Gung Hay Fat Choy _Chuc Mung Nam Moi_ by dffhrtcv3


									Gung Hay Fat Choy
 (Chuc Mung Nam Moi)
   February 18, 2007

A   L
N   Z
N   B
Y   T
           Opening Activity
• When I think of China, I think of__________
• When I think of Chinese people, I think of
• When I think of Chinese New Year, I think
• Happy New Years vs.
  Gung Hay Fat Choy
• History
• Red envelopes
• Clothing
• Food
• Lion Dancers
• 15 days of New Years
• Animals
    Happy New Years vs. Chinese
            New Years
         In America                 Chinese New Years
• Always on January 1st        • Always on a different date
• Balloons, Parties, Music,    • Fireworks, drums, lion
   Parades, Fireworks             dancers, dragon parades
• Greet people with “Happy     • Greet people with “Gung
   New Year”                      Hay Fat Choy”
• Make a lot of news           • Celebrate with your family
• Celebrate with your family   • Clean out the old and
• Make new year’s                 make a fresh start
   resolutions                 • Wear red clothing
• Clean out the old and        • Red envelopes
   make a fresh start          • 15 days of celebration
            of the

   Chinese New Year
• based on the Chinese Lunar
• between January 30 and
  February 20 of each year
• repeated cycle of 12 animals
Gift Giving and Showing Respect
      Lai See
• Grownups line up at
  local banks to get
  fresh, crisp money to
  fill the red envelopes
  called “lai see" to give
  to young, unmarried
  children for good luck.
• lai see is a symbol of
  good luck and good
• There's only one
  real rule about
  clothing. Red.

• Red is considered
  a lucky color as
  red will scare
  away evil spirits
  and bad fortune.
• Oranges / Gold
• Tangerines with leaves
  / Good Luck
• Whole Fresh Fish /
• Whole Fresh Chicken /
  Good Fortune
• Lettuce / to grow or
  spread prosperity
Lion Dancers
                     The Lion Dance

• The Lion Dance is used to scare away evil
  spirits and bring good luck. Lion dancers
  perform in front of stores to bring good luck
  to shop owners.
• It is a great honor to be chosen to do a lion
  dance. The dance is performed to drum and
  cymbal music that has a familiar beat.
        Each day of the Chinese New Year
        celebration holds a specific meaning.
Day 1             Welcome the gods of heaven and earth

Day 2             Remembrance of ancestors

Days 3 & 4        Sons in law pay respect to parents in law

Day 5             Welcome the god of wealth

Days 6 - 10       Visit relatives and pray for good fortune

Days 10 -12       Invite relatives and friends for dinner
                  Day of rest and cleansing of the system after
Day 13
                  eating so much rich food
Day 14            Preparation for Lantern Festival
Day 15            Lantern Festival

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