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Measle and the Wrathmonk Anne Ogilvy


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     A Book Report by

      The main characters in the book are Miss Kemp, Imogene
 Herdman ,Boomer ,Mr. Crabtree , Gladys Herdman,Alice,Leroy
 Herdman,Ralph Herdman,Claude Herdman and Ollie Herdman and
 Charlie .The Herdmans are a group of brothers and sisters that break
 stuff, steel stuff and catch things on fire.Mr.Crabtree is the principle
 of Woodrow Wilson school he always gets furious when the
 headman's always do something mean bad and horrifing. Boomer is
 one of Charlie's best friend he is in the 3rd grade in miss kemps class.
 Ms.Kemp is one of the nicest teachers in the whole school of
 Woodrow Wilson school. Alice is a girl who only cares about her hair
 and her good looks. Charlie is the main characters brother who got
 stamped to a poster on a wall.
     The setting is in Woodrow Wilson school back in 2001. the school
has some of the worst students in the world, the Herdsman's. the
headman's are not aloud in the jail cause last time they were they visited
the jail they put frogs in the water fountain. During the night of the
thousands of stars they stole all the pastries that were there. Every thing
that’s a big event the Herdsman's would mess things up. But that year
was like no other they were meaner stronger and better at steeling. They
always bully at least one person in the whole school and that person is
leroy.Ever since kindergarten they picked on him. They always stole his
money ,pushed him, kicked him, and knocked his lunch on the floor and
kicked it.
       The summary in this book is that every one has to complement
  everyone in Miss. Kemps class and the hardest person to
  complement is Imogene herdman. Its hard for the person to
  complement cause all they do is steel. At first he thought about nice
  and smart but then he thought about it and said
  healthy,resouceful,thrifty,cooperative,enthusiastick,clean,and loyal.
  Then he tells her that she's loyal cause she got Boyd leggets head
  out of a bike rack. Everybody thought that he would make the most
  dumbest complement ever but it was the best complement in the
  whole class. Every one laughs except miss Kemp cause she loved it.

      The conflict in this story is that the main character has to go
 through the whole school year with all the Herdmans in one class.
 He says that the school year is going terrible when the last day
 comes he says he that he is right. All the herdmans do everything a
 that’s bad. the day he stepped into the classroom he knew it was
 going to be a bad year. he never had the courage to tell his teacher
 that he wants to go to a different class so that’s what made him
 stuck with the herdmans for the rest of the year. All of the kids said
 they got the best teacher and they had the best school year ever.
 The main character told everyone that he is going to have the worst
 school year until the last 10 minutes of the the day come and they
 have a little party with nachos and soda.
      The resolution got solved by the last 10 minutes of the day. For that
ten minutes they had a huge party that felt like it was a whole day they
partyed.every body brought chips and chesses some one brought
American chesse. The main character had about ten couprsuns and he
said he had to sit down for at least 20 minutes. At the end of the day he
said this was the best school year he ever had in his whole life he had
been to school. He thought that someone said his name so he turned
back and he saw a teacher and it was Ms.Kemp running after him with a
bag of goodies and he said that no one has had a best school year ever
like this one.
    Critic’s Corner
the highlight of the book is when the main character has to tell Imogene all his
   complements he wrote down.
Yes I did like this book.
I would recommend this book to a friend because it is always obvious when stuff
   is stolen and something is wrong they all know it’s the Herdsman's.

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