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RAM WORLD by zhouwenjuan


									About Us

RAM WORLDis one of the first professional web site companies in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offering web design and web development
since 1998.

We specialize in websites, solutions development and implementing
IT-projects of any complexity. We develop unique website solutions
to increase efficiency and competitive advantage of our clients.

Solving real-world business problems using Internet technology, and
delivering innovative, focused, effective and cutting-edge web based
solutions for small, medium, large corporations, government agencies
and non-profit organizations in the digital millennium.

Ramworld’s approach to project methodology is a mix between
traditional project management and new proven techniques in
effective project related to the nature of development of web

RAM WORLD’sproject management approach is to accept that
requirement changes will occur at some point within the project’s
lifecycle and strive to reduce the costs associated with those changes
by recognizing them as early as possible.
Our main focus goes beyond following defined processes to
emphasize a link between people and project success. Our technique
attempts to capitalize on the skills and abilities each individual
brings to the project team. Thus, the success of the project has less
to do with its defined processes than with the team’s ingenuity and

RAM WORLDuses latest internet technologies for secure and reliable
online software and website development.

We have a wide network of technology and solution partners in the
region and globally that supports us and with whom we collaborate
with on the latest developments in our market. We strive to maintain
good business relationships and expand our partnerships to offer our
clients more solutions and services and insure the best service is
being given.

Our team consists of motivated, talented, and experienced designers
and programmers who work together with our clients to bring them a
successful Internet presence. We have what it takes to create a
unique and innovative website.
                                                    Creative Design
                                                    Web Design
                                                    We offer professional web design services to our customers based on
                                                    our customers’ creative brief, branding profile and strategy and on
                                                    extensive market research of our client’s business area and
                                                    We believe that web design is a science in itself which has evolved
                                                    with time, new standards have been formed and new ways are
                                                    developed everyday to make the site intuitive and interactive.
                                                    We strive to apply key issues in our designs which is always design
                                                    for your end users, implement some degree of usability and
                                                    accessibility standards, avoid proprietary technologies and try to use
                                                    innovative and exciting Web design without over doing it.
                                                    Once the above basic points makeup the core of a website then
                                                    there’s always great room for a site to evolve.
                                                    There are some basic guidelines pertaining to the implementation of
                                                    accessibility and usability on websites which we plan for and follow
                                                    on design inception. During the quality assurance phase we
                                                    moreover conduct usability tests on the developed web sites to
                                                    insure all accessibility and usability requirements are met.
                                                    We use the latest professional graphics programs from Adobe Suite,
                                                    Macromedia suite and Corel Suite for web & graphic design. We have
                                                    experience in using advance Adobe Photoshop techniques to achieve
Internet Programming Languages
                                                    graphics for web and publishing work. Using the latest tools like
JavaScript, VBScript, JScript, ActiveScript
                                                    Microsoft Expressions and SharePoint Designer to develop website
(Flash)                                             prototypes, which are then validated with the best of W3C standards
Technologies                                        for IE 6 and above browsers
WAP, JS, ADO.Net, .Net Compact Framework.
Design Tools
                                                    Graphics and Multimedia
>>Adobe Suite, Corel Suite, Flash, Adobe            We specialize in creative webanimations and interactive
illustrator, MS SharePoint Designer, Expressions.   presentations. Our multimedia division works on trendy ideas to
Databases                                           attach more meaning, worth and value to the simpler things in life.
>>MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, DB2 and
                                                    We use Macromedia Flash for attractive multimedia presentations
Web Servers
                                                    using type, graphics, audio, and video to create flash introductions
>>Microsoft IIS, Apache, LAMP and others            and full fledge flash websites.
                                                    We use Adobe illustrator, freehand and Corel products with use of
                                                    advanced techniques of transparency, type, advanced path tools,
                                                    special effects, and much more.

                                            Maintenance and Technical Support
                                            Good web site design doesn't stop when it's uploaded to the Internet.
                                            Good design requires regular work, to update new information, make
                                            sure that all the links still work, and keep current with changes in the
                                            company and real life. Regularly scheduled site maintenance is vital to
                                            prevent a site from becoming stale. If you want site maintenance, we
                                            can do it for both; sites that we have created, as well as sites that
                                            have been created by someone else.

                                            Support is an essential part of web development services. We realize
                                            this and place special emphasis on providing a wide range of cost
                                            effective support options. Our support teams work either in
                                            cooperation with your in-house team or independently on a constant
                                            or per call basis.

                                            Technical Support setup categories:
                                             >>Urgent: involves urgent situations like server failures, email
                                             interruptions etc. which will be handled within hours.
                                             >>High: involves urgent account or site updates, issues or bugs which
                                             will be handled within 24 hrs.
                                             >>Medium: involves important site updates which will be handled within
                                             2 business days.
                                             >>Low: involves site updates which usually require considerable work
  Domain Name Registration                   which will be handled within 5 days.
>>We proceed with the required actions to
reserve andregister your domain name
locally and internationally, depending on
the country’s regulations.
>>We also assist you in searching for a
domain name, and choosing among the best
ones available.

                                            Consultation Services
                                            RAM WORLDConsulting Services help organizations develop innovative
                                            e-business and e-commerce strategies and solutions.
                                            These solutions allow our customers to capitalize on new technologies
                                            to create innovative products and services for the Internet economy.
                                            Our consulting team stays focused on defining, optimizing, and
                                            aligning our clients' business and IT strategies.
                                            Managed Hosting
                                            We provide reliable managed hosting solutions for our customers
                                            customized to your hosting needs and requirements offering
                                            attractive hosting configurations.
                                            We provide our customers with high quality and reliable Microsoft Web
                                            hosting and technical support.
                                            We have a range of hosting plans catered to your solution needs with
                                            high-end general features like high disk quota, email setup and
                                            support, database setup and web statistics.
Content Management Solution
We understand how important the content of your website is for the
successful growth of your business online.
We customize and develop Content Management Solutions depending
on the requirements of your web site and using different products
based on our web site needs.
We have experience in many Content Management systems as a result
of our research and development efforts to select the most suitable
and powerful CMS system for our clients needs and matches our
development skills with each CMS tested being directed to different
web site requirements.

We conduct the following activities for every content management
  >>Project Management
  >>Concept Creation
  >>Templates Development
  >>Usability and Accessibility Testing
  >>CMS Customization &configuration
  >>Content development
  >>Quality Assurance
  >>Hosting and Deployment

                 Ektronwas founded in 1998 with a vision to combine
                 web content management (WCM), marketing
                 optimization and social software to improve
                 operational efficiency, drive revenue growth and
                 build customer loyalty. Ektron empowers marketers
to create, publish and optimize web content that engages,
converts and retains customers. Developers benefit from Ektron’s
extensibility and commitment to the Microsoft .NET framework.
RAM WORLDis the Middle East partner for EktronCMS400.NET a 100%
native .NET content management solution. The goal of Ektron
CMS400.NET is to provide you with one single application that
gives you the tools and features necessary to create, deploy, and
manage your Web site. Not just managing your content, but
functionality like news, site navigation, bread crumbs, multi-lingual,
PDF generation, and document management should be supportedtoo

             Joomla is one of the most popular content management
             system. It publishes content on the internet and
             intranet. It is also a model-view-controller web
             application development framework. It includes page
caching feature go improve performance, RSS feeds, news flashes,
blogs, printable pages, polls, website searching and language
internationalization. It is best known for its functionality and
savings.This system allows you to continually update the site with
Joomla web design has satisfied several sectors of business and social
forum. Companies use it for launching new products on their online
store complete with blog and related information, service sector use
it for landscaping and video, clothing line for style and events,
university for e-commerce, and legal sector for active news blogs on
lawsuits and settlements.

E-Commerce Solutions
Whether it is a small store to sell few products or a mega store to sell
thousands of products, we will always stand by you as your web
solution provider to assist you achieve your business goals.

We conduct the following activities for every e-commerce project.
    >>Project analysis
    >>Usability plan
    >>Shopping cart design and customization
    >>Control panel to your store
    >>Complete system integration including interfacing with
    payment gateway
    >>Helping in acquiring merchant account, helping in acquiring a
    secure certificate, etc…
    >>Post development consultancy for store promotion.
    >>Review and feedback

E-Learning Solutions
As we move towards the knowledge society, we are well placed to
take advantage of the revolution of learning. Using the new
multimedia technologies enable us to provide our clients with
e-learning solutions that is playing an important role in increasing the
knowledge and education in our society.

Internet/Intranet Portals
>>We build portals by developing a specific model application that meets
the needs of your audience.
>>The implementation of a B2B or a B2C Portal pushes the site to a more
professional state where Internet Technologies are used to provide
system integration, reliability and security.
>>Our team of experts can help you plan, and develop solutions for your
Intranet using in house customized applications integrated with well
known international software to provide you with complete vertical

Customized Database Solutions

Our programmers develop rich dynamic content that database driven
websites demand. We identify your needs and design an action plan to
seamlessly integrate the strategy into the design process.
A website with dynamic content will drive your company in the
direction you have dreamed about. Dynamic content collects the vital
information about your visitors.

We have Extensive experience and development, deployment and
administrative skills in demonstrated in most of our projects, solutions
and our customized development solutions.

We insure clear understanding of the business functions needed to
model and an understanding of the database concepts and features
that we want to use to represent those business functions insuring
that we accurately design the database to model the business. We
believe a well-designed database performs better because and that it
can be time-consuming to significantly change the design of a
database after implementation.

Security is essential to any important database system and we insure
secure data access applications by applying the appropriate
techniques. Optimization is essential to get the best performance and
we employ techniques and guidelines for component optimization.

SharePoint Solution

Microsoft SharePoint serveris Microsoft's portal solution that
enables users to easily find, share, and publish information.
SharePoint provides knowledge management integrating with the
Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows productivity desktop

Windows SharePoint
Servicesprovide team-oriented
Web sites to share information
and foster collaboration on
documents with other users
(within an organization and
with partners and customers).
Users can easily create,
manage, and build their own
collaborative Web sites and
make them available
throughout the organization. You can also use Windows
SharePoint Services as a development platform for creating
collaboration and information-sharing applications.


We also work with some international companies on a joint venture business policy, in
order to get the maximum output in our works.


Interactive Saudi Arabia Ltd. (ISA) is an Economic Offset Program company
based in Riyadh. Its technology partner, Interactive Ltd. is headquartered in the
Dubai Internet City where it achieved the status of “first tenant” in the year
2000. The company is a leading Enterprise IT Solutions provider in the GCC
region. We engage in innovative, interactive e-business opportunities where
multi-channel solutions are integrated for high-impact value-added business

ISA advocates a vision that pivots on measurable and sustainable value. You, our
client, are the focus of our work. ISA processes are engineered to provide you
with the best return on your IT investments.

With a track record of more than nine years of developing industry-specific
solutions for governments, financial institutions, and other enterprises in the
region, we have the expertise that empowers business users to integrate both
business and IT processes into a coherent whole, enabling them to build and
grow their businesses.

Interactive Saudi Arabia Ltd. is a joint venture with key strategic partners,
including Raytheon, one of the world’s largest defense contractors, Thales, the
largest French Defense contractor, in addition to Hoshan group and Ramworld

       The following is a list of some projects that have been implemented in cooperation with

                Client Name:            SAUDI HOTELS AND RESORTS CO. (SHARACO)
                Client Address:         Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
                Project Name:           SHARACO Group websites: 18 websites for SHARACO Group
                Year:                   2009
                Technology              SharePoint 2010

Client Name:      Ministry of Higher Education
Client Address:   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Project Name:     Public Portal and 38 Cultural Missions portals
                  + Intranet Portal
Year:             2009
Technology:       SharePoint 2007

Client Name:      Defense Medical Services Department

Client Address:   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Project Name:     Public portal and 6 conferences portals

Year:             2010

Technology        SharePoint 2007

Client Name:      Border Guards
Client Address:   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Website URL:      Public portal and Intranet portal
Design Year:      2009
Technology        SharePoint 2007

Abingerdale Incorporated in 2006, their management team of young executives
has more than 50 years of joint experience in internet and online business.

With more than 40 (and growing) targeted and segmented web and mobile
brands, we aim at serving loyal consumer audiences as well as at offering the
most from online interactivity. Partnering with leading digital content
publishers and application developers, Abingerdale can deliver cutting-edge
web services, payment integration, as well as cross-brand advertising. From the
leading position of our network of web and wap sites in Europe, we are actively
investing so as to take our successful brands really global, while creating locally
relevant consumer offerings.

Abingerdale works to build, scale and, above all, monetize web and mobile services.
This is why, apart from bringing relevant entertainment, local and social media
content to millions of web and mobile visitors and a growing number of subscribers, we
focus on integrating a full range of local and global web and mobile payment solutions.
All this leads to another area of basic expertise: having developed strong expertise in
Local Lead Generation, Cost Per Click and Search. Through an innovative approach to
the online community, Abingerdale allows advertisers to connect to a broad online
audience of targeted consumers around the world.

Mobile - iPad Apps
Abingerdale can develop (in-house), launch and manage new products, dedicated to
iPhone, Android and other Mobile Platforms, including Computer-2-mobile cross
functionality. Definitely, an innovative channel as Publishers, made of an inter-linked
and growing portfolio of mobile applications. Optimized in terms of revenues,
placement and visibility.

Bruce Mau Design (BMD)


We are particularly excited about our strategic business alliance in the Canada with
BMD. This creative partnership allows us to provide more direct, responsive &
efficient service to our clients in Saudi Arabia and to expedite the development &
implementation of our design concepts, particularly in digital media
BMD works in a global context with organizations that are thoughtleaders in Culture,
Commerce, Media, and Education.
With headquarters in Toronto and a satellite in New York, BMD is a proud partner in
the MDC Partners network of companies.
Our firm is organized to balance innovative creative output with client relationship
management, and our in-house team is composed of graphic designers, architects,
technologists, animators, writers, strategists and producers.

BMD works in five main business areas: Visioning; Communications; Environments &
Experience Design; Web & Digital Media; and IP, Product, & Content Development.
Many of our engagements combine several forms of media and experiences


Our Projects

                                                       Al-Mutawa Family

                                        Al-Mutawa Family, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is
                                        a Wordpress Blog.


                                                   RAM CYBER RESILIENCE

                                        RAM CYBER RESILIENCE is a new branch from RAM
                                        WORLD focusing on the major cyber-attacks that we
                                        are facing nowadays with the increase knowledge of

                                                   BAS Global Investment

                                        BAS has a widespread, experienced and innovative
                                        client support services in all areas of business
                                        advisory services. We continually exceed the
                                        business' objectives through the ability to establish
                                        and develop an excellent rapport with clients.


                                   WASATAH CAPITAL

                     It is a closed joint stock company with a strategic
                     partnership with Keinanja Malaysian investment
                     bank with a capital of 250,000,000 million Saudi
                     Riyals paidin full.
                     WASATAH Capital is regulated by the Capital Market
                     Authority (CMA) and authorized by the Saudi Arabian
                     General Investment Authority (SAGIA).

                     Built on Joomla CMS 1.7

                         SASREF Car Sale Web Application

                     RAM WORLDdesigned and programmed the sale
                     application that run in the company internal network
                     under ASP.NET/SQL environment. Application is
                     limited to SASREF staff which enable users to order a
                     car sale and administrators generate a raffle draw for
                     all staff members' participants

                                       UAE Embassy
                     The official site for United Arab Emirates embassy in
                     Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

                     Built on Ektron400 CMS

                               Alsalam Aircraft Company

                     The Aviation Professionals

                     When it comes to aircraft maintenance, modification
                     and technical support in the Middle East, Alsalam
                     Aircraft Company is the pioneer in the industry.

                                         SADA SHOP

                     Suramanra is an associated project for electronic
                     commerce managed by SaraDeem Limited Company.

                     e-Commerce website

                       Prince Fahad bin Salman Charity
                     Association for Renal failure patients

                     It is a charity association for collecting donations for
                     Renal Failure patients

                     Built on Ektron400 CMS


                         Woolen Woogo Territory. Woolen special product

                         Built on Joomla

                         Virtue Mart E-Commerce


                         SAJT Co. Ltd. aspires to be a long term partner able to
                         introduce new products and technologies and to help
                         spreading valuable know-how around the Kingdom.
                         Technological transfer is a key point to improve the
                         local industrial capabilities and final users'

                          Trade House Group Holding Company

                         Trade House Group Holding Company managing
                         many sister companies.
                                Marketing Commercial Projects Operation Co
                                Jet Aviation company Ltd
                                Construction House Company
                                BeitAetisalat Company L.T.D
                                Gulf Chemical Co.
                                Environment Experts Contracting Est.

                                         Mohammed Abalkhail

                             H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Abalkhail former Minister of
                             Finance and National Economy.

                                     Solidarity Saudi Takaful Co.

                             SSTC provides insurance solutions and distinctive
                             insurance services in accordance with Share’a and
                             risk management principals.

                             Built on Ektron400 CMS.

                                       Saudi Home Loans

                             SHL is a fully Islamic specialized home finance
                             company established to provide you with customer
                             focused products and services to finance your home.

                             Built on Ektron400 CMS

                                  Saudi Specialized Laboratories

                             Conformity’s name reflects the vision of the
                             company, establishment and operation of specialized
                             labs for testing and calibration, testing and
                             certification of conformity for all goods, materials,
                             tools, equipment etc., locally produced and imported.

                             Built on Ektron400 CMS

                                                DNA Boutique

                             The first of its kind in the Middle East DNA is a
                             lifestyle fashion emporium that offers objects of
                             desire as well as educates and visually stimulates its

                                             Alfaisal Exhibition

                             King Faisal Exhibition site, King life history,
                             speeches, images and exhibition.

                                             Yibreen Spa

                          A lush desert oasis, a haven of luxury, a source of
                          peace and harmony where mind, body and spirit can
                          be relaxed and refreshed.

                                           Dallah hospital

                          As a member of Dallah al Baraka group, Dallah
                          hospital is one of the most specialized medical
                          centers by providing health care.

                          The website demonstrates the details concerning the
                          medical and paramedical departments, live chat, and
                          discussion forum and physician directory.

                          Built on Ektron400 CMS

                                            Osool Capital

                          Osool Capital is a Saudi joint stock company based in
                          Riyadh, with a paid up capital of a hundred million
                          Saudi Riyal. Osool Capital is the first Saudi company
                          to obtain a brokerage license from the Capital Market

                                      Aseer corporation

                       Aseer Company for trading, tourism, industry,
                       agriculture, real estate, and contracting.

                       As a multiple activities company, the website
                       demonstrates all the activities, the latest news, the
                       contributors and investments.

                       RAM WORLD developed this special website.


                       One of the most important universities in Riyadh
                       regarding the specializations as engineering,
                       business, science and medicine, offering the
                       educational opportunities equal to those of the best
                       international universities.

                       This website tells about the importance of the
                       university, the founder, the partners, the staff, and
                       latest news, powered by RAM WORLD.

                        Built on Ektron400 CMS

                                      E-learning Skoool

                        Skoool SA comes as part of the E-learning system
                        and comes to help students of different levels to be
                        independent in learning by using the internet and
                        they can utilize the lessons when it is offline by
                        using MySkoool software The Website is
                        successfully designed & developed by Ram World
                        with Intel company and supervised by Obeikan


                    Waseel was established as the first medical insurance
                    Application Service Provider (ASP) in the Gulf.
                    Operates a highly secure Internet-based “business-to-
                    business” portal offering professional IT and e-
                    business solutions to the regional Healthcare and
                    Medical Insurance Payers and Providers.

                    Built on Ektron400 CMS

                          Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery
                              Company SASREF
                    Saudi Arabia’s petrochemical industry, Jubail
                    Industrial City.

                    It is acknowledged as an industry pacesetter and was
                    specifically designed as an export refinery

Contact us


             Al-Tahlia Street
             Al-Khair Plaza Building 2ND floor

             P.O.Box: 305200,
             Tele: +966 1 2011763 / 2011764
             Fax: +966 1 2011577

             For Sales enquiries please contact our sales representative:

             For General enquiries and site feedback please contact:

             For Technical Support please contact:

             Web site
             For full overview of Ramworld, you are welcome to visit our website.

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