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									•   VOLUME 43                                          PITISBURGH, PA -      NOVEMBER, 1988                                             Number 3

        I wish to thank Jobn Koot and Elmer
    Long as well as the committee that worked
    on Lhe Gold Card program. Tam proud of the
    finished product and from the feed back I
    have received I believe each member will
    have the same feeling. John Koot working
    with the card manufacturer did a great job
    both in appearance and information.
       The convention committee is working on
    !.he Norfolk Convention. The plans look good
    and as in the past I hope the members Lake
    advant.age of the many activities in Lhe Nor-
    folk area.
       Congratulations to the many who have
    received their P.O.W. medal. I know there
    were many group presentations which added
    to the stature of this medal. Have a joyful
    Christmas season and a healthy Hew Year
    for '89.
       PALAWAN SURVIVORS                                        NORFOLK-BY -THE-SEA
       Daniel Crowley has organized an memori·
    aI service for those men who died at Palawan
                                                           From the bustling, fun·filled atmosphere at The Water.!ide festiva1 marketplace to the
    P.O.W. Capm. This was the camp where the        grandeur and patriotism exhibited at the world's largest navel base. Norfolk is truly oneof
    Japs murdered some 143 P.O.W.'s by burning      the East Coast's best kept secrets. In 1987 1.2 million out-of-town visitors, drawn by Nor-
                                                    folk 's Southern charm and historica1 root!!, nocked to this hub Of East Coast activity. The
    them alive with gasoline. The remains of
    these men are at the National Cemetery in       word is out on Norfolk·by-the-Sea.
    St. Louis.                                            This city breathes of history from its earliest days in the American Revolution and the
                                                    Civil War through its major role as a harbor during World Wa r II. Yet a downtown water-
       Dan has received permission to hold a
    memorial service at the Washington Monu·        front revitalization effort of more than 56 18 Million has pumped new life into this heart of
    ment. Washington, D.C. Dec. 14, 1988, 1 P.M .   Hampton Roads. The forward march has only just begun.
    He has a full program which s hould last               In Norfolk one finds that special mingling of old with new. Of smalJ·town c harm and
    about 2 hours.. All member.! of ADBC are        hospitality with big·city excitement and adventure. Gone are the notorious 1940s neon-
    urged to attend.                                studded b8r.l and burlesque houses. The skyline now glistens with high'rise officu, con-
       Also adinner has been planned at the Ho-     dominiums. marinas. shops and entertainment spots.
    tel Washington at 6:30 P.M. Dec. 14, 1988.            The cornerstone of Norfolk's revitalization is seated proudly along the downtown water-
    The cost will be $43.40 total. Arrangements     front. CaUed The Waterside. this 513.5 million festival marketplace annually atrracts visi·
    have been made at the Hyatt Hegency Capi-       tors from across the nation. In the early· morning hours. scents of fresh baked goods and blos-
    tal Hall. Phone 1-800-288-9000_Cost S65 s in-   soms filter throughout this nautica1 steel and glass pavilion as shopkeepers prepare toopen.
    gle or double, and at the Hotel Washington      Downtown employees stroU n for breakfasts of coffee. tea and pastries. More than 100 shops
    '·800-424-9540. Cost 565 single and 575         offer delights from fruit.a. chocolates and souvlaki to stuffed animals. artwork and clothing.
    double.                                         Entertainment abounds. A promenade and amphitheater reach to the water'sedge where
       Contact Dan at 6 Walker G... Simsbury,       a modern marina hosts both pleasure and tour boats. Here visitors can climb aboard the
    CT 06070, phone (203) 658· 71 59 for further    American Rover for relaxing tours on the Elizabeth River. Modeled after a 19th-century
    information.                                    Chesapeake Bay cargo ship. this graceful three-masted schooner offers passengers a taste
              -----                                 of wha t it was like to sail the seas as the ancient mariners once did.
                                                          Adjacent to The Waterside is Town Point Park. This 6.5-acre, landscaped park is home
                THANK YOU                           to more than 230 frooconcerts, festiva ls and events featuring ethnic foods. games. and live
      I want. to thank my many wonderful            entertainment.
•   ADBC friends who sent cards, letters and              Thecity's waterfront development also includes Ocean View. where Norfolk's north-
    other remembrances during the long iUness       ern edge meets the Chesapeake Bay. This 14-mile stretch of sandy beaches and peaceful
    and death of my wife, Jane, on March 30,        water.! is idea1 for family e njoyment. Hotels offer affordable rates, and nearby recreation in-
    1988.                                           cludes picnicing. golfing and sailing.
                                 Ben Guyton                                              (Contin~ed on Page 3)
                                                                         r"""~t~' to those ptfWI5 both living 0Ild cItod who lought OOOinsl
                                                                          ovet"fIhetming 06ds 0r:in51Ihe enemy 01 lhe oulbreok of World Waf II.
                                                                          Offi{iol Publication (I tile
                                      AMERI CAN DEFENDERS OF BATAAN & CORREGIDOR , INC.
                                     WAKE ISLAND, MARIA NNA ISLA N D, AN D DUTCH EAST INDIES)

                   •       MONO. ..., OffiCIIS
Reo.. Admirol Alon R. MtCroilin . .          ~ Vice-Commoncier             CHAIUS l lOSllS                     ... mUl lu.u                        ... NDI EW MIUfI
Brig. GeneroI Richord ftllows                                              4940 Brightwood Rd .                Sr. Vic.~                           Jr. Vin Convnonder & Hislorion
lOCo!. Ben$Ofl Guyton                                                      Brigtrtlll'OOd PIoro _ Apt. 8-101   5321 Tollenholl Ave.                1605 CCJ!IlIII Dr. N.E.
                                                                           Pill:lbu'gh, PA 15102               Weslmimlef; CA 92683                A1buqUf'l'que, NM 87110
(LMIR E LONG, JR .                     JOHN IlO(JI'
5ecr.tory & ~ip                        TreoSIJI'8r                         JOHN (MUICI                         PAUlIIUlIl                          MAIOLO I. FIINII
80. 2052                               2184 Zelda OJ. N.f.                 Non 5efvic, Director                Adjulonl & ~islolive Offic&!'       Judge Advocole
New a.m, HC 28561·2052                 Atlonlo GA 30345                    6074 Pleosool 511ft!                516 Sondy PI.                       703 AllanOOte Dr.
                                                                           finleyville, Pu. 15332              O~on Hill. MD 20021                 Homplon, VA 23369
MAti G. Hllm, M.D.                     IIV. HIIMAN C. UUMANN              JOSl'" A. YAHI                       DOMINICI GI ... NTOfiIIO            T~I_    J. h tletl,.
Sufv!on                                Chop/Gin                           Editor - QUAN                        NKroiogy Commillee ChIM             Noliorlol VAVS Represtluo/ive
56" H. Pro~ Ave.                      111 Bullertup Rd.                   18 Wortl« Dr.                        1107 Cambridge (I .                 ond Certifying Offur
Honvitl!. OH 44632                 But~, PI. 16001                        McKHs Rocks, PA 15136                longwood, Fl32719                   9509 Cool Brook
                 MIM I I IS OF nu IHVUTMINT 10AlO                                                                                                  Son AntOl'lio, TX 78250
                                                                AUSTIN PAnmO                                   JOHN A. ClAGO I'tK.
Jostp/1 A. Poster - Pellnoneut Secretory                        Co-Choirmon -                                  PWlic ReIotions                     NENIT J. WlLAYTO
»-s It eo-q. Edword ..Icxkfert                                  CorMntion Site CommitTee                       615 lBIrnyer 51.                    PAST ttATiONAt COMMANDER
Jotn R. lyons           Alben 8Iond                             414 Ridmond Pklte                              Hurnington, IN 46750                31.1. 51rolford In.
.Ichn SonOor            Hermon HouselllllfWl                    ~io,   NJ 07605                                                                    Concord. MA 01142
                            UICUTlVIIOA I O
                            Robtrt Allmon                                                                                      PAST NATIONAL ( OMMANOIRS
Art Akullian                Vincent J. Jenuel,                                                       Horold Spoonm                 ~!h J. 51ull           Joseph 1. Pos/lr
Ben Aqualino                Rolph KIlO.                                                             "Rev. Albert O. Tolbol         Horry P. MellOni      •JoIwI &Men
AI 'StOlld •
                           !oM   K""                                                                 James McEvoy                  John f. Roy                     .
                                                                                                                                                         'James D (oOlweli

Wolter D Cholhom, Jr.
Joseph Dilallo

_Hoo_ "'" """"
""' .......
k"orW; Oi f'Dsquol.

R     Gordon
           .               Wolltr Mocllr1lYich
                           Dewey Swilhwkk
                                  B. Molllfoy
                            Nol RomonIO                         NATlON ... l HIAOQUAlltlS
                                                                                                    'MIGen. E.P.King. Jr.
                                                                                                     Simme Pickrnon
                                                                                                     AIMr/ SeMo
                                                                                                     Mourke Mol&!'
                                                                                                                                   Somue18. Moody
                                                                                                                                   Arthur A. 8ressi
                                                                                                                                   .Jot" H. le (Ioir
                                                                                                                                   ..Iomes K COYOllOugh
                                                                                                                                                           Rolptl ~
                                                                                                                                                          Elmer E. ~ . Jr.
                                                                                                                                                          Philip AIlIooIOll
                                                                                                                                                          10m Rowland
                                                                                                      Joseph A. Vol&!'             Thomas .... Hockett    JoIvI ~
                            Williom Well,                      Bo~ 2052                             'Lewis GoIdSllin               Bemon:I Grill              Edword ..Ioc.ki&r1
                            Dwight Woodol!                     New BerTI, N.C. 28561 · 2052          Albert I. Cimini              louis xohwold              John R. lyons
                            AlllncOO1benI S~      ~            919·631-4033                           Sornuel M. 8100m, M.D.      "Jerome A. MtOavin          KetI Curley
                                                                                                                                   JOOn M Emerick              • Dec.eosea

          "SNOW BIRDS"                                        NORTHWESTERN STATES
   We thank those who send t.heir winter and                    The Northwestern States Chapter of the                           MAKE YOUR PLANS FOR
summer addresses to theQuan. The problem                     American Defenders of Bataan and Cor·
is there are some members we only have one                   regidor held their twenty second annual
or the other. Please cooperate 80 we can be                  meeting at the Elks Lodge in Mountain                                NORFOLK APRIL 30 TO
sure t.o keep you on our act.ive mailing lisL.               Home. Idaho on June 2nd. 3rd. and 4th,
     ,                                                       1988.
   Por th0ge who may havemissed reading in
                                                                                                                               MAY7, 1989. RESERVATION
                                                                Officers elected for the coming year are as
the August. issue. we have made a separate                   follows.
mailing list for summer and winter addresse8
                                                             Commander                      Ben Steele
                                                                                                                                      CARD ON PAGE 15
for those who move around. Again if you                      Sr. Vice Commander             Thomas J. Hatten
have 8 friend who moves back and forth. have
                                                             Jr. Vice Commander             Donald S. Cook
them send me their addresses.                                Sec. Treas.                    Hugh E. Branch
                                                             Adjutant                       Edward Mosier
  Let's cutdown on the Quan retums. weare                    Chaplain                       William Mattson
receiving over 100 every issue. If you plan to               Service Officer                Walter Wheeling
change either address, please send the
changes as soon as you know.                                   Our neJ[t meeting will be held in Billings.                                AWARDS
                                                             Montana on the 2nd, 3rd. and 4th of June                      For those who wish to receive information
                                                             1989. All members will be notified of the                  on what awards Lhey areentitied to. can write
                                                             place and arrangements at a later date.                    to Department of the Army, Arpercen, St.
   Last issue ofQuan was mailed to 5326 ~                                                   Sincerely.                  Louis. MO 63132·5200. Givethem as much
pie. weighed 472poundsandcost$447.38to                                                      Hugh E. Branch              information as you can, asn., location. et.c.
mail. was mailed August 16, 1988.                                                           Sec. Treas.                 They will send you a form to fill out.
                                                                                                        Japan Protests 'Abusive'
                                                                                                         Items About Emperor
                                                                                                          TOKYO - As E mperor Hiro hito lay seri-
                                                                                                       ous ly ill Japan filed a formaJ diplomatic pro-
                                                                                                        test in London yesterday over articles in the
                                                                                                        British press that called the mona rch "a
                                                                                                        worse butcher than Hitler" and said " he will
                                                                                                        surely be guaranteed a speciaJ place in hell.'"
                                                                                                          The harsh attacks on Hirohito appeared
                                                                                                       Wednesday in two da ilies, The Star and The
                                                                                                       Sun. t hat are noted for t heir freewheeli ng
                                                                                                       and sometimes nationalistic approach.
                                                                                                          J apanese Foreign Mi nistry spokesman
                                                                                                       Yoshifumi Matsuda. calted the reports
                                                                                                       "wretched " and "abusive" and said they
                                                                                                       "have offended the Japanese people."
                                                                                                          The articles came as a shock tothe Japa-
                                                                                                       nese, who rarely s peak of World War I I
                                                                                                       directly. and, when they do. refer to the 87·
                                                                                                       year old emperor as a peaceful man who was
                                                                                                       manipulated by military leaders.
                                                                                                          The Sun's references to Hirohito appeared
                                                                                                       under the headline, "Hell's Waiting for This
                                                                                                       Truly Evil Emperor."
                                                                                                          "There are two reasons for sadness as Em-
                                                                                                       peror Hirohito lies on his deathbed, .. said the
                                                                                                       4-million'circulation tabloid. "The first is
                                                                                                       tha t he lived as long as he did. The second is
                                                                                                       that he died unpunished for some of the foul·
                                                                                                       est crimes of this violent century."
                                                                                                          The article said Hirohito "did nothing'"
                                                                                                       when Japanese soldiers " raped and mur-
                                                                                                       dered millions of defenseless Chinese" and
                                                                                                       beat and starved prisoners of war.
                                                                                                          The Star. in an article titled "The Sinking
                                                                                                       Son of Evil," said those vic timized'in Hiro-
                                                                                                       hito's name ·' would happily dance on his
                                                                                                          Japan wrote letters of protest to t he
                                         NORFOLK                                                       newspapers and called in the British ambas-
                                        (Continued from Page 1)                                        sador w Tokyo. Sir J ohn Whitehead. the ex·
        Norfolk is home to the Chrys ler Museum, ranked among the nation's top 20 galleries            press its d is approvaL
 of art. Currently in t he midst of a $10 million renovation and expansion, the two-s tory fa-            Meanwhile. Crown Prince Akihito, 54. as-
 cility features a Sl 00 million collection ranging from Chinese bronzes dated about 2,500 s.c.        s umed the duties of his father. Under the
 to paintings a nd sculptures of the 19805. Strong examples of French. Italian. Dutch. and             constitution, the emperor has no real powe r,
 German traditions s howcase the classic beauty of 18th and 19t h-century European art. The            but he s igns documents already approved by
 museum's holdings in American art are extensive. One of t he world's finest glass collections         the government and serves as a symbol of
(temporarily in storage]. features nearly 10,000 pieces from artisans of the past 2,000 years,         unity fo r the Japanese people.              .
as well as a de lightful array of Tiffany lamps .. S pecial highlight tours are available for all
age groups.                                                                                               EDITORS NCYrE: Wonder what kind of
                                                                                                       flowers he enjoys.
       Art history remains alive at the Hermitage Foundat.ion Museum. a sprawiingThdor-
sLy le mansion built in 1908 by textilis LWilliam Sloane. Forty·one rooms overlook Lhe Lay-                       ---'-'----
fayeLte River a nd fine ly groomed lawns and gardens. S loane's wife. Florence, greatly valued             CRITICISMS WANTED
 the arts and amassed a personal collection s he hoped would one day be shared by many, Her
finding s remain here and are highlighted by rare Oriental items, including Chinese tomb               Dear Mr. Vate r;
figures form the Tang Dy nas t y,                                                                         Can any of your membe rs tell me what
       Several of Norfolk 's coloniaJ structures have been restored and reopened for tours. Their      criticisms have been made of the United
l-.istories, s tyles of archi tecture and furni s hings offer visiwrs a look at America's beginings.   States intellige nce establishment for not
       Norfolk also encoura ges the work of contemporary artisans. The d'Art Center is a work-         knowing more about the presence of POWs
ing studio where artis ts may create, di splay and sell their work as patrons look o n. Visitors       in a number of Japanese s hips t ha t were at-
to this unique center may simply browse or stop to watch jewelry makers, printers. painters,           tacked by American planes and submarines
and sculptors at the ir craft.                                                                         late in World War II ?
       This city a lso boasts oneof America's top-rated opera companies, the IS-year-old Vir·             I'm writing a book about the SS Presiden t
ginia Opera. and one of the na tion's yo ungest res ident theater troupes. t he 10·year-old Vir-       Harrison, the American liner ca ptured by
gi nia St.age Company.                                                                                 the Japanese a nd sunk in 1944 while carry-
       Symphonies, ballet a nd Broadway productions are regular at Lractions at Chrysle r Hall.        ing 900 allied POWs. Any references to
a 2,400-seat t heater adjacent to Scope. the city's domed arena.                                       books, articles, or public statements with
       I n Norfolk the beat never stops, and festivals are a tradit.ion. Each April the Interna.       such criticism would be greatly appreciated.
tional Azalea Festival commemorates the city's role as Atlant,ic NATO headqu arters.
                                      (Continued on Page 15)                                                                   David H. Grover
                                                                                                                           NOVEMBER, 1988 _ 3
                                                GOLD CARD CLUB
          OUf Gold Card Club has over 200 members. It is rewarding to see 80 many members applying for membership. We inviW those who
    can to make the $100 donation for the Gold Card to ensure the continuat.ion of the A.n.B.C. Our source of income is limited.
          Yes our present reserves eouid meet the organization ezpenses for the time being. With the cost of the Quan being about $ 12,500 a
    year for printing and mailing it's easy to~ how long it will laat. Life memberships were a bargain I think we will all agree. Let's coope ....
    ate, let's join. If you can't afford the donatio n, we understand. we don't want to hurt anyone with this project. I t's to help the membership.

    NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __
    UNIT IN PtllLIPPINES _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __                                                            THE AMERI CAN DEfENDERS OF
                                                                                                           BATAAN AND CORREGIDOR
    YOUR PREFERRED NUMBER -,---;-_ _ _ __ _ __                                                              O .... TER/LlV 4C1ti'lOWLEDGE nUT
    (P.O.w. Number, Life Membership. etc.)
    SERVICE NUMBER (Army, Navy, Marinesl _ _ _ _ _ __
    C·NUMBER jVA) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __                                                              GOLD CARD CLUB
    SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER _ _ _ __ __ _ __
                                                                                                                  _   .. M'UT.uV UNIT
    Mail to: Elmer E. Long, BOll: 2052, New Be rn, N.C. 28561-2052.
                                                                                                        9(X:LU SECUIUTV NO. MU.ITUV sal.u NO.

    The following members have donated
    S100.00 to become members of the Gold Card
    Club of ADBC.

    John Koot                            John D. Minier                     JOtieph Zito                         Jam~    Fiaitz
    Art Bressi PNC                       Robert C, GwaJtnpy                 Frank C. Sweeney                     lAwis BriUal1
    Edward Jackfut PNC                   JORph L. Boudoll                   &ymond Knight                        Carl L. Allen
    JORpb T. Poster PNC                  Wilbur M. M8JTfl                   Edward L. Smack                       William G. Ivanhoe
    Austin 1\1. Patrizio                 Maj. Theodore C. Bigger IUt.       AJlH!rt Senna PNC                    Col. &muel G. Grashio
    John Ray PNC                         Lucy Wilson Jopling                Leona Cutinger                       Earl F. Craig, Jr.
    JORp1!tA . Vater PNC                 Phillip Goodman                    JohnS. Zale                           Howard W. Carter
    Elm,!r E. Long, Jr. PNC              Daniel N. Weitzner                 Walter Macarovicb                    Alfred H. Galler
    Be~aitkus                            August F. Gillis                   Capt. 4'rul w. BrothertJon USN       C. H. Sosvielle
    &1    Jtf. Knox                      Feron Cummings                     Ern~t J. Irvin                        Victor iknge/pgi
    Paul W. lUuter                       David L. Capps                     N.L. Rushing                         Andrew Miller Jr. Vice
    Kenneth Curley PNC                   Norman R . Matthews                John Sandor                          Hugh E. Branch
    John M. Emerick PNC                  Pau/Boback                         Hayne W. Dominick                    Edward R. Morey
    Harold E. Fein er                    Dr. Gene S. Jacobsen               John A. McCarty                      Harry C. Dunlavy
    John S. Goodrow                      J06eph M. Lower                    William E. Grilliths                 Curtis R. Stevens, Jr.
    Alfred N. Soren/i(!n                 Smith L. Green                     Warren C. Phillips                   Donald J. Carabine
    JOIUph B. Matheny                    Roy Russell                        Col. John F. Breslin                 William K. Colis
    Frtutk J. DiPasquale                 LtJCo/. Brice J. Martin            Louis G. Cusaoo                       Virgioia Rowland
    Dooald F. logle                      George H. Williamson               Lt.!Col. Alfred B. Dreher            Adele F. Foreman
    W.A. Nolfsker                        Adm. Alan McCracken                Lt.iCol.l\fadeline M. Ullom          Frank H. Bigelow
    Nat J. Romanzo                       Charles T. BIOtikis Nat . Cdr.     GJUland M. Andersom                  John Q. CF06li
    John Crago PNC                       Lt.iCol. Hattie R. Brantley        John L. Short                        Howard S. Swanson
    John D. Cowgill                      Paul C. Gilmore                    H.M. AmOti                           Dr. Ralph E. Hibbs
    Darvin O. Patrick                    Lloyd L. Robinson                  James Mcevoy PNC                     Dr. Julien M. Goodman
    Lt.iCol. Glenn E. Cave               Gerald F. Willadsen                Cuim;r T. Bobulski                   Patrick Higdon
    Lut.ber H. MacKenzie                 Edward \V, White                   David Rudin                          Carl M. Egner
    TaJipadge Scott Bridg~               Everett Lynn COtigrove             Tbomu E. Gage                        Dr. Paul L. Ashton (MOl
    Richard W. Meyrid                    Lewis H. Elliott                   George IV. Tomecko                   Eunice H. 'l}ler
    Beanie Carolyn J . Wynn              Edward E. Thomas                   J06eph W. Semler                     Louis Molaro
    BertBaok                             RoBe Marie Eagle                   Leroy Galbntith                      Stanley A. Bowes
    William Wells                        Donald N. Coombs                   Cdr. Jack J. Jones Ret.              Harvey A. Allred
    Joh~ E. Rowland PNC                  Mabel Stevens Fithian              Everett D. Reamer                    Franklin J . LaCOtite
    DeBll M. McCall                      Capt. Bert Schwan                  William S. Smith                     Howard A. Jordan
    Calvin G. Jawon                      &ymmoDd G. Beck                    Fredpric F. Robde                    Walter Unie
,   Kenneth D. Brown                     Regis M. Theriac                   John M. Adams                        Richard Manuell
    William A . Nolan                    Wi/liam R . Evans                  Sanford J. Blau                      Art.bur G. Beale Sr. Vice
    B.lGen. Richard W. Fellows           Jay E. Davis                       J esse K. White                      J06eph R. Stanford
    Charles L. Pruitt                    James J . Rubard                   Paul L. Sarno                        Carl S. Dyer, S r.
    Louis Arcuri                         Eugene L. Davidson                 Jerry P. Lambo                       MlGen. Chester Johnson
    Allred Berest                        lOO Norman Martin lUt.             Hyman Berstein                       HJUry V. Johnson
    George N. Fisher, Jr.                Bishop D. McKendree                Ralph J. fury                        Col. WilJiam H. Powell
    Thomu J . Cronin                     Harry W. Seifert                   William L. HubredJt                  Dr. Samuel M. Bloom PNC
    JuliusJ. Krick                       John H. LeClair PNC                Frank Bernacki                       Neal J . Harrington
    Vincent J. Jesuele                   John G. Castor                     William R. Simmons                   Geraldine Cantwell
    James M. Young                       Charlotte J . Morgan               Aaron C. Hop~r                       (Continued on Poge 5)
    4 - THEQUAN
                               BOOK CORNER                                                            INfORMATION WANTED
                              "TELL MacARTHUR TO WAIT"                                              Dear Mr. Levenberg:
                                                                                                       While reading the December 1987 issue of
      NEW YORK, NEW YORK: Carlton PnISS is pleased to announce the publicaLion of                   the Retired Officer Association magazine in
Ralph Emerson Hibbs' book, TELL MacARTHUR ro WAIT, in August. A hardboundedi·                       the waiting room at. Walter Reed Army Med·
tion, the book retails 8t$14.95. Carlton Press. Inc, 11 West. 32 St., New York, NY 1001 .           ical Center here in D.c., I noted your name as
      The time between General Douglas MacArthur's recall and his notable return forms              a contact for the American Defendersof Ba-
the setting for this true account of the horrors of the J 8panese occupation of the Philippines     taan and Corregidor convention (scheduled
in 1942, and the author's int.emment in the notoriously brutal P.O.W. campa Lillthe recap-          for last May).
ture of Manila by t he American forces. This frontline battalio n surgeon nanowly escaped
death time after time through his ingenuity. but. this is not just a tale of his and his fellow        My purpose in writing is the off chance
suffe rers' exploits. It is 8 moving tribute to his Filipino lover who risked her life everyday     that you may have known (or know someone
to s muggle in muc h needed food and meruca1supplies to him and his fellow prisoners, and           who did ) my wife's brother who died on COl'-
who finally sacrificed her life to their cause. This is history and human drama played to its       regidor about April 1942. His name-
utmost development, and as s uc h s hould be read by every patriotic American who truly
needs to be informed.                                                                                      Walter B. Dmohoski
                                                                                                           ASN 33008 316
                                   ABOUT THE AUTHOR                                                        Pvt., 454th Ordance Company
                                                                                                           Aviation (B)        ~
       Born in Hitemsn, Iowa, Dr. Ralph Emerson Hibbs received his M.D. degree from the
 University of Iowa in 1936 an later served his interns hip in Portland, Oregon, and his residen-   He sailed on the President Coolidge Novem·
 cy in Chicago. He won a feUowhip at the Cleveland Clinic prior to spending five years in the       ber 1941 to t.he Philippines via Hawaii. He
 U.& Army Medical Corps, four of which were spent overseas; three as P.O.W. in the Philip-
                                                                                                    had trained in various southern camps and
 pines. In 1946 the author married and served on the staff of the University of Oregon Med-         never got home before going overseas.
 ical School and laterestsblished his practice there. In 195 1 he founded the Doctor's Clinic
 in Medford. Oregon, along with three others. Retired since 1984, he tnIvels, is anoutdoor man,        His family (mothef-, four sisters, one youn.
 and is involved in charitsble medical projects. includingm.iasionary work in Honduras, Mex-        ger brother) wrote him from November 1941
 ico. and the Philippines. A widower after forty years ofmaniage. he is the father offour chil·     to February 1942, but by that time all his
 dren. This is his first full-length publis hed book. For furthe r information, please contact      mail waa returned with the annot.ation
 Carlton Press, or the author at 190 White Oak Dr., Medford, OR 97504.                              "Service s uspended': His family was never
                                                                                                    tokI anything other than MIA until after the
                                                                                                    war ended. His mother received a form card
       GOLD CARDS CONT.                              INfORMATION PLEASE                             from General Mashall in May 1949 extend-
                                                                                                    ing condolences. Later his mother decided
  Jame D. FredricluHm                             Gentlemen;
 Gilher« B. Soi(u                                                                                   not to have his remains returned to the US -
                                                    I would like to ask a quest.io n about my       he is buried at Fort Mc Kinley. Philippines.
 Louis Zimmennaa                                  brother-in· law who was killed in WWI I.          This decision was probably based on her
 Joseph BisNba, Sr.
 Hury P. MOlJouJ PNC
                                                    Does anyone remember him or know of             health at t he time and the s hock of having
                                                  him? I would appreciate any informstion           her second son wounded. at Salerno while
 Jay LarJda Burt
                                                  anyone has.                                       serving with Darby's Rangers.
 Joseph A . Mibolt
 LeoD O. Bed                                        He was my husband's youngest brother              If you know of any survivors who served
 Desire S. Pdtier                                 and he lived ....it h us when his botherpa.ssed   on Bataan whom we could write it would be
 Capt. I .K. Ho((__                               away. H e ret.urned to his fath er whe n he       appreciated. Also, if your organization has a
 Tillm_ J. R utl«lge                              remarried.                                        periodic newsletter perhaps this query about
 Gerald G. Wade                                       His name Paul Robert Jones. PFe, 4th          Walter could be inserted.
 TOJlJ Gease                                       u.s. Marines. He was transferred to the Phil-
 James E. Hu ff                                    lipinetl from China in November 1940 and                             Sincerely,
 &but F. HO((Htz                                   fought o n Batsan Peninsula and Corregidor                           Lawrence H. Boteler
 G~d C. KuDer                                      Island before he was take n prisoner in May                          LCoI USAF, Retired
 Rev. H erm_ C. S.umaan                            1942 upon the fall of Corregidor.                                    1709 James Payne Circle
 Msgt. Job C. Grove                                   He was in the Batsan Death March IUId                             McLean, Virginia 22101
                                                   was housed in theconcentration camp at Los
            ASK THE VA                             Banas on Luzon Island. On October 24,                 HARLAN PLOWMAN
    Q - My husband was killed in World War         1944, while he and about 1800 American
                                                  prisoners were being transferred on a Japa·          Could you put a no tice in "Information
I I while on active duty and was buried at sea.
                                                  nese Ship. theOryoky Maru, from Luzon Is·         Wanted", as to whether anyone knows of a
1 never remarried and would like to be buried                                                       George Harlan Plowman, who ....as. civilian
in a VA national cemetery. Is this possible?      land to japan, the U.s. s ubmarine, U.&S.
                                                  Snock, not knowing that American prisoners        on Madanao during the early days of WWll.
    A - Yes. The widow or widowerol a mem-
                                                  were aboard, fired torpedos into the s ide of     He ran the Japanese blockade with his ban-
berofthe Armed Forces lost or buried at sea,
                                                  the s hip. He was either killed by the Japa-      ca, bringing rice and other foodstuffs to
or officially determined to be in a state of
                                                  nese that machine-gunned the captors or           Minanao, where 1 would pick it up. and deliv·
missing or missing in sction, or wbose re-
                                                  died in the water. His body was never reco-       er it to various points inland. He had a wife
mains have bee n donated to science or
                                                  vered as was the case in this action.             who was pregnant in May of 1942 and was
cremated, is eligible for burial in a national
cemetery.                                            If anyone was with him or knew anyt hing       staying at t he Mission house in Dansalan,
                                                  about him I would apprec::iate knowing. I         the last I knew. I am interested in findingout
                                                                                                    what happened to the Plowmans.
    ARE YOU INTERESTED IN                         received a couple cards from him while he
                                                  was a prisoner.                                                        Thank you very much,
                                                    Tha nk you.                                                                      Sincerely,
        SEND IN YOUR                                                                                                            Carl S. Nordin
     BIOGRAPHY JODAY.                                               Respectfully,                                                       Box 73
                                                                    Alice Jones Christensen                                  Siren, WI 548872
                                                                       •                                                NOVEMBER, 1988 - 5
      JAMES A. CALLAHAN                                       H.K . DRENNEN                                   JOHN D. MINIER
   Services lor J ames A. Callahan, 72. of           Homer King Drennen, 69, of Warrenton,             roRTCLINTON - John Dale Minier, 68,
Hampton, a survivor of the infamous Bataan                                                          36 S. Fay the Drive. died Wednesday in the
                                                   died April 27 at Walter Reed Hospital,
death march during World War II, was held          Washington, D.C. after a brief illness.          Veterans Administration Hospital in Ann
at 9:30 a.m. 1\lesday in t he Gosselin Fun er-                                                      Arbor, Mich., following a brief illness.       •
al Home, 660 New Dover Rd .. Edison.                 Mr. Drennen was horn Aug. 21, 1918, the
                                                   son of Homer Kirk and Florence King Dren·            Minier was one of the survivors of tbe Ba·
  Mr. Callahan died Friday, July 29, 1988 in                                                        taan Death March during World War II. Five
                                                   nen of Des Moines. Iowa, and was raised in
the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Edi-                                                            other survivors are still alive; three of them
                                                   Ruthven, Iowa.
son.                                                                                                live in Port Clinton.
                                                      After graduating from high school. he en·        Minier was born on Dec.. 31. 1919, near
  Mr. Callahan W8S a machinist for Esnain
                                                   listed in the Marine Corps, serving with the     Oak Harbor to Joseph and Hattie (Florol
Union for 22 years before retiring 14 years
                                                   4th marine Division in World War I I. He was     Minier.
'g"                                                captured on Corregidor and was a POW for            Mr. Minier retired from the Ford Motor Co.
   He served in t he Army during World W8T         three and a half years in Osaka, Japan.          in 1986 after 28 years. He was a member of
II, Be. 803 Eng., and was captured by the                                                           the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ Lat;;-
                                                      Heretired from the MarineCorps after 21
Japanese after American forces surrendered                                                          ter Day Saints and a member of the Ameri·
                                                   years servcie as a chief warrant officer. He
t he island of Corregidor in the Philippines in    then worked for the Warrenton Training Cen·      can Legion, the V.F.w., the Disabled Ameri·
194 2. He then s urvived the Bataan death          ter until his retirement in 1978.                can Veterans, a lifet ime member of the
march and was held as a prisoner of war for                                                         Prisoners of War, the American Defenders
three years and four months. Ris decorations        He was a member of the Masonic Lodge.           Bawan and Corregidor, a life member of the
included the Purple Heart and hattie rib-          American Legion Post and the Warrenton           Moose. and a member of Plaids and Calcos
bons from Corregidor, Bataan and the Pacific       Methodist Church.                                Square Dance Club.
campaigns. Mr. Callahan was a member of               Mr. Drennen is survived by his wife Eve-         Mr. Minier was a member of Company C.
theDisab1ed American Veterans in SlU1lStoa,        lyn. of Warrenton, a son Kirk Drennen and a      192nd Tank Battilion, a part of the U.s.
Fla.                                               grandson E rik, both of Biloxi, Miss., a         Armed Forces Far East. He obtained the
   Born in Haledon, he lived in Newark, Un-        daughter Joann Peters, Woodbridge. and a         rank of staff sergeant. Company C wa:l a Na-
ion, Rahway and Sarasot.a before moving to         brother Robert M. Drennen, Le Mars, Iowa.        tional Guard Unit swtioned in Port Clinton.
Hampton three years ago.                           His daughter Diane predeceased him.              the unit was activated on Nov. 5, 1940. Three
                                                                                                    days before Christmas the unit saw its first
  Surviving are his wife. Florence; two sons.                                                       combaL. On April 9. 194 2, the unit was cap·
James and Robert; a daughter Mrs. Florence           HENRY WILLIAM GOODALL
                                                                                                    tuft!d on the southern end of the BaLaan
Pasteur and six grandchildren.                        LEUCADIA, Calif. - Henry William              Penisula. Captured personnel were then
                                                   GoodalL 87, Leucadia, died Saturday, Aug.        marched northward to San Fernado in what
                                                   6, 1988 at Leucadia.                             came to be known as the Bataan Death
                                                      Mr. Goodall was hom Sept. 2, 1900 in Sa·      M arch. From there they were transported in
   This is to report the death of Walter C.        Iina. Kan. He was a 1924 graduate of the U.s     box cars to various Japanese prison camps. •
Johnson, 9031 CollageLane, Port Richey, FL         Naval Academy and was a retired rear ad·         Minier spent nearly three and hall years as
34668. He was a Marine Sergeant in the Ma·         miral in the Navy. He s urvived the Bataan       a prisoner of war, mostly at Mukden, Man·
rine detachment at Cav ita, he was reas·           death march after being captured by theJap-      churia. He was freed on Aug. 26, 1945.
signed to3rd Bat I Co 4th marines. He was          anese during World War I I in 1942 and was          Surviving are his wife. the former Irene E.
captuft!d on Corregidor, then sent to Cabana·      a prisoner of war for 85 months at Bilibid       Kowalczk, and sons, J oseph F. of Greenville,
tuan, was sent to Nielson Field on detail,         Prison in Manila, Philippines.                   Mich., and John A. of Palmer, Ala.: fou r
back to Bilibid and then to Hira Tats Japan                                                         grandchildren; a brother, Russell of Oak Har-
in August 1943. After he was returned to              He retired from the Navy in 1954. He          bor: and sisters, Wanda Brown of Port Clin·
Marine Corp, he was reassigned to duty.            received the Army Distinguished Service          ton, Margaret Rahrs of Oak Harbor and
When the Korean conflict broke. he volun·          Cross. the Bronz.eStar, the Purple Heart and     Nana Adams of Mansfield.
teered for duty in that theater, he was accept.-   the Navy Cross.                                     20 members paid their respects.
ed and went as a first sergeant of a infantry         He was a member of t he Audubon Socie-
company. He was wounded in the arm by rio                                                                   HYMAN BERNSTEIN
                                                   ty, the Nature Conservancy, theCosteau So-
fie fire. while in North Korea. he was returned    ciety, the National Wildlife Federation, the        Hyman "Hymie' · Bernstein, 71, 6 133
to the United States for treatment and was         Honorary Commander of the ADBC, the              OlympicCourt, Orlando, died Oct. 11 . Born
informed that his arm would not complete-          Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Sons of        in New Haven, Conn., he moved to Orlando
ly heal he was given the opportunity to re-        the American Revolution and the u.s. Naval       from New York City in 1976. He was a retired
main on active duty, only in theadministra·        Academy Alumni Association.                      general parks foreman for the city of New
tion field. Hedeelined. He was aexpediter for                                                       York. He was J ewish. He was an Army Air
Sperry Corporation. He was a past Com·                His wife, Eugenia Strickland Goodall.         Corps veteran of World War I L He was a
mander of the Florida Chapter ADBC, A life         died April 25, 1988.                             member of the Maitland Kiwanis Club, DAV
member of DAV, Order of t he Purple Heart                                                           Chapter 16, Orlando. the American Ex·
                                                      Survivors include a son, Roger Allan of
and the MarineCorp League. He is survived                                                           Prisoners of War, the A mericlUl Defenders of
                                                   Leucadia; a daughter. Kay Goodall Pepitone
by his spouse Dorthy, asisterGrace. He was                                                          Bataan and Corregidor, the Air Force Associ·
                                                   of Mill Valley: and five grandchildren.
cremated and interned at the new Bushnell                                                           ation, t he Ai r Force Sergeants Association.
VA Cemetery, Florida.                                                                               the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Win·
                                                    GEORGE CHESTER FAULKNER                         ter Park, and the VFW in Tavares. Survivors:
   Walter passed away on Saturday after-
noon at 4:30 PM.13 August 1988. A memori·             George Chester Faulkner, Jr., 70, of Hon·     son, Stuart M., Vic; one brother.

al service was held at the VA Cemetery on          olulu, died Sept. 30, 1988. He was born in San
Friday 19 August 1988. A Navy Chaplin per-         Francisco, and was one of the survivors of the
formed the service. A Marine burial guard          Bataan Death March and Hells hips, Sur:-
presented the final salute. About fifteen          vived by wife. Paula S. Faulkner: sons, Craig
ADBC personnel were present. Walter's last         and Scott; a grandson: brother, Douglas: sis·
wish was to have a Navy Chaplin and a Ma·          ter, Mrs. RobertiJane) Macrum. Scattering
rines corp burial guard.                           of ashes at a later date.
         JAMES E. ROBINSON                                  HAROLD D. MARTIN                                         DEATHS
      This is to report the death of James Ellis       This letter is to report the death of Harold
   Robinson, 72, of Vallejo, Calif. He passed                                                           LtJCol Arthur C. Biedenstein of St. Louis.
                                                     D. Mart.in 211 S. Cooper Place, Tampa, FL          Passed away June 30, 1988. He served with
   away Jan. 4, 1988, of complications of heart      33609. Harold was A airCTaftmechanic in the
   bypass surgery. He wae born in ElliottCoun·                                                          45th Inf(PS) He is s urvived by wife: Martha.
                                                     30th Bomb Squadron, 19th Bomb Group. He
   ty. KY. He served with the Marines in China       was on Bataan until the end of January 1942,
   prior to WWII and on Conigidor, P.l. He was                                                          3049 Edward M. Johnson. Age69. Died Clo-
                                                     when he was transported on a Inter Island          quet, N.M. served with 19 ABS 20 ABO.
   a prisoner of war in the Philippine Islands       Steamer to Mindanao where he served as a
   from May 1942 to Feb. 1945. Heia 8Urvuved                                                            Survived by wife: Beatrice.
                                                     mechanic until Corregidor surrendered.
  by his wife Dolores, two stepsons, four            Harold was with the Navy PBY'S at the time
  daugli.ters. eighteen grandchildren and two                                                           Loren G. Pierce passed away 6/8/88 at Min-
                                                     of surrender, he was not captured. As a            neapolis Minn. 55423. He served with 34 th
  great grandchildren.                               American Guerrilla on Mindanao. he was as-         Pursuit Sqd. He leaves his wife: Vivian.
      In 1986 "Robbie" had a very unexpected         signed to the Signal Corps, he was promot-
   and rewarding reunion with Carla Dannvers         ed from Sgt. to 2nd Lt in t he field, he eerved    Rex W. Snow passed away6/13/88 at Grand
   Allen and her husband Stan of Durango. Co.        as a communications specialist. as a coast         Rapids, Minnesota. He served with 16th Na-
   Robbie had coached Carla on a softball team       watcher fro m May 1942 thru 1945.                  val Dist. Cavite Navy Yard. He leaves his
   in Shanghai, China in 1941 . Carla w8s Iater         Harold passed away from cancer. It was          wife: Elizabeth.
   a civilian prisoner of the J apanese. She saw     only diagnosed about three weeks prior to
   Robbie's name in an ex-P.O.w. bulletin when       his death; he had time and mind to put all of      Elden K. Strickland. Passed away 612188 at
   he became a member of t he ex-P'O,W.s and         his affairs in order; he did not suffer. Hospice   Buffalo. Missouri. He served with M Co 3rd
   cont.acted him and a renunion followed.           was t here to aid and assist him; he died at his   Bn 4th Marines. He leaves his wife: Ruth.
                                                     home at 1:30 AM Saturday morning, 30 July
                                     Thank You       1988. He was interned next to his wife who         John D. Morrison. Passed away Feb. 22,
                              Dolores Robinson       proceeded him in death at t he Garden Of           1988. Su rvived by daughter. No other
                                                     Memories Cemetary. Tampa, FL.                      details.
              SEMPER FIDELIS
                                                                                                        William A. Hummell, Chul a Vista. Ca.
     The 4th Marines, with great regret.. report                 JOHNW. WEIR                            92020. Passed away Feb. 1988. Survived by
   the loss of James H. Harris. Jim died onJune                                                         wife Ellen. No other details.
   2, 1988. He survived an operation only to            John W. Weir, 69, died Nov. 21, 1987 at AI-
   s uccumb to a heart. attack the next. day.        liance Community Hospital following a brief        Herbert T. Black. Quan returned, deceased.
      Jim served with "D"Co.lstBatt.alion4th         illness.
   Marines on Corregidor. He served with dis-                                                           Chester Dillard. Quan returned, deceased.
                                                        A native of Alliance, Ohio, he was a veter-
   tinction and was an exemplary marine. He
                                                     an of World War I I. and a member of 28th
   will be sorely missed.                                                                               Robert Lareau, Acuva, FL. Member of North
                                                     Bombardment Squadron. He was a prisoner
      He is survived by his wife Delia.                                                                 China Marines... No other information.
                                                     of war for 3~ years.
                                                        He is survived by his wife. Ange, one son.      RobertA. Nielson. Died August 16, 1988. No
        AMIEL LEWIS PALERMO                          Jolen Tabb, two granddaughters and twosis-         other details.
      OAKLAND - Arnie! Lewis Palermo, a                                                                 James C Moorehead, Scottsdale, AZ. Quan
   physician who practiced for many yean in                                                             returned, deceased.
   San Leandro, died of a heart. attack Thursday         DONALD B. ARMSTRONG
   in Concord. He was 8 1.                              Donald B. Armstrong passed away Oc-             Robert Pease, Downing. WI. Died March 7.
       Palermo. a Japanese prisoner of war in        tober 15, 1988 in Greenfield, Missouri. He         1988. No other dewls.
   World War I I, collapsed shortly after speak·     served with the 4th Marines and was cap-
   ing at. the Holiday Inn in Concord on issues      tured onCorregidor May 6, 1942. Spent three        Harry A. Bilbo. Quan returned marked de-
   involving treatment of former prisoners of        and a half ycars as a POw. He leaves his wife      ceased.
   war. Despite immediate attention from doc-        Verdine who is an associated Life Memberof
                                                     ADBC.                                              Warren F. Hollingsworth, Quan returned, de-
   tors seated all around him, he-couldn't be re-
   vived and was pronounced dead at t he Mt.                                                            ceased.
    Diablo Medical Center.                             4TH MARINE REUNION
       Palermo, a native of Chicago. served du,..                                                       Julius F. Webb, Quan returned, deceased.
    ingWorld War II in the Army MedicaiCorps         DATE: April 12-15, 1989
    with the31 st Philippines Battalion. He was      PLACE: Carlsbad Inn, 3001 Carlsbad Blvd,
    taken pri soner in 1942 and held (or 39            Carlsbad, CA 92008
    mont.hs in the Philippines and Japan.                                                                       JUNGLE ANGEL
                                                     ROOM RESERVATIONS: A limited num-
       An Oakland resident since 1949, Palermo         ber of rooms have been blocked at the rnn.          JUNGLE ANGEL - BATAAN REMEM-
   was an ear, nose and throat specialist with a       They will be released February I , 1989. so      BERED, Lt. Col. Hortense McKay, Army
   practice on Bancroft Avenue.                        make reservations now.                           Nurse - story orher experiences and stories
      He was a member of the American Medi-                                                             of Bataan as told by Maxine K. Russell. Has
                                                     BANQUET RESERVATIOINS: Details will                104 pages and 35 photos. Sells for $6.50 tax
   cal Association. the California Medical As-
   sociation and Alameda-Contra Costa Coun-            be published in the spring issue of the          & postage included. Features by Wrut.er Stra-
                                                       Fourth Marine newslet.ter.                       ka and Henry Peck.
   ty Medical Association.
                                                     SPECIAL EVENTS: A firing excrcise at                  Order from Maxine Ru ssell, 1350 Russell
      He is survived by his wife, Anita; a daugh·                                                       Road North, Brainerd, MN 56401.
.. ter, Karen Urbano of New Jersey; a brother,         Camp Pendleton.
, Albert of Illinois; a sister, Julia Mertoccio of   If you do not receive the Fourth Marine
   Illinois: and three grandchildren.                   Newsletter write:
      A memorial service was held at 1 p.m.                  Pat Hitchcock
   Thursday at Broadmoor Comm u nity                         1101 7 Aurora Avenue
   Church, 301 Dowling Blvd.                                UesMoines. IA 50322
                                                                                                                            NOVEMBER, 1988 - 7
          Merry Christmas and                    Wishing You All A
           Happy New Year                    Healthy New Year to Come
               Ceil Ayres                     Lou and Helen Cusano
                                                                                           Seasons Greetings to All
  Merry Christmas and to all -                   Seasons Greetings to AU                  Jim and Pauline Hammond
           God Bless                                   God Bless
                                                                                             Merry Christmas and
 Mildred and P/N/C Phil Arslanian           Marie and PINfC Jim Cavanaugh
                                                                                               Happy New Year
                                                                                              Tom and Jo Hatten
          Merry Chrislmas and                    Merry C hristmas and
            Happy New Year                         Happy New Year                            Merry ChriSlmas and
          Rose and Ben Aquilina             Florence and P/N/C John Crago                    Happy New Year to A I/
                                                                                                 Ray Harper
   Sinure Holiday Greetings to All          Best Wishes for a Great Holiday Season
      Agnes and Art Akullian                   for 011 Ex·POWs and particulorly              Merry Christma s and
                                                 Mr. Vonce Wt:alsh, loyd Work,                            ea
                                                                                             Happy New Y r to All
          Merry Christmas and                Alan Clork ond Alford L S  mith, M.D.       31st Inf. Regt and Family's -
           Happy New Year-                   Roy Cunningham - 2920 Maple Ave,                  Vance H. Horn -
            Dolores Bennett                          Kolomo'(OO, MI 49001                    Co. C 31st Inf. Bataan
                                                                                              William V. Hough -
           Blessed Chrtslmas and                ~ - ' ""'- 7"+",                             Co. F 31st Int. Bataan
        A Peaceful New Year 10 All -             ~...t~?t..t-1.
         Father Herman C Baumann
                         .                          {3<.t - ' -;z...,.. tlJ4,             May the Joy of the Season
                                                                                        Be Yours Throughout the Year
          Happy and Healthful                SeaSO.8 Greetlng8 to All                     John and Dorothy Hassler
            Holidays to All
          Joe and Ella Barna

        Seasons Greeting to All
                                                  .Ioe DiLella

                                                    Seasons Greetings
                                                   to All the 803rd Eng.
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                                                                                             'I...... Ywl .. .......
    Annette and Chuck Sloskis                            Frank Dice
                                                                                             Happy and Healthy
    i      Merry C hristmas and                  Merry C hristmas and                          Holidays to AU
             Best Wishes 10 All                     Happy New Year                       Marge and Herman Hausman

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        •G race and Charles Brehm
           n.hWS. . -.....n
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                                                   Healt hy New Year
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                                                                                       Happiness Nowand in lhe Coming Year
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            hhiS.......... -                         Vic Oengelegi
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         Seasons Creetings fo All                 Joyous New Year -                       Mildred and Vincent Jesuele
         Albert and Alberfa Bland           Theresa and P/ N / C John Emerick
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             """~t.A!                           Moul\'hlins of Jo, .Itd Blellings        Henrietta Ind P/~ Edward Jackfert
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         Holiday Greetings to A.II                    '" eM Glenda Elliott
             flerry Cantwell
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  canadian P:O.w. on Battleship Wisconsin        ~tk.. {J&lfjI ~ k        !7ami/y         H.ppy New J 'e .r,.;tll
 Tokyo Bay 1945 - Never lorgot you guys,                                                    .10" ••• d ;t •• X ••,
   Love You. Merry Christmas. Bob Grillo    It's Christmas again - Be M erry                     Wishing You A Joyous
    r You looked after me. Glad to hear              Earleen Francis                      Chrislmas and A New Year of
    , trom anyone trom "Wisconsin:'                                                       Peace. Health and Happiness
           Bob Clayton - Box 47,                Seasons Greet ing to All                     Gail and Velma Kelley
      Brechin, Onlario, Canada lOK1BO                ""Guyton
  Merry Christmas to All Members                   Merry Christmas and                       1Iu"1JJl# W,., -' p,,,
     of T he 7th Material S(ld.                    Happy New Year 10 A /I                    Mi ~ uJ & 1M_ '-ilia
   E llis W. and Stella Cu mmins                      Joe Gutierrey                        au-ullh.l6w, s. /lh.trM. C.

          Merry Christmas and                   Merry Christmas and                         Merry Christmas and
            Happy New Year                         Happy New Year                              Happy New Year
        Mary and P/N/C Ken Curley            Neil and Madeline Gagliano                  Mary and P/ N / C John LeClair

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   Kathy and P/ N/C Rolph leYel1berg           and for Peace and Happln.ss               Peace for the Hew Vear
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      Blessed Chri.,tm8.s 8.nd                    Rev. Wm. R. McCarthy
        A H8.PPY New Year                                                                    ,... ... _s,wJ
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the New Year Bring Good H ealth
        and Peace to All                           May the Peace of God,
Charlotte and P/ N/ C Elmer Long              which passeth all understanding               Happy Holiday Season
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      Merry Christ mas to All                       - Merry Christmas                            Jayne Troy
          Helen Linton                          Joseph and Ruth Nespojohn
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   ~mQil tu,,1a %t¥,y . "ttl>        ,?I"""
      YfutA 'v"l<ff'oJ~,. .//y","                 Happy New Year to All
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    Seasons Greetings to All                      Omen.boIo, KY 42301
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     Ginny and Andy Miller                     (P.O.W. - Army Nurse Corps
                                                                                               Madeline Ullom           .#
                                                 Santa Tomas Int. Camp)
        "Peace and Good Health"                                                      Blessed Christmas and A Peaceful,
         Christmas '87 Greeting                    "Peace and lhe Blessing of
                                                                                          Health y New Year to All
        Shirley and Joe Matheny                     Good Health amiJoy at                Helen and PlN/C Joe Vater
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   "Rose ami I wiJh 0/1 me mbers                   David and Elizabelh Peace
        alld rhei, famIlies,                        Arulerson, So Carolina               A Merry C hris tmas to All
   A Joyous Chnsrmas Holiday"                        803rd Eng. Co. "C"                       from Florid a
    Tony and Rose Afarangiello                                                                 WesWilson
                                                      Merry Christmas and
      Merry Christmas and                                              0
                                                     Healthy New Year 1 All
     A Happy New Yea r to All                     Helen and P/NIC Joseph Poster         lIopPJ' lIolidays (0 A ll Our
     Walt and Vi Macarovich                                                                  A.D.B.C. Friends
                                                                                       George and Irene Wonneman
         ... "'" """" "" ,-
 ...... (fk-... .... """" " -
          ~ -'      &...4 1.t'dU.
                                                   Very Best - Holy and
                                                   H8.PPY Holiday Seaso n
                                                 Dorothy 8.nd AWlin /'H tri;;o
                                                                                          Best Wishes for 0 Holy and
                                                                                            Happy Holiday Season
                                               faw 9Pidu amI.!ltX/~ &....tY-
                                                    .A'kJi ami!lJ'uIYf~ulu                Dwight and Wondo Woodoll
      Seasons GrfHJtings and
          Best Wishes to All
              Irene Minier                     Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes
                                               for A Healthy, Prosperous Hew' Year
         Best Wis hes to All                     Virginia ,ltd PINfC John Rowlattd
      for the H oliday Season
              Peg Maty
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        Best Wishes to All                                                           H elen and P.N.C. Hank Wilayto
     for the Holiday Season                           Best Wishes fo r A
  Rea and Plf\/IC Florry Menou.i                  Happy Holiday Season                   Happy lIu lidays To ..\11 .
                                                 Be rtha and I)'N{C John Ray              .Iu hn & Stella Zale

                                                                                                       NOVEMBER. 1988 - 9
          (Continued from PoNe 9)
                                                                            POW'S AND PTSD
                                                  Thisls a genera1eumrnary of how the VA evalUltte the claims for former Prisonel"l of War with ~
   Holiday Greetings to AD Be             gard to benefit p syments for poet traumatic stress disorder. It il not intended to be an official detenni·
     Happy Holidays To All                nation. merely education infonnation th at might uplain to ),OU how _ rate a claim for compensation.
                                                  As you probably already know, there are certain disabilities which the VA ··presume.!J'· to be due
      & Seasons Greetings                 to your having been interned by a hostile Goverment for SO dsysor mote. Amongtheseare avit.amino-
        To O ne and AU                    ais. beriberi (including beriberi heart di,wase), chronic dy,wnt.ery, helminthfasis. mllnutrition linclud·
      Neal Harrington and                 ing opc.ic atrophy aseociated with malnutrition), peIlagrs. Illy other nutritionlll defltiency, and paych()!ll!ll.
        Dorothy Trimble                   AllofOctober 1, 1981 this list wuexpanded to include the anxiety lltatee. On October I, 1983 d,yIIthymic
                                          dillOl'der$lor depreMiY'l DeUJ'OIM'JI!I) were.added, and on October I, 1986, poet LraumaticOllteoarthritill and
         Happy Holidays                   organi.c: l'Midusis of frostbite.. We a pply the presumptive proviaions of Lhe law in all n· POW cues. The
                                          only requirement.!! are that' condition 11) must now be of a conpensable degree lor have been compen".
        To All Our Friends                shle at some time in the PllIt) and 12) WI! cannot prove oonculsively that it W&II du e to some other inci·
       and ADBC Members                   dent not related to service.
    Tony and Norma Mascavale                      PrSD is a specific psychit.tric di.agnoei.Iwhich required' I) a defined verifiable IItn!IIIior and 12) CWTeJIt
                                          PIIychiatric findinp whicb would allow a Plydliattillt to make that Ilpeci[iC diagnOlii s. The VA considers
       Merry Christmas and                confinement as a POW to be a defined verifiable Itre8lOr. This meanl thet. if your VA psychiatrist di-
         Healthy New Year                 agnoses PrSD. the major queation we wiU beevsluating il how severe it is. In almOlitall casee. we will
                                          gBnllleO'lce connection.
     George and Eleanor Sholtis                   What we look at is how your social and induatrilll history have been affected by your condition. We
                                          look at such things as time loel from gsinful work and decrease in work efficiency. We try not tounder-
        A Mer ry Ch rist mas              evaluate theemotionaUy sick vetaan with a good work record., nor may weover-evsluste theveteran·s
         To All My Good                   condition on the buia of a poor work record notsupported by the pI'Iychiatriediaabllity picture. We StMt
          ADlJC .'ricm.ls                 by evaluating the history and complaint.a. The objective findings lUll the asmines-·s analysis of the symp-
      Nurman !'tlartin - :\ 1st Inf       toms are the essentials. Whether the exsminer cl888ifies t he di,w1.Se all mild. moderate. or severe is Dot
                                          the concluding factor, but the report and anslysis and the fuU col'llident.ion of the whole history i!L We
                                          a lso consider frequency, severity. and duration of previous disablity periods. and yOUf capacity for ad·
         Best W ishes To All for A        justment during periodll of remill!!ion. We evaluate aoeial integration, s ince it is one of the beat indic a·
  MerryChristmos And AHealthy New Yeor    tors of mentsl health and refleclll the ability to establish (together with the deeiro! to establish) healthy
         Delbert and Doris L ym           and effective interperSOnal relationships. Poc:w eontact with other human beinp may be a eymptom of
                                          emotional illness. However in evaluating impairment resulting from PTSD or any other peyehiatric die·
     Sellsons Greetings to All Our        order, 8ocia1 inadaptebility is to beevaluated only al it affects industrial ada ptablity. Theprincipleof
           Friends at ADBC                social and industrial inadaptebility as the basis for ratings means we conaider any .bnormalityof can·
                                          duct, judgment, and ernoticmal rellCtX!ne which affectemoc.ionaJ adjustment, i.e., which produce Impair
      Howard & Georgia Jordon             ment of earning capacity.
                                                 Thismeans ths tlt is poulble thltyou r socialadjustmentlhow you deal with family. friend s. etc.)
  Enjoy the Christmas Season, Keep        may have been severely impaired, whi1eyour economic adjustmentlwork hietory) may have been only
   i t;teallhy. Have a Drink On Us        mildly or moderately impaired. In all      ca--.   however. we reviewtheentiree1aims folder. including sen--
   _      Dale and Peg Frantz             ice medical records if available. claim.s you may have med after lleparation. and current medicsl evidence.
                                          including psychiatric examinations and treatment rep0rt.8, and meolve all rellSOnable doubt in your fa·
  Nferry Christmas and A Happy            'li)r. If we find that you r uperiences andyour reaction to thoee experiences WUTIUlt agrant of aervke
                                          connection, we then e!ltllblieh thedegreeof disability. For psychiatric conditions degrees whkhcan be
     and Prosperous New Year              asaigned are 0%. 10%, SO%. 50'!&. 70%, or tOO'll..
      Jim and Pauline Brown                       All claims for former PriMme r. of War. whether for PTSD or any other condition, sreeve.luated by
                                          apacial Rating Boards which uecharged with uen:isingtheutmoetcue. ,wnsitivity, and compassion.
   To O ur M a ny Frie nds in A DBC, We   I f you are diuatisfied with our lICtion on any claim. you have specific righte under the law. (1) As an ex·
    Exte nd O Uf Wishes rOf A Merry       Prisoner of War you are entitled to request re-examination if you feel the examination was not adequate
   C hri st m as and A Happy New Yea r    or if you have additional information to present to the e:nminer. 12) You have the right to review your
                                          clailWl folder IOthatyou can aee whatl!'Vldence we h.veconsidered.13) Yoo may also present addition-
           Bo b a n d Martb a Cra ig
                                          aJ evidence to the Rating Board. either YWbally« in writing. A bearing to present verblll testimony can
          Our Wishts For A Happy          be &ebeduled. for you. Please remember that we rely VPrY heavily on medicsl evidence, so the best new
                                          lIVidenee to submit would be medicsl report" Submill5ion of any IUch evidence meane the prior decision
      and Health Holiday Season           wiU be reconeidered. Fine.lly, you have the right toappeal- within one year from the dateof our notifi-
       Albert and Nancy Allen             cation 1eu.er to you - any deci.ion we make. We will then provide yoo with a Statememt of the C8$B,
                                          outlining the facts we had available, the law _ had applied and the reasons for our decision. If you re-
  Best Wishes (or a M erry Christmas      s pond to that !tatement, c,.ontinuing your disaatisfllCtion. your claim will be ,wnt to the Board of Vet-
        and A Happy New Year              eran! Appesle for their resolution.
     Mr. & Mrs. A rthur Bea'. s .v.c.             Plea,w remember that this haa been a generlll overview of the VA'. fIItingpl"OCl!8Mll for PriIlOlWlflll
                                          of War and PTSD. If you feel you are entitled to benefits, or a higher rete. or an earlier effective date,
           Merry Christmas and a          plellSe oonlact the Veteranll Benefit Counselor at a VA Medical Center, a Service Organization. , County
          Happy New Year        To All    Director of Veteran Affairs. or the Veteranl Services Division of this office. Do I'IOt decide .. ot to apply
                                          fOl" benefits because you are not sure you mightbeentitled based on the above-information. Thiscoun·
            John & Sally Short            try, unlike lOme others, does not have a 'Ylltem whereby former Prisonen of WIl/' receive a monthly !tl·
                                          pend orvirtue of their military status. Thia mean. your claim mustbe filed on In individusl basis. and
      AM '''''' lH HoIWoy S-......
  I IojoylHf_oItM _ _                     it wiU becons~ on an individusl basis by the VA, You are~titled to all consideration under the law,
                                          but the pl"OCeMo can only begin when you me a claim.
              JiM eM ..... HuH
   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year              THE ADMIRAL NIM ITZ STATE HISTORICAL PARK
            10 OUf Buddies In ADBC                              Fredericksburg, Texas
             Dwishl & lIild a Milk r                                invites you to
      Our Best Wishes For A                                        our new exibit:
       Merry Christmas and
       A Healthy New Year
      Wade and Marian Chlo                                                    QUIET SHADOWS
                                                                              Women In The Pacific War
   JAPS/MEDALS                                        gan seekcompeDsatioD forour longauffering
                                                      and scarred men of America wiLh at least the
                                                                                                          .• . and consider, if you will, if President
                                                                                                          Reagan had re1eased these millions of dollars
         Your editor has received many personal       amount America is giving to lbe Japanese,           to bepefit the V.A. Hospit.a!s to provide bet.-
     letters on tbeJap Compensation bill as well      who ) repeat, were well cared 1.0 here in           ter equipmenl . . . better care, more doctors
     88 storieson ro.w. medal presentations. 100      America. ) do not say it was fair to the inno-     with the expertise in the care of our p'oW.'s
     many in facLtoatartto publis h any of them,      cenl to be interned, eveD though at the time        from aU the wars. Do you nOl think that if
     but. I ll!Ceived onefrom a wire. wbo God bless   il was understandable. that lhe enemy was          lhese Japanese were as good Americans as
     her I think I must print. It tellswemen how      possibly anyone of those in support of Ja·         they profess to be that they would not wanl
     the wives look at some of these Lhings.          pan. Il was handled that way to protect            better care in our V.A. Hospitals if possible
                                                      AmericBnsloyal to our Country. It seemed           . . . and would they agree thal their sacrifICe
     JAPANESE                                         unfair to the innocent. I regret any suffering     was made for a cause that would benefit each
                                                      they endured. I still say they were living a       and every one of them too! J believe the LOY·
               COMPENSATION                           sheltered and safe life here in America. ) am      AL AMERICANS would!
    The Honorable Dennis DeCoDeini. SenSU)"r          sony for their embarrassments. Thereagain.             J ha!'lten to add how sad a day for those
    Arizona                                           there was. and is no comparison to those           wives whose husbands and loved ones laid
    United States Senate                              Americans brutalized in horrible torlure           down their lives defending their Counlry,
    Washington. DC 20510                             prison camps in Japan. Now, why doea                when they open the box containing the Med·
    Dear Senator DeConcini:                           America Dot present Japan with a biU of            al, when not a voice is heard in presentalion
       This seems a timely letter of s upport for    sorts to compensate the P.O,W.'a who spent.        of iL It would seem to me that. these veterans
    which you have given your const.ituents over     3!.11 years of unbearable torture.                 and those who are receivi ng the Medal for
    these many years. I want to express my 8P-            We &regiving Japan our lands to profil by     lheir loved ones would feel uplifted in spirit
    preciation to you in 8 personal way. Hence.            . We have allowed them to prosper at the     and made proud if this small measure of
    this message to you with a request. for your     ex.pense of American mens jobs. After the          gralitude be shown to them with words from
    consideration of the followingohserv8tions        war they were given theopportunily to build       our leaders whom we have helped catapult to
    I have mad£>.                                    a prospering Country they can now be proud          the high offices lhey now hold.
       First of all. I want. you to know you have    of . . . all given to them by America. The             Thank you Senator for taking the time to
    had my support for your continuance in Of.       very least Lheycould do to compensate thotte       read this letter. The afore-mentioned bones
    fice and for aU the many bills you have pro-     misdeeds whould be to pay equal amounts of         of contenlion have troubled me and I needed
    posed to preserve the rights of the Veterans     twenly thousand dollars to each of our             to ahare my thoughts wilh you. Perhaps in
   of our Country. J extend my heartfelt grati·      P.OW.·s who suffered untold tortures in thcir      one way or anotber you may be instrumental
    tude to you and urge you to carryon. You          horrible camps of unforgeltable torture. It       in bringing to light wherever possible t hese
   have many supporters who are not able to          would never, by any stretch of the imagina.        understated facts which are disturbing a
   say these words of appreciation to you. I es·     tion, repair the physical and permanent men.       great many of the forgotten veterans.
   pecially relate to Resolution(S. Con. Res. 351    ta1 damage. but at least we wives who have             Until a later time we loved ones will goon
   regarding the user fee at Service hospita1s       steadfastly stood by our husbandfl could see       trying to make life a tad bit lighter for those
• and medical Centers where health care was          a Japanese made auto on our highways wiLh.         who carried our Country's fight for rreedom
, promised and earned by the men and women           out shuddering and reliving the s uffering Ja·     for the generations who follow toenjoy. With
   of our Country 85 they were recruited, then       pan has caused.                                    kindes t pcnonal regards to you. . and
   served their tenns of Service. This Fee is an         LastJy, after43 yeMl my husband hasj us t      prayers always.
   unfair burden especially on the retired voter-   now had mailed to him a P.OW. medal. Over           Very truly yours
   anaofWWl1.                                       ayear ago he was mailed a Bronze Star Med·                         Mrs. Ward B. Meek (Geraldine)
       Now I feel an urgency to write my disap-     al both having been sent via the mails. How
   proval of President Reagan Signing and           very cold, after 43 years. to receive this recog-
  authorizing a 120,000.00 each to the Japa·        nition through the mail How militarily rude.
                                                                                                                  INFO WANTED
  nese internees. This is purely a political move   to present a medal in this manner. I have seen      Subject: SlSergeant. William N. McCormack,
  to promote votes to keep the Republican           on t.elevision a number of times, the Presi·         USMC                                      .
  reign in power for another four years. Presi.     dent giving personal accolades to less              Serial 1278612
  dent Reagan has slapped Veterans like my          deserving, less accomplis hed people than           Letter to the Editor:
  husband with an unforgivable insult. My           those who performed with dignity for their             Friends of this great American, an ex·
  husband who served in WW J I in the Pacific       Country when they gave of their lives. Would        mlll"inc, are seeking information from sur-
      .. survuved the Death March . . . starved     it be too much to ask for the leader, or lead·      vivors who knew McCormack to assist him
  in I} Prison Camps in Japan for 3111 years. .     ers of our Precious Country tocall these st.i11     in obtaining the Congressional Medal of
  beaten and brutalized, only to be returned to     living heroes before him and present these          Honor.
  his family with a broken body and a brain tu·     well deserved medals appropriately? It                 McCormack served in the Headquarters
  mor. While he lives today, he is only existing    seems little to ask or suggest. But, certain·       Company, 4th regiment 4t.h Marine Division
  .. . only a frame of a man who needs con·         Iy there has been a travesty of j us tice, and      in the Philippines on Bataan and Corregidor
  stanl care . . . constant reass urance 24         bad military etiquette when Medals are              Islands beginning December 7. 1941 and
  hours a day. His insecurities from this hon-i·    mailed OUl as lhough they are cheap cam·            ending May 27. 1942, at which time his unit
  bJe3Y!: years have not only ruined his life but   paign bultons. There again what good are            was taken prisoner by the Japanese.
  mine as his wife and caregiver. . his only        medals without presentation? Even Emmy                 We would apprecuate hearing from any
  true friend . .. who lives and relives World      awards and Oscar awards are presented with          sur vivor who served dUring this period and
  War Tho over and over every day.                  flair and sentimental meanings apoken on            knew McCormack.
       Certainly. the Japanese Americans were       behalr of the recipienL May I ask . . . was                                           Thank you.
  not beaten . . . or sl-arved ... and they were    there ever a bett.er performance than was                                      Charlie McEntire
  warm in wint.er . . . physically provided for     demonstrated by the faithful men and worn·                                      Rt. I , Box 722·C
        . fed an adequate diet . . . and many had   en of our Country when t.hey answered the                               Aransas Pass, TX 78336
"privileges unheard of in Japan. Wl\y in God's      call to defend their Country in the Wars in·                          Thlephone: (5121758·7439
, name would Reagan not air these facts with        volving America? And all too many paid the
  Japan and suggest a like compensation for         supreme price willingly for the peace they
  our Veterans so tortured while they were held     were sooking.                                                ARE YOUR
   in Camps no human being should ever 81·
   perienca Why, l ask, did no~ President Rea·
                                                        Again . . . relative to the $20,000.00                  DUES PAID?
                                                    please give these t<lughts to ponder. Think
                                                                                                                           NOVEMBER. 1988            1I
  NATIONAL CEMnERIES                                                              NORFOLK TOURS
  The Veterans Administration has signed                The Convention Committee has made arrangemen t s with a tour operator to provide
an agreement with the Advisory Council on         tours to the many his torical areas in the Norfolk areas. Beca.useit is necessary to book bU88e8
Historic Preservation and the National Con-       in advance we mu s t give t he tour operator advance notice of our plans.. If the minimum num·
ference of State Historic Preservation            bers of 30 are not met, the tour will be cancelled and combined with others.
Officers concerning cultural, historic and az-.        P lease cooperate wit.h the tour operator. The A.US.C. hu no control on the tours or
c hitectural resource management at VA Na-        schedules. We will publis h the o rder b lank n u t issue.
tional Cemeteries
   Admininstrator of Veterans ACfaint Tho-
mas K. Thmsge said, "The VA has 112 na-            AMERICAN DEFENDERS OF BATAAN I.
                                                    CORREGIDOR TOUR DESCR IPT ION
tional cemeteries either on or potentially
eligible for placement on the National Reg·
ister of Historic Places.. The signing of this    HISTORI C NORFOLK TOUR -                                AMPHIBIOUS-LI1TLE CREEK
                                                  BOTA NICA L GARDENS - HERMI TAGE                        & VI RG INIA BEACH TOUR
agreement will ensU19 the continuing protec-
tion, maintenance and development of these                                                                Theeday, Ma,. 2
                                                  S ulldlY, AprilJO
historic properties.
                                                                                                          9:00 a.m. . 1:00 p.m.
   The agreement enahies the VA todevelop         \:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.rn..
and implemen t 8 plan for the management of                                                                 Thi. tour ilia must fOf miliLary returnees! Enjoy
historic resources within the VA National         Historic and modem arcllited.lnexlst side-by-$ide 11I'indahield tour of the Amphibious Bue and visit
Cemetery System with less review by the           in Norfolk and on this DeJuJl:e Nonolk City '!bur         the AmptulliOUB M UI!I!WD, follawed by lunch in the
Council or individual State Historic Preser-      you withee it all, narnted by your local JIlide. En-      Galley with sctlve duty miliLary. Then, a scenic
vation Officers.                                  joy a trackless I.J'ain ride ~h the beautifuJ BO-         drive along the Chellpeake BlY p ast the
                                                  TAN ICA L GARDENS at the height of the IeQOlI             Chesapeake Bay Bridge Thonel, one of the man-
   The plan will include a summary and anal-      for nowwing I12.lleaa. cameUi .. and dogwood.             made wonden of the world, Seallhore State Park
ysis of the historic development and evolu-       Then, on to the H.E RMITAGE FOUNDATION                    and the the First Landing CI"OIIII where the English
tion of the cemetery system 8S a whole and        MUSEUM, located in a beautiful residential!If!C'          Colo nists first touched the shores of the New
of various cemeteries in particular, u well u     lion on Lhe ban.lr:.s of the Lafayet te River. The Her-   Work!.. Drive throusb Fort Story, home of the Land
identify archeological sites within each cem-     mitage i. a 'l\uior-style m&Dllion on 12 IICreII of ele-  Air-Cullhion Vehkles Il.ACV]. Enjoy riding along
etery.                                            gant landscaped grouunda, housing I n o utlltand- . the AtianUcOcean to Virginia Beach past the Ed-
                                                  ing collection of Oriental art. paintings. 8Culptlll"'ll, gar Cayce Foundation. Life-Slving MulltU m and
   Of the 112 national cemeteries now oper-
                                                  jade and cloisonne. NOR FOL K trulycomM alive             Norw'egiao Lady befOte returning to your hotel
ated by the VA, 66 have available grave           in .pring!! Ride put ChrylIler Museum. SL. Paul'.
space. Forty-sis are considered in a "closed"     Ch urch.                                                  Price per person: 1 18.&0 based on 8 group of 30 or
status, meaning the re is only s pace for                                                                 m.~

creIDf'~ remains or subsequent burials of         Price per person: II & balled on a group of 30 or
                                                                        .00                               Price includes delun bus. tour guide.,lunc:h. and
familY members of those already interred.         m.~

     1.                                           Price includes moton:oach tran.port.ation, tour
                                                                                                           NASA·LANGLEY A IR FORCE BASE.
          DOG TAGS FOUND                          guide and admislliona.
                                                                                                           FORT MONROE-CASEMATE & WAR
                                                                                                           MEMOR IAL MUSEUM.
Dear Joe:
   The enclosed clipping was from the Au -        HISTORIC HORFOLK TOUR-                                   W.-.,., May 3
gust issue of NAVAL AFFAIRS, that's the           BOTANICALGA.RDENS · H ERMITAGE
NATIONAL ASSOCIAT ION OF FLEET                                                                             8:3O .. m. - 3:30 p.m.
                                                  MODdly, May 1 • ABOVE TOUR OFFERED
RESERVE which I am a member of Branch             TWICE -jSEE DESCRIPTION & PRICE].                        Here you canget.llook It the . pace program. At
IS. Our motto is. " Loyalty, Protection and                                                                NASA. there are more than 40 eKhibits on aeron.u-
Service", hence the fo rwarding for entry in      8:30 a.m. ' 12:00 noon                                   tical and s pace themes, including I number of
your next "Quan".                                           ~d                                             space artifactl. View a specially selected   m.rn on
   With the alarming rate the ADBC mem-           \ :00 pm. - 4:30 p.m.                                    one of the recent 1Pace-walks. Drive around Lan-
bership is passing over the horizon its chance                                                             gley Air Force B...."homeof tbe1'ac:tic::a1 Air Com-
of finding the Owner still with us is sfun. We                                                             mand.. Then, viait the War Memorial Museum of
                                                  COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG                                    V~n.ia which studiee U.s. miliuu-y history from
didn't quit then and we're not quitting now,                                                               1775 to the pmMIIL. The collection contaio. 0V1!I"
do your beIIL                                                                                              30,000 art.ifaeta. including uniforms, _pons. art-
   Thanks JOE!, see y 'aU next year.. .in NOR-                                                             work, ain:raft, documents., vehicle!! and post.ers.
FOLJ{, 111 get to see my Mukden bunkmate,                                                                  Lunch is planned I' NASA or Fort Monroe. Nu.t
                                                  9:00 a.m. ' 4:00 p.m.
JOHN SANDOR then, jus t keep him alive.                                                                    atop is the Cuemate Museum at Fort Monroe, a
                                                                                                           national hlstoricallandmark "ith edUbit.a COV1Il'-
   -The dog tags of Allen G. Henry, Jr. -         CoIoniaI Wtlliamsbnig. ~ restored capital                ing 300 yeln of American history. See the cell in
                                                  of colonial Virginia .. . Enroute to Williamsburg.
6978616T41 Phavebeenfoundby Doris H.                                                                       which Jeffenon Olvill 11'88 imprisoned and the N..
                                                  your local guide narrates the hi.tory of Hampton         tional Coast Art.iUery Museum.
1Welgh, 109 Grand Ave., Swanton, VT05488          Road. "hile driving pu t Yorir:t.o"o. NASA·
in the Malinta tunnel area in Corregidor,         Langley Air Foree and J amMtown. Upon arrival            Price per penon: 123.00 per penon based on 30
Philippines. She requests that anyone with        in Wil.I.i.amaburg. view the introductory rum "Story     people or mote.
information on A llen Henry please contact        of a Patriot': Then. on to the reetored .....a where
hor.                                              C08tumed host. help recreate the .ight s and             Price includeI!I deluu bus. tour guide. Juneh and ad-
                                                  sound. of Americl 200 yellnllgG. touring hill tor-       miSlliolls..
         Sincerely                                ic homee I lld buildings..
         Clayton N.IBuzz) Beliveau
                                                                                                           AMPHIBIOUS·LI'ITLE CREEK
          Ex-PT-32, QMC USN RET.                  PiTce per penon: 124.1;0 based on a group of 30 OJ"     & VIRGINIA B EAC H TOUR
         J ames Ravine,                           m~

         2nd Bn. 4th Marines                                                                              TI!.VI1MIay, Mly "ISame as Thesday, May 2 · "'"
         Camp 13                                  Price includes delo.ae tour bua. admission ticket       description and price lbovel
         SHORE DUTY-MUKDEN,                       and alI-day tour JIlide.
                                                                                                          9:00 .. 01. - 1:00 p .m.
         '410 MANCHURIA
2 VmRANS' RIGHtS, BENEfiT BILLS OI.'d BT SENAn, SENT 10 REAGAN                                     INFORMATION WANTED
        WASHING'lUN (API OCT. 21 - Congress has given finaJapproval to twomonl bills             HE: PVT. ROBERT V. CASSAEDAY
providing new rights and benefits for veterans. !ending the measures to President Reagan         '6276656
for his expected approval.                                                                       World War II - Tablets of the Missing
     The bills grant veterans the right tohavecour ts review denial of benefit decisions and     Manila American Cemetery and Memorial
provide a series on cost-of-living increases in a variety of VA payments.                        Manila, Republic olthe Philippines
     They passed on a voice vote by the Senate yesterday, after similar action Wednesday
in the House.                                                                                      A recent chance meeting with anex·POW
      Earlier in the week. Congress sent Reagan another bill toelevate the Veterans Adminis·     (BataanJCorregidor) has suggested that I
tration to Cabinet status. making Lhe agency the 14th Cabinet department.                        write to you for s uggestions as to how J
      The review bill allows veterans to have federal courts review VA denials of benefits for   might contact any survivor of that theater
the first. time. It creates a new "u.s. CourtofVeterans Appeals" toreplace the current Board     who might know the above veteran, my un'
or Veterans' Appeals. That panel is now part of the VA and is now the last resort of vete,..     de.
ans who are unhappy with decisions to reject their claims.                                          After having been declared MIA for years.
                                                                                                 the War Dept. sent a telegram on June i!lt,
                                                                                                 1945, saying that he had died 7116142. A lelr
                                                                                                 ter followed (which I cannot find in family
                      CAN YOU CORRECT                                                            records). which some relativtlll recall s tating
                      THESE ADDRESSES                                                            that he was in the Death March of Bataan.
                                                                                                    In any event, I would like to know what of-
                                                                                                 fice or source might have further details of
Albert L. Allen                                  Vito S Marashio
                                                                                                 his circumstances - if he would be consid·
P.D. Box 5160                                    6064 Airmont Dr.
                                                                                                 ered a POW - and if so. if he is entitled to
HC 77 Sea Beach Cr.                              Springhill, FL 34606
                                                                                                 medal - or other recognition.
Orange Beach, AL 36561
                                                 Onofre Montoya                                     Thank you for any help or suggestions in
Lucien F. Barnhart                               Box 144                                         this regard.
18036 50th Ave. N.                               Taos, NM 87571
St. Petersburg, FL 33708·2940                                                                                                    Repectfully,
                                                 S. Anthony Nocera
Mrs. Rose Mary Charlton                          2034 Washington Ave.                                                    Shirley M. Goosman
TWilight Trailer Park                            Oceanside. NY 11 572                                                            P.O. Box 689
Hart Ave. No. 8                                                                                                            Meeker, CO 81641
San Angelo. TX 76901                             Velma Owens
                                                 Rt. 1
Mr. RobertJ . Compton                            Detroit, TX 75436                                              WIDOWS
Wing, AR 72868                                                                                       Your editor W8!J received some feedback
                                                 Mrs. Juanita Patterson
Jay Dennis                                       1404 South Normandy Thrrace                     from the "Spouse Seminars " conducted
P.O. Box 1163                                    Corona. CA 91720                                 these last two conventions by service direc-
Manhattan, KS 66502                                                                               tor John Emeric~ and Agnes Akullina. No
                                                Dr. Alfredo Y. Sison (MOl                        doubt the information was well received and
O. Ferguson                                     3606 South 49th Sl                                maybe more important. put the gals in one
392 Cherry St,                                  Omaha, NE 68106                                  room where they can discuss their problems
West Newton, MA 02165                                                                             with one another without the husbands pres-
                                                 Ruth M. Stolyz Lt. Col. Ret.
Mrs. Hazel Gullockson                            1606 S unset Dr.                                ent.
9 Pinewood Court                                 Bradenton. FL 34207                                The question is, why don't more widows
Lodi, CA 95240-2625                                                                              show up at the conventions? Surely they are
                                                CWO·4 Kermit P. Sweeny Sr.                       more than welcome., they could add much to
Thomas A. Hackett                               835 13th Ave.                                    some of the programs. and their problems
5270 Burning Tree Circle                        Clinton, IA 52732                                will be experienced by widows of the future.
Stuart, FL 33497                                                                                 What better time for the wives to hear the
                                                 Roy M . Weaver
Walter Happy                                     P.O. Box 786                                    problems the widows have had with the VA,
4115 Duques ne Ave.                              Waitsburg. WA 9936 1                            Social Security. pensions. etc.
Cu lver City, CA 90230                                                                              No doubt there are many problems the
                                                Joy E. Wilkins
D.P. Hesler                                     2010 Nectar Dr.                                  widows have or are experienceing that no one
1412 les uro                                    Mesquite, TX 75143                               knows about. Maybe if we could get all the
Brownsville. TX 78520                                                                            problems in one place. John could make a
                                                AIbert. Cuchessi                                 more convincing presentation toward relief
Charles C. Hill                                 325 Main St.                                     for these and future widows.
RFD Box 262                                     Orange. NJ 07505                                    We also think the widows would gain a lot
Plant City, FL 343289                                                                            of s upport from the members and wives.
Herbert P. Hood                                 Don C. Gibson                                    Let's try it. You may find you like it, it's
2054 Was hington Ave.                           10350 Caminito Cuervo 80                         worth a try.
Oceanside, NY 11 572                            San Diego. CA 92108

John G. Houseman                                J ames R. O'Rorke                                  INFORMATION PLEASE
3524 Cardinal Ct.                               2720 Meadowlark Ave.
Columbus, IN 47203                              Colorado Spri ngs. CO 80528                         Perry King, 300 W. 27th, South Sioux
                                                                                                 City, NB 68776 would appreciate any infor-
Lenore Reed Jenner                              Gregorio M. Sanchez                              mationon SlSgt. Harold E. King, 21st Pur-
45 Auzerias Ave.                                1501 Decoto Rd. '247                             s uitSquadron, dead July 24,1942, Cabana-
San Jose. CA 95126                              Union City, CA 94587                             tuan.
                                                                                                                   NOVEMBER, 1988 - 13
                                HEROES OF BATAAN
Dear Former BataanlCorregidor POWs, Families and Friends:
    It's not a Gutenberg Bible nor an autographed Shakespeare, but it's almost as difficult to find as
either of the above. What is this rarity? If you have a copy of the pictorial book, Heroes of BataaD, hang
on to it! It's almost worth its weight in gold! If you are not fortunate enough to own a copy of Heroes of
Bataan and would like to have yOUf own or additional copies for family or friends. now is your
    Heroes of Bataan, compiled and published by Carlsbad, NM newspaper editor Marcus Griffin, and
printed circa 1945-46, is being released in a second and enlarged edition. Those not in the original book will
have an opportunity to be included. in this enlarged edition. Mr. Griffin's goal was to include a picture and
short biography of every American POW who had participated in the defense of Bataan and Corregidor.
It was his way of honoring those who had fought so valiantly and well and who had suffered the subse-
quent years of imprisonment. He fell short of his goal of including everyone, but the book does include ap-
proximately 1750 individual photos and biographies. 35 pages of candid photos of people and places in
the Philippines before. during and after the defense and full page group photos of the 200th CA (by bat·
tery); Co. A .. 194th Tank Battalion: Co. B. 192nd Tank Batallion; 440th Ordnance Company AVN (taken
at Albuquerque Air Base); the 93rd Bomb Group (Sq?); and the 34th Pursuit Squadron.
     The original 2000-copy printing quickly sold out and the plates were destroyed. Since then, this
highly-sought after volume has been a treasured possession of those fortunate enough to own one. It is
filled with information and memories that are available no where else. It is the immediate center of atten-
tion wherever it appears, and former BataaniCorregidor roWs spend hours pouring over the photos and
rediscovering forgotten unit comrades and prison camp buddies. Every collector of BataaniCorregidor
memorabilia needs their own copy.
     If you, a relative. a friend, or your unit are not already represented. in the original, why not be included
in ,the ,second edition? The cost for an individual submission is a nominal $5,00, Who knows how many
long-lost buddies might recognize you after all these years! Let's try to have all units represented in this
new Wition. For information on including unit photos call or write: Janie Matson, 2130 Hixon Drive, Las
Cruces. NM 88005·3305. (505)524·2357.
    Spring/Summer 1989 is the projected date for release of the enlarged, second edition of Heroes of Ba-
taan, Order your copy(ies) early. You have a choice of hardbound or perfect binding in 1170 chrome coat
(glossy). Either way, you will have a handsome 200+ page. 8x10Yz" addition .to your personal library or
an o~tstanding gift for a relative or friend. Use the order blank and place your order now, For additional
infor!llation call or write Janie Matson at the above address.
   References: Ward. Redshaw, Commander - Las Cruces Chapter Am Ex- POWs, 1748 Pomona, Las Cruces
NM 88001. (505)522·4122; or Dr. Leonard Gillingham. St. Paul's United Methodist CtuJrch. PO. Box 696.
Las Cruces. NM 88004. (505)526·6689.

                         Order Form for Second Edition of Heroes of Bataan Book
(Please Print or Typel
Name - - - - -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Phone 1                                          _
                                                                                          __ 1 _ _ _ __
MaiLi.:lg Address                                  City                         State            Zip _ _ _ __
(COm,plete blanks below only of submitting a photo and biography for inclusion in 2nd edition. Include 1940ish
photo and $5.001
Unit _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date of Birth _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Hometown in 1941 _ _ _ _ _ __
POW camps _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ LiblDied _ _ _ __

Cost to add each photo and biography to new edition $5.00. Cost per copy (includes postage & handling) soft·
bound/$20.00. hardbound/$24.00.
MAIL TO:                                       No, of soft.bound copies @ 520,00
  Janie Matson                                 No, of hardbound copies @$24.oo
  2130 Hixon Drive                             Fee if submitting new entry            55.00
  Las Cruces, NM 88005·3305                                        Tot.al enclosed
                                                ADVERT ISEMENT
          Street Address
                   """"""                      Sharing'Mlh
                                                            Room(s) for _ _ _ _ I

                                                                 Zip Code
                                                                                                                   AMERICAN DEFENDE RS
                                                                                                                          CQRREGIDO R, INC.
                                                                                                                   April 30 - May 7 . 1989

          Phone      I          \                                                                                    ~-\\~~
                                                                                                                       Nt .K
          Company or Firm                                                                                          \'(l\TERSl IJE AREAJIX:MINTt.n'N
          Company Address (II differentlrom above)                                                               700 MonUccllo Ave / PO. _20'20
          Street Address                                                                                             Norfolk, \lUgIniu 235 \0
                                                                 Zip Code
                                                                                                                            (804) 627-5555
          City. State
          One nlgh"s room deposll must be forwalded wll II Ihl' reservallon or be guaranteed to Ihe above com pany address l or payment or with malor credl t card number
          and explrat Ion date listed below. Check·ln Ume Is 3 PM. Check.oulilme Is 12 NOON. Reservations received alter Ma/eh 30,1989 wilt be su blectto space availability.

                        Type          Single                      Double                                 Twin                          Triple
                                                               Two Persons                  Two Persons / Two Obi Beds
                                    em. """'"
                                    58 . 00                      58 . 00                               58 . 00                    58 . 00                58.00
          (Check which applies)                                                                                                Plus 8!%         t   ax
          1M" Amve on Day                                                           'MIl Depart on Day
                            0.10                                                                    Da..

          ~6:OO   PM or Ear11f!r Arrival _ _ Goaranteed lor Late Pfflval _   _ Credil Card /I and bpiration Date

                 VA MEDICAL CHIEF                                 study, said she was misquoted by the Post.              described Conrad's sometimes strong state-
                                                                  '''There was absolutely no pressure applied to          ments as a matter 0 f "style more than con-
                BLASTS POST STORY                                 metochangeresults," she said. "and I never              nict."
             The chier of the Veterans Administration             made ~he remark attributed to me that I
                                                                  'wasn't too happy with' (the study) or that I              "There are always healthy exchanges in
          medical system today labeled as "grossly in-                                                                    making decisions a bout methodology," Tho-
          accural.e'- a Washington Post (Oct_ II. 1988)           saw 'too many red flags.' ..
                                                                                                                          mas said. "But I was Frank Conrad's col-
          story that accused him of ordering changes                  The Post article relied on internal
                                                                                                                          league and I know it would have been very
          in a hospital mortality study because the               memoranda and notes prepared by the late
                                                                  Dr. Francis E. Conrad who directed the VA               upsetting to him to read the Post's account
          results would make the VA look bad.                                                                             of how this study evolved."        ..
             VA Chief Medical Dire<:tor John A. Gron-                            of
                                                                  Department _ Medicine and Surgery's of·
          vaU said the results of a very sophisticated            fieeof quality assurance until his death last             Gronvall said he wou ld continue with the
          statistical analysis whose methods were                 ApriL Conrad, a psychiatrist.. named Tho-               study and fully ex peets it to provide helpful
          praised by the General Accounting Office.               mas - a former National Institute of Health             information on the q uality of individual VA
          the investigative arm ofCongre9S, "were and             scientist - to design ~he study. Thomas                 medical centers.
          are intact." The first phase of the VA·
          initiated study. completed last February, ex·
          amined mortality rates at the agency's 172
          hospitals and the results are now being vali-
          dated before their expected release in Febru·                                                         NORFOLK
          ary 1989.
             GAO also praised the VA for including a                                                     (Continu.ed from Pu.ge 3)
          review of hospit.ai records as part of its study.
          The VA's approach differed from a recent                      From fresh seafood and draft beer to fine French cuisine and imported wines. dining
          government study of community hospital                  in Norfolk is sheer delight. Many restaurants offer special prices an d menus to groups. The
    1,1   mortality which GAO had criticized. The                 waterfront and downtown area feature cafes and restaurants to pleaBe any palate. Consider
          agency is conducting an intensiveretord re-             roast duckling, homemade strudel and Hungarian wines. Sample s tuffed flounder, shrimp
          view at the hospitals identified in its initial         scampi or backfin crabmeat at one of Norfolk's fine seafood eat.eri os.
          anaylsis.                                                     Just north of downtown is a three-block colony of restaurants in the fashionable Ghent
             Gronvall issued a statement today in                 neighborhood. where natives have both restored older homes and bu itt contemporary town-
          which he said, "The Post accuses me of                  houses. Bills of fare range from pork barbecue sandwiches and sh &kes delivered curbside to
          'directing researchers to produce a smaller             linguini and white clam sauce in elegant surroundings.
          number of questionable hospitals: that is                    Commercial and cultural advancements have lifted Norfolk to a place among the na-
          not only grossly inaccurate but is a totally            tion's top cities - Norfolk has recently named the second "Most Li vable City" in America
          outrageous accusation. I personally initiat.-           in ajoint study done by the University of Kentucky and Michigan S tate University. Its peo--
          ed this study so that if we found problems in           pie are warm and friendly. Its downtown - meas uring about one sq uaremile - lends itself
          VA's quality of care we could correct them."            easily to touring on-foot. AU attractions are accessible to bus group s. Free motorcoach park.
             "When the study is finished and we have              ing is designated in the downtown area.
          verified results, we will make it public." Gron-             The Norfolk skyline is an impressive collage of modern glass and steel towers, coloni·
          vall added. "That process, not the initial              aI brick homes and turn·of·the-century toWnhouses nestled along cobblestone streets.
          data.. will provide the validation we think is               The city's natural harbor has been acenterof maritime activity for mon! than 300 years.
          essential to a thorough and meaningful qual·            Replicas of yesterday's taU sailing ships still sail into port, while Navy tugs. ocean liners,
          ity assurance study."                                   fishing trawlers and pleasure craft maneuver Norfolk's waters dail y.
             Another VA official. Terry L. Thomas,                      With so much pride and progress, Norfolk's secret has not bee neasy to keep. Now the
          Ph.D., an epidemiologist who d irec;ted the             word is out: Life's finest pleasures can always be savored in Norfo lk· By-The-Sea.
                                                                                          •                                            NOVEMBER, 1988 - 15

        MOVING SOON?                                  American Defenders of                                                 Non-Profit Org.
                                                     Balaan & Corregidor. Inc.
                                                          18 Warbler Or.
                                                                                                      •                     U.S. POSTAGE
   Please le t us know six weeks before you
move what your new address will be. Be 8ure
LO supply us with both your old and new ad-
                                                     McKees Rocks, Pa. 15136
                                                            Address Correction
                                                         P"S Form )547 Requested                                            Pittsburgh, Pa.
dress, including the address label from your            Return Postage Guaranteed
current issue. Copies wemail to your old ad-                                                                                Permit No. 2648
dress will not be delivered by the PostOrrice
and we must. pay 39 cents for each returned
Quan.                                                                                  2724
ATTACH OLD ADDRESS LABEL HERE                                DUES                      Lt/Col A. L. Hankin
                                                                                       32 Highland Blvd
My new address will be:
                                                           ARE                         Berkeley, CA 94707
NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __                                  PAYABLE
ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __                                     NOW
CITY _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __                                  $8.00
STATE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __                                Please Send Correct Address When Moving


                                                                                        INFORMATION NEEDED
Mail to:                                                 I entered the U.S. Marine Corps and was sent to the Philippines. then attached with B.
JOSEPH A. VATER                                      Company of the Philippino Scouts, U.S.. Army Corps. 1 was captured on May 18. 1942 un·
Editor. the Quan                                     til the end of the war. General Wainwright was executive officer at this time on the Island.
18 Warbler Drive
McKees Rocks. Pa. 15136                                 I would like to hear from someone who was with me during this piece of action when the
                                                     Japanese invaded the Philippines. I t is necessary that I find someone that knew me then
                                                     to help me with a VA claim.

           JOIN THE                                                                                                                   Sincerely,
                                                                                                                       s/Sgt. George W. Sparks
                CLUB                                                                                                    1270 13th Street North
                                                                                                                            Jacksonville Beach
    "GOLD" THAT IS                                                                                                               Florida. 32250

 AMERICAN DEFENDERS of BATAAN & CORREGIDOR, In c.                                                             Have you met
               WAKE ISLAND. MARlANtlA ISLANDS. MIOWAY ISLAND AND DUTCH EAST INOI£S)                          the Tate Family
              OUES - $8.00 PER YEAR
                                  Return 10:                                                            You may have heard of the Tate family.
                                  Elmer E. Long. (PNC)                                               They're in every organization. There is Dic
           LIFE MEMBERSHIP RATE:  Nallonal Secretary                                                 Tate who wants to run everything. Ro Thte is
                                  P.O. Box 2052
           60 or over            $25 .00
                                  New Bern, NC 28561.2052                                            always trying to change things. Agi Tate
Name _____________________________________________________                                           stirs up trouble whenever possible-with the
                                                                                                     help of Irri TaU!, who is always there to lend
Address _______________________________________________________
                                                                                                     a hand. Every time new ideas are suggested,
City ______________________________ Slate _______ Zip _________                                      Hesi Tate and Vegi TaU! are there to say they
                                                                                                     can't possibly work. Inti Tatejust wants to
Organlzallon and rank in the Philippine Islands ___________________________                          copy other organizations and never try any-
                                                                                                     thing new. Devas Tate loves to be interrup-
                                                                                                     t.iveand PoU!D Tate wants to be the big Shot.
POWCamps ________________________________________________
                                                                                                     But its Facili Tate, Cogi Tate and Medi Tate
Wile's Name ________________________ Telephone No.. ______________                                   who always save the day and get everyone
                                                                                                     pulling together.
Membership New ____ Renewal ____ Assoclate ____
While Web Bell w/buckle ...... . .... 10.00
Caps wlLogo ................... .. .. 5.00 Ule Membership Pin .. ... .              . .... 9.00
Tee Shirts: S·M·L·XL. . .           . .. .... 6.00 Bumper Decal ..... ..                 . .2.00             Make Your Plans
Bell Buckles .. .... .... . .. ... ..... . 10.00 Window Oecal ..................... 2.00
Ties - Black·Blue ... .... .... ....... 2.00 Ladles Pin ......................... 7.00                        For the 1989
Tie Bar ............................ 7.00 Ladies Earrings - Pierced . .             . ... . 7.00
Patch lor Hat .......... ....... ... .. 2.00 ladles Earrings ....                 . ..... 7.00               Convention At
Cull LinkS .. . ...... . .. . .... ........ 7.00 Blazer Patch. ............            . .. 3.00
Lapel Pin .................. ... ..... 7.00 Hat - Size ....                 . .. ...... IS.DO
Tie Tacks ......... . ............... . 7.00 Bumper Oecal - Logo & Name ....... 2.00                          Norfolk , VA'
                                    LIFE MEMBERSHIP RATES
50·60 ......... ........... ....... $35.00 60 or over . .... ....... . . .. .          . $25.00

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