Wireless Hong Youn-Sik, Lim Hwa-Seok 1263 Broadband RF Communications in Underwater EnvironmentsKranthiMulti-carrier Modulation Kelley Todd Brian, Using Manoj 1264 Software Defined Radio for Broadband OFDM Protocols Kelley Todd Brian Rm 11 (Conflict Resolution IV ) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper title Ye Chen Authors

719 319 901 981 1052

Analyses on Continuance of Unpopular International Airline by Local Government Kei Fukuyama Strategic Performance Comparison of Provinces in China Ye Chen Attitudes of Institutions in Brownfield Redevelopment Projects Hipel, Takehiro Inohara Sean Walker, Keith W. Fuzzy Preferences in Conflict Resolution Md. Abul Bashar, Keith W. Hipel, D. Marc Kilgour Research on Driving-Forces of FormationPeng Guo, Jing Zhao,from the Perspective of Population Competition of Industrial Cluster Yuming Zhu

Rm 12 (Robotic Systems I ) Session Chair(s) Nasser Houshangi/Fethi Belkhouche Paper ID Paper title Authors 933 A Vision-based Autonomous Lane Following Huang, Nasser Houshangi Xia System for a Mobile Robot 237 Assistive Formation Maintenance for Human-Led Multi-Robot Systems Howard Lonnie Thomas Parker, Ayanna 510 An approach for collaborative path planning in Belkhouche,systems Jiinj, K. Bendjilal Fethi multi-robot Tongdan 967 Planning to Fail - Reliability Needs to be Stephen Stancliff, JohnMultirobot Task Trebi-Ollennu Considered a Priori in Dolan, Ashitey Allocation 669 CPG Driven Locomotion Control of Quadruped RobotYifei Chen, Jiaqi Zhang, Qijun Chen Chengju Liu, Rm 13(System Modeling & Control I ) Session Chair(s) Armin Eberlein/Jerome Jouffroy Paper ID Paper title Authors 1196 Adaptive Planning Content Sequence with WorkflowSilva Lopes, M?rcia Aparecida Fernandes Robson da 860 Comparing Methodologies for the Transition between Software Requirements and Architectures Matthias Galster, Armin Eberlein, Mahmood Moussavi 1028 Design of an Error-Based Robust Adaptive Controller Ki-Young Song, Madan M. Gupta, Debashisha Jena 954 A control strategy for steering an autonomous surface sailing vehicle in a tacking maneuver Jerome Jouffroy 813 A Cellular Automata Based Model for Traffic in Congested City Saha, Biplab Kumar Sikdar Sukanta Das, Meghnath

Rm 14(TheSession Chair(s) Driver, Environment TBDControl (VDEC) II ) System of Vehicle, and Paper ID Paper title Authors 363 Sustainable Transport, Knowledge and Innovations at RWTH Aachen University for Petry, Julie Systems of To Klaus Henning, Richard Ramakers, Leonie Europe’s Iris Meinhold 365 Electronically coupled truck platoons on German highways Abel, Stefan Gies, Richard Ramakers, Max Hab Klaus Henning, Dirk 1270 Optimal VSC Design Based On Nash Strategy for Differential 2-Player Games Seyed Hossein Tamaddoni, Saied Taheri, Mehdi Ahmadian 1271 Towards Increased Road Safety: Real-Time Decision Making for Driverless City Vehicles Andrei Furda, Ljubo Vlacic

, Hermann Kaindl urger, Juergen Falb, Hermann Kaindl Dominik Ertl Whipple, Marian Starr Boler Rico Landefeld, Anne Schneider

ai, Setsuo Tsuruta, Kouhei Takada, Shinichi Dohi

S. Warm, Michael A Vidulich, Victor S. Finomore rgen Rossmann

ng Liu, Jian Sun

ang-Woo Ban o, Shinji Doki, Shigeru Okuma Masato Tsuru, Yuji Oie n Lim, Byung-Uk Choi

Nobuyuki Otsu

o/Orides Morandin Jr

andin Jr, Marcos Abraao de Souza Fonseca

orjas, Agustin Quintero, Benjamin Sierra, Rafael Torres Abrego

k, Bin Fu, Jaime G. Carbonell

na Leal, Roberta Fagundes, Hermano Moura, Cristine Gusmao arte, Rita Maria Silva Julia

fos, Riku Jantti

Takehiro Inohara el, D. Marc Kilgour

j, K. Bendjilal Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu Zhang, Qijun Chen

Aparecida Fernandes n, Mahmood Moussavi pta, Debashisha Jena

Biplab Kumar Sikdar

ers, Leonie Petry, Julie Iris Meinhold an Gies, Richard Ramakers, Max Haberstroh ed Taheri, Mehdi Ahmadian

Rm1(Human-MachineSession Chair(s) Interface & Communications III) Walter Ukovich Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1021 Autonomous Emotional Expression Generation ofHan, Chia-How Lin, Kai-Tai Song Meng-Ju a Robotic Face 1053 An MMG-based Human-Assisting Manipulator Using Acceleration Sensors Keisuke Shima, Toshio Tsuji 1194 Robotic Go: Exploring a Different Perspective on Human-Computer Interaction with the Game II G Tae-Hyung Kim, Jared Adam Nisbett, Donald Wunsch of 787 A Customizable Game Engine for Mobile Game-Based LearningUkovich Stefano Mininel, Walter 1084 Network Traffic Reduction in Six Degree-of-Freedom Haptic Telementoring Systems Jiying Zhao, E Nizar Sakr, Jilin Zhou, Nicolas D. Georganas,

Rm2(Human Performance Modeling I) Session Chair(s) Takashi Omori/Chouki Sentouh Paper ID Paper Title Authors 172 Computational Modeling of Risk-Dependent Eye Movements of Car Drivers Takashi Omori, Masayoshi Sato, Koichiro Yamauchi, Satoru 603 A Sensorimotor Driver Model for Steering Control Chouki Sentouh, Philippe Chevrel, Franck Mars, Fabien Cla 643 A Consideration of Human-Unicycle Model for Ohsaki, Masami IWASE, Teruyoshion Moment Bala Hiroshi Unicycle Operation Analysis based Sadahiro, Shosh 771 Analysis of human's stabilization controller in a unicycle operation using Inverse Regulator Problem Takashi Shimamura, Hiroshi Ohsaki, Teruyoshi Sadahiro, M 788 Pilot Equalization in Manual Control of Daan Marinus Pool, Peter M. T. Zaal, Herman J. Damveld, M Aircraft Dynamics

Rm3(Interactive and Digital Media ) Session Chair(s) Jim Parker/Christopher L. Simons Paper ID Paper Title Authors 728 A Web Service-Based System for Sharing Distributed XML Data Using Customizable schema Akira Hattori 1087 Finger Recognition for Hand Pose Determination M R Baumback Jim Parker, 390 Design and Implementation of an OSGi-Centric Remote Wei-Hsiang Lin, Hung-Jie Tzeng Jenq-Shiou Leu, Mobile Surveillance System 574 An Empirical Investigation of Search-Based Computational SupportC. Parmee Christopher L. Simons, Ian for Conceptual Software Engine 679 The Development of a Web-based Resident Sign-out Training Program Ellen J. Bass, Justin DeVoge, Mangwi Atia, McKinsey Bond Rm4(Granular Computing I) Chair(s) Session Shusaku Tsumoto/Shyue-Liang Wang Paper ID Paper Title Authors 306 Frontier assignment method for sensitivity analysis of Data Envelopment Analysis Akio Naito, Shingo Aoki, Hiroshi Tsuji 466 A Granular Computing Approach to Improve Large Attributes Learning Fengming Michael Chang, Chien-Chung Chan 625 Mining High Average-Utility Itemsets Tzung-Pei Hong, Cho-Han Lee, Shyue-Liang Wang 976 Pearson Residuals in Multi-way Contingency Tables Shusaku Tsumoto 985 Distribution of Derminants of Contingency Tables Shusaku Tsumoto

Rm5(Soft Computing Session Chair(s) VII) Tomohiro Yoshikawa/Olgierd Unold Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1023 Design Principle of Two Mass Jumping Yuya Nishida, Takashi Sonoda, Kazuo Ishii System 1074 Robust Feature Extractions from Geometric Data using Geometric Algebra Minh Tuan Pham, Tomohiro Yoshikawa, Takeshi Furuhashi 1246 Implementation of Fuzzy Q-Learning Based on Modular Fuzzy Model and Parallel Structured Learn Toshihiko Watanabe Rm6(Image Processing/PatternChair(s) Session Recognition VII ) Paper ID Paper Title Tsutomu Miki/Nobuhara Hajime Authors

999 1164 1134 1242 1229 797

A Practical Several Moving Objects Area Extraction Using A Half-cosine Function Wavelet Networ Tsutomu Miki, Kazutoshi Ikeda Facial Landmark Detection System using Interest-region Model and Edge Energy Function MiYoung Nam A novel Max-Plus algebra based wavelet transform and its applications in Image Processing Barnabas Bede, Nobuhara Hajime Multi-focus Image Fusion Based on Salient Edge InformationPo Huang, Phen-Lan Lin Cheng I Chen, Whei within Adaptive Focus-Measuring Wi A Novel White Blood Cell Detection Method Based on Boundary Support Vectors Min Wang Fast Optimal Multimodal Thresholding Based on Between-Class Variance Using a Mixture of Gamm Ali El-Zaart, Eidah Eidah Assidan

Rm7(Fuzzy Systems and TheirChair(s) Session Applications I) Jose Luis Meza Paper ID Paper Title Authors 85 Hybrid Intelligent Systems Applied to The Pursuit-Evasion Game M. Schwartz Sameh F. Desouky, Howard 91 A Novel Technique to Design a Fuzzy Logic Controller Using Q$(\lambda)$-Learning and Genetic Sameh F. Desouky, Howard M. Schwartz 274 A Novel Hybrid Learning Technique Applied to aDesouky, Howard M. Schwartz Sameh F. Self-Learning Multi-Robot System 925 Stable Fuzzy Self-Tuning PID Control of Robot Manipulators Santibanez, Rogelio Soto, Miguel A Jose Luis Meza, Victor 1223 Adaptive Fuzzy Output Feedback Control for Robot Manipulators Shafiqul Islam, Peter X Liu 58 A New Method of Fuzzy Risk in Studying Landfall Typhoon Lihua Feng

Rm8(Computational Intelligence III) Session Chair(s) Robert Marks/Sam Y. Sung Paper ID Paper Title Authors 141 Combining Weights into Scores: A Linear Transform Approach Hu Sam Y. Sung, Tianming 179 Scheduling with uncertain resources: Representation of common knowledge Eugene Fink, Matt Jennings, Konstantin Salomatin, Jaime G 726 Bernoulli’s Principle of Insufficient Reason and Conservation of Information in Computer Search Robert Jackson Marks 384 A GA-SVM Feature Selection Model Based on High Performance Computing Techniques TIANYOU ZHANG, Rick Siow Mong Goh 1269 Development and Applications of Active Noise Control System for Lichuan Liu, Sen M. Kuo

Rm9(Machine Learning III ) Chair(s) Session John Valasek/Yoshifumi Ukita Paper ID Paper Title Authors 853 A Note on the Relation between a Sampling Theorem for Functions over a GF(q)^n Domain an Yoshifumi Ukita, Tomohiko Saito, Toshiyasu Matsushim 914 Dimensionality Effects on the MarkovKenton Conrad Kirkpatrick, AlloyValasek Environmen Property in Shape Memory John Hysteretic 944 Multiresolution State-Space Discretization Method for Q-Learning with Function Approximatio Amanda Kathryn Lampton 955 Splice Site Detection in DNA Sequences Using a Wen Classification Algorithm Xiaoou Li, Fast Wen Yu 729 Active constrained clustering with multiple cluster representatives Shaohong Zhang, Hau-San Wong 464 Classification of Non-Speech Human Wen-Hung LiaoSelection and Snoring Sound Analysis Sounds:Feature 1094 Nonlinear Dimension Reduction using ISOMapCho, Hyeyoung Information Minkook based on Class Park

Rm10(Self-Organization and Complex Distributed Systems ) Huaglory Tianfield/Jose Barata Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title Authors 168 Control Plane Algorithms targetting Challenging Autonomic Properties in Grey Systems E. Catherine L. Watts, A. Taleb-Bendiab 263 Implementing Self-Management for Evolvable Assembly Systems Giovanna di Marzo Serugendo, Regina Frei, Bruno Ferreira, 739 Non Spectrum Handover Link MaintenanceTian, Huaglory Tianfield, Guangguo Bi Jin Performance in Cognitive Radio 1217 Health Delivery Systems -- A Case for Multi-AgentHuaglory Tianfield Jiang Tian, Systems

690 Learning Intialized by Topologically Correct Representation Thomas Trappenberg Pitoyo Peter Hartono,

Rm11(Underwater Sensing and Automatic Target RecognitionJ.) Tory Cobb Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title Authors 297 Underwater Target Detection from Multi-Platform Sonar Imagery Using Multi-Channel Coherence A Nick Harold Klausner, Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi, James D 366 Contourlet Detection and Feature Extraction forJ Automatic Target Recognition Robert McDonald 397 Spatial Correlation Analysis Using Canonical Correlation Decomposition for Sparse Neil Wachowsk Yinghui Zhao, Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi, Sonar Array Pro 635 Automatic Cable Detection in Sonar Imagery C Isaacs, Rostislav Goroshin Jason 946 Dynamic Trees for Sensor Fusion kittipat - kampa, J. Tory Cobb, K. Clint Slatton 959 Correntropy Based Matched Filtering for Classification in Sidescan Sonar Imagery Erion Hasanbelliu

Rm12(Robotic Systems II ) Chair(s) Session Suman Chakravorty/Atsushi Kanda Paper ID Paper Title Authors 525 PSO-FastSLAM: An Improved FastSLAM Framework using Particle Swarm Optimization Beom-He Heon-Cheol Lee, Shin-Kyu Park, Jeong-Sik Choi, 627 Hybrid Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Dense Environments Suman Chakravorty 675 Environment Recognition System basedAtsushi Kanda, Masanori Sato, Kazuo Ishii on Multiple Classification Analyses for Mobile Robots 827 Environment Recognition System basedAtsushi Kanda, Masanori Sato, Kazuo Ishii on Multiple Classification Analyses for Mobile Robots 496 Tracking under the nonholonomic constraint Belkhouche navigation laws Fethi using cubic

Rm13(System Modeling & Control II ) Session Chair(s) Katsumi Konishi/Gwo-Ruey Yu Paper ID Paper Title Authors 748 Optimal Fuzzy Control of Piezoelectric Gwo-Ruey Yu on Hybird Taguchi Method and Particle Swa Systems Based 579 A Robust SDP Approach to System Identi?cationKonishi Katsumi with Roughly Quantized Data 623 Direct Adaptive Controller for Nonaffine Discrete-Time Systems Based on Fuzzy Rules Emulated N Chidentree Treesatayapun 965 Survey on performance analysis of embedded andJair Lopez Villalvazo, Mario Siller Abraham conventional networks. 312 Using Deadband in Packet-Based Networked Control Systems Liu, David Rees Yun-Bo Zhao, Guo-Ping

Rm14(Discrete Event Session Chair(s) Nets I ) Systems and Petri Ricardo M. F. Lima/Cesar A. L. Oliveira Paper ID Paper Title Authors 491 Modeling and Analyzing Resource-Constrained Business Processes M. F. Lima, Thiago Moreira A Cesar A. L. Oliveira, Ricardo 1016 Performance Evaluation of Service-Oriented Architecture through Stochastic Petri Nets L. Oliveira Marcelo Teixeira, Ricardo M. F. Lima, Cesar A. 18 Synthetic workload generation for capacity planning of virtual server environments Hugo Estanislau Soares Galindo, Wagner Medeiros Santos, 188 Qualitative Analysis of WorkFlow nets using Maria Soares Passos, St?phane Julia Ligia Linear Logic: Soundness Verification 398 A Hybrid DVS Scheduling Approach for Hard Real-TimePedro Dallegrave, Bruno Silva, Gustavo C Eduardo Tavares, Systems 455 A Decomposition Method for Optimal Firing Sequence Shimatani for First-order Hybrid Petri Nets Nishi Tatsushi, Problems Kenichi, Inuiguchi Masahiro

Kai-Tai Song

isbett, Donald Wunsch II

D. Georganas, Jiying Zhao, Emil M. Petriu

, Koichiro Yamauchi, Satoru Ishikawa, Toshihiro Wakita rel, Franck Mars, Fabien Claveau E, Teruyoshi Sadahiro, Shoshiro Hatakeyama hsaki, Teruyoshi Sadahiro, Masami Iwase, Shoshiro Hatakeyama Zaal, Herman J. Damveld, Marinus Maria Van Paassen, Max Mulder

n, Hung-Jie Tzeng

Mangwi Atia, McKinsey Bond, Linda Waggoner-Fountain, Stephen M. Borowitz

n-Chung Chan Shyue-Liang Wang

oshikawa, Takeshi Furuhashi, Kanta Tachibana

Phen-Lan Lin

nez, Rogelio Soto, Miguel Angel Llama

onstantin Salomatin, Jaime G. Carbonell

Saito, Toshiyasu Matsushima, Shigeichi Hirasawa ohn Valasek

ovanna di Marzo Serugendo, Jose Barata

od R. Azimi-Sadjadi, James Derek Tucker

imi-Sadjadi, Neil Wachowski, Nick Harold Klausner

K. Clint Slatton

k, Jeong-Sik Choi, Beom-Hee Lee

Mario Siller

M. F. Lima, Thiago Moreira Andr?, Hajo A. Reijers . Lima, Cesar A. L. Oliveira, Paulo Romero Martins Maciel o, Wagner Medeiros Santos, Paulo Romero Martins Maciel, Bruno Silva, Sergio Mario Lins Galdino, Jose Paulo Pires

ave, Bruno Silva, Gustavo Callou, Bruno Costa e Silva Nogueira, Paulo Romero Martins Maciel chi, Inuiguchi Masahiro

Jose Paulo Pires

Rm1(Kansei (sense/emotion) Engineering) Session Chair(s) Yuko Osana/Hirokazu Madokoro Paper ID Paper Title Authors 507 Emotion Generation System based on MaC Model with Neural Networks Kazuki Hirozawa, Yuko Osana 554 Comparison of Sensibilities of Japanese Jangsik Cho, Shohei Kato, Hidenori Itoh and Koreans in Recognizing Emotions from Speech by usin 599 Estimation of thermal sensation using human peripheral skin temperature Kanako Nakayama 698 Mood-transition-based Emotion Generation Model for the Robot’s Personality Chika Itoh, Shohei Kato, Hidenori Itoh 708 Facial Expression Spatial Charts for Representing Madokoro Diversity of Facial Expressions Hirokazu of Dynamic

Rm2(Human Performance Modeling II) Session Chair(s) Michael Lewis/Ashirwad Joseph Chowriappa Paper ID Paper Title Authors 445 An Informatic Rationale for the Speed-Accuracy Soukoreff, Scott MacKenzie William Trade-Off 475 A Cognitive Model of Visual Path Planning in Reitter, Christian Lebiere, Michael Lewis, Huadong W David a Multi-Robot Control System 600 Enhanced Operator Function Model: A Generic Human Task Behavior Modeling Language Matthew Lee Bolton, Ellen J. Bass 1037 A Novel and Robust Algorithm to Model HandwritingSrimathveeravalli, Xinyan Li, Puneet Singla, T Govindarajan Skill for Haptic Applications 1041 Modeling and Defining Expert Handwriting Behavior Srimathveeravalli, Ashirwad Joseph Chowriap Govindarajan

Rm3(Image Sharing and Retrieval) Session Chair(s) Yo-Ping Huang Paper ID Paper Title Authors 330 Extracting Spatial Semantics in Association Rules for Ocean Image Retrieval Sandnes Yo-Ping Huang, Li-Jen Kao, Frode Eika 334 Metadata Miner Assisted Integrated Information Retrieval Hsiang Tai Cheng, Hsuan Jen Lai Yue-Shan Chang, for Argo Ocean Data 549 Automatic Visual Feature Extraction forTsang-Long Pao, Wen-Yuan Liao, Tsan-Nung Wu, Ching-Y Mandarin Audio-Visual Speech Recognition 746 Efficient Entropy-based Features Selection for Image Retrieval Yo-Ping Huang, Tsun-Wei Chang, Frode Eika Sandnes 882 Design and Implementation of Heterogeneous Wireless Gateway Hung-Chi Chu

Rm4(Granular Computing II) Chair(s) Session Hidenao Abe/Tsau-Young Lin Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1098 On Definability of Sets in Dominance-Based ApproximationFengming Michael Chang Chien-Chung Chan, Space 1166 Detecting Temporal Patterns of Technical Phrases by using Importance Indices in a Research Docum Hidenao Abe, Shusaku Tsumoto 1272 Granular Computing and Flow Analysis Tsau-Young Lin Access Control:Solving the Propagation Pr on Discretionary 251 Numeric Data to Information Granules and Computing with Words Stuart H Rubin, Witold Pedrycz 1139 Feature Selection and Granular SVM Classification for ProteinZhang, Yujun George Zheng Zejin Ding, Yan-Qing Arginine Methylation Identification

Rm5(Heuristic Algorithms) Chair(s) Session Eugene Fink/Helmut Horacek Paper ID Paper Title Authors 229 The OA-Based Swap Method for the P-Median Problem Lin-Yu Tseng, Chih-Sheng Wu 413 Analysis of uncertain data: Smoothing of histograms Ankur Sarin, Jaime G. Carbonell Eugene Fink, 492 Analysis of uncertain data: Evaluation of given hypotheses Eugene Fink, Bin Fu, Jaime G. Carbone Anatole Gershman, 798 Dynamic heuristics for the generalized job-shopGhedjati problem Fatima scheduling 877 An Analysis of Decision Quality of MinimaxingHoracek, Hermann Kaindl Helmut vs. Product Propagation

Rm6(Image Processing/PatternChair(s) Session Recognition VIII ) Lichuan Liu/ Simon X. Yang Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1245 RIPE TOMATO EXTRACTION FOR ASimon X. Yang ROBOTIC SYSTEM HARVESTING 1280 A 3D Self-positioning Method for Wireless Sensor Nodes Based on Linear FMCW and TFDA Lichuan Liu 1295 A Grid-Based Clustering Method For Mining Cao, Bouchra Bouqata, Patricia D Mackenzie, Daniel J Qing Frequent Trips From Large-Scale, Event-Based Telem 1206 A multiresolution flow based multiphase image segmentationEmilio Zorzo Barcelos, Jose A. Cumina Celia A.Z. Barcelos, 1227 UNSUPERVISED CLASSIFICATION OF LARGELee Sang Hoon DIMENSIONAL IMAGERY USING RAG/SAG 1116 RECURSIVE COMPUTATION OF FORWARD KRAWTCHOUK MOMENT TRANSFORM USIN perugu ananth Raj

Rm7(Fuzzy Systems and TheirChair(s) Session Applications II) Chun-Sheng Chen/Apurva Narayan Paper ID Paper Title Authors 395 SOS-based Stability Analysis of Polynomial Fuzzy Control Systems via Polynomial Membership Fu Mohammad Narimani, Hak-Keung Lam 624 An Experimental Adaptive Fuzzy Controller forGivigi, Howard M. Schwartz, Xiaosong Lu Sidney Differential Games 840 Multisensor data fusion for OD matrix estimation Biletska, Marie-Helene Masson, Sophie Midenet, T Krystyna 1232 Sliding-Mode-Based Fuzzy CMAC Controller Design for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear System Chun-Sheng Chen 1241 Dynamic Fuzzy Controller Based Multilayered Architecture for Extended Battery Life in Mobile Ha Apurva Narayan, Tamanna Srivastava 80 Relaxed LMI Based designs for Takagi Sugeno Hussien Besheer and Observers Poly-Quadratic Lya Ahmad Fuzzy Regulators

Henry Chu/ Bob Marks II Rm8(Computational Intelligence IV) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title Authors 995 Evolutionary Synthesis of Nand Logic: Dissecting Ewert, Bob Marks II Winston J a Digital Organism 1001 3D Building Reconstruction from LiDAR DataChu, Lu Wang Henry 1253 An Improved Reduction Algorithm With Deeply Pipelined Lo, Kleanthis Psarris Yi-Gang Tai, Dan Operators 515 An Integrated Intelligent System for Estimating and Updating a Large-size Matrix Ting Yu 1188 A Multiagent Architecture for solving CombinatorialFernandes, Sergio Ricardo Souza, Maria Ameli Filipe Costa Optimization Problems through Metaheuristics 795 Correlation-based Feature Ranking for Online Classification Osman Hassab Elgawi

Rm 9 (Machine Learning IV )Chair(s) Session Seiichi Ozawa/Helen Balinsky Paper ID Paper title Authors 1159 On Semi-Supervised Learning and Sparsity Alexander Balinsky, Helen Balinsky 131 A Reinforcement Learning Model UsingSeiichi Ozawa, Hiroshi Onda Grid-World Problems Macro-actions in Multi-task 997 Predicting Stock Trends through Technical Analysis and Nearest Neighbor Classification Lamartine Almeida Teixeira, Adriano L. I. Oliveira 1122 Online, Self-Supervised Vision-Based Terrain Classification in Unstructured Environments Peyman Moghadam 1131 Violent Web images classification basedRadhouane Guermazi, Mohamed Hammami, Abdelmajid Be on MPEG7 color descriptors 1173 Posture Changing Stabilization of a Humanoid Biped Robot based on Linear Regression Hsin-Yu Liu, Rong-Jyue Wang, Wen-June Wang Rm10(Signal and Image Processing) Session Chair(s) Ping Guo/Xinyu Chen Paper ID Paper Title Authors 113 Noise Resilient Image Fusion Based on Bin Liao, Lixiong Liu Pursuit Orthogonal Matching 706 A Shadow Detection Method for Remote Sensing Images Using Affinity Propagation Algorithm Xinyu Chen, Huaiying Xia, Ping Guo

767 Investigating Visual Feature Extraction Methods forShuai Shao, Ping Guo Rukun Hu, Image Annotation 1169 Multi focus Image Fusion Based on Muti scheme Lixiong Liu, Bin Liao 1244 Correlation between stimulated emotionAmit Konar, A. EEG and its Mainfestation on Facial Express extracted from Chakraborty

Rm11(Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks) Session Chair(s) Wenfeng Li/Mert Bal Paper ID Paper Title Authors 209 Dual-Swarm Features and Its Challenges for System of Sensor Networks and Multi Mobile Robots Wenfeng Li 523 Platform-independent development of collaborative Wireless Body Sensor Network applications: SP Fabio Luigi Bellifemine, Giancarlo Fortino, Antonio Guerrie 952 Collaborative Signal and Information Processing in WirelessShen Networks: a Review Mert Bal, Weiming Sensor 185 Leach-H: An Improved Routing Protocol for Collaborative Sensing Networks Qianping WANG

Rm12(Robotic Systems III) Chair(s) Session Matthew A Joordens/Prachuab Vanitchatchavan Paper ID Paper Title Authors 258 Generating Locomotion for Biped Robots based Ishida, Dynamic Passivization ofKanoh, Hidenori Ito Minoru on the Shohei Kato, Masayoshi Joint Control 148 Underwater Swarm Robotics ConsensusMatthew A Joordens Control 278 Termination of Human Gait Prachuab Vanitchatchavan 711 Multi-rate operational space control of compliant motion in robotic manipulators Ming Lim, Ser Y Dung Ngoc Vuong, Marcelo H Ang Jr, Tao 1040 Adaptive Critic based Redundancy Resolution scheme for Robot Manipulators Laxmidhar Behera, Prem Kumar P., Girijesh Prasad 1203 Robust Tracking Control of an Underactuated Quadrotor Aerial-Robot Based on Dawson, Dule Shu, DongBin Lee, Timothy C. Burg, Darren a Parametric Uncer

Rm13(Enterprise Information Systems I) Session Chair(s) Huai Jian Jun Paper ID Paper Title Authors 288 A customer network value model based Rong Liu, Jun Ma, Jiayin Qi, Bin Wu, Chen Wang on complex network theory 289 An Experimental Study on Four ModelsChao Zhu, Jiayin Qi,Prediction of Customer Churn Chen Wang 290 The Study on Feature Selection in Customer Wu, Jiayin Qi, Chen Wang Yin Churn Prediction Modeling 308 Game model on the information competition in the environmental system Huai Jian Jun, Xuexi Huo 351 A novel and convenient variable selection method Yuanquan Li,effective input variables for telecomm Jiayin Qi, for choosing Chen Wang 469 An Improved Event Processing Approach for RFID Stream Data and Its Application Zhijun Wei, Chunkai Zhang

Rm14(Discrete Event Session Chair(s) Nets II) Systems and Petri Gary Alan Bundell/Ying Tang Paper ID Paper Title Authors 561 Aspects of the Safety Analysis of an On-board Automatic Train Operation Supervisor Gary Alan Bundell 1002 Formal Modeling and Synthesis of State-Transferring Communication among Decentralized Supervi Amin Mannani, peyman gohari 1141 Formal Modeling and Synthesis of Event-Transferring Communication among Decentralized Superv Amin Mannani, peyman gohari 770 Game Theoretic Validation of Air Combat Simulation Models Kai Matti Virtanen 1081 A Conceptual Model for a Value-DrivenYing TangHealthcare System Learning 948 A consistency based approach to deal with modeling errors and process failures in D.E.S Carmen lopez varela, Audine Subias, Michel Combacau

h Chowriappa

, Michael Lewis, Huadong Wang, Zheng Ma

, Xinyan Li, Puneet Singla, Thenkurussi Kesavadas , Ashirwad Joseph Chowriappa, Neeraja Subrahmaniyan, Ann Bisantz, Thenkurussi Kesavadas

ode Eika Sandnes heng, Hsuan Jen Lai ao, Tsan-Nung Wu, Ching-Yi Lin ng, Frode Eika Sandnes

Michael Chang

ujun George Zheng

e G. Carbonell k, Bin Fu, Jaime G. Carbonell

tricia D Mackenzie, Daniel John Messier, Joseph James Salvo zo Barcelos, Jose A. Cuminato

wartz, Xiaosong Lu e Masson, Sophie Midenet, Thierry Denoeux

Ricardo Souza, Maria Amelia Lopes Silva, Henrique Elias Borges, Fabio Fernandes Ribeiro

driano L. I. Oliveira

d Hammami, Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou Wen-June Wang

arlo Fortino, Antonio Guerrieri, Roberta Giannantonio


asayoshi Kanoh, Hidenori Itoh

Ang Jr, Tao Ming Lim, Ser Yong Lim r P., Girijesh Prasad , Darren Dawson, Dule Shu, Bin Xian, Enver Tatlicioglu

in Wu, Chen Wang

ubias, Michel Combacau

Rm1 (Visual Information Processing I) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 34 SwiftPost—A Vision-based Fast Postal Envelope Identification System 116 Texture Representation in AAM using Gabor Wavelet and Local Binary Patterns 120 A Real-Time Ellipse Detection Based on Edge Grouping

Rm2(Large-Scale/Complex Syst, Syst of Sys I) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 1042 An XML Based System of Systems Agent-in-the-Loop Simulation Framework using Discrete Even 255 The Conceptagon: A Framework for Systems Thinking and Systems Practice 586 Transporting Sensor Data over Radio Networks in a System of Systems: Network and Bandwidth P 833 Time Series Data Analysis Using Fractional Calculus Concepts and Fractal Analysis

Rm3(Fault Monitoring Session Chair(s) and Diagnosis I) Paper ID Paper Title 214 New delay-dependent conditions for H-infinity filtering of nonlinear systems with neutral-type time 343 Active incipient fault detection with more than two simultaneous faults 482 Performability Evaluation of EFT Systems using Expolinomial Stochastic Models 968 Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems: Part 1- Diagnosability 971 Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems: Part 2- Residual Generator Selection and Diagnosis in the Presence o

Rm4(Intelligent Transportation Systems I) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 1088 High-Order Hopfield-based Neural Network for Nonlinear System Identification 1191 Real-time Vision-based Multiple Vehicle Detection and Tracking for Nighttime Traffic Surveillanc 1282 Analysis and Suppression of Torsional Vibrations for the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor-L 1276 Impacts of Tradable Emission Permits on Oligopoly Electricity Market Production under Complete 1286 Control of Uncertain Active Suspension System with Anti-lock Braking system Using Fuzzy Neura

Rm5(Neural Networks Session Chair(s) and Their Applications I) Paper ID Paper Title 89 Sensory systems as cybernetic systems that require awareness of alternatives to interact with the wo 127 Data Acquisition and Modeling of 3D Deformable Objects using Neural Networks 239 Speed-up of the R4-rule for Distance-Based Neural Network Learning 171 Structural Enhanced Information to Detect Features in Competitive Learning 323 Levenberg-Marquardt-based OBS Algorithm using Adaptive Pruning Interval for System Identifica Rm6(Machine Vision I) ession Chair(s) S Paper ID Paper Title 361 Designing Eigenspace Manifolds: With Application to Object Identification and Pose Estimation

364 468 556 1027 1192

An Illustration of Eigenspace Decomposition for Illumination Invariant Pose Estimation A Robust Multi-class Traffic Sign Detection and Classification System using Asymmetric and Sym Online Evolutionary Context-Aware Classifier Ensemble Framework For Object Recognition A Density-Based Approach for Effective Pedestrian Counting at Bus Stops A Case-Based Service Request Interpretation Approach for Digital Homes

Rm7(Fuzzy Forecasting) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 419 Temperature Prediction Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Fuzzy Rules Interpolation Techniques 423 A New Method to Forecast the TAIEX Based on Fuzzy Time Series 424 A New Method for Forecasting the TAIEX Based on High-Order Fuzzy Logical Relationships 529 Forecasting of ozone concentration using frequency MA-OWA Model 534 Forecasting electronic industry EPS Using an integrated ANFIS model

Rm8(Information Assurance & Intel. Multimedia Computation I) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 112 IMPLEMINTAION OF DIGITAL ELECTRONIC ARITHMETICS AND ITS APPLICATION 392 EFFICIENT FPGA IMPLEMINTAION OF CONVOLUTION 694 Generalized Fibonacci Numbers and Applications 986 Digital Forensics: Electronic Evidence Collection, Examination and Analysis by Using Combine M 1100 Energy Efficient Swing signal generation circuits for clock distribution networks 1236 Novel Top-Down Approaches for Hierarchical Classification and Their Application to Automatic M Rm9(Computational Intelligence III) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 177 Delivery Volume Improvement for Planning Medication Distribution 401 Radioscopic Inspection of Cargo Containers with Megavoltage Energy Barriers 652 Defensive Dissuasion in Security Risk Management 433 Node discovery in a networked organization 477 Tools for Enhancing Distributed, Asynchronous Collaboration in Army Operations

Rm10(Decision Making and Management for Infrastucture Systems I) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 139 Multi-objective optimization of water supply network rehabilitation 317 A hierarchical model and implementation architecture for road traffic control 907 Emergency Coordination and Decision Making over Interconnected Power Systems 939 A non-iterative cascaded predictive control approach for control of irrigation canals 1121 Traffic parameter estimation on motorway networks by combination of filtering techniques 117 Reinforcement Learning for Human-Machine Collaborative Optimization: Application in Ground W

Rm11(Collaborative Virtual Workspaces in Design, Engineering, and Construction ) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 1048 Comparative Effectiveness of Mixed Reality Based Virtual Environments in Collaborative Design 1165 Spatial Faithful Display Groupware Model for Remote Design Collaboration 938 A Test-Bed for Localization and Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks 862 A QoS Information Dissemination Service for SOA-based CSCW Applications 1219 Designing Together While Apart: The Role of Computer-Mediated Communication and Collaborat Rm12(Robotic Systems IV) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 1185 Dynamic modeling and control of the Omega-3 parallel manipulator 1205 A Temporal Potential Function Approach For Path Planning in Dynamic Environments 1095 A Versatile Toolbox for Studying Anthropomorphic Robot Hands 1265 Complete Coverage Path Planning for Cleaning Task using Multiple Robots 1036 Design of a Haptic Device for Precision Operations Rm13(Enterprise Information Systems II) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 1073 Unveiling Secrets of Successful Chinese Software Companies 448 Inference on heterogeneous e-marketplace activities 449 Extracting Company Information from the Web 744 Moving Multi-Object Tracking Algorithm Based on Wavelet Clustering and Frame Difference Rm14(Distributed, Complex Software Systems) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title 632 JigDFS for Implementing Secure Container Communities 754 Beaver Algorithm for Network Security and Optimization: Preliminary Report 992 A multi agent modeling approach for an adaptive regulation in large scale complex systems 1163 Secured Networking by Sandboxing LINUX 2.6 929 Towards a social responsible agents

Xuelong Li Authors Xue Gao, Lianwen Jin Ya Su, Dacheng Tao, Xuelong Li, Xinbo Gao Thanh Minh Nguyen, Ahuja Siddhant, Wu Jonathan Daniel W. Repperger/Matthew R Hosking Authors Matthew R Hosking, Ferat Sahin Brian Sauser, John Boardman, Larry John, Robert Edson Robert Edward Donnelly Daniel William Repperger Stephen La Vern Campbell/Salim Ibrir Authors Salim Ibrir Stephen La Vern Campbell, Martene Fair Erica Teixeira Gomes Sousa, Paulo Romero Martins Maciel, Carlos Julian Menezes Araujo Rasul Mohammadi, Shahin Hashtrudi-Zad, Khashayar Khorasani Rasul Mohammadi, Shahin Hashtrudi-Zad, Khashayar Khorasani Wei-Yen Wang Authors Wang Chi-Hsu, Kun-Neng Hung Yen-Lin Chen, Bing-Fei Wu, Chung-Jui Fan Stone Cheng, Shiang-Chih Fu Hui Gao, Fushuan Wen, Iain MacGill Wei-Yen Wang, M. C. Chen, Yi-Hsing Chien, Tsu-Tian Lee Iftikhar Riaz Nizami Authors Iftikhar Riaz Nizami Ana-Maria Cretu, Emil M. Petriu, Pierre Payeur Qiangfu Zhao, Naoki Tominaga Ryotaro Kamimura Christian Endisch Anthony A. Maciejewski/Randy C. Hoover Authors Randy C. Hoover, Anthony A. Maciejewski, Rodney G. Roberts

Randy C. Hoover, Anthony A. Maciejewski, Rodney G. Roberts, Ryan P. Hoppal Jialin Jiao, Zhong Zheng, Jungme Park, Yi Murphey Zhan Yu, Mi Young Nam, Phill Kyu Rhee Guillermo Arturo Garc?a-Bunster, Miguel Torres-Torriti Chiung-Hon Lee Shyi-Ming Chen Authors Shyi-Ming Chen, Yu-Chuan Chang Shyi-Ming Chen, Chao-Dian Chen Shyi-Ming Chen, Chao-Dian Chen Sue-Fn Huang Ching-Hsue Cheng TBD Authors Khader Mohammad, Agaian Sos S., Fred Hudson Khader Mohammad, Agaian Sos Sarkis Agaian Hani Saleh, Agaian Sos S., Khader Mohammad Khader Mohammad, Bao Liu, Agaian Sos S. Carlos Nascimento Silla Junior, Alex Alves Freitas Jeffrey William Herrmann/William L. McGill Authors Jeffrey William Herrmann Lei Zhang, Ajaykumar Mandava, Regentova E. Emma William L. McGill Yoshiharu Maeno Alicia D Borgman, Philip Smith Rudy R. Negenborn Authors Wenyan Wu, Xi Jin, Jinliang Gao Jos Vrancken, Jan van Schuppen, Michel dos Santos Soares, Frank Ottenhof Ettore Bompard, Tao Huang, Roberto Napoli Rudy R. Negenborn, Akin Sahin, Zofia Lukszo, Bart De Schutter, Manfred Morari Yubin Wang, Yufei Yuan, Jos Vrancken Meghna Babbar-Sebens, Snehasis Mukhopadhyay

Xiangyu Wang/Weiming Shen Authors Xiangyu Wang, Phillip S. Dunston Wang Wei, Xiangyu Wang Mert Bal, Weiming Shen Xiao Zheng, Junzhou Luo, Jiuxin Cao Seunghyun Lee, Neta Ezer, Jon Sanford, Ellen Yi-Luen Do Brent Nowak/Mehmet Ismet Can Dede Authors Collins Folaranmi Adetu, Carl A Moore, Rodney Glen Roberts Vamsikrishna Gopikrishna, Manfred Huber Jorge Luis Nicho, Brent Nowak Jeong Hee Lee, Beom-Hee Lee, Jeong-Sik Choi Mehmet Ismet Can Dede Yuanxun Gu Authors Yuanxun Gu Chin-Pang Che, Jingzhi Guo, Zhiguo Gong Man I Lam, Zhiguo Gong, Jingzhi Guo Li Zeng, Lida Xu Srini Ramaswamy/Itmi Mhamed Authors Jiang Bian, Remzi Seker, Srini Ramaswamy Aladdin Ayesh Itmi Mhamed Hrushikesha Mohanty, Martha VenkataSwamy, Pillalamarri Thilak, Ramaswamy Srinivasan Waled Haza Alshabi

Rm1 (Visual Information Processing II) Session Chair(s) Dacheng Tao/Xuelong Li Paper ID Paper Title Authors 396 An Improved Canny Edge Detection Application for Asphalt Concrete Sos S. Agaian, Ali Almuntashri, A. T. Papagiannakis 195 Incremental Learning of Weighted Tensor Jing Wen, for VisualTao Subspace Dacheng Tracking 210 Improving Security of an Image Encryption Algorithm based on Chaotic Circular Shift Weihai Li 531 Manifold Elastic Net for Sparse Learning Tianyi Zhou, Dacheng Tao

Rm2 (Large-Scale/Complex Chair(s) of Sys II) Session Syst, Syst Gary T. Anderson/H. Qusay Mahmoud Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1128 Understanding Web Service Discovery Goals Eyhab Al-Masri, H. Qusay Mahmoud 1197 Opportunities for Innovation in a System of Systems Framework Gary T. Anderson 673 Distributed Optimization for Predictive Control with Input and State Constraints: Preliminary Theory a Eduardo Camponogara, Leonardo Vila Moura 215 An Analysis of the History of Classical Software Development and Agile Development Armin Eberlein, Li Jiang 945 Model Based Decision Support for Creation AndDavis, Igor of Sustainable Infrastructure Gerard P.J. D Chris Operation Nikolic, Emile J.L. Chappin,

Rm3 (Fault Monitoring and Diagnosis II) Session Chair(s) Ruben Ruelas Paper ID Paper Title Authors 898 Data Driven Anomaly detection via Symbolic Identification of Complex Keller, Asok Ray Subhadeep Chakraborty, Eric Dynamical Systems 1017 Identification of domestic water consumption in aRuelas,based on fuzzy clustering algorithms Ruben house M. Adriana Corona-Nakamura 476 Examining Gyroscopes for 3-D Position Tracking in a Non-Destructive Evaluation System Ray Bachnak 538 Design and Development of High voltage Scheme forKantilal Patel, RF Heatingshah atman, thacker ma Himanshu a Crowbar in shah deep, 607 Morphological filtering assisted field-pipeline small leakage detection Zhao Han Li, De-yun Xiao, Xiang 167 A Sensor Placement Measure for Impact Detection in Structural HealthDavid, Philip Chen Arsen Melkonyan, Akopian Monitoring

Rm4 (Media Computing) Chair(s) Session Motofumi Suzuki/Peng Wu Paper ID Paper Title Authors 352 A Texture Energy Measurement Technique for 3D Volumetric Data Motofumi Suzuki 355 Classification of 3D Models for the 3D Animation Environments Yuesheng He 1193 Scalable FFT Architecture vs. Multiple Pipeline FFT Architectures –Hardware Implementation and C Adnan Suleiman, Adel Hussein, Khaldoun bataineh, Akopia 1114 An Efficient Method for Early Detecting All-Zero Quantized DCT Coeffcients for H.264/AVC Peng Wu XXX

Rm5 (Neural Networks and Their Applications II) Session Chair(s) Yuko Osana/Soichi Oka Paper ID Paper Title Authors 376 A Neural Network Algorithm for Detecting Invisible Concrete Surface Cracks in Near-field Millimeter Soichi Oka 508 Realization of Reinforcement Learning using Multi-Winners KFM Associative Memory Takahiro Ikeya, Yuko Osana 509 Variable-Sized KFM Associative Memory Tomohisa Imabayashi, Yuko OsanaRepresentation with Refractoriness based on Area 584 Towards Autonomous Self-localization of Eric AMobile Robots using Reservoir Computing and Slow Small Antonelo, Benjamin Schrauwen 612 Associative Memories with Multi-Valued Cellular Akiduki, Zhong Zhang Application to Disease D Takuma Neural Networks and Its

Rm6 (Machine Vision II) Chair(s) Session Jim Parker/Guilherme Nelson DeSouza Paper ID Paper Title Authors 677 The Application of Simulated Annealing to a Map Seeking Circuit Sean Martin 143 Gaze Tracking - A Sclera Recognition Approach Jim Parker, Ai Duong 792 A Fast Feature Extraction in Object Recognition Using Parallel processing on Park, and GPU Junchul Kim, Xuenan Cui, Eunsoo CPU Hakil Kim 961 A New 3D Representation and Compression Algorithm for Non-Rigid Moving Objects using Affine-O Youyou Wang, Guilherme Nelson DeSouza 393 Fuzzy Object retrieval by using histogram nadeem salamat of fuzzy Allen relations

Rm7 (Hybrid models of NN,Chair(s) & Evolutionary Computing I)Cox/Amarnath Banerjee Session Fuzzy Sys Daniel Paper ID Paper Title Authors 219 Fuzzy Classification Rule Minining Based Karla Taboada, Shingo Mabu, Eloy Algorithm. Shimada Kao on Genetic Network Programming Gonzales, 244 Optimizing Fuzzy Membership Functions Using Particle Swarm Algorithm Elijah Ehiagwina Omizegba, Adebayo E Gbijah 605 Non-rigid body Object Tracking using Fuzzy NeuralLee, Amarnath on Multiple ROIs and Adaptive Mo Hyunsoo System based Banerjee 1294 Fuzzy Logic Control Implementation of Rectilinear Plant with Rivera Pendulum Daniel Cox, Harold Inverted 1279 Technologies toward Thermal Comfort-based and Guo Wenqi Energy-efficient HVAC Systems: A Review 766 An Embedded Interval Type-2 Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for Intelligent Navigation of Mobile Robot siti nurmaini

Rm8 (Optimization Session Chair(s) I) Mounir Ben Ghalia/Takashi Okamoto Paper ID Paper Title Authors 87 Multi-Routes Algorithm using Temperature Control of Boltzmann Distribution Hirasawa Shanqing Yu, Shingo Mabu, Kotaro in Q value-based Dyna 307 Improved Catfish Particle Swarm Optimization with Embedded Chaotic Map Sheng-Wei Tsai 405 Regrouping Particle Swarm Optimization: George I. Evers, Mounir BenAlgorithm with Improved Perf A New Global Optimization Ghalia 520 Constrained Optimization using the Lagrangian Method and the Improved Discrete Gradient Chaos M Takashi Okamoto, Hironori Hirata 674 Particle Swarm Optimization for PID Tuning of a BLDC Motor Alberto A. Portillo, Michael T. Frye, Chunjiang Qian 800 Energy Saving Task Scheduling for Heterogeneous CMP System Based on Multi-objective Fuzzy Gen Lei Miao, Yong Qi, Di Hou

Rm9(Homeland Security II) Chair(s) Session Igor Linkov/David Mendonca Paper ID Paper Title Authors 928 Responding to Disaster in Socio-technical Ali Avni Cirik, David Mendonca Systems 1022 Project Ensayo: Designing a Virtual Emergency Operations CenterMichael Prietula, Irma Becerra Fern Cynthia Marie Nikolai, 1252 Cognitive Barriers in Floods Risk Perception and Management: A Mental Modeling Framework and Il Igor Linkov 1210 Advanced Registered Traveler Paradigm using Dynamic Risk Profile and Multimodal Biometrics Pravir K Chawdhry, Rui Pereira Silva

Rm10 (Decision Making andChair(s) Session Management for Infrastucture Systems II) Jeffrey Fan Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1160 A Survey of Fuzzy Set Theory in Intelligent Transportation: StateJos the art and future trends Mohsen Davarynejad, of Vrancken 1212 Multi-agent Coordination in Market Environment for Future Electricity Infrastructure based on Microg Rui Duan 521 Addressing Criticality Levels in Critical InfrastructureHan Chuanfeng System 1157 Laboratory of Power Supply-Demand Research by Intelligent Engineering Zhaoguang Hu, Minjie Xu, Baoguo Shan, Quan Wen 368 Ensemble of Machine Learning Algorithms for Intrusion Detection Te-Shun Chou, Jeffrey Fan

Rm11 (Collaborative Commerce) Session Chair(s) Vincent Ng/Yinsheng Li Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1049 Collaborative Group Assignment with CompetencyNg Vincent Trees 1032 Hierarchical Pareto Curve (HPC) Model for Privacy Skyline Boris Y Chan, Vincent Ng, . Jacob Sun 201 An XML-based Data Interchange Protocol Yinsheng Li, Fangyuan Kang, Weiming Shen,Declaration and Supporting Systems for Online Customs Mu Zhu 858 An Interval Centroid Based Spread Spectrum Watermark forJunzhou Luo, Ming Yang Flows Xiaogang Wang, Tracing Multiple Network 1261 Ontological View Based Semantic Transformation for Wang, Hamada Ghenniwa, Weiming Shen Ying Daisy Distributed Systems

Rm12 (Robotic Systems V) Chair(s) Session Ryojun Ikeura/Jyh-Jone Lee Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1186 Robust control for robot manipulators by using onlyIslam, position measurements Shafiqul joint Peter X Liu 1000 Real-time video smoothing for small RC helicopters Marynel Vazquez, Carolina Chang 150 A Psychophysical Model of the Power Assist System for Lifting Objects Ikeura, Masaya Nobe, Hid S.M. Mizanoor Rahman, Ryojun 257 Imitative Motion Generation for Humanoid Robots based on the Motion Masayoshi Kanoh, Hidenori I Yuki Okuzawa, Shohei Kato, Knowledge Learning and Reu 417 Synthesis of Tendon-Driven Manipulators Jinn-Biau Sheu, Jyh-Jone Lee with High Fault Tolerance 773 Combining Color Histogram and Gradient Hong Liu, xiaojia yu for Vision Based Global Localizatio Orientation Histogram

Rm13 (Enterprise Information Systems III) Session Chair(s) Cheng Kent Hsu/Rattikorn Hewett Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1033 An Integer Programming Model and Heuristic Algorithm for Automatic Scheduling in Synchrotron Fa Zahid Anwar 1144 Parallel Iterative Reengineering Model of Legacy Systems Xing Su 1005 A Population Control Protocol for Mobile Agent Based WorkflowAdrian Padilla-Duarte, Ernesto Lope Marina Flores-Badillo, Automation 973 Efficient Optimized Composition of Semantic Web Services Bach Tuong Nguyen, Phongphun Kijsana Rattikorn Hewett,

Rm14 (Control of Uncertain Chair(s) Session Systems) Suman Chakravorty/Debraj Chakraborty Paper ID Paper Title Authors 573 Nonlinear Robust Control to Maximize Energy Capture inEnver Tatlicioglu Wind Turbine Using an In Erhun Iyasere, a Variable Speed 628 Generalized Sampling based Motion Planners with Application to Nonholonomic Systems Suman Chakravorty 964 Adaptive Control of Partially Known Continuous-Time Systems Rasul Mohammadi 1062 A Wavelet-Based Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Ahmad Taha abdulsadda, Kamran Optimization Algorithm Network Trained With Stochastic Iqbal 322 Optimal Low Error Control of Disturbed Systems Chakraborty, Jacob Hammer Debraj 917 Networked Predictive Control of MagneticBo Wang, Guo-Ping Liu, David Rees Levitation System

i, A. T. Papagiannakis

do Vila Moura

e J.L. Chappin, Gerard P.J. Dijkema

eller, Asok Ray ona-Nakamura

deep, shah atman, thacker mauli

vid, Philip Chen

Khaldoun bataineh, Akopian David

soo Park, Hakil Kim

Eloy Gonzales, Shimada Kaoru, Kotaro Hirasawa debayo E Gbijah

taro Hirasawa

Frye, Chunjiang Qian

Prietula, Irma Becerra Fernandez, Gregory Madey

guo Shan, Quan Wen

Weiming Shen, Mu Zhu

enniwa, Weiming Shen

n Ikeura, Masaya Nobe, Hideki Sawai Masayoshi Kanoh, Hidenori Itoh

Padilla-Duarte, Ernesto Lopez-Mellado Nguyen, Phongphun Kijsanayothin

Rm1 (Visual Information Processing III) Session Chair(s) Jia Wei/Dang Gang Paper ID Paper Title Authors 559 Image Fusion Quality Metrics by Directional ProjectionRichang, Song Yan, Tang jinhui, Pang jianx Hong 572 Concept-Dependent Image Annotation via Existence-Based Multiple-Instance Learning Xun Yuan, Meng Wang, Song Yan 602 Fast Palmprint Retrieval Using Principal Lines Jia Wei 641 Application of bidirectional two-dimensional principal component analysis to curvelet feature A. ahm Abdul Adeel Mohammed, Wu Jonathan, M. based 651 An Adaptive Octree Textures Painting AlgorithmDang Gang, Hang Li, Zhi-Quan cheng, Kai Xu, Y Rm2 (Systems and Cybernetics) Session Chair(s) Rodney G. Roberts Paper ID Paper Title Authors 279 Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Relatively Crowded Conditions wenhao lu 935 On the absolute orientation problem in computer Rodney G. Roberts, Daniel W. Repperger vision 1130 A Bilevel Optimization Model and a PSO-based Algorithm in Day-ahead Electricity Markets Guangquan Zhang, Jie Lu, Ya Gao, Guoli Zhang

Rm3 (Intelligent TransportationChair(s) II) Session Systems Siril Yella/Chun Huang Lin Paper ID Paper Title Authors 522 Development of Telematics Communication System with WAVE DSRCHuang Lin Kang Chiao Lin, Chun 915 Condition monitoring of wooden railway sleepersSiril Yella using time-frequency techniques and pattern class 1083 UTOSPF with Waiting Times for Green Light Consideration Khanjary Mohammad 1158 A LRF and stereovision based data association method for objectsCyril Meurie, Yassine Ruichek, Z Pawel Kmiotek, tracking

Rm4 (Artificial Immune Systems) Session Chair(s) Jiming Liu Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1171 Advancement in the twentieth century in artificial immune systems for optimization: review and fut Eugene YC Wong, Henry YK Lau 972 An Artificial Immune Systems based Predictive Modelling Approach for the Multi-Objective Elicita Jun Chen, Mahdi Mahfouf 801 A General Growth Model for the Emergence of Power-law Distributions Shiwu Zhang, Jiming Liu 119 Design RF Diplexer by Directional Immune Clonal Selection Algorithm Qiuyi Wu 1119 Stride Rate in Radar Micro-Doppler Images Dave Tahmoush, Jerry Silvious

Rm5 (Neural Networks and Their Applications III) Session Chair(s) Iren Valova/Michael T. Frye Paper ID Paper Title Authors 656 SIMULTANEOUS VS. SUCCESSIVE LEARNING IN NEURAL NETWORKS Anthony Choi 949 The Use of TurSOM for Color Image Segmentation Valova Iren 960 Development of a Full Body Balance Model Using an Artificial Neural Network Approach Roseann Trevino, Michael T. Frye, Chunjiang Qia 1051 Self-Selective Clustering of Training Data Using Robert Jackson Marks, Ram Balasubramanian, Ba the Maximally-Receptive Classifer/Regression Mo 1129 Discovering the Best Web Service: A Neural Network-based SolutionQusay Mahmoud Eyhab Al-Masri, H. 1153 Testing Artificial Metaplasticity in MLP Applications Diego, Marcano Enrique Alexis, Alarc?n M Andina Rm6 (Systems Biology) Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title Luonan Chen Authors

212 254 664 1154 92 1138

Dynamically dysfunctional protein interactions inZhi-Ping Liu, Yong Wang, Wen Tieqiao, Zhang X the development of Alzheimer’s disease Genetic Networks with SUM Regulatory Functions: Characterizing the Equilibrium Points Graziano Chesi Reliable Detection of Short Periodic Gene Expression Time Series Profiles in DNA Microarray Dat Alan Wee-Chung Liew, Hong Yan Co-Expressed Gene Assessment Based on the Path Consistency Algorithm: Operon Detention in Es Katsuhisa Horimoto, Shigeru Saito A committee of NNA classifiers for the prediction of the cai, ZhiSong He, miRNAs and the target g yudong binding between Kaiyan Feng The Effects of Conservation Laws in Metabolic Networks Ruiqi Wang

Rm7 (Hybrid models of NN, Fuzzy Sys & Evolutionary Computing II) Jose Alfredo Ferreira Costa/Shou-Yan Chou Session Chair(s) Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1290 Developing Adaptive Driving Route Guidance Systems Based on Fuzzy Neural Network Shou-Yan Chou 883 The Comparison of Neural Network and Hybrid Neuro-FuzzyJassar Inferential Sensor Models for S Surinder K. based 326 A Hybrid MGA-BP Algorithm for RBFNs self-generate yu shiwei 581 Delay Nonlinear System Predictive Control On MPSO+DNN Min Han, Jianchao Fan

Rm8 (Optimization II)Session Chair(s) Yufang Jin Paper ID Paper Title Authors 731 Generalization of the No-Free-Lunch Theorem Albert Y.S. Lam, Victor O.K. Li 984 A T-S Fuzzy based Adaptive Critic for Continuous-time Input AffinePrem Kumar P., Nazmul H. Si Laxmidhar Behera, Nonlinear Systems 1211 An Integrated ACO-AHP Approach for ResourceKia Fallahi, Henry Leung, Sandeep Chandana Management Optimization 1285 Trajectory Planning for An Unmanned Ground Vehicle Group Using Augmented Particle Swarm O Yufang Jin 657 A Novel Grey Model to Short-Term Electricity Price Forecasting for NordPool Power Market Ming li Lei

Rm9 (Meta-synthesis and Complex Systems I) Session Chair(s) Balaji Janamanchi Paper ID Paper Title Authors 248 Inventory Policies for Supply Chains: A System Dynamics Model based Study Balaji Janamanchi 682 Decision Analysis with Hybrid Uncertain Performance Targets Van-Nam Huynh, Hong-Bin Yan, Yoshiteru Naka 778 Knowledge Transfer in Science-Policy Process -Case Study on Remote Sensing Nakamori in Disa Mitsumi Miyashita, Yoshiteru Technology 780 An Interpretation of Recent Technological Innovation in Traditional Craft Industry in Japan Yukihiro Yamashita, Yoshiteru Nakamori Rm10 (Decision Support Systems I) Session Chair(s) Kotaro Hirasawa/Fernando Buarque Lima Neto Paper ID Paper Title Authors 516 A Portfolio Selection Model using Genetic Relation Algorithm and GeneticKotaro Hirasawa Yan Chen, Shingo Mabu, Network Programming 536 Shape Design of Products Based on A Decision Support System Yung Chin Hsiao 609 Incorporating User Cognitive Profile InformationFl?vio Rosendo Oliveira, Fernando Buarque Lima in Intelligent Decision Support Systems 159 Forecast of Next Day Clearing Price in Deregulated Electricity Market zhou hui

Rm11 (Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Chains) Session Chair(s) Jean-Marc Frayret/Chun Wang Paper ID Paper Title Authors 180 A Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm for Time- and Qi Hao, Yunjiao Xue, Shuying Wang, Weiming S Resource-Constrained Task Networks 980 Bidding Languages for Auction-Based Distributed Scheduling Chun Wang

1137 A Multidisciplinary Review of Collaborative Supply Chain Planning Jean-Marc Frayret 1220 Automating Nurse Self-Rostering: A Multiagent Systems Model Chun Wang 1221 Auction-Based Negotiation Mechanism for Integrated Due Date Management Chun Wang

Rm12 (Mechatronics) Session Chair(s) Ganga Jayaraman/Waseem Amer Paper ID Paper Title Authors 21 Active Sidestick Design Using Impedance Control Ganga Jayaraman 614 Euclidean Position Estimation of Static Features using a Moving Darren Dawson, Enver Tatlicioglu Nitendra Nath, Uncalibrated Camera 615 Range Identification for Nonlinear Parameterizable Paracatadioptric Systems Nitendra Nath, Enver Tatlicioglu, Darren Dawson 717 Industrial Automation using Embedded Systems and Machine-to-Machine, Man-to-Machine (M2M) Waseem Amer 1218 A 3-D Simulator using ADAMS for Design of anAbdullah Al Mamun, Zhen Zhu, Myint Phone Nai Autonomous Gyroscopically Stabilized Single W 1240 Robust Tracking Using Hybrid Control System Shafiqul Islam, Peter X Liu

Rm13 (System Modeling & Control III) Session Chair(s) Muhuttin Yilmaz/Wei-Chung Teng Paper ID Paper Title Authors 886 Smart Home at a Finger Tip: OSGi-based MyHome Wei-Chung Teng, Hsuan-Yu Huang, Sheng-Luen 713 Stability Criteria for A Class of MIMO Networked Control Liu, Guo-PingNetwork ConstraintsDavid Xiaopeng Systems with Liu, yuanqing Xia, 488 Implied Historical Federal Reserve Bank Behavior Under Uncertainty Muhuttin Yilmaz, Selahattin Ozcelik, Nuri Yilmaz 866 Formal specification and simulation of the robot path plannerBelkhouche, Boumedien Belkhouche Yassine M. 718 An Approximate Solution to the Norm Optimal Control Problem Debraj Chakraborty, C. Shaikshavali 738 Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Generalized Periodicbin Li Matrices With Linear Relation zhi Jacobi

Rm14 (Control of Nonlinear and Uncertain Systems) Session Chair(s) Chih-Min Lin Paper ID Paper Title Authors 610 Feedback-Error-Learning For Stability of Double kiankhah Pendulum Inverted ehsan, Teshnelab Mohammad, Aliyari Sh 63 Nonlinear dynamic system control using wavelet ehsan hossaini asl, mehdisampling theory neural network based on shahbazian 447 Adaptive CMAC Control System Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems Chung, Chun-Fei Hsu Chih-Min Lin, Chao-Ming 842 Clustering Based Multi-Label Classification for Image Annotation and Grigorios Tsoumakas, Abbas Gulisong Nasierding, Retrieval 1273 Adaptive Type-2 Fuzzy Maintenance Advisor forZhaoxia Wang, C.S. Chang, F. Yang, W.W. Tan Offshore Power Systems 1274 Impacts of Emissions Trading on Power Industries and Electricity Markets Iain MacGill Binbin Xun, Fushuan Wen,

Yan, Tang jinhui, Pang jianxin ang, Song Yan

mmed, Wu Jonathan, M. A. ahmed , Zhi-Quan cheng, Kai Xu, Yan-Zhen Wang, Bao Li

Daniel W. Repperger ie Lu, Ya Gao, Guoli Zhang

un Huang Lin

il Meurie, Yassine Ruichek, Zann Frederick

Henry YK Lau

ichael T. Frye, Chunjiang Qian ks, Ram Balasubramanian, Mohamed El-Sharkawi, Jae-Byung Jung Qusay Mahmoud ano Enrique Alexis, Alarc?n Martin

Wang, Wen Tieqiao, Zhang Xiang-Sun, Weiming Xia, Luonan Chen

ew, Hong Yan Shigeru Saito He, Kaiyan Feng

a Costa/Shou-Yan Chou

Prem Kumar P., Nazmul H. Siddique, Girijesh Prasad eung, Sandeep Chandana

ong-Bin Yan, Yoshiteru Nakamori Yoshiteru Nakamori Yoshiteru Nakamori

nando Buarque Lima Neto

Mabu, Kotaro Hirasawa

eira, Fernando Buarque Lima Neto

e, Shuying Wang, Weiming Shen

aseem Amer

en Dawson, Enver Tatlicioglu r Tatlicioglu, Darren Dawson

, Zhen Zhu, Myint Phone Naing

ei-Chung Teng

suan-Yu Huang, Sheng-Luen Chung Ping Liu, yuanqing Xia, David Rees, Jian Sun lahattin Ozcelik, Nuri Yilmazer che, Boumedien Belkhouche C. Shaikshavali

hnelab Mohammad, Aliyari Shoorehdeli Mahdi mehdi shahbazian -Ming Chung, Chun-Fei Hsu , Grigorios Tsoumakas, Abbas Z. Kouzani Chang, F. Yang, W.W. Tan n Wen, Iain MacGill

Rm1 (Visual Information Processing IV) Session Chair(s) Yu-Jin Zhang/Wuyuan Xie Paper ID Paper Title Authors 993 Depth Map Estimation Using Exponentially Decaying FocusPankajkumar Mendapara, Rashid Minhas, W Measure Based on Susan Operator 814 Signature-Driven Multiple Visual Target Tracking Shuyan Sun, Zhipei Huang , Sheng Jiang, J 818 Foreground Segmentation via Sparse Representation Bin Shen, Yu-Jin Zhang 843 Unsupervised Human Motion Analysis Using Automatic Label TreesWuyuan Xie Kui Jia, 175 Terrain-based Adaptive Compression and Real-time Visualization Xiaodong Wang, Xin Zheng Rm2 (Systems) Paper ID 336 550 930 186 221

Session Chair(s) TBD Paper Title Authors Implementing Network Discovery Protocol LLDP and LLDP-MEDS Chandwadkar, Vahida Z Attar Piyush Improved Adaptive Cleaning Method for RFID Data StreamDuo Zhang, Chunkai Zhang Diagnosis and prognosis for the maintenance of complex systems RIBOT, Yannick Pencole, Michel C Pauline Robust Control of Free-floating Space Flexible Manipulator Zhaobin Space Li Chen in Joint Hong, Interval-valued Fuzzy Control Zeng Wenyi, Jiayin Wang, Xin Zheng, Xia

Rm3 (Remote Services) ession Chair(s) S S. Tamura/Yohsuke Hosoda Paper ID Paper Title Authors 299 Electronic Voting Using Confirmation Numbers Kazi Md. Rokibul Alam, S. Tamura 383 A Mechanism For Enhanced Symmetric Key Encryption Based Mixnet Haddad, S. Tamura, Hiroya Ts Hazim Anas 489 A system on the Web for octuple-precision computation Takemitsu Hasegawa, Yohsuke Hosoda, Yu 654 A web system for the 3D display of bivariate mathematical functions Hosoda, Takemitsu Hasegawa Yohsuke 794 A Linear Hashing Enabling Efficient Retrieval for Range Queries Ken Higuchi, Tatsuo Tsuji

Rm4 (Information Assurance &Chair(s) Multimedia-Mobile Communications) Sos S. Agaian Session Intelligent Paper ID Paper Title Authors 151 A Non-Reference Measure for Objective Edge Map Evaluation Shahan C Nercessian, Sos S. Agaian, Karen 170 Image Encryption Using Binary Key-images Yicong Zhou, Karen A. Panetta, Sos S. Aga 645 Land Mobile Channel Modeling in LabVIEW GRANT HUANG, Arpine Soghoyan, Akop 1013 Alpha-trimmed Image Estimation for JPEG Steganography Detection Chen, Sos S. Agaian, Philip Che Mei-Ching

Rm5 (Neural NetworksSession Chair(s) and Their Applications IV) Mohammad Reza Mosavi Paper ID Paper Title Authors 802 A Sensitivity-Based Training Algorithm with Architecture Adjusting Liu Madalines Yan Jun for 47 Single-Frequency GPS Receivers Ionospheric Time-Delay Approximation using RadialHamid Function Mohammad Reza Mosavi, Basis AmirMo 1278 The Combined Use of Evidence Theory and Vague Sets to Interpret Multimodal Inspection Data Bai Hua 33 Centroid Neural Network based clustering technique using competetive learning Sevugan Prabu, selvakumar kamalanathan

Rm6 (Consumer and Industrial Applications/ Micro and Nano Systems) Session Chair(s) Umehara Eiichi/Po Lun Chang Paper ID Paper Title Authors 140 Is Stock BBS Content Correlated with the Stock Market?—A Japanese Case Umehara Eiichi 142 A Field-Oriented Approach to Web Form Validation for Database-Isolated Rule Liang Zhou 601 A Novel Consumer Clock Device Based on Grey Relational Po Lun Chang Analysis 315 A Microfluidic Electroosmotic Mixer and the Effect of Potential and FrequencyKhashayar Khoshmanes Abbas Z. Kouzani, on its Mixing Efficienc

758 Design and Simulation of a Low Voltage Wide Band RF MEMS Switch Abbas Z. Kouzani, K. Mafin Y. Mafinejad, 764 Optical Microsensor for Counting Food Substance Particles A. Lab-on-a-chips Z. Kouzani, A. Kaynak in J. Dixon, Abbas Rm7 (Evolutionary Computation IV) Session Chair(s) Jun Zhang Paper ID Paper Title Authors 206 Self-Adaptive Ant Colony System for the Traveling Salesman Problem Wei-jie Yu, xiao-min hu Jun Zhang, 474 A New Genetic Algorithm for the SET k-cover Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks xiao-min Hu jun Zhang, Yuan-long Li,

Rm8 (Education Technology and Training) Session Chair(s) David Akopian/Noboru Takagi Paper ID Paper Title Authors 166 A Remote Over-Internet Hands-on Laboratory Arsen Melkonyan, David Akopian, Philip C 775 Study on Blended Learning Approach for English Teaching Xiaomei Wang, Yajun Yang, Xin Wen 421 Design and Implementation of a Service-Oriented Web-based Control Laboratory Liu, Geng Zheng Yuliang Qiao, Guo-Ping 493 Mathematical Figure Recognition for Automating Production of Tactile Graphics Noboru Takagi

Rm9 (Meta-synthesis and Complex Systems II ) Session Chair(s) Xijin Tang/Haibo Wang Paper ID Paper Title Authors 817 Technologies for Qualitative Meta-synthesis of CommunityXijin Tang Consensus 823 Research on Financial Warning for Chinese Listed Companies by Yaohui, Shao Xijuan, Haibo Wang Chen Using Panel Data Model 906 Decision Making Using Early Warning Information on Extreme Weather Akio Hiramatsu, Van-Nam Huynh, Yoshite 1155 Meta-synthesis Seminar Hall for Power Supply and Demandbaoguo shan, Quan Wen, Xiandong Tan, Y Research 158 A Multi-Objective Decision Making on Reliability Growth Planning for In-Service Systems Tongdan Jin, Haibo Wang

Rm10 (Decision Support Systems II) Session Chair(s) Kazuaki Masuda/Krishna R Pattipati Paper ID Paper Title Authors 406 Optimization-based Decision Support Algorithms for a Team-in-the-Loop Planning Experiment Kris Huy N. Bui, Xu Han, Suvasri Mandal, 689 Chaotic Global Optimization by Direct Stability Control of Gradient-Based Systems Kenzo Kazuaki Masuda, Kurihara 1010 Numerical Experimentation on Structure Simplification in Bayesian Network Atsushi Takahashi, Shing Masakazu Shiba, 431 An extension of fuzzy TOPSIS for personnel selection Alecos Michail Kelemenis, Dimitrios Asko 777 A Broker-Assisting Trust and Reputation System Based on Artificial NeuralXu, Jun Jiao, Jian Lv Bo Zong, Feng Network

Rm11 (Role-Based Systems/Quality & Reliability Engineering) Session Chair(s) Haibin Zhu/Nadia Erdogan Paper ID Paper Title Authors 451 Improvement to Rated Role Assignment Algorithms Haibin Zhu 922 A Web Services Market Framework with Role Based Agents Durmus Ali, Nadia Erdogan 487 A Multi-objective Approach to Implement an Integrated Management System: Quality,Ben Romdhane, Ahmed Badreddine, Taieb Security, Enviro 873 A New MAS Based Approach Modeling the QMS Continual Improvement. Hajer Ben Mahmoud Dammak, Taieb Be 362 ESA PetriNet: Petri net Based Tool for Reliability Analysis Nabil Sadou, Romaric Guillerm, Hamid De

Rm12 (Mechatronics and Mobile Robotics) Session Chair(s) Chung-Hsien Kuo/Yi-Hung Liu Paper ID Paper Title Authors 1075 Eyeglasses Based Electrooculography Human-wheelchair Interface Chung-Hsien Kuo, Yi-Chang Chan, Hung-C 1251 Towards a High-Stability EMG Recognition System for Prosthesis Control: a One-Class Classification Yi-Hung Liu, Han-Pang Huang 570 Applications of Highly Accurate Localization And Navigation to Mobile Robot Jie-Cong Ciou, HsiungGuo-Shing Huang,

687 Optimization of Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controllers for MobileOscar Castillo, Evolutionary Methods Mar Robots Using Patricia Melin, Ricardo 1085 Parameter Tuning of Membership Functions of a Fuzzy Logic Controller for an Autonomous Wheeled Oscar Castillo, Ricardo Martinez-Marroqui

Rm13 (System Modeling & Control IV) Session Chair(s) Liguo Deng/Philip Chen Paper ID Paper Title Authors 44 On Control of Power Supply Process of Marine Shaft Generator Xiaoyan Xu, Yinzhong Ye, Philip Chen 459 Research on Direct Torque Control Theory of Double Threeyi Guo Permanent Magnet Synchronous M Phrases 697 Stability and Stabilization for Discrete Systems with Time-varying Delays Based on the Average Dwell Jian Sun, Jie Chen, Guo-Ping Liu, David R 1079 A New Approach Based on Particle Filter for Target Tracking with Glint Noise bing Ji Jun Gen Zhang, Hong

Rm14 (Cooperative Systems and Control) Session Chair(s) TBD Paper ID Paper Title Authors 29 Reduced Order Modeling Using Genetic-Fuzzy algorithm Ahmad Taha abdulsadda, Kamran Iqbal 324 Optimal Flocking Control for a Mobile Sensor Network Based a MovingLa, Trung Hien Nguyen, Cong Hung Manh Target Tracking 620 On Decentralized Navigation Schemes for Coordination of Multi-Agent Dynamical Systems Denis Gi Hajir Roozbehani, Sylvain Rudaz, 621 A Hamilton-Jacobi Formulation for Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems Hajir Roozbehani, Sylvain Rudaz, Denis Gi 429 Analysis of Networked Predictive Control Systems with Uncertainties Liu Guo-Ping 1150 Enhancing the Computing Efficiency of Power System Dynamic Analysis with PSS_E Kit Po Wong Ke Meng, Zhao Yang Dong,

Yu-Jin Zhang/Wuyuan Xie Pankajkumar Mendapara, Rashid Minhas, Wu Jonathan Shuyan Sun, Zhipei Huang , Sheng Jiang, Jiankang Wu, Zhiqiang Zhang Bin Shen, Yu-Jin Zhang Kui Jia, Wuyuan Xie Xiaodong Wang, Xin Zheng

Piyush S Chandwadkar, Vahida Z Attar Duo Zhang, Chunkai Zhang Pauline RIBOT, Yannick Pencole, Michel Combacau Zhaobin Hong, Li Chen Zeng Wenyi, Jiayin Wang, Xin Zheng, Xiaodong Wang S. Tamura/Yohsuke Hosoda Kazi Md. Rokibul Alam, S. Tamura Hazim Anas Haddad, S. Tamura, Hiroya Tsurugi Takemitsu Hasegawa, Yohsuke Hosoda, Yuuichi Itaya Yohsuke Hosoda, Takemitsu Hasegawa Ken Higuchi, Tatsuo Tsuji Sos S. Agaian Shahan C Nercessian, Sos S. Agaian, Karen A. Panetta Yicong Zhou, Karen A. Panetta, Sos S. Agaian GRANT HUANG, Arpine Soghoyan, Akopian David, Philip Chen, Abhay Samant Mei-Ching Chen, Sos S. Agaian, Philip Chen, Benjamin M Rodriguez Mohammad Reza Mosavi Yan Jun Liu Mohammad Reza Mosavi, Hamid AmirMoini Sevugan Prabu, selvakumar kamalanathan Umehara Eiichi/Po Lun Chang Umehara Eiichi Liang Zhou Po Lun Chang Abbas Z. Kouzani, Khashayar Khoshmanesh, Saeid Saeid Nahavandi, Jagat Kanwar

Y. Mafinejad, Abbas Z. Kouzani, K. Mafinezhad, H. Nabovatti A. J. Dixon, Abbas Z. Kouzani, A. Kaynak, B. A. Sexton

Jun Zhang, Wei-jie Yu, xiao-min hu jun Zhang, Yuan-long Li, xiao-min Hu David Akopian/Noboru Takagi Arsen Melkonyan, David Akopian, Philip Chen Xiaomei Wang, Yajun Yang, Xin Wen Yuliang Qiao, Guo-Ping Liu, Geng Zheng Noboru Takagi Xijin Tang/Haibo Wang Xijin Tang Chen Yaohui, Shao Xijuan, Haibo Wang Akio Hiramatsu, Van-Nam Huynh, Yoshiteru Nakamori baoguo shan, Quan Wen, Xiandong Tan, Yuanbing Zhou Tongdan Jin, Haibo Wang Kazuaki Masuda/Krishna R Pattipati Huy N. Bui, Xu Han, Suvasri Mandal, Krishna R Pattipati, David L. Kleinman Kazuaki Masuda, Kurihara Kenzo Masakazu Shiba, Atsushi Takahashi, Shingo Aoki , Hiroshi Tsuji, Shuuki Inoue Alecos Michail Kelemenis, Dimitrios Askounis Bo Zong, Feng Xu, Jun Jiao, Jian Lv Haibin Zhu/Nadia Erdogan Haibin Zhu Durmus Ali, Nadia Erdogan Ahmed Badreddine, Taieb Ben Romdhane, Nahla Ben Amor Hajer Ben Mahmoud Dammak, Taieb Ben Romdhane, Raouf Ketata Nabil Sadou, Romaric Guillerm, Hamid Demmou Chung-Hsien Kuo/Yi-Hung Liu Chung-Hsien Kuo, Yi-Chang Chan, Hung-Chyun Chou, Jia-Wun Siao Yi-Hung Liu, Han-Pang Huang Guo-Shing Huang, Jie-Cong Ciou, Hsiung-Cheng Lin

Oscar Castillo, Patricia Melin, Ricardo Martinez, Luis Aguilar Oscar Castillo, Ricardo Martinez-Marroquin, Jose Soria Liguo Deng/Philip Chen Xiaoyan Xu, Yinzhong Ye, Philip Chen Jian Sun, Jie Chen, Guo-Ping Liu, David Rees Jun Gen Zhang, Hong bing Ji

Ahmad Taha abdulsadda, Kamran Iqbal Hung Manh La, Trung Hien Nguyen, Cong Huu Nguyen, Hien Nhu Nguyen Hajir Roozbehani, Sylvain Rudaz, Denis Gillet Hajir Roozbehani, Sylvain Rudaz, Denis Gillet Guo-Ping Liu Ke Meng, Zhao Yang Dong, Kit Po Wong

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