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					Monterey County Fish and Game Advisory Commission Minutes of 4/14/2009
Location: Denny’s Restaurant 1255 De La Torre St. (right off Airport Blvd and 101) Salinas, CA


Call to Order Chairman Vic Lanini called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Roll Call
District I (Supvr. Armenta) Al Espindola Charles Nelson Rich Hughett (Past Chair) District II (Supvr. Calcagno) Frank Gomes, Jr. Richard Medley (Newly-elected Vice Chair) John Sargenti District III (Supvr. Salinas) Vic Lanini (Newly-elected Chair) John Pack Frank LaMacchia District IV (Supvr. Jane Parker) Charlie Collins Stephen Ruth Mike Hosfelt District V (Supvr. Potter) Kevin Kreyenhagen Judson Vandevere Sam Davidson (Newly-elected Secretary) Absent None

Leno Morinini (South Monterey County Sportsmen) Lt. Donald Kelly (Ca. Fish and Game) David Lutes (Monterey County Parks Department)


Approval of Minutes of 2/10/2009 Corrections:

Kevin Kreyenhagen requested a correction to item 6.b. of Old Business: the motion to reimburse Kevin in the amount of $70.76 was to cover his expenses for the printing and mailing of Hunter Survey Questionnaire, not for magazine subscriptions.  Al Espindola requested that his name be listed as the one opposition vote to the award of a $4,000.00 grant to the “Freedom II,” 28’ fishing boat, under New Business, approval of grant request applications, 7. c. (8.). Commission action: John Sagenti moved to approve the minutes with the above corrections and John Pack seconded the motion, followed by a unanimous vote to approve the minutes with the corrections. 4. Financial Report As an aside, Lt. Kelly was happy to announce the capture of a violator of abalone pilferage that can carry a fine of from $13,000 to $40,000 and a jail term of from 30 to 90 days. The violation is not considered a victimless crime. (The Fish and Game Advisory Commission can be possible recipients of such fines). Regarding the Financial Report, Richard Hughett has been seeking information regarding the County’s investments that has resulted in the loss of $71.88 in interest from the Commission’s March, 2009 Budget Unit 297 revenue. Also, Richard recommended that the Commission maintain as a “cushion” the $1,222


subtotal shown in the Services and Supplies expenditures of said Financial Report. Richard reported that the Parks Department submittal of the FY 09-10 Budget Unit 297 report continues to include the $10,000 contribution from the County’s General Fund. On that not, David Lutes stated that Board of Supervisor’s budget hearings begin in June, 2009. [Update: the Budget Hearing schedule shall begin on Monday, June the 9th, and will continue on Tuesday, June the 10th, if necessary. The Parks’ budget listed is listed for the June 9 th hearing on Board consent under “Recreation and Education Services,” found on pages 539ff of the County’s Budget Report.] Commission action: Al Espindola moved to approve the Financial Report and Kevin Kreyenhagen seconded the motion, followed by a unanimous vote to approve the March 2009 Financial Report. 5. Old Business a. Deer Herds – Problem with Predators The decline of deer herds due to suspected predators, particularly coyotes, has been an ongoing investigation by the Commission’s Deer Herd Predator Subcommittee. Richard Medley, reported that the Subcommittee has decided not to pursue the idea of putting a bounty on coyotes because of the lack of evidence that they are a primary cause of the declining herds. Vic Lanini suggested that the subcommittee focus on more sitespecific reports of the increased coyote population related to declining deer herds. Frank La Macchia provided historic observations of past suspected predators such as the County’s targeting of the coyote population, and then the fox population, as responsible for the decline of deer herds. In the past, there was no limit regarding the pursuit of coyotes as long as traps or poison bait was not used. In 1969, it was observed that the pig population increased while the deer population declined with the suspicion that there was a cause-effect correlation. Lions, in turn, are known to have a diet of pigs. b. Fishing Trips of Veterans Boats John Pack announced that Rock Cod season starts in May. He extended an invitation to Commission members to join him for a boat fishing excursion on May 8th and 9th during this fishing season in appreciation of their past support of the military veterans fishing excursions. Fishing participants would be required to have a fishing license, but would be provided bait and tackle. The veteran’s boat can accommodate 4 to 5 persons, and would launch from the Monterey docks near the Harbor Master’s House.


c. Pond Restoration at Toro Park -- Update David Lutes, Monterey County Parks staff, had no updates to report since the last Commission meeting of February10, 2009. With the Parks inhouse labor and private contributions, County Parks is not requesting the earlier Commission’s commitment of $5,000 toward the pond restoration this fiscal year. It was confirmed though that the Commission’s monetary commitment still stands, and County Parks may return to the Commission at next fiscal year’s round-of-funding to request funds to stock the pond with fish if there is a shortage of alternative funds. The Commission can play a role in recommending the kinds of fish that would be most feasible for restocking the pond. Another recommending resource is the Camp Cielo organization that completed pond construction and stocking through contributions from the Commission and others. c. Other Business It was announced that John Sargenti was re-appointed by Supervisor Calcagno to the Commission for another 3 year term expiring on February 1, 2012, representing District 2. Dr. Stephen Ruth was appointed by Supervisor Jane Parker to replace James Bogan’s District IV position for a term also expiring on February 1, 2012. 6. New Business  Welcome new member Dr. Stephen Ruth Upon introduction, Dr. Ruth shared information on his academic career that included herbal, reptile and amphibian studies. He has served as a MPC professor, and has pursued studies on the natural history of Point Lobos and on habitat protection issues. Grant Request Application: South Monterey County Sportsmens Association Representative Leno Morinini presented the request for a $3,000 grant for the ongoing Kids Fish Derby at the upper Arroyo Seca pond. The Center for Biodiversity suit against the Department of Fish and Game regarding the potential competition between native and stocked steelhead fish was discussed, focused on the Fish and Game regulation practices for the private stocking of fish, and the potential environment impacts this has on native fish. Lt Kelly stated that the issues raised in the suit are primarily regarding the process of regulation rather than the results. An Environmental Impact Report is being prepared to address these issues. It was noted that the stocking of fish for such events as the Kids Fish Derby has occurred for years as an ongoing event for kids. Commission action: John Pack moved to approve the $3,000 grant to the South Monterey County Sportsmens Association for the Kids Fish Derby



and Mike Hosfelt seconded the motion, followed by a unanimous vote to approve said grant.  Election of new secretary to replace James Bogan: After a qualified acceptance of the position, Sam Davidson agreed to assume the position of the Commission’s secretary when it was understood that he would be unavailable at times to take minutes when his business required absence from the Commission’s regular scheduled meetings. Commission action: Frank Gomes, Jr. moved to approve the nomination of Sam Davidson for the position of the Commission’s secretary and John Sargenti seconded the motion, followed by a unanimous vote to approve the motion.  Other Business: Richard Hughett reminded the Commission that representatives be sent to the Rancho Cielo special Fish Committee to oversee the use of their fish pond. Rich Hughett is volunteering to participate on this Committee. An informal discussion centered on possible joint meetings with the Santa Cruz Fish and Game Advisory Commission, and the formal submittal of Monterey County’s Advisory Commission’s name to the Statewide new organization of County Fish and Game Commissions or Commissioners. NEXT MEETING Date: June 9, 2009 Time: 6:30 pm - Dinner; 7:00 pm – Business Meeting Place: Denny’s Restaurant