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					                                             M O N T H LY N E W S L E T T E R

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                THE SQUASH BLOSSOM
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                                             of Health & Happiness

                                                                                             Prescription for Dietary

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                                                                                                    The Chinese Apple
                                                                                                         The “Chinese apple,” more
                                                                                             commonly known as the orange, is one of
                                                                                             the most popular fruits in the world. The
                                                                                             orange, which grows on an evergreen
                                                                                             tree, is a hesperidium — actually a type
                                                                                             of berry.  Originating in Southeast Asia
                                                                                             and cultivated in China around 2500 BC,
                                                                                             the orange is currently grown in many
                                                                                             countries of the world with Brazil   the
                                                                                             largest producer by far and Florida a not-
                                                                                             so-close second.
                                                                                                         Not only are oranges absolutely
                                                                                             delicious   but, nutritionally, they are
                                                                                             tops.   One orange contains almost two
                                                                                             days' supply of vitamin C along with
…Or You Can Move to Florida                                                                  vitamin A, B6, folate, thiamin, calcium,
                                                                                             potassium and, believe it or not,
             winter gets you down, you’re    to tackle this as well, such as light           protein. In addition, one orange contains

If      not alone. While the snow can be
        beautiful (as you’re surveying it
        from your 70-degree room), the
lack of sunlight that occurs in some parts
                                             therapy (ask your doctor) and watching
                                             golf (or anything with a sunny location).
                                             But Vitamin D might also play a big role,
                                             with a recent study showing that
                                                                                             4.3 grams of dietary fiber.

 Oranges contain phytonutrients,
                                                                                             most of which are found in the peel and
                                                                                             white pulp and known   to help   lower
                                                                                             blood pressure and reduce the severity of
of the world is decidedly not. In Alaska,    depressed patients are 11 times more            inflammatory conditions such as asthma,
for example, 8.9 percent of the              likely to have low levels of Vitamin D.         osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.     
population suffers from Seasonal                          So if you start feeling a little   Also, high amounts of vitamin C are
Affective Disorder (SAD). But that’s         down this winter, start by stocking up on       associated with a reduced risk of colon
nothing to the percent of Swedes —           Vitamin D, which you can find by taking          cancer.
almost 2 million people — who are            “Flintstones” vitamins and drinking soy              	

   When you eat an orange, thank
                                                                                             the Lord that He has provided this
depressed as a result of winter. This also   milk. Health matters! When we don’t get
                                                                                             wonderful high C fruit — especially
may do something to explain The Girl         enough of what we need we can become,           during the winter season when we  need it
with the Dragon Tattoo, penned by a          in ways big and small, different people.        most!
Swede.                                       Keep pursuing good health — it pays                               Compiled by M.G. Krueger
             If you suspect you may suffer   dividends every step of the way:
from this mild depression characterized      mentally, physically and spiritually.
by a lack of energy, oversleeping and
withdrawal from friends, then CNN has                                                          Health & Happiness is a ministry
an explanation for you to offer your                                                                       of the
loved ones: “Sorry, but I'm suffering                                                              Dyersburg Seventh-day
from a biochemical imbalance of my                                                                    Adventist Church
hypothalamus triggered by a melatonin                                                
deficiency in my pineal gland. So get off
my back!”                                    Matthew Lucio                                       Be sure to visit our website
             Your doctor will likely offer   Pastor, Seventh-day Adventist Church     
an anti-depressant if you're diagnosed       Writer, Speaker and Lover of Good Health
with SAD, though there are natural ways
                                                                                                                                      Kelly Phipps
A Cancer-fighting Vegetarian Diet                                                                       From the 2011 November/December issue of
                                                                                                                            Vibrant Life Magazine

       well-planned plant-based                       Zinc                                              • Dinner: Lentil Soup

A      diet can meet all the
       nutritional needs. If you’re
going veggie, try these nutrient-
                                                      •B r e a k f a s t : W h o l e G r a i n
                                                        Pancakes or toasted wheat germ
                                                        sprinkled on fortified cereal
                                                                                                        • Breakfast: a side of apricots or
dense meals and snack ideas to                        • Snack: raw peanuts or roasted                     figs, calcium-fortified orange
make sure you’re getting everything                     pumpkin seeds                                     juice, whole grain toast topped
you need in the fight against cancer.                 • Lunch: pita sandwich with                         with tahini and honey or
The underlined recipes and more                         avocado, tomato and Hummus                        soybeans
can be found on our website at                        • Dinner: wild rice and beans                     • Lunch: grilled tofu pita sandwich,                                                                             with spinach and almond salad or
                                                      Vitamin B12                                         Broccoli Salad
Protein                                               • Nutritional yeast sprinkled on                  • Dinner: stir-fry with broccoli and
• Breakfast: Scrambled Tofu,                            food or used in recipes                           tofu or navy beans and a fresh
  Hominy and Beans or whole-                          •D a i l y v i t a m i n s u p p l e m e n t        kale salad
  grain oatmeal with nuts and                           (Should be in a sublingual form)
  raisins, with nut butter on whole-
  grain bread on the side                             Iron
• Snack: raw almonds                                  • Breakfast: Potato Tacos or
• Lunch: mixed bean and avocado                         fortified cereal
  salad                                               • Snack: raw cashews
• Dinner: Scrumptious Oat Burger                      • Lunch: spinach salad with dried
  with baked sweet potato fries                         cranberries

Oranges hold treasure of
nutrition, fragrant
blossoms, memories
                                                      From the Squash Blossom Kitchen
Although eggless and dairy free, this
                                                                                                        More healthy and delicious recipes on our
Orange-Cranberry Muffin recipe is                    Orange-Cranberry M                                 website:
definitely filed under "D" for delectable
desserts. It's quick, easy and always                         Sweet, Light, Delicious
welcome at an elegant brunch table.
Long before Christmas stockings                                                                         • In a large bowl, mix
were stuffed with sophisticated toys,                                                                                               together the
a plump orange, bursting with flavor, was          1/3 cup vegetable                                       vegetable oil, orang
                                                                       oil                                                       e juice, soy milk an
a prize for children to find on those long-        1/4 cup freshly-sque                                   water with wire wh                          d
awaited mornings. Digging deeper into the                                 ezed orange juice plu                                 isk
                                                   3/4 cup soy or rice                          s      • In a separate medium
stocking, a delighted child might also                                  milk                                                          bowl, combine
discover homemade candy and                       1 tbsp water                                            flour, 1/4 cup suga
                                                                                                                              r, baking powder an
gingerbread but the bright orange was             1 3/4 cups unbleac                                     salt with a wire wh                         d
special — a living, fragrant miracle from                             hed all-purpose flo                                     isk
                                                  1/2 cup unbleached                      ur           • Add the flour mixture
the earth.                                                               organic cane sugar                                         to the vegetable oil
                                                  2 1/2 tsp baking po                                    mixture, and stir wi
                                                                       wder                                                   th a rubber spatula
For those fortunate enough to live               3/4 tsp salt                                            until just combined;
near citrus groves, the pleasing scent of                                                                                        do not over mix
                                                 2 tsp grated orange                                  • Set aside
orange blossom flowers wafting from the                                 zest
trees is distinctive and beloved. The white      1 cup fresh cranberr                                 • In a small bowl, comb
                                                                       ies or defrosted fro                                        ine the orange
flowers are traditional adornment for            cranberries, roughly                       zen         zest, the cranberries
brides, symbolizing purity and innocence.                              chopped                                                   and the remaining
                                                                                                        1/4 cup sugar; fold
                                                                                                                               the mixture into the
Adding to its considerable list of nutritional
                                                 Directions:                                            batter
and aesthetic attributes, drinking the fresh                                                         • Spoon the batter into
juice of oranges and other fruits is a recipe                                                                                    the prepared
for clear, smooth skin and healthy hair.                                                                muffin cups, filling
                                                 • Preheat oven to 400                                                       each cup 2/3 full
                                                                       degrees; oil a 12-            • Bake 15 to 20 minutes
Its wealth of value was officially                 cup muffin pan                                                                 , or until lightly
recognized in 1909 when the Florida                                                                    browned and firm to
                                                                                                                               the touch
Legislature designated the orange blossom
the State Flower. Then and now, millions
of the white flowers perfume central and
south Florida during orange blossom time.                                                                          Recipe from Kelly Ru
                                                                                                                                        dnicki's Vegan
                                                                                                                   Baking Classics

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