Brosur-Spesifikasi-Samsung-Galaxy-Note by scgazyq


									DO-IN-ONE PHONE
GALAXY Note is a new type of smartphone, borne of insight and innovation.
It is the ultimate on-the-go device which consolidates core benefits of diverse
mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability.

Equipped with 5.3” large HD Super AMOLED screen, it’s both incredibly
slim and lightweight with Smartphone portability. Its 5.3” large immersive
screen minimizes your screen transition and scrolling. Embedded S Pen
can be implemented for anytime and any pages so that you can freely
capture, create, and even express your emotion.

GALAXY Note also features the most powerful performance with Advanced
8MP camera and 1.4GHz dual core processor. The 2500mAh battery strong
battery prolongs your GALAXY Note experience, letting you enjoy all the
features that it has to provide.

It empowers you with everything you can ever desire so that you can simply,
feel free. It is truly smart.
*Display: 5.29" in actual measurement
Large but Portable                                                      Easy Tasking
“Ideal balance of large screen pleasures with smartphone portability”   “Tasking becomes second nature with optimized features on ample screen”

- Portable as a Primary device                                          - Less scrolling with split view
- Vivid screen                                                          - Intuitive Hand motion
                                                                        - S Planner

Free Capture & Creation                                                 The most powerful performance
“Sophisticated & free-flowing input, capture & creation techniques”     “Unrivalled web & app experience powered by strong processor &
                                                                         lightning fast network speeds”
- Multi Input                                                           - 1.4GHz Dual Core processor
- Free Capture & Crop                                                   - Long lasting Battery (2500mAh)
- S Memo
   Take it everywhere, no questions asked
    - Extreme portability raised to new heights of ease & comfort
    - Exceptionally slim 9.65mm body is ergonomically compact in form
    - Super light 178g weight means carrying it all day without feeling a thing

                                                                                                                    Super light

                                                                                        Large Screen

                                                                                                       *Display: 5.29" in actual measurement

                     Defines a new standard in portability. Exactly what you want in a desirably slim and lightweight design that maximizes your carry-all freedom.
                     GALAXY Note is your single go-to device for all your calls, messaging and viewing -- all day long. But you won’t feel any burden -- so slim, so
Customer Benefit     light, you’ll almost think you forgot something. Ergonomically designed for thinness and practically weightless, nothing gets between you and
                     your Note. Take it with you everywhere -- it’s portability personified. GALAXY Note is always with you, the only one you need.
   Vastly superior viewing experience
    - Simply, the largest & highest quality screen for its size on smartphone
    - Huge & vivid 5.3” HD superAMOLED offers richest, most realistic color
    - HD quality WXGA Display Screen (1280x800) offers exquisite clarity of detail

                                        *Display: 5.29" in actual measurement

                    Fully immersive 5.3” HD Super AMOLED screen ensures crystal clear images for utmost crisp viewing so users can enjoy the best viewing
                    experience at all times -- like having a portable movie theatre always on hand. Ultra-rich display in superb color with the sharpest images, you’ll
Customer Benefit    have to see it to believe it. Cast your eyes on vistas so large you’ll be able to catch every detail. Your videos look better, documents are easier
                    to read, messaging is a breeze on this huge screen. Who ever said bigger isn’t better?
   Nimbly navigate larger screen surface for easier reading
    - Larger screen shows more contents, meaning less scrolling, especially with split view option
    - Minimal screen transitions save time & effort of loading new pages
    - When checking email with your split view screen, keep your inbox open on one side while reading the contents of a message on the other

                       See everything at a glance. Smartphone users plagued by tedious scrolling on a tiny screen will find newfound pleasure in spreading out to a
                       larger display that accommodates more content in an infinitely better viewing environment. Smaller than full-size tablet but retaining all the
                       advantages, GALAXY Note enables split view so you can keep homepages or email lists open while clicking on items of interest that no longer
Customer Benefit       have to take up the whole screen. Time-consuming screen transitions are minimized through split screen feature for frequently used native
                       applications such as email, messaging/IM, Social Hub and music player -- multitask on a bigger, more generous display. Less scrolling and
                       more content provide the easiest, most pleasurable mobile viewing ever.
   Three simple gestures elevate user-oriented touch functionality
    - Palm Sweep uses horizontal palming action (left to right, right to left) for immediate capture of current screen
    - Tab & Twist enables focused screen capture and rotation of text or image with the use of one finger
    - Palm Touch triggers pause & resume functions for easy control of your movie watching experience through the touch of your palm

                       Innovative, intuitive hand motions personalize the user experience of manipulating functions such as screen capture, select/copy and screening
                       features so consumers feel in full control. Users can employ various instinctive hand gestures -- Palm Sweep, Palm Touch, Tab & Twist -- to
Customer Benefit       select, save and share content more easily. Seamlessly capture images, save to My Pictures or JPEG format and send to friends quickly with
                       little effort. Feeling more nimble and dextrous with the use of just the finger or palm, GALAXY Note users enjoy manipulating content with full
                       touch, full hands-on familiarity for ultimate freedom.
   Like having a whip-smart, super-fast personal secretary in your pocket
    - S Planner allows you to jot down items by hand and automatically converts to text as additions to your “smart schedule”
    - View and switch from day/3-day/week/month/year schedule using zoom in/out function for easier input & revisions
    - Multimedia attachments such as maps, links to contacts & pictures enhance usability
    - Smart Add recognizes certain activities to be automatically added to your schedule

                        Similar to S Memo, the S Planner application designs better and easier access to your schedule with interactive elements. Foremost, you don’t
                        have to pull out your pen to make every single note -- just jot it down and S Planner will convert your additions into text and assimilate into your
                        schedule. Flexibility to view and plan your activities according to different timelines (daily, weekly, monthly) can help you make better scheduling
Customer Benefit        choices, along with zoom function that makes it easier for you to add, amend and eliminate items. You can also attach useful memos, maps,
                        contacts or pictures from other apps from one single continuous screen. S Planner’s Smart Add feature also plugs items from other apps into
                        your schedule automatically, saving you the time of adding each activity one by one -- a dream planner by any other name.
   Combining pen precision with handwriting freedom
    - Pen input & Touch input supported
    - Multi Input allows Advanced Pen Input with Full Touch for best combined mobile input on the market
    - Add quick handwritten notes or draw pics to pen-inputted text messages or convert your handwritten messages into conventional text

                       Users delight in a wealth of creative features intended to individualize and make more agile the capture and creation of content while on the go.
                       Multi Input conjoins the speed and dexterity of full touch with advanced pen input precision -- with pen designed to be perfect fitted into the
Customer Benefit       device -- for easy digitization in various web and application uses. Enjoy the flexibility of switching from pen inputting to free-style handwritten
                       notes or hand-drawn pictures. Add the special touch of your hand. Feel the freedom and flexibility to capture and create with all the creative
                       spontaneity that matches your lifestyle.
   Get out of the box
    - Free Capture enables you to delineate the exact contours of the image you want with pen precision
    - Enjoy both free-form content formation and precise cropping of pics & other graphics
    - Append the URL along with your captured content to send more informative, content-driven messages

                       Conventional save and send techniques force your messages to be square but Free Capture lets your imagination run free. Crop in any shape
                       or form from any application or webpage according to your whims. You can send specially drawn and irregularly shaped images and graphics
                       not confined by limits of traditional boxed-in content. Feel free to follow the contours of the original source imagery to send more faithful,
Customer Benefit       focused content to your friends and colleagues. Along with captured content, you can also capture the URL to append to the same message or
                       email -- or send to yourself as useful memo or resource. With Free Capture, all content becomes unbound to be repurposed for the user’s own
   Free the imagination by adding that personal touch
    - Free Creation allows easy personalization of photos & videos
    - Enriched emails & messages through pen input & templates
    - Modify photos & videos with personal notes or doodles added by hand

                   Before, users were confined to edit photos and videos through standard delete, modify and move functions. Now, Free Creation enables the
                   ultimate in individualizing your messages by allowing you to annotate personal notes to your photos and videos with your own handwriting.
                   Utilize your pen to add personal remarks or quick doodles -- or go free-form and use just your finger. Select existing templates if you’re in a rush
Customer Benefit   but still want to add a unique frame. Jot down a note, sign the photo or add a drawing -- even to your messages and emails. You can also
                   combine touch and pen input to express every detail in the most fun-filled way. There’s a reason why it’s called Free Creation -- it’s free for you
                   to create.
   Multimedia memos are smarter, more useful
    - S Memo creates unique “smart memos” composed of various multimedia elements including voice, images, web links, etc.
    - Text recognition converts your handwriting to text-based notes
    - Flexibility to cull from different multimedia sources like voice memo, pictures, jotted notes & drawings
      to create the exact note you need to keep

                       S Memo is a Smart Pen application that lets you compile super useful memos that combine notes and images culled from all different sources.
                       Component memo elements can be pulled from different multimedia such as voice memo, video links, URLs and images in addition to your
Customer Benefit       handwritten notes. Text recognition software recognizes your handwriting to redigitize into regular text format, saving you the trouble of
                       reinputting. S Memo is a unique hybrid memo application that is like an extension of your own varied, busy life -- condensed in one easy-to-
                       source application that really makes your memos useful.
   Unrivalled web & app experience powered by strong processor
    - Mega-powerful 1.4GHz Dual Core Processor delivers faster, cutting edge performance
    - HSDPA Plus enables lightning fast downloads & uploads so you can receive and share content even quicker
    - LTE is the next generation wireless technology, providing greater network coverage & connectivity

                       GALAXY Note consumers enjoy the latest, most powerful technology in their devices. High performance 1.4GHz dual core processor is bound to
                       impress, delivering a completely seamless mobile experience. Every activity -- from multimedia access to multitasking -- benefits from the
Customer Benefit       smooth sailing supported by a strong CPU. Also HSDPA+/LTE supported, GALAXY Note is on the forefront of providing the kind of connectivity
                       and coverage you would expect from any top-of-the-line smartphone or tablet -- super fast, super connected and trouble-free. Whether you want
                       to join real-time video streaming events or revel in premium mobile gaming, you can expect the very best performance from your GALAXY Note.
   Higher battery capacity delivers longer, better usage
    - Long-lasting 2500mAh battery ensures always-on status
    - Powers the most eclectic usage according to diverse needs & lifestyles
    - Less frequent recharging needed due to huge battery capacity, easily detachable for recharges

                       Leave behind any worry of losing juice because the GALAXY Note is equipped with a long-lasting 2500mAh battery. Its huge capacity has the
                       sustained power to meet the needs of any demanding, on-the-move lifestyle and the toughest customer usage. Since the energy reserve is so
Customer Benefit
                       large, you can also wait longer between charges, prolonging your use and enjoyment of the device. The charging itself is a breeze due to its
                       easily detachable design.
 Display                                            OS / Upgrade
 - 5.29” 1280x800 (WXGA) HD super AMOLED w/ S Pen     - Android Gingerbread

 Chipset                                            Messaging & SNS
  - Dual Core 1.4GHz                                  - Social Hub (Integrated phonebook with SNS, IM, E-mail)

 Bearer                                             Augmented Reality
  - HSPA+ 21Mbps 850/900/1900/2100,Div                - D/L from market
  - EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900
                                                     LBS
 Memory                                              - Google Maps (Turn-by-turn Navi.)
  - 8Gb (RAM), 16/32GB(Storage),
    microSD up to 32GB                               Other Services & Applications
                                                      - GMS / Google Applications
 Camera / Flash                                      - Android Ecosystem
  - 8MP AF w/ Flash (Rear) + 2.0MP FF (Front)
                                                     PC Applications
 Connectors                                          - Samsung KIES
  - MicroUSB, USB 2.0, 3.5mm earjack
                                                     UI / Web Browser
 Wireless Connectivity                               - Android UI / Android
  - BT 3.0+HS, WiFi a/b/g/n (2.4GHz/5GHz)
                                                     FM Radio
  - A-GPS, GLONASS                                   Audio
                                                      - MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, RA
 Dimension, Weight
  - 146.85 X 82.95 X 9.65 mm                         Video
                                                      - MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, RV, DivX,
 Battery capacity                                      Xvid (1080p FullHD video @ 30fps)
  - 2500mAh

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