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									Mike and the Gang
Episode 2: Golden Corral
(At Timber Creek High School in the Cafeteria, Mike and the Gang are at their own table called “Mike‟s Gang” Cecil Vladimir walks to Mike‟s Table.) Cecil: Mike, How are your classes doin‟? Mike: Everything is going very well. How‟s yours? Cecil: Excellent. Great news is that the students from Russian Class let‟s me join the Russian Club. Karen: Good for you Cecil. Where are you seated now? Cecil: At the Russian Club Table. (The Russian Club table was full of Students who are Russian.) Karen: Nice people. Cecil: Right. Karen: Sometimes I sit with the Cheerleaders in the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Table. (The Junior Varsity Cheerleading Table was full of cheerleaders chatting with each other.) Mike: Same here as a Mascot. I even sometimes sit with the Student Government Officers. (The Student Government Table was full of Officers chatting with each other.) Earl: I even sometimes sit at the Chess Club table and the Jr. Varsity Basketball table. (The Chess Club table was full of Chess players and the Jr. Varsity Basketball table was full of Boys basketball players who like Earl as Captain.) Mike: What about you Justin? Justin: Sometimes when I try to sit with the Wolf Jockeys, they say that I‟m not a football player or a sport type of person, but then I said yes, then they said, no problem with us, but the next day, sit in another table. Mike: That is so funny Justin, How „bout it Jennifer where do you sit at a table here in this cafeteria?

Jennifer: Well Mike, I sometimes sit with the chefs at the chefs table and with the dancers in the dance club table. Justin: I sit with the Chefs too! Mike: Wow, so there‟s a lot of great tables for each club and tables for just students to sit at, no matter what place you sit to eat, but it‟s all just the same. (Mike and the Gang theme song plays) (After school, during the extracurricular activities, Mike and the Gang meet with Theodore Sarabande a genius student at Timber Creek High.) Theodore: Hey what‟s up guys? Mike: Not much Ted. How are your science experiments goin‟? Theodore: Things are going great in my lab; I can even come up with an idea to build robots, and of course, design some video games as well and solve problems too. Mike: Wow, you can visit us in our hang out today? Theodore: Sure thing! Mike: Ok Ted, see ya! Theodore: You bet Mike! (Then Mike and the Gang went to different activities for enjoyment as Mike and Karen heads in to the Gym for Cheerleading practice.) Karen: Ok Mike, let‟s get dressed. Mike: Gotcha! (Then they head to the locker rooms to get dressed for cheerleading, at the Chess Club, Earl is facing off Harold.) Earl: Ready when you are. Harold: Bring it on! (Then the chess battle begins, at the Dance club, Jennifer and the dance students prepare for a dancing lesson.)

Dancing Instructor: Ok class, today we are going to dance of Swan Lake, anybody heard of it? Jennifer: I heard of it when I watch a ballet show of it. Dancing Instructor: Ok then, let‟s begin. (Then they started dancing to the song, back in the gym, Karen, Rena and the Cheerleaders dancing to a routine.) Timber Creek Cheerleading Squad: W-O-L-V-E-S that‟s the way we spell Wolves. Wolves, Timber Creek Wolves, Whoo! W-O-L-V-E-S that‟s the way we spell Wolves. Wolves, Timber Creek Wolves, Whoo! W-O-L-V-E-S that‟s the way we spell Wolves. Wolves, Timber Creek Wolves! (Then Mike comes out in a wolf mascot and then he howls for a finish to a routine.) Mike: Awhooooooooooooooooo! (Then Mike cheers on.) Karen: Alright! That‟s great! Rena: This would make it a nice routine for the basketball game! Mike: You said it! Karen: Ok, see you tomorrow! Rena: Enjoy your day girls! (Mike, Karen, Rena, and the cheerleading squad head in to the locker rooms to change clothes and then they come out back to normal.) Mike: It is going to be a hang out for dinner time. Karen: Yep, it sure is! (Mike and Karen walks out of the gym where Cecil, Earl, Justin and Jennifer were waiting for them.) Cecil: There you are you two, how was it? Mike: Same old, same old Cecil.

(Then Mike and the Gang walks down to the exit and along the way, they meet with Wally Buntle, a practical joker.) Wally: Hello there guys, I couldn‟t help overhearing your conversation, and I‟m thinking that the hang out looks like an average way, why sometimes they argue and fight with each other along the way. Hyuck! Hyuck! Mike: Oh Wally, don‟t mess with us, cuz your jokes are funny all the time! (Jake squeaks madly to Wally.) Earl: Yeah, why don‟t you take our advice for sure? Wally: That would be the greatness of me. Mike: Well then, see you around. (Then Mike and the Gang walks to the bus stop and they take the bus to International Drive. Meanwhile at the secret lab underneath Slavers, Koram and Destra are coming up with their evil plans.) Koram: I don‟t believe it! We been arrested all because of Mike and the Gang? Destra: They are trying to stop us all from robbing money from the bank. Koram: And that‟s no doubt that they are unstoppable! (Suddenly the intercom is buzzing to Koram and Destra.) Fizzo: Koram, this is Fizzo, report to me at once! Koram: Great, were making plans and that Fizzo wants me to chit chat. (Koram then rushes into the room where Fizzo one of the villains to Koram and Destra appeared.) Koram: Well what is it? Fizzo: Ah, Koram my old friend. Koram: You want me for what? Fizzo: You would be so drawly when you have confined for me. I am giving you some knowledge to defeat your enemies, but you were be able to discover something out in the city, all I need is a new body, a makeover which you have failed to make me.

Koram: None of which is safe, that is why that I can do it, but first, how can I defeat Mike and the Gang? Fizzo: A simple way that it needs something like an Animal or a creature on earth that can have one of your trained henchmen to try it out. Koram: Interesting choice Fizzo, all I need is an animal that can stop at nothing, that is quite a brain Fizzo! Fizzo: Of course it is that is all I got! (Meanwhile at International Drive next to Bargain World, Mike and the Gang and Cecil arrive at their favorite hang out spot for lunch and dinner called “Golden Corral.”) Mike: Now Cecil, we would like to introduce you to our favorite hang out that we have for lunch and dinner every day, tell him gang. Mike and the Gang: The Golden Corral! (Mike points to Golden Corral as Cecil looks at it.) Cecil: Say, I never have been to the place before. Earl: You‟ll see. Mike: And the food that you can choose looks like a buffet. (Mike and the Gang and Cecil enter Golden Corral, once inside; they met their favorite chief of Golden Corral, Terry Steiner.) Terry: Ah, hello there kids, its great to see you again, who‟s your Russian friend you brought today? Mike: Our Russian friend here is Cecil Vladimir. Terry: Ah, Cecil, I saw your name on the Missing student flyers and there you are. You are new to this restaurant? Cecil: Yes sir. Terry: All the meals are freshly prepared and ready from Soup and Salad, Side dishes, Main Courses, and let‟s not forget fruits and desserts to entice your appetite. Cecil: Great! Now I can eat whenever I want. Terry: Right, help yourselves now!

Mike: You bet! (As Mike and the Gang chooses what they want to eat at the buffet, Cecil looks at the gelatin square.) Cecil: Hey Mike, what is this? Mike: Well Cecil that is called Jell-O. Cecil: Jell-O! I have never heard that word before. Mike: It‟s made by a gelatin substance of fruit. Cecil: Oh yeah! Mike: That is for dessert, pick out anything. Cecil: Oh yes, of course. (Then Mike helps Cecil picks what he wants to eat and then he really found what he is looking for.) Cecil: That‟s a nice salad. Mike: Yep, you can customize any salad you want. Cecil: Well I know how to make a Russian salad. (Cecil makes a Russian salad by using some dressings and some vegetables to make a perfect Russian salad.) Mike: Wow, nice trick! Cecil: Thanks Mike. (So Mike and Cecil sit at a table where the Gang was eating.) Jennifer: Say Cecil, that‟s a nice salad you got there. Cecil: Thanks Jenny. Earl: Wow Mike, you really help him out showing around town. Mike: You got it Earl.

Karen: Of course, that we are the gang, what we can do is to chat with each other. Mike: Sure thing! Justin: Let us hope there won‟t be any trouble out on the streets. Cecil: Right-o Justin! (Meanwhile at the Central Florida Zoo, a guest looks at the Deer and then suddenly, the hole was drilled by a robot built by Koram and then he cracks open a fence and then with a lasso he twists and throws it to the deer.) KRobot: Ok Deer, you are coming with us! (The Robot capture the deer and he drag it into the hole with the deer coming with him and then he talks to the guests.) KRobot: Sorry for the interference guests, have a nice day! (Then the guest realizes that the deer was stolen by a KRobot as he looks at the hole.) (Fade out) Disney Channel Commercial Break #1 (Fade in) (Back in Golden Corral, Cecil picks up an alerting signal from his master communicator.) Cecil: Hey Gang; I picked up the signal from the Zoo. Mike: You mean the Central Park Zoo? Cecil: Yep, though my GPS tracker says that a red X indicates that a deer is stolen by a robot. Jake: Oh! Justin: Oh my god, I wonder what the robot is from? Cecil: The robot‟s name is KRobot. If that is a KRobot then that could be from… Mike and the Gang: Koram! Cecil: Exactly!

Mike: How could he escape from Prison? Jake: Huh! Cecil: Because they sneak out through the walls quietly and then after they boarded the delivery van, every officer in prison realizes that Koram and Destra escaped. Earl: Oh man, that‟s why they want to take over the world for somethin‟ Cecil: Right, they always have plans for world domination. Karen: And that is why they want to fight with us. Cecil: Right on Karen, though we need something to increase your powers because it must come from the source that is kinda drinkable. Theodore: I can help you! (Theodore Sarabande comes to the table with Mike and the Gang and he talks to Cecil.) Theodore: You must be Cecil Vladimir right? Cecil: How do you know my name? Theodore: Because I heard you at the Russian Club. Cecil: Ah yes, so what do you want? Theodore: I was overhearing your conversation and the source that is drinkable is Fruit Punch. Mike: It is packed with Vitamin C and enriched flavors, right Ted? Theodore: Exactly! That would help you increase your superpowers. Cecil: It is very kind of you to say so. Theodore: You can pick up some fruit punch at the Orange World juice stand located in Kissimmee. Terry: Did you say Fruit Punch? Mike and the Gang with Cecil and Theodore: Yes sir! Terry: You can bring some fruit and I will blend it up to make fruit punch to all customers including you!

Mike: Great, we‟ll do it! Theodore: Ok, see you then. Cecil: You bet! (Then, Mike and the Gang exits Golden Corral and boards on the bus to Kissimmee. Meanwhile at Slavers, Koram and Destra carefully choose one of the henchmen to take part in the experiment.) Destra: My mother told me… Koram: To choose the very best one… Destra: And you are… (Koram and Destra point to Henchmen2.) Koram and Destra: It! Henchmen2: Me? You want me to be part of the experiment? Henchmen1: Well then, you gotta enjoy it while you can. Koram: It will grant you with some powers that you are able to dream of. Destra: And it will enable you to have strength to take down the enemy. Henchmen2: Golly oh Molly, I‟ll do it! Koram: Then follow me. (Henchmen2 follows Koram and Destra to the lab where the transformation awaits and then they arrive in the lab.) Koram: Just sit in the chair. (Henchmen2 sit in the lab chair.) Henchmen2: I wish I brought my handheld video game. (The lab chair ties Henchmen2 up and it flats down as Koram and Destra comes out in their protective lab clothing.) Henchmen2: What are you doing to me for?

Destra: Just relax. (The KRobot comes out with the Deer.) Henchmen2: What‟s that Deer for anyway? Koram: It is all part of the experiment. Henchmen2: You mean that you will give me powers like you promised? Destra: Absolutely. Koram: Of course, you‟ll be having a hard time having fun on a Friday night. (Koram and Destra activate the machine to start the experiment. Meanwhile, Mike and the Gang arrive at the Orange World juice stand and meets with the clerk.) OW Clerk: Good day to you all, how may I help you today? Mike: Yes, we would like to have some fruit punch if you have any. OW Clerk: Sure thing, I‟ll make you some. Mike: Right, Terry Steiner at Golden Corral can make it for us. OW Clerk: Sure thing, take all the fruit you want while I go make some fruit punch, one moment please. Mike: Ok. (So the OW Clerk gathers some fruit and puts „em in the juice blender along with sugar. After Mike and the Gang gathers some fruit, the OW Clerk hands over the Pitchers of Fruit Punch.) OW Clerk: Here you go some freshly made fruit punch for you and some ingredients and instructions to take it to Terry. Mike: Whoa! Right on! OW Clerk: That will be $20 Mike: Ok! (Mike hands the OW Clerk $20 and then he bags the Pitchers in a box.)

OW Clerk: Thanks and Enjoy the Fruit Punch! Mike and the Gang: You bet! (Then Mike and the Gang exit the Orange World Juice Stand and board the bus that heads to Golden Corral. Back under Slavers, Koram and Destra finally completed the experiment.) Koram: It is done! Destra: Behold the newest warrior to our henchmen… Koram and Destra: The Deerman! (Deerman appears to be half man, half deer that can stop at nothing for his enemies.) Koram: Now, seek out Mike and the Gang and bring back what you can find! Destra: Obey our command! Deerman: I shall obey you two and destroy Mike and the Gang! (Back outside Golden Corral, Mike and the Gang arrives and enters to meet with Terry Steiner.) Terry: Well gang, you have brought the ingredients to make fruit punch! Mike: Thanks Terry. Terry: Now I can start blending the fruit so that I can introduce to customers the newest fruit drink in Golden Corral. (Terry Steiner loads up the fruit and sugar in the blender and he starts it and the blender blends it up to make a great fruit punch ready to be served.) Terry: Ok now I go introduce the newest drink in Golden Corral. Mike: You bet! Karen: Good luck! (Then Terry introduces fruit punch to customers.) Terry: Attention everyone! I have an important announcement to make! That I hereby introduce to our newest juice, the fruit punch!

(Customers at Golden Corral cheered to Terry for his successful work.) Terry: With the help of my favorite customers Mike, Karen, Earl, Justin, Jennifer, Theodore and now Cecil! (Customers cheered to Mike and the Gang along with Theodore and Cecil.) Mike: Thank you very much everyone! And now enjoy it! (Then the Golden Corral customers enjoy some fruit punch from the new sampler table at the buffet.) GCcustomer: This fruit punch tastes great! (Theodore comes to Mike and the Gang and commands them.) Theodore: Okay guys, now drink the fruit punch. Cecil: It energizes your power. Mike: What do we have to say gang? Mike and the Gang: Let‟s do it! (Then Mike and the Gang drinks the fruit punch and then they feel something good inside.) Mike: Mmmmm that is delicious! Jake: Yum yum! Karen: It‟s fruity and fun! Earl: It is a thirst quencher for my basketball team! Justin: It has high energy boost! Jennifer: And the power to keep going! Cecil: Plus it gives you more power inside of you! Theodore: Way to go guys! (After they drank the fruit punch, they all give high fives to each other.) Mike and the Gang: Oh yeah!

(Then Cecil‟s Communicator beeps.) Cecil: Hey guys, check your communicators for an update. (Mike and the Gang check their communicators for an update on the GPS location system.) Mike: Looks like some sort of an enemy is heading to Festival Bay. Jake: Oh! (Squeaks) Karen: One of our favorite shopping malls is under attack. Earl: Oh man, that‟s what Koram is up to. Justin: No worries, we‟ll get there in no time. Jennifer: And we‟ll stop at nothing to save the shopping mall. Cecil: Well then let‟s head on over to Festival bay. (Then Theodore overhears the conversation and talks to Mike and the Gang.) Theodore: I can give you guys a ride! Mike: Thanks Ted, We really appreciate it! Theodore: Well then, let‟s go! (Then Terry Steiner wishes Mike and the Gang and Cecil and Theodore good luck.) Terry: Good luck all of you! (Then Mike and the Gang and Cecil and Theodore exit Golden Corral and they board Theodore‟s Cargo van.) Theodore: My Cargo Van has 10 seats and also carries its storage too. Mike and the Gang: Whoa! Theodore: With excellent horsepower and it can drive very well. Mike and the Gang: Wow! Theodore: Step inside and we‟ll take you to Festival Bay in a flash!

Cecil: We must hurry because the enemy is near! Mike and the Gang: Got it! (Then they board Theodore‟s Cargo Van and then Theodore power up the engines and then he drives from Golden Corral to the North International Drive. Back at Slavers, Koram and Destra track the Deerman.) Koram: Ah, ha ha! Looks like Mike and the Gang is in Festival Bay! Destra: We must go there for a showdown with them! Koram: So it is. Henchmen1! (The first Henchmen meet with Koram.) Henchmen1: Yes sir? Koram: Gather up your men, were off to Festival Bay. Henchmen1: Roger that! Koram: Let‟s go Destra! Destra: You got it K! (Then they leave Slavers and they head to Festival Bay in their gray car. Back on International Drive, Mike and the Gang along with Cecil and Theodore arrive at Festival Bay.) Cecil: Here we are. Theodore: Wow, there‟s a Deerman approaching! Mike: Ted, take us somewhere there‟s private. Theodore: I‟m on it! (Then Theodore drive and park near the bushes area and then Mike and the Gang comes out of the cargo van and Cecil explains the mission.) Cecil: Alright gang, now in a moment you‟ll feel some rumble in your body. Mike and the Gang: Right on!

(At Festival Bay, the Deerman is approaching.) Deerman: I‟ll find you Mike and the Gang! I can run over you! (Customers were scattering around away from the Deerman. Back at the bushes area just a short distance from Festival Bay, Mike and the Gang felt some rumbling inside.) Mike: Oh my, what‟s happening? Jake: Oww! Mike: Are you alright Jake? Karen: I feel like something strange. Earl: Whoa! I feel so disorienting. Justin: Felt like some painful. Jennifer: And looks like I‟m a bit slow. Cecil: Now change into superheroes! Mike: Right on! Mike and the Gang: Let‟s go Mike and the Gang, Let‟s Go! Power up! (After they shouted the motto when they feel the rumble, the gang was transformed into Superheroes.) Mike: Captain Mike! Jake: Mellow Aero! Karen: Musket Karen! Earl: Athleter Earl! Justin: Skater Justin! Jennifer: Pucker Jennifer! Mike and the Gang: Bring it on! Mike and the Gang! Jake: Oh Yeah!

(Then Theodore observed Mike and the Gang.) Theodore: Wow guys! That fruit punch gives you more power, enough to supply the needs of superhuman capabilities. Cecil: Say Theodore, you can be my science and technology expert as well as with Mike and the Gang since you are a Genius student at Timber Creek! Theodore: Really? Thanks Cecil! Cecil: You‟re welcome Ted! Now Mike, locate the Deerman and find Koram and Destra! Mike: Got it! Let‟s find the Deerman as well as our enemies we fought before! Mike and the Gang: Yeah! (Then they fly to Festival Bay mall and then they found Deerman who was trying to enter the Festival Bay mall as Mike and the Gang approaches him.) Deerman: Huh? Mike: Hey Deerman, you know who we are? (Fade out) Disney Channel Commercial Break #2 (Fade in) Deerman: Well, you Mike and the Gang? Mike: That‟s right! (Jake squeaks happily that he was Mellow Aero) Karen: We are powerful! Earl: And tough! Justin: Strong! Jennifer: And Mightier! Deerman: I shall destroy you all! Mike: You won‟t get away with this! My glowing hands will stop you!

(Captain Mike fights the Deerman with his lasers from his glowing hands.) Deerman: You think that was easy? Take this! (But the Deerman hit Mike with his hoof and Mike feels nothing from it.) Mike: Don‟t you know that I am totally unstoppable! (Captain Mike then fights Deerman back as Jake the Flying Squirrel as Mellow Aero, flies to Deerman and distracts him.) Deerman: You rat! (But Jake squeaks madly because Deerman thinks Jake was a rat! Captain Mike came to the defense.) Mike: He was not a rat okay! He was my flying squirrel! Jake: Yeah! (Musket Karen takes on the henchmen.) Karen: You think that is the last time we met? (Musket Karen takes down the henchmen with her lasers from her glowing hands.) Henchmen: Ow! (Then Koram and Destra show up and commence the battle.) Koram: Stop! Destra: We have met before and now were back! Earl: So there you are! Mike: You won‟t get away with this! (Mike‟s Communicator beeps.) Mike: Go Cecil. Cecil: (from the communicator) Mike, the fruit punch that you drink with your gang before?

Mike: Right. Cecil: That gives you and your gang new powers. So now you and your gang combine all of your powers to stop Koram and Destra and as well as the Deerman. Mike: I‟m on it! Cecil: Okay, be careful! (Mike turns off the communicator and he is back to battle as Athleter Earl, Skater Justin and Pucker Jennifer takes on the Henchmen and Deerman.) Justin: How „bout times 2? (Skater Justin‟s glowing hands duplicates himself to Quadruple Skater Justins‟) Quadruple Skater Justins‟: We shall stop you! (Then the Quadruple Skater Justins‟ skate over the Henchmen and it knocks the heads down in one blow.) Quadruple Skater Justins‟: Ta da! Back to one! (Then the Quadruple Skater Justins‟ converts back to an Ordinary Skater Justin.) Justin: I‟m back to one! (Athleter Earl and Pucker Jennifer stop Deerman from getting in to Festival Bay mall as customers step back from the Deerman.) Earl: Alright Deer, surrender now! Jennifer: Face Justice! (They stop with Electricity Bolts and paralyze powers and then Deerman feels electrocuted.) Deerman: Oh, Mama Mia! (Then Deerman remains paralyzed as Captain Mike calls his gang.) Mike: Hey Gang! Over here! (Musket Karen, Athleter Earl, Mellow Aero, Skater Justin and Pucker Jennifer come to meet with Captain Mike about the new power solution.)

Mike: Now we must combine our powers into one! Mike‟s Gang: Got it! (Then Mike and the Gang combine their powers with their glowing hands to create an Absolute Energy.) Koram: That source of Energy, it does exist! (Then the Absolute Energy power shoots at Koram, Destra and their Henchmen and Deerman.) Koram: Yeowwwwwwwwwwwwww! Destra: Owwwwwwwwwwwww! Deerman: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Henchmen: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (Then Police cars came into Festival Bay Mall as Mike and the Gang head back to the bushes area where Cecil and Theodore were waiting as Mike and the Gang are about to turn themselves back to normal.) Mike and the Gang: Return back to our old selves! (Then Mike and the Gang transform themselves back to normal as Cecil congratulates them.) Cecil: Well done Mike and the Gang, you master your power combination! Mike and the Gang: Thanks Cecil! Theodore: Now we must meet with the Security Officer of Festival Bay! (Then they all walk to Festival Bay as the Police Officers arrested Koram, Destra, and Deerman who is back to Henchmen2.) Police Officer: Alright you all! You‟re under arrest! (Then Police Officer takes Koram, Destra, and their Henchmen to the Police van and they headed to Jail as the Zoo keeper takes the Deer back to the Zoo. Meanwhile, Mike and the Gang arrive and meet with the Festival Bay Security Officer.) FBSecurity Officer: Nice work Mr. Swanson.

Mike: Thank you sir. It was my gang and I. FBSecurity Officer: Oh I see. Saw you as superheroes and then you are normal selves. This calls for a celebration! (Festival Bay customers cheered at Mike and the Gang! The next day at Golden Corral during lunch, Mike is taking to each other with his gang.) Mike: So far we have a lot of fun beating up the bad guys. Jake: Boo-ya! Karen: It sure is Mike. Earl: Looks like Koram and Destra is back in Jail. Justin: Now that we sit each other all the time… Jennifer: We love to chat and talk to each other. Cecil and Theodore: And we got our relays together too! Theodore: Cecil, you‟re my best friend. Cecil: And you‟re mine too Ted. Cecil and Theodore: We are friends forever! Mike and the Gang: So are we! (Then the customer came in and rushes up to skip a line.) GCcustomer: Hey you! GCcustomer2: Skipping in line is not allowed! Mike: You think there‟s trouble? Cecil: Not really. (Then Mike and the Gang laughed each other along with Cecil and Theodore of all the great times they had yesterday.) (Fade Out) (End Credit Blurb Begins)

Steve: Being Friends Advice #1, Take 1, mark it, and action. Karen: It‟s my turn to give advice to the Television Audience. When you hang out with your friends, it doesn‟t really matter that it can be a guy or a girl whatever the case is, you can have a place to talk to each other like in a restaurant, a social club, or anywhere in the city or town. You can share your info with your friends, and then they can share theirs too. Don‟t try to be a loner person, just have friends in you real-life! The more you hang out with your friends, the more you‟ll become the better person you can be! How do we get together? Well you can find out by watching our next episode. Catch you later! Steve: Cut! That‟s a wrap for this episode! (End Credit Blurb Ends)

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