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									Midland Jaycees GMM Agenda February 19, 2008
I. II. III. IV. V. VI. Call to Order Introductions Additions or Deletions to Agenda Treasurer’s Report – Jon Wearn Region and State News – Management Area of Opportunity – Shelly Bennett  Open board positions – membership, management, community, individual directors, secretary)  Discussion of potential duck race during Riverdays o Greg will apply for pre-approval for raffle license.  Need copy of tax-exempt letter from IRS or one bank statement from each of the past 5 years o Andrew will contact Riverdays (Community Foundation) after they complete their move.  Planning meeting results – see attached details Membership Area of Opportunity – Andrew Anderson  Google list - We need new members email addresses for Greg to add  Next GMM – Tuesday, March 18th @ Holiday Inn at 7:30 pm  Need chair and date for Saginaw Spirit Game  April Chamber wake-up – we will try to sponsor it. This runs from 7:15-9:00 – will need 2 volunteers to man table. We approved $50 sponsorship fee.  Will have an M-Night in April as a follow-up to the Wake-Up event. Community Area of Opportunity – Shelly Bennett  Discussion of Spring Fling – need chair. Individual Area of Opportunity – Andrew Anderson  January sledding - recap Adjourn





Midland Jaycees GMM Agenda February 19, 2008
Planning Meeting Results: 1. Meetings will continue to be held at the Holiday Inn at the same day and time 2. Calendar of Events for 2008: January – Sledding at City Forest (Bowling if no snow) (Greg to Coordinate) February – Orientation following GMM (Greg to Coordinate), Saginaw Spirit Game (need Chair) March – Easter Egg Hunt at NMFC, St. Patrick’s Day dinner at Bennigans April – Chamber Wake-Up Sponsorship, M-Night, Bowling May – Fair Renovation Day (Painting tables, rearranging, etc) June – Loons game, Card Night (at GMM?) July – 4th of July & Riverdays, Relay for Life, Possibly Duck Race August - Fair September – Barbeque, Chippewa Nature Center concessions October – Road Rally, Board Nominations November – Thanksgiving Dinner, Beer Tasting, Elections December – Shopping Spree, Christmas Banquet 3. Fair Renovations a. We will need additiogenal refrigerators. We will look into purchasing used ones. Members who have a working fridge they want to dispose of should contact Shelly. b. We will have a work day in May. Shelly suggested we paint tables and Greg suggested that re-arranging the kitchen layout. We will determine what we want to improve closer to May. c. We don’t know if we’ll need to install the fryer hood yet. If the fire inspector requires installation this year, Shelly suggested trying Fry Daddies and Greg suggested trying a turkey fryer instead. 4. Board Meetings a. Board meetings will be held at 6:30 p.m. on the Second Tuesday at Pizza Sam’s. There are several open board positions and general members are welcome to join the board. 5. Checking Account a. The checking account needs to be updated so that current officers are listed as signatories and that former officers are off the account. Jon will take care of this with the bank.

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