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Nuclear Bible - Alex Jones _ Super Bowl Sunday


									The Nuclear Bible: Alex Jones & Super Bowl Sunday

Intro: There are many people within the so called “Truth Movement” who question the motives and actions of Alex Jones. For those
unfamiliar with Alex Jones, he is the founder of and, and the self-proclaimed grand-daddy of the 9/11
Truth Movement. Jones has made countless documentaries, the most famous of which are Terrorstorm, End Game, The Obama Deception
and Fall of the Republic. While I have personally enjoyed listening to his syndicated radio show via podcast, I too have long had my
suspicions regarding his true motives and his rather odd and suspicious behavior at times. While I do respect Alex for helping me wake up
to my current reality, I fear that Mr. Jones may be part of a greater sinister plot. While I pray that I am wrong, I feel that it is my duty to
inform the American public of a potentially deadly and explosive situation. If my suspicions are wrong and unwarranted, I will personally
ask Alex Jones for his forgiveness.

Devil’s Messiah?

The following evidence leads me to the conclusion that Alex Emerick Jones may be a Zionist Globalist tool determined
to…“Prematurely Ejaculate the 2nd American Revolution!”

While I don’t necessarily like the aforementioned label, I am unable to think of a more fitting term regarding Alex Jones that the American
people would understand. The logic concerning Mr. Alex Jones is as follows:

The Y2K Scare: During the Y2K scare of 2000, Alex Jones attempted to whip the American people into a frenzied panic and subsequent
riot after Alex Jones repeatedly lied and exaggerated the events of the day. From his Texas studio, Alex spewed unverifiable news and
propaganda that Russian had launched a preemptive nuclear strike on America. This madness lasted for hours. The late Bill Cooper took
Alex Jones to task regarding this radio broadcast and was subsequently gunned down months later. Please Google or YouTube Bill
Cooper/Alex Jones and do your own research. The fear is that Alex Jones may instruct millions of young Americans to riot during a post
nuclear attack. Many Americans believe that another 9/11 false-flag event will happen, but in the case of a nuclear attacks, the Globalists
have set up Pakistan as the scapegoat, and therefore perpetrators of the riots will me demonized as terrorists, while the U.S. government
attempts to regain some credibility
Super Bowl Sunday Radio Broadcast (February 6, 2011): Like Y2K, it appear that Alex Jones mission is to goat the American public
into a full-scale riot. Should a nuke detonate at the Super Bowl, Alex will be on the radio. According to Jones, he started doing Sunday
radio broadcasts three year ago which indicates that Jones may have been let in on the Super Bowl Conspiracy. The Sunday evening show
just happens to coincide with the exact time that the Super Bowl is being played and should a nuclear terror event occur, Alex Jones will be
live on the radio for people to hear him in. Since Alex has been right on many previous issues, but it is imperative to warn the American


Jones’ instruction and orders may come at the shear detriment of the American People. Since Alex has the top rated alternative news show
in the World, we can assume that millions of people will tune it should a massive terror event transpire. The fear is that Alex will hype the
severity terror and potential U.S. Government response in order to get the American people to riot, thus ushering in Martial Law and the
eventual deportation of million to the FEMA concentration camps. On Friday, October 29, 2010, Alex Jones stated on his radio show that
he has a new affiliate, AM 1630, KKGM, which covers Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, Texas. In Alex Jones’ words, it’s a “Big, Big,
Big, Station.”

Demonization of William “Bill” Cooper: On the day of 9/11, Bill Cooper warned America that Alex Jones was a disinformation agent,
sent to provocateur violence in the midst of a national tragedy. Cooper repeatedly told American NOT TO LISTEN TO ALEX JONES.
Subsequently, Bill Cooper was gunned down weeks later, and despite his assassination, Alex Jones repeatedly demonizes Cooper every
opportunity he gets. William “Bill” Cooper was a real American Patriot, and although no human is perfect, Cooper did the best to inform
Americans about Jones true goal. Please Google Cooper’s 9/11 broadcast and have a listen for yourself. As if demonizing Cooper wasn’t
bad enough, Alex has been advertising two bio weapons books on his radio show with the names “Pale Horse” and “Red Horse” which are
quite similar to Bill Cooper’s book entitled Behold The Pale Horse. While this may seem like a harmless gesture, rest assured, it is a
calculated attempt to confuse listeners and steer them away from Cooper’s book.

William “Bill” Cooper’s Book: Behold A Pale Horse
Free Online @:

Alex Jones Is COINTELPRO: If there was any doubt that Alex Jones is an agent provocateur, he showed his true colors at an Austin
protest where Jones took a bull horn and purposely disrupted an event by WeAreChange. The next day, Jones went on the air and lied
blatantly about the events of the day. This video can be found on YouTube, and it shows that Jones has zero respect for any fellow truthers,
and that his goal is not to unite, but rather divide.

The Political Assassination of Debra Medina: During the heat of Debra Media’s campaign, Alex Jones stated, "We can't believe anything
she says if she gets in office if she'll flip flop like this", and with that, the Infowarriors (what Infowars listeners call themselves), attacked
Debra Medina from all angles and sunk her bid for the Texas Governorship. The reason: Medina didn’t state publicly that she concurred
that 9/11 was an Inside Job. Alex Jones took her out of context and politically assassinated her, a win for Rick Perry and the Globalists that
Alex Jones allegedly fighting against.

Money Bombs: Alex Jones has repeatedly drained money from his listeners with repeated “Money Bombs”, which is just a different label
for what Jim and Tammy Fay Baker did to the sheep that followed them. These Money Bombs are to allegedly build his 3rd studio in as
many years, and regardless if partially true, it is an obvious personal money grab. After all, should Jones betray the American public, he
must get all the money he can before he twists the knife in the back of America.
Beta Testing Infowars Radio: About six months prior to Super Bowl XLV, Alex Jones started a rather disturbing trend: Beta Testing his
Infowars radio listeners on a regular basis. Jones orders his listeners to Google search terms, and through Google Trends, Jones can see
how many of his listeners heed his commands. While this may seem innocent on the surface, it is clear that Jones & Co. are gaging how
people will obey him. When Jones give the command to attack on Super Bowl Sunday, many listeners will obey an attack the police and
military, playing right into the Globalist’s hand. Other forms of Beta Testing may have been the Obama poster campaign, whereby Jones
ordered his listeners world-wide to print and hang millions of Obama posters like the one posted above. To his credit, Jones was able to get
people to act from Tokyo to London, and from L.A. to New York. Interestingly, Obama is anything but a socialist. Obama’s policies are
Bush policies, and are more fascist and Nazi, than socialist, another piece of disinformation. Should a nuclear terror attack transpire, Alex
Jones MAY give the instructions to attack police or military targets, thus resulting in a major crackdown. What Alex Jones asks his
audience to do next is anybody’s guess, but we do not assume that this BETA testing of his listeners will stop until after the Super Bowl.

The Essential Alex Jones 5-DVD Collection (Actual Infowars Info)


Infowars DVD Blowout: As listeners of the Alex Jones’ Show know, Alex has been blowing out his entire DVD inventory starting a
couple months ago and based on the current trend, this is likely to continue until February 6, 2010. Jones, a man who won’t even let people
copy and resell his DVDs (despite claiming he’s all about the message rather than the money), all of a sudden is blowing out his DVD’s at
cost! Alex has even stated that he is “losing money”, but is now selling the DVDs for $5, when they go for around $30. Obviously, after a
betrayal, they DVDs will be worthless.

Alex Jones & Violence: The increasingly violent rhetoric from Jones has reached an all-time high, and exactly 60 days prior to Super
Bowl XLV, this rhetoric was taken up a notch or two when Jones stated that he is that he is “oiling his guns”! Jones has also made
statements that he is getting ready for fireworks and preparing for battle. On top of this disturbing trend, Alex has allowed Globalist tool
Porter Stansburry to advertise the following:

This video, which Jones begs his audience to watch, is an obvious clue that something major will happen in America, and at the
very least is a form of terrorism itself.

NWO Terminology: The terminology used in the titles of his films such as Police State, End Game, Terrorstorm, Fall of the Republic, etc.,
are all negative NWO terms, and thus begs the question; who is Alex Jones really working for? You would think that Jones, an alleged
patriot, would name his film with positive, uplifting, and anti-globalist names, but it’s quite the opposite.
Year     Film Title

1998     America: Destroyed by Design
1999     Police State 2000
2000     Police State II: The Takeover
2002     911: The Road to Tyranny
2002     The Masters of Terror: Exposed
2003     Matrix of Evil
2003     Police State 3: Total Enslavement
2004     American Dictators: Documenting the Staged Election of 2004
2005     Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State
2005     The Order of Death
2006     Terrorstorm: A History of Government- Sponsored Terrorism
2007     Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement
2008     Fabled Enemies
2009     Fall of the Republic: Vol. 1, The Presidency of Barack H. Obama
2010     Police State IV: The Rise of FEMA

The 11 Obsession: Alex Jones obsession with number 11 may also indicate that he is part of the establishment, rather than a rebel with a
cause. His show starts at 11am, a rather odd time for a radio broadcast, and many stories over the years revolve around Top 11 Reasons,
Trends, Facts, etc. Jones made a point of harping on the 1/11/2011 date, and followed up his comments by stating that numerology is like
astrology; there is nothing to it. Please see the chapter of the numerology of 26 & 11 for more information. While Alex Jones is a very
private man, we can gain some insight into his allegiances and loyalties based on the fact that Alex may even be Jewish himself, because he
is married to a woman of Jewish/Israeli decent, thus making his children of Jewish. Please see chapter entitled “Israel & Zionism” for
information regarding the relevance of this information.

Right Time at the Right Place: Alex Jones may be the luckiest man on Earth, or he may just be a Zionist shill. The following incidents
appear staged in an attempt to give Jones the needed street cred that he needs in order to be an effective Judas. As luck would have it,
Jones was able to sneak into the Bohemian Grove, by simply stating, "We just told them, we were with the Hillbillies, that's where the
Bushes stay, you know, because we have Texas accents.” In an ironic twist, that may indeed be a true statement. Jones was also arrested for
asking the governor of Texas, George W. Bush, a question. For all to see and on live TV, Jones was handcuffed and escorted out of the
press conference. This happened as well at a Texas DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) when Jones was arrested in a public spectacle.
Again, while heading to Canada, Jones was allegedly detained at the airport, but was only freed when the local press came to cover the
arrest. Years later , Alex Jones bull-horned Fox News anchorman Geraldo Rivera, and was also arrested on Live TV in front of a national
TV audience.

Charlie Sheen, Jesse Ventura, Willie Nelson & Joe Rogan

Alex Jones Goes Hollywood: AJ’s sudden rise to fame in Hollywood and his TV appearances raises the question: If AJ was a true rebel
against the system, why all the Zionist love? Alex Jones has routinely claimed that he was offered Glenn Beck’s job, but that he has
refused. He has also stated on numerous occasions that he has “met people” at or near the top and that he has inside information from
unnamed sources. While this may very well be true, we DO NOT KNOW whether he has succumbed to their offer, or if he accepted and is
just not telling us.
V for Victory Campaign: Alex Jones getting his audience ready for War as of Sunday January 23, 2011

9/11 was an Inside Job: Alex Jones made famous this term with t-shirt, slogan, stickers, etc. Reality is, 9/11 was a Zionist Job. Please see
Chapter 44: Israeli Coup D’état of America for more information.

The “Revolution” Concert: The recent phenomenon of celebrities, politicians, and other prominent people singing the Revolution tune
has reached a crescendo and appears to be part of a grand conspiracy to trick Americans into thinking they have the majority, and therefore
will be successful in a real Revolution. Jones appears to be playing his part in this concert of deception with Alex Jones, Geraldo Rivera
(Fox News), Glenn Beck (Fox News), Lord Christopher Monkton (UK), Judge Napolitano (Fox News), Lou Dobbs (formerly of CNN),
Charlie Sheen (actor), Jesse Ventura (former governor of Minnesota and Navy Seal), George Noorey (Coast to Coast AM), Alan Watt,
David Icke (UK), Dr. Sheeri Tenpenny (Skull & Bones), Max Keiser (France), Gerald Celente (Trends Research), Bob Chapman, Eric
“Mancow Muller, Ted Anderson (GCN owner), Webster Griffin Tarpley (World Crisis Radio), and countless others, with the main catalyst
being 9/11 Truth.

The Ron Paul Deception: Alex Jones states that he knows a lot of Free Masons, people in high places, Hollywood celebrities, and has had
Ron Paul (suspected Free Mason) on his show every month for over 12 years now. The Powers that Be, create an incident (9/11) that is an
obvious lie, and then offer the so called leaders to foment a revolution so that the establishment can identify, track, arrest, and detain real
activists that want to change the system. In order to pull of an operation of such magnitude, you would need a spotless leader with a
perfectly clean voting record so that the people believe that a real change is possible, hence Ron Paul.

A Few Points to Consider:

         The photos here clearly show Ron Paul using Masonic signs and shaking hands exactly as the Masons do
         Ron Paul spoke at Free Mason Georgetown University surrounded by Free Masonry symbology
         Ron Paul’s father was a Free Mason and Dr. Paul has said many times that he respects the Free Masons, and that he has been to
          many of the open meetings in his district
         Ron Paul’s wife Laura is a member of the Velasco Order of the Eastern Star and maintains her membership in the Freeport area
         Ron Paul’s daughters Lori and Joy were Rainbow Girls, another organization associated with Free Masonry
         Ron Paul denies that 9/11 was carried out by criminal elements in the U.S. Israeli governments, something quite elementary to

Obviously, the aforementioned facts do not make Ron Paul a Free Mason, but it does make it probable. It appears that these people seem to
be working in tandem, in order to give Americans the false sense that they have the majority. While it is true that people are waking up, it is
a process, and these characters seem to be obsessed prematurely ejaculate the 2 nd America Revolution. A brilliant plan if I may say so.

No Love: Alex Jones exhibits no love and no real empathy for his listeners or his callers who hold on line for hours while Jones repeats
disinformation. And, when he does take their calls, he usually hijacks the call and misrepresents what they were trying to say. Judge a tree
by its fruits, and the first activist that Alex Jones embraced or promoted would be his first. Clearly, his actions speak louder than his words.
Alex routinely hangs up, cuts off, or hijacks callers that bring up Bill Cooper or topics that He does not want discussed. Although Alex
promotes his radio program as open, many topics are ignored or swept under the rug.

Conclusion: As the Legendary Bob Marley would say…“Dat der Alex Jones ain’t got no Positive Vibrations man!”

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