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					Gung Hey Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year
 Dragons, birthdays, money, firecrackers and
the color red all have something in
common! Do you know what the link is?
All of these things have symbolic meaning
in the Chinese New Year. Learn the
meanings of these symbols, how to wish
your neighbor "Happy New Year!" and
answers to questions like "Why is the
Chinese New Year celebrated on different
dates each year?" in this WebQuest.
• You will hear different styles of Chinese
• You will learn five lucky symbols of the
  Chinese New Year!
• You will know your Chinese Zodiac
  symbol and what that says about your
• You will understand the lunar calendar!
• You will know the basic menu items of a
  Dim Sum Feast!
• You will see the Chinese Lantern
  Festival and be able to identify different
  kinds of lanterns!
• You will have a folder of memories from
  your Chinese New Year experience!
            Resource One
Music is a big part of
the Chinese New
Year. On
Chinascape: Chinese
Music you will hear
traditional Chinese
New Year music.
Chinese opera and
modern Chinese
music are here too!
Resource Two
       There are many
       surrounding the
       Chinese New Year.
       This site lists several
       traditions and lucky
       symbols of the New
           Resource Three
Experience the
excitement of Hong
Kong's most
celebrated Chinese
Festival! The sights
and sounds of the
Chinese New Year
will transport you to
this far distant city!
Resource Four
        Chinese New Year
        tells how to know
        when the New Year
        will be celebrated. The
        history of the holiday
        is explained at this
        site, along with what
        to do on each of the 15
        days of the New Year.
           Resource Five
Dim Sum is a feast
held during the
Chinese New Year.
Did you know that
there are certain
reasons to serve
certain foods. Learn
the meanings behind
the food at this site.
Resource Six
      The Lantern Festival is
      a very important part
      of the Chinese New
      Year. See video of
      some of the more
      famous Lantern
      Festivals on this site!
      Ooh! Aaahhh!! There
      are fireworks displays
      here too!
I hope you had fun learning about the
 Chinese New Year!
Please come back and visit us again.
   Gung Hey Fat Choy!
          THANKS !
I hope you had fun celebrating The
  Chinese New Year while you learned
  the traditions behind the holiday!

 Please celebrate this holiday again next

    Gung Hey Fat Choy!!

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