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									Fun Facts about Designer Jewelry and other Kinds of
Designer Jewelry has been around for a long time, and jewelry designers have
been around for longer. That’s because anyone can be a jewelry designer, even
back to the age of the cavemen. They used to create their jewelry from rocks,
plants, bones, teeth, and more. Needless to say we have gotten a little more
sophisticated in our taste for designer jewelry, but that is not to say that there are
still some fun and interesting facts about designer necklaces, designer bracelets,
designer rings, and the metals that comprise them.

The ancient Egyptians were big fans of jewelry and they were known for beautiful
pieces of metal jewelry. A lot of designer jewelry today draws some inspiration
from ancient and unique cultures in their designs. Did you know that the ancient
Egyptians used to believe that their jewelry wielded magic powers? Considering
the way we admire our designer jewelry even today, it wouldn’t surprise me if the
designer necklaces or designer rings somehow mesmerized us with magic! When
you think about ancient Egyptian jewelry, gold tends to come to mind. Gold is still
very popular in today’s designer jewelry, but is still much more expensive than its
counterpart, silver.

Sterling silver is very common in today’s designer jewelry. Have you ever noticed
a number 925 on your sterling silver jewelry? I hope so. That number signifies that
the piece is indeed made of sterling silver. The silver has 92.5% silver in it,
allowing it to be classified as sterling silver and giving it the “925” stamp of
approval. While still beloved, some people find that silver has lost its luster since
the inception of white gold. White gold is very popular in designer jewelry
because it produces an absolutely radiant shine that is as eye catching as it is
beautiful. White gold was actually invented shortly after World War I. It is an alloy
that is comprised primarily of gold, but also makes use of various other metals in
order to produce that illustrious shimmer. Some metals used in white gold are
nickel with rhodium plating. We owe it to the rhodium plating for the brightness
of white gold. But the rhodium is not permanent. Designer jewelry made of white
gold inevitably fades and has to be dipped at your local jeweler to retain that

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