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									                                                                                                     GUARANTEE: Each order we send will be filled with stock of fine quality, packed with care to
                                                                                                     reach you in good live growing condition. If you are not entirely satisfied, return it at once for
                                                                                                     refund minus postage.

2410 Lanes Mill Road         Hamilton, Ohio 45013                                                    We are not responsible to replace plants that have failed due to conditions beyond our control
phone: 513-894-0022          fax: 513-892-2053                                                       such as possible neglect, weather, growing conditions or the lack of experience on the part of the           email:                                      gardener.

                                                                                                     A Word About Native Plants: We offer many native varieties because we like them, but we do

2013 CATALOG                                              Updated April 1, 2013
                                                                                                     not collect them from the wild. We grow them from cuttings or seeds, and are listed as Native.

                                                                                                     Prices subject to change.

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   To those who might be new to us, Mary's Plant Farm is not a garden center, it is a small farm,
where the plants are field grown. Our perennial plant list is extensive including many shade and
native varieties. Also many varieties of flowering shrubs and understory trees, plus unusual and
hard to find flowering shade trees. For over 60 years, I have been growing the ordinary and          CONTACT US
unusual in plants. Some of which were handed down from my parents garden and are not readily
available. If you do not see it listed or are having difficulty finding a specific variety, let us   Mary's Plant Farm and Landscaping
know. It might be available but not in enough quantity to list.                                      2410 Lanes Mill Road
                                                                                                     Hamilton, Ohio
    This catalog serves not only mail order customers, but as a guide to those who come to the       45013
nursery. In some instances there may be a number of different sizes in a particular plant, and due   USA
to limited catalog space not listed as such. Some prices may vary in the nursery from the catalog    phone: 513-894-0022
price, as cash and carry is often times less.                                                        fax: 513-892-2053
   Visitors are always welcome to browse our English style perennial borders, natural areas,
rockery of Apple Tree Herb Garden. On any given day our customers are doing just that, viewing       Nursery open April through October. By appointment the rest of the season.
the growth habits of perennials both woody, evergreen and herbaceous, seeing what growing            We are closed Sunday beginning June 19th.
conditions each prefer. Groups who wish a guided tour are asked to make reservations. We enjoy
meeting new gardening friends and sharing our gardening experiences.                                 Business Hours:

   For years we have landscaped gardens and trouble spots. Most of our landscape business has        Spring Nursery Hours beginning April 3rd through June 17th:
come to us by recommendations from our previous customers. We pride ourselves in designing           Tues. - Sat. 9:30am to 6:30pm
gardens that look as though they have grown there naturally and not contrived by man. Planting       Sunday 12:00am to 5:00pm
the right material for its growing situation is paramount. English garden designs are a specialty,   Closed on Monday
but we are also proud of our contemporary designs. We use stone or brick walls where necessary       Closed Easter Sunday
or elevate the ground naturally to achieve the effect needed. Your landscaping should look
unique to your home, not a copy of your neighbor's.                                                  Summer Nursery Hours Beginning June 19th through October 31st:
                                                                                                     Tues. - Sat. 9:30am to 5:00pm
    We have a wide selection of brass garden plaques, pewter windchimes, garden statuary, tables     Closed Sunday and Monday.
and benches. Along with the natural color concrete, which ages out to a stone look, we have a        Closed July 3rd and 4th.      Office open 9:30am- 5:00pm Tuesday-Saturday ALL YEAR
terra cotta colored concrete for planters and urns, which will tolerate the winter weather. Many
of the pieces we sell are offered in many national garden magazines. We also have a large            Mary's Plant Farm is approximately 30 miles northwest of Cincinnati, Ohio, located 2
selection of Barley clay birdbaths and patio containers..                                            blocks north from the intersection of State Route 27 and State Route 130 on Lanes Mill
                                                                                                     Road. The nursery is behind our residence, next door to the United Methodist Church.
Mary Harrison and Sherri Berger

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                                                                                                Our office hours are 9:30am to 6:30pm (Eastern Standard) Tuesday-Saturday, and noon to
                                                                                                5:00pm Sunday. We are closed Sunday beginning June 19th.

                                                                                                4. Email your order to us. Include your credit card information at your own risk. If you do
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                                                                                            Orders up to $24.99             $11.95          $12.95
                                                                                            Orders from $25.01 to
                                                                                                                            $12.95          $13.95
                                                                                            Orders over $50.00              22% of order 24% of order
                                                                                            Shrubs over 4’ tall             add $5 each add $5 each
                                                                                            Trees over 5’ tall              add $10 each add $10 each

                                                                                            Alaska and Hawaii orders are sent postage charged by carrier plus $3.00 handling.

”At our fall seminar in September, attendees couldn't believe that the beautiful colored
                                                                                                  WHEN WE DO SHIP:
foliage branches I showed them were from the crepe myrtles. I like these trees and
                                                                                            We ship plants MARCH, APRIL, MAY and then again in OCTOBER.
shrubs not only for their color, but because all have small or compound foliage that
                                                                                            Spring and fall blooming bulbs are shipped SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER.
blow away with no need for raking. I know that spring seems like the wrong time to
write of fall color, but if you want to enjoy the late summer and fall color in your
garden, you need to plant it early in the season. Now is the time to look at your garden,          WHEN WE DO NOT SHIP:
and consider what fall color you have. The earlier you plant, the more established your     Plants are NOT shipped DECEMBER, JANUARY.
plants will be by summer.”                                                                  Plants are NOT shipped JUNE, JULY and AUGUST.
–Mary Harrison
                                                                                                   WHEN SHIPMENTS DEPEND ON WEATHER:
                                                                                            Plant shipments in FEBRUARY, SEPTEMBER, NOVEMBER depend upon the

                                                                                                   WE DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE U.S.

BULBS AND TUBERS                                                                            ANEMONE BLANDA - 6" tall, mixed colors, very early, Z 3-9,
                                                                                            10 for $2.50 (fall shipping only)
Note: This bulb listing is a representation of what should be available for shipping in
the fall of 2013. A complete list of bulbs an new varieties will be updated in June 2013.   BRODIAEA
You may order at anytime prior to June from this listing and we will confirm                B. laxa 'Queen Fabiola' - dark blue, tubular bloom clusters, June, 18" tall, 10 for $2.50
availability and the discount on those selected items.                                      B. ixioides 'Starlight'     - yellow florets that mae a round starburst bloom, June, 3
                                                                                            for $3.25
The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go      B. 'Pink Diamond'
into the landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot
all plants in gallon size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the    CAMASSIA
root system and its required growing space.                                                 C. leichtlinii caeruleum       - blue boom spikes, 24-30" tall, May-June, 3 for $3.99
KEY:                                                                                        C. l. alba       - white boom, $2.29
tender — bulbs/plants must be dug for winter &
stored/potted                                                                               CALLA
* ——— an herb and good landscape material                                                   C. Z. Albo Maculata - spotted leaf, white bloom, 10"-16" tall, $5.25 each
** ——– rockery                                                                              C. 'Neon Amour' - dark pink to red, 14"-18" tall, $5.25 each
*** —— ground cover                                                                         C. 'Sunshine' - yellow uniform 3" flowers, 18"-22" tall, $5.25 each
Z ——— hardiness zone (example: Z4)
We sell only top size bulbs and ship at the correct planting time.                          C. ‘Bengal Tiger’- green leaves, patterned with narrow yellow stripes, 40” tall, orange
                                                                                            bloom, $14.95
A full line of Fall, Spring, Summer blooming bulbs available at the nursery Sept. 1st.      C. Red or Yellow bloom - , $5.00
Receive a 5% discount on spring blooming bulbs ordered prior to June 10th.
Sorry, no discount on: lillium, lycoris, cyclamen, canna, colchicum, or oxalis regnelli.    CHIONODOXA (fall shipping only)
                                                                                            C. luciliae - 6" tall, blue bloom, very early spring, 10 for $1.50
These varieties below are for fall shipping only.                                           COLCHICUM Fall Bloom (fall shipping only) 2
Alliums from bulbs are great garden subjects. They go dormant after bloom, so tuck          C. autumnale alba - single white, $7.99 ea.
them in close to later blooming plants ex. the taller varieties by the June blooming        C. autumnale 'Alboplenum' - double white, $12.95 each
Lilium, shorter ones near August bloom Campanula carpatica. All Allium like well            C. autumnale 'Lilac Wonder' - single lilac $4.99 ea.
drained soil.                                                                               C. autumnale pleniflorum - double lilac, 4" tall, Z3-9 $7.50
                                                                                            C. autumnale 'The Giant' - 8" masses of lavender bloom in Sept. from one bulb,
A. bulgaricum - 3' tall,white edged pink bells, 3 for $3.00                                 increase quickly $5.75
A. caeruleum - 12" tall, May-June, 10 for $2.60                                             C. autumnale 'Water Lily' - double bloom, pink, $6.50 ea.
A. cowanii - circa 1823-heirloom, white May bloom, 10" tall, 10 for $1.90
A. christophii (albopilosum) - circa 1901, 20” tall, 4” purple bloom, June, seeds heads     CROCUS (fall shipping only)
dry, 3 bulbs for $2.25                                                                      C. 'Giant' Mix - 4", early spring, Z4-9, 10 for $3.40
A. moly - 8” tall, yellow 2” bloom, May/June 10 bulbs for $1.90                             C. chrysanthus (Snow Crocus) - mix colors, 4", very early, Z4-9, 10 for $1.50
A. ostrowskianum - circa 1873, 8” tall, pink 2” bloom, May/June, 10 for $1.90               C. sativus (saffron) - Fall Bloom, 4" tall, lavender bloom, (spice saffron: may be
A. unifolium - circa 1873, 6"-8" tall, 2" pink bloom, 10 for $1.90                          harvested), 6 for $4.75
A. karataviense 'Ivory Queen'- circa 1876, -cream colored florets with green eye,           C. speciosa- Fall Bloom, 4" tall, blue bloom, 6 for $2.50 LIMITED
glaucus foliage, 8" tall, 3 for $3.25                                                       C. zonatus -Fall Bloom, 4" tall, rose-red bloom, 6 for $2.50 LIMITED
A. 'Purple Sensation' - 30” tall, 3” dark purple bloom, May, seed heads dry well, 3 for
A. schubertii - 1896 heirloom, 12” tall, bloom is 14” pink sparkler ball, May,              CYCLAMEN Huge blooming size (see for )
spectacular, $1.79                                                                          Cyclamen species, flowering well in the garden and seeding around, grows well both in
full sun and partial shade or beneath deciduous trees, Z4 large #2 bulbs of blooming          ERYTHONIUM PAGODA - multiple yellow reflexed lily-like blooms on upright
size $14.25                                                                                   stems above low glossy fat rounded leaves, 10" tall, May/June bloom, $1.89
C. neapolitanum (syn. hederifolium) - pink bloom in fall, most reliably hardy of all the
C. neapolitanum alba - white form Z4, large 2" bulbs of blooming size $14.25                  FRITILLARIA (fall shipping only)
C. coum - pink blooms in spring, grows in shady places in coniferous and broadleafed          F. meleagris - 8" tall, May bloom, purple and white bells, Z 3-9, 6 for $3.50
woodland and scrub, sometimes growing amongst tree roots and rocks, needs good                F. persica - dark purple bells on 36" stems, May bloom, $5.99 each
drainage, large 2" bulbs of blooming size $14.25
C. hederifolium 'Silver' - light pink bloom, silver brush to foliage, evergreen all winter,   GALANTHUS (fall shipping only)
$15.50                                                                                        G. nivalis - (Snowdrops), 4" tall, white bell, very early, Z3-9, 6 for $3.50 LIMITED

DAFFODILS/NARCISSUS - Top size bulbs, other varieties available, please inquire.              GLADIOLUS - mix color, 3 bulbs for $1.20 (AVAILABLE SPRING ONLY)
(Fall shipping only)
                                                                                              HYACINTHUS (fall shipping only) 3 for $3.25
N. 'Apricot Whirl'          - split corona, 14", mid spring, 3 for $5.25                      H. 'Carnegie'       - pure white
N. 'British Gamble'           - 18", early, Trumpet, 3 for $3.50                              H. 'Jon Bos'       - red
N. 'Butter and Eggs' - heritage 1876, double light and dark yellow, 3 for $4.99               H. Woodstock - dark fushia purple
N. 'Calgary' - double pure white, 16" tall, 3 for $3.00                                       Hyacinthoides non scripta (English Blue Bells) - mid to late spring, 18" tall, 8 for $6.99
N 'Cool Flame' - pure white petals with deep pink cup. 16" tall, 3 for $3.50                  Multiflora type - several loose blue flower stalks per bulb, heritage,
N. 'Cum Laude'           - Butterfly type, 16" early 3 for $3.50                              3 for $4.50
N. 'Delnashaugh' - 14" early bloom, white petal, double pink ruffled cup, 3 for $3.50         Hyacinth mix - 3 for $3.25
N. 'Double Campernelle' - double yellow pointed petals, multi blooms per stem, very
fragrant, 12" tall, 3 for $3.50                                                               IPHEION (fall shipping only)
N. 'Fortissimo' - 16" early, huge bloom, yellow petals, orange cup, 3 for $3.25               Ipheion 'Wisley Blue'- 8" tall, blue, May-June, lovely, long lasting in the garden, a
N. 'Golden Harvest' - 20" large yellow trumpet, 3 for $2.55                                   great cut flower, Z4-9, 10 for $5.50
N. species hybrid 'Hawera'            - 10" light yellow, early, 3 for $1.75
N. 'La Belle' - cream petal, orange and yellow rimmed cup, 10" tall, 3 for $2.75
                                                                                              I. bucharica - fragrant, multi-flowering, white standards, yellow falls, May-June, $1.49
N. 'Las Vegas' - 16" early-mid, large bloom, white petals, large yellow cup, 3 for $3.25
N. 'Mary Bohannon' - 14" early-mid, yellow petals, large orange trumpet cup, 3 for
                                                                                              I. histrioides 'Katharine Hodgkin' - 6", blue-green standards, yellow-green falls, 6 for
                                                                                              $3.50 (fall shipping only
N. 'Paperwhites' - fragrant, white bloom for forcing indoors in winter, 3 for $3.75
                                                                                              I. reticulata danfordiae - 6" tall, early spring, yellow, fragrant, Z5-9, 10 for $2.80 (fall
N. 'Pink Parasol'         - Trumpet, 16" tall, mid spring, 3 for $3.25                        shipping only)
N. 'Precocious' - 14" mid season, white petals, dark salmon pink ruffled cup, 3 for
                                                                                              I. r. 'Clairette'     - blue, 6" tall, early spring, Z5-9, 10 for $3.75 (fall shipping only)
N. 'Rapture'         - 10" tall, miniature, early, 3 for $1.75                                LILIUM - basal roots on lily bulbs should never be allowed to dry, asiatics bloom first,
N. 'Sagitta' - 12" early, cream yellow petals, pale pink trumpet cup, 3 for $5.50             orientals later, and are fragrant. Potted. Top size bulbs.
N. 'Salome' - large 3" bloom, white petals with apricot pink to old rose with yellow          L. asiatic 'Lolypop' - white throat, rose pink tis, 24" tall, $3.98
edge trumpet, mid season bloom, 3 for $2.50                                                   Lilium asiatic 'Mount Duckling' - true clear pink bloom in early summer, 16" - 18" tall
N. 'Tahiti' - 16", double yellow-orange, 3 for $2.50                                          $3.98
N. 'Vanilla Peach'          - split corona, 16" tall, mid spring, 3 for $4.00                 Lilium oriental 'Arabian Red' - large vibrant rose-red blooms, fragrant 16"-18" tall
Naturalizing Mix - a mix of smaller grade bulbs that used for naturalizing in woodlands       $4.98
etc. Good varieties at a great price. 12 for $3.95                                            L. oriental 'Casa Blanca' - white 32", $4.98
                                                                                              L.oriental 'Mona Lisa' - large clear pink, fragrant, 30" tall, $4.98
ERANTHIS (fall shipping only)                                                                 Lilium oriental 'Muscadet' - large white with pink freckles, fragrant, 28" tall $4.98
E. cilicica - (Winter Aconite) - 4" tall, yellow, very early, Z3-9, 10 for $3.75              L. oriental 'Stargazer' - ruby, late, fragrant 2', $4.98
LEUCOJUM (known as giant snowdrop) (fall shipping only)
L. aestivum 'Gravetye Giant' - 30" tall, 3/4" white bell shape bloom with green tips
spring bloom, 3 for $3.99
                                                                                       The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go
LYCORIS (fall shipping only)                                                           into the landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot
L. Squamigera (Magic Lily) - 2.5' tall, spring foliage, pink August bloom, hardy,      all plants in gallon size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the
multiplies quickly, large blooming size bulbs shipped, SPECIAL SALE PRICE, $3.00       root system and its required growing space.

MUSCARI (fall shipping only)                                                           KEY:
M. armeniacum - (grape hyacinth), 6" tall, blue, early spring, Z3-9,                   tender — bulbs/plants must be dug for winter &
10 for $1.75                                                                           stored/potted
M. botryoides album - 6" tall, white bloom, April-May, Z3-9,                           * ——— an herb and good landscape material
6 for $2.75                                                                            ** ——– rockery
M. latifolium - 10 for $2.50                                                           *** —— ground cover
M. 'Valerie Finnis' - 6" tall, light sky blue, April-May, Z3-9, 6 for $3.25               —––– shade material
                                                                                       Z ——— hardiness zone (example: Z4)
Oxalis adenophylla - 4" tall, spring bloom, Z3-9, 6 for $2.50
Oxalis - large triangular leaves, lavender bloom hardy to -36° F, pot $3.00            AMPELOPSIS
Oxalis regnellii - purple foliage, pink bloom, beautiful Z6, pot $4.50                 A. Brevipedunculata variegata - foliage splashed white, pink stems on new growth,
                                                                                       porcelain blue berries does well in shade 1 gal. $14.99
PUSCHKINIA libanotica - early (March) light blue, 6" tall, 10 for $3.20                A. Brevipedunculata - Porcelain Berry, green foliage, porcelain blue berries does
                                                                                       well in shade 3 gal. $19.95
SCILLA (fall shipping only)
S. campanulata - 12" tall, mixed colors, spring, Z3-9, 6 for $2.60                     ARSISTOLOCHIA (Dutchman's Pipe)            - June bloom, 1 qt. $12.95, 1 gal. $19.95
S. siberica - 4" tall, dark blue, feb/march, 10 for $2.25
                                                                                       CAMPSIS RADICANS (Trumpet Vine) 1 gal.
STERNBERGIA LUTEA - yellow crocus like bloom, fall, well drained location,             C. Radicans Rubra - orange-red bloom $14.50
5 for $9.50 Fall shipping only, Limited                                                C. x tagliabuana 'Mme. Galen' - apricot bloom $14.50

TULIP - All bulbs top size. (fall shipping only)                                       CELASTRUS
Angelique - double pink peony type, late bloom time, 3 for $2.75                       C. Orbiculatus (Oriental Bittersweet) $14.50
Blue Parrott - blue, 24", May, 3 for $2.75                                             C. Scandens (American Bittersweet) $14.50
'Hotpants'       - 20", lavender + white, Triumph, late, 3 for $1.99
Mascotte - 16" tall, unique double fringed, lavender/pink blend, 3 for $3.25           CLEMATIS
                                                                                       Small flowering varieties
'Saigon'      - dark purple, 22", late, 3 for $2.25                                    C. 'Mrs. Robert Brydon' - sprays of lav./blue open bell shapes bloom, Jul/Aug
'Sensual Touch'        - full double peony cup type, orange/peach, 3 for $4.25         2 gal. $29.95
Bunch 'Color Spectacle'          - bunch flowering, 18", tall, late, 3 for $2.75       C. Paniculata (Sweet Autumn) fragrant white sprays cover in Aug. shade
Viridflora 'China Town'         - 18", very late bloom, 3 for $2.75                    1 gal. $20.00
                                                                                       C. tangutica - species type with clusters of yellow bell like blossoms with reflexed tips,
                                                                                       summer blooming, 1 gal. $17.99 LIMITED

                                                                                       Large flowering varieties (others available) 1 gal. $17.99
                                                                                       C. 'Bee's Jubilee' - light pink with dark pink bar
                                                                                       C. 'Carnaby' - white with large red bar stripe in center, red stamens
C. x durandi - 4 petal blue bloom, best to use for hanging over short walls or in
combination pots
C. 'Elsa Spath' - purple, May-September bloom
C. 'Ernest Markham' - red                                                                    The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go
C. 'Guernsey Cream'         - 5" rounded, cream bloom, 6'-8' tall, reblooms in summer,       into the landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot
tolerates shade                                                                              all plants in gallon size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the
C. 'H. F. Young'- single, soft blue-violet with cream anthers, large flower, 8'-10' tall,    root system and its required growing space.
late spring-summer bloom

HYDRANGIA                                                                                    KEY:
H. petiolaris - climbing glossy foliage, flat lace capheads of white bloom, exfoliating        —––––– shade material
bark, woody stems, 4 gal. available for $76.00                                               Z ———— hardiness zone (example: Z4)
H. peitolaris 'Miranda' - variegated green and white foliage in spring to early summer,
white bloom, 4 gal., 4' staked plant $76.00
                                                                                             We are growing quite a few rare and not so rare dwarf and larger conifers.
LONICERA (Honeysuckle) The all summer blooming varieties are not invasive, may               A. concolor - 4', B&B, $74.95 and larger
not be fragrant but have bright blooms for humming birds and have good foliage.              A. concolor 'Candicans' - silver blue needles, beautiful & different Z3, 7’ B&B
L. Aureo Reticulata (green & gold) *** - won't climb on its own must be trained, no          $190.00 and up
bloom, 1 gal. $9.95                                                                          A. Fraiseri 'Green Scout' - upright form, 10'-12' B&B, $249.00
L. Dropmore Scarlet - all summer bloom, 2 gal. $18.95 photo2
L. x brownii 'First Editions Honeybell' - large clusters of yellow tubular blooms repeat     CEPHALOTAXUS
all summer, Z3-8, 2 gal $18,95                                                               C. harringtonia - dwarf, spreading form, tolerates dry, glossy and evergreen for dense
L. Heckrottii 'Goldflame' - pink & gold all summer bloom, 2 gal. $18.95                      shade - 3 gal. $59.95
L. Halliana - fragrant, old fashioned, white & yell. blm, really climbs, 1 gal. $5.00
L. periclymenum 'Harlequin' - variegated green edged with white and pink highlighted         CHAMAECYPARIS
foliage, yellow and pink fragrant flowers throughout the season, 2 gal. $18.95               C. Lawsoniana 'Sullivan'- 6' B&B, $99.00
l. 'Mandarin' - bright orange, all summer bloom, 20', 2 gal. $18.95                          C. Lawsoniana 'Oregon Blue' - $68.00
L. sempervirens 'John Clayton' - yellow bloom from June to frost, 2 gal. $18.95              C. nootkatensis - Z5 7’ B&B $219.00
                                                                                             C. obtusa 'Compacta' - B&B 41/2' $210.00
PARTHENOCISSUS QUINQUEFOLIA (Woodbine) - really climbs, gorgeous red                         C. obtusa ‘Gracilis’ - 3’-4’ $94.00
autumn color, native 1 gal. $8.95                                                            C. obtusa 'Filicoides' - upright, lacy, open branching, oriental effect Z5, 2 gal. $28.95,
                                                                                             4' B&B $52.00 & up
                                                                                             C. obtusa 'Juniperoides'         - mini, tight and cup foliage, 10" x 12" max $22.00
                                                                                             C. obtusa gracilus 'Nana' -dwarf, tight, lacy foliage, slow growing, 1 gal. $19.99
                                                                                             C. p. 'Vintage Gold' - feathery gold foliage, 30" tall x 30" wide max growth, full sun to
"Each year I drift more and more toward the naturalistic or ‘American garden style’,         part shade, 1 gal. $19.95, 2 gal. $26.95
but it isn’t for everyone. I still like some of my gardens in borders, rockeries etc., but   C. pisifera filifera 'Nana Aurea' - dwarf threadleaf with gold tips 1gal. $18.99, 2 gal.
all that grass we had was not essential and all those hours of mowing can now be spent       $32.95
sitting on a bench in the more casual mulched areas, gazing at the flowering trees,          C. p. f. 'Mops' - yellow threadleaf, 3'-4' max, Z2-8, 2 gal. $24.95
shrubs or the wildflowers and bulbs planted there." –Mary Harrison                           C. pisifera 'Snow' - green with white tips B&B 2'-3' $62.00 and up
                                                                                             C. p. sq. intermedia        - blue color, 2 gal. $36.95
                                                                                             C. thyoides 'Heatherbun' - compact slow growing, soft to touch, glaucus cast in
                                                                                             summer, lavender in fall, superior to Juniper, native species Maine to Florida, Z3, 1
                                                                                             gal. $23.00, 2 gal. $32.00, 3 gal. $39.95
                                                                                             C. x cupressocyparis leylandii 'Naylor's Blue' (Leyland Cypress) - very blue form 5'
                                                                                             B&B $119.00
(Mary's choice of the only two juniper varieties worth plantng)
J. Procumbens Nana- ground cover, great by a rock or in oriental garden, Z4                   “As to invasives, natives and exotics or whatever. I've read so much about one state
1 gal. $18.95 B&B $32.00                                                                     banning this plant, and another state banning something else and then planting only
J. 'Blue Star'- vivid blue, low growing mound, nice 1 gal. $19.95 , 2 gal. $26.95            natives. I have always grown many natives, but some natives can become darn
                                                                                             invasive, so do your research.”
MICROBIOTTAdecussata 'Jacobsee'- Golden-green fluffy mounded evergreen,                      –Mary Harrison
max.hgt. 12", sun to part shade Z 2-8 RARE 1gal. $26.95

PICEA (Spruce)
P. Abies nidiformis (Bird's Nest Spruce) - 1 gal $19.95, 2 gal. $26.95
P. Abies pendula - B&B 3'-4' $169.00 & up
P. Glauca conica (Dwarf Alberta Spruce) Z3 2 gal. $28.95, 3’ B&B $48.00 & up
P. Pungens “Bakeri’ - grafted very blue 6’-7’ B&B $275.00 and up
P. P. ‘Blue Ice’ - beautiful silver blue 6’ B&B $325.00 and up
P. Omorika pendula - slender form with drooping branches 2 gal. $64.00
P. O. ‘Serbian Spruce’ - narrow for shade and dry 4 gal. 3’ $68.00 & up

PINUS (Pine)
P. strobus 'Fastigiata', columnar white pine Z3 7’ B&B $145.00

THUJA (Arborvitae) Z3
                                                                                             DAYLILY (HEMEROCALLIS)
T. occidentalis aurea 'Golden Globe' - rounded form, dwarf, Z2-7, 1gal. $19.95
T. occidentalis 'Berman's Gold'- upright narrow and flat, 2 gal. $26.95
T. occidentalis 'Danica' - dwarf, slow growing 1 gal. $19.95, 2 gal. $24.95                  We grow over 1600 named varieties. Diploids & tetroploids. The
T. occidentalis 'Douglasonii Pyramidalis' - very narrow form, dark green foliage, 9'         type, variety or color is endless. There are spiders, trumpets, reflexed or twisted sepals,
B&B $179.00                                                                                  curled or ruffled sepals and petals. Colors range from near white thru black-reds and
T. occidentalis 'Degroot's Spire' - very narrow upright form, 4' x 1.5' max, 1 gal. $19.95   everything in between except blue. Bloom periods are from mid May thru September,
T. occidentalis ‘Hetzi Midget’ - dwarf, slow growth 1 gal. $19.95 B&B $32.95                 and height from 1' thru the altissimas at 5' to 6'. We dig and ship from March thru
T. occidentalis 'Little Gem' - dwarf, globose B&B $32.95                                     October.
T. occidentalis 'Rheingold' - slow growing to 4', broad as tall, orange tipped gold
foliage 2 gal. $24.95, B&B available                                                         E - early bloom June
T. occidentalis ‘Emeral Gem’ - 10' max, upright good screen or as windbreak 2 gal.           M - mid season July
$24.00 4’ B&B $48.00 & up                                                                    L - late August/September.
T. occidnetalis 'Red Star'- soft dwarf, red tips, 1 gal. $19.95
T. occidentalis ‘Tiny Tim’ - dwarf compact B&B $32.95                                        These overlap into the following months giving about a 4 to 5 week bloom period.
T. occidentalis 'Tom Thumb' - ruffled foliage, 12" tall globe form, 1 gal. $19.95            Peak bloom is late July/Aug. Average flower size is 5" across, if flower is larger it is
T. occidentalis ‘Sunkist’ - dwarf 4’x2’ maximum, golden foliage 3', B&B $72.00               listed as lg. fl. if smaller it is listed as pony. Size of plants sent are 2 or more mature
(mature size)                                                                                blooming size fans, we do not line out. Bloom color can be altered slightly by soil or
T. occidentalis 'Mr. Bowling Ball' - dwarf globe form, unique texture, 2 gal. $24.95         heat. All Hemerocallis need at least 1/2 day of sunshine for good bloom. We offer the
T. occidentalis 'Yellow Ribbon' - golden evergreen foliage, 5' tall, Z2-7, 2 gal. $24.95     following groups for those who are landscaping or naturalizing large areas. All listed
                                                                                             are named varieties, no seedlings. If you wish a complete listing, with many old
TSUGA (Hemlock)                                                                              heritage varieties or the newest TETS, send SASE with 2 stamps for listing.
T. canadensis - fast growing, tree Z3 4 gal. $48.95 and B&B
T. canadensis ‘Sargenti’ - dwarf weeping Z3 3 gal. $89.00
T. canadensis 'Jeddeloh' - dwarf, shade tolerant, likes well drained areas, 2'x4' , 2 gal.
                                                                                         LIST 2
SPECIAL OFFER! GET ONE FREE DAYLILY                                                      Black Cherry - $6.50
WITH EACH DAYLILY COLLECTION                                                             Dacquiri - $8.00
                                                                                         Double Cutie - $8.00
PURCHASED.                                                                               Fran Dean - $8.00
                                                                                         Gentle Blessing - $10.00
                                                                                         Icicle Rose - $8.00
SIX NAMED VARIETIES:                                                                     May Unger - $8.00
Tagged with color, height, season of bloom. All different: pastels, creams, peaches,     Party Array - $8.00
pinks, lavenders, reds, yellows, oranges and bi-colors. Great buy!                       Poogie - $8.00
Collection of 6 different colors for $25.00                                              Spirit of Freedom - $8.00
                                                                                         Toyland - $8.00
Some of these we’ve lost the names, others are in an area in the field we’re
clearing. All colors are available. This is really a great buy. All will be different,   LIST 3
there are over 100 varieties in this batch. Full blooming size plants. Double fans or    Annie Welch - ML, 2.5' $4.50
more. Collection for landscape 6 for $20.00                                              Bama Music - EM, 3' $8.00
                                                                                         Better Believe It - L, 3' $8.00
                                                                                         Buffy's Doll - ML, 18" $6.50
NAMED DAYLILY VARIETIES:                                                                 Crimson Pirate - E, 2' $4.50
SALE! BUY THREE NAMED VARIETIES FROM                                                     Dorothy Lambert - EM, 3' $6.50
BELOW LISTS AND GET ONE OF EQUAL VALUE                                                   Double Decker - EM, 18" $6.50
                                                                                         Dwarf Eenie Weenie - Reblooms, 1' $10,00
FREE!                                                                                    Frans Hals - L, 3' $6.50
Simply indicate free selections on order.                                                Gauguin - EM, 2.5' $8.00
                                                                                         Green Flutter - ML, 2.5' $6.50
All the following are grown and available at Mary's Plant Farm.                          Helios - M, 3' $6.50
                                                                                         Ice Carnival - EM, 2.5' $6.50
                                                                                         Jim's Pick - M, 3' $8.00
LIST 1                                                                                   Leebea Orange Crush - EM, 2.5' $6.50, DAYLILY OF THE YEAR 2005
Bess - $4.50                                                                             Louise Manelis - E, 2.5' $6.50
Bold One - $8.00                                                                         May May - EM, 3' $6.50
Chicago Ruby - $8.00                                                                     Miss Jessie - spider, 4', $8.00
Chicago Thistle - $8.00                                                                  No Mistake Plantation - EM, 3.5' $4.50
Erin Prairie - $8.00                                                                     Painted Lady - M, 3' $6.50
Macho - $8.00                                                                            Pardon Me - ME, dwarf, 12" $8.00
Oriental Ruby - $8.00                                                                    Prairie Blue Eyes- ML, 3' $8.00
Peppermint Stick - $6.50                                                                 Prairie Moonlight - M, 3' $8.50
Pink Chick - $8.00                                                                       Red Magic - EM, 3' $4.50
Purely - $10.00                                                                          Ruffled Apricot - M, 3' $8.00
Outrageous - $15.00                                                                      Shady Lady - EM, 2.5' $6.50
Ruffeled Cutie - $4.50                                                                   Suzie Wong - EM, 2' $4.50
Sac Black - $8.00
Vivacious - $8.00
Pandora's Box - $10.00
LIST 4                                                           Chicago Sunrise - M, Y$6.50
Leebea Orange Crush, em, 2.5', $6.50, DAYLILY OF THE YEAR 2005   Iron Gate Melody - EM, 3.5' $6.50
Strawberry Rose - EM, 2.5' tet, $12.00                           Silver Potentate - E, 3' 6 1/2 " bloom $10.00
Fragrant Ruffles - ML, 3' fragrant 5.5" flower $6.50             Oriental Ruby - M, 2.5' $10.00
Cherry Point - E, 2.5' $6.50                                     Circus Circus - M, Y$10.00
Little Greeny - M, 2.5' $6.50                                    Chicago Cherry - M, 2.5', 6" bloom $10.00
Alice Virginia - M, 3', $6.50                                    Screech Owl - EM, 4', 6" bloom $10.00
Holiday Harvest - L, 2.5' $6.50                                  Lusty Leeland - M, 4', tet $10.00
Exotic Eye - EM, 3', nocturnal $6.50                             Swirling Waters - M, 2' $12.00
Ain't That Nice - ML, 3.5' $6.50                                 Look Away - EM, 3' 6 1/2" bloom $12.00
Double Season - EM, 2.5' $6.50                                   Dallas Star - M, 2.5', $10.00
Roan Beauty - M, 3', $6.50                                       Nuka Peach - M, 3', tet $10.00
Trolls Glee - M, 2' $6.50                                        Vera Biagelow - ML, 32", 6 1/2" bloom $15.00
Deyna Hollman - M, 2' $6.50                                      Aperition - EML, 2' $12.00
Angel Magic - ML, 3.5' $6.50                                     Decatur Glory - 3', 6.5" flower, L, $8.00
Maywick Lass L, 3.5' $6.50                                       Matt - EM, 2', 6 1/2" bloom $12.00
Centennial Sixty Nine - M, 2.5' $6.50                            Double Passion - M, 3' $10.00
Sea Gold - ML, 2.5' $6.50                                        Gay Cravat - 2.5', 5" flower, M/L, $8.00
Woods Violet - M, 2.5' $6.50                                     Chicago Ruby - EM, 2.5', 5.5" bloom, $8.00
Little Violet Lace - E, 2.5' $6.50                               Buttered Popcorn - M, 4' tet $8.00
Sound of Music - M, 3.5' $6.50                                   Brutus - EM, 3', huge bloom, $8.00
Little Pinka Boo - ML, 2.5', pony $6.50                          Northbrook Star - L, 4', 5.5" bloom, tet $8.00
Florisant Miss - EM, 2.5' $6.50                                  Katie - M, 2.5', large bloom $8.00
Sweet Surprise - M, 3' $6.50                                     May Unger - EM, 2.5', 5.5" bloom, tet $8.00
Blushing Belle - EM, 2.5' $6.50                                  Flasher - 3', 5" flower, glows, L, $8.00
Pink Honey - ML, 3.5' $6.50                                      Bright Memories - ML, 3', huge bloom $8.00
Clarence Simon - EM, 2.5' $6.50                                  See Here - M, 2.5', 5" bloom $8.00
Lavender Illusion - EM, 2.5' $6.50                               Nuka - M, 3.5', 6" bloom, tet $8.00
Plum Dandy - EM 2' $6.50                                         Baby Darling - EM, 2.5', pony $8.00
Molly Neyland - M, 2' $6.50                                      Samarai Sungold - L, 3', 6" bloom, tet $8.00
Little Cadet - E, 2', pony $6.50                                 Leesa Dawn - E, 2.5'5" bloom, $8.00
Just for You - EM, 20" $6.50                                     Velvet Shadows - M, 2.5', pony $8.00
Golden Chance - EM, 2.5', fragrant $6.50                         Erin Prairie - L, 3', $8.00
Streaker - EM, 2.5', 5 1/2" bloom $6.50                          Perpetual Motion - EML, 2.5', pony $8.00
Prairie Song - M, 2.5', 6 1/2" bloom $6.50                       Double Jo Barbre - ML, 2.5' $8.00
Shino Shine - M, 2.5', 6 1/2" bloom $6.50                        Crawley Crow - ML, 3', blackest red, $8.00
Betty Barns - ML, 3.5' $6.50                                     Autumn Accent -L, $10.00 (in bloom as of Sept 13)
Knee Baby - M, 3' $6.50                                          Olin Criswell - L, $12.00
Green Light Beauty - M, 2' $6.50
Corvallis - M, 3.5' $6.50
Peach Pinwheel - L, 2.5' $6.50
Winsome Lady - E, Y $6.50
Lovely Louise - M, 3', 5" flower $6.50
Erin Farmer - M, 3.5', $6.50
Double Peach - M, 2.5' $6.50
George Caleb Bingham - M, 2.5' $6.50
Double Decker - M, 3', 5" bloom $6.50
LIST 5                                                                                 Double Passion - 3', 5" flower, L, $8.00
Sorcerer - 3', 6.5" flower, L, $10.00                                                  Magnificent Eyes - 3.5', 5" flower, M/L, $8.00
Royal Finale - 2.5', M/L, $8.00                                                        Arrest Me - 2', 5" flower, some reblooming, L, $6.50
Decatur Glory - 3', 6.5" flower, L, $8.00
Lemoine Becktold - 18", 7" flower, L $8.00
Pancho - 18", 3.25" flower, oranger color, not so lavender, M/L, $6.50
Chicago Apache - 3.5", M/L, $8.00
Red Volunteer - 3.5', 5.5" flower, M/L, $10.00
Northland - 2.5', 7" flower, M/L, $8.00
Outrageous - 3', 4.5" flower, M/L, $8.00                                               HERITAGE VARIETIES:
Ida Miles - 3', 5.5" flower, fragrant, L, $6.50                                        5' - 6' tall, very late bloom.
Black Eye - 2.5', 4.5" flower, L, $8.00
Jamie Douglas - 3', 5.5" flower, VL, $10.00                                            Hemerocallis altissima 'Autumn Minaret' - orange-yellow with orange thumb print
Muffin - 2.5', 3" flower, doubles, M/L $6.50                                           $12.00
Heady Wine - 2.5', 5" flower, M/L, $8.00                                               H. a. 'Chancellor' - red over orange, yellow throat $12.00
Real Wind - 3', 5.5" flower, M/L, $8.00                                                H. 'Boutonniere (Stout) - 4' tall, yellow & orange $8.00
Kagoerie - 2', 4.5" flower, heavy bud count, VL, $8.00                                 H. 'Wee Willie Winkie' - 5' tall, bright yellow, small bloom $8.00
100th Aniversary -
Cream Magic - 3.5', 6" flower, M/L, $8.00                                              SPECIES VARIETIES:
Bountiful Valley (yellow) and Malhini (peach) - high bud count, VL, $8.00 each         These varieties have naturalized.
Joan Senior - 2', 4.5" flower, white, M/L, $10.00
Deicer - 1.5', 4" flower, white, M/L, $10.00                                           Hemerocallis fulva "KWANZO" - old variety spreads rapidly; do not plant with
Cookie Monster - 3.5', 6" flower, L, $8.00                                             other Hemerocallis; double bloom $4.50
Oranges - 4', 6" flower, showy, L, $8.00                                               Hemerocallis fulva "TAWNY" - as above but single bloom $2.50
Churchill Down - 2', 5" flower, M/L, $6.50                                             Hemerocallis middendorfii - very fragrant, red/brown buds , very early bloom, 30"
Cape Cod - 2.5', 4" flower, L, $6.50                                                   tall $6.50
May May - 2.5', 3" flower, rebloomer, $6.50
Siloam Little Girl - 18", 2.5" flower, M/L, $6.50
Jean - 4', 5.5" flower, spider type, L, $6.50
Morning Melody - 2', 5.5" flower, shrimp pink color, M/L, $6.50
Brave World - 3', 5.5" flower, L, $8.00
Begeleer - 4', 5.5" flower, VL, $8.00
Becky Sharp - 3', 5.5" flower, VL, $8.00                                               The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go into the
Barbary Corsair - 3', 3" flower, L, $8.00                                              landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in gallon
Grape Magic - 2.5", 3" flower, M/L, $6.50                                              size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the root system and its required
Bertie Ferris - 18", 3" flower, M/L, $6.50                                             growing space.
Olallie Petite - 2', 3" flower, glowing color, VL, $8.00
Ahoya - 2.5', 4" flower, L, $6.50                                                      All varieties listed are hardy zone 3-7 other zones noted,
                                                                                       native unless marked: NN, Plants sold in 1 gal. containers are full size, ready for the landscape/
Bedroom Eyes - 2.5', 5" flower, $8.00
Vintage Bordeau - 3', 4.5" flower, L, $8.00                                            Adiantum Pedatum 'Maidenhair' - Fan shaped 12" - 24" $9.50
Lydia Becktold - 2.5', 7" flower spider, sister to Kindly Light and blooms later, L,
$6.50                                                                                  Athyrium filix-femina , Lady Fern -18" - 36" red stems, beautiful $9.50
Something Else - 3.5', 6" flower, L, $8.00
Bug A Boo - 2', double, M/L, $6.50                                                     Athryium filix-femina 'Victoriea', (Victoria Lady Fern) - unusual fern with crisscross pinnae and
Flasher - 3', 5" flower, glows, L, $8.00                                               crested leaf tips, clumping form, 18"-24' tall, Z4-9, qt. $9.50
Puzzling Prize - 3', 5" flower, M/L, $6.50
Gay Cravat - 2.5', 5" flower, M/L, $8.00                                               Athyrium felix-femina 'Frizelliae', (Tatting Fern) - deciduous, unique narrow fronds with pinnae
                                                                                       round bead-like balls, clump form, 12"-18" tall, Z4-8, qt. $9.50

Athyrium niponicum 'Pictum' , Japanese Painted Fern, silver & wine, 12", extra water keeps this    Polystichum tsus-simense, Korean Rock Fern - 1' evergreen, moist also can be used in terrariums
one growing till late fall, NN 4" pot $9.50                                                        NN $9.50 4" pot $6.50

Athyrium niponicum 'Pictum' x A. filix-femina 'Ghost' - hybrid cross between Japanese Painted      Pteridium, Bracken fern - 2'-3' tall, large fronds, spreading $12.50
and Southern Lady Ferns, stunning silver fronds, beautiful 24" tall, 4" cont. $9.50
                                                                                                   Thelypteris decursive-pinnata, (Japanese Beech) - colonizes to make a groundcover in moist or
Cyrtomium falcatum 'Rochfordianum' - (Holly Fern) lovely house plant at Christmas, tolerates       dry shade, evergreen along the Gulf Coast, 12"-24" tall, Z4-10, qt. $9.50.
low moisture & light, acclimated to true Z6 NN 4" pot $9.50
                                                                                                   "In mentioning deer, I’m reminded of the complaints I hear of deer eating plants. Interspersing a
Diplazium pyconocarpon (American Glade Fern) - 2'-3' tall $9.50                                    few plants they don’t like can make them move on. They usually do not like fuzzy leaved plants,
                                                                                                   so the Leatherleaf viburnums are a bit of a deterrent. Also the Rudebeckia including the gloriosa
Dryopteris atrata, Shaggy Sheild Fern (Cycadina) 8"-16" well drained, but needs moisture when      daisy types. They don’t like the tall grasses, although they will chew on the short fescues
in sun $9.50                                                                                       (Festuca ovina). I’ve heard a lot of complaints that they eat daylilies (Hemerocallis), yet with the
                                                                                                   hundreds we grow in two different fields and borders, we’ve had no damage. At least, not that I
Dryopteris carthisiana (Toothed Wood) - 2-3' tall $9.50                                            can see. I’ve used daylilies in landscaping around two different swimming pools, because I’ve
                                                                                                   been told by the homeowners (in rural areas) that the dayliles were the only thing the deer didn’t
Dryopteris celsa, Log Fern 3' robust grower, evergreen $9.50                                       eat." -Mary Harrison

Dryopteris dilatata recurvata, Recurved Broad Bucker 2' - 3', some sun $9.50

Dryopteris erythrosora, Autumn Fern (Z2) 8"-18", new fronds are copper colored turning green
with age, color is lovely, tolerates morning sun, well drained soil, evergreen $9.50
Dryopteris filix-mas linearis polydactyla (Z2) 2' slender segments w/crested tips $9.50            Grasses are gallon size except where noted. Most of the grasses form clumps increasing in size
                                                                                                   each year. Spreading varieties are so noted. All good to Z5.
Dryopteris filix-mas 'Undulata Robusta' - Robust Male Fern 2'-3' $9.50
                                                                                                   ARRHENATHERUM ELATIUS V. Bulsosum 'Variegatum' (Var. Bulbous Oat Grass) - 8" dwf.
Dryopteris clintoniana, ‘Clinton Fern’ 3’-4’ oblong triangular blade, likes moisture, Z3-8 $9.50   ** green & white 4" pot $6.50
Dryopteris marginalis, Leatherwood - 2', evergreen $9.50                                           CHASMANTHIUM LATIFOLIUM, Uniola L. (Northern Sea Oats) - foliage looks more like
                                                                                                   bamboo, cut seed heads while green for drying, reseeds if not cut back before bloom dries. Good
Drypoteris remota, ‘Remote Fern’ - upright, golden delicate cut blade, semi-evergreen, Z4-8        for oriental gardens. 2 1/2’ 1 gal. $9.50
                                                                                                   FESTUCA OVINA Glauca 'Elijah Blue'- ** 10" spiky blue evergreen mounds, Z4-10, 1 qt.
Dryopteris tokyoensis, (Tokyo Wood Fern) - erect, narrow fronds, vigorous grower, 18"-36" tall,    $6.89
Z5-8, qt. $9.50
Dryopteris x australis, (Dixie Wood Fern) - upright form, dark green, semi-evergreen, 48" tall,    H. macra 'Aureola'photo (Golden Variegated Hakone Grass, Golden Japanese Forest Grass) -
Z5-9, qt. $9.50                                                                                    bright yellow- green variegated grass for shade to semi-shade, dwarf 18" tall, Z5 1 gal. $17.50
                                                                                                   H. m. 'Albo Striata' - bright white and green foliage, 18" tall, Z5, 1 gal. $17.50
Lorinseria areolata 'Woodwardia' , Woodwardi - glossy thick dark green fronds, 1'-2' tall qt.
$8.50                                                                                              H. m. 'Fubuki Briform'         - green and white variegated leave that turn pinkish in fall, 10" tall,
                                                                                                   Z6, $17.50
Matteuccia pensylvanica, Ostrich - 3', water keeps this lovely till late fall $9.50
                                                                                                   IMPERATA 'Red Baron' (Japanese Blood Grass) - dwarf red tipped foliage, green base 1/2 gal.
Osmunda cinnamonea, (Cinnamon Fern) - 2'-3', moist & acid $9.50                                    $12.50

                                                                                                   MISCANTHUS Gal. Cont.
Osmunda regalis, (Royal Fern) - 3' bluish color different, likes moisture $9.50                    M. Sacchariflorus (Amur Silver) - silvery plumes $6.75
                                                                                                   M. Sinensis 'Gracillimus' (Maiden Grass) - graceful 5' $9.50
Polystichum acrostichodes, Christmas Fern - 2'-3' evergreen $9.50                                  M. Sinensis 'Morning light' - varigated foliage $12.50

Polystichum polyblepharum, Tassel - evergreen, 2' tall, Z5-8 qt. $9.50                             PANICUM VIRGATUM 'Rehbram' - Switch Grass, nice-neat 3 1/2’ $12.50

                                                                                                       GROUND COVERS
GRASSES                                                                                                The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go
                                                                                                       into the landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot
                                                                                                       all plants in gallon size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the
The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go into the        root system and its required growing space.
landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in gallon
size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the root system and its required       KEY:
growing space.                                                                                         tender — bulbs/plants must be dug for winter &
                                                                                                       * ——— an herb and good landscape material
KEY:                                                                                                   ** ——– rockery
tender — bulbs/plants must be dug for winter & stored/potted                                           *** —— ground cover
* ——— an herb and good landscape material                                                              shade —––– shade material
** ——– rockery                                                                                         Z ——— hardiness zone (example: Z4)
*** —— ground cover                                                                                    bl ——— bloom
   —––– shade material
Z ——— hardiness zone (example: Z4)
bl ——— bloom                                                                                           FOR LANDSCAPE
                                                                                                       For a fragrant & unusual ground cover in shade use Oregano Vulgaris Cu. 'Auream' see
                                                                                                       HERB LISTING. For ground cover in hot, dry sun try Thymes - give color & fragrance
ACORUS CALAMUS                                                                                         see HERB LISTING or try the dwarf creeping sedums see PERENNIAL LISTING.
A. c. Sweet Flag * - loves moisture will live in moist soil or in water 1 gal. $6.99
A. c. variegata       - cream and green fragrant foliage, 1 gal, $12.50                                AEGOPODIUM VARIEGATUM - green & white foliage, white lacy bloom, quick
                                                                                                       cover, but can be invasive, 3" pot, $3.50
O. ‘Ebony Knight’ - (Mondo grass) foliage appears black, Lavender bloom, hardy to -36° F, 1 qt.        AJUGA (Reptans)
O. japanicus 'Nana' - short dense green mounds, 2 1/2" tall, 1 qt, $6.50
                                                                                                       A. 'Burgandy Glow' - tri color foliage, blue bloom spring 3" pot $3.00
O. j. 'Gyoku Ryu' - mini green mounds, 1" tall, $7.50
                                                                                                       ASARUM (Ginger) shade, see PERENNIAL LISTING
                                                                                                       CERATOSTIGMA PLUMBAGINOIDES (Hardy Blue Plumbago) - fall blooming
                                                                                                       ground cover, sun or shade, vivid blue bloom 1 gal. $6.50

                                                                                                       E. cantabrigensis - orange bloom $8.50
                                                                                                       E. grandiflorum - white bloom, 10" - 15" tall $9.50
                                                                                                       E. grandiflorum 'Rose Queen' - deep pink bloom, 16" tall - $11.50
                                                                                                       E. 'Lilafee' ('Lilac Fairy') - lavendar bloom $11.50
                                                                                                       E. oerralchicum ‘Frohnleiten’ - larger foliage & large yellow bloom $9.50
                                                                                                       E. pinnatum 'Colchicum' - red tinged spring foliage with yellow bloom, Z5-9 $9.50
                                                                                                       E. pubergum - midspring, evergreen, small white bloom, soft yellow center Z4-8
E. x versicolor 'Sulphureum'--Barrenwort - yellow bloom spring $8.00                           foliage color, white bloom, can grow in soil but rampant grower! qt. $4.50
E. rubra - red bloom spring $11.50
E. x versicolor 'Versicolor' (versi-versi) - sepals old rose color, yellow petals with red     LAMIASTRUM
tinged spurs, Z4-8 $9.50                                                                       L. Galeobdolon 'Herman's Pride' - striped foliage, yl. bloom $5.75
                                                                                               L. Galeobdolon 'Silver Frost' -shade, long silver & green leaved tendrils bend over and root,
E. youngianum 'Niveum' - white bloom, smaller foliage, 12" tall - $11.50                       attractive for deep shade, tolerates dryness spreads fast, qt.$4.25, gal. $5.99
E. x youngianum 'Roseum' - small foliage, compact 8" tall, lav.- pink bloom $11.50
E. warleyense - orange flowers with yellow centers, 16" tall $9.50                             LAMIUM - shade, one of the best ground covers for bloom most of the summer. The Maculatum
                                                                                               varieties are evergreen and love shade. Can tolerate morning sun if gets moisture, the stems of all
EUPHORBIA CYPARISSIAS - Many varieties not listed, blue-green foliage, yellow                  root on top of ground so is not invasive, yet gives good cover. 4" pots
bloom $4.505                                                                                   L. Maculatum 'Beacon Silver' - Lav. bloom, silver w/gr. margin foliage $4.75
                                                                                               L. Maculatum 'Chequers' - Lav. bloom green foliage w/silver stripe $4.75
GALIUM odortum (Sweet Woodruff) -* shade, see HERB LISTING                                     L. Maculatum 'Pewter Pink' - pink bloom, silver w/green margin foliage $5.75
                                                                                               L. Maculatum 'White Nancy' - white bloom silver w/gr. margin foliage $4.75
HEDERA HELIX (Ivy)                                                                             LILY OF THE VALLEY (CONVALLARIA) -shade(15 pips bare root) $5.99
The Ivy varieties listed below have been acclimated and proven hardy. The Ivy 'Galaxy
withstood -36 degrees in 1977. We then sent cuttings from this Ivy to the American Ivy         LIRIOPE
Society in 1981. AIS then named it 'Galaxie.'                                                  L. muscari - lav. bloom, green foliage $4.00
                                                                                               L. m. 'Christmas Tree'        - broader stripe leaf $6.90
The ivies beloe are available in 3” pots for $2.99 or 4” pots for $4.99. All are well          L. m. 'Variegata' - green & white foliage, lav. bloom $4.50, 1 gal. $8.99
rooted plants. Over 100 varieties available.                                                   L. m. ‘Royal Purple’ - lg. purple bloom $4.50
                                                                                               L. m. 'Gold Band' - wider gold edge, lavender bloom $4.50
              'Ambrosia'                     'Golden Snow'                   'Pirouette'       L. dwarf mondo - small, narrow green slightly curved foliage 3" tall, great for tufa containers Z4
                 'Asterisk'                   'Green Finger'                   'Perkeo'        4" cont. $4.99tygt
         'Aureo Variegata'               'Green Heart' - leaves                  'Pixie'
               'Big Deal'                can get quite large, 4"           'Pixie-Dixie'       LYSIMACHIA
                'Boskoop'                         pot, $9.98                      'Ralf'       L. nummularia (Money Wort)- see WILDFLOWER LISTING
               'Brokamp'                      'Green Ripple'            'Russell's Gold'
              'Buttercup'                      'Green Spear'        'Sinclair's Silver Leaf'   MAZUS
          'California Fan'                  'Green Starling'               'Small Deal'        M. alba -shade, white bloom 2" $4.50
                                                                                               M. lavender bloom 2" $4.50
            'Cockleshell'                         'Grovotte'               'Spear Point'
             'Curlylocks'                            'Imp'               'Spetchly (syn.       OPHIOPOGON, 'Black Knight' - see LOOK LIKE GRASSES LISTING
  - mature blooming plants, 4" pot               'Itsy Bitsy'                  Gnome)
                     $9.98                        'Iva Lace'                  'Spinosa'        PACHYSANDRA
                   'Design'                    'Lalla Roohk'                  'Tenoret'        P. procumbins - native, lovely bloom $8.99 LIMITED
                'Discolor'                     'Laura's Lace'               'Thorndale'        P. terminalis, 1 qt. $3.50
            'Duck's Foot'                     'Lemon Swirl'                     'Triton'
                    'Erecta'                 'Little Herman'            'Tussie Mussie'        SEDUMS - see PERENNIAL LISTING
                  'Filigrin'               'Manda's Golden'               'Williamsiana'
              'Fine Line'                  'Manda's Crested'                                   STEPHANANDRA, see SHRUB LISTING
                                                                       Hedera colchica
                 'Fantasia'                 'Marian Beauty'                 dentatum -         SYMPHYTUM GRAND. - see PERENNIAL LISTING
                  'Galaxie'                     'Masquarade'               4" pots only
                   'Glacier'                  'Needle Point'           Hedera colchica         THYMES - see HERB LISTING
             'Gold Heart'                          'Parasol'         dentata variegata - 3"
                                                 'Peter Pan'                  pot $9.99        VINCA (these have proven to be hardy here below zero degrees)
                                                                                               V. major - huge blue bloom $3.50
                                                                                               V. major Variegata - best in more protected area, big blue flower, good in container pots, hardy
                                                                                               Z6, $4.25
                                                                                               V. minor - blue bloom 4" container $3.25, 1 gal. $4.25
                                                                                               V. minor Green & Gold - green & gold foliage, blue bloom $3.50
HOUTTUYNIA CORDATA - can live in pots submerged in water, ponds, sun brings out best

                                                                                                       LADIES BEDSTRAW (Galium verum) - yellow bloom good cut flower, dye plant $4.75
HERB LISTING                                                                                           LAVENDER (Lavendula) fragrant, use buds in lavender flavored cookies
                                                                                                       Lavender angustifolia 'Goodwin Creek' - compact feathery silver grey foliage, fragrant, blue
The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go into the        flower spikes most of summer Z6b-7, 1 qt. $6.00
landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in gallon   L. a. 'Munstead' - lavender bloom, 12" tall, 1 gal. $8.50
size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the root system and its required       Lavender x intermedia 'Grosso' - 24" - 28" tall dark purple bloom, larger foliage, gal. $8.50
growing space.                                                                                         Hidcote Superior - darkest purple, gal. $8.50
The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go into the        Lavender x int. 'Provence'       - light purple, very fragrant, Z5, $6.00
landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in gallon   L. Rosea - pale pink bloom, gal. $8.50
size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the root system and its required
growing space.                                                                                         LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis) - (S) tea, lemon pound cake, & cold drinks qt. $4.00

                                                                                                       LEMON GRASS (cymbopogon) - aromatic, culinary, the leave make delicious lemon tea, Z10,
Most herbs prefer sun, well drained soil, and no fertilizer as too                                     1/2 gal. $14.95
lush of growth alters flavor. They do like a bit of lime occasionally. Herbs that will
tolerate shade (S) or prefer shade (SS) are so marked. The 'tender' herbs make wonderful               LEMON VERBENA (Aloysia triphylla) - culinary and for pot pourri, tender, 1 qt. $7.49
houseplants and are lovelier as they increase with age and you can use them during winter
months. I then place them in the herb garden in summer, in their pots or in the ground. Pot them       LOVAGE (Levisticum officinalis) - celery flavor for salads, 1 qt. $8.50
up in Sept. and bring in when danger of heavy frost Z6 or colder. Don't over water. For 'KNOT'
or Herb Garden edging, use Santolina, Tuecrium or dwarf (12" max) Buxus.                               MATRICARIA (Chrysanthemum Parthenium)- see PERENNIAL LISTING

Annual herbs (annual basils, nasturtiums)are available May-July only.                                  MINT (Mentha) (S)
                                                                                                       Apple $4.00
ARTEMISIA - see PERENNIAL LISTING                                                                      Black - best for fruit salad, a favorite $4.00
                                                                                                       Curly (peppermint) - best for tea or cold drinks $4.00
AGASTACHE FOENICULUM (anise hyssop)- licorice/mint fragrance, upright lav/pink bloom,                  Chocolate $4.00
$5.25                                                                                                  Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum Muticum) - silver blooms on euphorbia like leaf cluster,
                                                                                                       aromatic foliage, compact and profuse flowering, native 3' tall $4.75
BAY LEAF (Laurus Nobiis) - makes a small tree, tender, Z8 1 quart $18.95, 1 gal $24.50                 Parfume - $4.00
                                                                                                       Peppermint $4.00
BEE BALM (Monarda)(S) - See PERENNIAL LISTING                                                          Green & Gold (Wintergreen) $6.00

CHIVES (Allium schoenoprasum) - pink or lav. bloom for dried, bloom & foliage for salad                MINT SHRUB (Elscholtzia)(S) - see PERENNIAL LISTING
C. Garlic (Allium tuberosum) - (S) mild garlic flavor $4.50                                            MONARDA CITRIODORA - (S) attractive lavender bloom, lemon mint fragrance 2 1 /2 ' $4.00
                                                                                                       (available May-July only)
COMPHREY (Symphytum offic.) - (S) most useful herb, medicinal, salads, tea 3' $5.95
C. lutea - yellow flowers, $6.50                                                                       MYRICA PENNSYLVANICA (Bayberry - for candlemaking) see SHRUB LISTING

EUCALYPTUS citriodora (lemon eucalyptus) - lemon fragrance, Z9 $6.99                                   NEPETA
                                                                                                       N. 'Blue Wonder' - 6" tall, 14" wide, blue bloom $6.00
FENNEL                                                                                                 N. ‘Six Hills Giant’ - 24” tall dark blue bloom $7.00
Fennel f. - green annual $4.50                                                                         N. 'Walker’s Low' - 10” tall, blue bloom $7.00
Copper Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare ‘rubrum’) - anise seed, great landscape plant, 5' by second
year, dark ferny foliage, host for butterflies, 1 gal. $7.255.25                                       OREGANO (ornamental varieties see perennial listing)

GOATS RUE (Galaga officinalis) - July-Aug. lavender spike bloom, qt. $6.50                             OREGANO (Aureum origanum) - (S) golden foliage, can use as fragrant ground cover,
                                                                                                       sun/shade $6.25
HOREHOUND (Ballota nigra) - medicinal herb, 12"-18" tall $5.50                                         O. Greek (Origanum) - culinary, flowers dry for tussie mussie $5.50
                                                                                                       O. Herrenhausen - culinary, largest & best bloom $5.50
HORSERADISH (Armoracia rusticana) - culinary $4.50                                                     O. 'Kent's Beauty' - perennial, $6.50
                                                                                                   TEUCRIUM - (Germander)
ORRIS ROOT (Iris florentina) - light blue bloom, pot pourri $6.00                                  T. chamaedrys - pink bloom, knot gardens 1/2 gal. $7.99
                                                                                                   T. chamaedrys variegata - lavender-rose bloom over white variegated foliage, 10"-12" tall, Z5,
PARSLEY, Italian (Petroselinum crispum) - culinary, 3" pot $4.50                                   1/2 gal. $7.99
Moss curled - culinary, 3" pot $4.50
                                                                                                   THYME (Thymus) 4” pots $5.50, 6" pots $6.99
PERILLA Frutescens crispa - (S) grandmother called it hardy coleus $4.00                           T. Aurea - gold
                                                                                                   T. A. 'Clear Gold' - holds color in heat rarely blooms
PENNYROYAL, English (Mentha pulegium) - (SS) hot tea, insect repellant for fleas &                 T. Caespilitius (Azoricus)
mosquitos $4.99                                                                                    T. x Citriodorus (Lemon)
                                                                                                   T. x Citriodorus Argentus (Silver Thyme)
ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus)                                                                              T. 'Elfin' - miniature 2" tall, glossy round leaves, 4"-8" wide magenta pink bloom, Z5
R. Officinalis 'Madaline Hill' - hardier variety to -15 deg. F., wedgewood blue flowers, robust    T. Herba Barona (Caraway)
grower Z5, qt. $6.50, gal $12.00                                                                   T. Wedgewood
                                                                                                   T. Precox Porlcok
RHUBARB (Rheum 'Chipman's Canada Red') - bright red stems, sweetest of red rhubarb used in         T. Praecox 'Albiflorus' - 2" creeping, white bloom, good ground cover
cooking, Z3, gal. $13.95                                                                           T. Praecox 'Coccineus' - 2" creeping, red repeat bloom
                                                                                                   T. Richardii 'Peter Davis' - profuse lay, pink bloom on dwarf 6" x 18" wide shrub, feathery gray
RUE (Ruta Graveolens) - see PERENNIAL LISTING                                                      green foliage, outstanding
                                                                                                   T. Richardii subsp. nitidus - upright, small fuzzy leaves, pungent frangrance, 5" tall, Z5 $4.75
SAGE (Salvia) - culinary flavoring, 1 quart container                                              T. Serphyllum Doretta Klaber' - a great new dwarf variety, small hairy leaves on 2" x 12" wide
S. Elegans (Pineapple) - scarlet bloom, 3' tender, culinary $6.99                                  mounds, lavender flowers
S. Officinalis (Common Sage) - green foliage culinary $5.50                                        T. Latavin Lucy
S. O. 'Dwarf' - compact, culinary sage, 18" Z6 $5.99                                               T. S. Pseudo Lanuginosus
S. Off. Tricolor - white, pink & purple foliage, culinary $6.99                                    T. S. Albus (white flowering creeping)
S. Leucantha (Mexican Sage) - 2' wooly branches, purple bloom spikes, Z6A, $7.99                   T. S. Minus
S. ‘Bertgarten’ - large silver/green leaf, 18” $8.99                                               T. S. Pink Chintz
                                                                                                   T. Narrow Leaved French
SANTOLINA see PERENNIAL LISTING                                                                    T. S. Nutmeg
                                                                                                   T. Halls Wooly
SAVORY, Winter - season veg. & meats $6.50 Knot Garden of winter savory and upright tyme at U of   T. Annie Hall
                                                                                                   VALERIAN (Garden heliotrope) - excellant cut flower, shade or sun $4.25
SCENTED GERANIUM(Pelargonium) - fruit or rose scents for fragrance & culinary, tender
$6.25                                                                                              WOOD BETONY - see Stachys PERENNIAL LISTING
Varieties: Apple Cider, Attar of Rose, Chocolate Mint, Fair Ellen, Frensham Lemon, Fruity,
Gooseberry, Lemon, Lime, Mabel Gray, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Spanish Lavender, Strawberry,             YARROW - see Achillea PERENNIAL LISTING
True Rose, Variegated Mint Rose

SWEET CICELY (Myrrhis Odorata)- anise flavor leaves & stalks $6.50

SWEET FLAG (Acorus Calamus) - (S) foliage fragrant, for pot pourri $6.99                           "Any day the sun shines, a fresh air walk in the garden is wonderful. Some winters when
A. c. variegata - cream and green fragrant foliage, 1 gal, $12.50                                  everything is white, I see the exfoliating bark showing cinnamon and white, the hollies, and
                                                                                                   cones and berries on shrubs. All have a different beauty. As you walk when it's snowing heavily,
SWEET WOODRUFF (Galium Odoratum) - (SS) white bloom, ground cover, used for May                    there's a hush in the air, and the sounds of traffic seem far away and subdued. My garden is
wine $6.00                                                                                         becoming more naturalistic every year. A garden is never static, as plants are living things; they
                                                                                                   change constantly, therefore forcing change in the garden " – Mary Harrison
TANASETUM - clusters of white tiny daisy like flowers, 3' tall $5.25

TANSY, Common (Tanacetum Vulgare) - yellow bloom dry, for bouquets $4.00
TANSY, Fern Leaf - ferny foliage, yellow bloom, for bouquets $5.25

TARRAGON, French (Artemisia Dracunculus) - culinary, true from cuttings $8.50
                                                                                           Gold Drop - (S) mounds of round smooth foliage tolerates sun $5.00
HOSTA                                                                                      Gold Edger - (S) small round leaves, tolerates sun $6.00
                                                                                           Gold Regal - (L) upright 11" foliage, glaucus cast bluish purple bloom $18.00
The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go     Golden Boullion - (M) mounds of puckered foliage $10.00
into the landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot   Good As Gold - (M) heavy chartreuse to gold, pest resistant foliage $12.00
all plants in gallon size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the   Heartache - (L) rounded bright gold heart shaped blade, deep purple bl. $18.00
root system and its required growing space.                                                Lemon-lime - (S) mini 2" wavy lanceolate green-gold foliage lovely $8.00
                                                                                           On Stage - (L) bright yellow center with irregular green margins, best color in sun
We have over 300 varieties for sale. We list these varieties for                           Piedmont Gold - (M) bright gold in shade, white bloom $15.00
mail order, many more available at the nursery. Our Hosta's are large                      Sum And Substance - (VL) largest upright glossy puckered foliage $30.00
size root divisions, NOT lined out tissue culture. Each are sold per crown, but have
eyes that will produce more by the end of the season.                                      GREEN SHADES
                                                                                           Candy Hearts - (M) thick heart shaped foliage $5.00
Large (L) 18" - 25", Very Large (VL) 26" - 36"                                             Emerald Green - (S) 4" heart shaped leaves, good edger purple bloom $6.00
Medium (M) 10" - 18", Small (S) 5" - 9"                                                    Feather Boa - (S) mini yellow-green lanceolate wavy foliage, nice $10.00
MINI refers to tiniest leaf & height 1" - 3" Tall                                          Fine Points - (S) pointed green leaves, neat small mound $8.00
                                                                                           Flora Dora - (S) mini apple green with lavender bloom $8.50
BLUE FOLIAGE                                                                               Fortunei Rugosa - (M) dark green heart shape with puckering $5.00
Big Mama - (L) very puckered blue-green near white bloom $15.00                            Green Sheen - (L) shiny medium green wavy leaves $15.00
Blue Angel - (VL) huge heavy puckered foliage white bloom $18.00                           Green Pie Crust - (VL) dark green rippled margins dense mound $16.00
Blue Dimples - (M) mounds of very blue foliage $15.00                                      Gum Drop - (S) light green heart shape leaves forms a tight clump $4.00
Blue Moon - (S) flat mound of heart shaped foliage $15.00                                  Honeybells - (L) light green spear shaped, fragrant violet bloom $4.00
Blue Wedgewood - (M) metalic blue wedge shape leaves $15.00                                Hypoluca - (L) lime green long heart shape glaucus blue underside $35.00
Buckshaw Blue - (M) very blue heavy texture white bloom $15.00                             Invincible - (M) shiny bright green foliage, beautiful $12.00
Camelot - (M) grey-blue heavy texture white bloom $20.00                                   Lancifolia - (M) mounded lance shaped foliage tolerates sun fast growth $4.00
Glauca - (M) heart shape gray-green, glaucus blue underside $8.00                          Lancilata - (M) large heart shape foliage rapid growth tolerates sun $4.00
Halcyon - (M) fast growing heavy spear shape foliage, a favorite $10.00                    Pineapple Poll - (L) medium dark green, long rippled blade $12.00
Krossa Regal - (L) upright frost blue spear shape foliage $8.50                            Plantaginea ‘Aphrodite’ - (L) shiny smooth light green leaf, dbl fragrant white bl.
Love Pat - (M) compact puckered cup shaped intense blue $12.00                             $14.00
Nigrescens - (L) very large ashy grey spear shaped foliage $16.00                          Royal Standard - (L) spear shaped leaves fragrant white bloom, tolerates sun $6.50
Sea Lotus Leaf - (L) cupped puckered blue-green, white underside $20.00                    Tardiflora - (M) glossy lanceolate leaves latest to bloom, lovely $12.00
Sieboldiana Elegans - (L) blue-grey round foliage $10.00                                   Tot Tot - (S) mini compact 1" leaves 4" tall, darling $8.00

Alan McConnell          - (S) medium green with narrow white edge $12.50                   MARGINED
Christmas Tree - (ML) green with hit or miss white margins $20.00                          Blue Shadows - (M) dark blue-green with gold shaded margins, cupped and puckered
Fortunei Albo-Marginata - (M) clear green narrow white border $10.00                       $25.00
Fragrant Bouquet - (L) pale green center, yl to white margins, fragrant lav. bl. $22.00    Bright Lights       - (S) chartreuse center with blue and geen variegated edge (more
Francee - (M) heart shape forest green with narrow white margin $10.00                     yellow in the sun) $18.00
Frosted Jade - (L) dark green with wide white border $18.00                                Crusader - (L) green center with yl & cream margins, wavy rounded blade $14.00
Patriot - (M) green with widest pure white margin $25.00                                   Emerald Tiara - (S) yellow-green center with dark green margins $20.00
Wide Brim - (M) clear green with narrow white border $10.00                                Fortunei Aureo-marginata (Gold Crown) - (M) deep green with deep yellow defined
                                                                                           margins $12.50
GOLD SHADES                                                                                Fortunei Gold Standard - (M) bright gold center, darker green margin, 7" heart shaped
                                                                                           leaves, lavender bloom $12.00
August Moon - (ML) puckered 7" heart shaped foliage whitish bloom $7.50
                                                                                           Golden Tiara - (S) green with gold margins, a must have $7.50
Chartrues Wiggles -(S) mini narrow yellow ruffled with wiggly edge $12.00
Great Expectations - (L) round puckered wide yellow-cream center with irregular                     AMSONIA
margins of blue to light green $25.00                                                               AQUILEGIA CANANDENSIS (Wild Columbine)
June - (M) gold center blue & green margins, pointed thick leaf $20.00                              ARUNCUS DIOICUS (Goat's Beard)
Moonlight - (M) irregular cream stripes over green lance shape leaves$15.00                          ASCLEPIA TUBEROSA (Butterfly Weed)
                                                                                                    ASTER NOVAE ANGLIAE (New England Aster)
Paul’s Glory - (L) yellow center with 12" blue green border $35.00                                  ASTER NOVI BELGII (New York Aster)
Radiant Edger - (M) dark green center, bright gold margins $15.00                                   CAMASSIA
Regal Splendor - (VL) powdery blue center, creamy yl to white margins, vase shaped                  CHELONE GLABRA (Turtlehead)
mound $22.00                                                                                        EUPATORIUM FISTULOSA (Joe Pye Weed)
Shade Fanfare - (ML) light green to gold base with broad cream margins, tolerates sun               EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM (White Boneset)
$15.00                                                                                              EUPHORBIA COROLATTA
Sugar & Cream - (L) dark green with cream margins, fragrant near white bloom $15.00                 FILLIPENDULA RUBRA
Yellow River - (ML) dark green with creamy yellow margins $25.00                                    GERANIUM MACULATUM (Wild Geranium)
                                                                                                    HELIANTHUS MAXIMUM
                                                                                                    HESPERUS (Sweet Rocket)
                                                                                                    HYPERICUM SPP. (Saint John's Wort)
                                                                                                    IRIS PSEUDOACORUS (Yellow Water Iris)
                                                                                                    JERUSALUM ARTICHOKE (Helianthus tuberosus)
                                                                                                    LIATRIS SPICATA (Spiked Gayfeather)
         "As I winterscape, I'll also make sure I plant to lure birds. My grounds are really a      LOBELIA SIPHILITICA (Great Blue Lobelia)
         haven for them. They repay me by eating many insects in the summer. Many times             LYSMACHIA NUMMULARIS (Moneywort)
         when the fall webworm is in the trees, by the time I decide to spray, the cuckoos have     LYSMACHIA PUNCTATA
         arrived and eaten them. Even though the birds sow weed seeds with their droppings          MENTHA PIPERITA (Peppermint)
         (i.e. Honeysuckle Mackii), they also occasionally drop seed of lovely wildflowers.         MENTHA SPICATA (Spearmint)
         Many years ago I found my first plant of Golden Seal (Hydrastis canandensis) beneath       MONARDA DIDYMA (Bee Balm)
         the locust along the driveway. I've collected and resowed the seed from it for years. In   POLEMONIUM REPTANS (Jacob's Ladder)
         my early teens I learned you cannot dig Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum), since         RUDBECKIA HIRTA (Black-Eyed Susan)
         the roots are far too deep, I hate to think how many I may have destroyed. But over the    RUDBECKIA TRILOBA ( Brown-Eyed Susan)
         years, under the same locust, are quite a few Erythronium, blooming in white and           RUDBECKIA MAXIMUM
         yellow. And now I notice them showing up in my so- called woodland (it's not easy          SEDUM TERNATUM
         making a woodland out of a cornfield). I've never planted a May Apple (Podophyllum         THALICTRUM
         peltatum), yet over the years there's a large bed of them where the birds roosted in a     VERNONIA NOVEBORACENSIS (Ironweed)
         pine that went down in a storm a couple of years ago."                                     VERONICASTRUM VIRG.
          – Mary Harrison                                                                           VIOLA PAPILIONACEA (Blue Wood Violet)

Native Plants Available at                                                                          FERNS:
                                                                                                    Cinnamon Fern (Osmunda Cinnamomea)
Mary's Plant Farm                                                                                   Christmas Fern (Polystichum acrostichodes)
                                                                                                    Goldie Fern (Dryopteris goldiana)
                                                                                                    Leatherwood Fern (Dryopteris marginalis)
                                                                                                    Lady Fern (Athyrium felix-femina)
We offer many native varieties because we like them, but we do not collect them from the wild.      Maidenhair Fern (Adianthum pedatum)
We grow them from cuttings or seeds, and are listed as Native.                                      Ostrich Fern (Pteris pennsylvanica)
                                                                                                    Royal Fern (Osmunda regalis)
                                                                                                    Sensitive Fern (Onoclea sensilbillis)
HERBACIOUS PERENNIALS:                                                                              Tennessee Ostrich Fern (Athyrium pyemocarpon)

                                                    PINUS STROBUS (Eastern White Pine)
                                                    SALIX NIGRA (Black Willow)
CLIMBERS AND VINES:                                 SASSAFRAS ALBIDUM
                                                    TSUGA CANADENSIS (American Hemlock)
CELASTRUS SCANDENS (American Bittersweet)
                                                    WILDFLOWERS: all sold at Mary's are native varieties
SHRUBS:                                             Arum, 'Jack in the Pulpit'
                                                    Baneberry (Doll's Eyes)
ARONIA ARBUTIFOLIA (Red Chokeberry)                 Bloodroot
ARONIA MELANOCARPUS (Black Chokeberry)              Blue Cohosh
CALYCANTHUS FLORIDUS (Sweet Shrub)                  Blue Eyed Grass
CLOVE BUSH (Ribes odoratum)                         Blue Phlox (Phlox Divaracata)
CEPHALANTHUS OCCIDENTALIS (Buttonbush)              Bugbane (Cimicifuga Racemosa)
CLETHRA ALNIFOLIA (Sweet Pepperbush)                Celadine Poppy (Large Yellow Wood Poppy)
HAMAMELIS VIRGINICA (Witch Hazel)                   Dutchman's Breeches
HYDRANGEA ARBORESCENS (Wild Hydrangea)              Foam Flower (Tiarella Cordifolia)
ITEA VIRGINICA (Sweetspire)                         Fringed Phacella
ILEX VERTICILLATA (Winterberry Deciduous Holly)     Ginger (Asarum Canadense)
LINDERA BENZOIN (Spicebush)                         Gold Seal
LESPEDEZA                                           Grass, Northern Sea Oats
MYRICA PENNSYLVANICA (Bayberry)                     Hardy Ageratum
RHODOTYPOS (Jetbead)                                Hepatica
SAMBUCUS CANADENSIS (Elderberry)                    Heal All
VIBURNUM ACERIFOLIUM (Maple Leaf Viburnum)          Hesperus
VIBURNUM DENTATUM (Northern Arrowwood)              Iris Cristata
VIBURNUM LENTAGO (Nannyberry)                       Jacobs Ladder
VIBURNUM PRUNIFOLIUM (Blackhaw)                     May Apple
VIBURNUM TRILOBUM (American Cranberrybush)          Meadow Rue
                                                    Rue Anemone
                                                    Spring Beauty
TREES:                                              Shooting Star
                                                    Solomons Seal
ACER SACCHARINUM (Silver Maple)                     Squirrel Corn
AESCULUS GLABRA (Ohio Buckeye)                      Trillium Varieties
AMELANCHIER CANANDENSIS (Shadblow)                  Twinleaf
ASIMINA TRILOBA (Paw Paw)                           Virginia Blue Bells
BETULA NIGRA (River Birch)                          Yellow Hawk Weed
CARPINUS CAROLINEANA (American Hornbeam/Ironwood)   Yellow Root
                                                    "Last Fall I was surprised when a young gardener said to me “You’ve made gardening so much
                                                    easier for me. I’m not afraid of doing things wrong anymore”. I never really stopped to think
                                                    about it, but gardening should be fun, that is why we do it. I know we break our backs, but it is
ILEX OPACA (American Holly)
                                                    insidious. It gets in your blood and your hooked."
                                                    --Mary Harrison
OSTRYA VIRGINIANA (American Hophornbeam)

ALOE VERA - for burns $6.50

AEONIUM arboreum atropurpureum - dense flate rosettes of reddish bronze leaves on tall stems,
succulent for troughs or rockery, Z9 4" cont. $12.95
A. hybrid 'Kiwi'          - kaleidoscope of pinks, oranges and greens, yellow bloom, Z9, $6.50         The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go into the
                                                                                                       landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in gallon
ALOINOPSIS                                                                                             size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the root system and its required
A. spathulata - succulent 1"x6" pink bloom, Z8-10, $5.25                                               growing space.

APTENIA cordifolia variegata 'Crystal' (Variegated Ice Plant) - creeping hanging succulent,            KEY:
cream edged leaves, deep rose flowers all season. Z10 Great for troughs, combos, rock gardens,         tender — bulbs/plants must be dug for winter &
edging. $5.99                                                                                          stored/potted
                                                                                                       * ——— an herb and good landscape material
C. 'The Hobbit' (Jade Plant) - succulent, small tree form, heavy trunk with tubular succulent          ** ——– rockery
leaves. Ideal for Bonsai, trough or dish gardens Z9 $5.50                                              *** —— ground cover
Crassula perforata (String of Buttons)- fleshy green-blue blush leaves with stacked appearance,           —––– shade material
great for troughs and dish gardens Z9 $5.50                                                            Z ——— hardiness zone (example: Z4)
Crassula per var falcata (Perpellor)       - large bluish foliage Z9 $4.99
Crassula rupestris (Rosary Vine) - small thick, fleshy grey green leaves stacked up the stem, for
troughs and dish gardens Z9 $5.50                                                                      ACANTHUS
                                                                                                       A. Spinosa - hardier Z5, qt. $7.99, 1 gal. $12.99
ECHEVARIA                                                                                              A. mollis - lobed shaped foliage, faster spreading variety $12.99
E. gigantea - large succulent, gray spoon-shaped leaves form a huge rosette, for trough, planters,
or rockery. Rosy pink flowers in fall Z9 ( 1qt. size) $12.49                                           ACHILLEA *
E. nodulosa - green foliage with red markings on the interior and edges, pinkish blooms, Z9, 1 qt.     A. filipendula 'Coronation Gold’ - large flat gold bloom heads, 3 1/2’ $7.50
$8.50                                                                                                  A. 'The Pearl' - white bloom, clumps rapidly, 2’ $3.50
E. peacockii (Mexican Hen and Chicks) - succulent, silvery blue rosettes, spikes of orange-red         A. tomentosa 'Maynard's Gold' - **creeping, bloom 6" yellow , for sun & dry area $6.50
flowers, for trough, rockery, combo pots, Z9 (1 qt. size) $12.49                                       A. millifolium 'Red Beauty'- red bloom, June-August $4.99
E. 'Perle von Nurnberg' - blush rosette glazed with pink and purple center, Z9, 1 qt. $9.99
E. setosa hybrid - rosettes of leaves covered with fine hairs produce offsets, summer bloom, Z8,       ACONITUM
$8.50                                                                                                  A. napellus - 3' deep blue, nice, May/June $5.25
E. 'Silver Spoons' - Hen and Chick form with unique bluish white reversed cupped leaves, for           A. carmichaelii, syn. A. fischeri (Azure Monkshood)- 2’ purple bloom Aug/Sept. $6.25
trough, rockery, combo pots Z10 (1 qt. size) $12.49
E. 'The Rose'       - $9.99                                                                            ADENOPHORA
                                                                                                       A. confusa - early summer blooming variety, more drought tolerant, nodding deep blue 1" long
                                                                                                       bells, fragrant, 36" tall Z 3-8 $7.50
HAWORTHIA v. subsp.'Tessellata'              - rosettes of brownish triangular patterned leaves, Z9,
$8.99                                                                                                  AGAPANTHUS 'Headborne Hybrid' - dense blue, 10" flower cluster on 5' stems, blooms
                                                                                                       summer to fall, Z7, 1 gal. $12.99
OROSTACHYS aggregeatus (Dunce Caps) - 6" green rosette succulent, rockery, Z5, $5.50
                                                                                                       ALCHEMILLA *
SENECIO                                                                                                A. Vulgaris (Mollis) - beautiful evergreen foliage, chartreuse sprays of apple scented bloom
S. 'Blue Chalk Fingers'         - blue, upright $8.99                                                  $6.50
S. macro variegata (variegated Jade Vine)          - tiny, creeping, mat-forming, ground cover,
great for troughs and topiaries Z9 $5.99                                                               ALLIUM
                                                                                                       A. cernum (Nodding Onion) - lavender/light pink with pendant-like bell shaped flowers, June to
S. Rowleyanus (String of Pearls)    - light green, pearl, like balls, hang in single strings,          August, 18” tall $4.99
great for hanging baskets (POISONOUS), $5.99
A. c. stellatum (midwest native)       - 12" tall, pink, August bloom $5.99                          A. absinthium - fragrant $4.99
A. neopolitanum - white, spring, fragrant fiberous roots $5.99                                       A. ludoviciana (Silver King) - for arranging & drying $4.25
A. senescens 'Glaucum' - 1" rose bloom Aug., 6" narrow twisted foliage fiberous roots $5.50          A. purshiana - broader leaf & plumes than Silver King $4.00
                                                                                                     A. 'Powis Castle' - mounds, 1 gal. $6.99
A. s. 'Mongolium Gem'          - 2" lav/pink ball bloom, 18" tall $5.75                              A. schmidtiana 'Silver Mound' - feathery silver foliage mounds, 18" tall, Z3 - $5.75
                                                                                                     A. lactiflora - cream plumes 4', wonderful with fall anemones $5.75
ALYSSUM, Saxatile ** (Aurinia) - yellow mounds, spring $5.25                                         A. versicolor - narrow contorted foliage $7.50
AMSONIA                                                                                              ASARUM (Ginger)
A. 'Blue Ice"          - dwarf 12" tall, dark blue $9.50                                             A. arifolium (Little Brown Jug) - shade, fragrant leaves, evergreen $11.25 LIMITED
A. taberanaemontana - "Eastern Bluestar", clear blue bloom, 3'-4' native 2 qt. $6.50, 1 gal.         A. canadensis - decidious native $6.50
$12.95                                                                                               A. europaeum (European Ginger) - shiny foliage, evergreen $9.99
A. hubrictii - true blue flowers, fine needled foliage turning yellow in fall,
2'-3', 1 qt. $5.99, gal. $9.99                                                                       ASCLEPIAS
                                                                                                     A. tuberosa (Gay Butterflies, Butterfly Weed) - July, orange bloom, native $7.50 NO MAIL
ANEMONE                                                                                              ORDER ON THIS PLANT
A. canadensis (Spring White) - 12" small white bloom in Spring, spreads $4.00
A. x hupehensis ' September Charm' - silvery pink, 3', fall bloom $7.25                              ASTER
A. sylvestris - 14", large white bloom most of summer $5.50                                          A. dumosus 'Wood's Blue' - lavender-blue flowers for 4-6 weeks in late summer to early fall,
A. multifida Rubra - carmine red flowers in May/June, 10"-12", Z4, $5.99                             compact, mildew and rust resistant, dark green foliage, 8"-12", excellent for containers also, Z3
A. pulsatilla - purple, Spring 8" $5.75                                                              $6.50
A. x h. 'Lorelei' - double pink flowers Aug- Oct. 3' tall $7.25                                      A. d. 'Wood's Pink'         - pink bloom, $6.50
A. x h. Vitifolia 'Robustissima' - pink bloom 3' (fall bloom) $7.25                                  A. frikartii 'Wunder Von Stafa' - blue daisy, all summer bloom 2' $5.75
A. x h. 'Whirlwind' - semi-double white bloom 3', fall bloom $7.25                                   A. novae-angliae 'Harrington's Pink'-3' suggest pruning till August $6.25
                                                                                                     A. novae-angliae 'Hella Lacy' - deep purple $4.00
ANTIRRHINUM                                                                                          A. novae-angliae 'Purple Dome' - purple with gold center 18" $6.75
A. hispanicum roseum (Spanish Snapdragon)            - Rose pink bloom over silver blue foliage,     A. "New England Mix" - violet or pink, prune till August 3', native, 1 qt.$5.50, 1 gal. $6.99
blooms throughout the sumer, deer resistant, 12" tall, Z5, $5.75                                     A. oblongifolius 'Dream of Beauty' (Fragrant Aster) - masses of pink flowers with burnt orange
                                                                                                     centers in fall, makes large clumps, green and grey foliage, 12"x24", Z4 $6.99
ANTHEMIS (Golden Margurite) * yellow daisy bloom June 1 1 /2 ' $6.25                                 A. o. 'October Sky'       - sky blue bloom, Sept-Oct, 18" tall, Z4 $6.99
                                                                                                     A. 'Professor Kleppindorf' - large lavender blue flowers, shiny foliage, long fall bloom, $6.50
Mix of purples and blues qt. $4.99, half gal. $6.25                                                  ASTILBE
A. canadensis (Wild Columbine) - see WILDFLOWER LISTING                                              A. a. 'Spinell' - young foliage is chocolate-red turning dark green, dard red mid-summer bloom,
                                                                                                     26" tall, $7.50
ARABIS **                                                                                            A. japonica 'Red Sentinel' - full intense red plumes, 20" - 24" tall $7.50
A. procurrens - evergreen mats, earliest bloom, white $5.50                                          A. chinensis ‘Pumila’ - dwarf lavendar $6.50
A. sturri - creeping, white bloom, spring $5.50                                                      A c. ‘Superba’ - long magenta pink plumes, 36"-40" tall mid-late Z3-8 $7.50
ARMERIA                                                                                              AUBRETIA ** earliest bloom, tolerates drought, mounds 4"
A. 'Bloodstone'     - 8"-10" tall, gal $8.50                                                         A. 'Bengal' - semi-double flowers, mixed colors Z4 $6.50
A. "Formosa Hybrids" ** leafless fl. stems 15" arising from tufts of grassy foliage, pinks-corals,   A. Leichtlinii       - carmin-rose bloom, 6" tall, Z4, $6.50
1 gal. $8.50
ARUM ITALICUM VARIEGATA *(tuber) -foliage evergreen in winter after late summer
dormancy, striking stalk of red berries at maturity $5.50                                            A. saxatilis (Basket of Gold, syn. Allysum saxitile)      - clusters of bright gold bloom, grey
SEEDS $2.50 for packet of 35-40 seeds.                                                               green foliage mat, early spring bloom, 10" tall, Z4 $6.25

ARUNCUS                                                                                              BAPTISIA
A. dioicus sylvester (Goat's Beard) -   cream bloom likes moisture 3', Native $6.50                  B. ‘Carolina Moonlight’ – yellow bloom spikes, early summer, 3’ tall, native Z4-8, 2 gal. $19.95
                                                                                                     B. 'Prairie Blues’ – dark purple bloom, 3’ native Z4-8 $36.95 (4 gal.)
ARTEMISIA * - well drained, sun areas for silver color & drying for wreaths                          B. ‘Twilite Prairieblues’- red purple blooms with yellow base, giving a chocolate appearance, 3’
A. abrotanum (Southern Wood) $4.00                                                                   tall, Z4-8, gal. $15.99
B. australis (Blue false indigo) - blue spikes, Sweet Pea shape bloom 3', gal. $8.99               C. glabra- white- Aug. likes moisture, native $8.00
B. a. minor - (lesser false indigo) dwarf blue spikes $8.99                                        C. lyonni - rose-scarlet flowers, 24" - 30" tall, Aug-Sept, native, Z 3 $8.00
B. lactea leucantha - white bloom spikes, 3' tall, $14.99                                          C. lyonii 'Hot Lips' - deep hot pink, glossy dark green leaves, tinted bronze in spring, red stems,
B. a. 'Purple Smoke'        - purple spikes, 2'-3' tall, $8.99                                     2'-4' tall Z3 $8.00
                                                                                                   C. oblique- rose bloom, blushed pink $8.00
BEGONIA GRANDIS (Evansiana)             - Sept. bloom, looks like Angel Wing Begonia but hardy,    C. oblique alba - white bloom, 3', $8.00
2 1 /2, 3' tall $8.50
                                                                                                   COLCHICUM see BULB LISTING
BERGENIA, Cordifolia fall color photo - large. heavy textured foliage, pink bloom in
spring, nice winter foliage, turns rose, 1 gal $12.95
                                                                                                   C. coccineum 'Robinson's Red' (see PYRETHRUM)
                                                                                                   C. parthenium (aka Matricaria) - double white bloom repeats May thru Nov, 2’, sun/shade $4.99
                                                                                                   C leucanthemum (see SHASTA DAISY)
                                                                                                   C. rubellum 'Clara Curtis' (aka Dendranthemum) - pink daisy bloom, all summer 2' $7.50
BLETILLA striata - hardy orchid, bright pink bloom Z6 $9.99
                                                                                                   C. superbum 'Becky' - see Shasta
BOCCONIA (Macleaya) Plumed Poppy, 'Coral Plume' - striking large silver, backed copper,
                                                                                                   CLEMATIS (also see CLIMBER LISTING)
foliage 5' (spreads) $5.50
                                                                                                   - These varieties are wonderful, eye catching, rare forms of bush type clematis for the garden.
                                                                                                   They can be left self supported or woven on a short fence, over a short wall, or used on a shorter
                                                                                                   garden trellis.
B. macrophylla    - perennial For-Get-Me-Not, spring bloom, 1 qt. $6.50, 1 gal. $8.50
                                                                                                   C. fruiticosa 'Mongolion Gold' - yellow bell clusters, Summer 1 gal. $19.95
                                                                                                   C. integrifolia - bush type, sprays of blue bloom, June 1/2 gal. $19.95
C. glomerata superba 'Joan Elliot' - purple spikes 2' spring, May $5.99
                                                                                                   C. integrifolia 'Alba' - white, four-petaled, downward facing flowers, mid summer, unique seed
C. glomerata 'Alba'         - white bloom, 2', RARE $7.50                                          heads, 2' tall, Z4, 2 gal, $19.95
C. 'Kent Belle' - glossy purple bell-shaped 2" blooms, upright 24", abundant flowers, reblooming   C. integrifolia 'Rosea' - clear pink with lilac reverse, downward facing, four petalled bell shaped
$7.50                                                                                              blooms, fragrant, 3' tall, Z4, 2 gal, $19.95
C. persicifolia 'Alba' -white spikes of bells, 21/2', $5.25                                        C. recta - bush type, 36”, sprays of small open creamy bloom, May/June 1 gal. $24.50
C. persicifolia coerulea** blue spikes of bells 2 1 /2 ', May $5.25                                C. recta purpurea - bush type dark bronze, foliage in full sun, cream bloom 1 gal. $24.50
C. posckarskyana** (Blue Stars) photo2 6” creeping, May $6.50
C. punctata 'Elizabeth' - tubular burgundy bells on 24" stems, lovely $7.50                        COLUMBINE see AQUILEGIA
C. raddeana - large deep violet-purple bells, triangular glossy foliage, summer bloom, 6" tall,
suitable for groundcover - $6.00                                                                   CONVALLARIA, Lily of the Valley          fragrant, white bells (15 pips) $5.99

CANNA see BULB LISTING                                                                             COREOPSIS
                                                                                                   C. auriculata 'Nana' - low clump-forming dark green foliage, orange bloom all summer, 8" -
CASSIA                                                                                             $4.99
C. (Senna)          - shrub like, grows to 4'-5' tall, bloom in mid-late summer, yellow bloom      C. a. 'Zamphir' - yellow/orange tubular petals, makes booms 12" tall, summer blooming, $5.25
spikes, seeds if allowed, sun or semi-shade, native Z4, 1 gal. $19.95                              C. g. 'Presto' - semi double gold blooms with reddish eye, 18" tall, all summer bloom, drought
                                                                                                   tolerant $5.25
CENTAUREA                                                                                          C. verticillata 'Moonbeam' ** fern leaf, light yellow bloom, 1', $5.99
C. dealbata - purple 2 1 /2 ' , May $5.50                                                          C. r. 'Zegreb' - ** fern leaf, yellow bloom, 8", does not run, $6.50
C. macrocephala - bold yellow thistle like fl. 3' $5.75
                                                                                                   CROCOSMIA 'Lucifer' - red bloom on spikes, bulb, summer bloom, one pot with 3 bulbs for
CENTRANTHUS                                                                                        $6.50
C. rubra 'Pretty Betsy' - red flowers, glossy foliage, 24"-36", Z5 $6.50
C. 'Alba' - white bloom 2' $6.50                                                                   DELPHINIUM
                                                                                                   D. 'Connecticut Yankee'- very large blooms, mixed colors, long lived variety Z3 24"-30" $6.50
CERASTIUM TOMENTOSUM 'YoYo' ** silver ground cover with white bloom May, $7.25                     D. tricorne - (Dwarf Larkspur, Spring Larkspur) native delphinium, purple bloom, May, 12" tall
                                                                                                   DIANTHUS **
CHELONE                                                                                            D. a. 'Frosty Fire' - silver foliage with double, dark red 6" tall blooms, deadhead for all summer
                                                                                                   bloom $5.25
D. "Clove Pinks" (species mix) - height 6" fragrant $4.99                                              ERYNGIUM
D. g. 'Firewitch'        - bright rose pink, finged petal, 6" tall $5.25                               E. amethystinum (See Holly)          - metalic blue teasel-like flowers in July/Aug, Z5, $7.50
D. g. 'Ginger Kisses' - 2 tone pink flowers over 5" tall blue foliage, prolonged bloom, $4.99          E. 'Blue Hobbit'       - purplich blue blooms, silvery stems, Dwarf 8"-10" tall, Z4, $6.50
D. 'Prairie Pink'        -large fragrant pink blooms with eye ring, 12" tall, Z3, $5.25
D. pulmarius 'Dad's Favourite' - fragrant semi-double white with maroon edge 10" tall $5.25            EUPATORIUM
D. s. 'Red Feather' - rose red feathery edged petals, 10" tall $4.99                                   E. coelestinum (Hardy Ajeratum) 16" fall bloom, grows well in wet or dry, sun or shade,
                                                                                                       spreads, lovely, cut flower, native qt. $4.50
DICENTRA                                                                                               E. rugosum (white snakeroot) native - native, white floss flowers, September - $4.50
D. spectabilis - (pink) 2 1/2 ' goes dormant summer 1 gal $7.25                                        E. fistulosum (Joe Pye Weed) - Aug. bloom, native 1 gal. $7.50
D. spectabilis Alba - (white) 2 1/2 ' goes dormant summer 1 gal $7.50                                  E. maculatum 'Atropurpureum Gateway' (Joe Pye Weed) - purple tinted foliage, wine red bloom,
D. formosa 'Luxuriant' - (pink) 18", blooms all summer, shade 1 qt. $7.25                              6' to 7' tall, 1 gal, $7.50
                                                                                                       E. rugosum ‘Chocolate’ - dark foliage, wh. bloom, fall 1 qt. $5.75
DICONDRA 'Silver Falls' - heat tolerant, silver-rounded leaf, 4' trailing, Z10 $4.50
FANTASTIC!                                                                                             EUPHORBIA (these are non-invasive)
                                                                                                       E. marginata - self seeding annual, sun or part shade, 2'-3' tall, late summer, sold as seed only
DICTAMNUS - Gas Plant, 2 1/2 ' (once these are planted they improve with age and resent                $1.99
being moved)                                                                                           E. myrsinites ** - striking blue green foliage, excellent for wall, dwf. $5.50
Dictamnus albus 'Rubra' - (pink) $14.95                                                                E. polychroma (Epithymoides) - 15" yellow $6.00
Dictamnus albus 'Alba' - (white) $14.95                                                                E. cyparisias - see GROUND COVER LISTING

DIGITALIS * (perennial varieties)                                                                      FARFUGIUM japonicum 'Aureomaculatum' (Ligularia Leopard)               - round glossy green
D. lutea - 12"-14" yellow bloom spikes, truly perennial $5.25                                          foliage, spotted yellow, round yellow daisy bloom, 12" tall, Z7 $14.95
D. purpurea 'Mariana' - 4'-5' flower spikes in unusual shades, bienniel $5.99
D. mertonensis         - 4' rose pink $5.99                                                            FERN     see FERNS LISTING

ECHINACEA                                                                                              FILIPENDULA (formerly called Spirea)
E. 'Kim's Knee High' - clear pink petals, orange cone, reblooms, native, 20" tall $12.00               F. (hexapetala) vulgaris - 18" cream bloom, foliage is fernlike $6.99
E. paradox - yellow coneflower, 24" tall, Z3, $5.75                                                    F. rubra 'Venusta Magnifica' - bright pink 4', loves wet areas $8.25
E. purpurea 'Magnus' - mauve/pink 3' $6.50                                                             F. v. 'Plena' - double creamy white plumes, relatively drought tolerant, 20" tall, Z 3-8 $8.75
E. tennesseensis - (Tennessee cone flower), pink blooms all summer, 24" tall, Z4, $6.50
E. alba - white bloom, 3' $6.50                                                                        GERANIUM - Z5
                                                                                                       G. dalmaticum - 6" pink bloom spring $7.75
ECHINOPS - blue ball, July/Aug. 3 1/2 ', dries well , qt. $4.25, 1 gal. $6.75                          G. endressii ‘Wargrave Pink’ - pink, spreads, for ground cover $5.75
                                                                                                       G. 'Sue Crug' - mauve magenta flowers with dark veining that forms an eye, 16" tall, April-Aug.
ELSCHOLTZIA (mint shrub)                                                                               bloom, Z4-8 $7.25
E. stauntonii - pink bloom spikes, Sept-Oct making a 3' shrub, shade, 1gal. $19.95 Limited             G. macrorrhizum ‘Bevins’ - pink with scented foliage, spring bloom 10" $8.50
E. stauntonii 'Alba' - white bloom, mint scented foliage, 1 gal. $19.95 LIMITED                        G. m. 'Variegatum' - randomed cream splashed foliage with bright magenta flowers, stable
                                                                                                       variegation. Z4 $10.50
EPIMEDIUM (see GROUND COVER listing)                                                                   G. m. 'Album' - white, spring bloom, scented foliage 10" $8.50
                                                                                                       G. maculatum - see WILDFLOWER LISTING
EREMURUS                                                                                               G. p. 'Splish Splash' - unusual bicolor flowers of random violet blue splashes on white
E. x isabellinus 'Ruiter Hybrids' (Foxtail Lily) - mix colors of pastels, late spring bloom (shipped   background, summer blooming,2' tall, brilliant orange fall foliage, Z5-8 $7.25
fall only) $9.95                                                                                       G. sanguineum - 18" rose/red mounds, trim back mid summer for more bloom, good fall foliage
                                                                                                       color $8.50
ERODIUM                                                                                                G. s. Alba - mounds of white single bloom, spring $8.50
E. chamaedryoides 'Roseum' (Baby Swiss Geranium) - single pink bloom 2", Z7, wonderful                 G. s. 'Ankum's Pride' - fluorescent pink flowers, all summer bloom, 7" tall $9.99
house plant, miniature $4.50                                                                           G. s. 'Elke' - pink flowers with white center and edges, red bronze foliage, 8" tall and mounding
E. chrysanthum (Yellow Storksbill) - pale yellow flowers over finely dissected gray leaves,            habit, all summer bloom $9.99
spring bloom, rebloom in through-out summer, needs good drainage, lovely contrast plant in the         G. s. Lancastriense - (striatum) - ** 6" all summer bloom, spreads $9.99
garden. Z4 $6.99                                                                                       G. s. Max Frei - deep rose bloom, 4”, compact $7.99
                                                                                                       G. s. New Hampshire Purple - darker, larger bloom 6" $7.99
                                                                                                       G. s. 'Shepards Warning' - 6" high, deep pink $8.99
                                                                                               H. 'Stormy Seas'        -maroon-purple ruffled leaves with grey veins, white bloom, 1 gal.
GRASSES see GRASS LISTING                                                                      $14.95
GLORIOSA DAISY (Rudbeckia)                                                                     HIBISCUS (Rose Mallow)
R. ‘Pinwheel’- 2 1/2' bloom height, July/Nov. $4.25                                            Hibiscus - large flowering pink or white, 3' August bloom, cut to ground in spring 1 gal. $18.00
                                                                                               H. 'Disco Red Belle' - large red bloom 2 gal. $19.95
GYPSOPHILIA - need good drainage, hot sun and space
G. 'Bristol Fairy' - double bloom white 3' $8.95                                               HIERACIUM
G. compacta plena - double bloom, 18" tall $7.50                                               H. aurantiacum (Hawkweed) - orange-red flowers on 12" stems, for rockery or wildflower areas,
                                                                                               Z4, $5.99
HARDY BEGONIA           see BEGONIA GRANDIS                                                    H. maculatum 'Leopard' - rosettes of blue-green foliage with red-brown spots, yellow bloom in
                                                                                               15" stalks Z4 $5.99
                                                                                               HOLLYHOCK (Altheae)
HELENIUM - 3' prefers some shade and moisture, fall bloom, trim in June & July to force more   Hollyhock - old fashioned singles, will self seed, mix 3 colors, qt. $3.49, gal. $6.50
buds, sprays of small daisy like bloom
H. 'Rubinzwerg' - burnt-red petals, yellow-brown center, 30" $8.25                             HOSTA see HOSTA LISTING
HELIANTHUS (perennial sunflower)                                                               IBERIS - (Candytuft) - white bloom, evergreen, full sun, blooms better in poor soil qt. $5.50, 1
H. max (Maximilianii) - $5.75                                                                  gal. $7.00
H. decapetalus plena - double yellow bloom, 4' tall, gal. $9.50
                                                                                               IRIS - All Rhizomes are mature size. Too many named cultivars to list.
HELIOPSIS                                                                                      I. bucharica - see bulb listing
H. 'Summer Sun' - deep gold summer bloom 3', good cut flower $6.50                             I. cristata - clear blue 3" bloom, prefers some shade, native $6.50
                                                                                               I. germanica (Dwarf Bearded) ** 6" - 12" April bloom
HELLEBORUS (these are blooming size plants.)                                                   'Lemon Pop' - fragrant, 12" tall - $3.00
H. argutifolius corsicus - holly type foliage, small lime green bloom 1gal. $18.95. LIMITED    'Tinkerbelle' - $1.50
H. foetidis - (Bear's foot hellebore, Stinking hellebore) - blooms set by Christmas,           'Hot Fudge' - $3.00
chartreuse/purple edge bloom 1 gal. $19.95                                                     'Spring White' - $2.00
H. niger (Christmas Rose) - white bloom, earliest bloom 2 gal.$36.00                           'Baby Baron' - $2.00
H. n. praecox - white bloom, 1 gal $25.00                                                      'Aztec Gold' - $1.50
H. orientalis (Lenten Rose) - purple, lime, and lavender mixed colors with purple spots, 2     --Mail Order Special: mix colors, only $1.00 each.
H. x 'Blue Lady'       - lenton rose, dark blue purple, 2 gal $26.95                           I. germanica (Tall Bearded Hybrids) 36" or more.
H. x 'Champion'        - white bloom, pink reverse, dark reddish foliage 2 gal. $26.95         All german iris love sun and good drainage; super phosphate in spring makes sturdier stems.
                                                                                               Mail order by color choice: bicolor, blue, pink, purple, red, tan, white, yellow, plicata each $3.00
H. x 'Cinnamon Snow'          - creamy blooms dusted with cinnamon as they age, 2 gal $26.95   --Complete list of all named variety bearded iris on request with SASE.
H. x 'Pink Frost'      -silver green foliage, burgandy buds open to pink, Jan-March bloom, 2   I. germanica 'Dumas' - heritage $5.00
gal. $29.95                                                                                    I. g. 'Gnu Rayz' - 18"-24" $7.00
                                                                                               I. g 'Louvois' - 24" $5.00
HERBS see HERBS LISTING                                                                        I. g. Miss Jessie' - 30" $6.00
                                                                                               I. g. 'Planned Treasure' - 36" $7.50
                                                                                               I. germanica (Fall Blooming) - These will not rebloom as well where frosts are heavy in
HEUCHERA (Coral Bells) These are varieties that have grown well for us .                       September.
H. 'Coral Cloud' - heritage plant 24" $5.50                                                    'Autumn Haze' - 3' gold and lav. $4.50
H. ‘Chatter Box’ - sprays of large pink bloom 18" $5.50                                        'Lo Ho Silver' - snow white, fragrant rebloomer $5.00.
H. 'Chocolate Curls' - very ruffled dark purple foliage, 2 qt $10.99                           'Sangreal' - 16" yellow $4.50
H. 'Chocolate Veil' - qt. $9.50
H. m. 'Palace Purple' - purple foliage, cream bloom 18" $6.50                                  I. germanica pallida 'Albo Variegata'- striped green and white foliage, sm. blue bloom, 1 gallon
H. sanguinea - red 24" $5.50                                                                   $14.95
H. s. 'Snow Angel'        - variegated green and white foliage, red bloom, very hardy $12.50   I. germanica ‘Swanensburg’ - heritage, early April, bloom unusual tan color, 1' $6.50
                                                                                               I. germanica intermedia
'Alaskan Sky' - 18" - 24" with large bloom $4.00                                                      LAVENDER see HERB LISTING
'Bold One' - white with dark blue stitching, $5.00
'Cranapple'- red $5.00                                                                                LEWISIA cot. 'Special Mix'          -star like blooms on upright stems in red, pink and peach
'Fantasy World' - 18"-24" $4.00                                                                       colors, great for rockery and troughs $5.99
'Peachy Face' - 18" $4.00
'Pinka Boo' - 18" $6.00                                                                               LIATRIS - willowy spikes of bloom,
'Serendipity' $7.50                                                                                   L. spicata purple 4', 1 quart $5.50
I. florentina (Orris Root) * white flower $4.50                                                       L. spicata 'Kobold' - 2' purple, 1 quart $6.25
I. louisiana - these varieties love moisture                                                          L. pycnostrachya alba - white bloom, 3' tall $6.25
'Sky Blue' - 18"', heritage $12.00
'Red Dazzler'        - 18"', mahogany red $18.00                                                      LIGULARIA - loves moisture, edge of ponds
                                                                                                      L. stenocephala 'The Rocket' - 3'-4' spikes of golden flowers, July 1 gal. $9.50
I. psuedacorus * - grows well in pond or soil, yellow bloom, pods for dried, 3' in soil, taller in    L. dentata 'Othello' - lg. red foliage, gold daisy bloom Aug. $9.50
water $7.50
I. p. 'Holden's Child' - redish purple with yellow and white thumbprint $14.95                        LILLIUM see BULB LISTING
I. p. 'Variegata' - variegated foliage, yellow bloom, for ponds or borders $8.95
I. siberica                                                                                           LIMONIUM - see STATICE
'Blue Jay' - 3.5' tall, blue $16.95
'Ceaser's Brother' - 2' purple $4.50                                                                  LOBELIA SYPHILITICA (Hardy Blue Lobelia) - photo2 blue spikes Aug.-Sept., will grow in
'Eric the Red' - 24" rose-red $8.50                                                                   moist areas, great color with Black Eyed Susan, native $4.25, 1/2 gal $6.50
'Gull's Wing' - pure white, 1 gal. $8.50
'Helen Aster' - 20" rose $8.50                                                                        LYCORIS
'It's Delightful' - light blue, with rounded petals, 3' tall $16.95                                   L. Squamigera (Magic Lily) - 2.5' tall, spring foliage, pink August bloom, hardy, multiplies
'Mountain Lake' - 20" blue $8.50                                                                      quickly, large blooming size bulbs shipped in May and in the fall only: plant immediately upon
'Ruffled Velvet' - lavender blue falls with white thumbprint, rounded petals, 2.5' tall $16.95        arrival, Special Sale Price $3.00 each
'Seven Seas' - 3' velvet purple $7.50
'Snowy Egret' 2' white $8.50                                                                          LYSIMACHIA
'Sparkling Wine' - 18" dusky wine, blue blaze $8.50                                                   L. punctata - yellow spikes of bloom, excellent cut flower $5.50
'Swan' - medium blue, rounded petals, 32" tall $8.50                                                  L. p. 'Alexander'        - variegated foliage, yellow bloom $7.50
'Swank' - clear blue, with rounded petals, 32" tall $8.50
'Tealwood' - 2' purple $7.50                                                                          LYTHRUM 'Mordens Rose' - 4' almost shrub like, will grow in wet areas, bare root $6.50, 1gal.
'Tropic Night' - 3 ' purple $7.50                                                                     $8.50
'White Anniversary' - large pure white blooms with yellow beard, 3' tall $16.95
'White Swirl' - white with rounded petals $9.50                                                       MALVA
I. spuria                                                                                             M. alcea fastigiata - 2 1/2 ' mounds of pink min. Hollyhock like bloom $7.50
'Big Cloud' - 3 1/2 ' white & yellow $7.50                                                            M. sylvestris 'Zebrinus' - photo2 lavender and white striped hollyhock-like flowers, 2' - 3' tall,
'Blue Butterfly' - 3' light blue $6.50                                                                blooms July-September $7.50
'Gold Nugget' - 3 1/2 ' yellow $7.50
'Neophyte' - 4' blue and purple $8.50                                                                 MONARDA * - fragrant 2 1/2 ' , sun or shade $6.00
'Admiral' - 3 1/2 ' dark blue $8.50                                                                   M. 'Gardenview Scarlet'
I. tectorum (Japonese roof iris) - sun or shade, drought tolerant, 10" lovely                         M. 'Praire Gypsy' - extra large (1.5") raspberry/pink floral tubes with spots, very fragrant, attracts
'Alba' - 1', white bloom $8.50                                                                        many species of butterflies, minty scent, 18"-24" tall, Z4 $6.00
'Purple' - 1' $6.50
'Pallida' - 1' $9.50                                                                                  MYOSOTIS palustris (Forget-me-not) - perennial, blooms all summer, light blue 6 " tall, likes
                                                                                                      moisture, qt. $5.25
K. uvaria 'Fire Dance' - (Tritoma, Red Hot Poker) - orange-red flower, blue-green foliage, 3' tall,   NEPETA see HERB LISTING
                                                                                                      NIGELIA (Love in the Mist) - true light blue, double star-like flowers on 12" stems, with fine
KNAUTIA                                                                                               thread like light green foliage, late spring - summer bloom, self seeding biennial, seed sold only,
K. m. 'Mars Midget' - dwarf compact form 16" tall, brilliant ruby-red flowers June till frost,        sow in borders, $1.99 per pack of seeds
attractive to butterflies, drought tolerant Z5 $6.25
O. missourenses ** - huge yellow bloom in evening 6" - 8" $6.50                                      PLUMBAGO ***          see CERASTOSTIGMA in GROUND COVER LISTING
O. 'Berlanderi Siskikou'       - pink blooms, use as a ground cover, 8" tall $6.50
                                                                                                     POLEMONIUM CAERULEUM (Jacob's Ladder)
ORIGANUM (culinary varieties see Herb listing)                                                       P. reptans - blue, 10" native, nice foliage all summer $5.25
O. laevigatum 'Hopley's Purple' - ornamental with large purple flowers and blue foliage, 18" x
12" wide, excellent dried flower - $4.50                                                             PRIMULA - hardy varieties
                                                                                                     P. vulgaris Grandiflora Mix (English Primrose) - large flowers, mix colors, 6"-9" tall, $4.99
PAPAVER orientalis 'Pink Ruffles'           - medium pink, sun, for well drained soil $9.50
                                                                                                     PULMONARIA - low mounds
PARDANCANDA                                                                                          P. saccharata 'Mrs. Moon' - cream spotted foliage, blue & pink bloom $6.50
P. (Candy Lily) Dazzler Series - various colors of purple, pink-orange, and red, dwarf 15"-18"       P. longifolia 'EB Anderson' - narrow spotted foliage with pink and blue bloom $7.50
tall, Z5 $7.50
                                                                                                     P. 'Margery Fish'        - silver spots on green leaves, pink bloom, Z3-7 $8.50
PEONY - potted Peonies at Plant Farm all season, other varieties can be chosen in field for fall
delivery. Peonies are forever, some here are heritage.                                               PULSATILLA - see ANEMONE listing for others
April Hybrids (singles) - soft pink, red, bright red2, lipstick or watermelon $35.00                 P. vulgaris 'Heiler Hybrids' - mix of bright colors, 12" tall, hardy, natvie to Dakotas Z5, $5.75
Bowl of Beauty - bright rose, yellow center $17.50
Edulis Supreme - deep pink double bloom $10.50                                                       PYRETHRUM COCCINEUM (aka Chrysanthemum Cocc. or Tanacetum) - low ferny foliage, 2'
Festivia Maxima - double bloom white $18.50                                                          leafless stems, daisy type bloom, good cut flower
Felix Crouse - double bloom red $16.50                                                               P. Robinsons Crimson $8.50
Mon Jules Elie - double bloom, bomb type pink with outer petals $9.50
Requieum - single pale pink, wonderful foliage $25.00                                                RUDBECKIA - all bloom, late summer and fall
Sarah Bernhardt - double bloom pink $16.50                                                           R. fulgida 'Goldstrum' - height 2' good as taller ground cover, 'Black Eyed Susan', qt. $3.50, gal.
Krinkled White - single white, late $18.50                                                           $5.99
Tenufolium - fern leaf red $35.00                                                                    R. gloriosa - 2'-3' tall, July-Sept bloom $5.99
Tree Peony (no mail order - prices at nursery) 4-5 yr. old blooming size pink, blush-pink, cerise-   R. h. 'Cherokee sunset'- 4" semidouble blooms in golden yellow-orange, mahogany and bronze,
pink, white, yellow, purple, red $52.00 & up, B&B only                                               summer bloom, treat as a self seeding annual, 2' tall Z5 $5.99
Tree peony 'Gauguin' - dark pink with black throat, petals have ruffled edges, very prominant        R. 'Brown Eyed Susan' - see WILDFLOWER LISTING
yellow stamens, rare $150.00 B&B ONLY                                                                R. lacinata 'Goldquelle' -large semi double yellow bloom, July-Sept, 30" tall $6.99
                                                                                                     R. maxima - see WILDFLOWER LISTING
PHLOX PANICULATA - tall varieties $8.50
P. 'Blue Paradise' - deep violet blue, mildew resistant                                              RUELLA humilis (wild petunia)            - perennial, lavender bloom, self seeding, 3" tall, Z5
P. ‘David’- white, mildew resistant, 31/2' to 4' tall                                                $6.50
P. 'Laura' - mildew resistant, 3' tall
P. 'Sherbert Cocktail'       - yellow buds open to pink and white flowers, fragrant                  RUMEX
P. 'White Admiral'                                                                                   R. sanguineus - green and red variegated foliage for borders or containers, 18" tall, 2 qt. $6.25

PHLOX DIVARICATA - dwarf, Spring blue bloom, native $4.50 LIMITED                                    RUTA
                                                                                                     R. graveolens 'Blue Beauty' - lacy blue foliage, good landscape plant, 1 qt. $5.50, 1 gal. $6.99
PHLOX SUBLATA ** (Creeping Phlox) - white, pink and white stripe, lavender (blue), red, 1
gallon $6.50                                                                                         SALVIA **
                                                                                                     S. argentia 'Silver Sage'        - large silver leaves forms rosette plumes of whitte-pink, blooms
PHYSOSTEGIA                                                                                          form 2nd year, 3' x 2' biennial $6.25
P. variegata - vaiegated foliage, pink bloom, does not spread as bad $8.50                           S. lyrata 'Purple Knockout' - decorative wide foliage in bronze, purple and red tones, blue-purple
                                                                                                     flowers, 16" x 12" Z5 $6.99
PLATYCODON (Balloon Flower) - July to Aug. bloom, full sun or semi-shade $7.50                       S. nemorosa 'May Night' - deep purple bloom, 12"-14" tall, deadhead for all summer bloom
P. grandiflorus 'Alba' - single white flowers, 30" tall                                              $7.00
P. g. 'Double Blue' - 20" tall, double                                                               S. pitcheri 'Nekan' - sky blue flower spikes in late summer and fall, native, 4' tall Z4 $6.50
P. g. 'Mariesii' - single blue, 16" tall
P. g. 'Fuji Pink' - single pink, 24" tall                                                            SANTOLINA ** - like small evergreen shrub, sun & well drained area, for bloom do not prune
P. g. 'Sentimental Blue' - dwarf form 8" tall, single blue flowers                                   in spring, 1 qt $8.50
P. g. apoyana 'Fairy snow'        - white bloom with blue veins, 10" tall, Z3                        S. incana (silver) - 1' mounds, yellow bloom
SAPONARIA **                                                                                       S. Betony - heritage with pink spikes, narrow foliage $6.50
S. ocy. Rubra Compacta - blooms after Phlox Sub. with same bloom habit, pink $6.25                 S. macrantha grandiflora superba - rose-purple flower spikes 20" tall $6.25
S. ‘Max Frei’ - semi-double pink bloom, all summer $6.50
                                                                                                   STATICE (LIMONIUM, GONIOLIMON)**
SCABIOSA - summer bloom                                                                            S. tartarica (Dumosa, German Statice) 8" sun well drained, cut/dried flower $6.75
S. ochroleuca - 3' pale yellow bloom all summer $5.00                                              S. latifolia (Limonium or Sea Lavender) low foliage, leafless fl. stems, lavender-blue cut/dried
                                                                                                   flower 2' tall $6.75
Tall varieties, quart containers:                                                                  STOKESIA
S. telephium 'Autumn Joy' (Indian Chief) - good winter appearance, 1 qt. $4.75, gal. $7.75         S. laevis 'Klaus Jelitto' - huge 4"-5" wide pale blue flowers, 18" tall, gorgeous, June -Aug. $8.50
S. t. 'Xenox' - 12", blue-green foliage tinted rose $9.95                                          S. l. 'Purple Parasols' - flowers can display five different colors on one plant by their maturity
S. spectabile 'Atropurpureum' - purple foliage $7.50                                               going from powder blue to magenta 12"-18" tall $8.50
S. spectabile 'Curly' - deep rose bloom $4.50
S. spectabile 'Frosty Morn' - 12" tall, pale green foliage, bordered with wide white band, light   SYMPHYTUM
pink to white bloom in late summer $8.50                                                           S. grandflora lutea - 6", yellow bloom good ground cover $6.50
S. 'Montrona' - pink bloom till fall, dark blue-green foliage with pink edges and red stems, 15"   S. rubrum - 18" red bloom $6.50
S. spectabile 'Neon' - intense deep purplish-pink blooms over 15: dark green foliage, Z3, $5.99    TANACETUM see PYRETHRUM
S. spectabile Variegata - needs full sun to bring out best variegation $6.50
S. spectabile 'Starburst" - white $6.25                                                            THALICTRUM shade - beautiful foliage all year
S. x h. 'Purple Emperor' - purple red foliage, redbloom, 5" tall Z3 $8.50                          T. aquilegifolium 'Alba' - 30" $6.50
                                                                                                   T. aquilegifolium 'Violet' - 30" $6.50
Dwarf types - ground covers, 3" x 3" containers:                                                   T. dwarf - bronze bloom in spring, blue-green foliage all summer $7.25
S. angelina - $7.50                                                                                T. flavum ssp. Glacum (Speciosissinum) - yellow 4-5' $7.50
S. kamtschicum - yellow bloom, green formal mounds $4.50
S. reflexum - blue foliage yellow bloom $4.00                                                      TRITOMA - see KNIPHOFIA
S. spurium 'Tricolor' - bright pink and white variegation, 2" x 12" Z3 $4.99
S. 'Vera Jamison' - 1' deep pink rose bloom $6.50                                                  VERBENA ** - truly hardy heritage plant from our gardens, rose color bloom all summer 5"
20 varieties sold as mix collection 3 for $5.00                                                    $6.99 LIMITED
                                                                                                   V. Bonharensis - airy, rigid purple bloom 4', reseeds, per. Z6 $6.99
S. braunii - smooth slate-gray leaves, low tight rosette, yellow flowers tipped red in summer,     VERONICA **
great for troughs Z7 $5.99                                                                         V. 'Crater Lake Blue'        - dark blue stems, 12" summer $6.50
S. "Hen & Chick" (mix only) 3 for $5.50                                                            V. 'Waterperry' - nice size deep blue bloom sprays over shiny foliage, 3" tall, creeping habit,
S. 'Twilight Blue' - large olive-green shaded lavender with purple tips Z4 $5.99                   gorgeous over walls or in rockery, lovely plant - $6.50
                                                                                                   V. peduncularis 'Georgia Blue' - reddish green foliage in spring turns darker green in heat, small
SHASTA DAISYS (S. Leucanthemum)                                                                    cobalt blue bloom in summer, 2"-4" tall, sun or shade $6.50
S. (Leucanthemum) superba 'Becky' - large single white daisy, 36" tall, long bloom and heat
tolerant $8.25                                                                                     VERONICASTRUM
S. 'Nipponicum' - large waxy green foliage, largest 4" white bloom in Sept.-Nov. 3' tall,          V. virginica (Culvers-Root)- Albo - shade, lovely 3 1/2 ' white spikes, better than white
gorgeous, $6.25                                                                                    Veronica, native $7.50
S. Polaris - large July bloom, up to 7" across, 3' $7.50
Chrys. Leucanthemum 'May Queen' shade - May bm low lacy foliage 2', lg. 2" bloom, heritage, 1      V. sibericum        -5'-7' tall pink spikes of bloom, mid to late summer $7.50
qt. $4.25, 1/2 gal. $5.99
SILENE                                                                                             V. corsica (Corican Pansy)         - 1" bright purple flowers, 6" tall, Z4 $5.25
S. uniflora 'Compacta' - hardy 4-5" x 12" gray-green compact heavy flowering cushions for the      V. cucullata (Violets) see WILDFLOWER LISTING
trough garden or rockery, light pink flowers Z3 $5.25                                              V. labridoricum - purple foliage in sun, extended blue bloom $4.99
S. uniflora 'Druett's Variegated' - pure white blossoms from summer to fall, cream edged 2"-3"     V. odorata 'Rosina' - fragrant pink flowering, long blooming violet, clumps but does not seed -
mat-forming foliage, great for rockery or trough, Z3 $6.50                                         $4.99

STACHYS *                                                                                          YUCCA - we ship large plants
S. bysantin 'Silver Carpet' (Lamb's Ear) - largest silver leaf variety, no bloom, 1 qt. $6.99      Y. filamentosa - bloom height 4-6' $6.00
S. banata (Lambs Ear) - plush silvery foliage, bloom spikes $5.25                                  Y. f. 'Gold Edge' - $15.00

ROSES                                                                                                  CLIMBING ROSES
Order and shipping information.

Certain plants require a specific ship time. In spring or fall, shrubs, roses, and trees are all
                                                                                                             $25.00 each
shipped semi-dormant and semi-bareroot. Since quantities are sometimes limited and items sell
out, orders that are placed early are put into our system and the plants requested are held for you    Aloha - large rose-pink to lavender, almost quartered, blooms, strong frangrance,
until the proper shipping time. We do not charge your credit card until two weeks prior to             everblooming, 12' tall, gorgeous
shipping. We also send notification of the exact ship date so you can be expecting your plants.
                                                                                                       Austrian Copper- clusters of 2" single hot orange/red with yellow reverse blooms, 6'-
The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go into the        7' arching branches, strong licorice fragrance, spring bloom only, very hardy Z4
landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in gallon
size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the root system and its required       Constance Spry - (Austin) round, peony shaped, luminous pink blooms on cascading
growing space.                                                                                         branches 7'-12' tall, spring bloom only, heavy myrrh fragrance, Z5

The size of roses shipped are bare-root #1 grade, the same blooming size roses as sold in the          Eden - huge pink and cream blossoms, everblooming, slight fragrance, 10'-12' Z5
nursery in 2 gallon containers.
                                                                                                       Harison’s Yellow - Bred in United Kingdom (Circa 1824) by George Folliott, own
KEY:                                                                                                   root. Masses of small fragrant yl. bloom, spring bloom only, use as shrub or climber,
Z ———— hardiness zone (example: Z4)                                                                    8'-9', Z5
+ ————– Explorer series
B&B ——— Balled and Burlapped                                                                           + Henry Kelsey Canada (1984), own root - Red blooming clusters, resistant to mildew,
                                                                                                       repeat bloom, 7' , Z3

See for information about the             Hippolyte (Gallica) - LIMITED vigorous tall climber or shrub, semi-thornless, soft
Explorer and Parkland series of hardy roses.                                                           violet purple, double full bloom, heavy fragrance, long spring bloom, B&B only
See for information about Dr. Griffith Buck,
hardy, shrub roses.
                                                                                                       Jeanne LaJoie (1975) - own root; perfect mini pink bloom, robust 10', everblooming,
A bit about 'Own root roses' Do not confuse these own root roses with small bushes. Ours are           Z4
full blooming size bushes, but being on their own root they can not freeze out. Bare Root shipped
March, April and October only. Potted roses available anytime. CA, WA & AZ (BR) only. All              New Dawn - photo2 pale, creamy pink, everblooming, glossy foilage, Z5, ALSO
varieties on display throughout the borders, rose pergola, and herb garden. The roses offered          available as B&B $48.00
here, own root or grafted, are ones that will be with you a lifetime, becoming more beautiful with
age, so give these bushes room. These are also varieties that are not susceptible to freezing out in   Polka (Romantica Series) - 8' - 10' canes with huge round apricot blooms, spicy
bad weather. We have many other miscellaneous varieties at the nursery but not in enough               fragrance, disease resistant, everblooming. A favorite.
quantity to list. So inquire if you’re looking for a particular variety.

Peak bloom for our roses is usually the first week of June.                                            Sea Foam - own root; short climber 6’ or to hang over wall, tolerates some shade,
                                                                                                       shiny disease resistant foliage, clusters white bloom everblooming Z5
Balled and Burlapped (B&B) sizes are available on some varieties. These are full grown shrubs
that are too large for pots, and are for instant gratification in the garden. Not mail order sizes.    Soaring Spirits – fragrant pink and yellow striped single blooms in cluster, ever
Pick up only. Priced as to size. $42.00 and up                                                         changing in hues of pink and cream. All summer bloom. 8’ tall. Z5. FANTASTIC!
                                                                                            Serendipity - own root; hybrid tea shaped, 5" double soft creamy orange to soft pink
Stormy Weather          - clusters of smokey, purple-blue single blooms with white          edged blooms, apple fragrance, everblooming 3'x3', disease resistant, Z5
reverse on the petal, everbloomin, spicy fragranc, 10' tall
                                                                                            Prairie Sunrise - own root; large quartered apricot to salmon blend, very fragrant,
Sombreuil - own root; heirloom variety, old fashioned semi-quartered creamy white           everblooming Z4
blooms, 12' tall, ever-blooming. [note: the rose sold in commerce as 'Sombreuil' is in
reality the larger flowered, modern climber 'Colonial White' bred in 1959 from the          Winter Sunset - own root; clusters of hybrid tea type buds open to dbl amber yellow
cross 'New Dawn' x 'Mme. Hardy'. With such notable parents, it is not a suprise that it     with orange base blooms, glossy foliage, everblooming, 3, Z4
is such a superb rose.]

+ William Baffin - own root; Double pink clusters, old fashioned look, disease
resistant, repeat bloom, 10’, Z3                                                            RUGOSA
                                                                                            (for about Rosa rugosa see:
Zephirine Drouhin (Bourbon) - 1868 thornless fragrant pink, everblooming, 10’, Z4

                                                                                                  $25.00 each
DR. GRIFFITH BUCK ROSES                                                                     These roses have heavy rugose type foliage, disease resistant, treat as shrubs.
Dr. Griffith Buck of Iowa crosses the Olde Roses with hybrid teas to get the fragrance
and hardiness of the olde and the bloom shape of the hybrid tea roses, for roses that are   Belle Poitevine photo2 France (1894) - own root; pink, recurrent bloom, 3', fragrant, Z3
hardy to Z3. I’ve been growing them for over 20 yrs and they are superior to any
rose that’s being hybridized today. I grow over 15 of his varieties.                        Blanc Double DeCoubert - double white, fragrant, everblooming, 5', Z3
(for about Dr. Griffith Buck roses see: )                                          David Thompson - own root; fuchsia bloom clusters with intense fragrance, disease
                                                                                            resistant, few thorns, everblooming, 3'-4', Z3

      $25.00 each                                                                           Magnifica - own root; double, deep rose, fragrant, our favorite, we use these blooms to
                                                                                            make our rose conserve we serve here on Gardener's Day, 3-4', everblooming, Z4

                                                                                            +Henry Hudson - rugosa hybrid, own root; 2 1/2 ' double, white bloom,
Aunt Honey - own root; double carmine rose buds open to light carmine color, damask         everblooming, Z3
fragrance everblooming, 4’, Z5
                                                                                            Linda Campbell - clusters of true red double bloom, 3'-4' Z3
Carefree Beauty - own root; hybrid tea type pink bud opens to large bloom, 5’,
everblooming, Z4                                                                            Rugosa Rosea - own root; pink version of above, everblooming, Z2

Distant Drums photo2- floribunda habit with brunette buds that open to ruffles of orchid    Sir Thomas Lipton - own root; Vase shaped bush, completely disease resistant
pink, fragrant, disease resistant, 4' Z5                                                    double, white, recurrent bloom, 7', Z3. This has rebloomed for us in August with 100
                                                                                            temperatures and drought; Still available in B&B size
Honey Sweet photo2- own root; yellow buds in clusters, are tipped with rosey red.
Opening to 4" double blooms from yellow and orange to rosy pink, honey fragrance,
everblooming, 3'-4' tall

Prairie Harvest - own root; clusters of fragrant 4 light yellow blooms, glossy foliage
everblooming, 4 1/2, Z4
                                                                                        changing in hues of pink and cream. All summer bloom. 8’ tall. Z5. FANTASTIC!
     MINIATURE ROSE                                                                     Stormy Weather          - clusters of smokey, purple-blue single blooms with white
Green Ice - Green buds and roses blend out to light green and pink, 12"x12", all        reverse on the petal, everbloomin, spicy fragranc, 10' tall
summer bloom, 1/2 gal. $14.00
                                                                                        Sombreuil - own root; heirloom variety, old fashioned semi-quartered creamy white
                                                                                        blooms, 12' tall, ever-blooming. [note: the rose sold in commerce as 'Sombreuil' is in
                                                                                        reality the larger flowered, modern climber 'Colonial White' bred in 1959 from the
SHRUBS & OLDE ROSES                                                                     cross 'New Dawn' x 'Mme. Hardy'. With such notable parents, it is not a suprise that it
                                                                                        is such a superb rose.]

     $25.00 each                                                                        + William Baffin - own root; Double pink clusters, old fashioned look, disease
                                                                                        resistant, repeat bloom, 10’, Z3
Aloha - large rose-pink to lavender, almost quartered, blooms, strong frangrance,       Zephirine Drouhin (Bourbon) - 1868 thornless fragrant pink, everblooming, 10’, Z4
everblooming, 12' tall, gorgeous

Austrian Copper- clusters of 2" single hot orange/red with yellow reverse blooms, 6'-
7' arching branches, strong licorice fragrance, spring bloom only, very hardy Z4
                                                                                        "A caller in January asking about roses wondered why anyone would plant a rose that bloomed
Constance Spry - (Austin) round, peony shaped, luminous pink blooms on cascading        only once each season. I told them to visit around the first week of June when the fragrant
branches 7'-12' tall, spring bloom only, heavy myrrh fragrance, Z5                      Harrison’s Yellow, Constance Spry, Alchemist or others are dripping with bloom and covering
                                                                                        the ground. It’s like drowning in fragrant rose petals."-Mary Harrison
Eden - huge pink and cream blossoms, everblooming, slight fragrance, 10'-12' Z5

Harison’s Yellow - Bred in United Kingdom (Circa 1824) by George Folliott, own
root. Masses of small fragrant yl. bloom, spring bloom only, use as shrub or climber,
8'-9', Z5

+ Henry Kelsey Canada (1984), own root - Red blooming clusters, resistant to mildew,
repeat bloom, 7' , Z3
                                                                                        SEED MIX
Hippolyte (Gallica) - LIMITED vigorous tall climber or shrub, semi-thornless, soft      Over the past few years, the wild flower seed in a can has become quite popular. Upon reading
                                                                                        the ingredients of these mixes, we find that many times they are not for our climate or varieties
violet purple, double full bloom, heavy fragrance, long spring bloom, B&B only
                                                                                        that we consider weeds. If you're planting Chickory and Queen Ann's Lace, you can collect that
                                                                                        from the roadside. We sell a naturalizing mix of seeds.
Jeanne LaJoie (1975) - own root; perfect mini pink bloom, robust 10', everblooming,
Z4                                                                                      These are not wildflowers, but perennials and self sowing hardy annuals that will continue to
                                                                                        seed year after year. We sell a shade mix, an herb mix, a short sun mix (which is great for
New Dawn - photo2 pale, creamy pink, everblooming, glossy foilage, Z5, ALSO             rockerys), along with the naturalizing mix which is good for sun and partial shade.
available as B&B $48.00
                                                                                        The packets are $3.25. Remembering not to sow it too thick, a packet should cover a 8 X 8 foot
Polka (Romantica Series) - 8' - 10' canes with huge round apricot blooms, spicy         area.
fragrance, disease resistant, everblooming. A favorite.
                                                                                        Larger size: $8.99. Should cover an area 20' x 20'
Sea Foam - own root; short climber 6’ or to hang over wall, tolerates some shade,       Naturalizing mix contains: Echinecea, Pyrethrum, Rudbeckia, Shasta, Helenium,
shiny disease resistant foliage, clusters white bloom everblooming Z5                   Gloriosa Daisy, Digitalis, Coreopsis, Aquilegia, Malva, Aster, Joe Pye, Platycodon,
                                                                                        plus many more
Soaring Spirits – fragrant pink and yellow striped single blooms in cluster, ever
SHRUBS                                                                                 A. melanocarpa elata - lovely white Spring bloom, red to black, fall berries, red fall
                                                                                       foliage 3 gal. $24.00
                                                                                       A. m. 'Viking'         - large white bloom and huge berry clusters in summer, red fall
         Order and shipping information.                                               foliage, drought toerant, Z3-8, 3 gal. $34.95
                                                                                       A. arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima' - white bloom, red berries, red fall foliage, B&B $36.00
Certain plants require a specific ship time. In spring or fall,                        AESCULUS parvifolia (Bottle Brush Buckeye) - creamy plumes in summer, large
shrubs, roses, and trees are all shipped semi-dormant and semi-                        foliage, shade 6', spreading form (blooming size), 4 gal. $47.95, 4' (8 gal.) $99.00 and
bareroot. Since quantities are sometimes limited and items sell                        up. Limited shipable sizes
out, orders that are placed early are put into our system and the                      AZALEA (Hardy Z5) 2 gal. $18.95, other sizes and prices as listed
plants requested are held for you until the proper shipping time.                      A. 'Fashion' - beautiful peach pink, coral shades,dark foliage, longest bloom time, (3
We do not charge your credit card until two weeks prior to                             gal. $25.95)
                                                                                       A. 'Gable Rosebud' - pink
shipping. We also send notification of the exact ship date so you                      A. 'Herbert' - double lavendar
can be expecting your plants.                                                          A. 'Hershey Red' - rose red
                                                                                       A. 'Silver Sword' - double rose red bloom, varigated foliage 1 gal. $24.95, 3 gal. $52.00
                                                                                       A. Stewartsonian - red
For larger shrubs (4' and up), there is an addtional $5.00 each.                       A. Native (Exbury type)         - pink bloom, 3' B&B $56.00
This is a pass through of the UPS "oversize box charge".
                                                                                       BUDDLEIA DAVIDII (Butterfly Shrub) - the Nanho varieties are shorter and bushier
                                                                                       with more bloom spikes, cut shrub back to 12” in Spring. 2 gallon $14.95
These shrubs are field grown blooming size. Container sizes listed are
                                                                                       B. 'Pink Delight'      - pink, 5"
the sizes sold in nursery and same sizes shipped, but most shrubs are
                                                                                       B. ‘Nanho’ varieties - white or blue, 4’-5’
shipped bare-root. Sizes listed in catalog (before price) is the size                  B. 'White Bouquet' - white 5'
shipped. Also larger field sizes and B&B available at nursery.
                                                                                       BUXUS (BOXWOOD) - Boxwood is hardier than supposed. Ours have all with-stood
KEY:                                                                                   three winters of temperatures dropping to -36 degrees. Prune before July so new
  —––– shade material                                                                  growth can harden off. Sempervirens is the variety with yellow-green honey scented
Z ——— hardiness zone (example: Z4)                                                     flowers, and the scent of box at Mt. Vernon. Height listed is what mine are after 20 to
B&B ——— balled and burlaped                                                            25 years. Varietal listing is from the American Boxwood Society Handbook. Not
                                                                                       liners, these are ready for landscaping. B&B available at the nursery.

                                                                                       Dwarf Varieties-photo
ABELIA x grandiflora (Glossy Abelia) - shiny evergreen foliage, white bloom on and     If you need the dwarf forms for edging, etc, we now offer Morris Dwarf compacta,
off all season, 3' tall, Z5, 2 gal. $24.00                                             Kingsiville, and Tide Hill in 2 qt. for $18.50 each

ABELIOPHYLLUM                                                                          B. microphyllia compacta ‘Kingsville’ - small dense, slow growing, 1’, Z5 1 gal.
A. distichum - lovely white fragrant bloom, April, not well enough known Z4, 2 gal.    $36.50, B&B $54.00 & up
$24.95                                                                                 B. m. 'Little Gilbert' - dwarf slow growing dark green, 1 gal. $29.95
                                                                                       B. m. japonica ‘Morris Dwf.’ - dwarf, slow 1 1/2’ Z5 1 gal. $36.50 2 gal. $58.00
ALTHEA (Rose of Sharon) see HIBISCUS                                                   B. sinica 'Green Pillow' - similar to Compacta, leaves larger Z5 2 gal. $42.50
                                                                                       B. s. ‘Pin Cushion’ - dwarf 1’ 2 gal. $42.50
AMELANCHIER see TREE LISTING for tree form                                             B. s. insularis 'Wee Wille' - tight round form, 18"-24" max, Z5-9, 1/2 gal. $19.95
A. alnifolia 'Regent' - shrub form, 4' tall, spring bloom, fall fruit, 6' B&B $52.00   B. sempervirens 'Varder Valley', blue green foliage 2' high x3' wide, 1 gal. $29.95, 3
gal. $42.50                                                                                foliage Z5 $18.00
                                                                                           C. 'Sorbet'     - blue bloom, green & yellow variagated foliage $32.00
Taller Varieties - photo                                                                   C. 'Worchester Gold' - blue bloom, golden foliage, 2 qt. $19.95
Buxus koreana 'Sunburst' -Beautiful bright gold margined foliage with green center,
compact, Z5, 2 gal. $48.00                                                                 CEPHALANTHUS Occidentalis (Buttonbush) photo of fall fruit - white bloom Aug.,
B. microphylla 'Curly Locks' - foliage crinkled 3' Z5, 1 qt. $14.50, 1 gal. $24.50         tolerates moist areas near ponds but also drought conditions with no ill effect, native
B. m. 'Hillsboro' - dark green pyramidal 4' Z5 1 gal. $32.00                               Z4 1 qt. $6.95 3 gal. $24.95 B&B available
B. m. Korean - large leaved, med green, stays green, 5’x4’, B&B only
B. ‘Chicagoland’ - new foliage, bluish green 1 gal. $32.00                                 CHAENOMELES (Flowering Quince)
B. 'Green Mountain' - more upright 5' 1 gal. $32.00
                                                                                           C. s. 'Cameo'      - large peach blooms in clusters, 3', 1 gall $14.95
B. 'Green Velvet' - slow growing 3' 1 gal. $32.00
                                                                                           C. s. ‘Orange Delight’ - bright orange bloom 3' 2 gallon $14.95
B. sempervirens Argenteo- variegata foliage, Z6 B&B 18"-24", $110.00
B. s. suff. variegata - variegated foliage 2 gal. $39.95
                                                                                           CLETHRA - very fragrant, Aug. bloom, sun or shade, likes moisture, native
B. s. 'Elegantissima'- bright white edged leaf with light green center, slower growing,
                                                                                           C. alnifolia “Hummingbird’ - white, 2 gal. $24.95, 3’ B&B $48.00
Z5, 2 gal. $48.00
                                                                                           C. a. Rosea - light pink, 4' - 5' 3 gal. $32.00 B&B $48.00
B. s. 'Faulkner' - 1 gal. $32.00, B&B $52.00 & up
                                                                                           C. a. 'Ruby Spice' - darker pink bloom, 2 gal. $24.95, 4 gal. $39.95, B&B $48.00
B. s. ‘Graham Blandy’ - grows like a trained upright’- 4'-5', 12" wide max, 2 gal. 3'
$52.00                                                                                     C. a. 'Sixteen Candles'         - white bloom, 1 gall $22.00
B. s. 'Nela Park' - darkest green 4' Z5 1 gal. $36.00, B&B $54.00 & up                     Clethra barbinervous (Japanese Sweetshrub)             - 4"-6" white flowering racemes in
B. s. 'Shandy Hall' - foliage bluish green 4' Z5 1 gal. $38.00, B&B $54.00 & up            July-Aug., very fragrant, gorgeous exfoliage bark, 10' tall max, Z5-8 2 gal. $39.95
B. s. 'Tide Hill' - dwarf, 1 gal. $42.95
B. s. 'True Tree Box' - upright and narrow, 16" wide max, 2 gal $48.00 & up                CORYLOPSIS SPICATA (Spike winter hazel) photo2 - pendulous yellow flowers in
                                                                                           March-April, very fragrant, lovely in the garden, 4' x' 6' max, 2 gal. $48.00,B&B
CALYCANTHUS                                                                                $72.00
C. floridus - (Sweet Shrub) - fragrant heritage shrub, red/brown bloom. 2 gal.$22.50
B&B $54.00                                                                                 COTINUS (Smoke Tree)- can become small tree or trim to keep as shrub
C. f. 'Athens' - yellow bloom 2 gal. $39.95                                                C. coggyria 'Golden Spirit' - yellow foliage, beautiful fall color, 4 gal. $48.95
C. f. 'Michael Lindsey' - larger 2" red-brown bloom, Z4-Z9, 2 gal. $39.95                  C. c. 'Nordine' - red smoke bloom, red foliage; only B&B $49.95 and up
Calycanthus x Venus - bright white blooms, strong spicy fragrance 2 gal. $49.00, 30"       C. c. 'Royal Purple' - bronze smoke bloom, red foliage; only B&B $49.95 and up
tall B&B $79.95                                                                            C. c. 'Velvet Cloak' - dark purple foliage, 3 gal. $24.50
                                                                                           C. x 'Grace' - pink bloom, young red foliage, orange fall color, 4'-5', $62.00
CALLICARPA (Beautyberry) - prune to 1' in spring for better form Aug/Sep. bloom.,
berries on these are unbelievable,                                                         COTONEASTER
C. dichotoma "Issai" - 3'-4' shrub, pink/lav. bloom., berries metallic violet Z5, 3 gal.   C. divaricatas- excellent for espalier, fall color, red berries 1 gal. $12.00, 2 gal. $24.99
C. d. 'Early Amethyist' - earlier blooming and fruiting variety, B&B $48.00                DAPHNE
C. japonica 'Leucocarpa' - white bloom, white berries 4' Z5, 2 gal. $19.99                 D. x burkwoodii 'Somerset' - fragrant light pink spring bloom, blue green foliage, keep
                                                                                           well drained, Z4 B&B $68.00 & up LIMITED
CARAGANA - This disease resistant, drought tolerant shrub has beautiful delicate
yellow sweet pea like blooms in May. We only offer it as a ‘standard’. Z3
C. arborescens Pygmy - 5’ standard, yellow bloom., weeping branches B&B $142.00            DEUTZIA
C. a. pendula 'Abe Walker' - 4' standard, yellow bloom lacy narrow foliage, weeping        D. gracilis - sprays white bloom spring, 3', Z4, 2 gal. $19.95 B&B $64.00 photo2 photo3
B&B $84.50                                                                                 D. g. ‘Magician’ - pink bloom, 5’-6’ tall, May-June, 2 gal. $28.95 B&B available
                                                                                           D. g. 'Nikko' - dwarf 2’, white bloom, May-June, Z5 2 gal. $19.95
CARYOPTERIS                                                                                D. scabra ‘Pink Minor’ - pink bloom, May, 3’, Z5 2 gal. $28.95 B&B $42.00
C. 'Blue Mist' - silver foliage, blue Aug. bloom tolerates drought, prune to 1' in April
for best shape, 1 gal. $14.50, 2 gal. $24.95                                               ENKIANTHUS
C. 'Heavenly Blue' - very deep blue flowers, 3' tall, summer blooming, silvery green       E. campanulata - partial shade, small creamy bells, viened red, excellent fall color, 5'
tall, Z4, 1 gal. $19.95, 2' B&B $72.00                                                     H. x int. 'Early Bird' - twisted and curled, sulphur yellow, B&B
E. 'Showy Lantern'          - dark red bell booms $28.95                                   H. x int. 'Fireblaze' - coppery orange bloom with red base, strong spicy fragrance, 2
                                                                                           gallon $39.95 & up
EUONYMUS                                                                                   H. x int. 'Feuerzauber' - red, 2 gal. $46.00 & B&B
E. alatus Compactus (Burning Bush) Z4 (B&B various sizes) 1 gal. $9.95 LIMITED             H x int. 'Georges' - light red with copper base, 2 gallon $46.00
E. fortunei vegatus radicans - can be espalier 1 gal. $16.00                               H. x int 'Glowing Embers' - copper orange, sweet fragrance, 2 gal. $39.00
                                                                                           H. x int 'Harry' - yellow orang, purple calyx, faint scent, 1 gal. $32.00 and up
EXOCHORDA                                                                                  H. x int. 'Hiltingbury' - burnt red to purple, 2 gallon $36.00
E. x 'The Bride' -stems are covered with white buds that look like pearls; spring bloom;   H. x int. ‘Jelena’ - copper bloom 1― long petals, Z5, 2 gal. $46.00
can be kept at 3' tall, 1 gal. $19.95                                                      H. x int. 'Limelight' - pale clear yellow, 2 gallon $36.00
                                                                                           H. x int. ‘Moonlight’ - yellow, B&B
                                                                                           H. x int. 'Orange Beauty' - yellow-orange petals, base red purple gives strong orange
FOTHERGILLA 'Mt. Airy'             - white bottle brush type bloom, beautiful fall
                                                                                           effect, fragrant, 2 gal. $42.00 & B&B
foliage, 3 gallon $39.95
                                                                                           H. x int. 'Orange Encore' - curled petals of golden yellow, brown red calyx, giving light
                                                                                           orange overall color, dark to maroon foliage through the season in sun, 2 gallon $42.00
                                                                                           H. x int 'Ostergold' - golden yellow, maroon-red calyx, 3 gal. $39.00
F. 'Northern Sun' - hardy to -30º & still blooms 6 gal. $22.50 (SALE)
                                                                                           H. x int. ‘Pallida’ - long yellow petals, Z5, 1 gallon $32.00 & B&B
F. x intermedia 'Lynwood Gold' - darker golden yellow flowers, 5'-7' tall, performs
                                                                                           H. x int. ‘Primavera’ - yellow 1’ long petals, Z5, 1 gallon $32.00
well sun or light shade Z5-8 6 gal. $22.00 (SALE)
                                                                                           H. x int 'Rubin' - clear red, fragrant, 3 gal. $49.95 & B&B
                                                                                           H. x int 'Savill Starlight'- pale yellow, green maroon base, B&B
GENISTA T. 'ROYAL GOLD' - drought tolerant, yellow summer blooming, 12"-24"
                                                                                           H. x int. 'Sister Jelena' - red orange $42.00
tall, tolerates poor soil, Z4-7, 2 gal. $24.95
                                                                                           H. x int. 'Wiero' - curled yellow, late bloom, 2 gallon $36.00, 3 gal. $48.00
                                                                                           H. x int 'Winter Beauty' - yellow-orange, red-purple calyx, golden yellow appearance,
F. gardenii - white bottle brush type bloom beautiful fall foliage, 3 gallon $39.95
                                                                                           H. x int. ‘Westerstede’ - yellow bloom, better than ‘Arnolds Promise’, Z4
                                                                                           H. x int. 'Zitronenjette' - pale yellow, 1 gal. $36.00, 2 gal. $46.00
HAMAMELIS (Witch Hazel) - some native species, others cultivars, Feb-April
                                                                                           H. japonica pendula - true weeping form, yellow bloom, fragrant, 2 gal. $42.00
bloom, all tolerate shade, are good understory shrubs or small trees, colorful fall
                                                                                           H. j. 'Brentry' - pale yellow, 2 gallon $39.95 & B&B
foliage, seed capsules are also attractive. Color of Hamamelis can be affected by
                                                                                           H. mollis 'Early Bright' - 2 gallon $38.00
climate and garden conditions.
                                                                                           H. m. 'Iwado' - golden yellow, fragrant, 3 gal. $49.00
                                                                                           H. mollis ‘Rochester Superba’ - red bloom, very fragrant, Z5, 3 gallon $42.00 & up
BOOK: 'Witch Hazels' by Chris Lane - a Royal Horticultural Plant Collector's Guide,
                                                                                           H. ‘Vernalis’ - yellow-orange bloom, Feb-March, very fragrant, Native, Z4, 2 gal.
just out in print (Feb. 2005), the best in Hamamelis identification. Hardcover, 227 pgs,
                                                                                           container $34.00
color pictures with close-ups of bloom $34.95 ($2.00 postage)
                                                                                           H. vernalis 'Girard's Purple' - purple red, spicy fragrance, B&B
                                                                                           H. ver. 'Squib' - clear yellow, pale green base, fragrant, 1 gallon $32.00 & B&B
2 gallon container shipped: inquire as to available sizes and prices
                                                                                           H. virginiana - native species, golden yellow bloom, 3 gal. $28.00
B&B at nursery, priced as to size: $58.00 to $145.00
                                                                                           H. virg. - 'Champlin Red' - red with yellow tip, fragrant, 2 gal. $36.00
                                                                                           H. virg. 'Mohonk Red' - rust red, 3 gal. $49.95
H. x intermedia 'Adieu' - sulphur ellow, maroon calyx, B&B
H. x intermedia 'Angelly' - clear yellow, green calyx, sweet fragrance, B&B
                                                                                           HIBISCUS (Althea) Kept trimmed up in standards, hibiscus can look like rose trees in
H. ‘Aphrodite’ - glowing orange to coppery red, 2 gal. $38.00 & B&B
H. ‘Aurea’ - new copper to red-orange, B&B only
                                                                                           Hibiscus - large single bloom, Aug., mix colors, pink & white 1 gal. $9.00
H. x int. 'Antoine Kort' - clear red curled, twisted and crimpted petals, strong sweet
                                                                                           H. Standards - single bloom, trimmed to form 3’-4’ standards 4 gal. $36.95 & up
fragrance, 2 gallon $42.00
                                                                                           H. 'Blue Bird' - true blue, single flower 4 gal. $28.95
H. x 'Barmstedt Gold' - yellow-gold, B&B only
                                                                                           H. 'Diane' - lg. sgl. white, stays open at night 2 gal. $14.50
H. x int 'Berstein' - yellow-red giving and orange appearance, 2 gal. $46.00
H. x int. 'Birgit' - long petaled, dark purple, 1 gal. $32.00, 2 gal. $42.00 & B&B
                                                                                           HYDRANGEA - There are three shapes of bloom heads of Hydrangea. The flat
H. x int 'Bohlje's Feuerzauber' - similar to Feuerzauber but more bi-color of yellow and
                                                                                           corymb of sterile and fertile flowers called ‘lace-caps’, the second form is ‘conical’,
red, faint scent, 2 gal. $36.00 and up
and the third is a round ball shape ‘mop head’. Most have good fall colored foliage and       once, autumn bloom turns purple, Z5 $42.00
flower. They prefer afternoon shade.                                                          H. mac. 'Penny Mac' - large pink or blue mophead - rebloomer- $38.00
                                                                                              H. mac. 'Pia' - dwarf (12") with pink mop head blooms, 1 gal. $19.95, 2 gal. $29.95
For those interested in a book with good descriptions and pictures, we have available,        H. mac. 'Royal Purple' - large mophead blooms in rose to purple shades, 3'-4', Z5
Hydrangea, a Gardeners Guide, by T. Lawson at $34.95 minus 10% off for a sale price           $38.00
of $31.46.                                                                                    H. mac. 'Shamrock ' - Double lace cap bloom in pink that transforms to red & deep
                                                                                              pink, 3 gal., RARE, $34.00
These listed are blooming size in 2-3 gallon container:                                       H. mac. ‘Sister Therese’ - lg. white mop head, shades to rose pink, 4’, Z5 $34.00
                                                                                              H. mac. 'Tokyo Delight' - lace-cap with white sterile flowers turning pink surrounding
H. aborescens - native, sun or shade Z3 $22.00 SOLD OUT FOR 2013                              pink fertile flowers $38.00
H. a. 'Incrediball' - sturdy stems hold 12" flower heads upright, white ball bloom, 2 gal.    H. serrata - light blue lace cap $38.00
$32.00                                                                                        H. s. 'Miranda' - dwarf 24", lace blooms of soft pink in alkaline soil, a rich blue color in
H. a. 'Invincible Spirit' - first arborescens with pink bloom, sun to partial shade, 3 gal.   acid soil, lovely foliage, Z5 $42.00
$58.95                                                                                        H. s. 'Pereziosa' - pink lavendar blend mop head $34.00
H. a.‘Annabelle’ - largest wh. mop head bl, best for drying 4’-6’, Z3 $28.00                  H. s. 'Spreading Beauty' - photo2 only 2' tall, lower spreading habit, pink bloom, 3 gal.
H. a. 'Hayes Starburst' - large beautiful star like double blooms 2 gal. $29.95, 3 gal.       $42.00
$36.95                                                                                        H. paniculata Graniflora (Pee Gee) - white conical bloom, August $32.00
H. a. 'Riven Lace' - huge creamy white sterile blooms, upright habit, 5 gal. $46.00           H. p. ‘Pee Gee’ TREE FORM - 4' standards, white conical bloom ages pink August
H. a. 'Samantha' - green ruffled foliage with white reverse, white mop head flowers 5'        $92.00, 10 gallon $110.00
tall, lovely Z3 $34.00                                                                        H. p. ‘Burgundy Lace’ - white conical bloom $38.00 photo2
H. mac. ‘All Summer Beauty’ - lg pink mop head bl, 4’, Z5 $28.00                              H. p. ‘Kyusha’ - glossy foliage, white conical bloom, July $42.00
H. mac. 'Blaumeise' - blue lace cap flowers $32.00                                            H. p. ‘Pee-Wee’ - 3’-4’ rounded form, white conical bloom ages pink Aug. $36.00
H. mac. ‘Blue Waves’ - blue lace cap bl, 3’, Z5 $32.00                                        H. p. 'Phantom' - largest panicles of white bloom turning pink, 5'-10' tall, 2 gal. $42.00
H. mac. 'David Ramsey' - reblooming cultivar in blue & pink, blooms on new & old              H. p. ‘Pink Diamond’ - white to red, conical bl, July $42.00 & TREE FORM 4' $99.00
wood, Z4 3 gal. $34.00                                                                        H. p. 'Limelight' - lime-green panicle blooms, 6'-8' tall, an eye catcher in the garden, 3
H. mac. 'Dooley' - nice clear pink, consistant bloomer, even with late frosts. Blue color     gal. $36.00 fall photo
if in acid soil, 3' tall Z 5-9 3 $38.00                                                       H. p. ‘Tardiva’ - white conical bloom, Aug/Nov. $36.00
H. mac. 'Endless Summer' - large pink ball type bloom up to 8" across, blooms on new          H. p. 'Unique' - large white panicles, July- Sept., 5'-6' tall, $36.00
and old wood, so cold temperatures don't effect the blooming. Can repeat bloom if             H. p. 'White Moth' - large open panicles of white bloom, 8' tall $36.00
deadheaded. A new hydrangea introduction. Z4-9 $42.00                                         H. anomala, ssp ‘Petiolaris’ - climbing hydrangea for walls, see climber listing
H. mac. 'Enziandom' - best gentian blue mophead, darker green foliage, Z5 $34.00              H. quercifolia (Oakleaf) - beautiful oakleaf foliage, exfoliating bark, large white
H. mac. 'Fasan' (syn. 'Pheasant', 'Twilight') - lace cap, large red flowers, acid soils       conical bloom, best fall foliage color, best in shade to semi-shade, Z5, 4 gal. $48.00,
produce violet colors, 3'-4', Z5 $42.00                                                       B&B $64.00
H. mac. 'Harlequin' - mop head of pink flowers with white edge, Z5, $42.00                    H. q. 'Pee Wee' - dwarf oakleaf, with large white bloom panicles $49.00
H. mac. 'Izo No Hanna' - lace-cap with double pink to blue sterile flowers surrounding        H. q. ‘Snow Queen’ - largest with conical bloom, will take sunnier conditions $58.00
darker rose pink fertile flowers, lovely $42.00                                               H. q. 'Snow Flake' - double white blossum, 6' tall, 3 gal. $68.00
H. mac. ‘Lanarth White’ - white lace cap bl, with bluish fertile florets, 4’, Z5 $32.00       H. q. 'Sykes Dwarf' - dwarf habit, large bloom, 3 gal. $52.00
H. mac. ‘Libelle’ (Dragon Fly) - lg. creamy white lace cap, 4’, Z5 $32.00                     H. q. 'Vaughn's Lillie'        - large tight bloom, 3 gal. $68.00
H. mac. 'Lilacina' - lace-cap with large, dentate,mauve sepals with dark blue center,
long blooming $42.00                                                                          HYPERICUM
H. mac. 'Lemon Wave' - best variegated and blended yellow, cream, white, and green            H. androsaemum 'Albury Purple' - purple juvenile foliage contrasts with deep yellow
foliage, mauve lace-cap bloom, Z5 $54.00 1 gal. $18.95                                        flowers in early summer with red fruits in late summer and fall, mounded form, 30" tall
H. mac. 'Nigra' - lavender/pink mop head with black stems. Interesting effect in the          max, RARE Z2 $22.50 more
garden. 4', Z5 $42.00                                                                         H. Frondosum - glaucus foliage, lg. yellow powder puff bloom in Aug., 3 ' Z4 3 gal.
H. mac. ‘Nikko Blue’ - blue mop head, bluer with acid soil, 3’, Z5 $28.00                     $38.50
H. mac. ‘Mariesii Varigated’ - varigated foliage, white/blue lace cap, 4’, Z5 $28.00
                                                                                              H. Kalmianum         - compact form, masses of yellow bloom for 6-8 weeks in
H. mac. 'Masja' - superb dwarf red mophead, Z5 $38.00
                                                                                              summer, drought tolerant, sun or shade, 2'-3' tall, Z4-7, 3 gal. $36.00
H. mac. 'Parsival' (syn. 'Parzifal') - mophead in pink, magenta-rose to blue tones all at
ILEX (Holly) - Landscapers hide them on north sides of buildings, etc. I. Opaca, I.           foliage and stems $26.00
Verticillata are native to zone 5-6. The seeds of our hybrids volunteer everywhere. We
plant hollies in the open, in full sun, but avoid extremely windy areas. They have            KALMIA latifolia 'Firecraker' (Laurel) - bright red flower busds open to light pink
withstood -36º when established, with no burning. Hollies want well drained soil. Ilex        blooms over glossy green foliage, 3' tall, Z5, 1 gal. $19.95
Glabra & Verticillata like moist areas. I. Opaca make trees, I. Verticillata are great
understory trees. We list all Ilex (tree or shrub) here. All are acid lovers, and are         KERRIA
dioecious and need the male variety to pollinate. All Ilex are evergreen except the           K. japonica 'Flora plena' - double bloom yellow bloom, green stems in winter, 5’-6’
Verticillata varieties which are decidious, leaving branches with masses of red berries,      can trim back, does well in shade, Z4 2 gal. $24.95
a beautiful sight.                                                                            K. j. 'Golden Guinea' - single, large yellow flowers, dwarf, 3'x3', green foliage and
                                                                                              green stems for winter interest, 1 gal, $19.99
Shrub form:                                                                                   K. j. variegata (picta) - green & white foliage, single yellow bloom, sun, 3’ 2 gal.
Ilex crenata ' Sky Pencil' - dense narrow columnar habit with dark green glossy foliage,      $36.95
1 gal. $28.95, 3 gal. $78.00                                                                  K. j. albo - light green foliage, cream bloom, shade or sun, 3 gal. $29.95
I. c. ‘Northern Beauty’ - simple leaves, not spined, black berries, 1 gal. $19.95 2 gal.
$36.00                                                                                        LAGERSTROMIA (Crape Myrtle) - mix colors available, die back Z6 6' B&B $74.00
I. glabra ‘Compacta’ - likes moisture, will tolerate dry & shade, black berries, 1 gal.
$19.95, B&B $68.00                                                                            LEPTODERMIS oblonga - lavender lilac like blooms in spring May-June, intermittent
I. g. ‘Shamrock’ - black berries, 1 gal. $16.50                                               bloom throughout the summer, strong lilac fragrance, 3x3 size, Z5, 2 gal. $19.95
I. meserve ‘Blue Prince’ (male) or ‘Blue Princess’ (female) -bluish foliage, red berries,
1 gal. $18.95, 2 gal. $26.95, 3 gal. $39.95                                                   LESPEDEZA
                                                                                              L. thunbergii 'Alba' - white bloom, July-Aug, 3 gal. $32.00
Tree Form:                                                                                    L. thunbergii 'Gibraltar' - woody perennial, airy blue green foliage with rose-red bloom
I. opaca. ‘Jersey Knight’ - male, glossy foliage, good polinater B&B $125.00                  in Aug - Sept. We find it should be cut to ground in spring. This is FANTASTIC in
I. o. ‘Merry Christmas’ - red berries, good for cutting, B&B, LIMITED SIZE AND                bloom, 5' tall, 3 gal. $36.00
QUANTITY                                                                                      L. t. 'Pink Fountains' - pink sweet pea shaped blooms, weeping form, 4'-5' tall, Z5, 1
I. o. ‘Morgan’s Gold’ - bright yellow berries, B&B, LIMITED SIZE AND                          gal. $19.95
QUANTITY                                                                                      L. t. 'Samindare' - fushia color blooms on airy branches, 3'-4' tall, Z5, 1 gal. $19.95
I. o. male - 4'-4.5', B&B $125.00
I. pedunculosa (Longstalk Holly) - simple no spine leaf, berry on end of stem like            LEUCOTHOE ‘Girards Rainbow’ - pink, white & green foliage, Z5, 3 gal. $28.00
cherries, evergreen likes shade B&B $74.00 and up Limited quantities
Ilex v. 'Winter Gold' - pinkish golden orange fruit, decidious, hard to find variety 2 gal.   LINDERA
$32.00                                                                                        L. benzoin (Spice Bush) - spicy aromatic foliage turns gold in fall, yellow bloom
I. verticillata 'Winter Red' - decidious, masses of huge red berries, Sept., loves wet        spring, red berries 4'-6', sun or shade, native, Z4
areas, tolerates shade 2 gal. $32.00 B&B available                                            3 gal. $39.95 B&B $42.00
I. v. 'After Glow' - red berries 2 gal. $39.00 5' B&B $69.00 & up
I. v. 'Aurantica' - orange berries, Aug. 2 gal. $34.00 4' B&B $64.00 & up                     LONICERA
I. v. 'Jim Dandy' - early male, 1 gal. $19.95, 4 gal. $39.00                                  L. fragrantissima 'Winter Honeysuckle' - white blossoms that scent the whole area with
I. v. 'Southern Gentleman' - late male, 2 gal. $28.00, 3 gal. $39.00 B&B available            sweet honeysuckle fragrance 2 gal. size $26.00

INDIGOFERA                                                                                    MAHONIA
I. ‘Rose Carpet’ – photo2 RARE, dwarf creeping shrub with tiny leaflets and small rose-       M. 'Bealei' - grown here, with shelter, fine at -36º Z6 3 gal. $49.95
red blooms that cover the top of the plant from summer to fall, a wonderful rockery or
specimen plant, 6" tall, 1 gal. $22.50                                                        MYRICA, Pennsylvanica (Bay Berry) - fragrant foliage, can grow to 6' if not pruned
                                                                                              , evergreen blue berries, tolerates poor soil & shade, well drained, native, Z4, 1 gal.
ITEA                                                                                          $19.95 B&B also available
I. Virginia 'Henry’s Garnett' - for moist areas, tolerates dry, brilliant red fall foliage,
native introduction Z6 2 gal. $32.50                                                          NANDINA
I. v. 'Little Henry' - dwarf 24" tall, scented white bloom in spring, beautiful red fall      N. domestica (Heavenly Bamboo)- beautiful foliage, red berries Z6 3 gal. $48.00
B & B $68.00
N. domestica - yellow fruiting variety RARE, Z6 B&B $68.00                                     RHUS (Sumac)
N. d. 'Harbour Dwarf' - fruiting variety, red fall and winter foliage 2 gal. $24.95            R. aromatica 'Gro-Low' - small yellow flowers, followed by red hairy fruit, good
N. ‘Fire Power’ - Dwf 18”, red fall foilage, Z5 2 gal. $24.95                                  ground cover 2 1/2' tall by 6' wide, fragrant $34.00
                                                                                               R. typhinus lacinata (Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac) - foliage finely divided almost fern
PHILADELPHUS (Mock Orange)                                                                     looking, best fall foliage color, grows anywhere, 15' tall, lovely to use in oriental or
P. 'Buckleys Quill' - 4'-5', semi-dbl white, fragrant $29.95                                   water gardens. Z3 3 gal size $26.00 B&B available

PHYSOCARPUS                                                                                    RIBES AUREUM (clove bush) - fragrant yellow spring bloom, 4' tall, 3 gal. $29.95
P. opulifolius 'Center Gold' - purple foliage with gold center, creamy and pink bloom, 4
gal. $39.95                                                                                    SALIX
P. op. 'Darts Gold' - dwarf (Ninebark) - gold foliage sun or shade, white bloom 3', 4          S. integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki’ - tricolor foliage, lovely 2 gal. $34.00
gal. $29.95                                                                                    Salix 'French Pussy Willow' - likes wet areas 2 gal. $24.95
P. op. 'Diabolo' - photo fall bloom color dark reddish purple foliage on long arching canes,
creamy white spring bloom, 8' tall, can be pruned to keep shorter. New and striking,           SAMBUCUS (Elderberry)
Z2-7, 4 gal. $34.00                                                                            S. canadensis- clusters of white bloom, edible berries, native Z3 4 gal. $29.95
P. op. 'Summer Wine' - purple foliage with pink bloom, 4 gal. $39.95                           S. nigra 'Black Lace' - lacy purple foliage, white bloom, Z4, 3 gal. $29.95

RHAMNUS                                                                                        SORBARIA SORBIFOLIA - (Ural false spirea) - lovely white bloom in July & Aug.,
R. frangula 'Asplenifolia' (Fernleaf Buckthorn or Cutleaf Buckthorn) - fern leaf shrub,        lacy foliage, looks tropical, sun or shade 5'
4'-6' can use as hedge or in oriental garden, 4 gal. $39.95, B&B $89.00                        2 gal $20.00 and up, & B&B 2
R. f. 'Columnaris' (Tallhedge Buckthorn) - good for narrow areas, 12', berries for birds,
sun or shade, native, Z2, 2 gal. $19.50                                                        SPIREA
R. f. 'Fine Lines' - narrowest foliage with upright form, 2' x 7', Z2, 1 gal. $18.99, 7 gal.   (Note: those marked + will continually bloom if deadheaded) 2 gal. size
$52.00                                                                                         S. albiflora+ snowhite bloom June, needs shade dwf 2' Z3 $16.50
                                                                                               S. arguta Compacta - airy, white, Spring bloom, dwf 2'-3' Z4 $19.95
RHODODENDRONS & AZAELEAS                                                                       S. betulifolia 'Tor' (Tor Birchleaf) - compact birch-like foliage, white reblooming
- home grown for hardiness in a variety of colors                                              flowerheads, beautiful fall foliage color, 2'-3', $19.95
(for a great site about rhododendrons and azaleas see:                                         S. cineria 'Grefsheim' - white bloom prior to Van Houtti Z4 $19.95                                                           S. Billardi+ - pink plumes, 3 to 4" Z4, July-Aug. $16.50
                                                                                               S. bumalda 'Coccinea' - rich crimson bloom, 2' Z4 $16.50
RHODODENDRON                                                                                   S. b. Crispa+ - sun deep pink crinkled foliage 2'-3' Z4 $19.95
R. ‘Aglo’ – bright pink with small foliage, early bloom, 3’ hardy -25 B&B $89.95               S. b. 'Dolchica' - lacy folige with dark rose red blooms 3' $16.50
R. ‘Calsap’ – two tone pink and white with purple blotch, likes sun, 4’ hardy ’25 B&B          S. b. 'Neon Flash' - Dark pink 2’ Z4 $19.95
$89.95                                                                                         S. 'Goldmound'+ - pk. bloom, sun gives more gold color, pink fall color to foliage 3'
R. ‘Mikkeli’ (St. Michael) – white to pink back, very late, 4’x4’ hardy -25 B&B $89.95         $16.50
R. ‘Northern Starburst’ – from PJM group, purple, early, 3’ hardy -25 B&B $89.95               S. japonica Alpina Rosea+ (Dwf) pink 1' June Z4 $16.50
R. 'Pohjola's Daughter' - pink buds open to blushed white blooms, fragrant, 3'-4' tall         S. j. Norman + - dwf. dark pink fall color 1-1 1 /2 ' Z4 $19.95
max, Z3, B&B $89.95                                                                            S. j. ‘Magic Carpet’ + - gold foliage tipped red, dk pink bloom 3’ Z4 $19.95
R. 'P.J.M.' - lavendar-pink bloom, small foliage, compact, 3' - 4' maximum, Z4, B&B            S. j. 'Shibori' - clusters of pink, rose and white bloom, 3' tall, Z4 2 gallon $19.95
$86.00                                                                                         S. prunifolia - white button sprays spring, true bridal wreath 4' Z4 $19.95
R. ‘Pearce’s Beauty’ – red, late blooming 5’-6’ tall B&B $89.95                                S. thunbergii - earliest, white sprays before foliage forms 4' Z4 $17.50
R. ‘Summer Sumit’ – pink buds open to pure white, very late, 5’-7’ hardy -20 B&B               S. x Van Houttei 'Renaissance'            - commonly called Bridal Wreath, 6' tall, white
$89.95                                                                                         spring bloom $28.95

RHODOTYPOS scandens (syn. rhodotypos tetrapetala) - Jet Bead, white single bloom,              STEPHANANDRA INCISA CRISPA - dwarf fountain shape 1 1 /2 ' tall x 3', lacy
black berries that hold, sun or shade, not well enough known, tolerates poor conditions        foliage, tolerates wet, dry shade and slightly acid soil Z4 2 gal. $19.50
4'-5' Z4 2 gal. $24.95 B&B available
SYMPHORICARPOS ORBICULATUS (Coral Berry) - sprays of pur./red berries                       S. x p. 'Minuet' - dwarf to 6', single lav. pink bloom, slow growing Z2 $46.00
persist through winter, sun or shade, dry or wet, 3' native Z4 $18.50                       S. x p. 'Miss Canada' - single clear pink, June bloom Z2 $46.00
                                                                                            S. x penda 'Bloomerang'           - everblooming lavender lilac, appoximately 4' tall max,
SYRINGA (Lilac)                                                                             fragrant, small foliage, no mildew, 1 gal. $26.95
Lilacs have many species all with different bloom periods, Vulgaris (known as French        S. reticulata (Amurensis Jap.) Japanese Tree Lilac masses of creamy blooms, June, last
or Common) being the most widely planted, blooming in late April. You can have              to bloom, fragrant. Single trunk or Clump form available Z4 6’ B&B $79.00 & up
bloom from the first of April till June by planting different varieties. These listed are   S. r. 'Ivory Silk' - creamy white, single trunk Fragrant Z4 8’-10’ B&B $179.00
all blooming size shipped bare root in March or October. Sizes listed are mature
growth estimates. All lilacs are fragrant, the most fragrant marked F. All are Z3 unless    VIBURNUM
noted. Container (5 gal. size and up) price listed. All are blooming size. B&B priced at    Prices are for 2' to 4' size, unless noted otherwise. Most tolerate part shade and all have
nursery.                                                                                    good fall color, various B&B sizes available.

Syringa x chinensis 'Saugeana' (Chinese Lilac)-lav. earliest bloom, most graceful           V. acerifolium - native variety with small maple shapped foliage, white lacy bloom
fragrant, 6' Z4 $29.95                                                                      with blue berries, good fall foliage color, for wet or dry shady areas - $28.95 & up
S. x c. 'Rothomagensis' (Persian Lilac) - lav. pink, early bloom, fragrant, 6'-7' Z4        V. x bodnantense ‘Pink Dawn’ - fragrant pink bloom, red fall foliage 6'-10' Z5 B&B
$29.95                                                                                      only
S. x c. 'Lilac Sunday'        - single pale lavender bloom, but flower panicles are         V. x burkwoodii 'Mohawk'- white ball bloom fragrant 5'-6' Z4 B&B only
produced along the branch, so arching branches form 2' long flower stems, Z4, $36.00        V. carlcephalum - fragrant white clusters of waxy flowers open from pink buds, long
S. meyeri 'Palabin' Dwarf Korean - purple, lovely foliage, no suckers or mildew,            lasting bloom, grey green foliage 8' tall max. Z3 B&B $65.00 & up
fragrant, 3', tolerates shade , Dwf. $34.00                                                 V. 'Cayuga' - abundant pink buds open to fragrant waxy white flowers in late April,
S. m. ‘Korean’ Standards - 5' Z4 $92.00                                                     compact growth 5' tall, dark green foliage, Z5 $26.95
S. 'Tinkerbelle’- Dwf, pk bloom like Korean (Fairy Tale series) $36.00                      V. dentatum ‘Arrowwood’ - fall color with red berries 6'-8' Z2 B&B $42.00
S. 'Tinkerbelle' (standard form) - lilac 'Tinkerbelle' grafted on a 4' standard $89.00 5'   V. dentatum ‘Autumn Jazz’ - blue berries; yellow, orange, red, & burgundy fall
B&B $119.00                                                                                 foliage, 8’, 5 gal, $39.95
S. patula ‘Miss Kim’ - pale lilac fl. 5' burgandy fall foliage tolerates shade, dwarf, 4    Viburnum dentatum 'Blue Muffin' - spring white bloom, blue berries, red and yellow
gal. $42.00, 8 gal. $56.00                                                                  fall foliage, dwarf 5' tall, 3 1/2' wide Z3-9, 5 gal, $42.95
S. v. 'Arch McKean' - red/purple, no suckers, fragrant, 8' $46.00                           V. dentatum ‘Chicago Lustre’ - metallic blue berries 6'-10' Z3 $28.00
S. v. 'Beauty of Moscow' - double bloom pink, 8' B&B only                                   V. dentatum 'Moonglow' - light green foliage, 5 gal. $42.95, B&B $69.95
S. v. 'Edith Cavell' - double bloom white, 10' $39.95                                       V. dentatum ‘Northern Burgandy’ - burgundy fall foliage Z3, 5 gal, $46.00
S. v. 'Ellen Willmott' - dbl white bl, 10’ $44.00                                           V. dentatum 'Red Feather' - young foliage is reddish and edge looks like a feather, 5
S. v. 'Katherine Havenmeyer' - double lavender-pink, large flower heads, fragrant           gal, $39.95
$39.95                                                                                      V. dilatum 'Cardinal Candy' - clusters of largest red berries $36.00 B&B $69.95
S. v. ‘Little Boy Blue’ - single sky blue, 4' compact $36.00                                V. dilatatum ‘Erie’ - photo of bloom -red fruit, 6', Z4, container, $29.95 B&B $42.95
S. v. 'Madame Lemoine' - double bloom white, 8' $36.00                                      V. juddii - fragrant white balls 6'-8' Z4 $28.95 B&B $65.00 and up
S. v. 'Monge' - single dark red/purple $36.00                                               V. lantana 'Mohican' - orange/red fruit, good hedge 6' Z3 $36.00 container; B&B
S. v. 'Montaigne' - double bloom pink, Fragrant $39.95                                      $42.00
S. v. 'President Greevy' - double lilac blue bloom, 10', Z3 $39.95                          V. lantana (Wayfaring tree) - black fruit, tolerates dry, 10' Z3 $22.00 container; B&B
S. v. 'Primrose' - single pale yellow, 10' $46.00                                           $42.00
S. v. 'Sarah Sands' - single violet purple, Fragrant, 8' $39.95                             V. lantana variegata aurea - yellow splash variegated foliage, 4 gal. $32.95
S. v. 'Sensation' - single purple, each fl. has distinctive white edge, 8' $46.95           V. lentago (Nannyberry Viburnum) - shrub or small tree 15' Z2 $24.00 container; B&B
S. v. 'Wedgewood Blue' - lg. true blue bloom, 6', F $39.95                                  $42.00
S. v. 'Wonderblue' - dwf. single sky blue 4’-5’ $39.95                                      V. macrocephalum (Chinese Snowball Viburnum) - huge white ball blooms in May-
S. v. 'Yankee Doodle' - deep dark single purple, large clusters, fragrant 8' $39.95         June, semi-evergreen foliage, 6' - 10' when mature. 3 gal. $48.00 photo2
S. v. x h. 'Maiden's Blush' - light pink, early bloom 5' $39.95                             V. nudum ‘Winterthur’ - shiny green foliage, red to blue berries, purple fall foliage
S. x 'Josee'       - pink clusters rebloom all summer, fragrant, 6' tll, performs well in   $42.00
heat, 1 gal $18.99                                                                          V. opulus 'Sterilis' - old fashioned ‘Snowball bush’ 8'-12' Z3, 5 gal, $32.00 B&B
S. x prestoniae 'Agnes Smith' - white single, late, fragrant Z2 $36.00                      $39.00 & up
S. x p. 'Donald Wyman' - single later than french lav. Z2 $39.95                            V. opulus ‘Xanthocarpum’ - yellow fruit, red fall foilage, 8’ $39.95
V. plicatum 'Kern's Pink' - pink bloom, bronze spring foliage, 15' $39.95 B&B $68.95           W. f. 'Carnaval' - pink, white & red bloom, 4'-5' tall Z4 3 gal. $26.95
V. plicatum ‘Newport’ - double bloom white bloom dwf. 4' Z5 $39.95 and up                      W. f. 'My Mone' - green and white foliage, pink bloom sprint to summer, dwarf, 12"-
V. plicatum ‘Mary Milton’ - pink ball shaped blooms age white, 8’ upright form, B&B            18", Z4, 1 gal. $24.00
V. plicatum 'Pink Beauty' - white bloom turns pink, red to purple fruit, 5'-8' tall, Z5 4
gallon $42.95
V. plicatum ‘Popcorn’- white ball bloom, dwarf, 5’, Z4 3 gal. $29.95 B&B $56.00
V. plicatum 'Watanabe' (syn. V. p. 'Summer Snowflake') - dense compact 5'
continuous lace-cap white bloom, shade, 5', $56.00
V. plicatum t. ‘Rotundifolium’ - round leaf, upright form, wine fall foliage 4 gal.
$46.95 B&B $62.00
                                                                                                         Order and shipping information.
V. plicatum Var. Tomentosum ‘Mariesii’ - 8' Z5 3 gallon $24.00                                 Certain plants require a specific ship time. In spring or fall, shrubs, roses, and trees are all
V. plicatum Var. Tomentosum ‘Shasta’ - large, double, white bloom 10' Z6 4 gal.                shipped semi-dormant and semi-bareroot. Since quantities are sometimes limited and items sell
$39.95                                                                                         out, orders that are placed early are put into our system and the plants requested are held for you
V. plicatum Var. Tomentosum ‘Shoshoni’ - 8' $36.00                                             until the proper shipping time. We do not charge your credit card until two weeks prior to
V. prunifolium (Blackhaw) - blue fruit can be used for preserves $24.00 12' Z3 B&B             shipping. We also send notification of the exact ship date so you can be expecting your plants.
V. rhytidophyllum species - true leatherleaf, long, narrow veined foliage, 12', B&B            The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field grown plants ready to go into the
$99.00                                                                                         landscape: the same plants that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in gallon
                                                                                               size containers, but pot them in the correct size container for the root system and its required
V. rhytidophyllum 'Willow Wood' (leatherleaf) - 12' semi evergreen Z5 4 gallon $39.95
                                                                                               growing space.
V. rhytidophyllum ‘Allegany’ - 10' Z5 4 gal. $39.95 4' - 5' $72.00
V. x 'Select D' - glossy leathery foliage, white bloom, yellow to red to black fruit, 8'-10'   Since our catalog serves both mail order and Plant Farm visitors, B&B (balled & burlapped)
tall, Z4 3 gallon $39.95, B&B available                                                        trees are not for mail order. Varying sizes available at nursery and priced accordingly.
V. rhytidophyllum x 'Pragense' - dark green shinny evergreen foliage, pink bud to              Understory trees are those which will grow under another tree's canopy.
creamy white fragrant flowers in April, very winter and wind tolerant, upright and oval
reaching 8', Z5 $28.95, 4 gal. $48.95
V. 'Oneida' - May bloom with some summer flowering, red fruit, 10' tall, 3 gallon              KEY:
                                                                                                 —––– shade material
                                                                                               Z ——— hardiness zone (example: Z4)
V. rufidulum ‘Royal Guard’ - blue berries, burgundy fall foliage 10' - 12' , sun or
                                                                                               B&B ——— balled and burlaped
shade, Z5 2 gal. $28.00; B&B 4'-4.5' tall $98.00 photo2 photo3
V. setigerum - needs some shade, best red berries 6' Z5 B&B $76.00
V. trilobum (American Cranberry) - 8' - 12' Z2 3 gal. $32.00                                   ACER (Maple)
V. trilobum 'Wentworth' - heavy fruiting form with large red edible berries, 10'-12' tall,     A. ginnala (Amur maple) 1 gal. $12.00
excellent red fall foliage Z2-7 5 gallon $42.00
V. utile 'Conoy' - glossy leathery foliage, fragrant white spring bloom, 5'-6'; max, 4 gal.    A. palmatum 'Bloodgood'         -red leaf Japanese maple, 6' B&B $179.00
$59.95                                                                                         A. palmatum 'Butterfly'      - tricolor foliage of pink-green-white, dwarf, hardy, Z5
V. uitile 'Eskimo’ - large snowball bloom, non-fragrant 4'-5' Z4 2 gal. $38.00                 2gal $69/95
                                                                                               A. platanoides 'Crimson King'- dark red foilage; 10'-12' $169.00
VITEX                                                                                          A. griseum (Paperbark Maple) - exfoliating bark, beautiful fall foliage, 6’-7’ B&B
V. agnus castus (Chaste Tree) - blue bloom Aug. 6' Z6 4 gal. $62.00 & B&B                      $159.00 and up
V. latifolia ‘Silverspire’ - white bloom, 4 gal $59.95
WEIGELIA (B&B sizes available)                                                                 A. pavia (Red Horse Chestnut) - red bloom, 18'-20' max, 6' B&B $199.00 and up
W. Variegata - green & cream foliage, pink bloom 4' 3 gal. $26.95                              Inquire about shipable sizes and prices
W. florida 'Wine and Roses' - burgandy-purple foliage, rosy-pink bloom, 4'-5' tall, Z4 3       A. x carnea 'Oneil' - dark pink bloom 15' max; 3'-4' B&B $125.00
gallon $29.95                                                                                  A. x carnea 'Briotti' - pink bloom, 15' max; 4' B&B $125.00
W. f. 'Brotzman's Select'      - new introduction by our friend Tim, beautiful                 A. glabra - white bloom, native 5'-6' B&B $79.95
variegated foliage and red bloom, lovely all season, 4 gal. $36.95                             A. variegata - uneven white variegation to foliage, 4'-5', B&B $99.00
                                                                                          C. c. 'Vanilla Twist'      - NEW 2013 INTRODUCTION, white blooming,
ALNUS (European Alder) - likes wet areas, good windbreak, 4 GAL. $26.95, B&B              weeping form 6' tall, 1" cal., B&B $389.00
                                                                                          CHIONANTHUS - native
AMELANCHEIR - Native                                                                      C. virginicus (White Fringe) multi-stem, good understory tree 4’ $42.00 6’ B&B
(Downy Serviceberry, Shadblow, Juneberry, Shadbush, Sarvis-tree;                          $99.00
for see:                                               C. retusus - exfoliating bark, smaller foliage, rare 6’ B&B $89.00 & up
A. ‘Autumn Brilliance’ - tree form, best fall color and berries, maximum height will be
20’, Z3 7'-8' B&B $98.00 & up                                                             CLADRASTIS
                                                                                          C. kentuckea 'Perkins Pink' photo - sprays of pink bloom RARE, B&B 1" caliper
ARALIA ELATA (Angelica Tree) - 12”, sprays of wh. bloom and berries in Aug. 12’           $189.00 and up
tall, tropical looking, rare, Z5 B&B $69.00                                               C. lutea (Yellowwood)- sprays of cream bloom 7’-8’ B&B $179.00 and up

ASIMINA TRILOBA (Paw Paw)- native with banana shaped edible fruit for wildlife,           CLERODENDRON (Glorybower) - large leaves (malodorous when bruised), sprays of
20' max ht. Z5-8 5' $99.00                                                                rose red blossoms, that open to show a vibrant blue berry, gorgeous. Can be pruned to
                                                                                          the ground. Z5 2 gal. size $28.95 B&B available
                                                                                          CORNUS (Dogwood)
BETULA NIGRA (River Birch) - clump form, exfoliating bark, 8'-9' B&B $135.00              C. florida - White bloom, native 6’ B&B $72.00 and up
                                                                                          C. f. - Pink bloom, native 6’ B&B $78.00 & up
CARPINUS (Hornbeam)                                                                       C. f. 'Cherokee Daybreak'- green and yellow foliage, pink bloom, B&B 5' $149.00 &
C. caroliniana (American Hornbeam)- NATIVE, Z3, 6' B&B, $110.00                           up
                                                                                          C. f. 'Cherokee Sunset' - pink, green and yellow foliage in spring, red bloom B&B 5'
CERCIDIPHYLLUM (Katsura Tree)                                                             $149.00 & up
C. japonicum - beautiful blue-green, graceful foliage with gorgeous fall color. RareZ4    C. f. ' Cherokee Brave' - variegated foliage, white bloom B&B (5'-6' size) B&B
8'-10', 3 gal. $119.00, B&B available                                                     $169.00
C. j. 'Morekas Weeping'       - weeping form $149.00                                      C. f. plena        - double white bloom, 7' $199.00
                                                                                          C. k. 'Fascination' - new and rare form, faciated limbs with fused leaves and petals,
CERCIS (Redbud)                                                                           white bloom, 4' B&B $72.00 (shippable in March)
C. canadensis alba - green foliage, white bloom 7'-8' B&B $149.00 & up                    C. kousa - white bloom, large red raspberry like fruit B&B $48.00 & up
C. canadensis - native 2 gal. $24.00 B&B $89.00 & up                                      C. k. 'Blue Shadow' - outstanding green blue foliage, white bloom B&B 4' $189.00
C. canadensis 'Alley Cat'        - newest variegated form, highest sun tolerance, pink    C. k. 'Limon Ripple' - green and yellow variegated foliage, white bloom, 4 gal. $79.00
bloom, 7 gal $199.00                                                                      C. k. 'Lustgarten Weeping' - grafted 4'-5' standard, rare B&B $299.00 & up, 3 gal.
C. canadensis 'Covey' (weeping redbud) - weeping form, pink bloom, 6' B&B $199.00,        shippable size $110.00, 6 gal. $189.00
B&B 1" caliper $300.00 and up                                                             C. k. 'Mandarin Jewel'          - NEW 2013 INTRODUCTION, first yellow fruiting
C. canadensis 'Floating Cloud' - variegated foliage, pink bloom, newer introduction       variety, fruit ages to an apricot color, size 3' tall $89.00
with better sun tolerance, 3', B&B $120.00                                                C. k. 'Madison' - white bloom, glossy foliage, colorful foliage starting in August, 4'
C. canadensis 'Forest Pansy' - purple foliage, pink bloom, 6' B&B $125.00, 7’-8’ B&B      B&B $129.00
$149.00 & up                                                                              C. k. 'Satomi' - pink bloom 3 gal. $42.50, 6’ B&B $189.00
C. canadensis 'Hearts of Gold' - golden yellow foliage, pink bloom HARD TO FIND 1"        C. k. 'Milky Way' photo fall - large white blooms in June B&B (5' size) $189.00, 2'-3'
cal. B&B $325.00                                                                          shippable size $42.50
Cercis canadensis 'Little Woody'- crinkly blue green foliage, heavy pink bloom, dwarf     C. k. 'Wolf Eyes' photo fall- wavy green and white foliage; white bloom; 4' B&B
variety 8' - 10' max. hgt. - 6 gal. $145.00 RARE                                          $239.95 2'-3' shippable size $69.95
C. canadensis 'Silver Cloud' - variegated foliage, pink bloom, 4’ lightly branched        C. mas 'Aurea' - golden fruit, 8 gal. $59.95, B&B $89.95 & up
shippable size $120.00 Limited 2                                                          C. rut. 'Venus' - the largest of white blooms on a dogwood 4' $89.95, 8' B&B $269.00
C. c. 'Ruby Falls'       - NEW red leaf weeping form with pink blooms, 5' B&B             Cornus x 'Shadow's Variegated Celestial- white bloom, green with wide bright yellow
$269.00                                                                                   edge foliage, cross of florida and kousa, D. Shadow introduction. 3' B&B $99.00
                                                                                            HEPTACODIUM MICONIOIDES (Seven Sons Flower) - fragrant white bloom in
COTINUS - see SHRUB LISTING                                                                 late summer produce scarlet red petals around a seed pod for fall, Z4-9, 5', 4 gal.
                                                                                            $36.00, B&B $65.00
CRATAEGUS LAEVIGATA 'Superba' ('Crimson Cloud' Hawthorne) - resistant to leaf
spot, clusters of red blooms with white eye, ultimate height 15' Z4 5'-6' $89.00            HYDRANGEA TREE FORM - see shrub listing

ELAEGNUS UMBELLATA (Autumn Olive), silver foliage, fragrant bloom, red                      KOELREUTERIA
berries for birds, native Z4 1 gal. $26.00                                                  K. Paniculata (Gold Rain Tree) - yellow bloom sprays Z5 2 gal. approximately 3'-4'
                                                                                            $29.95 and up
E. atropurpureus (Spindle Tree/Wahoo) - good understory tree, red fruit and fall            LARIX (Larch)
foliage, native, Z4 2 gallon $28.95 B&B $48.00 & up                                         L. kaempferi (Japanese Larch) - deciduous evergreen, soft lovely green blue green
E. americanus - called "Strawberry" because of berry capsule, same as above, scarlet        needles 2 gal. approximately 18" $39.95 4' B&B $89.95 & up
fruit, very different, 3 gallon $36.00
FAGUS (Beech)- all are spectacular and tolerate dryness & pruning; B&B only; sizes          L. styraciflua variegata (Variegated Sweetgum) - yellow & green foliage, Z5 8' B&B
listed are the size available, not ultimate height                                          $135.00 & up
F. sylvatica - green foliage 7’ $110.00                                                     L. s. 'Slender Silhouette'      - new introduction, narrow (4' max) upright form, 5'
F. s. atropunicea (copper)          - paler purple foliage, 8'-9' B&B $225.00               B&B
F. s. atropunicea (purple) - purple foliage, 1 1/2" caliber B&B $225.00
F. s. 'Cristata' - green coarsely toothed triangular leaves, crumpled at edges, 2 gal.      LIRIODENDRON (Tulip Poplar)
$58.00                                                                                      L. tulipfera - green/yellow cupped bloom, May, native 7' B&B $110.00 & up
F. s. 'Dawycki Purple' - upright form, deep purple foliage, B&B $275.00, 2 $59.95           L. t. 'Fastigiatium'      - narrow, upright form, B&B 6' $145.00
F. s. 'Pendula' - weeping green foliage 7' -8' tall, 2" cal. B&B $225.00                    L. t. 'Medio Picta'- green foliage with yellow center, 4' size available $120.00
F. s. 'Red Oblisk' - upright form, rounder red foliage $199.00
F. s. hetrophylla 'Asplenifolia' - very lacinated green foliage 2 gal. $59.95, 4' $199.00   MAGNOLIA
& up                                                                                        (these are all bushy full, blooming size trees)
F. s. orientalis - green foliage, 30' max. height, B&B $110.00
                                                                                            M. acuminata. 'Moegi Dori'          - yellow bloom, 8'-9' B&B $245.00
F. s. 'Purple Fountains' (Copper Weeping) - purple $260.00
                                                                                            M. loebneri 'Leonard Messel' - pink bloom April, fragrant, reblooms, frost resistant,
F. s. p. 'Riversi' - dark purple foliage 10’ $269.00
                                                                                            Z5, B&B $135.00 & up
F. s. 'Roseo Marginata' (Tri-Color) - purple/green, pink & white varigated $225.00 &
up                                                                                          M. grandiflora 'Bracken's Brown Beauty'          - evergreebm fragrant flowers, 20'x15',
F. s. 'Rotundifolia' - dark green rounded foliage, upright form, B&B $259.00                Z5, 3'-4' B&B $59.00
F. s. 'Rohani' - undulating copper foliage, columnar form 6'-7' B&B $279.00                 M. g. 'D. D. Blanchard' - upright selection with dark green leaves and rich orange-
                                                                                            brown undersides, evergreen Z5 4'-5' tall B&B $225.00
GINKGO - beautiful foliage, ancient tree, gold fall color, 6' B&B $99.00                    M. grand. 'Edith Bogue' - cold hardiest southern magnolia, evergreen foliage, white
                                                                                            bloom, fragrant, 30' max. Z4, 3'-4' B&B $59.00, 6' B&B $145.00& up
GYMNOCLADUS DIOICUS (Kentucky Coffeetree) - beautiful and interesting tree for              M. grand. 'Victoria' - a great hardy southern magnolia for northern climates, hardy to
the landscape, B&B 8'-10' $149.00 & up, 2'-3' shippable size $32.95                         minus 12 degrees F. (ours has done well to –18F), glossy foliage with rusty reverse,
                                                                                            planted since 1930’s Z5 5 gal. 5’-6’ $189.00
HALESIA )                                                                                   M. stellata 'Royal Star' - wh. bloom, buds are frost resistant, Z5 7’ B&B $99.00 & up
H. Carolina (Carolina Silver Bell) - good understory tree, any soil, part shade, moist,     M. stellata Hybrid Pink - dark pink bloom, April, frost resistant Z5 7’ mature size sold,
Z3, 6’ B&B $119.00 & up                                                                     B&B $289.00
                                                                                            M. virginiana (Sweet Bay) - summer, white bloom fragrant, Z5 3' $38.00, 5' B&B
H. c. 'Arnold's Pink'      - pink bell blooms in May-June, for sun or semi-shade,
                                                                                            $125.00 and up
RARE, 7'-8', 1 1/4" cal. $225.00
                                                                                            M. 'Butterflies' - yellow bloom, 8 gal. $79.00
H. Monticola (Mountain Silver Bell) - larger foliage, white bloom 7'-8' B&B $99.00 &
                                                                                            M. x 'Coral Lake' - beautiful coral with pink highlights, 6' B&B $210.00
M. x 'Galaxy'       - (tree form), large pink-purple bloom, later blooming time, 20'-30'        Q. r. ' Variegata'        - variegated green and white foliage, 4' B&B $210.00
tall, Z5-9, 7' B&B $225.00
M. x 'Yellow Lantern' - yellow bloom, Z5, 6' B&B $210.00 and up                                 ROBINIA PSEUDOACACIA 'Rosea' (Pink Flowering Locust) - 6' max, pink boom
M. x 'Yellow Bird'- gold booom, Z5, 6'-7' B&B $289.00                                           May, 3 gallon $29.95, B&B $89.00, LIMITED
M. x 'Woodsman' photo2- a rarely found magnolia, buds the color of bittersweet
                                                                                                SALIX CAPREA (French Pussy Willow)- lg. shrub or small tree for sun or light shade
chocolate open to multi-hued flowers of purple, chartreuse and rose. Early May bloom,
                                                                                                Z 2-9, 2 gal. $24.95
not bothered by frost Z4-9 30" tall $59.95, 1" caliper B&B $210.00 and up
                                                                                                SASSAFRAS ALBIDUM (common) - native, great golden fall foliage, lovely tree or
                                                                                                understory speciman, 3' B&B $69.95, 7' B&B $169.00
These new varieties are disease resistant, small glossy, hard fruit that holds till
freezing, and softens for the birds in winter. Ultimate height listed.
                                                                                                S. Alnifolia (Korean Mountain Ash) - upright growth, wh. bloom in May, scarlet
Container $49.00 & up B&B 1 1/2-2" caliper $72.00 - $149.00. Some sizes limited in
                                                                                                berries in Sept., lovely, Z4 5' B&B $89.00& up
                                                                                                STYRAX (Japanese Snowbell)
M. 'Candied Apple' - weeping variety pink bud, white bloom, masses of red fruit, 10'-
                                                                                                S. japonica- small white bell shaped bloom, understory tree Z3 5’ $82.00, 7'-8' B&B
15' round head
M. 'Pink Spire' - for narrow places, pink bloom, 15'-20' upright
                                                                                                S. j. 'Pink Chimes' - clusters of pink bell shaped blooms, understory tree Z3 size
M. 'Prairiefire' - reddest bloom available, dwarf, 15'-20' upright & rounded
                                                                                                avialable 1 1/4" caliper B&B $249.00, clump form $199.00
M. 'Sugar Tyme' - small variety, buds pink, white bloom, 15'
M. 'Red Jade' - weeping variety, white bloom, red fruit, 12' x 12'
                                                                                                STEWARTIA PSUEDOCAMELLIA - SOLD OUT FOR 2013 - white camellia like
M. 'Royalty' - red foliage and bloom, 15' upright, round
                                                                                                blooms, June, lovely fall color, container 18"-24" $36.00, 3'-4' bare-root shippable size
N. s. - beautiful native tree, gorgeous fall foliage color, pyramidal form, 30', bluish
                                                                                                TAMARIX ramossisima 'Summer Glow' - unusual small tree with blue-green foliage
black fruit in fall for birds, 6' B&B $110.00, 8' B&B $189.00
                                                                                                and pink bloom, 2 gal. $28.95
N. s. 'Sheri's Cloud'        - variegated green and white foliage, great red fall foliage
color, 5'-6' $249.00

OSTRYA VIRGINICA (Ironwood or Hop Hornbeam)                  - 10', native, tolerates dry and
shade, Z3 6' B&B $99.00

OXYDENDRUM ARBOREUM (Sourwood) - small white bloom Aug., brilliant
scarlet fall foliage, Native 6'-7' B&B $125.00

PARROTIA PERSICA - small tree, ultimate height 15', full sun, any soil, excellent fall
color, understory tree, 5’ B&B $89.00                                                           "By planting berried shrubs, trees and fall blooming bulbs and perennials, your landscape can
                                                                                                be as colorful as it was in May. Fall is really a great time for planting. The ground is usually in
                                                                                                perfect shape, with a bit of moisture and still warm. It takes a while for soil to cool, and the roots
PERSIMMON (Diospyros virginiana)- native fruiting tree, 5' B&B $89.00, LIMITED
                                                                                                of plants have a chance to get established. Then in the spring, while the ground is so cold and
                                                                                                wet, the plants are already growing the second the ground thaws."- Mary Harrison
PYRUS 'Autumn Blaze' - white bloom, fall foliage red, this superior to 'Bradford' pear,
will withstand heavy winds 7'-8' B&B $125.00 and up

Q. r. 'Fastigiata' (Upright English Oak) - very narrow-growing, maximum spread 5',
low branching oak, can reach 60' tall, RARE, B&B , 6' $149.00
Q. r. 'Filicifolia'      - more lacinated fern like foliage RARE, 4' B&B $169.00
                                                                                                     BLOODROOT (Sanguinaria canadensis) -

WILDFLOWERS                                                                                          B. - white bloom, May, dormant in summer $4.99
                                                                                                     B. s. c. Plena     -bouble blooms, white $20.00
The sizes of plants sold are not young transplants, but field                                        BLUE COHOSH (Caulophyllum thalictroides) $8.50
grown plants ready to go into the landscape: the same plants
that are sold directly at the nursery. We do not pot all plants in
gallon size containers, but pot them in the correct size container
                                                                                                     BLUE EYED GRASS (Sisyrinchium angustifolium) - blue bloom, May $4.25
for the root system and its required growing space.
KEY:                                                                                                 BLUE PHLOX (P. Divaricata) photo2- Wild Sweet William- dwarf April-May bloom
tender — bulbs/plants must be dug for winter & stored/potted                                         $4.50
* ——— an herb and good landscape material
** ——– rockery                                                                                       BUGBANE (Cimicifuga racemosa) * - tall white spikes Aug. $8.00
*** —— ground cover
 —––– shade material                                                                                 BUTTER & EGGS (Linaria vulgaris) - yellow snapdroagon bloom, invasive $6.50
Z ——— hardiness zone (example: Z4)
                                                                                                     CALLIOPSIS - biennial reseeds, 3' small yellow, red & bronze bloom clusters for sun
All are native. Wildflowers to us are the plants we nurture or allow to reseed in areas where we     areas. Gold finches love these. (seed pack $2.25)
can walk in early Spring to Fall and see lovely bloom. Some bloom long enough to be used in
perennial borders, ponds or as ground covers, and are so listed in those sections of this catalog.   CELANDINE POPPY (Stylophorum diphyllum)
Others to us are weeds and are pulled out constantly, such as Queen Anne's Lace, Chicory, and        C. 'Large Yellow Wood Poppy' - 2" yellow poppies, should be in all perennial gardens
Goldenrod. Our native ferns are listed in the Fern section. At the nursery the wild flowers are      May/June bloom $6.95
blooming size plants, sold potted. Mail orders are also shipped potted and growing unless
                                                                                                     C. Stylophorus plena - double yellow bloom $8.50
dormant. If shipped in their dormant state, plant immediately. Dor. means plant goes dormant
for summer. We do collect seed from our plants, and make it available on some varieties.
                                                                                                     CULVER'S ROOT (Veronicastrum) - see PERENNIAL LISTING
A. 'Green Dragon' (Arisaema dracontium) dor. May bloom $6.50 mature plant photo                      CUT LEAF TOOTHWART (Dentaria laciniata) - bell shaped blossoms in white or
A. Jack in the pulpit (Arisaema Triphyllum) dor. Apr.-May bloom $4.95                                pink March/April, shipped dormant $4.99

AQUILEGIA                                                                                            DELPHINIUM TRICORNE - native delphinium, purple bloom, May, 12" tall $4.99
A. canadensis (Wild Columbine) - native, yellow and orange bloom - $6.50
                                                                                                     DUTCHMANS BREECHES (Dicentra cucullaria) - May bloom $4.99
BUTTERFLY WEED (Asclepias tuberosa) also see PERENNIAL LISTING
                                                                                                     ELDERBERRY (Sambucus, can.) - see SHRUB LISTING
BANEBERRY (Actaea) - considered poisonous
B. Doll’s eyes - white berries with black dot, lovely all summer $6.50                               ERYTHRONIUM americanum (Dogtooth Violet) - mix of yellow and white blooms,
                                                                                                     spotted foliage, native $5.99
BEE BALM (Monarda fistulosa) - 2' tall, pale lavender bloom, native $6.50
                                                                                                     FALSE RUE ANEMONE (Isopyrum biternatun) - small,white-petaled spring bloom,
BROWN EYED SUSAN (Rudbeckia 'Triloba') - 5', Aug.-Sept. bloom smaller flowers,                       bronze spring foliage, spreads slowly to lovely ground cover 3" tall, goes dormant in
heavily branched stems (seed pack $1.50) $4.50                                                       summer $5.99

RUDBECKIA MAXIMA - 5' tall, large glaucus blue foliage, 2" yellow bloom $6.50                        FOAM FLOWER (Tiarella cordifolia) - 8" white spikes, lovely $4.99

RUELLIA HUMILIS - wild petunia, see perennial listing                                                GILLENIA (Indian Physic, Bowman's Root)' - native, white star-shaped bloom, late
                                                                                                     spring, 18"-24", Z4, gal. $8.50
BLEEDING HEART - (Dicentra exima) - pink bloom, 12" tall, foliage does not go
dormant in summer $6.99
GINGER (Asarum canadense) - see PERENNIAL LISTING
A. European - evergreen see PERENNIAL LISTING                                              MAY APPLE (Podophyllum peltatum) * - lovely foliage $6.99
A. Arisfolium - evergreen see PERENNIAL LISTING
                                                                                           MEADOW RUE (Thalictrum polygamum) - white or lilac, beautiful foliage $4.99
                                                                                           MERRYBELLS, GREAT (Uvularia) - yellow bells, lovely foliage all summer, 1 gal.
GOLD SEAL (Hydrastris canadensis) white bloom, red raspberry fruit $9.50                   $9.49
                                                                                           MONEY WORT (Lysimachia nummularia)- ground cover, showy 1" yellow bloom
GRASS, NORTHERN SEA OATS (Chasmanthium latifolum, uniola) - not on                         $4.25
endangered list see GRASS LISTING
                                                                                           NEW ENGLAND ASTER - see PERENNIAL LISTING (seed pack $1.50)
HARDY AGERATUM (Eupatorium coelestinum)
E. c. - lavender bloom Aug./Sept. 15”, nice late bloom for shade or sun areas, excellent   POLEMONIUM (Polemonium reptans), Jacob's Ladder - blue spring bloom, 10" tall,
perennial, $5.50                                                                           $5.75
E. c. Alba        - white bloom in Aug/Sep RARE $5.50
                                                                                           POTENTILLA (Potentilla recta) typical yellow potentilla bloom June $4.00
Hieracium pratense (Field Hawkweed) - 15" tall, yellow bloom, $5.99                        RUE ANEMONE (Anemonella thalictroides) - 6" tall, pink bloom dor. $4.99
Hieracium aurantiacum - see perennial listing
                                                                                           SAPONARIA OFF. ROSEA PLENA (Bouncing Bet) - double pink bloom, 1 gal.
HEPATICA                                                                                   $8.50
(heart liverleaf, sharp-lobed liverwort, spring beauty, may-flower)
H. americana - round lobed leaf $4.99                                                      SHOOTING STAR (Dodecatheon)
H. acutiloba - sharpe lobed leaf $4.99                                                     (aka.American cowslip, Indian-chief, Rooster-heads, Johnny-jump, Pride-of-Ohio, for .
HEAL ALL (Prunella vulgaris) * - 12" lavender blooms $4.00                                 Dodecatheon meadia- 1' clusters of white bloom dor. $7.50

HESPERUS - ‘Sweet Rocket’ - mix colors, 3’, fragrant, sun or shade, May/June, 1 gal.       SPRING BEAUTY (Claytonia virginia) early pink bloom, dor. $4.99
                                                                                           SNAKE ROOT (Eupatorium rugosum, White Snake Root) - native, white floss
IRIS CRISTATA see PERENNIAL LISTING                                                        flowers, September - $4.50

IRONWEED (Vernonia altissima) 3' dark purple bloom head, Aug./Oct., use in                 SOLOMONS SEAL (Polygonatum biflorum) - ‘true’, blue-black berries $6.50 (seed
perennial borders $6.50                                                                    pack $2.75)
                                                                                           Solomons Seal Variegated - varigated foliage, not native $8.50
JACOB'S LADDER (Polemonium reptans) - See PERENNIAL LISTING                                False Solomons Seal (Similacina Racemosa) - red berries, (seed pack $2.75) $4.50

JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE (Helianthus tuberosus ) - 6' tall, edible tuber, large                 SPIRANTHES
yellow daisy $6.50                                                                         S. cernua var. odorata (Ladies Tresses) - white 12" spires of sweet scented blooms in
                                                                                           late summer over low foliage on this native orchid 4" tall Z3 $8.50
JOE PYE WEED (Eupatorium fistulosum) - See PERENNIAL LISTING
                                                                                           SQUIRREL CORN (Dicentra canadense) dor. $4.99
LILIUM superbum - native lily $7.50
                                                                                           TRADESCANTIA ‘Spiderwort’ - these are hybrids, nicer bloom, like moist areas, dor.
LOBELIA, HARDY BLUE (Syphilitica) - (Hardy Blue Lobelia) - blue spikes Aug.-               T. Blue (native variety) $3.75
Sept., will grow in moist areas, great color with Black Eyed Susan, native $4.99, 1/2      T. 'Blushing Bride' - variegated green and pink foliage, dwarf $4.25
gal. $6.50 (Seed $2.50)                                                                    T. 'Iris Prichard' - white with violet eye $3.75
T. 'Pauline' - mauve $3.75                                                          V. odorata 'Sweet Rosina' - pink, 1st to bloom, extremely fragrant, $4.99
T. 'Red Cloud' - dark rose $4.25
T. White $3.75                                                                      WILD GERANIUM - (Geranium Maculatum) - pink bloom, spring, nice foliage,
T. 'Grape' $4.75                                                                    good perennial for shade, red fall foliage $6.50

TRILLIUM - these are blooming size, dor.                                            YARROW (Achillea millefolium) - white bloom, dries well, very nice $4.50
T. Catebaei (Catesby’s Trillium) $8.00
T. Erectum (Red Trillium) $6.00 2
T. Flexipes (Bent Trillium or White Trillium) $6.00
T. Grandiflorum (Great White Trillium) $6.00
T. Luteum (Yellow Trillium) $8.00
                                                                                    GARDENING TOOLS
T. Pusillium (Dwarf Trillium) $8.00
T. Recurvatum (Prairie Trillium) $6.00
T. Cuneatum $6.00                                                                   Our favorite ‘Green Thumb' Trowel 3 1/2 x 6 " forged blade, 4 3/4 " wood handle.
T. Stamineum (Propeller Trillium) $8.00                                             Shaft and blade are one piece and will not break or bend. $24.00
T. Sulcatum (Southern Red Trillium) $8.00
T. Vesayi (Sweet Trillium) $8.00                                                    ‘No Blister’ Trowel - solid aluminum alloy casting, lightweight - cushioned grip.
                                                                                    5 1/2 " x 3" blade, $16.99
TURTLE HEAD (Chelone glabra) - white bloom $8.00
                                                                                    Pruning Shear Felco #5 - Durable all steel 2" blade. Best we've found! Replacement
TWINLEAF (Jeffersonia diphylla) photo of flower $6.99                               parts available. $42.00

VIRGINIA BLUE BELLS (Mertensis virginica) - blue/pink bells in spring, jumbo size   Pruner Holster with belt clip, $12.99
roots, shipped bare root $6.99, ship gal. pots $9.50
                                                                                    Trellis Netting - protective netting or to assist climber, ¾” polypropylene mesh,
VIOLET - blooming size, sold in 3” pot                                              14’x14’, $12.50.
V. Common $1.00
V. 'Confederate' - white with blue eye $4.25                                        Rooting Hormone Powder ‘Schultz Take Root’ - 2 oz. $9.95
V. 'For-get-me-not Blue' - true blue color $4.25
V. 'Freckles' - white with blue dots $4.25                                          Rooting liquid for hardwood cuttings $12.99
V. White $4.25
V. Yellow $4.25

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Quantity                                        Plant Name / Item                                            Price per Item                    Amount

                                                                                                               Sub Total
                                                                                                       Ohio Customers add 6.25%
 Postage & Handling                    East of Mississippi        West of Misssissippi                        Sales Tax
 Orders up to $24.99                   $11.95                     $12.95                                  Postage & Handling
 Orders from $25.00 to $50.00          $12.95                     $13.95
 Orders over $50.00                    22% of order               24% of order                             Shrubs 4' or taller
 Shrubs over 4’ tall                   Add $5 each                Add $5 each                                 add $5 each
 Trees over 5’ tall                    Add $10 each               Add $10 each                             Trees 5’ or taller
                                                                                                             add $10 each

We do not substitute unless you list a substitute above or on back of order form: Do you have any substitutions?                         YES            NO

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