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									                       Presentation of
                   access executive search

Vienna / A
Vi            i
About KellyOCG
Ab t K ll OCG

        AMERICAS                           EMEA                                     APAC
         Commercial                      Commercial                           Commercial
         Professional                    Professional                         Professional
          Technical                       Technical                            Technical

  R    it
             t     C ti      t
                   Contingent     Business 
                                  B i           Outplacement & 
                                                O t l         t&                           Search
    Process         Workforce      Process      Career Transition   HR Consulting             &
  Outsourcing      Outsourcing   Outsourcing                                           Talent Sourcing
O F t i t
Our Footprint

 Argentina       Brazil        Canada       Chile               Colombia        Costa Rica
 Guatemala       Mexico        Peru         Puerto Rico         United States

 Austria          Belgium      Czech Republic          Denmark
 France           Finland      Germany                 Hungary
 Ireland          Italy        Luxembourg              Netherlands
 Norway           Poland       Portugal                Russia
 South Africa     Spain
                   p           Sweden                  Switzerland
 Turkey           Ukraine      United Arab Emirates    United Kingdom

 APAC           APAC
 Australia        Bangladesh   China        Hong Kong           India            Indonesia
 Japan            Korea        Malaysia     New Zealand         Philippines      Singapore
 South Korea
 South Korea      Sri Lanka
                  Sri Lanka    Taiwan       Thailand            Vietnam
Company O
C            i

access executive search –
                for leaders who make a difference

   Founded in 1991, since 2007 a subsidiary of Kelly Services Inc.
   Part of KellyOCG (Outsourcing Consulting Group)

Market position
   Our Clients: 150 of the 200 most attractive employers
   160,000       l i h           d b
    160 000 people in the access database
   The largest (academic) talent pool in Germany
   Focus on Europe / via Kelly a global presence (33 countries)
    00      l
    100 employees
   More then 300 executive search assignments p.a.
            ti        h
access executive search

  o e
   access executive search has 20 years of experience in the area of executive search.
    We draw upon this experience to offer both our clients and our candidates advice
    with the highest levels of quality.

Our philosophy
   Longstanding client relationships in an atmosphere of trust, coupled with our
    experience in the search for and selection of the right candidates in a variety of
    industries, provide the foundation for first-class consulting services.

For leaders who make a difference
   In our view, every executive we present to a client must have the ability to make a
    positive and sustainable contribution in his or her environment. This applies to the
    implementation of the business strategy as well as to the business results and to the
              de elopment         employees.
    ongoing development of the emplo ees
Overall C
O            t
     ll Competence O    i

               Overall Sectoral Coverage         Industry

                   21%                           Information and
                                       29%       Communications Technology

                                                 Financial Services

                                                 Fast-moving Consumer Goods
             11%                           13%
                                                 Energy and Clean Tech

                                                 Health C
                                                 H l h Care

 Co pete ce Ce te
 Competence Center:
    Health Care, Medical Devices, Life Sciences & Pharma
    Engineering
    Finance & Controlling
     Fi        C     lli
    Banking & Financial Services
    Consulting
    Marketing & Sales
    IT

    C-Level
    Directors
    Managers
    Specialists
    (Young) Professionals
    Graduates
M th d l

 ac g ou d a a ys s
Background analysis
   Situation of the customer company
   Situation of the industry and market
   Analysis of the position to be filled

   Personal definition and coordination of job profile. Draft job description. Decision on
    the ways of addressing

   Identification and personal contact with the qualified candidates through direct
    search, search and speech in public networks and databases. Advertisements on our
    home page, access career in the monthly newsletter, in selected job sites and in
    print media.

   Acquisition of all correspondence with the candidates and their individual care.
M th d l

Recruitment selection
   Evaluation and selection based on predetermined selection criteria by the
    responsible consultant. If desired, the selection of various aptitude diagnostic
    p                   p
    procedures are completed.

   Implementation of structured selection interviews by the responsible recruitment
    consultant - both by phone and in person. Preparation of a confidential report and
    compilation of all documents of the candidates.

Customer contact
   Continuous consulting and feedback process with the staff and departments.

Key facts
   Presentation of candidates within 2-4 weeks
   Closing of assigments on average within 3 month
   More than 75 % of our searches are repeat business
    M     h           f          h             b i
   Placement-/ Delivery ratio of more than 95 %
Sourcing strategies
S    i    t t i

Direct search
   Direct search is used when (highly paid) managerial or specialist positions with
    certain requirements has to be filled.
   The candidates in this segment usually search for new positions via personal
    networks, and via adverts.
   Direct search is also the best choice for highly specialised profiles, or when it is
    already obvious in advance that the market only has a few p
           y                                         y           potential candidates to
The service:
   creation the target company list
   identifying and contacting suitable candidates by way of direct approach
   interview etc.
Sourcing strategies
S    i    t t i

access internal and external networks
   access has excellent connections to graduates, specialists and managers: more than
    50% of our placements result from existing contacts.
                                                     market observer
    The majority of these candidates belong to the “market observer” segment
    (candidates who are not actively looking for a new challenge, but could be motivated
    to change jobs through a personal approach).
   Our “internal” network (our database) with the best of all graduating classes has
                            (             )                    g        g
    grown over the past 20 years and offers us a unique access to especially passive
   access also uses external databases to identify candidates, e.g. XING, LinkedIn,
    Monster, stepstone, experteer or
    M                                  l         24 d
Sourcing strategies
S    i    t t i

Ad based
Ad-based recruiting
   access offers support for placing job adverts. Clients
    make use of our services, ranging from consultancy and
    g p          g
    graphic design to coordination and p           g
   Our clients can profit from the existing long-term
    cooperations with established and specialised national
    and international newspaper, magazines and online job
    b d e.g.
References & Pl
R f                  t

   Sales Director Western Europe (m/f)             -   Dental Implants Company
   Head of Production & Logistics (m/w)            -   Automotive
   Head Financial Shared Services (m/w)            -   FMCG
   European Sales Manager Cardiology (m/f)         -   Medical Devices Company
   Manager Group Treasury (m/f)                    -   Engineering
   Country Manager France (m/f)                    -   Interventional Radiology Client
   Corporate Development Project Manager (m/f)     -   Logistic Industry
   Global Regulatory Affairs Manager (m/f)         -   Global Pharma Client
   IT Consultant (m/f)                             -   Consulting
   Global Head of Quality Management (m/f)         -   Global Health Care Group
   International Key Account Manager (m/f)         -   Global Biotech Blue Chip
   Financial Controller (m/f)                      -   Manufacturing
   Director Advisory Corporate Finance/M&A (m/f)   -   Banking Client
   Area Sales Manager Dental Consumables (m/f)     -    Dental Group
   Senior Consultant SAP (m/f)                     -   IT
   Quality Manager (m/f)                           -   Automotive
   Regional Credit Manager (m/w)                   -   Financial Industry
   European Product Manager (m/f)                  -   Health Care Group
   Senior Sales Manager (m/f)                      -   Chemical Industry
   Director Advisory M & A (m/f)                   -   Consulting
   Hedge Fund Analyst (m/f)                        -   Financial Industry
   Manager Bioanalytics (m/f)                      -   Laboratory Client
   Product Manager (m/f)                           -   Pharma
Att d details
Attendee d t il

Mag. Elmar Scheuba                                               PhDr. Petra Heidler, MBA
Business Manager Europe                                          Office Lead Austria
Executive Search – Medical Devices,                              Executive Search – Financial Industry,
Life Science, Pharma and Health Care                             Health and Social Services,
                                                                 Medical Devices and Ph
                                                                 M d lD              d Pharma.

Fischhof 3/6                                                     Fischhof 3/6
1010 Vienna                                                      1010 Vienna
Austria                                                            ust a
Mobile: +43 / 664 519 15 40                                      Mobile: +43 / 664 883 183 50
Fixed Line: +43 1 930 080 – 30 40                                Fixed Line: +43 1 930 080 – 30 41
Fax: +43 / 1 930 080 – 30 43                                     Fax: +43 / 1 930 080 – 30 43
e‐Mail: elmar.scheuba@access‐                               e‐Mail: petra.heidler@access‐
web: www.access‐                                            web: www.access‐
‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐           ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
Education: Degree in Health Economics                            Education: Degrees in Health Economics, Economic Science, 
Experience: 17 years of professional work experience in the      Coach and Mediator.
field of Health Care, Medical Devices and Pharma.                Experience: 14 years experience in the Financial Industry, Health
Specialities: Cardiology Interventional Radiology Vascular
Specialities: Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, Vascular,    and Social Services , Medical Devices and Pharma, Lecturer at
Endovascular, Spine, Orthopedics, Renal Care, Ophtalmology,      Universities
Dermatology, Wound Care, Big Pharma, Generics, Biotech,          Specialities: Financial Industry, Health and Social Services , 
Proteomics, Functional Genomics, Hospital Chains.                Medical Devices and Pharma.

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