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Author 1 display Title Stephen Weatherill European Sports Law General Editor T. McCormack Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law – 2004 Lodewijk F. Asscher Regulating Spam Lucie Guibault Unravelling the Myth around Open Source Licences Bernhard Hofstötter Non-Compliance of National Courts Edited by I. S. Blackshaw The Court of Arbitration for Sport Edited by Deirdre Curtin The EU Constitution Edited by Ian S. Blackshaw Sports Image Rights in Europe Janne Elisabeth Nijman The Concept of International Legal Personality Edited by Rodrigo Yepes-Enríquez Treaty Enforcement and International Cooperation in Criminal Matters Edited by Robert C. R. Siekmann Arbitral and Disciplinary Rules of International Sports Organisations Edited by Peter J. van Krieken Migration and Return Health, Edited by Peter J. van Krieken Refugee Law in Context David Levy Practical Diabetes James Green Surgery Colin J. Holburn Healthcare Professionals as Witnesses to the Court Gilbert R. Park Key Facts in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Edited by Nigel Kirkham Progress in Pathology Adrian N. Harnett Case Studies in Urological Cancer Edited by A. T. Ahuja Imaging of Head and Neck Cancer Ahmed Mujtaba Siddiqui Adult Limb Fractures Sunil Auplish Extended Matching Questions for the MRCS Molly Courtenay Nurse Prescribing R. Bhatia Perturbation Bounds for Matrix Eigenvalues Edited by Michael A. Heroux Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing Per Christian Hansen Deblurring Images Timothy A. Davis Direct Methods for Sparse Linear Systems Zhilin Li The Immersed Interface Method Israel Gohberg Invariant Subspaces of Matrices with Applications Lawrence Hubert The Structural Representation of Proximity Matrices with MATLAB Zhangxin Chen Computational Methods for Multiphase Flows in Porous Media Friedrich Pukelsheim Optimal Design of Experiments Amit Bhaya Control Perspectives on Numerical Algorithms and Matrix Problems Tony Chan Image Processing and Analysis Rush D. Robinett Applied Dynamics Programming for Optimization of Dynamical Systems Ralph C. Smith Smart Material Systems M. Ianelli Gender-structured Population Modeling William Briggs Ants, Bikes, and Clocks Yves Achdou Computational Methods for Option Pricing Pál Dõmõsi Algebraic Theory of Automata Networks Jenny A. Baglivo Mathematica Laboratories for Mathematical Statistics Heinz-Otto Kreiss Initial-Boundary Problems and the Navier-Stokes Equation Jie Huang Nonlinear Output Regulation Hans J. Stetter Numerical Polynomial Algebra Edited by Stein W. Wallace Applications of Stochastic Programming Thomas W. O'Gorman Applied Adaptive Statistical Methods James L. Buchanan Marine Acoustics J. Haslinger Introduction to Shape Optimization M. Vidyasagar Nonlinear Systems Analysis Jane K. Cullum Lanczos Algorithms for Large Symmetric Eigenvalue Computations Nicholas J. Higham Accuracy and Stability of Numerical Algorithms

9780898715149 9780898715033 9780898714937 9780898714654 9780898714623 9780898714548 9780898713985 9780898713893 9780898713831 9780898713794 9780898713602 9780898712742 9780898712292 9780883858110 9780883858035 9780883857465 9780883857403 9780883857397 9780883857298 9780883857212 9780883856451 9780883856222 9780883856192 9780883855539 9780883855447 9780883855430 9780883855423 9780883855294 9780883850855 9780521894609 9780521894517 9780521893091 9780521893053 9780521892308 9780521892018 9780521891998 9780521891493 9780521891318 9780521890625 9780521890557 9780521878876 9780521878869 9780521878159 9780521876643 9780521873420 9780521871549 9780521870894 9780521870009 9780521869898 9780521869577 9780521868754 9780521868426

Philippe G. Ciarlet The Finite Element Method for Elliptic Problems G. W. Stewart Matrix Algorithms Frank Natterer The Mathematics of Computerized Tomography Lloyd N. Trefethen Spectral Methods in MATLAB William L. Briggs A Multigrid Tutorial Carl Meyer Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra Michael Griebel Numerical Simulation in Fluid Dynamics James W. Demmel Applied Numerical Linear Algebra David F. Griffiths Learning LaTeX Peter J. Huber Robust Statistical Procedures Ake Bjõrck Numerical Methods for Least Squares Problems Ingrid Daubechies Ten Lectures on Wavelets C. C. Lin Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences Marcin E. Kuczma International Mathematical Olympiads 1986–1999 Edited by Titu AndreescuMathematical Olympiads 1998–1999 Claudi Alsina Math Made Visual Rajendra Bhatia Fourier Series Al Cuoco Mathematical Connections Margie Hale Essentials of Mathematics Roger B. Nelsen Proofs without Words II Svetoslav Savchev Mathematical Miniatures Abraham Sinkov Elementary Cryptanalysis H. S. M. Coxeter Geometry Revisited Hans Walser 99 Points of Intersection Howard W. Eves Mathematical Circles 1 Howard W. Eves Mathematical Circles 2 Howard W. Eves Mathematical Circles 3 Edward J. Barbeau Mathematical Fallacies, Flaws, and Flimflam Edited by Philip D. Straffin, Jr Applications of Calculus Edited by Daniel M. Grimley Cambridge Companion to Sibelius The David Hollenbach The Common Good and Christian Ethics Gordon Fraser Antimatter Robert Stuart Marxism at Work Wray Vamplew Pay Up and Play the Game William F. Brosend, II James and Jude Edited by Jeylan T. Mortimer Changing Adolescent Experience The Christopher Beach The Cambridge Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Poetry Edited by Eva-Marie Kröller Cambridge Companion to Canadian Literature The Paul D. Lowman Jr. Exploring Space, Exploring Earth Malachi Haim Hacohen Karl Popper - The Formative Years, 1902–1945 The Sovereignty of Law Edited by Wolfgang Benedek Economic Globalisation and Human Rights Richard L. Russell Sharpening Strategic Intelligence Lisa Hilbink Judges beyond Politics in Democracy and Dictatorship Mehran Kardar Statistical Physics of Particles Edited by Richard Blundell Advances in Economics and Econometrics Mark A. Drumbl Atrocity, Punishment, and International Law Rita Chin The Guest Worker Question in Postwar Germany Peter Stacey Roman Monarchy and the Renaissance Prince Prayer Book Book Of Common Prayer Desk Edition Maurizio Gasperini Elements of String Cosmology Michael J. Wichura The Coordinate-Free Approach to Linear Models

9780521868341 9780521868136 9780521868129 9780521867979 9780521867825 9780521866118 9780521865579 9780521864442 9780521864237 9780521863681 9780521863339 9780521863124 9780521863001 9780521862530 9780521862264 9780521862240 9780521862158 9780521862110 9780521861977 9780521861786 9780521861700 9780521861434 9780521861038 9780521861014 9780521860789 9780521860017 9780521859301 9780521858526 9780521858366 9780521858199 9780521857840 9780521857666 9780521857154 9780521857000 9780521856966 9780521856379 9780521855952 9780521855358 9780521855143 9780521855136 9780521855068 9780521854696 9780521854641 9780521854528 9780521854016 9780521853286 9780521852876 9780521852609 9780521852470 9780521852319 9780521852012 9780521851992

Viatcheslav Mukhanov Introduction to Quantum Effects in Gravity Rob Sturman The Mathematical Foundations of Mixing Elli Louka International Environmental Law Roger O'Keefe The Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict Neil Levy Neuroethics Ronald J. Mann Charging Ahead Keith Stowe An Introduction to Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Leslie Paul Thiele The Heart of Judgment Yayoi Uno Everett The Music of Louis Andriessen Edited by Ward EdwardsAdvances in Decision Analysis General Editor Klaus J. Hopt European Foundation The Jo Bridgeman Parental Responsibility, Young Children and Healthcare Law Michael B. Marcus Markov Processes, Gaussian Processes, and Local Times Edited by Jeffrey L. Cummings Progress in Neurotherapeutics and Neuropsychopharmacology Edited by Jonathan Gillard Carotid Disease James G. Dwyer The Relationship Rights of Children Peter Gallagher The First Ten Years of the WTO Edited by Margaret Atkins Poverty in the Roman World Jon Doyle Extending Mechanics to Minds Edited by John S. Odell Negotiating Trade Gerard Cornuejols Optimization Methods in Finance Edited by Roman Grynberg WTO at the Margins Philippe Gille Central Simple Algebras and Galois Cohomology Edited by D. W. Hughes The Solar Tachocline Edited by Stuart Taberner ontemporary German Fiction C Laurence Tancredi Hardwired Behavior Mark C. Murphy Natural Law in Jurisprudence and Politics Alexandru Nica Lectures on the Combinatorics of Free Probability Madawi Al-Rasheed Contesting the Saudi State Noam Chomsky Language and Mind Peter Smith An Introduction to Gödel's Theorems Peter Kenez Hungary from the Nazis to the Soviets Thomas Armbrüster The Economics and Sociology of Management Consulting Edited by L. Pachter Algebraic Statistics for Computational Biology Edited by David Herman The Cambridge Companion to Narrative James C. McWilliams Fundamentals of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Avi Perry Fundamentals of Voice-Quality Engineering in Wireless Networks Chuanming Zong The Cube-A Window to Convex and Discrete Geometry David Barnett Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the German Theatre Peter Müller The Equations of Oceanic Motions Shane Darke Mortality amongst Illicit Drug Users Yvonne Sherratt Continental Philosophy of Social Science Edited by World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Reports 2002 Igor Herbut A Modern Approach to Critical Phenomena Edited by Georg Nolte European and US Constitutionalism Kerry Lynn Macintosh Illegal Beings Jaan Kiusalaas Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python Edited by Edward D. Hess Search for Organic Growth The Jerry Evensky Adam Smith's Moral Philosophy John Talbot Complexity and Cryptography Edited by E. J. A. Meurs Populations of High-Energy Sources in Galaxies (IAU S230) Edited by Vanessa Hill From Lithium to Uranium (IAU S228)

9780521851978 9780521851961 9780521851954 9780521851817 9780521851329 9780521851176 9780521851060 9780521851053 9780521850926 9780521850889 9780521850650 9780521850186 9780521849883 9780521849678 9780521849227 9780521849050 9780521848220 9780521847230 9780521847124 9780521846264 9780521845731 9780521845656 9780521845311 9780521845182 9780521845045 9780521845038 9780521844659 9780521844475 9780521844413 9780521844260 9780521844116 9780521843416 9780521842914 9780521842419 9780521842051 9780521841955 9780521841627 9780521841207 9780521841078 9780521840842 9780521840552 9780521840347 9780521839907 9780521839822 9780521839235 9780521838771 9780521838740 9780521838597 9780521838191 9780521838146 9780521838030 9780521837705

Edited by Kenneth Dere Coronal and Stellar Mass Ejections (IAU S226) Edited by Yannick MellierImpact of Gravitational Lensing on Cosmology (IAU S225) Edited by Alexander V. Stepanov Multi-Wavelength Investigations of Solar Activity (IAU S223) Daryn Lehoux Astronomy, Weather, and Calendars in the Ancient World Sahotra Sarkar Biodiversity and Environmental Philosophy Ian Strangeways Precipitation Steven J. Frank Intellectual Property for Managers and Investors Edited by H. Bölcskei Space-Time Wireless Systems Jennifer Wood Democracy, Society and the Governance of Security Anna-Karin Lindblom Non-Governmental Organisations in International Law Elizabeth Fox-GenoveseThe Mind of the Master Class Edited by Juraj Zverko The A-Star Puzzle (IAU S224) Mikhail A. Alexseev Immigration Phobia and the Security Dilemma Lloyd L. Weinreb Legal Reason Edited by Warrick J. Brewer Olfaction and the Brain Edited by Michael Lapidgenglo-Saxon England A Edited by Kenneth L. Kraemer e-commerce Global Edited by Duncan Fairgrieve Product Liability in Comparative Perspective Edited by John R. Hinnells Handbook of Ancient Religions A Matthew Bell The German Tradition of Psychology in Literature and Thought, 1700–1840 Roger Koenker Quantile Regression Erik J. Wielenberg Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe Edited by Richard Burchill International Conflict and Security Law Wilfrid Jänig Integrative Action of the Autonomic Nervous System Ron Roth Introduction to Coding Theory Edited by Marie-Laure Djelic Transnational Governance Patrick Schmidt Lawyers and Regulation Zoltán Kövecses Metaphor in Culture Edited by Donald W. K. Andrews Identification and Inference for Econometric Models David A. Hensher Applied Choice Analysis Ronan McIvor The Outsourcing Process Vernon Minor The Death of the Baroque and the Rhetoric of Good Taste Hamid Jafarkhani Space-Time Coding John Robb The Early Mediterranean Village Aldo Antonelli Grounded Consequence for Defeasible Logic Christian de Duve Singularities Robert Dodaro Christ and the Just Society in the Thought of Augustine Edited by Peter Holland Shakespeare Survey Nolan McCarty Political Game Theory A. A. Donohue Greek Sculpture and the Problem of Description Michael Ackland Henry Handel Richardson William A. Galston The Practice of Liberal Pluralism Stephen Bell Australia's Money Mandarins Edward Brunet Arbitration Law in America Patrick Cheney Shakespeare, National Poet-Playwright Shlomo Aronson Hitler, the Allies, and the Jews Harold James The Nazi Dictatorship and the Deutsche Bank David B. Davidson Computational Electromagnetics for RF and Microwave Engineering Edited by Frank J. LovicuDevelopment of the Ocular Lens Edited by Turgut Tatlisumak Handbook of Experimental Neurology Lakhdar Aggoun Measure Theory and Filtering Alex Preda AIDS, Rhetoric, and Medical Knowledge

9780521837460 9780521836456 9780521835848 9780521835541 9780521835275 9780521835244 9780521834919 9780521834667 9780521834506 9780521834483 9780521834216 9780521834063 9780521834018 9780521833608 9780521833462 9780521833325 9780521832717 9780521832632 9780521832625 9780521832076 9780521831857 9780521831468 9780521830904 9780521830515 9780521830423 9780521830157 9780521829748 9780521829731 9780521829557 9780521829113 9780521829045 9780521829021 9780521828918 9780521828802 9780521828628 9780521828437 9780521828383 9780521828338 9780521827881 9780521827850 9780521827614 9780521827492 9780521827447 9780521827133 9780521827065 9780521826983 9780521826860 9780521826853 9780521826471 9780521826464 9780521826396 9780521825900

Carl Huffman Archytas of Tarentum Robert A. Wilson Boundaries of the Mind Edited by N. H. Reeve Introductions and Reviews Edited by Eyal BenvenistiThe Impact of International Law on International Cooperation Herman J. C. BerendsenSimulating the Physical World Robert Millward Private and Public Enterprise in Europe Edited by Gregory A. Ordway Norepinephrine Brain Andrew Wender Cohen The Racketeer's Progress Kalyan B. Sinha Quantum Stochastic Processes and Noncommutative Geometry C. G. Gibson Elementary Euclidean Geometry Edited by Henrik Horn The WTO Case Law of 2001 Fwu-Ranq Chang Stochastic Optimization in Continuous Time Edited by Robert SternbergHandbook of Wisdom A Alexandra Shlapentokh Hilbert's Tenth Problem Jos Thijssen Computational Physics John E. Smith Biotechnology Jennifer Panek Widows and Suitors in Early Modern English Comedy David Applebaum Lévy Processes and Stochastic Calculus Timothy L. Fort The Role of Business in Fostering Peaceful Societies János Kollár Rational and Nearly Rational Varieties R. J. McEliece The Theory of Information and Coding Anthony Kessel Air, the Environment and Public Health Marcus Radetzki Genes and Insurance Osmar White Conquerors' Road Judith Czako A Handbook on Anti-Dumping Investigations Paul G. Chapin Research Projects and Research Proposals Richard A. Easterlin The Reluctant Economist Edited by Jon Elster Retribution and Reparation in the Transition to Democracy Edited by Janis Hunter Jenkins Schizophrenia, Culture, and Subjectivity Edited by Jeffrey N. Gordon Convergence and Persistence in Corporate Governance Hanoch Dagan The Law and Ethics of Restitution Edited by Ton Hoenselaars Shakespeare's History Plays Joseph Rudnick Elements of the Random Walk Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski Divine Motivation Theory Andi Klein Introductory Computational Physics Chetan Sharma Wireless Data Services Jon Stewart Kierkegaard's Relations to Hegel Reconsidered Alan Paskow The Paradoxes of Art Myles McDonnell Roman Manliness Jocelyn Pixley Emotions in Finance Gerry Simpson Great Powers and Outlaw States Simon Collier A History of Chile, 1808–2002 Edited by Robert J. Sternberg Cognition and Intelligence Jonathan L. Kvanvig The Value of Knowledge and the Pursuit of Understanding Edited by Daniel N. Rockmore Signal Processing Modern Romualdo Pastor-Satorras Evolution and Structure of the Internet Catherine Phuong The International Protection of Internally Displaced Persons Edited by Merlinda D. Ingco Agriculture and the New Trade Agenda Jack P. Hailman Planning, Proposing and Presenting Science Effectively Joachim von zur Gathen Modern Computer Algebra Wang Gungwu Anglo-Chinese Encounters since 1800 Daena J. Goldsmith Communicating Social Support

9780521825696 9780521825450 9780521824767 9780521824644 9780521824569 9780521823784 9780521823616 9780521823388 9780521822589 9780521822404 9780521822336 9780521822305 9780521821162 9780521821131 9780521820936 9780521820790 9780521820608 9780521820578 9780521820455 9780521819725 9780521819473 9780521818995 9780521818988 9780521818919 9780521818902 9780521818896 9780521818469 9780521818339 9780521818261 9780521818124 9780521817837 9780521817370 9780521817363 9780521817356 9780521817073 9780521815901 9780521815673 9780521815628 9780521815253 9780521815154 9780521814171 9780521813921 9780521813334 9780521812863 9780521812771 9780521812641 9780521812498 9780521812238 9780521812191 9780521812122 9780521811866 9780521811415

Tao Pang An Introduction to Computational Physics Edited by Philip EdwardsHamlet, Prince of Denmark Alexei Kushner Contact Geometry and Nonlinear Differential Equations Edited by Mauro BussaniPure Economic Loss in Europe Erik G. Larsson Space-Time Block Coding for Wireless Communications Edited by Torsten Krude DNA Edited by P. K. McGregor nimal Communication Networks A William B. Svoboda Childhood Epilepsy Photographs by John Haynes Images of Beckett Douglas A. Hicks Religion and the Workplace Seth Shostak Cosmic Company Jeroen C. J. M. Bergh Spatial Ecological-Economic Analysis for Wetland Management Paul M. Bellan Fundamentals of Plasma Physics Clark S. Lindsey JavaTech, an Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing with Java Edited by Jenifer Neils The Parthenon Maher M. Dabbah The Internationalisation of Antitrust Policy Andrew W. Appel Modern Compiler Implementation in Java Sung Ho Kim Max Weber's Politics of Civil Society Taylor Carman Heidegger's Analytic Victoria Tin-bor Hui War and State Formation in Ancient China and Early Modern Europe Thomas P. Lyon Corporate Environmentalism and Public Policy Edited by R. M. W. DixonWord Carolyn Collins PetersenVisions of the Cosmos Alastair Greig Inequality in Australia Christine Parker The Open Corporation Jacques Bertrand Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Indonesia Edited by Heather StrangRestorative Justice and Family Violence Yury J. Ionin Combinatorics of Symmetric Designs Arthur C. Aufderheide The Scientific Study of Mummies Edited by Shireen Jejeebhoy Investigating Reproductive Tract Infections and Other Gynaecological Disorders Tim Rowse Nugget Coombs Andrew M. Ellis Electronic and Photoelectron Spectroscopy Charles S. Cockell Impossible Extinction Edited by Richard F. Hamilton The Origins of World War I Mircea Steriade Neuronal Substrates of Sleep and Epilepsy Edited by Peter Hodgkinson Capital Punishment Edited by A. A. Donohue Ancient Art and its Historiography Philippe Bourgois In Search of Respect Edited by Richard Bellamy Susceptibility to Infectious Diseases Britta Kyvsgaard The Criminal Career Gregory Allen Barton Empire Forestry and the Origins of Environmentalism S. M. Chong Photographic Atlas of the Moon Julian Dowdeswell Islands of the Arctic Tom Griffiths Forests of Ash Edited by Diane E. DavisIrregular Armed Forces and their Role in Politics and State Formation Benjamin Bradley Psychology and Experience Karel Wellens Remedies against International Organisations Marc Morjé Howard The Weakness of Civil Society in Post-Communist Europe Edited by John Nieuwenhuysen Reshaping Australia's Economy Daniel R. Altschuler Children of the Stars Brian Hanson Architects and the 'Building World' from Chambers to Ruskin Edited by Jay Schulkin Allostasis, Homeostasis, and the Costs of Physiological Adaptation

9780521811316 9780521811057 9780521810395 9780521810036 9780521809542 9780521809290 9780521809252 9780521808743 9780521808408 9780521808156 9780521808125 9780521806831 9780521806411 9780521806091 9780521805384 9780521805377 9780521805261 9780521805131 9780521805100 9780521805087 9780521804837 9780521804752 9780521804301 9780521804141 9780521803366 9780521802512 9780521801775 9780521801669 9780521800549 9780521800402 9780521800068 9780521799973 9780521799577 9780521798389 9780521798365 9780521797436 9780521797375 9780521797290 9780521797214 9780521797108 9780521797085 9780521797047 9780521796897 9780521796804 9780521796682 9780521795524 9780521795388 9780521794787 9780521794565 9780521794268 9780521794220 9780521794039

Edited by Robert Smallwood Players of Shakespeare 5 Zeev W. Mankowitz Life between Memory and Hope Christopher D. McKennaThe World's Newest Profession Attilio Orazi Illustrated Pathology of the Bone Marrow Edited by Richard J. Lamont Bacterial Invasion of Host Cells Gerald D. Feldman Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933–1945 John Naylor Out of the Blue Michael P. Barnes Community Rehabilitation in Neurology David Leverington Babylon to Voyager and Beyond Edited by Robert J. Sternberg International Handbook of Intelligence James M. Scott Geography in Early Judaism and Christianity Edited by Stephen Davis Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Stroke Arye L. Hillman Public Finance and Public Policy Ben Witherington, III Revelation Edited by J. M. T. Thompson Visions of the Future: Physics and Electronics Edited by J. M. T. Thompson Visions of the Future: Astronomy and Earth Science Parviz Moin Fundamentals of Engineering Numerical Analysis John Gerring Social Science Methodology Murray Edelman The Politics of Misinformation Paul K. Huth The Democratic Peace and Territorial Conflict in the Twentieth Century Edited by Lea Pulkkinen Paths to Successful Development Edited by Catherine M. S. Alexander and Sexuality Shakespeare Edited by Markku Oksanen Philosophy and Biodiversity Lauren Benton Law and Colonial Cultures Mark A. Garlick The Story of the Solar System Robert Burnham Exploring the Starry Sky Rex A. Dwyer Genomic Perl Philip Hans Franses Quantitative Models in Marketing Research Edited by Wilhelmina Feemster Jashemski of Pompeii The Natural History Marc Lachièze-Rey Celestial Treasury Eric Osborn Irenaeus of Lyons Robert J. MacCoun Drug War Heresies Rajasingam S. Jeyendran Interpretation of Semen Analysis Results Scott Hamilton An Analog Electronics Companion Gerald Schubert Mantle Convection in the Earth and Planets Edited by Barry Keith Grant Ford's <I>Stagecoach</I> John Les Kirkup Data Analysis with Excel® Colin Kidd The Forging of Races Edited by Patricia HowlinOutcomes in Neurodevelopmental and Genetic Disorders Edited by Merle Goldman Intellectual History of Modern China An Heather Rae State Identities and the Homogenisation of Peoples Edited by Barry Smith John Searle Michael Wilson Bacterial Disease Mechanisms G. T. Csanady Air-Sea Interaction Kevin Howley Community Media Edited by Anthony Pagden Idea of Europe The Albert S. Lindemann Esau's Tears Edited by Emden R. Gansner Standard ML Basis Library The Peter Paret German Encounters with Modernism, 1840–1945 Edited by Ian M. Goodyer he Depressed Child and Adolescent T Edited by Gregory W. Noble Asian Financial Crisis and the Architecture of Global Finance The Michael Willrich City of Courts

9780521794008 9780521793858 9780521793827 9780521793810 9780521793117 9780521793025 9780521792981 9780521791434 9780521791427 9780521791298 9780521791014 9780521789721 9780521789691 9780521789660 9780521789509 9780521789486 9780521789073 9780521788915 9780521788823 9780521787956 9780521787901 9780521787390 9780521787314 9780521786980 9780521786126 9780521785679 9780521785594 9780521785150 9780521785075 9780521784344 9780521783170 9780521782784 9780521782777 9780521782425 9780521782272 9780521782128 9780521781046 9780521780292 9780521780193 9780521779890 9780521779791 9780521779739 9780521779388 9780521779340 9780521779302 9780521778510 9780521778299 9780521778152 9780521778138 9780521777995 9780521777667 9780521777636

Edited by Joanna Rapf <I>On the Waterfront</I> W. B. Patterson King James VI and I and the Reunion of Christendom Edited by Kirk Ludwig Donald Davidson Edited by Mark C. Murphy lasdair MacIntyre A Khaled Abou El Fadl Rebellion and Violence in Islamic Law Edited by David G. Allison ommunity Structure and Co-operation in Biofilms C Edited by Stephen Roberts Independent Component Analysis Bruce Stephenson The Universe Unveiled: Instruments and Images Through History Edited by Emden R. Gansner Standard ML Basis Library The Handbook of Ecological Restoration v2 Hubert von Moltke & Origins of First World War Edited by Charles E. Butterworth the State and Islam Between Edited by Denise B. Kandel Stages and Pathways of Drug Involvement Edited by Wendy K. Silverman Disorders in Children and Adolescents Anxiety Edited by Beate Perrey The Cambridge Companion to Schumann Harold Love Attributing Authorship Edited by Alan Stern Our Universe World Trade Organization rotocol on the Accession of the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kin P Christopher Pool Olmec Archaeology and Early Mesoamerica Chris Gosden Archaeology and Colonialism William A. Schabas Genocide in International Law Eckehard Schulz Standard Arabic Robin Paul Malloy Law and Market Economy Edited by Hidetada Shimizu Japanese Frames of Mind Edited by Peter Harman Cambridge Scientific Minds Peter V. Hobbs Basic Physical Chemistry for the Atmospheric Sciences Anthony Young Land Resources James Bamberg British Petroleum and Global Oil 1950–1975 Edited by H. V. Smith Infectious Diseases Diagnosis Charles Stafford Separation and Reunion in Modern China Edited by Louis Maresca The Banning of Anti-Personnel Landmines Edited by George Pattison ostoevsky and the Christian Tradition D Ian Jordaan Decisions under Uncertainty Martin V. Zombeck Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics Peter Hayes From Cooperation to Complicity Life at the Limits Guy Stessens Money Laundering S. G. Hoggar Mathematics of Digital Images Nello Cristianini An Introduction to Support Vector Machines and Other Kernel-based Learning Metho Annamaneni Peraiah An Introduction to Radiative Transfer Mark Littmann The Heavens on Fire Mark D. Fullerton Greek Art Edited by Catherine M. S. Alexander and Race Shakespeare Gerd Althoff Family, Friends and Followers Philippe Taquet Dinosaur Impressions Edited by Maria A. Ron Disorders of Brain and Mind Roland Bleiker Popular Dissent, Human Agency and Global Politics Edited by Harriet Turner The Cambridge Companion to the Spanish Novel Emmanuel Rosencher Optoelectronics Edited by James T. Boulton Selected Letters of D. H. Lawrence The Edited by Matthew Roudané Cambridge Companion to Sam Shepard The David Weisburd White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers

9780521777407 9780521777346 9780521777032 9780521776639 9780521775939 9780521775588 9780521775403 9780521774741 9780521774406 9780521774116 9780521772525 9780521772310 9780521772020 9780521771047 9780521770477 9780521753739 9780521706957 9780521706148 9780521702546 9780521699648 9780521696104 9780521694605 9780521694100 9780521693042 9780521692106 9780521691796 9780521691642 9780521690324 9780521689854 9780521689717 9780521689533 9780521687386 9780521685559 9780521685245 9780521685078 9780521684996 9780521684514 9780521684491 9780521684354 9780521683685 9780521683456 9780521683371 9780521683036 9780521682930 9780521680790 9780521679923 9780521678582 9780521678483 9780521678445 9780521678384 9780521677981 9780521677721

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9780521677660 9780521677561 9780521677059 9780521676755 9780521676540 9780521675512 9780521675161 9780521674430 9780521674119 9780521673907 9780521673389 9780521673259 9780521672672 9780521672559 9780521672511 9780521671620 9780521671071 9780521670258 9780521669535 9780521667913 9780521667807 9780521666305 9780521665711 9780521665629 9780521664967 9780521663922 9780521663618 9780521663496 9780521663113 9780521663106 9780521663069 9780521660709 9780521660587 9780521660006 9780521659970 9780521659727 9780521659710 9780521659666 9780521659598 9780521658843 9780521658690 9780521658331 9780521658324 9780521655774 9780521655408 9780521655361 9780521654258 9780521654241 9780521653909 9780521651332 9780521651226 9780521651219

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9780521651172 9780521651127 9780521650861 9780521649728 9780521649674 9780521648479 9780521648394 9780521646703 9780521646482 9780521646260 9780521645850 9780521645560 9780521645386 9780521645379 9780521644945 9780521644846 9780521644099 9780521644082 9780521644006 9780521643948 9780521643795 9780521643337 9780521642668 9780521642293 9780521640671 9780521640596 9780521639729 9780521639569 9780521639538 9780521639200 9780521638814 9780521637138 9780521636421 9780521636384 9780521635653 9780521635639 9780521635585 9780521635356 9780521635066 9780521634939 9780521634809 9780521633901 9780521633383 9780521633307 9780521633260 9780521633123 9780521632935 9780521632812 9780521632645 9780521632515 9780521632416 9780521631075

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9780521629966 9780521629744 9780521629669 9780521629362 9780521629300 9780521629201 9780521628976 9780521628884 9780521627665 9780521627290 9780521627283 9780521626682 9780521626217 9780521625784 9780521625449 9780521625098 9780521624923 9780521624701 9780521624695 9780521624213 9780521624190 9780521623360 9780521623117 9780521621236 9780521620635 9780521620246 9780521619639 9780521619424 9780521619394 9780521619332 9780521618618 9780521618533 9780521617802 9780521617161 9780521617055 9780521616966 9780521616911 9780521616591 9780521616423 9780521616331 9780521616119 9780521616058 9780521615679 9780521615624 9780521615266 9780521615167 9780521615105 9780521615037 9780521614122 9780521613866 9780521613491 9780521613484

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9780521613248 9780521613040 9780521612753 9780521612296 9780521609487 9780521609470 9780521609371 9780521609197 9780521608633 9780521608589 9780521607896 9780521607346 9780521607209 9780521607087 9780521607025 9780521606387 9780521606325 9780521605243 9780521605212 9780521605045 9780521604154 9780521603867 9780521603751 9780521603164 9780521603058 9780521602778 9780521602570 9780521602402 9780521601245 9780521600804 9780521600576 9780521599511 9780521599337 9780521598583 9780521598415 9780521598378 9780521598361 9780521598224 9780521596381 9780521594141 9780521592246 9780521591898 9780521591294 9780521591119 9780521590020 9780521589772 9780521589765 9780521589673 9780521589536 9780521589468 9780521588379 9780521588201

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9780521588072 9780521588003 9780521587976 9780521587884 9780521587556 9780521587501 9780521587471 9780521587204 9780521587075 9780521586634 9780521586450 9780521586375 9780521585637 9780521584272 9780521583206 9780521582339 9780521582087 9780521581134 9780521580441 9780521580021 9780521579100 9780521578936 9780521578868 9780521578813 9780521577984 9780521577878 9780521577014 9780521576734 9780521575409 9780521574655 9780521574624 9780521574464 9780521574167 9780521573207 9780521572750 9780521572378 9780521571777 9780521568814 9780521568760 9780521567459 9780521567282 9780521566797 9780521566186 9780521565660 9780521565158 9780521564908 9780521564588 9780521563109 9780521559751 9780521559522 9780521559102 9780521558907

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9780521558259 9780521556873 9780521556866 9780521556750 9780521556309 9780521555708 9780521555593 9780521553469 9780521552042 9780521550543 9780521549912 9780521549554 9780521548717 9780521548649 9780521548366 9780521548267 9780521548175 9780521548076 9780521547994 9780521547888 9780521547864 9780521547666 9780521547222 9780521546980 9780521546737 9780521546560 9780521545907 9780521545730 9780521545693 9780521545679 9780521545266 9780521545198 9780521545006 9780521544948 9780521544801 9780521543644 9780521543606 9780521543415 9780521543248 9780521542524 9780521542135 9780521542081 9780521541480 9780521541473 9780521541268 9780521541022 9780521540629 9780521540582 9780521540254 9780521540100 9780521540094 9780521539876

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9780521539739 9780521539098 9780521538626 9780521538619 9780521538480 9780521537728 9780521537575 9780521537483 9780521537223 9780521537155 9780521536660 9780521536356 9780521536110 9780521536042 9780521535991 9780521535793 9780521535403 9780521534826 9780521534796 9780521534765 9780521534734 9780521534314 9780521534215 9780521533928 9780521533713 9780521533669 9780521533652 9780521533492 9780521532655 9780521532198 9780521531917 9780521531818 9780521531757 9780521531719 9780521531436 9780521530781 9780521530743 9780521530354 9780521530279 9780521530217 9780521529747 9780521529693 9780521529518 9780521529501 9780521529235 9780521528900 9780521528863 9780521528856 9780521528221 9780521527873 9780521527491 9780521527200

David Woodruff Smith Mind World Sonu Shamdasani Jung and the Making of Modern Psychology Gadi Wolfsfeld Media and the Path to Peace Michael E. Smith Europe's Foreign and Security Policy Edited by Andrew JaniakIsaac Newton: Philosophical Writings Frans H. van Eemeren A Systematic Theory of Argumentation Edited by Maarten Janssen Auctioning Public Assets Marc Mangel The Theoretical Biologist's Toolbox David W. Phillipson Archaeology in Africa and in Museums Edited by Brian L. KeeleyPaul Churchland Michel Regenwetter Behavioral Social Choice Lorenzo J. Curtis Atomic Structure and Lifetimes Alan Wertheimer Consent to Sexual Relations Edited by Kevin J. HayesMartin Scorsese's Raging Bull Katherine V. W. Stone From Widgets to Digits Edited by P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale Human Development across Lives and Generations Edited by Frank Esser Comparing Political Communication Edited by John Wilders Macbeth Edited by Robert J. Sternberg Cognition and Intelligence Susan Loepp Protecting Information Yoshiko M. Herrera Imagined Economies Gerry Mackie Democracy Defended Margaret Nusbaum Sexual Health across the Lifecycle Brian Skyrms The Stag Hunt and the Evolution of Social Structure Pekka Louhiala Preventing Intellectual Disability David Robinson Muslim Societies in African History Edited by Sergey Bezuglyi Topics in Dynamics and Ergodic Theory Gregory F. Treverton Reshaping National Intelligence for an Age of Information Candace Kruttschnitt Marking Time in the Golden State Edited by Efraín Kristal The Cambridge Companion to the Latin American Novel R. S. Sugirtharajah The Bible and Empire Alastair Hannay Kierkegaard: A Biography Judith C. Ahronheim Case Studies in Geriatric Medicine Frederic Schick Ambiguity and Logic Giuliana Davidoff Elementary Number Theory, Group Theory and Ramanujan Graphs John M. Brown Rotational Spectroscopy of Diatomic Molecules Consuelo de Andrés Martínez Camino al español Joseph F. Powell The First Americans Edited by Beverley Baines he Gender of Constitutional Jurisprudence T Lesley A. Jacobs Pursuing Equal Opportunities E. A. Wrigley Poverty, Progress, and Population Patrick M. Morgan Deterrence Now Edited by Dana Evan Kaplan Cambridge Companion to American Judaism The Ronald Inglehart Rising Tide San Ling Coding Theory Bernard Haykel Revival and Reform in Islam Anthony M. Messina The Logics and Politics of Post-WWII Migration to Western Europe Robert David Johnson Congress and the Cold War William James Burroughs eather Cycles W Scott L. Althaus Collective Preferences in Democratic Politics Scott Jenson The Simplicity Shift Edited by Derek Hughes The Cambridge Companion to Aphra Behn

9780521526630 9780521526357 9780521526289 9780521526005 9780521525398 9780521524971 9780521524186 9780521524070 9780521522472 9780521522311 9780521522250 9780521521901 9780521521628 9780521521444 9780521521147 9780521520973 9780521520874 9780521520829 9780521520423 9780521520409 9780521520379 9780521520249 9780521520164 9780521507776 9780521499729 9780521499699 9780521499255 9780521499064 9780521498272 9780521498074 9780521496520 9780521485586 9780521485487 9780521485067 9780521484992 9780521483926 9780521482127 9780521480673 9780521479776 9780521479172 9780521478946 9780521477604 9780521477512 9780521477444 9780521477116 9780521476942 9780521475044 9780521474474 9780521474276 9780521472753 9780521470339 9780521469746

Ian Stone Canal Irrigation in British India Patrick Amory People and Identity in Ostrogothic Italy, 489–554 Edited by Joanna M. Setchell and Laboratory Methods in Primatology Field J. Foweraker The Struggle for Land Susan K. Sell Private Power, Public Law John Gascoigne Cambridge in the Age of the Enlightenment Barbara J. Tinsley How Children Learn to be Healthy Christopher W. Morris An Essay on the Modern State Alfred F. Havighurst Modern England, 1901–1984 David Garrioch Neighbourhood and Community in Paris, 1740–1790 Edited by Wendy Davies Property and Power in the Early Middle Ages Alan Harvey Economic Expansion in the Byzantine Empire, 900–1200 Layna Mosley Global Capital and National Governments Edited by Bernd KasemirPublic Participation in Sustainability Science Edited by Virginia Berridge AIDS and Contemporary History Darlene Fozard Weaver Self Love and Christian Ethics A. P. Roberts Statics and Dynamics with Background Mathematics Adam Burgess Cellular Phones, Public Fears, and a Culture of Precaution Edited by Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont Joining Society Morris Morley Unfinished Business Peter W. Price Macroevolutionary Theory on Macroecological Patterns Irad Malkin Myth and Territory in the Spartan Mediterranean James R. Jacob Henry Stubbe, Radical Protestantism and the Early Enlightenment Edited by Howard Clark Kee NRSV Cambridge Annotated Study Bible Ian R. H. Falloon Integrated Mental Health Care Roger Cousens Dynamics of Weed Populations Asher Arian Security Threatened Samuel Dick Mathematica ® in the Laboratory Edited by R. O. Davis Elasticity and Geomechanics Edited by Michael J. Hogan America in the World Peter Cattermole Atlas of Venus Edited by Jean-Jacques Nattiez The Boulez-Cage Correspondence Peter Bloom The Life of Berlioz J. F. Traub Complexity and Information Edited by Sally Ledger Cultural Politics at the Fin de Siècle Edited by Graham Bartram Cambridge Companion to the Modern German Novel The Colin Masters The Peroxisome David Rankin Tertullian and the Church Edited by Ken Booth Statecraft and Security Lex Donaldson American Anti-Management Theories of Organization Edited by J. David Hawkins Delinquency and Crime Clive L. Dym Engineering Design G. A. Cohen Self-Ownership, Freedom, and Equality Christian Gourieroux Statistics and Econometric Models Edited by Richard BesselFascist Italy and Nazi Germany James Tully Strange Multiplicity Ronald Meester Continuum Percolation Charles Frankel The End of the Dinosaurs Edited by Peter Tyrer Community Psychiatry in Action Edited by Gordon ParkerMelancholia: A Disorder of Movement and Mood Jeremy Black The Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare Stuart Cunningham Australian Television and International Mediascapes

9780521469722 9780521467612 9780521467278 9780521462457 9780521460880 9780521459976 9780521459303 9780521459006 9780521458795 9780521458689 9780521457705 9780521456913 9780521456548 9780521456333 9780521456197 9780521455534 9780521452243 9780521449588 9780521449519 9780521449120 9780521448499 9780521447737 9780521446594 9780521440691 9780521439770 9780521438346 9780521437950 9780521435895 9780521435734 9780521435079 9780521429450 9780521429344 9780521429252 9780521428958 9780521428644 9780521427913 9780521427111 9780521426824 9780521426350 9780521425612 9780521425025 9780521424981 9780521424240 9780521423939 9780521422819 9780521422512 9780521422109 9780521415095 9780521412858 9780521412544 9780521409384 9780521406031

Gary Goertz Contexts of International Politics Peter Franklin The Life of Mahler Edited by James M. M. Good Politics of Postmodernity The Edited by Terry R. J. Bossomaier Systems Complex Edited by Helle CharlotteMental Health Service Evaluation Knudsen Edited by David M. Christenson Amphitruo Plautus: Remi Hakim An Introduction to Relativistic Gravitation Edited by Patrick Leiggi Vertebrate Paleontological Techniques Edited by Steven Seidman Postmodern Turn The Horace Lamb Hydrodynamics Edited by R. W. Davies The Economic Transformation of the Soviet Union, 1913–1945 Gary Haynes Mammoths, Mastodonts, and Elephants Amelia Jones Postmodernism and the En-Gendering of Marcel Duchamp Richard Greene Holst: The Planets David Wiggins Sameness and Substance Renewed Richard Norman Ethics, Killing and War Edited by Nina Hall The New Chemistry Edited by Norman YoffeeArchaeological Theory Edited by Frederick C. Beiser Early Political Writings of the German Romantics The S. L. Zabell Symmetry and its Discontents Antonio Loprieno Ancient Egyptian John Bowker The Meanings of Death Ary A. Hoffmann Extreme Environmental Change and Evolution Glenn Fulford Modelling with Differential and Difference Equations W. R. Telford The Theology of the Gospel of Mark A. Fröhlich Algebraic Number Theory Thomas J. Fararo The Meaning of General Theoretical Sociology Edited by Gisela Bock Machiavelli and Republicanism Edited by Anthony Davies Shakespeare and the Moving Image Lee Hartmann Accretion Processes in Star Formation Edited by John Richetti The Cambridge Companion to the Eighteenth-Century Novel James R. Farr Artisans in Europe, 1300–1914 Irina Pollard A Guide to Reproduction Edited by Wendy Davies The Settlement of Disputes in Early Medieval Europe Martin Millett The Romanization of Britain James C. Forbes Plants in Agriculture Hugh D. Crone Banning Chemical Weapons Peter Kosso Reading the Book of Nature John A. Wiens The Ecology of Bird Communities Edited by Peter Miller Priestley: Political Writings Richard Fenn The Death of Herod D. P. Woodruff Modern Techniques of Surface Science Paul N. Butcher The Elements of Nonlinear Optics G. R. Evans The Language and Logic of the Bible C. S. Lewis An Experiment in Criticism Owen Chadwick Victorian Miniature Elizabeth Howe The First English Actresses Edited by Ulric Neisser The Perceived Self Chilla Bulbeck Australian Women in Papua New Guinea Mary Lindemann Medicine and Society in Early Modern Europe Theda Skocpol Social Revolutions in the Modern World Roland G. Tharp Rousing Minds to Life

9780521405614 9780521404358 9780521402583 9780521400398 9780521397438 9780521396578 9780521396400 9780521392488 9780521390316 9780521386883 9780521386593 9780521377966 9780521377416 9780521375924 9780521367394 9780521367301 9780521367264 9780521367011 9780521366984 9780521366885 9780521359849 9780521359290 9780521359269 9780521358705 9780521357760 9780521356596 9780521349949 9780521349406 9780521348010 9780521341356 9780521339490 9780521339292 9780521338455 9780521338318 9780521337175 9780521336390 9780521336109 9780521332866 9780521325486 9780521323703 9780521323109 9780521319584 9780521319430 9780521319263 9780521317504 9780521317191 9780521316859 9780521316422 9780521313032 9780521300124 9780521300063 9780521297608

Edited by Andrew OrtonyMetaphor and Thought R. M. Nedderman Statics and Kinematics of Granular Materials John S. Bowman The Cambridge Dictionary of American Biography Leslie Zines Constitutional Change in the Commonwealth Gillian R. Evans Augustine on Evil E. A. Wrigley Continuity, Chance and Change Edited by Roderick Weir Australian Science in the Making Home Edited by Conal CondrenLawson: Politica sacra et civilis Sharon Morgan Land Settlement in Early Tasmania Edited by Behram N. Kursunoglu Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac Michael McCormick Eternal Victory Edited by Stefan Collini Arnold: 'Culture and Anarchy' and Other Writings Joseph J. Lee Ireland, 1912–1985 Michael Beddow Mann: Doctor Faustus Edited by Terrell Carver Marx: Later Political Writings D. A. Gurnett Introduction to Plasma Physics Bernhard Bischoff Latin Palaeography Edited by Cary J. Nederman of Salisbury: Policraticus John Gary Gutting Michel Foucault's Archaeology of Scientific Reason D. C. Champeney A Handbook of Fourier Theorems Edited by P. E. Easterling The Cambridge History of Classical Literature Edited by Ross Harrison Bentham: A Fragment on Government Sven Kullander Out of Sight! Edited and translated by Suzanneon Beicken Treatise J. Vocal Performance and Ornamentation by Johann Adam Hiller Dwight Moody Smith The Theology of the Gospel of John Andrew Chester The Theology of the Letters of James, Peter, and Jude Edited by Joseph J. O'Malley Early Political Writings Marx: Edited by Jacob NeusnerJudaisms and their Messiahs at the Turn of the Christian Era David A. Starrett Foundations in Public Economics Edited by Bruce Harkness he Secret Agent T R. A. Markus The End of Ancient Christianity Edited by Jeffrey S. Rusten Thucydides: The Peloponnesian War Book II Greville G. Corbett Gender Jon Elster An Introduction to Karl Marx N. Young An Introduction to Hilbert Spaces Edited by Andrew Wear Medicine in Society Arnold Neumaier Introduction to Numerical Analysis Edited by Kenneth F. Kiple Cambridge World History of Human Disease The Pierre Birnbaum States and Collective Action Edited by Stephen JonesThe Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution Heiner Ellgring Non-verbal Communication in Depression Neville J. Price Analysis of Geological Structures Edited by Donald Mitchell enjamin Britten: Death in Venice B Joseph D. Novak Learning How to Learn Charles Taylor Philosophical Papers Edited by Glyn P. NortonThe Cambridge History of Literary Criticism A. J. Racy Making Music in the Arab World Paul K. Feyerabend Realism, Rationalism and Scientific Method David Hirst Giorgio Strehler Edited by A. Walton Litz The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism Edited by George Alexander Kennedy History of Literary Criticism The Cambridge Jane Adamson Othello As Tragedy

9780521297103 9780521297059 9780521296724 9780521294614 9780521293587 9780521293334 9780521291774 9780521290050 9780521289689 9780521286206 9780521284226 9780521283731 9780521277785 9780521277495 9780521274593 9780521274586 9780521273763 9780521273305 9780521269865 9780521223553 9780521223546 9780521220293 9780521095815 9780521094528 9780521041201 9780521038157 9780521037792 9780521037471 9780521037372 9780521037280 9780521037204 9780521037037 9780521036214 9780521036184 9780521035996 9780521035378 9780521035361 9780521035125 9780521034494 9780521034074 9780521034050 9780521033916 9780521033527 9780521033459 9780521033046 9780521032568 9780521031646 9780521031097 9780521031080 9780521030892 9780521030878 9780521030793

Edited by Doreen DelVecchio Pericles, Prince of Tyre Jon Elster Making Sense of Marx Translated by L. Scott-Fox Modern French Philosophy Edited by C. R. Austin Reproduction in Mammals Immanuel Wallerstein The Capitalist World-Economy Translated by H. Price Lectures on Philosophy Edited by E. J. Kenney Lucretius: De Rerum Natura Book 3 Jack Goody Literacy in Traditional Societies Afaf Lutfi al-Sayyid Marsot Egypt in the Reign of Muhammad Ali Edited by Colin W. Macleod Homer: Iliad Book XXIV Raymond Geuss The Idea of a Critical Theory Edited by C. Carey Demosthenes: Selected Private Speeches J. C. Holt Magna Carta James A. Hepokoski Giuseppe Verdi: Otello Barbara Jelavich History of the Balkans Barbara Jelavich History of the Balkans Robert Gilpin War and Change in World Politics Edited by Richard Rorty Philosophy in History Michael Angold Church and Society in Byzantium under the Comneni, 1081–1261 Edited by John Whitney Hall Cambridge History of Japan The Edited by Kozo Yamamura Cambridge History of Japan The Edited by John K. Fairbank Cambridge History of China The George Sampson The Concise Cambridge History of English Literature D. S. Robertson Greek and Roman Architecture Hernan Galperin New Television, Old Politics Edited by Girolamo Imbruglia Naples in the Eighteenth Century Edited by Berys Gaut The Creation of Art Edited by Sushil Chaudhury Merchants, Companies and Trade Edited by M. P. Ward Platt Injury in the Young W. C. Lubenow The Cambridge Apostles, 1820–1914 Stephen Dobson The Economics of Football V. N. Gribov The Theory of Complex Angular Momenta Eric Haralson Henry James and Queer Modernity Andrew Fitzmaurice Humanism and America Arthur O'Sullivan Property Taxes and Tax Revolts Christopher Cullen Astronomy and Mathematics in Ancient China Oded Goldreich Foundations of Cryptography P. Berner Diagnostic Criteria for Functional Psychoses Pierre L. Siklos The Changing Face of Central Banking Alan H. Goldman Practical Rules Abdelhak M. Zoubir Bootstrap Techniques for Signal Processing William Albert The Turnpike Road System in England Edited by Ramzy Yassa Neuroleptic-induced Movement Disorders Edited by David Frank Ross Eyewitness Testimony Adult Tayeb El-Hibri Reinterpreting Islamic Historiography Austin Lovegrove The Framework of Judicial Sentencing Norman F. Hughes Fossils as Information Leslie Zines Constitutional Change in the Commonwealth Roger French William Harvey's Natural Philosophy Catherine M. Connors Petronius the Poet Edited by Simon Goldhill Being Greek under Rome Edited by David P. Farrington Prevention of Adult Antisocial Behaviour Early

9780521030731 9780521030670 9780521030472 9780521030120 9780521028509 9780521028332 9780521028226 9780521028066 9780521028011 9780521027793 9780521027564 9780521027397 9780521027281 9780521026628 9780521026543 9780521026529 9780521026482 9780521026369 9780521026321 9780521026123 9780521026093 9780521025959 9780521025935 9780521025829 9780521025553 9780521025287 9780521025263 9780521025072 9780521025065 9780521025027 9780521025010 9780521024860 9780521024808 9780521024693 9780521024518 9780521024488 9780521024228 9780521023863 9780521023832 9780521023658 9780521023528 9780521023306 9780521022446 9780521022323 9780521021951 9780521021746 9780521021531 9780521021203 9780521021197 9780521021128 9780521020688 9780521020282

Christopher A. Jones Ælfric's Letter to the Monks of Eynsham Paul Bushkovitch Peter the Great Fan-sen Wang Fu Ssu-nien Richard L. Gawthrop Pietism and the Making of Eighteenth-Century Prussia M. N. Pearson The Portuguese in India Randall Bennett Woods Fulbright P. J. Marshall Bengal: The British Bridgehead Edited by Eleanor Hollenberg Chasdi Human Development Culture and Ruth Tatlow Bach and the Riddle of the Number Alphabet Edwin J. Perkins Wall Street to Main Street Paul Stephenson Byzantium's Balkan Frontier Ian Jakes Theoretical Approaches to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Matthew Stibbe German Anglophobia and the Great War, 1914–1918 Brendan Smith Colonisation and Conquest in Medieval Ireland Edited by Bas Aarts The Verb in Contemporary English Edited by Greville G. Corbett Heads in Grammatical Theory Richard Newhauser The Early History of Greed Jeffrey Verhey The Spirit of 1914 Edited by Manfred F. Boemeke Anticipating Total War Bronislaw Geremek The Margins of Society in Late Medieval Paris Edited by Gillian Russell Romantic Sociability John E. Simpson Sea Breeze and Local Winds Boris A. Kagan Ocean Atmosphere Interaction and Climate Modeling Maurice Cowling The Nature and Limits of Political Science Roderick Floud The British Machine Tool Industry, 1850–1914 Brian J. C. McKercher Transition of Power Garland Cannon The Life and Mind of Oriental Jones S. Annette Finley-Croswhite Henry IV and the Towns Michael Richards A Time of Silence Nicholas Hudson Writing and European Thought 1600–1830 Sheldon Rothblatt The Modern University and its Discontents Edited by Fiona Kisby Music and Musicians in Renaissance Cities and Towns Nadia Solowij Cannabis and Cognitive Functioning Daniel Philip Waley Siena and the Sienese in the Thirteenth Century Ehud Reiter Building Natural Language Generation Systems A. F. Upton Charles XI and Swedish Absolutism, 1660–1697 Gregory T. Stump Inflectional Morphology Heath Pearson Origins of Law and Economics Lindsay Farmer Criminal Law, Tradition and Legal Order John Holloway The Slumber of Apollo Ulf Leonhardt Measuring the Quantum State of Light Yaron Matras Romani Jerzy Sarnecki Delinquent Networks Eric Osborn The Emergence of Christian Theology Donna Landry The Muses of Resistance Gareth Rees The Remote Sensing Data Book James A. Beckford Religion in Prison Ian Percival Quantum State Diffusion Edited by Hans-Dieter Sues Evolution of Herbivory in Terrestrial Vertebrates Kevin Gilmartin Print Politics James M. Scott Geography in Early Judaism and Christianity J. I. H. McDonald Biblical Interpretation and Christian Ethics

9780521020275 9780521020121 9780521020039 9780521019903 9780521019835 9780521019545 9780521019422 9780521019415 9780521019323 9780521019279 9780521018845 9780521018548 9780521018524 9780521018197 9780521018111 9780521018036 9780521017817 9780521017497 9780521017152 9780521016896 9780521016698 9780521014724 9780521013895 9780521013277 9780521013246 9780521012492 9780521011914 9780521011075 9780521011044 9780521010870 9780521010146 9780521009775 9780521009720 9780521009430 9780521009256 9780521009164 9780521009072 9780521009041 9780521008976 9780521008761 9780521008693 9780521008648 9780521008495 9780521008464 9780521007986 9780521007764 9780521007733 9780521007658 9780521006651 9780521006637 9780521006323 9780521006125

Ian Maclean Interpretation and Meaning in the Renaissance Albert D. Wheelon Electromagnetic Scintillation Edited by Paul E. Micevych Neurobiological Effects of Sex Steroid Hormones John C. G. Röhl Kaiser Wilhelm II New Interpretations Graham P. Weedon Time-Series Analysis and Cyclostratigraphy Alan G. Fix Migration and Colonization in Human Microevolution Edited by David H. M. Joynson Toxoplasmosis Paul E. J. Hammer The Polarisation of Elizabethan Politics Henry C. Tuckwell Introduction to Theoretical Neurobiology Edited by Agustín Fuentes Primates Face to Face Ian G. Wallis The Faith of Jesus Christ in Early Christian Traditions Phillip R. Gordon-WeeksNeuronal Growth Cones Stanley J. Ulijaszek Human Energetics in Biological Anthropology Edited by A. C. Fabian Origins Brian Cowan Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Relaxation Edited by Christian Hölscher Neuronal Mechanisms of Memory Formation Paul Glees The Human Brain Johannes Falnes Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems Kenneth E. Train Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation Edited by Fred Rush The Cambridge Companion to Critical Theory Stephen Waddams Dimensions of Private Law Kent C. Condie Mantle Plumes and their Record in Earth History James Crawford The International Law Commission's Articles on State Responsibility Edited by Leslie Brubaker ender in the Early Medieval World G Edited by Aviel RoshwaldEuropean Culture in the Great War William A. Galston Liberal Pluralism Steven Clayman The News Interview C. G. Gibson Elementary Geometry of Differentiable Curves Edited by Lynne E. MillerEat or be Eaten Ethan D. Bolker Java Outside In Richard D. Noble Principles of Chemical Separations with Environmental Applications C. Edwin Baker Media, Markets, and Democracy Kenneth Perkins A History of Modern Tunisia Edited by Kelley Lee Health Policy in a Globalising World Margaret Urban Walker Moral Repair Mark Warr Companions in Crime Michael Kennedy The Life of Elgar Edited by Deen K. Chatterjee and Foreign Intervention Ethics Richard Bauman Voices of Modernity Edited by Andreas W. Daum America, the Vietnam War, and the World Edited by Edward F. Pace-Schott Dreaming Sleep and Edited by Andrew Brook Daniel Dennett Michael J. A. Howe Genius Explained D. Z. Phillips Religion and the Hermeneutics of Contemplation Alan C. Dessen Rescripting Shakespeare Edited by Robert J. SternbergPsychology of Abilities, Competencies, and Expertise The Michael Smith Ethics and the A Priori Edited by Dale JacquetteThe Cambridge Companion to Brentano B. L. N. Kennett The Seismic Wavefield B. L. N. Kennett The Seismic Wavefield Edited by Antony W. Dnes Law and Economics of Marriage and Divorce The Edited by Barbara Hobson Making Men into Fathers

9780521006057 9780521006002 9780521005500 9780521005296 9780521005241 9780521005166 9780521004978 9780521004879 9780521004701 9780521004688 9780521004596 9780521004107 9780521003803 9780521003728 9780521003704 9780521003629 9780521003537 9780521003070 9780521002943 9780521002905 9780521002530 9780521002493 9780521002073 9780521001809 9780521001557 9780521001441 9780521001342 9780521001113 9780521000536 9780521000529 9780521000437 9780521000093

Edited by B. Bradford Brown World's Youth The A. B. Watts Isostasy and Flexure of the Lithosphere Jeffrey S. Levinton Genetics, Paleontology, and Macroevolution Mark Rapley The Social Construction of Intellectual Disability R. S. Sugirtharajah The Bible and the Third World Edited by Michael Trimble he Neuropsychiatry of Epilepsy T Edited by F. E. G. Cox Concomitant Infections Rebecca Cassidy The Sport of Kings Edited by George EllisonLearning from HIV and AIDS Edited by Helen MacbethHuman Population Dynamics James L. Peacock The Anthropological Lens Michael H. Crawford The Origins of Native Americans Warren Breckman Marx, the Young Hegelians, and the Origins of Radical Social Theory Detlef Mühlberger The Social Bases of Nazism, 1919–1933 Eliza Ahmed Shame Management through Reintegration Edited by Donald Denoon Multicultural Japan Robert Cummings Neville Symbols of Jesus Arthur Ripstein Equality, Responsibility, and the Law Herbert S. Klein A Concise History of Bolivia Edited by Sudipta KavirajCivil Society Peter Fitzpatrick Modernism and the Grounds of Law Jacob Goldenberg Creativity in Product Innovation Edited by Charlotte Ku Democratic Accountability and the Use of Force in International Law Joshua S. Goldstein War and Gender Ronald R. Aminzade Silence and Voice in the Study of Contentious Politics Duane Swank Global Capital, Political Institutions, and Policy Change in Developed Welfare States Peter Dauvergne Loggers and Degradation in the Asia-Pacific Edited by J. M. BernsteinClassic and Romantic German Aesthetics Edited by Heather StrangRestorative Justice and Civil Society Mark Considine Enterprising States Raymond Geuss History and Illusion in Politics Albert Hofman Investigating Neurological Disease

Price AUS Blurb 15wd $250.00 HB An examination of the relationship between European trade law and $399.00 HB Provides an international forum for high-quality articles on the laws A European perspective after the adoption $130.00 HB Directivepresent an evaluation of recent legislative initiatives agains of the e-Privacy Aims to An Analysis from a Dutch and European Law Perspective Gives an overview of the current legal situation regarding the use o $130.00 HB Remedies in European Community Law and Beyond HB Deals with possible legal responses in the EC legal order and beyo $140.00 1984–2004 $275.00 HB Charts the history and achievements of the Court of Arbitration for S The Best Way Forward? $225.00 HB Discusses the way forward for a possible Constitution for Europe. $250.00 HB A concise legal and practical overview of the creation, protection an An Inquiry into the History and Theory of International HB This book examines International Legal Personality (ILP) and its us $250.00 Law With Special Reference to the Chemical Weapons Convention $399.00 HB There is a need for improved coordination between enforcement ag ional Sports Organisations $325.00 HB Contains the basic documents on ‘administration of justice’ - the la A Handbook for a Multidisciplinary Approach $250.00 HB Analyses the intricate relationship between health, migration and re The Exclusion Clause $250.00 HB An indispensable guide for all those involved with asylum seekers, r $79.95 PB Focuses on areas of maximum anxiety for junior doctors, for examp Facts and Figures $110.00 PB Designed to provide information-rich coverage of all aspects of bas $130.00 HB This book is an authoritative practical guide to the legal principles a $55.00 PB This pocket-sized book is an essential companion for all anaestheti $150.00 PB The sixth volume in this renowned series builds upon the popularity $150.00 HB Case Studies in Urological Cancer features over 30 detailed case s $180.00 HB Looks at all available imaging methods for head and neck cancer, h $65.00 PB This pocketbook uses line diagrams to illustrate all he major classif $89.95 PB This book is the first of its kind, written by authors with recent exper Principles and Practice $75.00 PB 9 chapters examining in detail each of the groups of products descr $65.00 PB A research reference for all those interested in operator theory, line $160.00 PB An up-to-date reference for researchers and application developers Matrices, Spectra, and Filtering $130.00 PB This book provides a unique insight to the mathematics of image de $130.00 PB Essential guide for computational scientists and software developer Numerical Solutions of PDEs Involving Interfaces and PB This book provides an introduction to the immersed interface metho $110.00 Irregular Domains $130.00 PB This unique book addresses advanced linear algebra using invarian ty Matrices with MATLAB $99.00 PB This book presents and demonstrates the use of functions within a ows in Porous Media $130.00 PB Computational Methods for Multiphase Flows in Porous Media offer $140.00 PB Optimal Design of Experiments offers a rare blend of linear algebra thms and Matrix Problems $130.00 PB This book organizes the analysis and design of iterative numerical m Variational, PDE, Wavelet, and Stochastic $140.00 PB This book develops the mathematical foundation of modern image Methods mization of Dynamical Systems $99.00 HB This book presents a range of dynamic programming (DP) techniqu Model Developments $95.00 PB This book describes several applications that exploit the unique act Mathematical Methods, Numerics, and Simulations PB This book gives a unified presentation of, and mathematical framew $89.95 Problem Solving for Undergraduates $55.00 PB This book is a readable and enjoyable text designed to strengthen t $99.00 PB This book allows you to understand fully the modern tools of numer A Introduction $130.00 HB This book investigates automata networks as algebraic structures a Emphasizing Simulation and Computer Intensive Methods This text presents a concise introduction to the concepts of probabi $89.95 PB -Stokes Equation $55.00 PB This book gives an introduction to the vast subject of initial and initia Theory and Applications $99.00 HB This book provides a comprehensive and in-depth treatment of the $130.00 PB This book is the first comprehensive treatment of numerical polynom $180.00 PB This is the first book devoted to the full scale of applications of stoc Tests of Significance and Confidence Intervals $85.00 PB Introduces many of the practical adaptive statistical methods and pr Direct and Inverse Problems $99.00 PB This book presents current research trends in the field of underwate Theory, Approximation, and Computation $99.00 PB Treats sizing and shape optimization in a comprehensive way, cove $85.00 PB This text provides a rigorous mathematical analysis of the behavior Eigenvalue Computations $59.95 PB First published in 1985, this book presents background material, de $89.95 HB This book provides a thorough, up-to-date treatment of the behavio

Subtitle Collected Papers

$85.00 PB This is the only book available that fully analyzes the mathematical $79.95 PB This is the second volume in a projected five-volume survey of num $130.00 PB This book provides a unified view of tomographic techniques and a $55.00 PB This is the only book on spectral methods built around MATLAB pro $59.95 PB This second edition of the popular first preserves its introductory sp $110.00 HB Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra avoids the traditional de A Practical Introduction $110.00 PB In this translation of the German edition, an insight is provided into $95.00 PB This comprehensive textbook is designed for first-year graduate stu $48.95 PB This short, well-written book covers the material essential for learnin $39.95 PB $130.00 PB The method of least squares: the principal tool for reducing the influ $95.00 PB This monograph contains 10 lectures presented by Dr. Daubechies oblems in the Natural Sciences $75.00 PB This book addresses the construction, analysis, and intepretation o $79.95 PB Questions and solutions from the Mathematical Olympiad finals 198 Problems and Solutions from Around the World $75.00 PB A large range of problems drawn from mathematics olympiads from Creating Images for Understanding Mathematics $99.00 HB A book describing how visualization techniques can be used in und $99.00 HB This is a concise introduction to Fourier series covering history, ma A Companion for Teachers and Others $99.00 HB This book contains key topics that form the foundations for high-sch Introduction to Theory, Proof, and the Professional Culture Textbook and self-study guide for students beginning to study math $130.00 HB $75.00 PB This is a collection of pictures or diagrams that demonstrate mathe $79.95 PB Problems illustrating important mathematical techniques with solutio A Mathematical Approach $79.95 PB Semi-popular book on the mathematics of code breaking. $79.95 PB A fascinating collection of geometric proofs and properties. Examples-Pictures-Proofs $99.00 HB A collection of surprising concurrences of lines with some typical m $85.00 HB Volume 3 of 3. Collection of stories and anecdotes about mathema $85.00 HB Volume 2 of 3 collection of mathematical stories and anecdotes abo $85.00 HB A collection of stories and anecdotes about mathematics and mathe $69.95 PB A collection of mathematical errors, drawn from the work of student $85.00 PB This book explains how calculus can be used to explain and analyz $59.95 PB Provides an accessible, vivid and up-to-date introduction to life and $65.00 PB Makes both practical and theoretical contributions to the developing The Ultimate Mirror $59.95 PB A fast-paced and lucid account of how science fiction became fact. Ideology, Class and French Socialism during the Third Republic book examines the socialists who introduced Marxism to Franc $160.00 PB This Professional Sport in Britain, 1875–1914 $89.95 PB This book presents an analysis of the emergence of mass spectato $46.95 PB The first commentary to focus exclusively on the letters of James a Societal Trends and the Transition to Adulthood $65.00 PB Examines changes that are likely to impact adolescents’ lives and t -Century American Poetry $39.95 PB This book gives readers a thorough introduction to the movements $59.95 PB A comprehensive and lively introduction to Canadian literature, its m New Understanding of the Earth from Space Research $130.00 PB Account of the impact of space exploration on our understanding of Politics and Philosophy in Interwar Vienna $59.95 PB This biography reassesses philosopher Karl Popper’s life and works $120.00 1 EIUC Studies on Human Rights and Democratization HB An assessment of the relationship between economic globalisation $180.00 Why the CIA Gets It Wrong and What Needs to Be Done toExamines the causes of intelligence failures in the Cold War, post-9 $140.00 HB Get It Right Lessons from Chile $150.00 HB This book analyzes Chilean judicial behavior before, during, and aft $130.00 HB Textbook on statistical physics for graduate and advanced undergra Theory and Applications, Ninth World Congress $170.00 HB This volume contains 13 essays on seminal topics in economic ana $150.00 HB This book examines the sentencing differences for atrocities such a $140.00 HB This book provides the first English-language history of the postwar $160.00 HB Stacey traces the formative impact of Seneca’s political philosophy $225.00 HB New officiant's edition of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer – in a d $170.00 HB Self-contained, pedagogical introduction to string cosmology for ast $95.00 HB Treats Model I ANOVA and linear regression models with non-rand

$150.00 HB Quantum field theory for undergraduates and graduates in theoretic The Linked Twist Map as a Paradigm in Applications: HB A unifying framework for understanding many types of fluid mixing, $130.00 Micro to Macro, Fluids to Solids Fairness, Effectiveness, and World Order $180.00 HB This book analyzes the law and policy for the management of globa $180.00 HB Charting the evolution of the international rules on the protection of Challenges for the 21st Century $225.00 HB An ethical and philosophical examination of our understanding of hu The Growth and Regulation of Payment Card MarketsHB This book is the first comprehensive treatment of credit cards in the $120.00 around the World Statistical Mechanics $120.00 HB Completely rewritten introductory textbook for standard undergradu Practical Wisdom, Neuroscience, and Narrative $150.00 HB The Heart of Judgment explores the nature, historical significance, $160.00 HB A study of the music of the internationally known contemporary Dut From Foundations to Applications $200.00 HB A mixture of historical and forward-looking essays on key topics in d A New Legal Approach $180.00 HB Legislative draft for a European Foundation, supported by explanato and Healthcare Law $160.00 HB A comprehensive examination of the legal regulation of the provisio , and Local Times $170.00 HB A readable synthesis of three main areas in the modern theory of st opsychopharmacology $200.00 HB An essential update of recent clinical trials in the management of ne The Role of Imaging in Diagnosis and Management HB Describes the role of imaging in understanding carotid disease, a m $399.00 $99.00 HB This book is a philosophical analysis of children’s rights with regard 1995–2005 $170.00 HB Useful reference guide for policy makers and all requiring a detaile $160.00 HB Examines how Romans thought about the poor and about the appro The Mechanical Foundations of Psychology and EconomicsUsing precise mental models developed in artificial intelligence, the $180.00 HB Developing Countries in the WTO and NAFTA $150.00 HB Sheds light on international trade negotiations, and the ways develo $130.00 HB Graduate textbook which applies recent advances in optimization m Small States and the Multilateral Trading System $199.00 HB Aims to document and explain almost ten years of experience of sm $150.00 HB The first modern, comprehensive introduction to central simple alge $275.00 HB Reference on the tachocline for researchers and graduates in astro Writing in the Berlin Republic $160.00 HB These accessible and informative essays explore the central theme What Neuroscience Reveals about Morality $55.00 HB The book examines brain biology and our ability to make decisions. $140.00 HB Argues that the central thesis of natural law jurisprudence sets the a $150.00 PB A self-contained introduction to free probability theory suitable for a Islamic Voices from a New Generation $65.00 HB An exploration of the controversial debates about religion and politic $150.00 HB Long-awaited third edition of Chomsky's outstanding essays on lang $150.00 HB Peter Smith examines Gödel's Theorems, how they were establishe The Establishment of the Communist Regime in Hungary, 1944–1948 and concise examination of the establishment of the com $140.00 HB A detailed ement Consulting $150.00 HB A sophisticated analysis of the management consulting sector and $120.00 HB First text on application of algebraic statistics to computational biolo $150.00 HB A unique and valuable overview of current approaches to narrative $130.00 HB Intermediate/advanced textbook which provides concise and acces ng in Wireless Networks $160.00 HB This book describes solutions for maximising voice quality over wire rete Geometry $130.00 HB Analysis, Algebra, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Hyperbolic Geom $170.00 HB A study of Fassbinder’s work in the theatre, as a playwright and as $150.00 HB Graduate textbook/reference that derives and classifies the dynami Epidemiology, Causes and Intervention $180.00 HB This is the first synthetic review of the epidemiology, causes, preval $150.00 HB Contrasts the continental approach to social science with the Anglo $325.00 HB The authorized, paginated WTO Dispute Settlement Reports in Eng $120.00 HB Introduction to critical phenomena for graduates and researchers in $190.00 HB How does constitutional theory and judicial practice differ between E Human Clones and the Law $59.95 HB Discusses the pros and cons of laws against human reproductive c $170.00 HB Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python, a student text, and $85.00 HB Insightful analysis of how companies can tackle the challenge of ac A Historical and Contemporary Perspective on Markets, Law, Ethics, and Culture Adam Smith’s two great works as a seamle $150.00 HB This work aims to treat An Introduction $180.00 HB Introductory textbook on Cryptography. alaxies (IAU S230) $200.00 HB An overview of new developments in the field of high energy source Elemental Tracers of Early Cosmic Evolution $200.00 HB Proceedings of IAU S228 detailing progress in our knowledge of ele

$180.00 HB Proceedings of the IAU Symposium on Coronal and Stellar Mass E ology (IAU S225) $180.00 HB Proceedings of IAU Symposium 225, on the applications of gravitat Activity (IAU S223) $180.00 HB Recent results from solar space missions and ground observatories Parapegmata and Related Texts in Classical and Near-Eastern Societies $225.00 HB Explains the popular instruments and texts (parapegmata) used in a An Introduction $150.00 HB This book explores the epistemological and ethical issues at the fou Theory, Measurement and Distribution $225.00 HB Reference on precipitation for academic researchers and professio A Guide to Evaluating, Protecting and Exploiting IP HB Equips business managers and investors with a working, practical k $120.00 From Array Processing to MIMO Communications $160.00 HB This is a comprehensive reference for readers wanting to learn abo $150.00 HB Renowned scholars shed light on our understanding of contempora national Law $225.00 HB The book explores these possibilities for the participation of NGOs History and Faith in the Southern Slaveholders' Worldview The Mind of the Master Class tells of America's greatest historical t $140.00 HB $180.00 HB Explores some of the less well understood physical processes invo Russia, Europe, and the United States $130.00 HB This book shows that ‘immigration phobia’, or excessive anti-migran The Use of Analogy in Legal Argument $140.00 HB Legal Reason is written in accessible prose, with examples from law $199.00 HB This timely book sets out our current understanding of olfaction and $325.00 HB In 2002, a fragmentary homiliary containing exegetical homilies for Impacts of National Environment and Policy150.00 HB The first global assessment of the diffusion and impact of e-busines $ $190.00 HB The different approach of the courts to product liability in a variety o $275.00 HB A vivid, scholarly and eminently readable account of ancient religion iterature and Thought, 1700–1840 $180.00 HB An analysis of psychological thought as expressed in German litera $160.00 HB A comprehensive treatment of the subject, encompassing models t $140.00 HB This book argues that even if God does not exist, human life can ha Essays in Memory of Hilaire McCoubrey $250.00 HB Hilaire McCoubrey wrote extensively on armed conflict law, collectiv Neurobiology of Homeostasis $325.00 HB A detailed description of the cellular and integrative organization of $130.00 HB This book introduces the theoretical foundations of error-correcting Institutional Dynamics of Regulation $180.00 HB An authoritative analysis of the emergence and operation of new fo The Politics of the Administrative Process $190.00 HB A close study of lawyers who practise occupational safety and healt Universality and Variation $160.00 HB This exciting book proposes a new theory of metaphor variation. Essays in Honor of Thomas Rothenberg $160.00 HB This collection pushes forward the research frontier in four areas of A Primer $275.00 HB In this primer the authors provide an unintimidating introduction to t Strategies for Evaluation and Management$140.00 HB This book provides a framework for an up-to-date understanding of ric of Good Taste $150.00 HB This book describes the waning days of the baroque. Theory and Practice $160.00 HB Covers the fundamental principles of space-time coding for wireless Agency, Material Culture, and Social Change in Neolithic italy $170.00 HB Robb brings together the archaeological evidence on a wide range $120.00 HB This book examines the foundations of defeasible logic, exploring th Landmarks on the Pathways of Life $89.95 HB A fascinating look at the key steps or bottlenecks that constrain the t of Augustine $160.00 HB A new account of Augustine’s political thought and ethics in relation An Annual Survey of Shakespeare Studies$225.00 HB Shakespeare Survey is a yearbook of Shakespeare studies and pro and Production An Introduction $99.00 HB Political Game Theory is a self-contained introduction to game theo $170.00 HB This book examines how interpretation and examination of Greek s A Life $120.00 HB This is the first complete biography of Henry Handel Richardson. $160.00 HB Defends the theory of liberal pluralism and explores the implications The Reserve Bank and the Politics of Money 99.00 HB Australia’s Money Mandarins tells the story of the Reserve Bank of $ A Critical Assessment $190.00 HB This book is about changing the terms of American Arbitration Law. $170.00 HB An important book which reassesses Shakespeare as a poet and d $180.00 HB This book examines the doomed political situation of the Jews in G $99.00 HB Examines the role of Deutsche Bank during the Nazi dictatorship. and Microwave Engineering $160.00 HB Introduces CEM methods, applying the codes that implement them $250.00 HB Authoritative treatment of the developmental biology of the ocular le Methods and Techniques in Animal Research $375.00 HB An essential reference volume covering major methodologies and d Introduction and Applications $160.00 HB A resource for non-statisticians implementing filtering methods. Cov $160.00 HB Shows how scientific knowledge about epidemics is shaped by the

Pythagorean, Philosopher and Mathematician King HB This books examines the significance of the mathematician Archyta $350.00 The Individual in the Fragile Sciences $150.00 HB Provides the foundations for the view that the mind extends beyond $325.00 HB This volume collects together the introductions and reviews which L Theoretical Perspectives $225.00 HB International law and international relations scholars analyse the fac Hierarchical Modeling from Quantum Mechanics to Fluid Dynamics $150.00 HB From quantum mechanics to fluid dynamics, this book systematical Energy, Telecommunications and Transport, 1830–1990 A comparative history of the economic organisation of energy, telec $190.00 HB Neurobiology and Therapeutics $325.00 HB Recent discoveries about norepinephrine’s contribution to health, d Chicago and the Struggle for the Modern American Economy, 1900–1940 at economic violence in early twentieth-century Chi $150.00 HB This book looks commutative Geometry $160.00 HB Details the interaction between the two vigorous fields of non-comm An Introduction $120.00 HB Example based and self contained introduction to Euclidean geome The American Law Institute Reporters' Studies $225.00 HB This is the first in a series of annual volumes which is utlized in the $120.00 HB This is an introduction to stochastic control theory with applications Psychological Perspectives $160.00 HB This book gives an in-depth understanding of philosophical, psycho Diophantine Classes and Extensions to Global Fields HB An account of results extending Hilbert's Tenth Problem to integrall $180.00 $150.00 HB Fully updated new edition for graduate students and researchers in $190.00 HB The ideal textbook for a short introductory course in biotechnology f $170.00 HB Jennifer Panek examines the early modern character of the lusty w $180.00 HB Graduate text decsribing two of the main tools for modern mathema $160.00 HB Looks at how business can foster responsible working practices an $130.00 HB Modern theory of rational and nearly rational varieties. Many proble Student Edition $130.00 HB Student edition of the classic text in information and coding theory $170.00 HB An exploration of the changing conceptions of air and health alongs Ethical, Legal and Economic Issues $160.00 HB Considers problems associated with genetic information in an age o An Eyewitness Report of Germany 1945 $99.00 HB Account of World War II from the articles of one of the war’s finest c $250.00 HB Covering the major areas arising in anti-dumping investigations as e A Guide for Scientists Seeking Funding $150.00 HB This book is a guide to writing scientific research proposals for subm Perspectives on Economics, Economic History, and Demography essays explore the nature of worldwide economic growth, po $160.00 HB These on to Democracy $160.00 HB The contributions in this volume offer a comprehensive analysis of The Edge of Experience $225.00 HB Anthropologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and historians share a ate Governance $225.00 HB Leading scholars address corporate governance reform with politica $190.00 HB This book provides an up-to-date and comprehensive account of th Performance, Translation and Adaptation in Britain and Abroad $190.00 HB Addresses attitudes to Shakespeare’s English history plays in Britai An introduction for Advanced Students and Researchers Self-contained introduction to the applications of random walk techn $160.00 HB $160.00 HB At the core of the book lies a new form of virtue theory based on em $99.00 HB An up-to-date, broad scope textbook for senior undergraduates sta Technologies, Business Models and Global Markets HB Provides key insights into how to match wireless data technology to $160.00 $160.00 HB A major re-evaluation of the complex relations between the philosop A Phenomenological Investigation $160.00 HB In this study, Alan Paskow situates the phenomenological approach "Virtus" and the Roman Republic $170.00 HB This book examines notions of virtus as it contributed to Roman ide Distrust and Uncertainty in Global Markets$160.00 HB A timely account of the influence of emotion and speculation on the Unequal Sovereigns in the International Legal Order HB Historical and legal analysis of Kosovo and Afghanistan wars and im $225.00 $150.00 HB A History of Chile provides an overview of Chilean history from its in Identifying the Mechanisms of the Mind $160.00 HB This book is about psychological research on intelligence and the v of Understanding $150.00 HB A philosophical study on the value of knowledge. $160.00 HB Describes the mathematical basis of signal processing, and many a A Statistical Physics Approach $180.00 HB The application of statistical physics and complex systems theory to Displaced Persons $225.00 HB Aims to offer an easily accessible overview of the protection availab Creating a Global Trading Environment for$225.00 HB An analytical discussion of the implications of liberalizing agriculture Development A Guide for Graduate Students and Researchers in the Behavioral Sciencesto planning, writing and presenting behavioral ecolo $150.00 HB A concise guide and Biology $160.00 HB Successful advanced textbook and reference on computer algebra War, Trade, Science and Governance $140.00 HB A penetrating and sophisticated account of the relationship between $140.00 HB A communication-based approach for understanding why some con

$120.00 HB A second edition of a successful advanced textbook, it now include $140.00 HB For this updated edition Robert Hapgood has added a section on pr ntial Equations $275.00 HB Shows novel and modern ways of solving differential equations usin $275.00 HB Uses a fact-based comparative method and in-depth research into ommunications $180.00 HB Detailed coverage of a technology that is embedded in the UMTS a Changing Science and Society $99.00 HB Eight essays on the impact of DNA on science and society by key r $275.00 HB This book is about how and why animals communicate, covering se Language, Learning and Behavioural Complications HB Children with epilepsy often have language and behavior complicat $325.00 $69.95 HB Essays by Beckett’s biographer and friend and hitherto unknown ph Pluralism, Spirituality, Leadership $160.00 HB An analysis of the problems surrounding different religious and spir The Search for Life in the Universe $69.95 HB A popular account of why scientists think life might be plentiful on o Modelling and Scenario Evaluation of Land Use $275.00 HB A study of wetlands management and development policy using inte $150.00 HB Advanced textbook covering essential and advanced topics in plasm nd Technical Computing with Java $150.00 HB Practical introduction to Java for use in scientific and technical com From Antiquity to the Present $160.00 HB Offers an overview of a classical monument interjected with the dis $225.00 HB Dabbah’s clear and empirical discussion examines in particular the $150.00 HB The new edition features a redesigned compiler project in Java, for $150.00 HB An in-depth interpretation of Max Weber as a political theorist of civ Interpretation, Discourse and Authenticity in <I>Being HB Time</I> offers an interpretation of Heidegger’s major work, Being $150.00 and This book a and Early Modern Europe $140.00 HB Exploring why China and Europe's development of state systems b $170.00 HB Lyon and Maxwell present an accessible theory of corporate enviro A Cross-linguistic Typology $170.00 HB Discusses the concept ‘word’ and its applicability in a range of typol $79.95 HB A comprehensive exploration of astronomy through the eyes of the $150.00 HB This text analyses the changing nature of inequality in Australia. Effective Self-regulation and Democracy $120.00 HB The Open Corporation is an innovative and realistic proposal for eff $59.95 HB An exploration of religious and ethnic conflict in a complex and ofte $150.00 HB This book addresses the potential for restorative justice to deal with $250.00 HB A unified and comprehensive exposition of the theory of symmetric $425.00 HB Lavishly illustrated reference volume on mummies and what can be A Multidisciplinary Research Approach $299.00 HB This significant book will help focus research in this important thoug A Reforming Life $120.00 HB Biography of HC ‘Nugget' Coombs, one of the most influential Austr Fundamentals and Case Studies $130.00 HB Provides a firm grounding in the principles and techniques employe Natural Catastrophes and the Supremacy of$69.95 HB World the Microbial Fascinating story of the survival of microbes in the coldest, deepest $160.00 HB Discusses and examines the possible causes of World War I. $350.00 HB The first monograph on sleep and epilepsy at the cellular and intraStrategies for Abolition $180.00 HB A comparative exploration of issues around the use or abolition of t $140.00 HB This book explores the historiography of ancient Near Eastern and Selling Crack in El Barrio $160.00 HB This new edition brings this study of inner-city life up to date. The Importance of Host Genetics $225.00 HB The first comprehensive review of current research concerning gen The Danish Longitudinal Study $140.00 HB Britta Kyvsgaard examines the life circumstances and criminal beha $160.00 HB Looks at the origins of environmentalism in a global perspective. $150.00 HB Day-by-day photographic guide to observing the features of the Mo $89.95 HB A stunning visual guide to one of Earth’s last wilderness areas - the An Environmental History $140.00 HB This beautifully written book tells the story of Australia’s giant eucal Politics and State Formation $170.00 HB This edited volume addresses the political relevance of ‘irregular’ fo $225.00 HB A thought-provoking study which evaluates the contrasting methods $180.00 HB A consideration of the legal remedies available to victims of actions ommunist Europe $150.00 HB Seeks to explain the weakness of civil society in the countries of po Growth with Equity and Sustainability $150.00 HB Draws together analysts to contribute to a major assessment and ‘a Our Origin, Evolution and Destiny $69.95 HB For the general reader, investigating the surprising connection betw Constructing Authority $190.00 HB Examines how the authority of architects was created within the cha f Physiological Adaptation $225.00 HB Introduces the concept of allostasis and places it within the context

$130.00 HB The fifth volume in this popular series of essays by actors with the R The Survivors of the Holocaust in Occupied Germany HB The remarkable story of Holocaust survivors in the American zone $160.00 Management Consulting in the Twentieth Century $55.00 HB A history of management consulting in the twentieth century, includ $299.00 HB This book provides a highly illustrated overview of the diseases of t $225.00 HB Comprehensive review of current research concerning how bacteria ess, 1933–1945 $180.00 HB Investigates the history of the Allianz insurance corporation in the N A 24-Hour Skywatcher's Guide $120.00 HB A 24-hour practical guide to skywatching. $250.00 HB Analyses community rehabilitation from many perspectives, with ex A History of Planetary Astronomy $250.00 HB The story of planetary research from ancient astronomers to more r $250.00 HB The first international handbook of intelligence ever published. The Book of Jubilees $225.00 HB Focuses on the pseudepigraphic Book of Jubilees and explores the $350.00 HB A profusely illustrated review of the scientific basis and clinical appl Responsibilities and Limitations of Government $299.00 HB This textbook systematically sets forth the basic issues involved in p $140.00 HB An innovative socio-rhetorical commentary on Revelation, with a ‘Su $89.95 PB Leading young scientists give engaging reviews of their research ar $89.95 PB Leading young scientists give engaging reviews of their research ar $95.00 PB Introduction to numerical techniques useful in solving complex engi A Criterial Framework $49.95 PB A guide to doing and evaluating work in anthropology, economics, h $45.00 PB This book is about how people in power use language to generate a nflict in the Twentieth Century $75.00 PB A new and original challenge to the foundations of the democratic p Personality in the Life Course $75.00 PB This important new book explores the relationship between persona $65.00 PB Draws together ten important essays which explore the significance $160.00 HB This important collection focuses on the nature and importance of b Legal Regimes in World History, 1400–1900 $170.00 HB Argues that institutions and culture serve as important elements of $95.00 HB A highly illustrated account of the birth, evolution and future of our s $25.95 PB An easy-to-use guide to the stars and constellations, for the beginn From Bioinformatics Basics to Working Code $150.00 HB Explains many computational molecular biology problems and how $140.00 HB Presents the most important and practically relevant quantitative mo $399.00 HB Reconstructs the environment of Pompeii by combining findings fro From the Music of the Spheres to the Conquest of Space A breathtaking survey of the richness of astronomical theories and $140.00 HB $180.00 HB Eric Osborn’s book presents a major study of Irenaeus (125–200), Learning from Other Vices, Times, and Places $69.95 PB The book explains why it is so difficult to accomplish substantial ref A Practical Guide $120.00 PB A structured guide, illustrated with case histories, to the interpretatio Basic Circuit Design for Engineers and Scientists $275.00 HB Designed for engineers and scientists who are non-specialist in ele $180.00 PB Comprehensive and up-to-date synthesis of all aspects of mantle c $46.95 PB Offers a rich overview of this classic in essays by six leading film cr An Introduction for Physical Scientists $110.00 PB An essential introduction to data analysis techniques using spreads Race and Scripture in the Protestant Atlantic World, 1600–2000 of the changing relationship between race and theology in the $49.95 PB Study enetic Disorders $180.00 PB Succinct, up-to-date research summaries and practical guidelines f $75.00 PB This book is the only comprehensive book on modern China’s intell $65.00 PB Heather Rae examines how state leaders use the victimisation of m $55.00 PB This is the only systematic introduction to the full range of Searle’s An Introduction to Cellular Microbiology $140.00 PB Introductory textbook describing the ways in which bacteria cause d Laws and Mechanisms $110.00 PB Comprehensive treatment of air-sea interaction for graduate studen People, Places, and Communication Technologies PB This original and engaging study of community media combines ori $75.00 From Antiquity to the European Union $59.95 PB Discusses how a distinctive ‘European’ identity has grown over the Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews $55.00 PB Esau’s Tears analyzes the rise of modern racial-political anti-Semiti $69.95 PB Provides a complete description of the modules, types and function $69.95 PB Offers new perspectives on the history of German art from the 1840 $180.00 PB Revised and updated edition, authoritatively reviews theoretical and ecture of Global Finance $69.95 PB An examination of the political and economic causes and consequ Socializing Justice in Progressive Era Chicago $65.00 PB Contesting concepts of crime, and social justice in nineteenth-centu

$49.95 PB On the Waterfront comprehensively examines one of the most impo $75.00 PB Paperback edition of a prize-winning account of the reign of King Ja $49.95 PB This is the only comprehensive introduction to the full range of Davi $49.95 PB Alasdair MacIntyre is one of the philosophical giants of the last fifty $200.00 HB The first systematic treatment of political resistance and rebellion in $275.00 HB This book aims to distil the common principles of biofilm physiology Principles and Practice $225.00 HB Series of edited papers on Independent Component Analysis, conta Images Through History $69.95 HB A richly illustrated and very readable account of the instruments, bo $170.00 HB Provides a complete description of the modules, types and function $275.00 HB $170.00 HB $46.95 PB How Middle Eastern peoples in the past two centuries lived outside Examining the Gateway Hypothesis $69.95 PB This book represents a systematic and broadly based discussion an Research, Assessment and Intervention $180.00 PB An international team of psychiatrists and psychologists review the $59.95 PB An accessible introduction to Schumann: his time, temperament, st An Introduction $69.95 PB The present book is the first comprehensive survey of attribution fro The Thrill of Extragalactic Exploration $85.00 PB Leading astrophysicists give personal accounts of their work and de Doha 11 November 2001 $399.00 PB Official WTO certified text of the Protocol of Accession negotiated b $59.95 PB Olmec Archaeology and Early Mesoamerica offers the most thorou Cultural Contact from 5000 BC to the Present $65.00 PB A comparative survey of 5000 years of colonialism. The Crimes of Crimes $200.00 PB Definitive work on crime of genocide under international law, includ An Elementary-Intermediate Course $75.00 AC Reinterpreting the Values of Law and Economics $69.95 PB Law, market theory and semiotics together provide a challenging ne Cultural Perspectives on Human Development $65.00 PB Japanese Frames of Mind asks, ‘What challenge does Japanese p $65.00 PB A portrait of some of the most eminent scientists associated with th heric Sciences $69.95 PB Provides concise grounding in basic chemical principles for studies Now and for the Future $110.00 PB Stimulates awareness of the critical role of land resources in develo The Challenge of Nationalism $130.00 PB A detailed account of the activities of BP, 1950–1975. Current Status and Future Trends $130.00 PB Examines methods for diagnosis of infectious agents in humans an $69.95 PB Rituals concerning separation and reunion and their impact on Chin The Legal Contribution of the International $425.00 HB the Red Cross International Committee of the Red Cross to ban anti-p Committee of Work of the 1955–1999 $180.00 HB This collection brings together Western and Russian perspectives o Probabilistic Analysis for Engineering Decisions $250.00 HB Risk assessment theory and practice for graduate engineering stud $180.00 HB Updated third edition for graduate students, researchers and profes Degussa in the Third Reich $99.00 HB A case study of the involvement of a major, now multinational, corp $99.00 A New International Law Enforcement Model $225.00 HB An analysis of the legal issues raised by the international fight again Creation, Compression, Restoration, Recognition $150.00 HB Suited for self-study, and will appeal to all working in computer grap es and Other Kernel-based Learning Methods $130.00 HB A comprehensive introduction to this recent method for machine lea Methods and Applications in Astrophysics $140.00 PB Presents the methodologies used by astrophysicists for solving the The Great Leonid Meteor Storms $110.00 PB Highly readable account of meteors, especially the spectacular Leo $55.00 PB Fullerton presents a history of classical Greek art through a range o $65.00 PB Draws together thirteen important essays on the concept of race in Political and Social Bonds in Early Medieval$65.00 PB A study of how bonds of kinship, friendship and lordship shaped me Europe Postcards from a Paleontologist $46.95 PB Popular account of paleontological exploration, written with lively an $140.00 PB A timely overview of the most recent advances in neuropsychiatry fr $75.00 PB This book demonstrates how popular dissent is becoming an increa From 1600 to the Present $59.95 PB This volume examines the role played by historical events and cultu $170.00 PB Optoelectronics is a practical and self-contained textbook written fo $65.00 PB ‘This invigorating collection … is … a monument to scholarship for $59.95 PB A fascinating exploration of one of the most influential American pla $45.00 PB Weisburd and Waring offer here the first detailed examination of th

$150.00 WW An introduction to symmetry analysis for graduate students in scien How the Courts Reformed America's Prisons75.00 PB Investigates the role of federal judges in prison reform, and policy m $ An Encouragement to Quantitative Thinking$89.95 PB Explains physiological concepts through the use of simple calculatio From Ancient to Modern Times $65.00 PB A examination of stereotypical ideas about Latin and their effect on $110.00 PB Now available in paperback for the first time; essential reading for a $180.00 PB This important book addresses the many difficulties raised when ps $250.00 HB A comprehensive epidemiological overview of schizophrenia includ igation, Diagnosis and Management of the Infertile Male $120.00 PB A structured approach to the most-effective clinical management of Multilateral Economic Institutions and Global Social Movements analysis of the increasingly important engagement between i $59.95 PB A rich $85.00 PB A path-breaking analysis of the relationship between economic inst $89.95 HB This book describes in much detail both how and why franchising w $275.00 HB This is the concluding volume of the second edition of the standard The Baltimore Early Childhood Project $160.00 HB The results of a five-year longitudinal study of children’s early literac A History and Chronology of Shakespeare $225.00 HB A comprehensive account of the way in which Shakespeare’s texts Publishing An Architectural and Social History $199.00 HB This book investigates the architecture and patronage strategies of $170.00 HB This two-volume set bridges the gap between introductory texts and Colonists, Christianity, and Community Among the Wampanoag Indians of Martha's Vineyard, 1600–1871 Vineyard and their i $55.00 PB Examines the Wampanoag Indians of Martha's $55.00 PB This is a work that promotes a universal rule of law norm. Principles and Practice $89.95 PB This comprehensive textbook is aimed at both the qualified or traine $130.00 PB This comprehensive volume introduces elliptic curves and the funda $79.95 IL A white Bible using the King James Version – an ideal gift for a brid $55.00 PB Argues that a strong party system in the European Parliament is pro Brazil, Cuba, and the United States $44.95 PB This book is an introductory history of racial slavery in the Americas $95.00 PB Theory and Applications, Ninth World Congress $75.00 PB This volume contains 13 essays on seminal topics in economic ana Studies in the reception of Hellenistic poetry$55.00 PB A critical examination of the Roman reaction to Greek poetry of the at Rome $65.00 PB A leading group of international authorities consider the issues surr $59.95 PB Studies how culture drives ethnic conflict, but can also help mitigate $65.00 PB A systematic and comprehensive analysis of the significant increas $35.95 PB The decline of respect for free speech, academic freedom, and civi $79.95 PB Global perspective on how institutional factors facilitate or hamper t $99.00 PB Second edition of this book detailing how limit processes can be rep The Road to Decolonisation, 1918–1968 $49.95 PB A major reassessment of the end of the British empire, focusing on $55.00 PB This book serves as a compact introduction to the economic analys and Image Analysis $75.00 PB Applications covered include image segmentation, shape analysis, English Literature $99.00 PB This essential resource for scholars and students of the Renaissan $44.95 PB Proposes a style of democratic citizenship by examining the connec The Ethical Challenges of International Human RightsPB This book aims to delineate major ethical challenges faced by huma $65.00 Nongovernmental Organizations $35.95 PB Fully revised and updated guide to the night sky, in full colour. $79.95 PB This book is a pragmatic, therapists’ guide for how to implement ps A Manual for Creating Clear Presentations $39.95 PB Step-by-step instruction for researchers and clinicians on crafting a entific Computation $75.00 PB In this introductory text, the fundamental algorithms of numerical lin $59.95 PB A systematic analysis of power and leadership in European Union n $59.95 PB The most comprehensive and up-to-date overview available for stu $55.00 PB This book examines the relationship between law and norms. $59.95 PB An account of popular Shakespeare performances in America, and Explanation and Understanding $47.95 PB Manicas brings the idea of causality to bear on inquiry in social scie $130.00 PB A comparative study of criminal procedures in England, France, Ge $49.95 PB This book endeavours to underline the philosophical importance of Pricing Politics $44.95 PB Shows how elections, cabinet formations, and government dissoluti Approaches in Philosophy and Economics $59.95 PB Nancy Cartwright provides a critical survey of philosophical and eco Green Clubs, ISO 14001, and Voluntary Environmental Regulations theoretical framework to analyse the effectiveness of volun $59.95 PB A novel

ery and Human Responses A Bicentennial Reassessment

$85.00 PB A fascinating and detailed study of the effect of natural disasters on $55.00 PB This collection of essays offers a critical reassessment of J. S. Mill's $85.00 WW The Final FRCA candidate can use this book to revise and practise A Medical Student's Manual to the Wards $44.95 PB How-to guide for medical students transitioning to clinical duties. Rating the Movies in an Age of New Media $49.95 PB The first behind-the-scenes history of the American movie rating sy History and Development $75.00 PB A study of seismological concepts, how they originated and how the Selecting, Securing, Surviving, Succeeding $55.00 PB Career guide for medical students on entering residency. Civil Society, Social Disorder and War $49.95 PB Order and Anarchy re-examines the role of violence in human socia $55.00 PB This book explains cross-national and temporal changes in employ The Problem with Social Capital $59.95 PB Robert Putnam's social capital thesis re-examined from the perspec $65.00 PB This study of Proust’s famous novel A la recherche du temps perdu Contractarianism in Moral and Political Philosophy $48.95 PB Brings a distinctive approach to bear on topics such as guilt, punish The Sinn Féin Party, 1916–1923 $59.95 PB An analysis of the political organisation of Irish republicanism after t Russia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the $59.95 Republic, 1990–1999 book length study of economic voting outside of esta Czech PB This is the first The Cultural Politics of Love and Law $49.95 PB An exploration of the cultural practices around same-sex marriage a Venus and Adonis, The Rape of Lucrece, The Phoenix and Updated editionPassionate Pilgrim,poems, including discussion of re $19.95 PB the Turtle, The of Shakespeare’s A Lover's Complaint $49.95 PB An exploration of the problem of formulating monetary policy in prac $55.00 PB A Theory of Argument develops a novel approach to argument inter $130.00 PB An approachable and concise introduction to seismology for upperStudies in Kant's Theory of Rational Systematization PB Essays are concerned with the overall nature of Kant’s philosophica $65.00 $85.00 PB An exceptionally accessible, accurate and non-technical introductio A Sociology of International Relations $65.00 PB Addresses the central problem of international relations - security The Living Questionnaire $65.00 PB Conversation analysis study of the interaction between interviewers More than Methadone $130.00 PB Combines highly practical approach with strong research base to pr Women Artists and the Language of Art History and Criticism $79.95 PB Jacobs examines art criticism on women artists who were active in $110.00 PB New edition of successful textbook on deep Earth for advanced stu The Twentieth Century Extraterrestrial Life Debate and the Limits of Sciencefirst history of the twentieth century extraterrestrial $85.00 PB This book is the $99.00 PB Revised edition of a first-year graduate course on probability theory Law and Policy for Pollution Prevention $190.00 HB Comparative analysis of regulations in protecting the Arctic and Ant A History of Cambridge University's Lucasian Professors of A history of Cambridge University's Lucasian Professorship of Math $130.00 HB Mathematics A History and Evaluation $180.00 HB Comprehensive overview of the ‘Son of Man’ debate spanning 2,00 $180.00 HB Legal issues common to the regulation of corporate groups in UK, E $275.00 HB Both a reference and an introduction on the main results about topo $180.00 HB A comprehensive introduction to supersymmetry from Nobel Laurea Negotiating Modernity in Iran $59.95 PB Examines modernity in the context of Islamic Fundamentalism and $85.00 PB Jonathan Baron has updated and expanded his classic textbook Th The One, The Few, and The Many $55.00 PB This book examines religion and politics in diverse countries or regi $299.00 PB A collection of relevant decisions from the UN, European and InterPerspectives on Constitutional Political Economy $69.95 PB Explores shifting conceptions of constitutional political economy and A Sourcebook $55.00 PB This collection brings together a wide selection of Martin Luther’s ex The Pi Calculus $85.00 PB First account of new theory of communication in computing which d Space Astronomy from the V2 to the Hubble Space Telescope $110.00 PB Extensively illustrated account of the development and achievemen $75.00 PB Distinguished scholars assess the emerging international order, ex An Introductory Course $89.95 PB Revised and updated introduction to functional analysis. $140.00 PB A thoroughly updated second edition, covering all the major advanc $69.95 PB An overview of the role of institutions and organisations in the deve emporary Japan $59.95 PB This is an introductory-level text exploring science and technology i Regulation, Efficiency and Equality in Australia $59.95 PB A team of leading commentators assess the workings of and prosp $55.00 PB Now available in paperback, this is the only modernised critical edit An Adventurer's Guide to the Solar System $89.95 HB An exciting tour of the most spectacular sites in the Solar System, e $150.00 HB An indispensable reference for the study of Australian literature. The Dark Side of Economic Reform $140.00 HB Examines middle Australia and how it is coping with the changes of

$299.00 HB An authoritative, accessible and up-to-date account of all aspects o $250.00 HB Describes the largest treatment study ever conducted with alcoholic The Politics of Halévy's <I>La Juive</I> $200.00 HB This is a comprehensive critical study of the nineteenth-century Fre $44.95 PB This book offers a comprehensive overview of Orson Welles’ life an Making the 'Man of Science' $49.95 PB This biography of Thomas Huxley reflects on the historical significa $190.00 HB A comprehensive, highly illustrated and up-to-date guide to microm Hindu Nationalism and the Reshaping of the Public in PB An analysis of the use of media by political and religious interest gro $75.00 India A Practitioner's Guide $89.95 PB Sets out the fundamental techniques used in analyzing and underst $55.00 PB Historians and literary critics offer a comprehensive thematic asses Youth Crime and Homelessness $59.95 PB A field study, featuring intensive personal interviews, of young peop The First Fifty Years $55.00 PB Leading specialists on South Asia assess the progress and problem $69.95 PB The story of the English churches, concentrating on the lives of chu $59.95 PB This book is a pioneering effort to develop theoretical principles abo $65.00 PB A leading philosopher of biology presents a collection of essays on $55.00 PB This book argues that despite Heidegger’s involvement with Nazism And in General Scientific Data Analysis $130.00 PB Advanced chemistry textbook on use of spreadsheets in analytical c An Introduction $170.00 PB discusses polymers from a mechanical engineering perspective, tre Learning Functional Programming through MultimediaPB Teaches functional programming using Haskell and examples draw $79.95 $89.95 PB A comprehensive introduction to the use of neural networks in signa Which Way Out? $59.95 PB This book offers new solutions to the problem of rising unemployme $55.00 PB How Roman law has influenced European legal and political though Genealogies of the Social $160.00 HB This book charts the changing definitions of unemployment in the U $299.00 HB Experts discuss current research and applications in interfacial fluid $160.00 HB Advanced textbook on lasers and optics of laser light in guided-wav Fundamentals and Applications in the Petroleum Industry This book provides an introduction to the nature, occurrence, physic $375.00 HB $170.00 HB Essays on relationship between the moral environment of the court $47.95 PB This biography traces Mendelssohn’s development from dazzling ch An Introduction $120.00 PB Introduces the basics of engineering design and analysis for beginn $99.00 PB Argues that international community can exist, and examines the po $75.00 PB This book is explores the mathematics encountered in first year uni Gender, Liberalism and Social Policy in Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States about gender, welfare states a $69.95 PB An important contribution to debates $85.00 PB Sarkar provides the philosophical background necessary to underst $140.00 PB A lucid, up-to-date discussion of optical methods of solving mechan History and Society in the Sixth Century $69.95 PB A new interpretation of the Ten Books of History of Gregory of Tour $180.00 PB Text on momentum, energy, and mass transfer for graduate engine $59.95 PB John Duns Scotus was one of the principal figures in medieval philo An Advanced Course $89.95 PB An advanced Arabic course for the final two years of an undergrad $59.95 PB This Companion provides an accessible introduction to Verdi’s life a $130.00 PB Presents single-variable statistical distributions useful in solving pra Surveillance, Citizenship and the State $75.00 PB This book examines the history of the passport and state control of $79.95 PB An extended formal analysis of economic forecasting co-authored b States, Markets and Civil Society $59.95 PB This groundbreaking collection challenges the prevalent market-driv Theory and Implementations $190.00 HB This is an account of radial basis functions, a new method for estim Geometric Structures, Oscillations, and Initial-Boundary Value Problems on mathematical theory of conservation laws and par $250.00 HB Graduate text Habitat Resources and Conservation Implications $250.00 HB Readable and practical account of wetland bird ecology and conser $325.00 WX Now in paperback, an up-to-date, comprehensive account of super Causes, Consequences, and Reform $180.00 HB How high levels of corruption limit investment and growth can lead $170.00 HB The first modern edition of Plato’s Alcibiades, aimed at both studen $190.00 HB An interpretation of Gratian’s Decretum, based on the discovery of $130.00 HB How to reconstruct 3D surfaces from images, using geometry, with An Annotated Bibliography of Key Works $225.00 HB Essential guide to the specialist literature for the identification of Bri $250.00 HB This book is about the basis of mathematical reasoning both in pure

$75.00 PB Readable introduction to animal behaviour for beginning students in Social Inquiry and the Problem of Illegitimacy $69.95 PB Examines how illegitimacy has been constructed as a social proble Mobilizing Traditions in the Twentieth Century $75.00 PB Social movements literature meets cultural theory in study of music $59.95 PB An accessible guide into the complex field of Islamic historiography $69.95 PB A text, with introduction and commentary, of a speech by the ancien Violent Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice $79.95 PB Recriminalizing Delinquency examines attempts to transfer jurisdict Reform $29.95 PB Tells very accessibly the story of the development of Cambridge ov A Reassessment after 75 Years $95.00 PB This book on the Treaty of Versailles constitutes a new synthesis of A Guide to Understanding the Virus and its Consequences A new edition of this popular and informative guide to understandin $89.95 PB $59.95 PB Specially commissioned essays addressing Malebranche’s thought $69.95 PB Leading philosophers address some of the basic issues raised by g $35.95 PB Second edition of Freeman Dyson’s fascinating examination of the The Impact of the British and German Welfare States PB This book compares gender, social equality and welfare issues in B $69.95 From Watts to Rodney King $65.00 PB Charts the history, development and influence of the African-Americ Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism $65.00 PB An original and challenging book on the meaning of nationalism, eth The Story of Genes and Genetic Engineering39.95 PB Describes, in a delightfully accessible way, the fascinating world of $ $85.00 PB Fully revised second edition of the best-selling graduate and practit $120.00 PB Advanced biophysics textbook focusing on how physical concepts c in Philosophy $59.95 PB Specially-commissioned essays offering an overview of the place o Cultural Histories $160.00 HB Focuses on the various histories that intersect around and within th Human, Riparian, and Aquatic Communities $299.00 HB Presents a comprehensive, interdisciplinary review of issues related $150.00 HB This is the first modernized critical edition of Shakespeare’s Henry V The Rise and Fall of International Law 1870–1960 $325.00 HB Legal analysis, historical and political critique of the rise and fall of m Interaction Between Primary Care Physicians and Patients Provides a comprehensive discussion of communication between d $170.00 HB ing with C and Fortran $250.00 HB A beginner’s guide to problem solving with computers - both a text f A Biography $75.00 HB A biography of John Stuart Mill, the most influential British philosoph The Importance of History to the Military Profession PB Exploring the usefulness of the study of history for contemporary m $43.95 Bernard Mandeville and the Discovery of Society $99.00 PB Study of influence of Anglo-Dutch Enlightenment theorist, author of Studies in Musical Interpretation $99.00 PB The twelve essays in this volume reflect the most important trends $120.00 PB Action Semantics is a comprehensive introduction to the semantics $59.95 PB The first comprehensive analysis of the methodology of experiment Systematic, Critical, and Historical Essays In Logical Theory $59.95 PB This book brings together essays by one of the pre-eminent scholar $43.95 PB A study of how people understood and used money from 1630 to 18 in English Political Thought, 1570–1640 $79.95 PB A new perspective on two seminal themes in English political thoug A Study in Early Christian Theology $59.95 PB This second edition brings the original discussion into line with rece $110.00 PB John Green presents his unique personal insight into the fundamen Conflict and Reform $55.00 PB This book is about relations between police and citizens, with a focu Technology and the Politics of Education $49.95 PB This book discusses much of Heidegger’s later thought on metaphy $65.00 PB Renowned scholars shed light on our understanding of contempora Debates and Controversies, 1914 to the Present $59.95 PB This is a fully comparative history of the writing of the history of the $99.00 PB An introductory textbook aimed at first year graduate students spec A Socio-Historical Study of Institutionalization in the Pauline The author studies the Writings corpus in order to trace the process $99.00 PB and Deutrero-Pauline Pauline A WTO Secretariat Publication $75.00 PB This handbook offers an understanding of the practical operation of History and Faith in the Southern Slaveholders' Worldview The Mind of the Master Class tells of America's greatest historical t $59.95 PB n American Slave Narrative $59.95 PB This Companion examines the slave narrative in relation to its histo The Origins of Social Spending on Pensioners, Workers, and Childrenthe different approaches in state spending on pensions $44.95 PB Examines $59.95 PB This book explains the role of ethnicity in group differences across olitical Thought $55.00 PB A fresh look at the impact of Quentin Skinner’s The Foundations of Clinical and Educational Applications $55.00 PB This book introduces the basic principles and practices of dynamic $55.00 PB What can be done to keep released prisoners from committing new National, Provincial and Local Perspectives $65.00 PB The volume examines the newly adopted Chinese government polic Framing Protest in Asia, Africa, and Latin America $59.95 PB ‘Popular intellectuals’, who speak in the name of the popular classe

$79.95 PB Contemporary introduction to automata theory that uniquely also co On the Kantian Aftermath $59.95 PB This book discusses approaches to the self-understanding and legi eir Applications $85.00 PB This book provides a motivated introduction to sieve theory. Effects on Child and Adolescent Development $59.95 PB This book examines effects that family has on the social and emotio $79.95 PB A thorough investigation of the nature of first-century CE Galilee’s p Legitimation and Development in Johannine$89.95 PB James McGrath offers a fresh approach to the question of the origin Christology The Epistle to the Hebrews as a New Testament Example of Biblical Interpretation about the interests underlying the Epistle. $79.95 PB This book offers a thesis and Gatherers $89.95 PB This illustrated reference volume is both accessible to the nonspeci Violation and Identity $65.00 PB A study of the linked themes of violation and identity in seven Shake $69.95 PB This is an important new study of English women’s participation in t Dual-Career Families and the Work-Life Balance $65.00 PB Examines the work and family lives of dual-career couples and thei Evolutionary Perspectives on Male Anti-Cuckoldry Tactics How males deal with the consequences of raising a child they unkn $99.00 PB $120.00 PB Highlights the key role played by taxonomy in the conservation and $99.00 PB Literary-historical account of Byron’s influence on Victorian writers, The Caesarian and Augustan Narrative (2.41-93) $99.00 PB The second volume in the edition, covering Velleius’ narrative of Ju A Definitive Guide for Medical Professionals$79.95 PB More than 800 terms commonly encountered in MR Imaging and S $275.00 HB Gives a detailed discussion of the legislation, highlighting substantiv $130.00 PB Explores the various impacts of measures of EU law on national he An Introduction $48.95 PB Concise and accessible review of some of the important economic $59.95 PB This book explores the relationships among creativity, reason, and $120.00 PB This second volume addresses tremendous progress in elliptic curv $36.95 AC The complete Tempest is recorded, with full cast headed by Ian Mc $69.95 PB This volume examine the history of free speech doctrine. $59.95 PB An up-to-date illustrated survey of the important films based on, or i $130.00 PB This book contains some important new contributions to the theory of Partial Maps $89.95 PB First systematic account of axiomatic categorical domain theory and $55.00 PB A major new work from the award-winning scholar and cultural com $59.95 PB Second edition of a comprehensive study of the ritual practices in tr A Lab-Based Approach $89.95 PB A hands-on textbook on TCP/IP technologies, showing how the pro merican Empire $59.95 PB This book documents the potency of Manifest destiny in the antebe $110.00 PB A collection of solved problems corresponding to topics in undergra $75.00 PB An important new departure in Gospel studies and textual criticism, Plates, Plumes and Mantle Convection $140.00 PB Presents the principles of convection in the earth’s mantle in an acc African-American Males in the Criminal Justice System $55.00 PB This book argues that racial bias causes large percentages of Ame $170.00 PB Undergraduate introductory quantum mechanics textbook with a lar $85.00 PB Aimed at the general reader, this is the most comprehensive, up-to $69.95 PB A systematic treatment of foundational, conceptual, and methodolo $65.00 PB The first edition of Much Ado About Nothing to focus wholly on the p $59.95 PB Provides a comprehensive view of Berlioz the man, the composer, $150.00 HB A unified treatment of the basic principles of programming language The Rise and Fall of a Rainforest Civilization $160.00 HB Ancient Maya comes to life in this new holistic and theoretical study $225.00 HB The first major study in English of a group of late twelfth-century rel $150.00 HB Analyses the formal constitutional changes that have taken place in Structures and Practices of Power $225.00 HB A collection of the best recent research on the Republic of Florence $130.00 HB Showcasing features just a mile across in 47 high-resolution image cts and Arachnids $160.00 PB Comprehensive and unbeatable guide to the evolution of cooperatio cts and Arachnids $140.00 PB Comprehensive guide to the evolution of sexual conflict and cooper News from the Middle East $65.00 PB This book offers and applies an approach to studying the role of me $59.95 PB Takes the reader on an exhilarating tour through scientific discover $69.95 PB A useful book explaining how Japan succeeded in transforming an Multidimensional UN Operations in Cambodia and El Salvador $99.00 PB Keeping the Peace explores the new multidimensional role that the Sexual Politics in the Public Mind $59.95 PB Why have images of the fabled sensitive, post-feminist ‘new man’ p

$160.00 PB The classic text on mathematical analysis. $65.00 PB An abridged edition of Woods’ prize-winning biography of Fulbright, $120.00 PB Paperback edition of well written, highly recommended undergradu $69.95 PB This collection of David Lewis’s most recent papers is devoted to hi Cultivation Theory and Research $65.00 PB This book investigates the relationship between exposure to televis with a Panorama of Recent Developments $89.95 PB An advanced undergraduate introduction combining mathematical r Applications in Hydrogeology $89.95 PB This presents practical techniques for interpolation and estimation p $69.95 PB The contributors present various opinions about the causes of viole $65.00 PB This edition of Shakespeare’s King Lear is based on the first (1608) Henry VII and Selected Works $65.00 PB A major new student edition by a senior Renaissance scholar of ‘the On Nihilism of Technology and Theories of Modern Architecture $55.00 PB Explores theories of construction in modern architecture. $59.95 PB The literary and political significance of slander, including its use by $39.95 PB A consideration of the criteria by which we should judge whether we A Study in Legal Decision Making $225.00 HB A cognitive analysis of judicial sentencing in multiple-offence cases An Introduction $160.00 HB ##################### Hyperbolicity, Entropies, Shock Waves $225.00 HB Graduate text on mathematical theory of conservation laws and par Dictatorship, Foreign Policy, and War in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany origins, nature, dynamics, and ruinous end of the Italia $95.00 HB Analyzes the Principles and Techniques $399.00 HB This is an invaluable introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonanc $160.00 HB A new companion volume to the best-selling The Nature of Mathem Maturation, Culture, and Context $225.00 HB Presents new theory on attachment that broadens its range to ages $59.95 PB Peirce (1839–1914) is generally considered the most significant Am $130.00 PB An overview of one of the richest and most complex linguistic regio $170.00 PB A concise yet comprehensive and practical guide to the study and m $110.00 PB Mainstream undergraduate chemistry text on subject taught to all st $75.00 PB An examination of the mathematics classroom as a social process. $65.00 PB A study of social and political transformation and development of st $130.00 PB This is a history of economic thought from Adam Smith to John Ma $130.00 PB This book takes a hands-on approach to the functional morphology $89.95 PB This book leads readers from simple number work to the point whe Business Innovation and Information Technology $89.95 PB Shows how information technology can be put to work to transform Chinese Economic Reform, 1978–1993 $79.95 PB A comprehensive study of China’s economic reforms from 1978 to $79.95 PB This book examines the consequences of misspecifications from th Idylls 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 13 $180.00 HB Text of eight poems by the third-century BC Greek poet Theocritus The English in Louth, 1170–1330 $180.00 HB An examination of the earliest English settlers in Ireland in the coas $250.00 HB An exploration of the cultural contexts of law-breaking and criminal The Effectiveness and Legitimacy of the Antarctic Treaty Systembook examines the legitimacy and effectiveness of the Antarct $275.00 HB This $200.00 HB A clear and well-organised introduction to Spanish syntax, assumin The BC Children's Hospital Manual $140.00 PB This compact yet comprehensive handbook provides an essential s $79.95 PB Covers the computational methods involved in designing the locom $79.95 PB This book argues that language use is the joint action that emerges The Power of the Hysterical Woman $85.00 PB Public reaction to the church, and its influence on the lives of early C A Sociological Perspective on the Epidemic $59.95 PB Carole Campbell examines the position of women in the AIDS epide in America $69.95 PB Tells the story of Australia’s integration into the international econom Family, Friends, and Violence $59.95 PB Extensive interviews with gang members and their relatives provide Building a Regional Production Alliance $59.95 PB Up-to-date, comprehensive and controversial, this book critically ex $65.00 PB A major new textbook presenting translated extracts from the writin The Self-Defence Justification of Homicide $59.95 PB Philosophical discussion of the principles relevant to self-defence a $225.00 HB Study by a distinguished judge of the role of precedent in the World A Comprehensive Clinical Guide $170.00 PB A comprehensive clinical guide to diagnosis, treatment and manage Textual Approaches to the City $65.00 PB This book explores a wide range of descriptions of the city of Rome $65.00 PB A CTPT rendition of a controversial and important text. A Nontechnical Introduction $69.95 PB A self-contained mathematical introduction that concentrates on the

arch for a Cold War Foreign Policy

$59.95 PB Historical essays about how diseases change their meaning. $59.95 PB Fifteen original essays offer an introduction to one of the most influe Philosophical Papers $69.95 PB A collection of Rorty’s essays complementing two previously publish s and the Addictions $69.95 PB A stimulating and authoritative review of psychotherapeutic treatme Prostitution and Pornography in Australia since 1945 PB This political history of the sex industry in Australia since World Wa $59.95 Reagan, Thatcher and the Politics of Retrenchment PB This book examines the politics of social policy in an era of austerit $55.00 $120.00 PB Textbook on cryptography for students of electrical engineering and the Pacific War $275.00 HB This book describes British wartime policy in Asia and the struggle The Uses and Abuses of a Concentration Camp, 1933–2001 unified interpretation of the historical, political and remembered c $160.00 HB A Colonial Discourse from Cook to Gauguin $250.00 HB Examines representations of the South Pacific by explorers, missio History's Revenge and Future Shock $65.00 PB An attempt to redraw our mental maps of global politics through the An Introduction $59.95 PB This is an accessible introduction to the full range of the philosophy American Indians, the Voting Rights Act, and the Right to Vote book explains the history and expansion of voting rights for Am $47.95 PB This $69.95 PB This relevant and accessible work is a valuable resource for reader $75.00 PB This book examines how movements are organized and the role of Practical Reasoning as a Foundation for Moral Theory $59.95 PB Examines how practical reasoning can be put into the service of eth $85.00 PB Complete account of the applications of RR Lyrae stars in professio Reappraisals and Reflections $69.95 PB The evolution of republican concepts compared to medieval and ea $150.00 PB This book examines the geological aspects of the ultrahigh pressur A Manual of Geometry and PostScript $79.95 PB A completely self-contained step-by-step introduction to the graphic International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives $85.00 PB A collection of essays which focus on the relationship between judic $95.00 PB An introduction to one-dimensional dynamics for graduate students Ethics in Government, Business, and Healthcare $59.95 PB Argues for a more robust conception of responsibility in public life th $59.95 PB Political theory scholars examine the challenge that political ecology A Guide for Social Scientists $59.95 PB This book provides a guide to event history analysis for researchers Language and Conflict in the Middle East $65.00 PB The book investigates how language articulates socio-political confl $130.00 PB A study of the reign of the German king and emperor Henry IV (105 Stratigraphy Classification and Relations with the Western Tethys $79.95 PB This book describes and interprets Upper Permian and Lower Trias Economic Policy $89.95 PB This book makes an important contribution to the current re-evalua Entrepreneurs, Labour Force and Living Conditions, 1700–1850 $99.00 PB Analyses the effects of the industrial revolution on London’s working Religious and Secular Perspectives $79.95 PB Discussion of weapons of mass destruction from a number of religi $45.00 PB This volume is an accessible introduction to Rossellini’s Rome Ope eth-Century Latin America $69.95 PB The first systematically comparative and historical analysis of the in The Individual in the Fragile Sciences $59.95 PB Provides the foundations for the view that the mind extends beyond The Representation of the Roman Republic $55.00 PB How the memory of the Roman Republic manifest itself after the Re in Imperial Culture A Narrative Approach $65.00 PB Charts the social, cultural and moral contours of contemporary mot Bilateral Distrust in the Shadow of Globalization $69.95 PB A comprehensive picture of the pursuit of regionalism across North $65.00 PB Lawson’s Politica, a seventeenth-century treatise on politics in chur paganda, 1947–1960 $85.00 PB How US government and media collaborated in their dissemination $49.95 PB A collection of essays on the life and work of E. M. Forster. The Chorus, the City and the Stage $140.00 PB The first major study of a central cultural institution of classical Athe $120.00 PB Harold Hill’s achievement is to awaken us to the stark, compelling b Challenges, Risks, and Rewards $59.95 PB Panoramic view of the challenges, ethical issues and rewards surro oral Competition in Established Democracies since 1945 $59.95 PB This book shows how voter turnout is an indicator of the health of a $55.00 PB This is the story of how Jewish survivors of the Holocaust re-establi On Stage and in Society $65.00 PB This book offers new insight into the connection between actresses $99.00 PB Introduction to the theory and the large-scale simulation methods cu Exploring the Structure and Process Underlying Deadly Situations $65.00 PB A micro-historical analysis of the nature of change and stability in ho Logic as a Branch of Biology $69.95 PB Cooper outlines a theory of rationality in which logical law emerges $29.95 PB This guide places the Canterbury Tales in the context of the crisis in Regulation and the Distortion of Scientific Research PB This book examines how dominant interest groups manipulate the a $55.00 An Ethnography of Scientific Practice $75.00 PB This book is based on an ethnography of laboratory practice and ex

Science, Society and Disease

$65.00 PB This collection explores the structure of consciousness and its plac $79.95 PB First comprehensive study of the origin’s of Jung’s psychology and $65.00 PB Examines the role of the media in peace processes, arguing that it The Institutionalization of Cooperation $75.00 PB An analysis of the growth of foreign and security policy cooperation $55.00 PB This volume collects together Newton’s principal philosophical writin The pragma-dialectical approach $55.00 PB This is a major contribution to the study of argumentation. Analysis and Alternatives $89.95 PB An overview of the economic issues that are involved in the privatis Quantitative Methods for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology This textbook provides a no-nonsense introduction to the principles $89.95 PB An Inaugural Lecture given in the University$28.95 PB 22 Octoberof archaeology’s relevance in Africa and Africa’s relevanc of Cambridge, An outline 2002 $55.00 PB Offers an introduction to Churchland’s work, alongside a critique of Probabilistic Models, Statistical Inference, and Applications Behavioral Social Choice looks at the probabilistic foundations of co $55.00 PB A Conceptual Approach $140.00 PB Graduate level textbook in atomic physics. $65.00 PB An important discussion of philosophical issues surrounding consen $49.95 PB Raging Bull explores all facets of the groundbreaking 1980 film dire Employment Regulation for the Changing Workplace PB This book studies changes in the employment relationship and the $59.95 The Potential for Change $59.95 PB This volume examines the potential for change during the life cours Theories, Cases, and Challenges $69.95 PB The volume aims at providing a comprehensive understanding of co $65.00 PB A detailed account of the theatre history of Shakespeare’s Macbeth Identifying the Mechanisms of the Mind $65.00 PB This book is about psychological research on intelligence and the v From Classical Error Correction to Quantum Cryptography This book addresses protecting information from noise and eavesd $55.00 PB The Sources of Russian Regionalism $69.95 PB This book analyses the economics of regional sovereignty moveme $79.95 PB A theoretical and empirically spirited defence of democratic governa A Practical Guide for Clinicians $110.00 PB This is a practical, positive approach to sexual health promotion for $49.95 PB This new book by Brian Skyrms is a study of ideas of cooperation a Ethical and Clinical Issues $140.00 PB This book covers comprehensively and practically the ethical issues $49.95 PB Examines the processes of Islamization, Arabization, and Africaniza $120.00 PB This book contains a collection of survey papers by leading researc ge of Information $59.95 PB Gregory Treverton, former US National Intelligence council head, d Women's Imprisonment in California $59.95 PB In this book, the authors examine how women prisoners’ lives chan American Novel $59.95 PB A stimulating collection of new essays on the development of the no Postcolonial Explorations $65.00 PB Sugirtharajah explores the complex relationship between the Bible $59.95 PB A biography of Kierkegaard’s life and thoughts written by one of the $110.00 PB This case-based approach to geriatric medicine is suitable for all he $49.95 PB In his latest book Frederic Schick develops his challenge to standar ry and Ramanujan Graphs $59.95 PB A self-contained treatment of expander graphs which are important $190.00 PB The definitive text on the rotational spectroscopy of diatomic molecu A Comprehensive Course in Spanish $55.00 AC This course is designed to lead the adult beginner to a comprehens Race, Evolution and the Origin of Native Americans PB Challenges traditional ideas of who the first Americans were and wh $110.00 $69.95 PB A description of the constitutional rights of women in twelve countrie The Theory and Practice of Egalitarian Justice $59.95 PB This book offers original and innovative contributions to the debate $75.00 PB Definitive account of England’s transformation through industrial rev $75.00 PB Patrick Morgan’s authoritative study revisits the place of deterrence $59.95 PB An historical and contemporary overview of the state of Jews and J Gender Equality and Cultural Change Around the World $49.95 PB Analyzes the political consequences of how modernization has cha A First Course $85.00 PB Modern introduction to theory of coding and decoding with many ex The Legacy of Muhammad al-Shawkani $69.95 PB A history of the transition from traditional Shiism to Sunni reformism gration to Western Europe $44.95 PB Traces the evolution of immigration for the immigration-receiving st $49.95 PB Offering the first historical study of the congressional response to th Real or Imaginary? $110.00 PB Completely updated new edition exploring weather cycles for stude Opinion Surveys and the Will of the People $65.00 PB It advises how to make better use of opinion polls to represent the p Innovative Design Tactics in a Corporate World $65.00 PB The Simplicity Shift is about shifting a company’s culture to value, d $59.95 PB An invaluable guide to Aphra Behn, including a chronology, bibliogr

Essays in Phenomenology and Ontology The Dream of a Science

Perspectives on Technological Change in a Peasant Economy $110.00 PB A detailed study of the local effects of the British Raj’s irrigation sch $140.00 PB A new view of the Goths of Italy, challenging racist, nationalist assu A Practical Guide $110.00 PB Indispensable guide to the technical and practical aspects of field a A Political Economy of the Pioneer Frontier in Brazil from 1930 to the Present Day $85.00 PB A ‘regional’ political economy which makes its own contribution to th The Globalization of Intellectual Property Rights $59.95 PB Analysis of the power of multinational corporations in moulding inte Science, Religion and Politics from the Restoration to PB Frenchbook traces the relationship between Anglicanism and science $95.00 the This Revolution $59.95 PB This book explores the ways in which children learn to be healthy. $59.95 PB This important book is the first serious philosophical examination of $44.95 PB The most comprehensive bibliography of printed books, articles, an $89.95 PB A picture of pre-Revolutionary Paris as a structured local communit $110.00 PB A collection of original essays on the relationship between property mpire, 900–1200 $99.00 PB Dr Harvey argues that the disintegration of the Byzantine Empire sh $59.95 PB This book examines the degree to which international financial mar A Handbook $65.00 PB This book examine methods for facilitating public participation in en $85.00 PB A collection of essays on the ‘pre-history’ of the impact of AIDS, and $65.00 PB Darlene Fozard Weaver challenges contemporary culture’s promoti $130.00 PB This book uniquely covers both Statics and Dynamics with a revisio ure of Precaution $59.95 PB The first account of the health panic surrounding cellular phones tha Social Interaction and Learning in Adolescence and Youth Sheds new light on the processes of socialization on today’s youth. $65.00 PB America and Cuba after the Cold War, 1989–2001 PB A comprehensive study of US policy toward Cuba in the post-Cold W $59.95 ogical Patterns $110.00 PB Sets the ecological themes of abundance, distribution, and populati $75.00 PB This book discusses Greek attitudes to settlement and territory as a d the Early Enlightenment $79.95 PB A biography of Henry Stubbe, 1632–76, classicist, polemicist, physi $120.00 HB The Cambridge Annotated Study Bible, edited by Dr Howard Clark A Comprehensive, Community-Based Approach $110.00 PB A new, practical and cost effective approach to the provision of men $110.00 PB Puts the broad empirical knowledge on weed ecology into a theoret Surveying Israeli Opinion on Peace and War 65.00 PB Security Threatened is the first major analysis of the interactions am $ $120.00 PB How to use Mathematica to control laboratory experiments and ana $79.95 PB A concise examination of the use of elasticity in solving geotechnica The Historiography of US Foreign Relations$85.001941 since PB A survey of the historical literature on intelligence and national secu $140.00 HB The essential reference source for all astronomers and planetary sc $69.95 PB A study of two of the greatest composers of the twentieth century th $49.95 PB Tells the story of Berlioz, the greatest French composer of the ninet $69.95 PB First introductory book to subject; also illustrated with applications. $75.00 PB This book considers the ways in which current conflicts of ‘race’, cla n German Novel $59.95 PB A broad ranging introduction to the development of the German nov A Vital Organelle $250.00 HB An authoritative and readable account of current understanding of t $200.00 HB In this study Tertullian’s writings are examined in the context of the The Cold War and Beyond $79.95 PB A comparative analysis of international security issues in the post-C A Critique of Paradigm Proliferation $89.95 PB A unique and controversial examination of current theories of organ Current Theories $69.95 PB This book contains essays by leading criminologists describing curr A Synthesis of Views $69.95 PB $89.95 PB $110.00 PB This is the first volume in a major two-volume set of advanced texts Comparisons and Contrasts $65.00 PB A collection of essays comparing key aspects of Nazi Germany and Constitutionalism in an Age of Diversity $59.95 PB A profound survey of constitutionalism which develops a post-imper $180.00 HB A unified treatment of a spatial random process that can be used to Chicxulub Crater and Mass Extinctions $110.00 HB Thrilling account of how we discovered the impact crater of the com Analysis and Prospects $160.00 HB Experts discuss the evidence behind recent changes in practice for A Phenomenological and Neurobiological Review $250.00 HB Describes the development of a new approach to the diagnosis and Renaissance to Revolution, 1492–1792 $120.00 HB A thorough introduction to the military and naval history of the years $59.95 PB This book addresses current debates about globalisation and cultur

$99.00 PB $59.95 PB $65.00 PB $275.00 HB $275.00 HB $75.00 PB $99.00 PB $110.00 PB New Perspectives on Social Theory $49.95 PB $120.00 PB iet Union, 1913–1945 $85.00 PB Biology, Behavior and the Fossil Record $130.00 PB Marcel Duchamp $110.00 PB $47.95 PB $55.00 PB $65.00 PB $150.00 HB Who Sets the Agenda? $75.00 PB $69.95 PB Essays on the History of Inductive Probability $59.95 PB A Linguistic Introduction $69.95 PB $39.95 PB $99.00 PB $250.00 HB $55.00 PB $110.00 PB Tradition and Formalization $85.00 PB $69.95 PB The Plays on Film and Television $65.00 PB $250.00 HB enth-Century Novel $59.95 PB $55.00 PB Social Issues and Human Concerns $89.95 PB $95.00 PB An Essay in Archaeological Interpretation $75.00 PB $110.00 PB The Scientific Background $55.00 PB An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science $69.95 PB $85.00 PB $55.00 PB An Essay in the Sociology of Religion $75.00 PB $180.00 PB $110.00 PB The Earlier Middle Ages $75.00 PB $39.95 PB $45.00 PB Women and Drama, 1660–1700 $79.95 PB Ecological and Interpersonal Sources of Self Knowledge $180.00 HB Colonial Passages 1920–1960 $160.00 HB $150.00 HB $59.95 PB Teaching, Learning, and Schooling in Social$69.95 PB Context

In this new biography, Peter Franklin re-confronts the myth of Mahle Essays on postmodernity from outstanding thinkers in a wide range

A comprehensive international review providing guidance in approp An edition with introduction and line-by-line commentary of the Rom A toolkit for exploring gravitational physics at work in the universe. Everything that amateur and professional fossil hunters will ever ne This book collects the most important statements of the postmoder A reissue of the 1932 edition of Lamb’s Hydrodynamics in paperbac Leading scholars in the field analyse the Soviet economy sector by This study uses the ecology and behaviour of modern elephants to A critical analysis of postmodernism in the visual arts since the 196 The first comprehensive guide to Holst’s orchestral suite considers A substantially revised and expanded edition of David Wiggins’ clas Richard Norman looks at issues concerning the justification for war Unique and accessible overview of modern chemistry, including con This volume assesses current archaeological theories and consider New translations of essential political writings by leading figures in t Containing essays on the history and philosophy of probability and s The first accessible account of the language of Ancient Egypt to use In The Meanings of Death, John Bowker offers a major contribution Broad overview of how environmental stress affects the rate of evo Any student wishing to solve problems via mathematical modelling Clear and understandable explanation of Mark’s contribution to the A graduate text providing a brisk, thorough treatment of the foundat This book sets out a generative structuralist conception of general t Some of the world’s foremost historians of ideas consider Machiave Essays on the best known film, television and video versions of Sha This first comprehensive account of the dynamical processes in the A comprehensive and innovative guide to the British novel in its form This textbook deals with the history of European artisans from 1300 Examination of the environmental, technological and ethical aspect

This book sets out to provide a new synthesis of recent archaeolog

A comprehensive account of all the issues surrounding chemical wa This is an introductory survey to the philosophy of science suitable A major study of avian community ecology. A collection of the work of Joseph Priestley, arguably one of the mo Studies the relationship between the social sciences and biblical stu Revised and expanded second edition of the standard work on new #####################

Owen Chadwick paints a detailed cameo of nineteenth-century Eng

An interesting theory of self, based on perception, is explored by a d An evocative account of white women’s experiences in Papua betw This book offers an innovative survey of medicine and society from Theda Skocpol, author of the award-winning 1979 book States and

$120.00 PB Examines the nature and function of metaphor in language and tho $250.00 HB This book outlines the science underlying the prediction of stress an $199.00 HB This book is the most up-to-date and comprehensive biographical o $130.00 HB This book is concerned with changes and proposed changes to the $75.00 PB The Character of the Industrial Revolution in England PB $65.00 $79.95 PB $130.00 HB Lawson’s Politica, a seventeenth-century treatise on politics in chur Creating an Antipodean England $160.00 HB Van Diemen’s Land as a case study in nineteenth-century Europea Reminiscences about a Great Physicist $99.00 PB Triumphal Rulership in Late Antiquity, Byzantium and the Early Medieval West $140.00 PB $28.95 PB This edition establishes the authoritative text of Culture and Anarch Politics and Society $99.00 PB Assessing the relative importance of British influence and of indigen $35.95 PB In this study, Michael Beddow analyses the chief historical, theologi $45.95 PB A collection of Marx’s important later writings translated and introdu With Space and Laboratory Applications $150.00 PB Advanced undergraduate/beginning graduate text on space and lab Antiquity and the Middle Ages $79.95 PB $59.95 PB Science and the History of Reason $89.95 PB An introduction to the critical interpretation of the work of Michael F $69.95 PB $89.95 PB Studies the revolutionary movement represented by some Hellenist $31.95 PB From Quarks to Living Cells $75.00 PB A popular introduction to the universe too small for the eye to see. amentation by Johann Adam Hiller $65.00 PB An English translation of an important manual on vocal technique a $47.95 PB A lucid and non-technical introduction to the theological ideas and h eter, and Jude $75.00 PB A balanced and comprehensive treatment of these greatly neglecte $44.95 PB A newly translated selection of Marx’s early political writings. of the Christian Era $69.95 PB In its approach to evidence, not harmonizing but analyzing and diffe $110.00 PB A Simple Tale $275.00 HB The Secret Agent (1907) is a compelling tale of espionage and terro $65.00 PB Examines the nature of the changes that transformed the Christian $85.00 PB $79.95 PB No other textbook surveys gender across this range of languages. G $69.95 PB A concise and comprehensive introduction to Marx’s social, politica $99.00 PB This textbook is an introduction to the theory of Hilbert space and it Historical Essays $89.95 PB These essays synthesises many of the most significant findings of r $110.00 PB This textbook provides an introduction to constructive methods that $399.00 HB This volume traces the history of disease and addresses every sign The European Experience $180.00 HB $325.00 HB A wide-ranging introduction to the human species that places mode $225.00 HB This important monograph systematically examines the ways in wh $150.00 PB Drawing on their considerable teaching experience the authors pres $79.95 PB This book is a source of first-hand information on Britten's final ope $59.95 PB $95.00 PB Philosophical Papers will interest a very wide range of philosophers $79.95 PB The standard work of reference on early modern literary criticism in The Culture and Artistry of <I>Tarab</I> $85.00 PB Intimate portrayal of the Arab musical experience, for both the spec Philosophical Papers $110.00 PB $55.00 PB This detailed study evaluates the particular qualities which typify Str $299.00 HB A comprehensive overview of the modern critical tradition in the ear $299.00 HB The successful opening volume of The Cambridge History of Litera Some Problems of Judgement and Feeling $99.00 PB

$19.95 PB A radical new edition which shows Shakespeare’s Pericles to be a u $110.00 PB $69.95 PB A critical introduction to modern French philosoophy, from one of th $69.95 PB Reproduction in Mammals is a source of information for advanced s $65.00 PB Focuses on the two central conflicts of capitalism, bourgeois versus $79.95 PB $65.00 PB With a commentary giving proper critical emphasis to the technique $110.00 PB An examination of the importance of writing on the development of $89.95 PB $59.95 PB The twenty-fourth book of the Iliad is one of the masterpieces of wo Habermas and the Frankfurt School $44.95 PB $65.00 PB A collection of four speeches, chosen as documents of Athenian law $99.00 PB $79.95 PB Summarises what is currently known about Otello and interprets its $99.00 PB This volume concentrates on the Balkan wars and World War II, foc $120.00 PB $59.95 PB rofessor Gilpin uses history, sociology, and economic theory to iden Essays in the Historiography of Philosophy $75.00 PB A volume of essays on the current debate about the relationship be he Comneni, 1081–1261 $110.00 PB An in-depth study of church and society under Comneni rule before $330.00 HB Examining the turbulent period from 1550 to 1800. $330.00 HB Survey of the historical events and developments in medieval Japa $375.00 HB The second of two volumes dealing with the decline of the Ch’ing e $130.00 PB $140.00 PB The Transition to Digital TV in the United States and Britain This book studies the transition from analog to digital TV in the US $69.95 PB The Birth and Death of a Nation State $69.95 PB Essays on the political and cultural importance of Naples in the eigh New Essays in Philosophical Aesthetics $95.00 PB A collection of essays on creativity by a distinguished roster of philo Europe and Asia in the Early Modern Era $99.00 PB Comparative study looking at the development of trade between Eu $99.00 PB The book describes the commonest causes and types of injury enc Liberalism, Imagination, and Friendship in British Intellectual and Professionalof the world’s most famous secret society, the Ca $75.00 PB A full-scale study Life $75.00 PB This economic analysis of the professional football industry present Gribov Lectures on Theoretical Physics $89.95 PB A rigorous introduction to the theory of complex angular momenta, $85.00 PB Haralson traces the engagement with sexual politics in fiction by He An Intellectual History of English Colonisation, 1500–1625 A major study of the impact of Renaissance humanism upon the En $75.00 PB The Legacy of Proposition 13 $59.95 PB This book examines the causes and consequences of property tax The 'Zhou Bi Suan Jing' $75.00 PB A study of Chinese astronomy accessible to the non-specialist. $75.00 PB Focuses on the basic mathematical tools needed for cryptographic $79.95 PB A comprehensive review and working commentary of diagnostic cri Evolutionary Trends since World War II $99.00 PB This book explores how central banks have emerged as the key pla When We Need Them and When We Don't$69.95 PB This book attempts to systematically clarify when rules should and s $75.00 PB An introduction to the use of the bootstrap in signal processing. 1663–1840 $89.95 PB This book studies the development and administration of turnpike tr A Comprehensive Survey $150.00 PB Deals with historical, clinical and neurobiological aspects of movem Current Trends and Developments $130.00 PB Investigates the factors that influence the accuracy of eyewitness te Harun al-Rashid and the Narrative of the Abbasid CaliphateA brilliant reassessment which will reopen the debate on the veracit $75.00 PB A Study in Legal Decision Making $79.95 PB A cognitive analysis of judicial sentencing in multiple-offence cases New Recording and Stratal Correlation Techniques PB This book discusses the procedure for handling information derived $47.95 $45.00 PB This book is concerned with changes and proposed changes to the $79.95 PB This is the first full study for over twenty-five years of William Harve Verse and Literary Tradition in the Satyricon$65.00 PB An investigation of the thirty short poems and two long ones which f Cultural Identity, the Second Sophistic and$120.00 PB Simon Goldhill explores the cultural conflicts of the second-century the Development of Empire $75.00 PB Examines the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of early prevention p

$79.95 PB A new edition of the Latin text and complete English translation of Æ $89.95 PB A narrative of political struggles at the Russian court during Peter th $75.00 PB Wang’s biography of Fu Ssu-nien examines Fu’s important role in m $89.95 PB This work describes the relationship between Pietism and the rise o $65.00 PB This is a clear account, written from an Indian point of view, of Portu A Biography $89.95 PB A full-scale biography, including the civil rights movement and the m Eastern India 1740–1828 $65.00 PB Explains how Britain established her rule in eastern India during the The Selected Papers of John Whiting $99.00 PB A collection of essays by John Whiting, a leading figure in psycholo $55.00 PB Dr Tatlow’s painstaking research will fascinate all those with an inte Charles Merrill and Middle-Class Investors $65.00 PB A biography of Charles Merrill, the founder of the world’s largest bro A Political Study of the Northern Balkans, 900–1204 PB A history of the relations between Byzantium and the Balkan people $99.00 mpulsive Disorder $65.00 PB This book offers a critical discussion of the most important theories $79.95 PB The first major study of German attitudes towards England during th The English in Louth, 1170–1330 $65.00 PB An examination of the earliest English settlers in Ireland in the coas Theory and Description $89.95 PB Theoretical and descriptive perspectives on the verb in English by s $89.95 PB A study of the idea of the ‘head’ or dominating element of a phrase. The Sin of Avarice in Early Medieval Thought and LiteratureThe first full-length study of the early history of greed, through texts $75.00 PB Militarism, Myth, and Mobilization in Germany $79.95 PB Jeffrey Verhey examines the real state of German public opinion on The German and American Experiences, 1871–1914 PB Explores the discourse on war in Germany and the United States b $99.00 $89.95 PB This book discusses the ‘marginal‘ people of late medieval Paris, th Social Networks and Literary Culture in Britain, 1770–1840 Explores the often overlooked social networks of Romantic figures. $79.95 PB $65.00 PB This book is entirely devoted to the sea breeze, and is aimed at the $99.00 PB A comprehensive treatment of all aspects of ocean–atmosphere int $65.00 PB Provides a fascinating and critical overview of the study of political s $65.00 PB This book is the first history of the British machine-tool industry duri Britain's Loss of Global Pre-eminence to the$79.95 States, 1930–1945 Britain was replaced by the USA as chief global power, United PB Shows how Sir William Jones, the Father of Modern Linguistics PB This brilliant thesis of language families laid the groundwork for mo $79.95 The Pursuit of Legitimacy in French Urban Society, 1589–1610 first serious study of King Henry IV’s relationship with the towns $65.00 PB The Civil War and the Culture of Repression in Franco's Spain, 1936–1945 of the fierce repression and economic misery in wartime $89.95 PB An account $65.00 PB The importance of writing to conceptions of language, technology, a The Fate of Newman's Legacies in Britain and America $89.95 PB A study of how the university in Britain and America has developed es and Towns $65.00 PB Examines musical culture in the towns and cities of Renaissance E $79.95 PB Reviews the cognitive effects of cannabis and presents new finding $65.00 PB This book portrays the life and insitutions of a great medieval Italian $75.00 PB Explains how to build computer software systems which generate u $79.95 PB An account of absolute rule and reform in Sweden under King Char A Theory of Paradigm Structure $79.95 PB This book presents a formal framework for the analysis of word stru The Economists' New Science of Law, 1830–1930 PB This work analyzes the centrality of law in nineteenth century econo $75.00 Crime and the Genius of Scots Law, 1747 to the Present Critique of criminal law theory using historical analysis of Scots dist $75.00 PB Reflections on Recent Art, Literature, Language and the Individual Consciousness the radical change in the very nature of ind $65.00 PB John Holloway explores $75.00 PB The first detailed description of theoretical and experimental quantu A Linguistic Introduction $99.00 PB This book is the first overview in English of the structure, history, typ Youth Co-Offending in Stockholm $65.00 PB A network analysis of over 22,000 delinquent youths in Stockholm b $95.00 PB This book casts light on the growth of the European intellectual trad Laboring-Class Women's Poetry in Britain,$110.00 PB A study of the remarkable by neglected laboring-class women poets 1739–1796 $79.95 PB Provides a unique resource of over 700 entries on all aspects of rem 'Equal Rites' in a Multi-Faith Society $79.95 PB Examines role of Anglican chaplaincy in multi-faith prison populatio $65.00 PB The first book devoted to quantum state diffusion - suitable for grad Perspectives from the Fossil Record $89.95 PB First comprehensive overview of how herbivory evolved in terrestria The Press and Radical Opposition in Early Nineteenth-Century England $89.95 PB The first literary study of the popular radical press in England, 1800 The Book of Jubilees $110.00 PB Focuses on the pseudepigraphic Book of Jubilees and explores the $99.00 PB The first comprehensive treatment of the relationship between biblic

The Struggle for Power, 1671–1725 A Life in Chinese History and Politics ntury Prussia

$89.95 PB This book investigates theories of interpretation and meaning in Re $130.00 PB An important reference work for researchers in optics, astronomy, p $140.00 PB This book describes the neurobiological basis for how the sex stero The Corfu Papers $110.00 PB As assessment of the Kaiser’s character and its implications on Imp Examining Stratigraphic Records of Environmental Cycles An essential reference for researchers, and suitable for senior unde $89.95 PB $89.95 PB Integrative approach linking the causes of migration to genetic cons A Comprehensive Clinical Guide $130.00 PB This authoritative account looks at the re-emergence of toxoplasmo The Political Career of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex,A revisionist account of the career of Elizabeth I’s ‘favourite’, the 2n $140.00 PB 1585–1597 $89.95 PB The second part of this two-volume set contains advanced aspects The Conservation Implications of Human-nonhuman Primate Interconnections $110.00 PB Examines the relationships between humans and other primates an $99.00 PB Evaluates the evidence for the early church’s interest in Jesus as a $79.95 PB Neuronal Growth Cones presents a detailed, critical analysis of the $69.95 PB Looks at energy intake, expenditure and balance in traditional subs The Darwin College Lectures $65.00 PB The first book in the Darwin College Lecture series reports on the o $140.00 PB Advanced text on nuclear magnetic resonance. Concepts of Long-term Potentiation and Beyond $150.00 PB An international group of scientists discuss the latest work on long-t $75.00 PB This book seeks to present a comprehensive survey of our knowled Linear Interactions Including Wave-Energy Extraction PB Examines the interaction between ocean waves and oscillating syst $95.00 $79.95 PB The author investigates recent discrete choice methods, focusing o $59.95 PB An illuminating and authoritative guide to Critical Theory by an inter Categories and Concepts in Anglo-American Legal Reasoning $75.00 PB Considers the inherent complexities of private law; relevant to prope $130.00 PB A timely, comprehensive review of mantle plumes for advanced stu Introduction, Text and Commentaries $85.00 PB Offering definitions of breaches of international law and the conseq East and West, 300–900 $69.95 PB This book analyses changes in gender pattern to examine early me The Arts, Entertainment and Propaganda, 1914–1918PB A comparative study of European cultural and social history during $69.95 The Implications of Value Pluralism for Political Theory and No contemporary actor has William Galston’s status as both a politi $48.95 PB Practice Journalists and Public Figures on the Air $79.95 PB This much-needed work examines the place of the news interview i An Undergraduate Introduction $79.95 PB An introductory text on the differential geometry of plane curves. Predator Sensitive Foraging Among Primates $150.00 PB Edited work on behavioural strategies of primates in foraging for foo $95.00 WW This is a hands-on book aimed at students learning the craft of prog Environmental Applications $160.00 PB An introduction to chemical separations, focusing on their use in en $69.95 PB Economic and democratic theory justify deviations from free trade i $55.00 PB Covering the French colonial years to the present day. $75.00 PB Examines the impact of globalisation on global public health issues Reconstructing Moral Relations after Wrongdoing $55.00 PB Moral Repair examines the ethics and moral psychology of respons The Social Aspects of Criminal Conduct $45.95 PB The principal thesis of Companions in Crime is that deviant behavio $45.00 PB An important biography of Elgar, drawing on letters and documents $59.95 PB A collection of original essays dealing with the normative implication Language Ideologies and the Politics of Inequality $75.00 PB Discusses how new ways of thinking about language have uncover Comparative and International Perspectives$49.95 PB New perspectives on the Vietnam War, its global repercussions, an Scientific Advances and Reconsiderations $120.00 PB Five leading scientists present papers on the latest findings in sleep $55.00 PB The only truly introductory collection that explores the implications o $44.95 PB This study controversially suggests genius is made not born by trac $75.00 PB Leading philosopher of religion D. Z. Phillips examines the conceptu The Text, the Director, and Modern Productions $69.95 PB Alan Dessen examines the pluses and minuses of directors’ rescrip es, and Expertise $65.00 PB The goal of this book is to characterize the nature of abilities, comp Selected Essays on Moral Psychology and Meta-Ethics $79.95 PB This long awaited collection comprises some of the most influential $59.95 PB Offers newly commissioned chapters on the range of Franz Brentan $150.00 PB Guide to understanding of seismograms for graduate students, rese $130.00 PB Guide to understanding of seismograms for graduate students, rese $85.00 PB A discussion of family law from an economic perspective, consideri Men, Masculinities and the Social Politics of$65.00 PB Prominent gender studies scholars consider how institutional setting Fatherhood

The Case of Law

Adolescence in Eight Regions of the Globe $65.00 PB $150.00 PB $150.00 PB $75.00 PB Precolonial, Colonial and Postcolonial Encounters $69.95 PB $199.00 PB $140.00 PB Kinship, Class and Thoroughbred Breeding $55.00 PB in Newmarket $110.00 PB Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives $110.00 PB Harsh Light, Soft Focus $65.00 PB Evidence from Anthropological Genetics $69.95 PB Dethroning the Self $69.95 PB $38.95 PB $59.95 PB Palaeolithic to Postmodern $75.00 PB A Christology of Symbolic Engagement $75.00 PB $69.95 PB $47.95 PB History and Possibilities $65.00 PB $75.00 PB $110.00 PB Force in International Law $89.95 PB How Gender Shapes the War System and Vice VersaPB $75.00 $59.95 PB Policy Change in Developed Welfare States $59.95 PB Corporations and Environmental Management $75.00 PB $65.00 PB $59.95 PB The Public Management of Welfare-to-Work $59.95 PB $55.00 PB Epidemiology for Clinical Neurology $170.00 PB

This book provides descriptions of adolescence in eight very differe This unique book presents an overview of isostasy for graduate stu Expanded and updated second edition comprehensively looks at m The first full-length application of discursive psychology to the study A comprehensive history of the Bible in the Third World. This book reviews and explores the interface between epilepsy and Explores the interactions between parasites and other infectious ag ‘Behind the scenes’ description of British flat racing based on Cassi Holistic overview of what we have learnt about HIV/AIDS, and ident An introductory text on human population dynamics from a multi-dis A revised version covers new topics and reflects recent changes in Fascinating account of the genetic, archaeological and demographi A new interpretation of Marx’s early development and the political d A summary of the evidence about the social background of Nazi su This ground-breaking book follows on from John Braithwaite’s influe Challenges the conventional view of Japanese society as monocult Symbols of Jesus is a systematic theology focusing on what makes Examines responsibility and luck as these issues arise in tort law, c A Concise History of Bolivia surveys the country’s economic, social Discussions of the concept of ‘civil society’, including its use inside This book argues that law is both derived from and constitutive of s Creativity in Product Innovation describes a remarkable new techni An analysis of the authority of internationally-authorized armed inter Goldstein explains the exclusion of women from combat across his It gives ‘voice’ to some of the notable ‘silences’ in the study of conte Post-1970 international capital mobility has not contributed to the re Examines why and how loggers have resisted and ignored calls for This volume offers new translations of major works of classic and ro Looks at the restorative justice movement and the relationship betw An examination of the changes underway in Western bureaucracies The distinguished political philosopher Raymond Geuss examines c This invaluable handbook for clinicians reviews the epidemiology, tr

en European trade law and sport. uality articles on the laws of armed conflict in international law. gislative initiatives against unsolicited commercial e-mail (‘spam’) in the EU. uation regarding the use of open source software licences. e EC legal order and beyond, when national courts incorrectly apply Community law. he Court of Arbitration for Sport. Constitution for Europe. the creation, protection and enforcement of sports image rights in Europe. ersonality (ILP) and its use in theories of international law. n between enforcement agencies internationally. This volume addresses current national, regional and international practice. stration of justice’ - the law on disputes and disciplinary action in the international sporting world. n health, migration and return from a variety of perspectives. ved with asylum seekers, refugees and the upholding of the principles of refugee law. r junior doctors, for example, hyperglycaemic emergencies, diabetic mothers and patients with multiple complications. erage of all aspects of basic surgical training. de to the legal principles and skills demanded of the expert witness in court. mpanion for all anaesthetists, intensive care specialists, intensive care nurses. builds upon the popularity and success of previous volumes. es over 30 detailed case studies, with comprehensive explanatory text. r head and neck cancer, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each method. ustrate all he major classification schemes currently used to identify fractures of the extremities. authors with recent experience of the examination themselves. e groups of products described in the Nurse Prescribing Formulary (NPF). ed in operator theory, linear algebra, and numerical analysis. and application developers on the state of the art in scientific computing. e mathematics of image deblurring. ts and software developers to the theory and algorithms for solving large sparse linear systems. immersed interface method (IIM). ear algebra using invariant subspaces as the central notion and main tool. e use of functions within a MATLAB computational environment. ows in Porous Media offers a fundamental and practical introduction to the use of computational methods. are blend of linear algebra, convex analysis, and statistics. ign of iterative numerical methods from a control perspective. ndation of modern image processing and low-level computer vision. ogramming (DP) techniques applied to the optimization of dynamical systems. that exploit the unique actuator and sensor capabilities of smart material compounds. and mathematical framework for, modeling population growth by couple formation. t designed to strengthen the problem-solving skills of undergraduate students. he modern tools of numerical analysis in finance. s as algebraic structures and develops their theory in line with other algebraic theories. o the concepts of probability theory and mathematical statistics. t subject of initial and initial-boundary value problems for PDEs. in-depth treatment of the nonlinear output regulation problem. ment of numerical polynomial algebra, an area which so far has received little attention. ale of applications of stochastic programming. statistical methods and provides a comprehensive approach to tests of significance and confidence intervals. ds in the field of underwater acoustic wave direct and inverse problems. comprehensive way, covering everything from mathematical theory through computational aspects to industrial applications. al analysis of the behavior of nonlinear control systems under a variety of situations. s background material, descriptions, and supporting theory relating to practical numerical algorithms. e treatment of the behaviour of numerical algorithms in finite precision arithmetic.

nalyzes the mathematical foundations of the finite element method. ive-volume survey of numerical linear algebra and matrix algorithms. graphic techniques and an in-depth treatment of reconstruction algorithms. built around MATLAB programs. eserves its introductory spirit while roughly doubling the amount of material covered. ra avoids the traditional definition-theorem-proof format that has bored students in the past. an insight is provided into the numerical simulation of fluid flow. for first-year graduate students from a variety of engineering and scientific disciplines. aterial essential for learning LATEX without any unnecessary detail.

al tool for reducing the influence of errors when fitting models to given observations. sented by Dr. Daubechies at the 1990 CBMS-NSF Conference on Wavelets and Applications. alysis, and intepretation of mathematical models that reveal significant problems in the physical sciences. matical Olympiad finals 1986–1999. athematics olympiads from around the world. niques can be used in understanding and teaching mathematics. eries covering history, major themes, theorems, examples, and applications. he foundations for high-school mathematics. s beginning to study mathematics requiring proof. s that demonstrate mathematical thinking. ical techniques with solutions and accompanying essays. f code breaking. fs and properties. lines with some typical methods for proving their existence. necdotes about mathematics and mathematicians. stories and anecdotes about mathematics and mathematicians. ut mathematics and mathematicians. n from the work of students, textbooks, and the media, as well as from professional mathematicians themselves. sed to explain and analyze many diverse phenomena. ate introduction to life and music of Finland’s greatest composer. ributions to the developing shape of religious life today. ence fiction became fact. roduced Marxism to France in the decades before the First World War. ergence of mass spectator sport during the years prior to World War I. on the letters of James and Jude. ct adolescents’ lives and their futures as adults. duction to the movements and schools of American poets in the twentieth century. o Canadian literature, its major genres, themes and preoccupations. n on our understanding of the geology and geophysics of Earth. arl Popper’s life and works within the context of interwar Vienna.

en economic globalisation and human rights. es in the Cold War, post-9/11, and pre-Iraq War. vior before, during, and after authoritarian rule. te and advanced undergraduate courses. nal topics in economic analysis by internationally renowned academics. ences for atrocities such as genocide in an international setting. age history of the postwar labor migration to West Germany. neca’s political philosophy upon medieval and Renaissance thinking about princely government. f Common Prayer – in a durable but economical cased binding. o string cosmology for astrophysicists and high-energy physicists. sion models with non-random predictors in a finite-dimensional setting.

and graduates in theoretical astrophysics, cosmology, particle physics, and string theory. many types of fluid mixing, for researchers. the management of global common resources. rules on the protection of historic sites. of our understanding of human powers and nature. ment of credit cards in the global economy. k for standard undergraduate courses in thermodynamics; includes problems and solutions. re, historical significance, and contemporary relevance of practical wisdom. known contemporary Dutch composer, Louis Andriessen. g essays on key topics in decision analysis. on, supported by explanatory and comparative chapters on each issue. l regulation of the provision of healthcare to young children in England and Wales. in the modern theory of stochastic processes. s in the management of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. nding carotid disease, a major cause of stroke. hildren’s rights with regard to the legal system. and all requiring a detailed understanding of the WTO. e poor and about the appropriate ways to relieve poverty. n artificial intelligence, the author analyzes motivation, attention, reasoning, learning, and communication in these mechanical terms. ions, and the ways developing countries can succeed in them. dvances in optimization methods to solve practical problems in mathematical finance. years of experience of small states with the WTO. ction to central simple algebras for graduate students and researchers. ers and graduates in astrophysics, heliospheric physics, and fluid and plasma dynamics. explore the central themes and contexts of the best writers working in Germany today. ability to make decisions. aw jurisprudence sets the agenda for political philosophy. ability theory suitable for an introductory graduate level course. es about religion and politics in Saudi Arabia. outstanding essays on language and mind, with two additional chapters and a new preface. , how they were established and why they matter. e establishment of the communist regime in Hungary. ent consulting sector and the management techniques of consulting firms. tics to computational biology. t approaches to narrative study. ovides concise and accessible introduction to GFD for broad range of students. sing voice quality over wireless networks at the device and system levels. Theory, Hyperbolic Geometry, Number Theory. e, as a playwright and as a director. and classifies the dynamic equations used in physical oceanography, including mathematical appendices. demiology, causes, prevalence, interventions, demography, and associated risk factors of illicit-drug-related mortality. cial science with the Anglo-American tradition. Settlement Reports in English: cases for 2002. duates and researchers in condensed matter physics and statistical physics. al practice differ between Europe and the United States? nst human reproductive cloning. ython, a student text, and a reference for practicing engineers. tackle the challenge of achieving internal growth. great works as a seamless whole.

ield of high energy sources for astronomers and graduates working in high-energy astrophysics. ss in our knowledge of element production and evolution.

oronal and Stellar Mass Ejections. he applications of gravitational lensing to cosmological physics. and ground observatories, reported at the IAU Symposium 223. s (parapegmata) used in antiquity for astronomical weather prediction. nd ethical issues at the foundations of environmental philosophy. esearchers and professionals in environmental science and climatology and water resource management. with a working, practical knowledge of intellectual property. aders wanting to learn about the entire range of relevant aspects in wireless communications. erstanding of contemporary arrangements for security governance. he participation of NGOs in international law. erica's greatest historical tragedy. d physical processes involved in the modeling of stars. ’, or excessive anti-migrant hostility, is widespread globally. se, with examples from law and from everyday life. erstanding of olfaction and mental health. ng exegetical homilies for the Sundays after Pentecost, came to light. This volume contains a printed edition of this text. on and impact of e-business on companies and countries. oduct liability in a variety of different countries is examined. account of ancient religions from around the world. xpressed in German literature of the eighteenth century. t, encompassing models that are linear and nonlinear, parametric and nonparametric. ot exist, human life can have meaning. rmed conflict law, collective security law and the law relating to arms control. ntegrative organization of the autonomic nervous system, covering both peripheral and central aspects. dations of error-correcting codes for senior-undergraduate to graduate students. e and operation of new forms of regulation. upational safety and health law in the US. of metaphor variation. ch frontier in four areas of theoretical econometrics. timidating introduction to the main techniques of choice analysis. p-to-date understanding of the outsourcing process.

ce-time coding for wireless communications over MIMO channels. evidence on a wide range of aspects of life in Neolithic Italy. efeasible logic, exploring the properties of everyday reasoning patterns. lenecks that constrain the path to the origin and evolution of life. ught and ethics in relation to his theology. akespeare studies and production. introduction to game theory and its applications to political science. nd examination of Greek sculpture are intertwined. nry Handel Richardson. d explores the implications of this theory for politics. ry of the Reserve Bank of Australia over the past two decades. American Arbitration Law. kespeare as a poet and dramatist. situation of the Jews in Germany under Nazi rule. ng the Nazi dictatorship. odes that implement them to real-world engineering problems. ntal biology of the ocular lens for graduate students and researchers. major methodologies and disease models in current neuroscience research. ting filtering methods. Covers applications in finance and genetics. idemics is shaped by the broader culture of advanced societies.

he mathematician Archytas of Tarentum in fourth-century Greece. the mind extends beyond the boundary of the individual. ctions and reviews which Lawrence wrote between 1911 and 1930. ns scholars analyse the factors that enhance or impede cooperation among states. cs, this book systematically treats the broad scope of computer modeling and simulations. ganisation of energy, telecommunications and transport in Europe. s contribution to health, disease, and therapy make this synthesis of historical and recent information very timely. early twentieth-century Chicago. gorous fields of non-commutative geometry and quantum stochastic processes. uction to Euclidean geometry with numerous examples and exercises. mes which is utlized in the development of an American Law Institute project on World Trade Organisation Case Law (2001). ol theory with applications to economics. g of philosophical, psychological, and religious theories of wisdom. Tenth Problem to integrally closed subrings of global fields. udents and researchers in theoretical, computational and experimental physics. y course in biotechnology for beginning undergraduate students. rn character of the lusty widow in her cultural context. tools for modern mathematical finance. sible working practices and contribute to a peaceful society. nal varieties. Many problems with solutions make it ideal for graduate courses. mation and coding theory ns of air and health alongside historical developments in public health. etic information in an age of declining welfare provision, and offers direction for future policy. of one of the war’s finest correspondents. umping investigations as embodied in the relevant WTO provisions. esearch proposals for submission to funding agencies. wide economic growth, population, and fertility changes. omprehensive analysis of transitional justice from 1945 to the present. sts, and historians share aspects of illness working with the concept of schizophrenia. rnance reform with political economy analysis attuned to legal frameworks. mprehensive account of the American law of restitution. glish history plays in Britain and abroad from the early seventeenth century to the present day. ions of random walk techniques. virtue theory based on emotions. enior undergraduates starting computational physics courses. wireless data technology to global markets. tions between the philosophies of Kierkegaard and Hegel. enomenological approach to the experience of painting. contributed to Roman ideas of manliness. on and speculation on the world’s financial markets. d Afghanistan wars and impact on global political order. f Chilean history from its independence to 2002. h on intelligence and the various factors that influence intelligence.

al processing, and many areas of application. complex systems theory to the evolution and structure of the Internet. w of the protection available to internally displaced persons. s of liberalizing agriculture and changing agricultural trade rules in the WTO. resenting behavioral ecology research for all student levels. nce on computer algebra for computer scientists and mathematicians. of the relationship between China and imperial Britain. derstanding why some conversations about problems are more helpful than others.

d textbook, it now includes program listings in JavaTM. has added a section on prevailing critical and performance approaches to Hamlet. differential equations using methods from contact and symplectic geometry. nd in-depth research into the laws of thirteen European countries. embedded in the UMTS and WCDMA mobile standards. ence and society by key researchers; for the general reader. communicate, covering several different animal groups and types of signal. e and behavior complications. This book looks at why the problems arise and assesses treatments. d and hitherto unknown photographs by one of the leading theatre photographers in the field. different religious and spiritual commitments in the workplace. life might be plentiful on other worlds. velopment policy using integrated ecosystem modelling which links hydrology, ecology and economics. d advanced topics in plasma physics relevant to many disciplines. cientific and technical computing. ent interjected with the discoveries of modern scholarship. examines in particular the decisional practice of relevant bodies in the EC and the US. mpiler project in Java, for a subset of Java itself. as a political theorist of civil society. egger’s major work, Being and Time. pment of state systems began similarly but experienced opposite outcomes. theory of corporate environmentalism. icability in a range of typologically diverse languages. my through the eyes of the world’s observatories and spacecraft missions. inequality in Australia. nd realistic proposal for effective corporate self-regulation. flict in a complex and often misunderstood part of the world. orative justice to deal with conflicts within families. of the theory of symmetric designs with emphasis on recent developments. mummies and what can be learned from them worldwide. rch in this important though neglected area. f the most influential Australians of the twentieth century. s and techniques employed in electronic and photoelectron spectroscopy. es in the coldest, deepest, hottest and highest places on Earth. uses of World War I. y at the cellular and intra-cellular levels. nd the use or abolition of the death penalty. ancient Near Eastern and Classical art. -city life up to date. research concerning genetic susceptibility to infectious diseases. stances and criminal behavior patterns of career criminals in Denmark. in a global perspective. ng the features of the Moon through a small telescope. ast wilderness areas - the Arctic. y of Australia’s giant eucalypt, the Mountain Ash. l relevance of ‘irregular’ forms of armed force. es the contrasting methods and philosophies of contemporary psychology. ilable to victims of actions by international organizations. ciety in the countries of post-Communist Europe. major assessment and ‘audit’ of the Australian economy. surprising connection between stars, our planet and life. was created within the changing working practices of British architecture. laces it within the context of traditional homeostatic regulation.

essays by actors with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. ors in the American zone of occupied Germany. e twentieth century, including the Enron/Andersen crisis. erview of the diseases of the human bone marrow. h concerning how bacteria invade host cells and cause disease. rance corporation in the Nazi era.

many perspectives, with examples of community rehabilitation schemes and case studies. ent astronomers to more recent spacecraft missions. ence ever published. Jubilees and explores the neglected topic of ancient geographical conceptions. ific basis and clinical applications of MRI in stroke. e basic issues involved in public finance and public policy. y on Revelation, with a ‘Suggested Reading List’ and entire NRSV translation. eviews of their research areas and exciting visions of future developments. eviews of their research areas and exciting visions of future developments. ul in solving complex engineering problems. nthropology, economics, history, political science, psychology and sociology. se language to generate and perpetuate misunderstandings. ations of the democratic peace literature. ationship between personality and development from a life-course perspective. ch explore the significance of sexuality in Shakespeare’s work. nature and importance of biodiversity. as important elements of international legal order. volution and future of our solar system. nstellations, for the beginner. biology problems and how to implement solutions to them in Perl. lly relevant quantitative models used for marketing research. by combining findings from across the natural sciences. stronomical theories and illustrations through the ages. y of Irenaeus (125–200), bishop of Lyons. accomplish substantial reform of drug policy. stories, to the interpretation of semen analysis. o are non-specialist in electronic circuit design. of all aspects of mantle convection, for advanced students and researchers. says by six leading film critics. techniques using spreadsheets, for undergraduate and graduate students. en race and theology in the Protestant Atlantic world since 1600. and practical guidelines for intervention in and management of a variety of developmental and genetic disorders. k on modern China’s intellectual history. use the victimisation of minorities to legitimise their authority. the full range of Searle’s work. in which bacteria cause disease at the molecular and cellular level. action for graduate students and researchers in meteorology, oceanography, environmental engineering. munity media combines original research with comparative and theoretical analysis. entity has grown over the centuries, especially with the EU. racial-political anti-Semitism in Europe and the United States. odules, types and functions composing the Standard ML Basis Library. German art from the 1840s to 1940s. ely reviews theoretical and clinical aspects of depression in young people. omic causes and consequences of the Asian financial crises. justice in nineteenth-century industrial America.

mines one of the most important films of the Hollywood canon. ount of the reign of King James VI and I. on to the full range of Davidson’s work. hical giants of the last fifty years. resistance and rebellion in Islamic law. iples of biofilm physiology and growth for all interested disciplines. Component Analysis, containing theory and applications. unt of the instruments, books, and maps astronomers have created through the ages to decipher the Universe. odules, types and functions composing the Standard ML Basis Library.

wo centuries lived outside the region’s politico-religious structures. oadly based discussion and evaluation of the Gateway Hypothesis. psychologists review the most recent developments in the treatment and assessment of anxiety disorders in the young. his time, temperament, style and his œuvre. ve survey of attribution from a literary perspective to appear for forty years. ounts of their work and desire to understand our Universe. of Accession negotiated by the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu to join the WTO. ca offers the most thorough and up-to-date book-length treatment of Olmec society and culture available.

er international law, includes interpretation of 1948 Genocide Convention.

er provide a challenging new perspective on economic analysis of law. hallenge does Japanese psychology offer to Western psychology’? ientists associated with the University of Cambridge. mical principles for studies of atmospheres, oceans, and Earth systems. of land resources in development.

ious agents in humans and animals and detection of pathogens in food and water. n and their impact on Chinese and Taiwanese society and culture. e Red Cross to ban anti-personnel landmines, 1955–1999. nd Russian perspectives on the issues raised by the religious element in Dostoevsky’s work. graduate engineering students, practising engineers, designers and project managers. ts, researchers and professionals in astronomy and the space sciences. or, now multinational, corporation in the rise and expansion of Nazism and in the crimes of the Nazi state.

he international fight against money laundering. working in computer graphics, machine vision and image processing. nt method for machine learning and data mining. ophysicists for solving the radiative transfer equation. ecially the spectacular Leonid showers, due in mid-November. reek art through a range of media and materials. on the concept of race in Shakespeare’s drama. p and lordship shaped medieval European political life. ation, written with lively anecdotes and wry humour. ances in neuropsychiatry from leading international authorities. sent is becoming an increasingly important aspect of global politics. historical events and cultural contexts in the elaboration of the Spanish novel. ntained textbook written for graduate students and engineers. nument to scholarship for which we should be grateful.’
 H. Lawrence Review D. st influential American playwrights of the contemporary stage. detailed examination of the white-collar criminal career.

graduate students in science, engineering and applied mathematics. prison reform, and policy making in general. he use of simple calculations and accessible language. ut Latin and their effect on how Latin literature is read. me; essential reading for all students of probability theory. difficulties raised when psychotherapeutic techniques are applied to children. w of schizophrenia including findings from social, genetic, developmental and classical epidemiology. ve clinical management of all forms of male infertility. nt engagement between international institutions and global social movements. ip between economic institutions and values. how and why franchising works. nd edition of the standard text on design theory. dy of children’s early literacy development. hich Shakespeare’s texts have been edited and published. nd patronage strategies of Florentine villas in fifteenth-century Italy. ween introductory texts and the research literature. rtha's Vineyard and their interaction with the English settlements and religious culture. ule of law norm. both the qualified or trainee nurse in accident and emergency care. lliptic curves and the fundamentals of modeling by a family of random matrices. on – an ideal gift for a bride. European Parliament is promoting democratic accountability. ial slavery in the Americas.

nal topics in economic analysis by internationally renowned academics. ion to Greek poetry of the last three pre-Christian centuries. s consider the issues surrounding the legitimation of force. but can also help mitigate it. s of the significant increase in security cooperation among European states. cademic freedom, and civil liberty in American universities. ctors facilitate or hamper the flows of information and knowledge. limit processes can be represented algebraically. British empire, focusing on the period after 1945. on to the economic analysis of law and organization. entation, shape analysis, image enhancement, and tracking. students of the Renaissance is now available in paperback for the first time. p by examining the connection between doubt and democracy. challenges faced by human rights INGOs. ght sky, in full colour. e for how to implement psychoeducation for bipolar patients. nd clinicians on crafting and delivering presentations at academic conferences. algorithms of numerical linear algebra are developed in a parallel context. rship in European Union negotiations and international cooperation. overview available for students, scholars and readers of Roth. een law and norms. ormances in America, and of musicals based on Shakespeare’s plays. ar on inquiry in social sciences. es in England, France, Germany, Italy and Belgium. ilosophical importance of need, with essays that will have significance for the study of moral and political philosophy, as well as developmen and government dissolutions affect asset markets. y of philosophical and economic literature on causality. the effectiveness of voluntary environmental programs, including ISO 14001.

ect of natural disasters on humanity. eassessment of J. S. Mill's political philosophy to commemorate the two hundredth anniversary of his birth. ook to revise and practise their MCQ technique. Contains a free CD-ROM. oning to clinical duties. American movie rating system. hey originated and how they form our modern understanding of the science. ering residency. of violence in human social evolution. mporal changes in employment outcomes. xamined from the perspective of women and cultural minorities. echerche du temps perdu (Remembrance of Things Past) focuses on Venice. opics such as guilt, punishment and self-respect. Irish republicanism after the Easter Rising of 1916. omic voting outside of established democracies. ound same-sex marriage as well as the legal battle for recognition. , including discussion of recent criticism and an updated reading list. ng monetary policy in practice. pproach to argument interpretation and evaluation. n to seismology for upper-division undergraduates and first-year graduate students. ture of Kant’s philosophical system. d non-technical introduction to the core concepts of quantum mechanics. ional relations - security - and constructs a novel framework for its analysis. ction between interviewers and respondents in standardised survey interviews. strong research base to provide comprehensive guide to treatment and service provision. artists who were active in Renaissance Italy. ep Earth for advanced students in geophysics and mineralogy. th century extraterrestrial life debate. ourse on probability theory. otecting the Arctic and Antarctic against pollution. sian Professorship of Mathematics. Man’ debate spanning 2,000 years’ research on the topic. corporate groups in UK, EU and US. he main results about topological geometries on surfaces. mmetry from Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg, now available in paperback. mic Fundamentalism and the Iranian Revolution. ed his classic textbook Thinking and Deciding. n diverse countries or regions. e UN, European and Inter-American human rights systems. onal political economy and suggests possible future strategies for change. ection of Martin Luther’s extensive writings on women. ation in computing which describes networks, as well as parts of computer systems. elopment and achievements of astronomical observations from space since WWII. ing international order, examining leading theories, the major powers, and potential problems. tional analysis. ering all the major advances in fault analysis research. organisations in the development of corporate finance. science and technology in Japanese society. he workings of and prospects for the Australian labour market. ly modernised critical edition of the 1603 quarto of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in print. ites in the Solar System, essential reading for armchair adventurers. of Australian literature. oping with the changes of economic reform.

e account of all aspects of child development. er conducted with alcoholics, with new information on treatment effectiveness. he nineteenth-century French grand opéra La Juive, by Halévy. ew of Orson Welles’ life and career. on the historical significance of scientific authority. p-to-date guide to micromanipulation techniques in assisted conception in a clinical setting. al and religious interest groups in India d in analyzing and understanding the performance of computer systems. rehensive thematic assessment of Milton’s political and literary career. interviews, of young people living on the streets of Toronto and Vancouver. the progress and problems of India and Pakistan, their foreign and defense policies, and their relations with the United States. ntrating on the lives of church-goers and their clergy. p theoretical principles about informal political structures in East Asia. a collection of essays on biological evolution. s involvement with Nazism his philosophy is not compromised. preadsheets in analytical chemistry. ngineering perspective, treating stresses and deformations in polymeric structural components. askell and examples drawn from multimedia applications. of neural networks in signal processing. blem of rising unemployment in Australia. n legal and political thought from antiquity to the present day. of unemployment in the UK over the last century. plications in interfacial fluid dynamics. of laser light in guided-wave and bulk components. nature, occurrence, physical properties, propagation, and uses of surfactants in the petroleum industry. l environment of the courtroom and that of the surrounding society. elopment from dazzling child prodigy to renowned composer and conductor. gn and analysis for beginning chemical engineering undergraduate students. exist, and examines the possibilities for peaceful relations between states. ncountered in first year university courses using the popular package MATLAB. ut gender, welfare states and social policy from three leading figures. ound necessary to understand the debates over the Human Genome Project. methods of solving mechanical measurement problems, for graduate students, researchers and practising engineers. History of Gregory of Tours (538–594). ansfer for graduate engineering students. al figures in medieval philosophy and theology. wo years of an undergraduate degree. ntroduction to Verdi’s life and music. utions useful in solving practical problems in a wide range of engineering contexts. ssport and state control of population movement. forecasting co-authored by one of the world’s leading econometricians. s the prevalent market-driven approach to public policy. s, a new method for estimating parameters which is easier to use and understand than wavelets, and more powerful. conservation laws and partial differential equations. d bird ecology and conservation. hensive account of supersymmetric strings; for graduate students and researchers. ment and growth can lead to ineffective government. des, aimed at both students and scholars. based on the discovery of a shorter, original version. ges, using geometry, with applications to computer vision. for the identification of British insects and arachnids. ical reasoning both in pure mathematics itself and in computing.

r for beginning students in biology and psychology. tructed as a social problem since the nineteenth century. al theory in study of music and song of activism. d of Islamic historiography. of a speech by the ancient Greek orator Demosthenes. tempts to transfer jurisdiction over juveniles accused of violent crime to criminal court. elopment of Cambridge over the past thousand years. stitutes a new synthesis of peace conference scholarship. ive guide to understanding HIV and AIDS. ng Malebranche’s thought comprehensively and systematically. e basic issues raised by genetic research into criminal behavior. nating examination of the origins of life on earth. ity and welfare issues in Britain and Germany. ence of the African-American Press. meaning of nationalism, ethnicity and nationhood. y, the fascinating world of the molecular biology of the gene. elling graduate and practitioner text. n how physical concepts can be applied to biological problems. an overview of the place of feminism in philosophy. rsect around and within the skyscraper. ary review of issues related to inland flood hazards. of Shakespeare’s Henry V in the form of its original staging at the Globe in 1599. que of the rise and fall of modern international law. communication between doctors and patients in primary care consultations. h computers - both a text for introductory-level engineering undergraduates and a self-study guide for practising engineers. influential British philosopher of the 19th century. istory for contemporary military strategists. enment theorist, author of infamous maxim ‘private vices, public benefits’. he most important trends in the study of musical performance. oduction to the semantics of programming languages. It will be of use to graduates of computer science and mathematics. methodology of experimental economics written by a philosopher of science. of the pre-eminent scholars of informal logic. ed money from 1630 to 1800 in England. s in English political thought before the Civil War. cussion into line with recent scholarship. insight into the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and atmospheric dynamics. ce and citizens, with a focus on racial differences. s later thought on metaphysics as ‘ontotheology’, education, and National Socialism. erstanding of contemporary arrangements for security governance. writing of the history of the Great War. ar graduate students specialising in magnetospheric physics. order to trace the process of institutionalisation in the Pauline communities. f the practical operation of the GATS Agreement. erica's greatest historical tragedy. ative in relation to its historical context as well as the African American literary tradition. ate spending on pensions and benefits in various countries. group differences across social and psychopathological settings. nner’s The Foundations of Modern Political Thought. and practices of dynamic assessment. ners from committing new crimes? Chinese government policy designed to aid the development of China’s western regions. ame of the popular classes to inspire collective action.

heory that uniquely also covers some modern applications to bioscience. elf-understanding and legitimation of the modern, ‘bourgeois’ life. on to sieve theory. s on the social and emotional development of teens. irst-century CE Galilee’s population. o the question of the origins of Johannine christology. sts underlying the Epistle. accessible to the nonspecialist and written by leading scholars. and identity in seven Shakespearean tragedies. women’s participation in the market economy from 1300 to 1620. al-career couples and their children using multiple methods and perspectives. f raising a child they unknowingly did not sire. y in the conservation and sustainable utilisation of plant biodiversity. ence on Victorian writers, concentrating on class and sexuality. ng Velleius’ narrative of Julius Caesar and Augustus. ered in MR Imaging and Spectroscopy are clearly defined, explained and cross-referenced. ion, highlighting substantive changes introduced since the last edition. s of EU law on national health law and policy. f the important economic factors affecting information technology industries. ng creativity, reason, and knowledge. us progress in elliptic curve cryptography since the first volume. ull cast headed by Ian McKellen as Prospero. peech doctrine. portant films based on, or inspired by, nineteenth-century American fiction. contributions to the theory of structured ring spectra. egorical domain theory and functional programming. g scholar and cultural commentator. of the ritual practices in traditional Christian Europe. gies, showing how the protocols are implemented in practice. ifest destiny in the antebellum era. nding to topics in undergraduate and graduate Quantum Mechanics courses. udies and textual criticism, providing an innovative introduction to the discipline. he earth’s mantle in an accessible style. arge percentages of American black males to be imprisoned. chanics textbook with a large number of figures and exercises. ost comprehensive, up-to-date and readable account of the scientific basis for thinking there may be life elsewhere in the Universe. onceptual, and methodological issues surrounding the theory of adaptationism. ng to focus wholly on the play in performance. z the man, the composer, the critic and the writer. of programming languages. listic and theoretical study. p of late twelfth-century religious enthusiasts in north Italy. es that have taken place in the Asia-Pacific region. n the Republic of Florence in Tuscany during the Renaissance. 47 high-resolution images. the evolution of cooperation in insects and arachnids. sexual conflict and cooperation in insects and arachnids. to studying the role of media in conflicts. hrough scientific discoveries that have benefited humanity. eeded in transforming an agricultural economy into an advanced industrial economy. tidimensional role that the United Nations has played in peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding over the last few years. post-feminist ‘new man’ proliferated in the media?

ng biography of Fulbright, focusing on his career as Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and critic of the Vietnam War. ecommended undergraduate fluid mechanics text. ent papers is devoted to his work on philosophical logic from the last twenty-five years. tween exposure to television and beliefs about the world. combining mathematical rigour with copious examples of important applications. erpolation and estimation problems when analysing data from field observations. about the causes of violence in American cities. s based on the first (1608) quarto. Renaissance scholar of ‘the first modern classic of English history’. rn architecture. ander, including its use by Spenser, Jonson and Shakespeare. e should judge whether we are alone in the cosmos, and how should we set about detecting extraterrestrials. in multiple-offence cases, with important policy implications.

conservation laws and partial differential equations. nd ruinous end of the Italian and German dictatorships. ional Magnetic Resonance Imaging for an interdisciplinary range of medical professionals. ing The Nature of Mathematical Modeling from the same author. broadens its range to ages beyond infancy ed the most significant American philosopher. st complex linguistic regions in the world, the Amazon Basin. al guide to the study and management of post traumatic responses. t on subject taught to all students. room as a social process. on and development of statehood in Oaxaca. m Adam Smith to John Maynard Keynes. the functional morphology of vertebrates. ber work to the point where they can prove the classical results of elementary number theory for themselves. e put to work to transform business organizations. mic reforms from 1978 to 1993. f misspecifications from the fundamental to the nonexistent for the interpretation of likelihood-based methods of statistical estimation and inte BC Greek poet Theocritus with introduction and substantial commentary. tlers in Ireland in the coastal area of present-day county Louth. aw-breaking and criminal prosecution in England, 1550–1750. fectiveness of the Antarctic Treaty System. Spanish syntax, assuming no prior knowledge of current theory. ok provides an essential source of expert practical advice for trainees and residents in paediatrics. ed in designing the locomotive, sensing and reasoning systems that enable a robot to perform tasks that involve motion and behavior. e joint action that emerges when speakers and listeners, writers and readers, perform their individual actions in coordination. ence on the lives of early Christian women. f women in the AIDS epidemic in a sociocultural context. to the international economy. and their relatives provides unique picture of gang life. rsial, this book critically examines Japan’s economic presence in Asia. ed extracts from the writings of major political thinkers of the Enlightenment. relevant to self-defence as a moral and legal justification of homicide. of precedent in the World Court. sis, treatment and management of obsessive-compulsive disorders. iptions of the city of Rome from later periods as well as from antiquity. mportant text. n that concentrates on the essential results important to non-specialists.

ange their meaning. on to one of the most influential genres of Western literature. nting two previously published volumes, touches on the work of many of today’s most innovative thinkers. psychotherapeutic treatments of addictive behaviour. Australia since World War II cogently presents all sides of a complex and changing debate. policy in an era of austerity and conservative governance. electrical engineering and computer science. y in Asia and the struggle for dominance between Britain/America and Japan. olitical and remembered culture of Dachau concentration camp. acific by explorers, missionaries, travellers, writers, and artists, 1767–1914. global politics through the prism of ‘post-internationalism’. ull range of the philosophy of William James. sion of voting rights for American Indians. uable resource for readers with an interest in AIDS policy and the social and economic implications of the pandemic. organized and the role of movement processes within organizations. e put into the service of ethical and moral theory. RR Lyrae stars in professional astronomy. mpared to medieval and early modern traditions of political thought. ts of the ultrahigh pressure minerals - diamond and coesite - in the Earth’s crust. introduction to the graphics programming language PostScript plus advice on what goes into good mathematical illustrations. relationship between judicial review and bureaucratic behaviour. mics for graduate students with novel connections to other areas of mathematics. esponsibility in public life than prevails in contemporary democracies. lenge that political ecology presents to political theory. ry analysis for researchers and advanced students in the social sciences. ulates socio-political conflicts in the Middle East. nd emperor Henry IV (1056–1106). Permian and Lower Triassic rocks and their fossils in the region of the eastern Tethys, bringing together information gathered in the Interna n to the current re-evaluation of the origins of Stalinism. lution on London’s working population. on from a number of religious and secular perspectives. to Rossellini’s Rome Open City. historical analysis of the incorporation of business into politics in Latin America. the mind extends beyond the boundary of the individual. manifest itself after the Republic’s demise. ours of contemporary motherhood. regionalism across Northeast Asia in the years following the Cold War. treatise on politics in church and state. ated in their dissemination of Cold War propaganda. k of E. M. Forster. nstitution of classical Athens. s to the stark, compelling beauty of the moon, with its mighty ringwalls and glistening highlands. issues and rewards surrounding biomedical advances in human biology. ndicator of the health of a democracy. of the Holocaust re-established their organized communities in Germany. ection between actresses and prostitutes. cale simulation methods currently used in radiation hydrodynamics. f change and stability in homicide situations over time. which logical law emerges as an intrinsic aspect of evolutionary biology. n the context of the crisis in English society in the fourteenth century. st groups manipulate the available science to support their positions. laboratory practice and explores issues around standardization, naturalisation and diversity.

onsciousness and its place in the world. of Jung’s psychology and the rise of modern psychology. processes, arguing that it is often destructive. ecurity policy cooperation between EU member states. rincipal philosophical writings for the first time. f argumentation. are involved in the privatisation of firms, previously under public control. roduction to the principles of theoretical and mathematical biology. Africa and Africa’s relevance to World archaeology. rk, alongside a critique of his most famous philosophical positions. babilistic foundations of collective decision-making rules.

ssues surrounding consent to sexual relations. undbreaking 1980 film directed by Martin Scorsese. ment relationship and the implications for labor and employment law. hange during the life course and across generations. ensive understanding of comparative political communication. f Shakespeare’s Macbeth from 1607 to the present day. h on intelligence and the various factors that influence intelligence. on from noise and eavesdropping by covering error correction and cryptography. onal sovereignty movements in the Russian Federation from 1990–1993. nce of democratic governance. exual health promotion for clinicians in primary care. y of ideas of cooperation and collective action. ractically the ethical issues involved in prevention of intellectual disability. Arabization, and Africanization in the Muslim societies of Africa. papers by leading researchers in ergodic theory, low-dimensional and topological dynamics. telligence council head, demonstrates how government intelligence must change. men prisoners’ lives changed over time and how they were affected by a new generation of prisons. the development of the novel in Latin America. onship between the Bible and the colonial enterprise. ughts written by one of the world’s preeminent authorities. edicine is suitable for all health professionals and trainees who provide care for the elderly. ps his challenge to standard decision theory. aphs which are important in computer science, engineering and mathematics. oscopy of diatomic molecules. beginner to a comprehensive knowledge of Spanish. st Americans were and what their relationship with living Native American Indians is. f women in twelve countries. ontributions to the debate about equality of opportunity. ation through industrial revolution, from one of the nation’s leading historians. ts the place of deterrence after the Cold War. of the state of Jews and Judaism in the US. ow modernization has changed cultural attitudes towards gender equality. nd decoding with many exercises and examples. Shiism to Sunni reformism in pre-modern Yemen. e immigration-receiving states of Western Europe. ngressional response to the entire Cold War. g weather cycles for student and expert alike. on polls to represent the people’s voice. mpany’s culture to value, discover and implement Simplicity, creating designed products. ding a chronology, bibliography, and essays on her life and works.

British Raj’s irrigation schemes. ing racist, nationalist assumptions about barbarian groups. practical aspects of field and laboratory methods for studying wild primates. s its own contribution to the theory of the state. porations in moulding international law on intellectual property rights. n Anglicanism and science in late seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Cambridge. dren learn to be healthy. ilosophical examination of the modern state. printed books, articles, and standard texts on twentieth-century England. structured local community based on neighbourhood ties. ionship between property and power in early medieval Europe. of the Byzantine Empire should no longer be associated with economic decline. nternational financial markets affect governments’ policy choices. g public participation in environmental policy making. of the impact of AIDS, and its subsequent history. mporary culture’s promotion of self-realization and argues for proper self love. nd Dynamics with a revision section on background mathematics. unding cellular phones that developed in the 1990s. alization on today’s youth. rd Cuba in the post-Cold War era. , distribution, and population dynamics in an evolutionary context. ettlement and territory as articulated through myths and cults. lassicist, polemicist, physician and philosopher. dited by Dr Howard Clark Kee, incorporates all the information that a modern student of the Bible will need. ach to the provision of mental health services to a community. eed ecology into a theoretical framework. lysis of the interactions among opinion, politics and policy in Israel since the Six Days war of 1967. atory experiments and analyse data. city in solving geotechnical engineering problems. lligence and national security during the Cold War. ronomers and planetary scientists interested in our closest neighbour, Venus. of the twentieth century through their correspondence, now available for the first time in English in a paperback edition. nch composer of the nineteenth century. strated with applications. rrent conflicts of ‘race’, class, and gender have their roots in the 1890s. opment of the German novel. current understanding of the peroxisome. mined in the context of the developing early Church. curity issues in the post-Cold War era. f current theories of organizational structure, popular in the USA. minologists describing current theories of why juveniles commit crimes.

ume set of advanced texts in econometrics. ects of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. hich develops a post-imperial philosophy to mediate conflicts in a multi-cultural age. ocess that can be used to model many natural phenomena. e impact crater of the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs. ent changes in practice for psychiatry in the community. roach to the diagnosis and pathogenesis of melancholic depression. d naval history of the years 1492 to 1792. out globalisation and culture by tracing the emergence of Australia as a significant exporter of television to the world market.

onfronts the myth of Mahler and attempts to find the person behind the legends. g thinkers in a wide range of academic fields.

viding guidance in appropriate research strategies for evaluation of mental health services. e commentary of the Roman playwright Plautus’ comedy Amphitruo. s at work in the universe. fossil hunters will ever need to know about modern palaeontological techniques and practice. tements of the postmodern theory, including the classics essays of authors such as Lyotard, Haraway, Foucault, and Rorty. ydrodynamics in paperback with a new foreword by Professor R. A. Caflisch. Soviet economy sector by sector to make available, in textbook form, the results of the latest research on Soviet industrialisation. ur of modern elephants to create models for reconstructing the life and death of extinct mammoths and mastodons. e visual arts since the 1960s, this focuses primarily on American texts that reference and construct Marcel Duchamp as the originator of pos orchestral suite considers the music in detail and places the work in its historical context. ion of David Wiggins’ classic work Sameness and Substance. ng the justification for war and thereby examines the possibility and nature of rational moral argument. rn chemistry, including contributions from several Nobel Prize winners. gical theories and considers how they relate to our understanding of the past. ngs by leading figures in the early German romantic circle. osophy of probability and statistics. ge of Ancient Egypt to use the insights of modern linguistics. offers a major contribution to debates about the value of death and its place in both Western and Eastern religions. ess affects the rate of evolutionary change. a mathematical modelling will find that this book provides an excellent introduction to the subject. Mark’s contribution to the theology of the developing Jesus tradition. h treatment of the foundations of algebraic number theory. ist conception of general theoretical sociology; its philosophy, its problems, and its methods. f ideas consider Machiavelli’s political thought in the larger context of the republican tradition. and video versions of Shakespeare’s plays. ynamical processes in the formation of stars and disks from which planets ultimately form. the British novel in its formative decades. ropean artisans from 1300 to 1914. logical and ethical aspects of human reproductive biology.

esis of recent archaeological work in Roman Britain.

s surrounding chemical warfare, presenting technical information in a form accessible to the non-scientist. sophy of science suitable for beginners and non-specialists.

ey, arguably one of the most important political theorists of the English Enlightenment. al sciences and biblical studiesof an account of Palestinian society during the first century. the standard work on new techniques for studying solid surfaces.

of nineteenth-century English rural life, in the extraordinary battle of wills between squire and parson in a Norfolk village.

rception, is explored by a distinguished interdisciplinary group of scholars. xperiences in Papua between the 1920s and 1960s. medicine and society from 1500 to 1800. ing 1979 book States and Social Revolutions, updates her arguments about social revolutions.

aphor in language and thought. the prediction of stress and velocity distributions in granular materials. mprehensive biographical one-volume reference of Americans. proposed changes to the governmental structures of the four oldest members of the Commonwealth.

treatise on politics in church and state. neteenth-century European expansion and imperialism.

ext of Culture and Anarchy alongside Arnold’s three most important essays on political subjects. sh influence and of indigenous impulses in shaping an independent Ireland, this book identifies the relationship between personality and proc he chief historical, theological, psychological and musical themes of this complex work, and considers Mann’s indebtedness to the Faust trad ngs translated and introduced by a leading Marx scholar. uate text on space and laboratory plasma physics.

n of the work of Michael Foucault.

esented by some Hellenistic poets and those authors surviving from the imperial period.

small for the eye to see. nual on vocal technique and performance in the eighteenth-century. he theological ideas and historical context of John’s Gospel. t of these greatly neglected New Testament letters. ly political writings. ing but analyzing and differentiating, this book marks a revolutionary shift in the study of ancient Judaism and Christianity.

ale of espionage and terrorism set in Edwardian London. This new edition is based on a painstaking comparison of the original manuscript o transformed the Christian world from the fourth to the end of the sixth century.

this range of languages. Gender will be invaluable both for class use and as a reference resource for students and researchers in linguistics n to Marx’s social, political and economic thought. ory of Hilbert space and its applications. ost significant findings of recent research from ancient Greece to the present day. constructive methods that provide accurate approximations to the solution of numerical problems using MATLAB. and addresses every significant human malady.

species that places modern humans in evolutionary perspective. examines the ways in which mental illness may affect non-verbal interaction patterns. xperience the authors present a coherent and lucid analysis of geological structures which will be welcomed by a wide variety of earth scienti ation on Britten's final operatic achievement.

wide range of philosophers and students of the human sciences. modern literary criticism in Europe, now in paperback. perience, for both the specialist and general reader.

ar qualities which typify Strehler’s work: the lyrical realism which has become the hallmark of his mature style and his gift of interpretation and critical tradition in the early twentieth century. ambridge History of Literary Criticism is now available for the first time in paperback.

speare’s Pericles to be a unified aesthetic experience.

hilosoophy, from one of the liveliest contemporary practitioners. nformation for advanced students and research workers. pitalism, bourgeois versus proletarian and core versus periphery.

emphasis to the techniques and intentions of Lucretius’ poetry. ng on the development of different societies.

of the masterpieces of world literature.

documents of Athenian law, commerce and private life, with a commentary.

ut Otello and interprets its significance within Verdi’s career. wars and World War II, focusing particularly on Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia since 1945.

d economic theory to identify the forces causing change in the world order. e about the relationship between philosophy and its history. nder Comneni rule before and after the fall of Constantinople in 1204.

opments in medieval Japan’s polity, economy, society and culture. he decline of the Ch’ing empire.

og to digital TV in the US and Britain. ance of Naples in the eighteenth century. stinguished roster of philosophers of art. ment of trade between Europe and Asia with contributions from leading scholars. es and types of injury encountered in the young, and provides guidelines for the rational management of such injury. ous secret society, the Cambridge ‘Apostles’. al football industry presents original research and existing literature. mplex angular momenta, based on lectures by Vladimir Gribov. ual politics in fiction by Henry James and modernist writers who were influenced by him. ce humanism upon the English colonization of America. equences of property tax revolts, focusing on California’s experience with Proposition 13. to the non-specialist. needed for cryptographic design: computational difficulty (one-way functions), pseudorandomness and zero-knowledge proofs. mmentary of diagnostic criteria for psychiatric clinicians and researchers. ve emerged as the key players in national and international policy making. fy when rules should and should not be followed. p in signal processing. dministration of turnpike trusts in England from 1663 to 1840. ological aspects of movement disorders commonly associated with neuroleptic drugs. accuracy of eyewitness testimony. n the debate on the veracity of sources in early Islamic history. in multiple-offence cases, with important policy implications. ndling information derived from fossil record, and the application of this information to solve problems. proposed changes to the governmental structures of the four oldest members of the Commonwealth. ve years of William Harvey’s doctrine of the action of the heart and of the circulation of the blood. and two long ones which form part of Petronius’ Satyricon. cts of the second-century CE Roman Empire. eness of early prevention programmes on levels of adult antisocial behaviour.

ete English translation of Ælfric’s liturgical ‘letter’. ssian court during Peter the Great’s reign. es Fu’s important role in modern China’s intellectual development. een Pietism and the rise of the Prussian state. dian point of view, of Portuguese activities in India. ights movement and the major international events of the Cold War. in eastern India during the eighteenth century. leading figure in psychological anthropology and a pioneer in the development of systematic cross-cultural research. inate all those with an interest in the music of J. S. Bach and German Baroque culture, and will be of particular importance for music historia r of the world’s largest brokerage and investment firm. um and the Balkan peoples, 900–1204. e most important theories which have been put forward to explain obsessive-compulsive disorder. towards England during the Great War, 1914–1918. tlers in Ireland in the coastal area of present-day county Louth. on the verb in English by some of the top scholars in the field. ating element of a phrase. ory of greed, through texts from the first to tenth centuries CE. German public opinion on the Great War and its aftermath. y and the United States between 1871 and 1914. e of late medieval Paris, the large and shifting group of men and women who existed on the margins of conventional organized society. works of Romantic figures. reeze, and is aimed at the researcher as well as the general reader. of ocean–atmosphere interactions, for advanced students and professional researchers. w of the study of political subjects within English universities in the mid-twentieth-century, and the strengths and weaknesses of certain patte machine-tool industry during a time when it played a crucial part in the transformation of the British economy. SA as chief global power, 1930–1945. aid the groundwork for modern comparative linguistics. relationship with the towns of France. conomic misery in wartime Spain 1936–45. of language, technology, and civilization in the early modern era. d America has developed in relation to government and society. d cities of Renaissance Europe and the New World. and presents new findings on the consequences of long-term use. of a great medieval Italian city, Siena, through the surviving records and buildings of the period. systems which generate understandable texts in human languages. Sweden under King Charles XI, 1660–1697. or the analysis of word structure in human language. nineteenth century economics and serves as a prehistory to the new institutional economics of the late twentieth century. rical analysis of Scots distinctive law tradition. e in the very nature of individual consciousness over the last century. l and experimental quantum tomography. of the structure, history, typology and dialects of Romani. uent youths in Stockholm between 1991-5. European intellectual tradition. boring-class women poets of the eighteenth century. ntries on all aspects of remote sensing for students and researchers. multi-faith prison population; compares with American situation. diffusion - suitable for graduate students and researchers. bivory evolved in terrestrial vertebrates using perspective from fossil record. al press in England, 1800–1830. Jubilees and explores the neglected topic of ancient geographical conceptions. relationship between biblical interpretation and Christian ethics.

etation and meaning in Renaissance jurisprudence. ers in optics, astronomy, physics and electrical engineering. asis for how the sex steroid hormones interact with parts of the brain and produce their behavioural effects. and its implications on Imperial German history. nd suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental science, palaeoceanography and geology. f migration to genetic consequences for human evolution. emergence of toxoplasmosis as a significant and potentially fatal infection. abeth I’s ‘favourite’, the 2nd Earl of Essex. ontains advanced aspects of the quantitative theory of the dynamics of neurons. ans and other primates and the implications for primate conservation. ch’s interest in Jesus as a believer in God. ed, critical analysis of the molecular biology of growth cones. balance in traditional subsistence populations. ure series reports on the origins of the most fundamental features of our world.

s the latest work on long-term potentiation (LTP), a model for encoding memory. sive survey of our knowledge of the human brain. waves and oscillating systems, with a focus on linear analysis. hoice methods, focusing on advances that simulation has made possible. Critical Theory by an international team of distinguished contributors. vate law; relevant to property, tort, contract, legal method and legal theory. e plumes for advanced students and researchers in Earth science. tional law and the consequences of such breaches. attern to examine early medieval European culture and society. and social history during the First World War. on’s status as both a political philosopher and political actor. ace of the news interview in Anglo-American society as well as its historical development. ometry of plane curves. primates in foraging for food, and avoiding being eaten. s learning the craft of programming for the first time. ocusing on their use in environmental applications. eviations from free trade in media products. present day. global public health issues and policy. oral psychology of responses to wrongdoing. me is that deviant behavior is predominantly social behavior. on letters and documents which have become available in the last twenty-five years. h the normative implications of humanitarian military intervention. ut language have uncovered previously ‘legitimated’ linguistic and social inequalities. s global repercussions, and its role in modern history. the latest findings in sleep and dream research. explores the implications of Dennett’s diverse body of work. s is made not born by tracing the lives of famous figures. ps examines the conceptual assumptions of atheistic thought. nuses of directors’ rescripting or rewrighting of Shakespeare’s playtexts. e nature of abilities, competencies, and expertise. me of the most influential of Smith’s essays. he range of Franz Brentano’s work. or graduate students, researchers, professionals in academia and petroleum industry. or graduate students, researchers, professionals in academia and the petroleum industry. mic perspective, considering the importance of ‘incentives’. der how institutional settings and policy shape new models of fatherhood.

cence in eight very different regions of the world. f isostasy for graduate students and researchers in geoscience. mprehensively looks at macroevolution, integrating evolutionary processes at all levels to explain animal diversity. ve psychology to the study of intellectual disability. e Third World. ace between epilepsy and behaviour disorders, giving both diagnostic and management perspectives. es and other infectious agents, with particular emphasis on immunological and ecological aspects. flat racing based on Cassidy’s experiences working in Newmarket. about HIV/AIDS, and identifies why so many HIV prevention schemes have failed. dynamics from a multi-disciplinary perspective. reflects recent changes in perspective and language. eological and demographic evidence for the peopling of the New World. opment and the political dimension of Young Hegelianism. ial background of Nazi supporters. m John Braithwaite’s influential and best-selling Crime, Shame and Reintegration. nese society as monocultural and homogenous. y focusing on what makes Jesus important in Christianity. e issues arise in tort law, criminal law, and distributive justice. ountry’s economic, social, cultural, and political evolution. y’, including its use inside and outside the West. from and constitutive of surrounding cultural contexts. a remarkable new technique for improving creativity in product design. ally-authorized armed interventions, considering experiences of nine democracies. n from combat across history and cultures. nces’ in the study of contentious politics. as not contributed to the retrenchment of developed welfare states. sted and ignored calls for environmental reforms. ajor works of classic and romantic German aesthetics. t and the relationship between restorative justice and civil society. in Western bureaucracies. ymond Geuss examines critically the central topics in western political thought. views the epidemiology, treatment and prognosis of all major diseases of the nervous system.

tional practice.

al applications.

ese mechanical terms.

se Law (2001).

osophy, as well as development economics and ethics.

he United States.

ng engineers.


where in the Universe.

the last few years.

tic of the Vietnam War.

of statistical estimation and interference.

lve motion and behavior. n coordination.

cal illustrations.

rmation gathered in the International Geological Correlation Programme Project 203.

world market.

ult, and Rorty.

et industrialisation.

champ as the originator of postmodern art.

p between personality and process in determining Irish history. indebtedness to the Faust tradition, Nietzsche and neo-Marxism.

son of the original manuscript of the work.

s and researchers in linguistics.

y a wide variety of earth scientists.

and his gift of interpretation and production.

nowledge proofs.

r importance for music historians and analysts.

ntional organized society.

nd weaknesses of certain patterns of thinking.

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