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6:30 p.m.

BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS: Chairman Tom Brian Vice Chair Dick Schouten Commissioner John Leeper Commissioner Roy Rogers Commissioner Andy Duyck STAFF: Charles D. Cameron, County Administrator Dennis Mulvihill, Intergovernmental Relations Specialist Michelle Pimentel, Senior Program Educator, SS Dan Olsen, County Counsel Kathy Lehtola, Director, LUT Paul Schaefer, Senior Planner, LUT Bill Gaffi, General Manager, CWS Patt Opdyke, CPO Coordinator Jeff Friend, AudioVisual Specialist Barbara Hejtmanek, Recording Secretary PRESS: Dick Colby, The Oregonian APPROVAL OF MINUTES: December 7, 2004 1. CONSENT AGENDA

Chairman Brian announced the addition of the following items to the Consent Agenda:    An item from Clean Water Services entitled ―Resolution and Order Rejecting all Bids for Construction of the 82nd Avenue Local Improvement District (6173) and Authorize Re-bidding of the Project‖ (CWS RO 04-76). An item from the Department of Land Use and Transportation entitled ―Accept the Final Affordable Housing Progress Report‖ (MO 04-453). An item from the County Administrative Office entitled ―Adopt the Washington County Legislative Agenda for the 2005 Oregon Legislature‖ (MO 04-452).

It was moved to adopt the Consent Agenda, as amended. Motion – Rogers 2nd – Leeper Vote – 5-0 CLEAN WATER SERVICES 1.a. CWS RO 04-74 Acquire Easements for Sanitary Sewer (Approved Under Consent Agenda) 1.b. CWS RO 04-75 Adopt Clean Water Services’ Comprehensive Financial Policies (Approved Under Consent Agenda) 1.c. CWS MO 04-114 Accept the River Road Pump Station and Force Main, Project 6060 – Sidewalk, Washington County Casefile No. 03-206 Project as Final and Authorize Release of Retainage to CAPS Contracting, Inc. (Approved Under Consent Agenda) 1.d. CWS MO 04-115 Accept the Construction of the Administration Building as Final, Approve Change Order No. 18 and Approve the Release Retainage to Lease Crutcher Lewis, LLC (Approved Under Consent Agenda) 1.e. CWS MO 04-116 Accept the Construction of Highway 219 Widening for Administration Building as Final, Approve Change Order No. 2, Make Final Payment and Release Retainage to Kerr Contractors, Inc. (CPO 1) (Approved Under Consent Agenda) 1.f. CWS MO 04-117 Authorize General Manager to Sign Calendar Year 2005 Liability Insurance Policy (Approved Under Consent Agenda)

SUPPORT SERVICES 1.g. MO 04-451 Authorize Purchase Order for Copiers, Copier Supplies and Maintenance (Approved Under Consent Agenda) SERVICE DISTRICT FOR LIGHTING NO. 1-A COUNTY SERVICE DISTRICT 1.h. SDL RO 04-34 Form Assessment Area, Authorize Maximum Annual Assessment and Impose a First Year Assessment for Bethany Corner (CPO 7) (Approved Under Consent Agenda) 2. None. ORAL COMMUNICATION (2 MINUTE OPPORTUNITY)

3. PROCLAMATION 3.a. MO 04-449 Presentation to Gold Medal Winner Mariel Zagunis Michelle Pimentel introduced Mariel Zagunis, Olympic Gold Medalist. She indicated that Miss Zagunis has been involved in community activities such as canned food drives, delivery of food baskets, Adopt a Road activities, and S.O.L.V. events. Mrs. Pimentel told the Board that during the 2004 Summer Olympic games in Athens, Greece, Miss Zagunis claimed the gold medal in the women’s individual sabre event. She identified Miss Zagunis as an ambassador of good sportsmanship, international competition and community service in Washington County and asked the Board to recognize her contributions and to offer congratulations for her performance in the 2004 Summer Olympics. The Clerk of the Board read the proclamation into the record. Vice Chair Schouten related that he met Mariel Zagunis about eight years ago when she played on a soccer team with his daughter. He recalled being impressed with Miss Zagunis’ strong focus and acuity on the field as well as a strong grasp of the game. Vice Chair Schouten said that Miss Zagunis always behaved in a good sportsmanlike manner. He always expected a bright future for Miss Zagunis but could not, of course, predict that it would include an Olympic gold medal. Vice Chair Schouten was not entirely surprised by this turn of events.

Commissioner Rogers congratulated Mariel Zagunis’ mother for an outstanding job of raising her daughter. He considered it an honor to meet Miss Zagunis this evening. Vice Chair Schouten interjected that Miss Zagunis is a resident of District 1. Chairman Brian regarded Miss Zagunis’ presence as a great opportunity for the Board. He indicated that she is a role model for everyone, illustrating how hard works pays off. Chairman Brian presented the proclamation (which will be suitably framed) to Mariel Zagunis and offered her best wishes for a repeat performance. Photographs were taken of Mariel Zagunis and her mother with Chairman Brian. Audience applause completed this presentation. It was moved to recognize the contributions of Mariel Zagunis to the community of Washington County and to offer congratulations for her performance in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games. Motion – Schouten 2nd – Rogers Vote – 5-0

4. COUNTY COUNSEL 4.a. MO 04-450 First Reading of Proposed Ordinance No. 616 Amending WCC 8.12 Alarm Systems Chairman Brian announced that due to technical reasons, this ordinance needs to have another first reading. There was a motion to read Proposed Ordinance No. 616 by title only. Motion – Duyck 2nd – Leeper Vote – 5-0 Dan Olsen read the proposed ordinance by title. It was moved to continue this item to January 4, 2005 for second reading. Motion – Leeper 2nd – Rogers Vote – 5-0 OFF DOCKET – COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE MO 04-454

Approve Intergovernmental Agreement with City of Beaverton – Interim Urban Services Plan It was moved to approve the Intergovernmental Agreement and to authorize the Chair to sign the agreement. Motion – Rogers 2nd – Schouten Vote – 4-1 Nay – Leeper Commissioner Leeper was opposed to this action based upon certain of the boundaries for Map A, as defined in this document. Vice Chair Schouten said that although this document is not entirely perfect, it is a huge step forward. He stated that there will now be an area clearly blocked out in the north and to the west of Beaverton to which the County can provide services for a period of time. Vice Chair Schouten expected the City of Beaverton to provide more coherent types of annexations in the areas south and east of 170th and Highway 26, respectively. He hoped this would be one of the final steps toward having an urban services agreement, which will help assign the rights and responsibilities for all the jurisdictions and perhaps lead the way for further annexations by the Park District, the City of Beaverton, etc. that will be positive for the community. Chairman Brian commented that the County has had previous communication recently regarding the annexation with the City of Beaverton and that this document supercedes and quiets the issues raised in that letter. ANNOUNCEMENT County Administrator Charles Cameron announced that the Board of Commissioner meeting was scheduled to be held in another room in the Public Services Building. He explained that for ceremonial purposes, the County imposed on the City of Hillsboro to use the auditorium until 7 p.m. Mr. Cameron noted that if the Board Meeting is not concluded by then, the Board will have to move to the other room in order to allow the City of Hillsboro to conduct its City Council meeting. 5. ORAL COMMUNICATION (5 MINUTE OPPORTUNITY)

Henry Oberhelman, 26185 NW Evergreen Road, Hillsboro, Oregon, addressed helicopter noise. A document submitted by Mr. Oberhelman may be found in the Meeting File. He informed the Board that he lives under the Charlie pattern and is therefore the recipient of a significant amount of helicopter noise. Mr. Oberhelman testified that helicopter noise has three distinct components to it: 1. Engine noise – High frequency noise measured on the dba scale (similar to a leaf blower). 2. Rotor noise – Low frequency noise measured on the dbc scale (like a construction roller or the bass speakers in a car in the next lane).

3. Impulse noise – Not measured on any scale with the instruments commonly used and not addressed in the Integrated Noise Model (similar to string of firecrackers). Mr. Oberhelman told the Board that he gets all three of these where he lives. He provided data on overflights of helicopters in his area and reported that each overflight goes up to 70 on the dba scale and 73 on the dbc scale: November 20, 2004 November 21, 2004 November 22, 2004 December 21, 2004 77 overflights 18 overflights 7 overflights 39 overflights

Mr. Oberhelman said that the data shows that the helicopters may come over as frequently as every minute in some cases. Regarding the Charlie pattern, he stated that the Port of Portland recently spent $500,000 building a facility for this. Mr. Oberhelman remarked that this strip of asphalt allowed the Port to start helicopter operations over Washington County. He added that at this point in time, this benefits Hillsboro Aviation, which flies all of the training helicopters around the Hillsboro Airport. Mr. Oberhelman explained that the Charlie pattern adds capacity because of the diversity Hillsboro Aviation can realize due to different weather conditions. He went on to say that it has no restriction on hours or volumes of flights and that it does not eliminate the other patterns (Alpha and Bravo). Mr. Oberhelman felt that the Charlie pattern also sets the stage for larger helicopters and other training companies. He commented that the Port of Portland is obligated to provide services to a company that wants to come in and provide air services at the Hillsboro Airport and—because of the Charlie pattern—is now in a position to do so. Mr. Oberhelman reported that there has been a series of meetings between concerned residents and the City of Hillsboro, the Port of Portland and the FAA. He read from a public mailing put out by the City of Hillsboro, ―…In the last few months, I have brought representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration, Port of Portland, Hillsboro Aviation, and neighborhood groups together to work on this issue. A two-part solution has been proposed that I believe is a good, workable compromise.‖ Mr. Oberhelman said that a member of the group CRASH (Concerned Residents About Student Helicopters), to which he belongs, wrote a response to the mailing, ―This compromise …was a surprise to those of us who participated and talked with the City, Port of Portland, FAA, and Hillsboro Aviation because we have not concluded or agreed that such a proposal would provide the relief that we need. The Mayor’s letter did not disclose or resolve some critical issues with implementing Charlie pattern, nor did it address a real solution to the problem of helicopter training flights. The City of Hillsboro and Hillsboro Aviation refused to consider involuntary limitations on the times at which helicopters can fly over our homes.‖

Delilah Ahrendt (did not sign in; name may be misspelled) supported Mr. Oberhelman and his remarks. She told the Board that she lives in the Bravo pattern and was one of the first to speak out against this. Ms. Ahrendt testified that she has seen significant—but not complete—relief. She reported seeing between 90 to 150 helicopters in a day when she dealt with two helicopter patterns. Ms. Ahrendt asked the Board to listen to and seriously consider what Mr. Oberhelman is saying. She wanted to know where Washington County stands in regard to all of this. Ms.

Ahrendt sensed a silence from both the City of Hillsboro and Washington County. She said that in the last 8-9 months when she has voiced her opinions, her family has had tires flattened and harassing e-mails to the point where the Hillsboro police have been involved. Ms. Ahrendt felt that it is unfair that her family had to take the brunt of her speaking out. She reported that someone has finally been arrested who has been harassing the family, who happens to be a flight instructor for Hillsboro Aviation. Ms. Ahrendt went on to say that this matter has been labeled a misdemeanor and will go to court. She complained that she has not received an apology from Hillsboro Aviation for their employee’s behavior. Ms. Ahrendt reiterated her concern about the silence from the City of Hillsboro. She believed, too, that the Hillsboro Argus has not covered this story appropriately. Ms. Ahrendt related that she has received calls from other people who have told her that new helicopter patterns are emerging. She hoped that someone with more knowledge and power than herself could do something for the citizens of Hillsboro in this regard. Ms. Ahrendt distributed a handout, which may be found in the Meeting File. She concluded by asking for an answer to her inquiry as to where Washington County stands with regard to her testimony. Chairman Brian thanked Ms. Ahrendt for her written materials and said that the County would respond to her.



Chairman Brian announced that there will be no Board Meeting next Tuesday, December 28, 2004. He wished everyone a happy holiday season and a safe, wonderful week. Vice Chair Schouten especially extended good wishes for a happy new year to Henry Oberhelman and Delilah Ahrendt and hoped the new year would be better than the previous one. Chairman Brian thanked the City of Hillsboro for graciously accommodating the Board this evening by sharing the use of the Shirley Huffman Auditorium.



6:55 p.m.

Motion – Rogers 2nd – Leeper Vote – 5-0

MINUTES APPROVED THIS ____ DAY ______________________________ 2005

_______________________________ RECORDING SECRETARY

___________________________________ CHAIRMAN

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