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                              Volume 20, Number 2 Thursday, January 22, 2004

                                   The Markings of Man
                                                          by Maggie Beyer
   “Petroglyphs?” “Oh, they’re everywhere around
here.” That’s what we were told by the tourist bureau
in Prescott, Arizona, as my grandson Bill, his son, Billy,
and I began our hunt during the Christmas holi-
days. Petroglyphs, the rock art of primitive people is
indeed found everywhere around the earth, in the caves
of France and Spain, the mountains of South America,
the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, from Alaska
to Arizona on our own North America. Everywhere there
is rock (petra), man has made his mark (glyph),
ancient symbols of history, events, clan territory,
skywatching; some even say they mark visits from outer
space. In Desert Solitaire, Edward Abbey wrote: . . .the
long dead artists and hunters confront us across the
centuries with the poignant sign of their humanity. I
was here, says the artist. We were here, say the hunters.               The Smoki Museum in Prescott, Arizona, was designated an American
   “Ready to have an adventure, grandma? Bill asked                        Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2001.
that morning. He asked the right grandma. Of course,                  culture. It’s ceiling has over 30,000 pine poles, display
I was ready. After a week of Christmas feasting and                   cases are of hand-hewn native pine, walls are hand-
festivities, heading for the hills sounded just right. We             patted of plaster and show finger prints, all built
bundled up for the chill that had crept into the mile-                around a center where a Hopi-style kiva rises above
high Prescott Valley area that week and set out. We                   the sandstone floor. In December, the museum cele-
-- me, grandson Bill, and greatgrandson, Billy -- were                brates Christmas Around the Kiva, and fills the other
off to hunt for petroglyphs with our first stop, the Smoki            months of the calendar with education classes and events
Museum of American Indian Art and Culture in                          that include the Annual Navajo Rug Auction and
Prescott with its prehistoric artifacts dating as far back            Cowboy & Indian Collectibles Auction in July and the
as 7000 years. The Smoki Museum was opened in 1935                    Native American Festival of the Arts in September.
and built like a Hopi Pueblo to tell the story of the Native
American people of the Southwest and preserve their                                                        Markings      Continued on Page 2

                           Petroglyphs like these can be easily identified. . .some are baffling to everyone.

Page 2                                                                                                                                                  January 22, 2004
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Markings Continued from Page 1
   A museum is for meandering and so it is at the Smoki
(pronounced Smo-KI, not Smoky as in the fire-fight-                                                            “Hopi Butterfly” by
                                                                                                       Arizona artist Kate Cory
ing bear). Pottery from excavations in the Prescott and                                                            who came from
Verde Valley areas signify the tribes by their designs                                                    Waukegan, Illinois, in
and colors: Anasazi white ware, Hohokam in buff                                                         1905 to live among the
                                                                                                           Hopi, photographing,
and brown, Mogollon in red, early Hopi yellow ware,                                                          painting and writing
and a case with the collection’s oldest pottery from the                                                     stories of life on the
Valley of Mexico 300BC. Midway between Prescott and                                                       mesas. She moved to
                                                                                                          Prescott in 1912, had
Sedona, there is the ancient Tuzigoot Ruin cut into                                                       painting commissions
a cliff where pottery on display was found. In this Verde                                                        from the State of
Valley site, Prescott gray ware was the predominant                                                       Arizona, consulted for
                                                                                                                    Indian films in
pottery used during its long occupation. Here, on                                                        Hollywood, camped in
the pottery, and on the baskets, are designs often found                                                   the Grand Canyon to
in petroglyphs. A slab with petroglyphs found in                                                        paint a historical record
                                                                                                            for the US Bureau of
Yavapai County was among the displays, leading us                                                       Reclamation. A founder
on, as we stopped to see the handmade cradle boards                                                      of the Smoki Museum,
from Apache and Paiute makers imagining a baby laced                                                   her work can be seen in
                                                                                                                 the Smithsonian,
into its skins from birth to toddling age, carried on                                                   museums in California,
mom’s back or hung from a branch peg on a tree as                                                         Washington, Canada,
she went about her work. We saw ceremonial split-                                                            England, as well as
                                                                                                                Phoenix, Tucson,
twig figures from caves in the Grand Canyon area, used                                                   Flagstaff, and Prescott
as magic-religious objects to insure good hunting,                                                       where she died at age
some ritually killed by piercing the animal figure                                                        97, buried next to her
                                                                                                       long-time friend, Sharlot
with a spear-like twig of cottonwood. (On my Grand                                                       Hall. Cory Avenue and
Canyon rafting trip, our guide showed how these                                                        Sharlot Drive in Prescott
were made). Another case held moccasins, sometimes                                                              honor them both.
shaped by a stone last, made of yucca, juniper bark,
pine needles, beargrass; unlike the softer mocassins
made of leather, these served for the desert plains, but                                               course, a hands-on craft table for kids, a diorama of
could be a little hard on the soles of feet . Kachina dolls                                            Montezuma’s Castle, the Anasazi site in Verde Valley,
from the Hopi word, katsina, were another display.                                                     and the notable Kate Cory collection of paintings. But,
Originally they were thin, wooden slabs with a min-                                                    we were determined to find petroglyphs in situ and
imum of detail, given to children to get them famil-                                                   the hunt was on.
iar with the scary kachina masks used in religious cer-
emonies, representing the awesome forces of nature,
ancestors long gone, and mythic heroes and deities
of the subterranean world. They grew over the years
to become the elaborate dolls we now see in collections.
A display donated from the Barry Goldwater collec-
tion showed photographs by Edward S. Curtis who began
his life’s works experimenting with a homemade
camera in Wisconsin in the 1870’s, and over a peri-
od of 30 years photographed over 80 North American
tribes on 40,000 glass negative plates, and recorded
over 10,000 songs, determined to record the culture
of Native Americans before they became the vanish-
ing tribes as their traditional ways of life were being
challenged or destroyed. The Smoki has more, of                                                                                  The start of our adventure.

January 22, 2004                                                                                                           Page 3
   Armed with our map of the Lynx Lake Recreation
Area picked up at the Prescott National Forest office,                              Open ‘til 7 p.m.
where the rangers had marked the place where a trail                                  Evenings
began to a site where petroglyphs could be found, we
set out. We were warned that the road was fairly good
up to the check-in point, but a little tricky and iffy after
that. Did we have a four-wheel drive? Well, no, we did-
n’t. You’ll probably make it okay, anyway, was the                  Elegant Apparel for the
response. We soon knew why as we entered the park                  Fashion Conscious Woman
                                                                            Women’s Apparel
service road. Tricky, it was, pushing deep into the scrub
forest area, a bumpity-bump progress along the rocks
and trees that edged a dry creek bed. We were on the
look-out for trail marker 83 as the road(?) passed the
                                                                                 Lucky you -
gold-panning bend, and a half-mile further came to
an end. A marker of sorts was indeed there, scratched              if you’re heading South!
with something that might have marked the trail. We
decided to give it a go. Down the gully, scrambling over                         Peek in
rocks, sliding over slick patches, over the creek bed,
up the gully, through the manzanita, live oak scrub                          on our fabulous
and juniper, we began our trek. You have to get this
picture: young Billy, 12, scampering up, Big Bill in the
                                                                     collection of Cruise Clothes,
lead calling back, “Maybe you’d better give grandma                while you pick up a bargain up to…
a hand”, and there came Maggie, in her long black rain-
coat, muffled in scarf and beret, slipping and sliding
up and down the rocks. My hiking boots were back home
                                                                       60% off
in Indiana. But if grandson Bill with his artificial leg
could climb these rocks like a mountain goat, I was
determined to do as well. There would be more chal-
lenges as we discovered when we finally found the trail.                 Cruise



             The trail led through rocky outcroppings.
   Our first sortie through the brush led to a wire fence
and gate, with a sign along the fence that said Private
Property. Could this be Trail 83? We didn’t think so.
A dog barking ominously from a house hidden in the
trees on a bluff high up decided us. We agreed that
perhaps we should look for another entrance, perhaps
further up the hill. The Bills took off, grandma followed
in her fashion, more of that scrub now enriched by
                                                                    Fall & Winter Clearance
Ponderosa and Pinon pine. The story will take us to
another slip and slide go at the gully, another search                      50-60% off
for a trail marker, and the final decision to brave the
                                                                            409 Alexander Street LaPorte, IN 326-8602
gate, lift the latch, and see if indeed this was the entry                    On Hwy 35 - 5 Blocks South of Lincolnway
50 our long lost Trail 83 and the petroglyph sites.                                   Turn Right on Alexander
                                                                            Monday - Friday 9:30 to 7 Saturday 9:30 to 5
                                    Markings Continued on Page 4

Page 4                                                                                                          January 22, 2004
Markings Continued from Page 3
   It turned out it was. We followed a dry creek bed
into a realm of rocks, and I mean ROCKS, giant bil-
lows of black granite and thick tumbled slags that echoed
the sense of my overnight at the Grand Canyon when
rafting the river. That same timeless feeling. Worth
the scrambling and sliding and searching for footholds.
We walked, searching the rock slides for signs of
those elusive pimpernels, the petroglyphs. We walked
a mile, two, who knew? We saw strange groups of small
rocks stacked three-high along the way that seemed
to be markers placed there, perhaps by petroglyph
hunters, but searches nearby found nada. The mas-
sive rock beds cleared to forest mast as the trail con-                            Bill was the first to spot a petroglyph!
tinued, and almost giving up, we started to turn                    landscape, presence of water, some natural feature.
back. Then Bill, big Bill, called, from a ridge higher              Petroglyphs can record events, travels or migrations
up. “I’ve found some.” And he had. There on the black               of a clan or tribe are sometimes shown by a spiral; a
face of a rock abutment were the marks of man.                      memorable hunt, Europeans on horseback may be
Made a thousand years ago? Perhaps. Maybe more,                     shown. Petroglyphs could be the monitors of the
                                  or less. But sometime,            movement of the sun, moon, planets and stars. Signs
                                  in some ancient time,             of good hunting grounds, or signs to encourage the fer-
                                  someone had posi-                 tility of animals can be depicted. Many have been iden-
                                  tioned a chisel-like              tified by Native Americans as related to spiritual
                                  type of tool, striking            life or made on a vision quest. My grandson, Bill, said
                                  it with a hammerstone,            he had asked the Great Spirit to lead him to a pet-
                                  and pecked out this               roglyph site. I like to think it did.
                                  symbol in the stone.                  How had the petroglyphs stayed here for our eyes
                                     What did it mean?              to find? Rock varnish is the answer. Rock or desert
                                  Our little field guide led        varnish is a layer of minerals that becomes attached
                                  us to think it might              to a rock’s surface. Airborne specks of minerals set-
                                  be Hohokam style                  tle on the rock surface then colonies of microscopic bac-
           Hohokam Style
    Central and Southern Arizona  found in central and              teria on the rock secrete a cement-like substance
          AD 300-AD 1400          southern Arizona AD               that causes these minerals to stick. When a petroglyph
300 to AD 1400. We do know that Native American                     is made, new rock varnish begins to grow on the
petroglyphs are not graffiti, nowhere do they appear                fresh surface and the contrast is made. Sometimes there
where they rightfully do not belong. They are not hiero-            are other designs in the scene and our petroglyph seemed
glyphics. Pictures in ancient Egyptian and Mayan hiero-             to be surrounded by other fainter designs. We were
glyphics stand for a word or sound in a language. In                happy to have one so distinct that it could pose for a
the Southwest they don’t seem to be readable in that                picture. We were careful not to touch or disturb the
way. Petroglyphs are not doodles. They are usually                  site, hoping others might be led to their own discov-
made in specific places, including many designs that                ery, and just as we had, complete a timeless link to
are known to be part of a culture. They can mark the                the past.
                                    Picture time with our petroglyph on a steep slope of rocks:
          Grandma Maggie                                 Billy Page, Jr.                                        Bill Page

January 22, 2004                                                                                           Page 5

                                                                                       LE LISTING

                                                                                  UL              S




                          w Listin
                         e        g

                             Sand Castle #502
            Truly one of the finest condominiums at the Dunescape Tower.
 This 3 bedroom NW condo has been extensively remodeled with Corian kitchen and
 baths, grass cloth wall covering, Corning rangetop, custom Corian hardware, expand-
 ed great room window, walk-in closet, custom Hunter-Douglas window treatments,
 ceiling fans and much more. This elegant condo offers year round sunsets, Chicago
 skyline and lake views! A complete list of upgrades available.

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Page 6                                                                                                                  January 22, 2004

           The Outlook is for                                                              New Institute on Bach Studies
    LUXURIOUS                                                                           The contribution and influence of Johann Sebastian
 LAKEFRONT LIVING                                                                    Bach will be the focus of a new institute at Valparaiso
                                                                                        A gift from a St. Louis couple is funding creation
                                                                                     of the Bach Institute, which will use performances,
                                                                                     seminars and other academic activities to explore
                                                                                     the contributions of Bach in historical, musical and
                                                                                     theological contexts. A goal of the institute also will
                                                                                     be the collection and preservation of information
                                                                                     about Bach.
                                                                                        In addition to performances of music composed by
                                                                                     Bach, the music of his predecessors and composers whose
                                                                                     works show his influence also will be performed by
PRIVATE MARINA • TWO & THREE BEDROOMS • PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED • SUNSET LAKEVIEWS   Valparaiso University students and faculty. Performances
                                                                                     also will include the Valparaiso University Bach
                                                                                     Choir that includes VU students, faculty and staff plus
  Located on Pine Lake,                                                              vocalists from NW Indiana and Chicagoland area.
  LaPorte, Indiana only 60 min-                                                         The Institute is funded through income from an
  utes from downtown Chicago.                                                        endowment fund created by a $1.5 million gift from
                                                                                     Phyllis and Richard Duesenberg of St. Louis. The cou-
  Prices starting in the low                                                         ple, both of whom are VU graduates, have been gen-
  $200’s.                                                                            erous donors to a variety of University projects and
  Showings by appointment.                                                           have a passionate interest in Bach’s music.
                                                                                        Dr. Christopher Cock, who holds the Phyllis and
                                                                                     Richard Duesenberg Chair of Lutheran Music at VU,
    A    D A Y D R E A M      C O M E     T R U E                                    has been named director of the Bach Institute.
        2 1 9 - 3 6 2 - 7 7 2 2
        1310 Pine Lake Avenue • LaPorte, Indiana                                      Support those who advertise in the Beacher!
                                                                                              Tell them you saw their Ad!

January 22, 2004                                                                                                                                             Page 7

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Page 8                                                                                  January 22, 2004
                                                                    Dr. King’s Birthday
                                                        The history of man upon this earth
                                                        Clearly shows of those who lived
                               Restaurant               There are men of special birth
                                 & Bar                  Whom we regard with special worth.
                         at Whittaker Woods
                                                        Unique in this small tribe of men
                    Open To The Public                  We offer our high salute,
                                                        In solemn joy recalling once again
                                                        What Dr. King did then.
  Nightly Dinner Specials
                                                        With giant heart he led the fight
     Monday           Tuesday                           For social justice in our land,
                                                        With bravery he lit the light
   Stuffed Pork     Spaghetti and                       That brought our conscience into sight.
    Tenderloin        Meatballs
                                                        With power packed words did he reveal
      $7.95            $7.95                            The essence of the Cause,
                                                        In sonorous tones he made us feel
                                                        The America that was still unreal..
   Wednesday          Thursday
                                                        With dedication from the soul
    Full Slab        Corned Beef                        He braved the bottles and the bricks,
                                                        With love he sought to make our nation whole
    BBQ Ribs         and Cabbage                        And would not stop until he reached his goal.
     $9.95              $9.95
                                                        Not even frequent jailings could restrain
                                                        The soul force of this man,
     Friday             Saturday                        Nor could water hoses or club detain
                                                        Beliefs and ideals of his brain.
   Seafood and          Prime Rib
                                                        The Drum Major lives on, as we pause
   Pasta Buffet           $18.95                        To join in birthday celebration,
      $15.95                                            And honor the man and his Cause
                                                        So deserving of applause.
    Sunday Breakfast Buffet
                                                        Yet those who knew him would agree
         $10.95 adults                                  The greatest birthday gift of all,
                                                        Is social action where need be
        $7.95 children                                  To end injustice that you see.

                                                        So let our song be from a grateful nation,
                                                        Happy birthday, Dr. King!
    Michael DiMuccio on the Piano                       Let us sing with great elation
            Friday Nights                               In honor of your creation!
                                                                                       —-George V. Neagu
     Live Jazz on Saturday Nights
                                                       Pizzaextravaganza at County Library
                    *Prices subject to change
                                                         A Pizzaextravaganza! will be held at 6 p.m., Mon.,
                                                      Jan. 26, in Children’s Services at the LaPorte County
                                                      Public Library, 904 Indiana Ave., LaPorte. This is a
                                                      family night for all ages. There will be games, crafts,
                         Golf Community               snacks, and stories about America’s favorite food.
                        12578 Wilson Road                There is no charge or registration. For more infor-
                       New Buffalo, MI 49117          mation, phone 219/362-7128. Phone 219/362-6156
                           (269) 469-3400             at least 48 hours in advance for signing for the hear-
                                                      ing impaired.

January 22, 2004                                                    Page 9

 “Glennscroft” cottage
                   3 wooded lots
                   wood floors
                   vaulted ceilings
                   living room, dining
                   room, great room
                   screened porch
                   fenced yard
                   decks, patios
                   beach rights
                   1-2 bedroom cottage
                          lives large!

                   310 Groveland
                   Saturday & Sunday,
                   January 24 & 25
                   1-3 pm CST
                   Directions: Michiana
                   Dr., south on El
                   Portal, east on
                   Birchwood, south on
                   Groveland to 310

                    Call Sheila Carlson         selling homes inc
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Page 10                                                                                                                                   January 22, 2004

                                                  • All New Treadmills                      Container & Vessel Exhibition
 A GREAT GIFT IDEA                                • Cardiovascular TV Theatre
                                                                                         Originality is the thread that ties together the
                                                  • Cybex Equipment
                                                                                      “Container & Vessel” exhibition at the Chesterton Art
                                                  • Free Weights
                                                                                      Center. Eleven artists have joined to form a group that
                                                  • Personal Trainers
                                                                                      creates exhibitions with a theme tying their diverse
                                                  • Indoor Tennis Courts
                                                                                      work together.
                                                  • Tennis Pros & Lessons
                                                                                         Connie Kassal of Michigan City is showing a series
     Gift Certificates available for...           • Carpeted Indoor Track
                                                                                      of paintings on small wooden doors titled “Stranger
    Court Fees Lessons Massages                   • Full Court Basketball Gym
       Yoga Membership etc.                                                           at the Door.” This series depicts our changes in atti-
                                                  • Racquetball Court
                                                                                      tude towards strangers of all types since the events
                                                  • Aerobics • Yoga • Cycling
                                                                                      of September 11. George Kassal believes his photo-
                                                  • Jazzercise • Gymnastics
 FOR FUN & FITNESS                                • Taekwondo
                                                                                      graphic work in the “Portal Series” is a form of
            come to the                           • Large Locker Rooms
                                                                                      escapism that takes the viewer to surreal landscapes
                                                  • Saunas & Whirlpools
                                                                                      that contain metaphorical references. His work con-
                                                  • Tanning & Massage
                                                                                      centrates on one aspect of alternative perspectives.
                                                                                      Madeline Schooley of Michigan City has created a series
  northwest athletic club                         • Indoor Golf Practice Pavilion
                                                                                      of tri-color oriental containers that represent heav-
 301 W. Kieffer Rd                Michigan City, IN                879-4401           en, earth and man.
                                                                                         Linda Weigel of LaPorte unites her childhood mem-
                                                                                      ories and dreams of global travel with an ongoing inter-
                                                                                      est in collage/assemblage. David Domanski of Michigan
   10% Off                                                                            City has created a piece of accessory furniture for the
      through                                                                         exhibition, and his wife, Halcyon, noted for her clay
 January 31                                                                           and mosaic work, has create a series of clay con-
                                                                                      tainers for the exhibition. Marsha Stonerook is dis-
                                                                                      playing a cat-themed chess set. Other artists exhibit-
                                                                                      ing their work are Andrea Moore, April Fallon, Lynn
                                                                                      Retson and Susan Kay Rosso.
                                                                                         The Art Center is open weekdays 11 a.m.-4 p.m. and
                                                                                      weekends from 1-4 p.m. The exhibit will run through
                                                                                      Feb. 28.

                                                                                                           LBCC Ladies Bridge
                                         THE SUN-TWIN ELECTRONIC
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                                                          Family owned
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                                                            since 1962
                                                                                        • New Construction                            • Windows
    1406 Franklin Street, Michigan City                                                 • Remodeling                                  • Flooring
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January 22, 2004                                                                                                          Page 11

                                                                           Micky Gallas Properties
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                                                                                 13 Muirfield Drive
                                                                  St. Andrews Village condo offering 2 bedrooms
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                                                                   and French doors that lead to deck. Beautiful
                                                                  kitchen with breakfast bar. This unit is beautiful
                                                                           and pristine - Just move in!

                807 Birch Tree Lane
   Bright, sunny 3 bedroom, 21⁄2 bath townhouse at
  Long Beach Pointe. Gleaming hardwood floors on
    main level. Kitchen floor and baths are ceramic
  tile. Pantry in kitchen, new dishwasher, new Pella
      sliders lead to newly poured concrete patio.

                                                                              19 Constitution Drive
                                                                     This 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo is in move-in
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                                                                        kitchen, ceramic floor in bath, insulated
                                                                         windows. Loft overlooks living room.

 Pat Tym*, ABR, GRI          219/872-0079     Randy Novak*, ABR, GRI, 219/874-2030    Susan Kelley*                     219/874-5610
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 Joe Prino**                 269/214-2574     Shirl Bacztub, GRI      219/874-5642    Joe Gazarkiewicz                  219/861-3750
 **Licensed in Michigan Only                                                          *Licensed in Indiana and Michigan

Page 12                                                                                                                   January 22, 2004
                                     Swap Your Seeds and Bulbs in February
                                                                by Paula McHugh

   Here is a blooming-good idea for our area garden-
ers to consider this year: forget the seed catalogs. There’s
something better budding over the horizon, namely
the first-ever Seed & Bulb Exchange slated for
Wednesday, February 11 at the Porter County Expo
   Herbs, heritage seeds, and bulbs of all varieties will
be available to gardeners who are eager to trade
their excess garden seeds and bulbs for something new
and different. And for a $3 admission fee, the price
will put a smile of glee upon any gardener’s face. The
price of admission, for what you’ll get, is, ahem, dirt

                                                                                   It may be winter, but gardeners are looking forward to a
                                                                              grand-scale seed and bulb exchange on February 11. Organizers
                                                                              of the first-ever Porter County event are, from left, Eric Biddinger,
                                                                                Purdue Extension Ag Educator and event co-planner; Master
                                                                                  Gardeners Sarah Engle, Tim McGarry, Laura Tucker, Rena
                                                                                         McCalment, and event organizer Tracy Nolan.

                                                                           come forward to volunteer their services, to act as run-
                                                                           ners or coat-check personnel, or in other areas, as need-
                                                                           ed. Any nonprofit organization that wants to sell
                                                                           tickets for the event will receive $1 for each ticket sold.
                                                                              Overwhelmed by the positive response, Tracy
                                                                           describes this first exchange as a “goodwill event.”

Event coordinator and Porter County Master Gardener Tracy Nolan and
  co-organizer Eric Biddinger of the Purdue Co-op Extension are over-
whelmed at the “huge response” toward the first Seed & Bulb Exchange.
Tracy said that as far as she knows, nothing on this scale has ever been
offered before in the United States. She got the idea from her Canadian
    friends, who have put on a similar large-scale event since 1989.

   Event organizer Tracy Nolan, president of the
Porter County Master Gardeners, said that as far as
she knew, “nothing like this has ever been done
before in the United States.” Taking a cue from her
Canadian gardening colleagues, who have organized
the seed swaps since 1989, Tracy and Eric Biddinger
of the Purdue University Co-op Extension started plan-
ning for the event last fall. According to Tracy, the idea
attracted a core group of 300 interested gardeners. That                     Too many hostas in your garden? Dig up your bulbs (of any variety)
                                                                                 NOW and get them ready to swap for something different.
number, she said, has risen to 3,000—and continues                                            Just don’t bring any soft bulbs.
to grow.“This (event) was meant to happen. We orig-
inally thought there would be about 300 attendees,                           In addition to seed and bulb sharing, a lineup of five
but now it’s going to be huge,” Tracy said, adding that                    speakers will share their expertise each hour, door prizes
numerous local businesses are donating items for                           will be awarded every ten minutes and dozens of
door prizes and for a children’s activity area. Also, other                vendors will show their latest garden products. Kids
gardening venues such as Fernwood and the Chicago                          ages 3 through 8 will have an opportunity to build a
Botanical Gardens are helping spread the word about                        small wooden flowerpot, or a clay watering can, in the
the upcoming event.                                                        children’s area. A catering business from Kouts will
   “Our ‘gardening angels’ have made this thing hap-                       provide food for sale during the event, which runs from
pen,” she said. Volunteers from local nonprofits have                      3-9 p.m.

January 22, 2004                                                                                                                        Page 13
   Each hour beginning at 4 p.m., a speaker will pre-
sent information on gardening topics. The lineup
includes Guy Miller of Towers Nursery, “Soil
Enrichment,” at 4 p.m.; Jim Hitz, of Taltree Arboretum
& Gardens, “Native Trees,” at 5 p.m.; Karen Hix,
Herb Societies of Porter and Lake Counties, “Herb
Gardening,” at 6 p.m.; Spencer Cortwright, Professor
of Biology, IU-Northwest, “Native Plants,” at 7 p.m.;
and Eric Biddinger, Ag Educator, Purdue Extension,
Porter County, “Composting for the Home Gardener,
at 8 p.m.
   “There will be lots of free stuff,” Tracy explained.
Everyone at the door will receive a packet of free seeds,
which can be kept or exchanged. Attendees who want
to exchange their seed packet(s) will receive a tick-
et for each, which can then be used to obtain the
seeds or bulbs they want.                                                     Gardeners are urged to bring their excess seeds (and/or bulbs), which
                                                                              must be clean and disease-free, packed in paper envelopes or paper
                                                                                          bags, and labeled, with planting instructions.
                                                                             packaged in a paper envelope, not plastic; that each
                                                                             envelope be labeled with the seed name, description,
                                                                             and planting instructions; and that bulbs (no soft
                                                                             bulbs) follow the same guidelines and placed in paper
                                                                             bags. A Hotline with full instructions for seed and bulb
                                                                             preparation can be consulted, too. The Hotline num-
                                                                             ber is 219.465-3555 ext. 11.
                                                                                Tracy emphasized that the nature of the swap
                                                                             makes it impossible to guarantee that seeds and
                                                                             bulbs obtained at the event will grow.
                                                                                Tracy, who was the chairman of the Valparaiso
                                                                             Garden Walk this past year, already knows that the
                                                                             seed and bulb exchange will be even bigger in 2005.
                                                                             With more than 1,000 tickets already reserved for this
A bonanza of freebies will be passed out to attendees of the Seed & Bulb     year’s event, the Master Gardener hopes to move
Exchange. Each ticket holder will automatically receive 3 seed packets at    the event date from a Wednesday to a Saturday.
 the door, which they can keep or exchange for other seeds. Numerous            “Gardening is the number one hobby in the United
       businesses and organizations have donated to the event.
                                                                             States,” she said, adding that fishing comes in second.
                                                                             With all the green-thumb enthusiasts in the area, the
                                                                             event coordinator anticipates an even bigger explo-
                                                                             sion of interest in future seed and bulb exchange

                                                       A paper bag filled
                                                       with cannas
                                                       bulbs, and
                                                       instructions for
                                                       planting, is just
                                                       one of the many
                                                       varieties of plants
                                                       that will be
                                                       available at the
                                                       bargain swap.          The Porter County Master Gardeners and the Purdue University Co-op
                                                                             Extension are co-sponsoring the 1st Seed & Bulb Exchange at the Porter
                                                                                              County Expo Center on February 11.

                                                                               WHAT: First Seed & Bulb Exchange, sponsored by
                                                                             the Purdue University Co-op Extension and Porter
                                                                             County Master Gardeners
                                                                               WHEN: Wednesday, February 11, 3-9 pm.
   A person does not have to bring their own seeds or                          WHERE: Porter County Expo Center (IN 49 South
bulbs to attend the swap, but those who do are asked                         & Division Road)
to follow some guidelines, namely: that their seeds and                        COST: $3, children under 3, free.
bulbs be clean and disease-free; that 20-25 seeds be                           INFO: Hotline: 219.465.3555, ext. 11

Page 14                                                                                          January 22, 2004
                 CyberScribbles                              neer. If you’ve never quite understood “hash house slang,”
                    by Paula McHugh                          you’ll find the key to unlock the puzzling language your
                                                             waitress shouts to the cook. Ask for a “whiskey down”
   Art. Cooking. Slang. Freeware Update.                     in a diner, and you’ll get rye toast. If you want to know
   Art. A well-designed website is a joy to visit. Italian   why rye bread has been called whiskey, then scoot over
artist and environmentalist Luca Gilli presents his          to this website and find out. Has your teen 92s slang
20 black and white photography exhibits, titled              got you puzzled? You’ll find a dozen “jeter” definitions
“Silence of Shapes” and 93 Passages of Time” with-           along with much, much more. Some of the links on
in one of the best-executed web graphics displays            this site are just lists of words and definitions, some
I’ve seen. Soothing music and tinkling chimes add a          are essays, and some are lectures. Of special interest
sweet aural touch to the visuals. It’s obvious that this     tosome of you will be an essay titled, “Of Language,
artist has put just as much thought into his website         Lawyers, and Liars.” The opinion piece states, in
presentation as he has his photography. Find it at           effect, that “…those who control what words mean…have                                           power.”
    Cooking. So maybe you’re not a gourmet cook.                 Freeware update. I’m wondering how many
Maybe you like using the recipes that are found on           home computer users know that there is a free
the boxes of food products you buy. Maybe you’ve             antivirus 20 program yours for the uploading at
stuffed your cookbooks with pieces of cardboard or plas- The AVG 6.0 Basic system for Windows
tic that has your favorite recipes on them. And,if           performs scans on all your drives, on your removable
you’ve happened to misplace one of those favorites,          media, andon your email, and can heal or correct
whether it was a recipe for refried bean tostadas or         any virus programs. It also comes with a scheduler
easy pepper steak, 1st moon chicken stir fry or maple-       to upload the latest virus information, which should
cinnamon coffee, no sweat. Because backof the        be done weekly. Penny-pincher that I am, I have
is sure to list your favorite. The “BOB” recipes all come    been using AVG since the expiration of the 20 Norton
from manufacturers, and some non-BOB recipes are             Antivirus that came packaged with my computer.
listed on this website, too. If you buy the generic          I’ve had good results with AVG-free edition. The com-
substitutes for brand-name products, you can surf the        pany also has a professional version with more fea-
site to find recipes that you would not otherwise            tures, available for a fee. So when that annoying
have access to. In addition to scores and scores of20        popup tells you that your antivirus protection program
recipes, you’ll find printable coupons, a free e-newslet-    has expired, check into AVG.
ter offer, and a recipe forum. Kiss all those scraps of
cardboard goodbye. Back of the Box is here to save your        (Send comments, questions, and website recom-
day.                                                         mendations to with “cyber-
    Slang. I have an ever-growing folder of word stuff       scribbles” in the subject header).
favorites, to which I have just added “Regional
Registers, Slangs, and Jargons.” (Yes, they call it
“slangs and jargons” because the website20 origi-              Student Art Exhibit at Scarlet Macaw
nates, I believe, in Finland).So, we’ll forgive them for       The elementary school children of New Troy and
using the plural. It’s always nice to get a foreigner’s      River Valley Public Schools will open their show
take on matters English. In fact, one of the first sub-      “Junior Mustang Expressions” in the Gallery of the
jects mentioned has to do with defining Standard             Scarlet Macaw Community Art Center on Jan. 24th.
English beyond the three proper-sounding categories          The children have created their works under the
of vulgate, formal and informal. This website, found         direction of Ms. Amy Skaggs, their art instructor.
at, can keep you enter-             The Artists Opening Reception will be on Sat.,
tained for hours, especially if you are a word-aphile.       Jan. 24th from 2-4 p.m. (EST). “Junior Mustang
It’sa good website for writers and researchers, or           Expressions” will run through Feb. 20th. The Scarlet
anyone feeling like an outsider-looking-in to keep           Macaw is located at 5888 Sawyer Road in downtown
for reference. For example, you can learn “How to Speak      Sawyer. Gallery hours are 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Tues.-Sat.;
Like a Hoosier Without Moving to Indiana,” and dis-          noon-5 p.m. on Sundays. Phone 269/426-8226 for
cover thatice worms are common in Alaskan slang. If          more information.
you need to keep up with your teen’s snowboarding
lingo, you can find dozens and dozens of terms for fancy
jumps and such. If someone is talking about a “cat out          Theatre Classes for Young People
the window” it’s likely to be a snowboarder. Goo goo
eyes has a certain connotation having to do with,               Children’s Theatre Works of Chicago Street Theatre
um, 20 attraction, but 1940’s railroad employees             is registering youth (K-7th grade) for classes on the
know that a goo goo eye is a locomotive with two fire        following dates: Jan. 26, 27, 28 & 29 from 6-8 p.m. and
doors. And, for that matter, a “hog” is—move over, Harley    Jan. 31, noon-2 p.m. The theatre is located at 154 W.
Davidson— any large locomotive. A hoghead is an engi-        Chicago St., Valparaiso. Phone 219/464-1636 or

January 22, 2004                                                                                                                                                               Page 15

               • • • • •

                                                                                                                                                                                    • • • • •

                                                                                                                                                                           • • • •
                                                                                                                                              Entertain on 4 decks in these
                                                                                                                                           3 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath townhomes.

                                                                                                                                            Everything beachfront property
                                                                                                                                           has to offer at an affordable price.

                                                                                                                                                   From $349,000
                                                                                                    Only 6 5 Available                        Only 8 6 5 4 1 Left!!!
                                                                                                      at New Buffalo...                           at Michigan City...

                                                                                                                Please visit our DECORATED MODEL
                                                                                                                Please visit our DECORATED MODEL
                                                                                                              at 180 Lake Shore Drive • Michigan IN
                                                                                                             at 160 Lakeshore Drive • Michigan City,City

                                                                                                For pre-construction information         Open Sat. and Sun. 1-4 p.m. or by appt.
                                                                                                                                         Open Sat. and Sun. 1-4 p.m., or by appt.
                                                                                                   please call Donna Iwamoto                            Bobbie Cavic for info
                                                                                                                                            Please call Bobbie Cavic for info
                                                                                                         (269) 469-8300                               (219) 874-4156
                                                                                                                                                     (219) 874-4156
                                                                                         RUBLOFF OF MICHIGAN, INC.                           LONG BEACH REALTY
                                                                        • • • • •

Page 16                                                                                            January 22, 2004
PNC Books and Coffee Series Continues
   Purdue University North Central "Books & Coffee"
discussion series continues to meet during the spring
semester. The programs, which are free and open to
the public, will meet from noon - 1 p.m. in the PNC
Library-Student-Faculty Building Assembly Hall,           FRIDAY, JANUARY 23
Room 02. Refreshments will be served.
                                                          7-8:30 p.m. MOONLIGHT HIKE. Awaken your sense
   Each session will feature a review of the book, fol-
                                                          of adventure with a nighttime winter hike. Marvel at
lowed by a discussion period. The books being reviewed
                                                          the snow covered Ly-co-ki-we Trail under the light of
are available for purchase from the PNC Bookstore.
                                                          the moon. Listen for owls and other creatures of the
This semester’s selections include:
   January 27 – Linked: The New Science of Networks       night. If snow is deep, the park will provide snowshoes.
reviewed by Tom Brady, Jr, associate professor            Meet at Dorothy Buell Memorial Visitor Center.
industrial engineering technology.                        SATURDAY, JANUARY 24
   February 24 – Gardens in the Dunes by Leslie           1:30-3:30 p.m. FAMILY LEARN TO SKI OUTING. Snow
Marmon Silko, reviewed by Sharon Koelm, continu-          permitting, a free cross-country introduction will be
ing lecturer of English composition.                      held at the Paul H. Douglas Center for Environmental
   March 23 – What Happy People Know: How the New         Education in Miller. Ski equipment is available. This
Science of Happiness Can Change Your Life for the         program is limited to 15 people; reservations are
Better by Dan Baker, PhD, reviewed by Nancy               required by phoning 219/926-7561, ext. 225. A hike
Scannell, visiting assistant professor of English com-
                                                          will be provided if snow conditions are not satisfac-
position and rhetoric.
   April 20 – Harry Potter and The Order of the
Phoenix, by J.K. Rowling, reviewed by Teresa Henning,     3 p.m. FEEDING TIME AT CHELLBERG FARM.
assistant professor of English; Writing Center direc-     Experience life on a 1880-1910 era farm by helping
tor.                                                      a ranger feed the resident farm animals. Meet at
   For more information, contact Cynthia Roberts at       Chellberg Farm.
(219) 872-0527 ext. 5219.                                 SUNDAY, JANUARY 25
                                                          1:30-3 p.m. WORLD OF THE WINTER BEAVER.
   Music Classes for Young Children                       Experience the beauty of dune country in winter.
                                                          Search for beaver tracks, lodges, and other signs of
   Music of Oz Studio, 4th & Pine St. in Michigan City,   life in this leafless forest while learning the survival
announces that spring semester classes will begin on      strategies of the beaver. Also learn other fascinating
Feb. 2 and run for 14 weeks, meeting once a week.         winter trivia. Meet at Bailly/Chellberg parking lot on
Classes for babies, infants through 18 months, run in     Mineral Springs Road.
8 week sessions. All classes are designed to teach the
elements of music in a group setting.                     3 p.m. FEEDING TIME AT CHELLBERG FARM. See
   For more information, phone 874-9191 or log onto       description above.                                         For more information, phone 219/926-7561, ext. 225.

                           Root                                 MATEY’S RESTAURANT
                  Funeral Home                                    FANTASTIC FOOD AND A WHOLE LOT OF FUN
                                                                       (ON THE NORTH END OF TOWN)

     A locally owned and operated funeral home                WE HAVE A NEW CHEF AND A NEW MENU
     serving Michigan City and the Beach Area                            CHECK US OUT
           by the Root Family since 1938.
                                                               SAEAFOOD, PASTA & STEAK SPECIALS
       Pre-Arrangement consultation available                    $5.99 Lunch Specials Monday thru Friday
                  at no obligation.                                      Ask your Server for our Lunch Card
                                                                    Buy 4 Lunch Specials and the 5th one is FREE!

                                                            Slow Roasted Prime Rib Dinners     30¢ Hot Wings & 35¢ Peel &
                                                            by the ounce both Fri. & Sat.    Eat Shrimp Sun.-Thurs. 4-8 pm
 312 East Seventh Street
 Michigan City, IN 46360                                          At 110 Franklin • Michigan City, IN • 872-9471
 (219) 874-6209                                                       Family Dining - Open Daily at 11 am

January 22, 2004                                                                                                                                                                                Page 17

                                                                                                                                                     439 S. Whittaker Street

                                                      OF          MICHIGAN, INC.
                                                                                                                                                     New Buffalo, MI. 49117

              ISTING                                                                       ISTING                                                      ISTING
         NEW L                                                                        NEW L                                                       NEW L

                                       r OPEN         okho
                  Join    us at ou on –1:00. 2227 Bro
                              th, 12 no
               Su n., Jan. 25
 THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS… Just completed in Long Beach.                          ON A TREE LINED STREET studded with                        “BEST KEPT SECRET” in the beach area… Long Beach Pointe
 80 ft. of frontage on Lake Clare and only a short walk to Lake Michigan        classic Michigan logs and newly constructed cot-           condominiums. Just a short walk to Lake Michigan beaches.
 beaches. Custom hardware and finishes in bamboo hardwood,                      tages sits this 2 bedroom, one bath split log home.        Convenient to transportation, shopping and recreation. Great upper
 slate and cedar. Covered boardwalk to screened gazebo at waters                Wood floors, stone fireplace, circle drive and             level, corner unit. Custom kitchen & dining area cabinetry, large
 edge. 2 story glass atrium can be converted to two separate levels.            detached garage sit on 4 wooded lots. Your                 balcony overlooking beautiful landscaped commons. Outdoor asso-
 Suited for your year round residence or vacation living. Innovative            imagination plus TLC make this a value. Only               ciation pool and convenient parking. 2 Bedrooms, 1 bath, 1,025 SF.
 design by Allegretti – Quality building by Steve Wilson. $549K                 1
                                                                                 ⁄2 mile to Lake Michigan.                 $
                                                                                                                             240,000       Association fee includes heat, water & sanitation.          $
                    Call Bobbie Cavic. 269-469-8748                                  Call Bonnie “B” Meyer. 269-469-8735                                   Call Bobbie Cavic. 269-469-8748.

         NEW L

 AFFORDABLE LIVING IN LONG BEACH – Cute                                         HARBOR DUNES - Harbor Country’s newest                     TOTALLY REMARKABLE HOME - This trea-
 one level home is just one house away from park. Enjoy                         community offers you & your family a choice                sure has been renovated inside and out, sparing
 your private wooded setting from the 24x12 rear                                of 6 distinctive styles of southern beach cottage          absolutely no expense on quality, design and ambiance.
 deck… Relax by the cozy fireplace in the living                                homes set in the cool shade of an old growth for-          Everything has been done to perfection from the
 room… 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1,238 SF on the first                            est in New Buffalo. Walking paths, pool &                  ebonized wood floors, the white bronze fittings,
 floor, plus additional living space in the walkout                             pool house is your natural selection.                      true divided light windows and European gourmet
 lower level.                                   $
                                                  272K                                                          Starting at $289K          kitchen. The gardens are a true delight.       $
    Call Bonnie “B” Meyer to see. 269-469-8735                                        Call Janet Lindsay. 269-469-8736                               Call Gail Lowrie. 269-469-8730

 A PRIVATE EDEN – This 167 acre parcel is one of the most glorious sites        OLD LIBRARY ON E EIGHTH is refurbished &                   LARGE WOODED BUILDING SITE in an
 you’ll find. Situated on the popular 1000 North corridor and located just      restored to its orig. beauty & beyond for res. or comm.    area of many attractive homes on Talahi Trail
 11⁄2 hrs. from Chicago. Gorgeous rolling terrain, spectacular vistas, beau-    use. 4 Significant frplcs. shine w/orig. end irons. The
 tiful mature trees and an abundance of birds and wildlife. In addition to                                                                 in Grand Beach Woodlands, Michigan City.
 the 3 BR/2.5 BA home with 2 car att garage, also included is a 2400 sq.
                                                                                mosaic, marble & hardwood flrs are repaired or replaced.
                                                                                The figures featured in the orig. stained glass windows    Perc test and soil reports have been done, and
 ft. guest/office building with 2 BR/1.5 BA and 2 car att garage, a pole barn                                                              a survey is available.                  $
 w/attached shed, an exercise pool & a separate detached garage. $2.65M         stand guard to welcome visitors as they enter under the
                     Call Gail Lowrie at 269-469-8730 or                        barrel ceilings. Ideal work at home locale. $325,000        Call Gail Lowrie for additional information.
                       Donna Iwamoto at 269-469-8728.                                    Call Bonnie B. Meyer. 269-469-8735                                 269-469-8730
                                              PHOTOS! PHOTOS! PHOTOS!
     Interior and exterior photos of every listing in our inventory can be found at

Page 18                                                                                                                  January 22, 2004
                   Artists Tell of Work, Classes at Lubeznik Center for the Arts
                                                                       by Mary Fox

   Staying until the end of the opening of the Jack and                       time it takes to make them.” Laurel taught chil-
Shirley Lubeznik Center for the Arts Jan. 9, Sue                              dren’s ceramics classes last year. She and her husband
Spitler ejoyed visiting with artists as well as her                           have had a ceramics business, Izwin.
surroundings. “I really love the building,” she said.
“I think the building is incredibly wonderful. It has
great potential. When it’s finished, it will be nothing
short of fabulous.”
   Sue continued, “What I really loved about tonight
was having all of these artists here and being able to
be one-on-one with the artists and their work and actu-
ally to be able to see some of these things created. I
think we live in a community of incredibly talented

                                                                                          Emily Parker watches Danielle Engwert weave.
                                                                                          Danielle will give a Family Weaving workshop.

Sue Spitler goes over some art wtih Edwin Shelton, the part-time educa-
   tion director for the Jack and Shirley Lubeznik Center for the Arts.

   As Sue talked, Danielle Engwert demonstrated
weaving while Mike Zieve, Susan Rosso and Laurel                                This bear is
Izard showed their work. The grand opening of the                             an example of
                                                                               work done in
building that Shirley Lubeznik donated for the arts                             the Painting
center at 101 W.Second St. featured artists who will                             with Fabric
be teaching classes.                                                                  class.
   Edward Shelton, the part-time education director
for the center, was taking registrations. “We had a nice
response,” he said.
   Across the room, Laurel Izard displayed pieces
representative of her Paint with Fabric and Family
Clay classes. In the Paint with Fabric classes, fabric
is used as a medium as paint, she explained. “I think
that people are very interested in seeing these quilt
pieces, what I’m doing with them and how much

                                    WARREN J. ATTAR                            Hours: 10:30 to 6                               269/469-6151
                                  Representing State Farm Since 1971                                       The
                 My 24 Hour Good Neighbor Service Number is

                  STATE    FARM
                                        (219) 874-4256

                    Life   Fire
                                   1902 E. US 20 • Evergreen Plaza                              GIFTS • ACCESSORIES
                                       Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                                               100 N. Whittaker Street                      New Buffalo, MI
                                         Fax: (219) 874-5430

January 22, 2004                                                                                                                         Page 19
   Margaret Bolton spent time talking to artists
Susan Rosso and Mike Nieve, both of whom had a sam-
pling of work to show visitors. “I came here tonight
to join the arts center, to see what’s going on and how
I can participate,” Margaret said.

                                                                               John Molinaro looks over his text for his Beginning Italian class.

 Susan Rosso had drawings available to interest potential artists in the      If asked, John Molinaro would have demonstrat-
    Beginning and Intermediate Drawing classes that she teaches.           ed his finesse at Italian. Molinaro is set to give Italian
   Having been a fine arts major in college, Margaret                      classes at the Lubeznik Arts Center. The Pines res-
enjoys many aspects of art. The past member of the                         ident grew up in Italy, coming to the United States
arts center has taken ceramics classes at the center.                      in 1951.
“I’m going to take even more advantage of what goes                           John, who was born in southern Italy and reared
on at the arts center,” she said.                                          in Rome, said the course is ideal for people traveling
                                                                           to Italy. He begins the course by teaching the alpha-
                                                                           bet and numbers and then connecting with students’
                                                                           needs. By the end of the course, the students are
                                                                           able to get around the arts centers and other tourist
                                                                           destinations.During the course, he relates his life
                                                                           and travels in his home country. Annually, he returns
                                                                           to visit his family his sister and her nieces. Incorporated
                                                                           in the lessons are the varied cultures in Italy, John
                                                                           said, noting that there are 20 regions and 92 provinces.
                                                                           “Each region and province has its own peculiarities,”
   Mike Zieve
      teaches                                                              he said.
 spontaneous                                                                  The former Chicago resident has taught at the St.
     painting.                                                             Francis de Sales Cultural Center and the Italian
                                                                           Cultural Society, both on the east side of Chicago. An
                                                                           experienced teacher, John said his method gives peo-
                                                                           ple the skills to travel with greater ease. “They learn
                                                                           the basics of a language much quicker than if they were
                                                                           to follow the usual basic steps,” he said.
                                                                              Sometimes, he said, people in business take the class
                                                                           to help them converse with associates in Italy over the
                                                                           phone. “It has improved their pronunciation,” he

   PLEASANT HEIGHTS FARM                                                      ORAK SHRINE CENTER                                     25 to 500 People
            A First Quality Equestrian Facility since 1991                                                                          Business Meetings
                        Lessons • Boarding • Training • Shows                                                                            Seminars
                   Dressage • C/T • English & Western Balance Seat                                                                          N
                                                                                      Symposium Catering                                 Weddings
                             Children’s Camps Available                        Breakfast - Luncheons - Dinners, Snacks, Buffets.            N
                             Call for Pony Ride Specials                        Sit-down Dinners - Full Bar Service Available
                                                                                                                                      Parties for all
                                                                               3848 N. FRONTAGE RD. - MICHIGAN CITY                     Occasions
 0707 N. Shebel Rd., Michigan City • Call 219-324-RIDE (7433)                                  219-873-1826

Page 20                                                                                                         January 22, 2004
                                                                                Search for Indiana’s Weirdest Tree
   STOCKING BALE                                   ANTIQUES                    To celebrate Arbor Day 2000, DNR’s division of
                                                                            forestry began a search for the weirdest trees in the
                                                                            state. And the search continues for Arbor Day 2004.
                                                                               Your candidate for weirdest can be any species or
  GOING OUT                                                                 any size. It can be located in the city, in the forest, in
                                                                            your back yard-anywhere-as long as the tree is still
     OF                                                                     standing. People of all ages are encouraged to submit
  BUSINESS                                         ilding
                                        Sold the Bu                            Here’s what you need to do:
    SALE                                                                       Take several pictures of the tree. Be sure to cap-
                                                                            ture its uniqueness. Send your printed, non-return-
                                                                            able photos to: Sam Carman, Division of Forestry, 402
                                                                            W. Washington St., Room W296, Indianapolis, IN

  60-75% off
                                                                               Digitable photos must be in jpeg format, no larg-
                                                                            er than six megs and should be emailed to scar-
                                                                               Along with the photos, be sure to include your
      Everything in the Store                                               name, address, phone number, and specific location
                                                                            of the tree, including county.
                                                                               DNR’s district foresters will judge the photos to nar-
                           Huge Savings
                                                                            row down the field to the “weirdest” tree for each coun-
                  Open Daily Tuesday-Sunday 11-5 pm                         ty. Each county choice will be included on the Division
                                                                            of Forestry’s web site publication “Invasion of the Weird
 227 West 7 Street • Michigan City                       873-9270           Trees.” To view the current “Invasion,” go to
         (across from Prime Outlets)                              
                                                                               Entry deadline is April 15.

 When was the last time you saw what                            What You Can’t See Can Hurt You!
 is circulating in the air you breathe?                         In today’s air tight homes, Indoor Air Quality is a growing concern.
                                                                Most household dust contains dust mites, mold, mildew, pollen and
  Before                                                        animal dander. Many of these contaminants are circulated through the
                                                                central air systems in modern homes and can aggravate people who
                                                                suffer from asthma and allergies.
                                                                Air Duct Cleaning can:
                                                                        • Rid your ducts of dirt and debris
                                                                        • Rid your ducts of mold
                                                                        • Rid your ducts of pollen
                                                                        • Rid your ducts of dust mites
                                                                        • Improve the efficiency of your HVAC system
                   Do your air ducts look like this?
                                                                Call today for more information!
                                                                 FINISHING TOUCH INC.
                                                                        R E S I D E N T I A L   A N D   C O M M E R C I A L

                                                                                 CLEANING AND CATERING SERVICE

                                                                                  MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 46360

    We can clean your air ducts and make them look like this!
                                                                                       Phone (219) 872-8817
                       Let us show you!                                                 Fax (219) 872-8819

January 22, 2004                                                                                                                  Page 21

                                                                                                       (800) 958-5030
                                                                                                       (219) 873-1855
                                                                                                          Office At:
                                                                                                     403 Lake Shore Drive

                                                                                                      NEW LIS

                1123 Lake Shore Dr. Beachwalk                                         2012 MELROSE DRIVE, LONG BEACH
 Large, luxurious and on The Drive. Traditional design beach house        Beautifully remodeled in November 2003 with brand new
 just across from the boardwalk in Beachwalk for easy beach access.       kitchen and appliances, hardwood floors. Cozy up to the cen-
 Bring the whole family and put the in-laws in the guest house,           tral fireplace open to the dining and living rooms. Basement also
 built above the detached, 2 car garage. Beautiful kitchen and gran-      remodeled into wonderful family room with custom built-in cab-
 ite counters throughout. Seasonal Lake Michigan views from               inetry and entertainment center. 4 bedrooms in this quad level
 the second level. A grand total of 8 bedrooms & 51⁄2 baths in both       make it great for entertaining family and friends. Close to park
 buildings. Owners and guests enjoy all of Beachwalk’s amenities.         and 31⁄2 blocks to Stop 20 beach!                       315,000
                                                          799,900                        Call Rudy Carlson at 219-873-1855.
      Call Mike or Rudy at 219-873-1855 or 312-735-2912.

                                                                                                           ONLY 2

                  Dunescape - The Best Value                                       Lakeview Villa Homes coming in 2004
                    North of Lake Shore Drive                                      Along Lake Shore Drive in Sheridan Beach.
 A beautiful end unit townhome with great natural light and many          • 4-5 bedroom, single family homes • 3 covered decks
 owner upgrades. Seasonal Lake Michigan views. Hardwood floors,           • Views of Chicago skyline           • Miles of sandy beach
 fireplace and granite kitchen counter tops. Freshly painted in warm,                                       $
 inviting colors! A great place to entertain family & friends! Features                     Lot 155          799,900
 a club house w/ indoor pool, jacuzzi, work out room & sauna.                               Lot 156          785,900
 Association dues are only $180 per month.                 $
                                                            350,000       For more information, contact Sheridan Beach Realty Group
      Call Mike Conner at 219-873-1855 or 312-735-2912.                                      at 219-219-873-1855

Page 22                                                                                        January 22, 2004
        Teacher Workshop at Dunes
   On Jan. 30 and 31, the Indiana Dunes National
                                                                              Long Beach
Lakeshore and the Indiana Dunes Environmental
Learning Center will offer a professional develop-
                                                                            Women’s Bowling
ment opportunity for K-12 teachers and non-formal                               January 14, 2004
educators called the Winter Ecology & Dunes Geology
workshop.                                                    Team Standings                 Won            Lost
   Various park staff and local experts will engage par-     1. Alley Cats                    7               1
ticipants in a range of activities that will include         2. Audio Visual D.J.s            6               2
winter animal adaptations, a living map activity and         3. Chickaming Chicks             5               3
outdoor exploration. As a part of the program, Dr.              McInerney #2                  5               3
Kenneth School, author of the recently released                 Graceful Gutters              5               3
Calumet Beginnings and Associate Dean of Education
at Indiana University Northwest, will present a geo-         High Team Game                               Score
logic history of the area. There will also be a hike or      1. Audio Visual D.J.s                          497
cross-country ski trip in Miller Woods.                      2. Alley Cats                                  484
   The two-day workshop begins Fri., Jan 30 at 4             3. M.C. Smiles                                 439
p.m. and continues through Sat., Jan. 31 at 5 p.m. The
workshop offers participants one hour of graduate cred-      High Team Series                             Score
it through Indiana University Northwest or Chicago           1. Alley Cats                                 1358
State University for an extra cost. Educators may reg-       2. Audio Visuals D.J.s                        1334
ister for this portion of the program directly with          3. No Shows                                   1189
IUN on their website Register for CSU
credit by contacting Mike Siola at 773/995-2964.             High Individual Games                        Score
Illinois teachers can receive CEUs for participating.        1. Kim Fellows                                 182
   To reserve a spot and receive a registration pack-        2. Becky Pendergast                            173
et, phone the Learning Center at 219/395-9555 or email       3. Kathy Osborne                               169
Gloria Petersen at Cost of the
workshop is $75 per person and includes meals, lodg-         High Series Scratch                          Score
ing in the Learning Center’s comfortable cabins and          1. Kim Fellows                                 499
lots of materials.                                           2. Becky Pendergast                            487
                                                             3. Kathy Osborne                               470
             “Reach for the Stars”
   The weekend of Jan. 24 and 25 will find the Nature                             Strikes:
Center at Indiana Dunes State Park looking up to the            3 in a row: Kathy Osborne, Tami Mullins and
night sky for an astronomy weekend. Visitors will have                        Becky Pendergast
the opportunity to play Astro-Bingo at 11 a.m. on Jan.
24 and learn about the Moon Madness program at 2
   At 11 a.m. on Jan. 25, discover the folklore of the
13 moons on turtle’s back. Constellations and amaz-             Classical Quintet to Perform at VU
ing astronomy facts will be offered during the Star Light,     The Barossa Quintet will perform a guest recital
Star Bright program at 2 p.m. that day.                      at 7:30 p.m. on Fri., Jan. 30, in the Valparaiso
   All programs will be held in the Nature Center            University Center for the Arts. The program is free
Auditorium. There are no fees for these programs, how-       and open to the public.
ever, there is a $4 entrance fee to the park ($8 for out-      The instrumental group will perform works by
of-state). For more information, phone 219/926-1390.         Mozart, Ligeti, D’Rivera and Zemlinsky. The group
                                                             was founded in 1999 by five Chicago-area musicians
CTG at Chicago Street Theatre Auditions                      dedicated to the exploration of the wind quintet
  Community Theatre Guild at Chicago Street                  repertoire.
Theatre is holding open auditions for the upcoming             Its members are oboist Jennet Ingle, adjunct
production of “The Cripple of Inishmaan,” to be direct-      instructor of music at VU; Leslie Fagan, flute; Audrey
ed by Jonni Pera and Traci Brant. Performances will          Denny, clarinet; Jennifer Larson, French horn; and
be March 19-20, 26-28, and April 1-3.                        Samuel Banks, bassoon. Special guest Paul Hamilton,
  Auditions will be held Sat., Jan. 24 at 2 p.m., and        piano, will perform with the quintet.
Mon., Jan. 26 at 7:30 p.m. at Chicago Street Theatre,          The Barossa Quintet performs frequently in the
154 W. Chicago St., Valparaiso.                              Chicago area and provides instructional classes and
  For information, phone 219/464-1636.                       demonstrations.

January 22, 2004                                                                                                                            Page 23

          LAKESHORE REALTY                                                                                     Try something different this year!
                        (219) 762-9194                                                                                   • Framed Prints
                                                                                                                         • South Shore Posters
                                                                                                        en’s             • (Framed & Unframed)
                                                                                                  K erm rt               • Torchiere Lamps
                                                                                               ndy al A at
                                                                                             We rigin a Gre              • Gift Items & Photo
                                                                                               O kes
                                                                                                Ma Gif
                                                                                                          t                Frames
                                                                                                                         • Framed Lake Photos
                                                                                                                         • Acrylic “Water” Roses
                     Charming Cape Cod                                                                                   • …and more!
          Beautifully restored - Short walk to beach
                                                                                            The Framing Station
  To learn more about this listing and other wonderful                               Visa            912 Franklin Street
                                                                                     MasterCard                                 Monday - Friday 9-5
  properties in Indiana’s Dune Country, please visit                                               Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                                                     Discover                                     Saturday 10-4
  us online at:                                                                                       (219) 879-2115

                                                                      Celebrating 19 years of Framing Excellence

     Friendly, Honest, Clean!
      Professional Service,
      Excellent Reputation.
      Just a few reasons our
        Customers Return!

                 AUTO REPAIR

                                                       “We met Mikail shortly after he opened his shop 13 years ago and have used his services ever
                                                       since. We continue to be very pleased with the competent and trustworthy service from Mikail
                                                       and his staff. Everyone there is very professional and knowledgeable. We have not returned to
                                                       the dealer or any other facility since discovering this shop.”                  The Machens

                                                           Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Infinity, Isuzu,
                                                          Acura, Mazda, etc. - Asian car owners:
                                                                       Specialized Independent Service Just For You!
                                                       We are the dealership alternative for service and maintenance. We are fully qualified to serv-
                                                       ice your vehicle while under warranty and afterwards. Should a repair be covered under war-
                                                       ranty or a recall, we will contact the dealer to see if your repair can be done for free.
                                                        • 100% Customer Satisfaction                • Personal Service
                                                       • Honesty and Intergity                      • Shuttle Service
 Meet Dean Bunton, our Asian professional. His 28
 years of expertise includes lead technician for a     • ASE certified & factory trained technician • Work done right - on time
 prominent Asian car dealer in the Michiana area. He                           • Family owned and operated
 brings commitment and a solid background of Asian
 technology to properly diagnose and repair your                       18777 WEST U.S. HWY. 12 • NEW BUFFALO, MI 49117
 vehicle!                                                       TEL 269-469-2007 • FAX 269-469-6271 • E-mail:

Page 24                                                                                      January 22, 2004

   foodstuff by carolyn m connell          c                      ‘Tis the soup season again
  Isn’t soup great? And it’s versatile. When winter is    are equally tasty served at room temp or cold. The first
upon us, a good hot soup is always welcome; when it’s     recipe, fish broth, was inspired by a large bag of
hot and humid outdoors, cold soup is divine. Soup’s       lovely sea bass cuttings from Island Fish & Seafood
an excellent and inexpensive nourishment. Soups           Co., on Karwick Road.
made of leftovers are so well known in France that
bistros there serve le potage du jour in the evening,        POTATO, ONION AND ROQUEFORT SOUP
as what remains of the day’s lunch.                         3 T. unsalted butter
  Following are some excellent soups that I’ve rather       2 medium-large onions, thinly sliced
recently discovered – each so good that I’ve made them      1/2 tsp. minced garlic
more than once in a short time. All but the fish soup       3 medium russet potatoes, peeled and cut in 1”
                WATERCRESS SOUP                             2 c. light chicken stock or canned low-sodium
  1 c. (packed) watercress, thick stems trimmed (I          broth
  think Barneys in New Buffalo has the best water-          1 c. light cream (folks, I use no-fat Land O’ Lakes
  cress)                                                    half-and-half)
  2 T. butter                                               1/3 c. heavy cream (I often have 3 frozen ice cubes
  1-1/4 lbs. russet potatoes, peeled, sliced into 1/4”      of leftover whipping cream)
  rounds                                                    1/2 c. plus 2 T crumbled Roquefort (or blue)
  3 large leeks (white and pale green parts only),          cheese
  sliced                                                    salt and freshly ground pepper
  6 cups (or more) canned low-salt chicken broth               In a large, heavy, nonreactive saucepan, melt
  1/2 c. whipping cream (I sometimes use butter-            the butter over moderately high heat. Add the onions
  milk instead)                                             and garlic and cook until the onions are soft but
  3 T. minced fresh chives for garnish                      not brown. Add the potatoes, stirring to coat with
  salt/pepper to taste                                      butter, and cook for 5 minutes.
     Blanch watercress in pot of boiling salted water          Add the chicken stock and bring to a boil.
  30 seconds. Drain and set aside.                          Reduce the heat to moderately low, cover and
     Melt butter in heavy large pot over medium heat.       simmer until the potatoes are tender, about 30 min-
  Add potatoes and leeks and sauté for 4 minutes.           utes. Let cool.
  Add 6 cups broth. Bring to boil. Reduce heat;                Add the light and heavy (or half-and-half)
  cover partially and simmer until vegetables are           cream and gently reheat the soup. Do not let it
  tender, about 20 minutes. Add drained water-              boil. Stir in the 1/2 c. Roquefort (or blue) cheese.
  cress and simmer uncovered 5 minutes. Cool 10             Transfer the soup to a blender
  minutes, then serve. Can also be served cold.                And puree in batches until smooth. Season
                                                            with salt and pepper to taste. Thin with additional
                                                            stock if necessary. Serve hot or cold, garnished with
     OYSTER AND WILD MUSHROOM SOUP                          the remaining crumbled cheese (I used croutons
  24 shucked oysters and their liquor                       instead). Fantastic fancy soup.)
  10 mushrooms, such as oyster or chanterelles (I
  use creminis)
  4 T. butter                                                      CARROT AND STAR ANISE SOUP
  3 T. all-purp flour                                       3 T. unsalted butter
  6 cups fish broth (above)                                 1 pound medium carrots, cut into 1” pieces
  1/2 cup heavy cream or half-and-half                      2 c. chicken stock or canned low-sodium broth
  salt                                                      1 cup heavy cream; salt and freshly ground pep-
  freshly ground black pepper                               per
     Strain the oysters and reserve liquid. Quarter         4 whole star anise pods (available at The Cookery
  the oysters. Clean mushrooms and quarter them.            in LaPorte)
  In large heavy-bottomed pot, melt the butter and             Melt the butter in a large saucepan. Add the
  whisk in the flour for a minute. Whisk in the fish        carrots and cook over moderately low heat, stir-
  broth, then add the mushrooms. Cover, reduce the          ring frequently, until lightly browned, about 5 min-
  heat and simmer at a gentle boil for 20 minutes.          utes. Increase the heat to high, add the stock, cream
  Add the oyster liquor and simmer for another 5            (or half-and-half) and a pinch each of salt and pep-
  minutes. Let cool. (Can be done two to three              per and bring to a boil. Cover and cook over low
  hours ahead to this step.)                                heat until the carrots are very tender, about 50
     Just before serving, whisk the cream into the          minutes. Remove from heat and add the star
  soup. Reheat the soup very slowly, whisking once          anise pods, cover and let infuse for 20 minutes.
  in a while. When the soup is hot but not boiling,         Discard the star anise. Puree the soup in a
  add the oysters, cover and cook without boiling           blender until smooth. Season with salt and pep-
  for 5 minutes. Taste and correct seasoning. Serve         per and serve, hot or cold. Equally fantastic fancy
  immediately with croutons.                                soup.

January 22, 2004                                                                                                                          Page 25

                                                                             GEROMETTA                                    INTERIORS


                                                                        PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM
                                                                                        RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL

                                                                                                       Members A.S.I.D.

                                                                   Long Beach Styling Salon
                                                                                                      Tammy Vouri would
                                                                                                       like to welcome in
         A bowl of fantastic potato onion Roquefort soup.                                                 the New Year!
                    FISH BROTH                                                                    Complimentary Cut & Style to the first 30
 4 lbs. fish heads and bones (ha, go to Island’s inst)                                              callers. Call now for an appointment.
 2/3 c. mushroom stems                                                                                        Expires February 14, 2004
 1 medium onion, peeled and thinly sliced (1 cup)                                             219/872-6977
 1 celery stalk, thinly sliced                                            2411 St. Lawrence Ave. • Long Beach
 3 or 4 celery leaves, chopped
 2 sprigs of fresh thyme or

 1 tsp. dried bay leaf
 5 sprigs parsley
 2 tsp. sea salt
 1/2 c. white wine                                                                                                     When there is
 1 T lemon juice
 3 quarts water
                                                                                                                         plenty of
    Place fish pieces, vegetables, spices, wine,                                                                       wine& sorrow

 lemon juice and water in a large heavy-bottomed
 pot. Bring slowly to a boil, skimming the surface.                                                                     and worry
 Reduce the heat and cook at a gentle boil, partially
 covered, for 40 minutes.
                                                                                                                        take wing*
    Line a strainer with cheesecloth and fit it over                                                                            Ovid&
 a mixing bowl. Transfer fish pieces and vegeta-                                                                          “The Art of Love”
 bles to the strainer. Push on same with the back
                                                                  !"#$%B Red Arrow Hwy& Union Pier& MI #%!'% •(((/('#)WINE
 of a large spoon or with a pestle to extract all the
 flavorful broth. Discard the bones and vegetables.
 (Using Island’s bass pieces? Chop and add to
 broth or save for another fish soup.)

    Refrigerate overnight or freeze for up to six weeks.                                                    Root, Root, Root
                 Happy soup season.
                                                                                                         for the “Home” Team!
                                                                                      TEAM HOR

                                                                                                        For all your mortgage needs
                                                                                                                 Contact mortgage all-star
 THE                                                                                                     Yolanda Thomas-Davis for great rates and
                           The Lady and the Unicorn                                                      practical, sensible advice. Call 873-2693.
 BOOKSTORE                             by Tracy Chevalier
                                      hardback $23.95
                                                                    Horizon Advisor
               219/879-3993                                        Yolanda Thomas-Dav

Page 26                                                                                                      January 22, 2004
                 Travels with Charley:
                              Figuring Eights on Veldman Pond
                                                           by Charles McKelvy

   Ever have one of those mornings when you wake
up, and everything looks great, and goes great, and
the whole world is your fresh oyster on the half-
shell, and then . . .
   . . . and then comes the old knuckleball.
   Okay, so baseball metaphors don’t work for you, so
let’s just say you think you’re about to eat a hot,
popping slice of cheese and sausage pizza, and Fortuna
spins her wheel and tosses you a day-old cold slice with
anchovies, peanut butter, and rancid pineapple.
   Yeah, now we’re on the same wavelength, and the
wave I was riding one fine winter morning in the recent
past crested with a call from the editor of another news-
paper I write for.
   She was calling to tell me that an utterly harmless
editorial I had just written had attracted the ire of a
complete stranger who took it upon herself to state                                 Looking north along Veldman Pond.
in her e-mail to the editor that among my many fail-
ings were the facts that I was clearly “narcissistic” and                “Come on over anytime this afternoon,” Jim said.
“self-absorbed.”                                                      “We have to take our son Joe to the airport, but
   Well that switched me off the merry mainline of life               you’re welcome to skate to your heart’s content even
and out into the haunted hinterlands on some dilap-                   if we’re not here.”
idated spurline.                                                         Those words came right back to me as I was wal-
   I was bouncing along to a Junction called Despair                  lowing in the misery of an unexpected attack on my
in a big way when Fortuna spun her wheel again and                    person by a complete stranger. And Natalie, who does
dealt me a better card.                                               not skate for fear of falling on the ice, said I should
   Specifically, it came in the form of a frozen pond in              skate, noting: “You need to get over there and have
the woods.                                                            some fun today.”
   Veldman Pond, if you will.                                            So I did.
                                                                         Just as I arrived, the three Veldmans were leaving
                                                                      for the airport in South Bend from whence Joe would
                                                                      fly to Atlanta and look at a graduate program in his
                                                                      chosen field of environmental management.

The Veldmans of Veldman Pond: Joe Veldman (center) with his parents
          Lorraine and Jim. Daughter Katie is not pictured.
   Yes, the bright side of this for-real winter is that                                                                 A winter
pond skating has actually made a big come back,                                                                         from
certainly in Sawyer, Michigan where my good friend                                                                      Sawyer,
and regular running buddy, Jim Veldman lives with                                                                       Michigan.
his lovely wife, Lorraine.
   Just that very morning after our run, but before the
depressing phone call from the editor, Jim had taken
me down to the pond behind his house to show me his
   He had not only shoveled out an admirable ice
rink, he had even hosed it down the night before, so
it was looking mighty tempting to an old hockey
player that morning.

January 22, 2004                                                                                                                      Page 27
    The Veldmans welcomed me nonetheless to their
A-frame house and skating pond, and Joe said that
if I fell through the ice, I wouldn’t drown because the
water wasn’t very deep.
    I asked him if I would turn into a frog or something
if I got frozen in the muck, and he said he would have
to study the matter and get back to me when he got                     New Construction, Remodeling, Interior/Exterior,
back from Atlanta.                                                     Custom Woodwork Finishing, and Drywall Repair
    Jim Veldman said some neighbors might come
over and join me on the rink, and I was glad for that                                          Jay Harris
because I was frankly beginning to worry that, as the
e-mailer had suggested, I was truly narcissistic and
self-absorbed.                                                       Home: (219) 879-7935                           Cell: (616) 836-0215
    I mean, who but a self-absorbed narcissist would
skate all by his lonesome for the good part of a win-
ter’s afternoon on Veldman Pond in Sawyer, Michigan?
    Well, this one to be precise.                                          Many Thanks to My Many Lake Shore Customers
                                                                                   for Their Continuing Business

                                                                                     QUICK SERVICE
                                                                                    PLUMBING REPAIR
                                                                     (219) 362-0157 or Toll Free (888) 499-1559
                                                                     Complete Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Sales and Service.
                                                                    Modern Sewer Cleaning, Jetting and Inspection Equipment
                                                                         Competitive Rates - Senior Citizens Discounts
                                                                             60 day warranty on most Service Work
                                                                         1 Hour Minimum Service Call - Travel Time 1 Way - Sorry, No Credit
                                                                    Insured, Bonded, LIC. #PC81038838              Charles Dillon, Owner

           You put your left skate on shake it all about...                      DELARME TILE
    And as I began skating a lazy pattern of figure-eights
into the pristine surface of Jim’s rink, I thought that

if the neighbors never came to join me that would be
just fine, because, frankly, I was in need of a little soli-
tude at that point.                                                  Stone
                                                                     Ceramic                                    PH# 219-326-6832
                                                                     Grout Staining                            FAX# 219-326-9150
                                                                      32 Years Experience / 22 Years On The Lakefront

                                                                     “Your wood floor specialist”

                                                                      HULTMAN FLOORING, INC.
                                                                                 • Design • Installation • Refinishing

                                                                                                  You Are Invited to Stop By Our
                                                                                                Studio & Browse Through Our Wide
                                                                                                Variety of Wood Flooring Selections
                   The figure eight is complete.

  Alas, the neighbors never did appear, and I never
                                                                                           (219) 926-1966
did fall through or even on the ice, and, for a so-
                                                                                       35 E. Hwy. 20 • Porter
called self-absorbed narcissist, I sure had a great
                                                                          Old world craftsmanship for new world concepts
time thinking charitable thoughts of my good friends                     MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL WOOD FLOORING ASSOCIATION
the Veldmans.

Page 28                                                                                                                       January 22, 2004
                                                                                                         Activities to Explore

   MOVING ON SALE                                                                              In the Local Area:
                                                                                               January 22 — A Journey of Gardens: A Video
                                                                                            Series. 6:30 pm at the MC Public Library. Join
            All Merchandise & Fixtures                                                      International Friendship Gardens Vice President
                                                                                            George Neagu as he hosts this series of garden videos.
                                                                                               January 22 — United Way of LaPorte County
   EARTH PARTNERS, INC.                                                                     annual meeting. 5:30 pm at Beacon Hills Banquet &
                          1804 E. US Hwy. 20 • Michigan City                                Conference Center, 282 Johnson Rd., LaPorte. Public
                                                                                            encouraged to attend; 800/399-7222 to register.
                                           219-861-0240                                        January 24 — “Pizza Party.” Free mini demos and
                                   Tues.-Sat. 10 am - 6 pm                                  sampling, 1 pm (MI time). Panozzo’s Pantry, 19135
                                                                                            W. US 12, New Buffalo. 269/469-9408. Free, but
                                                                                            phone to reserve.
                                                                                               January 25 — Great Books. 2 pm at the Michigan
                                                          (219) 872-5555                    City Public Library. Part 2 of Barchester Towers by
                                                                                            Anthony Trollope will be discussed. New members are
                                                                                               January 26 — Pizzaextravaganza! at the LaPorte
                    POSTON                                                                  County Public Library, 904 Indiana Ave., downtown
                 PLUMBING, INC.                                                             LaPorte. 6 pm. Stories, games, crafts and snacks
                    “When Quality Counts”                                                   about America’s favorite food. For all ages. Free and
           Commercial - Residential Installation & Repair                                   open to the public. 219/362-7128.
                                                                                                Places to Visit:
                                                                                               Barker Mansion, 631 Washington St., Michigan City.
                                             9896 W. 300 North, Bldg. C
 Jeff Poston                                    Michigan City, IN 46360                     Adm. $4/adults, $2/kids 18 and under, free/kids under
 MC/VISA                                           FAX (219) 872-5647                       3.Guided tours Mon-Fri 10 am, 11:30 am, 1 pm; Sat
                                                                                            & Sun noon & 2 pm. 873-1520.
                                                                                               Great Lakes Museum of Military History, 360
                                                                                            Dunes Plaza, Michigan City. Info 872-2702 or on the
  IS YOUR CPA YOUR                                                                          web at

                                                                                               LaPorte County Historical Museum, county com-
                                                                                            plex in downtown LaPorte, Indiana. Hours 10 am-4:30
      WE WILL BE.                                                                           pm, Tues-Sat. Adm. free; donations welcome. 219/326-
                                                                                            6808, ext. 276 or
                 For your complimentary, no obligation copy of
               “Your Accountant – Your Partner,” Call 269.469.9300                             Lubeznik Center for the Arts, 720 Franklin St.,
                                                                                            Michigan City. Interim location until new building is
                                                                                            ready. Tues.-Fri., 10 am-4 pm; Sat. 10 am-2 pm.
                                                                                            Phone 874-4900. New exhibit: Sculptural Memory.
                                                                                                New Buffalo Railroad Museum, 530 S. Whittaker
                       CPA & Business Advisory Services
                            23 N. Thompson Street              Now Accepting Business and
                                                                                            St., New Buffalo, MI. Open Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm;
                         New Buffalo, Michigan 49117                Individual Clients      Sat-Sun, 10 am-3 pm (MI time). Info 269/469-5409.
                                                                                               Rag Tops Museum of Michigan City. 209 W. Michigan
                                                                                            Blvd. A collection of classic, antique & unusual vehi-
                                                                                            cles & memorabilia. Open Tues-Sun, 10 am-5 pm. Adm.
                                                                                            $6/adults, $5/sen.cit., $4/kids, free/under age 3. 878-
                                         Architecture                                       1514.
                                           Interiors                                           Farther Afield:
                                                                                               January 24 — Bill Isles with opening by Carl
                                           Residential - Commercial                         Payne (folk) concert at The Box Factory for the Arts,
                                         Saugatuck - Douglas Michigan                       1101 Broad St., St. Joseph, MI. Tix $7 & $5.
                                              Servicing Indiana &
                                                                                               January 28 — Krasl Art Center Winter Videos.
                                       Michigan Lakeshore Communities                       This week: “The Impressionists: Monet.” (50 mins.)
                                                                                            Free and open to the public. Noon (MI time). Bring
  VON DER HEIDE                           269.857.8035                                      a brown bag lunch; coffee will be provided. Discussion
  ARCHITECTS                                                                                after the video by artist & educator Lorie Jesperson.
  INCORPORATED                                               707 Lake Blvd., St. Joseph, MI. Info 269/983-0271 or

January 22, 2004                                                                                                                                             Page 29


     2501 Oriole Trail, Long Beach
   Great response to the Ballroom Dance class-
es offered by Mary Chandler, professional dance
instructor for 22 years and Arthur Murray Dance Studio
owner for 13 years. The six week course begins on Feb.
4th and will focus on Fox Trot, Waltz, Polka, Swing,
Rumba and Merengue. To register, or for more infor-
mation, phone Mary at 219/680-9261.
   Christina Karamensines, MC of The Second
Saturday Open Mic, would like to thank Greg Kent
of Raven Instruments for being the featured artist last
month and Little Giants Pizza for sponsoring the
event. The audience was delighted by the mix of tal-
ent including not only musicians and poets, but also
                                                                                                     New Horizons
a surprise appearance by the new teenage band                                                          In-Home Personal Training
Alfred and the Turtles, plus Francisco and stu-                                                              Beth Lapaich
dent/composers sharing their original work. During                                          • Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts, Purdue University
the intermission we all wished Tom Montgomery,                                              • Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine
our lighting specialist, a very Happy Birthday and                                          • Member of the 1999 Purdue Women’s Basketball Championship team
enjoyed a delicious piece of chocolate cake provided                                           ~ Specializes in all the areas of health and fitness for all ages.
by Eileen’s Kitchen Specialty desserts.                                                        ~ Will bring her fitness and educational background to your home without
                                                                                                 having to bother with the time, money & inconvenience of a gym membership
   Negotiations continue with Slade Edling who
                                                                                               ~ Will design an individualized program to meet your goals
has proposed opening a Health Club here at the
                                                                                               ~ Will work through the program to teach you the proper techniques so you
Community Center. The Long Beach Town Board is                                                   will benefit not only on time, but the results you want.
favorable towards the idea and plans to discuss                                                       Call Beth Lapaich at (219) 871-0142
details and concerns this week. The community
response is positive, most asking about classes and
interested in memberships.
   Franciscan Community Services will be offer-                                                                                   1361 E. 86th Pl.
ing a free Blood Pressure Clinic the third Tuesday of                                                                             Merrillville, IN 46410
each month from 11 a.m.-noon in our Historical                                                                                    (219) 736-8515
                                                                               Outdoor Living…Indoors
Room. If you are interested in participating, please                            Independently Owned And Operated
mark your calendar and stop by on Feb. 17th.
   We have a handful of gray, crew neck, M and                                   Call Now
                                                                                            for                                        Showroom Hours:
                                                                                     FREE rvey,                                         Tuesday-Friday
XXL Long Beach sweatshirts on sale this month.                                           u
                                                                                 In-Hom imate And
                                                                                Price Est Preview!                                         8:30-4:00
The regular price is $30 and $34, but are now avail-                              Digit al
able for $20 and $24. If you would like to purchase                                                                                      Saturday 9-2
one, phone the center at 879-3845 and leave a mes-                                                                                    Monday & Evenings
sage with your name, phone number and size of                                                                                           by appointment
sweatshirt. We will phone you back to arrange a con-
venient pick up time including nights and weekends.
   COMMUNITY = COMMUNICATION IN UNITY                                                                                     

      It’s Perfect!                                                            PSYCHIC AND TAROT CARD
             60% OFF                                                           READINGS BY CAROL
         VERTICAL BLINDS                                                       Personal advice on all matters of life
                                                                               Reunite loved ones - Read past, present                                         Hours:
           MINI-BLINDS                                                         & future - prepares you for tomorrow.                                         9 am-9 pm
                                                                                                                                                             Mon. - Sat.
                                                                               $                     00 OFF Special Readings                                                                                      1 Free Question by Phone
                                        Also Save On In Stock Fabric
                                                                                                        Also Available for Private Parties
                           Since 1950 Quality Products at Competitive Prices
                                                                                                  Call for Appointment 879-8501
1102 Franklin St., Michigan City      219-872-7236 • 1-800-949-4530
                                                                                                     605 Franklin Sq. • Michigan City,, IN

Page 30                                                                                        January 22, 2004

               SERVPRO ®                                   On January 22, 1788, Lord Byron, one of the great-
      OF LAPORTE/PORTER COUNTY                             est of English romantic poets, was born in London.
                                                           On January 22, 1789, the first American novel,
  Professional Cleaning Service specializing in:           “The Power of Sympathy,” was published. It was a story
          • Fire & Water Damage Restoration •              of lust, seduction, incest, and suicide, and set the pat-
                                                           tern for American novels of the day.
       • Air Duct Cleaning • Mold Remediation •
                • Emergency Board Ups •                    On January 22, 1791, President George Washington
                                                           appointed a commission to survey the District of
           • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning •                Columbia.
                                                           On January 22, 1907, the premiere of the Richard
                  (800) 794-3806                           Strauss opera, Salome, with it’s “Dance of the Seven
                                                           Vails,” inspired vaudeville performers everywhere
      Michigan City / LaPorte (219) 879-1883
                                                           to do their version of the “naughty” dance. Directors
  Valparaiso / Chesterton / Portage (219) 929-4174         of the Metropolitan Opera were so shocked by the opera
                       that they prohibited further performances by the
                                                           On January 23, 1789, Georgetown University was
    Mention this ad and receive a 10% discount off
                                                           established at the future site of the nation’s capital.
     Air Duct Cleaning or Carpet & Upholstery
                                                           On January 23, 1832, impressionist painter Edouard
                  Cleaning Services.                       Manet was born in Paris.
          Call us today for a free estimate!               On January 23, 1845, Congress mandated that
                                                           national elections should take place on the first
                                                           Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
                                                           On January 23, 1849, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell
 Oriental Rug Clearance Sale                               became the first woman to receive a degree in med-
                                                           icine. A native of Bristol, England, her degree was award-
                                                           ed by the Medical Institution of Geneva, New York.
                                                           On January 24, 1848, gold was discovered on the
                                                           California property of John A. Sutter, leading to the
                                                           famous “California Gold Rush,” as well as to the
                                                           infamous “forty-niners.”
                                                           On January 24, 1862, American novelist Edith
                                                           Warton was born in New York.
                                                           On January 24, 1908, the first public meeting of the
                                                           Boy Scouts, founded by England’s Robert Baden-
                                                           Powell, took place in London.
                                                           On January 24, 1985, the first issue of The Beacher
  We’re making                                             was delivered to residents of Long Beach.
  room for new                                             On January 24, 1986, photos from Voyager 2 revealed
  selections!                                              10 previously unknown moons were in orbit around
                                                           On January 25, 1759, Scotland’s poet Robert Burns,
  125 N. Whittaker St.                                     author of “Auld Lang Syne,” was born in the Scottish
  New Buffalo, MI 49117                                    village of Ayrshire.
                                                           On January 25, 1890, New York World reporter
  Call or visit our website
  for driving directions.                                  Nellie Bly received a tumultuous welcome after com-
                                                           pleting a round-the-world journey in 72 days, beat-
                                                           ing the fictional 80-day trip of Jules Verne’s Phileas

January 22, 2004                                                                                                       Page 31
On January 25, 1915, telephone inventor Alexander
Graham Bell inaugurated transcontinental phone
service with a call from New York to San Francisco.
On January 25, 1959, the “jet age” opened in the United
States when American airlines scheduled the first
transcontinental flight (from New York to Los Angeles)
of a Boeing 707.

On January 25, 1961, President John Kennedy
held the first presidential news conference to be tele-
vised live.
On January 26, 1788, the first European settlers,
led by Captain Arthur Phillip, landed in the approx-
imate area where the Australian city of Sydney now
On January 26, 1802, Congress passed an act call-
ing for a library to be established within the U.S. Capitol,
a harbinger of the present “Library of Congress.”
On January 26, 1837, with the signing of a state-
hood bill by President Andrew Jackson, Michigan
was formally admitted as the 26th state of the Union.          • Free Estimates • References
                                                               • Fully Insured • Lifetime Warranty
On January 26, 1875, George F. Green, of Kalamazoo,            • Member Better Business Bureau of Michiana
Michigan, was granted a patent for an electric den-
tal drill.                                                                      Foundation                           Call
On January 26, 1988, residents of Australia celebrated                          Repair Service                 219-325-9237
their nations 200th birthday.                                                    Locally Owned and Operated
On January 27, 1756, Austrian music composer                            #1 Choice in USA & UK        

Wolfgang Amdeus Mozart was born at Salsburg.
On January 27, 1832, English author Lewis Carroll,
best known for “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,”             Dimensional Stone, Inc.
was born in Daresbury, Cheshire.
On January 27, 1854, the first regularly scheduled
trains began rolling on the Canadian Great Western
On January 27, 1880, Thomas Edison was granted
                                                                    Custom Granite
a patent for an incandescent light.                                  Counter Tops
On January 28, 1754, English writer Horace
Walpole read a fairy tale called “The Travels and
Adventures of Three Princes of Serendip.” He was so
impressed with their capacity for making accidental
discoveries that, in a letter written on this date, he
created the word serendipity to describe this ability.
This is one of the rare instances in history when the
exact date of origin of a word can be documented.
On January 28, 1807, London’s Pall Mall became the
world’s first street to be illuminated with gaslight.
On January 28, 1878, in New Haven, Connecticut,
the first telephone switchboard went into operation.
On January 28, 1878, the first daily college news-
paper, the Yale News, began publication in New
On January 28, 1915, the Life Saving Service and
                                                               7635 West 100th Place Bridgview, IL
the Revenue Cutter Service were merged to form
                                                               Tel: 708.598.6695 Fax: 708.598.4515 web:
the United States Coast Guard.

Page 32                                                                                                                     January 22, 2004
                                                                               HANDYMAN - Antenna service. Phone & TV jacks. House wiring.
                         CLASSIFIED                                             Sinks. Toilets. Countertops. Carpentry. Full house rehab work.
                  PERSONAL SERVICES                                                          Beach Stairway Repair & Refurbishing.
NEED A NERD? - We offer personable, responsive on-site PC repair and                      DR. TOM'S SERVICE CLINIC - 219/778-4036
network services to area homes, professional practices, and small busi-                          DON THE WINDOW CLEANER
ness. Call 269-469-5088, or                               residential - Commercial - gutter Cleaning - Custom Homes - High
                                                                             Windows my Specialty - Year-Round Cleaning - LaPorte & Porter Co.
              LEARNING - INSTRUCTION                                         Free estimates - References - Call Donald Munnell at 219/465-0759.
             PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC TEACHER.                                         B & G HOME REPAIR. Drywall, Painting, Carpentry, Flooring,
          Lessons / Entertainment -- Call 219/872-1217.                        Remodeling,. No job too small, we do it all. Will beat any competitors
   WELL KNOWN BLUES GUITARIST, living in the Michiana area,                                 bid. Excellent references. - 219/878-0474.
           is offering lessons in basic Blues Guitar.
              Contact Keith Scott at 219/861-0174
                                                                                   THE A & L PAINTING COMPANY -- INTERIOR & EXTERIOR
            CLEANING - HOUSEKEEPING                                                    20-YEARS EXPERIENCE References. Reasonable.
      FINISHING TOUCH: Residential & Specialty Cleaning Service                   We also Power Wash, Seal & Paint Decks. Ph. 219/778-4145.
               Professional - Insured - Bonded - Uniformed                     JEFFERY J. HUMAN INTERIOR/EXTERIOR PAINTING & STAINING
           #1 in Customer Satisfaction. Phone 219/872-8817.                        Custom Decorating - Custom Woodwork - Hang/Finish Drywall
    CLEAN FOR A DAY CLEANING SERVICE - Home or Business                                           Custom Suede 7 Faux Finishes
         Pressure Wash Decks & Houses -- Insured & Bonded                                 25-Years experience. Insured. Ph. 219/326-8512.
     Call Wendy at 219/861-0458. -- Email                                WISTHOFF PAINTING -- REFERENCES
PERSONAL TOUCH CLEANING -- Homes - Condos - Offices.                                         Small Jobs Welcome -- Call 219/874-5279
Day and afternoons available. - Call Darla at 219/879-2468.                  ALL BRIGHT PAINTING - Interior/exterior. Satisfaction guaranteed.
When You Want Perfection - Insured & Bonded                                  Free estimates. Licensed & insured. 219/879-7199.
J.P'S HOUSE, DECK & OAT CLEANING                                                  PROFESSIONAL FINISHES - 219/326-6175, or 219/363-1812
Home, Business, Rental, construction                                             Interior/exterior Painting - Wallpaper removal - Dry wall repair
J.P. 219-877-7300 -- Email:                                  Texturing - Wood staining & finishing. Customer satisfaction our
                   We Do It Right The Very First Time                             No. 1 PRIORITY. 20 Years experience - references available.
                       COOLSPRING CLEANERS                                               MAIDENA MASTER PAINTERS & REMODELING
     Beach Rentals - Homes - Offices - Apartments - Construction                Quality work - Specialty finishes - Murals. - Clean, careful work.
            Free Estimates - Insured - Excellent References                                    Call 219/878-9653 for free estimates.
                  Call 219/874-7635, or 219/861-6327.                            HALDY BROTHERS PAINTING - Interior & Exterior. Licensed &
                    SUNSET CLEANING SERVICES                                         Insured. Experienced & Reliable - Call 1-866/255-9266
  Beach & vacation rentals, residential, construction cleaning & more.
   Cleaning tailored to fit our customer's needs. We insure that each
                                                                                     LANDSCAPE-Lawns-Clean Up, Etc.
 client receives consistent, thorough service. We will beat, or meet, any           -- H & D TREE SERVICE and LANDSCAPING, INC. --
  competitor's bid & offer. Senior discounts. Ref. avail. - 219/878-0474.         Full service tree and shrub care. Trimming, planting, removal.
                                                                                      Firewood, snowplowing, excavating. -- Call 872-7290.
                            HOUSE CLEANING                                                              FREE ESTIMATES
        References. Weekly. Call for information - 219/767-2059
                                                                                               HEALY'S LANDSCAPING & STONE
                              EVENTS                                                            219/879-5150 -- FAX 219-879-5344
CHEROKEE PIPE CIRCLE - Everyone Is Welcome To Come Pray & Sing.               -
2ND Monday Of Each Month; DEC 8th, - JAN 12th - 7:00-9:00 p.m. The
Michigan City Fish & Game Club, 3091 East Michigan Blvd., Michigan                            LARGEST Supplier of Natural Stone
City. No one is refused for lack of donation. Donation is $5.00 +                                            New Items
tobacco. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one. Also, a pillow or blan-       Kewanne flat skippers -- Irish Celtic Stone -- Building veneers.
ket to sit on. Any questions, call Laura, 219/878-1769                                $ # JIM'S LAWN SERVICE & SNOW PLOWING$ #
                                                                                                 Don't Get Snowed In - Call Jim
           HEALTH & PHYSICAL FITNESS                                                    Free Estimates - 219/874-2715. Leave message
          • • • MASSAGE THERAPY & WELLNESS CENTER • • •                                                # # THINK FALL # #
  Therapeutic Massage • Acupuncture * Brain Gym • QiGong Classes •                               Let Us Be Your One-Stop Store
  Reflexology • Healing Touch • Feldenkrais® • Personal Fitness Training                   Firewood - Snow Plowing - Fall Cleanups
                    Dog Massage Classes • Gift Certificates                      We also provide maintenance (Commercial and Residential)
                                                     H&S SERVICES --2621 E. US HIGHWAY 12
                                Call 219/879-5722.                                                 (Across from Karwick Plaza)
                           NATUROPATHIC SERVICES                                                         Call 219/872-8946
Iridology - CranioSacral Therapy - Reflexology - Homeothopy, natur-                      CHUCK'S LANDSCAPING AND TREE SERVICE.
  al weight loss (RMR testing). Call to schedule appt. 269/469-6546                Custom landscape design & installation. Tree & shrub planting.
   www. - Dr. Karen McGill, practitioner.           Compete Lawn Renovation, i.e., Seed & Sod - Mulch & River Rock.
                                   EXERCISE:                                  Retaining Walls & Planters: Rock. Block Flagstone Timbers. Railroad ties.
        • Protects Against Heart Disease - • Lowers Blood Pressure                            Drain Tile Installation for Water Control
         • Burns Fat - Controls Weight - Improves Bone Strength{9                                 Brick patios -- Driveway designs
                            • Makes People Feel Good                            High tolerance tree and stump removal -- Tree and bush removal
                        IN-HOME PERSONAL TRAINING                                           Insured and References - Senior Discount.
                         Beth LaPaich: Personal Trainer                                              ONE CALL DOES IT ALL
                  • Bachelors in Liberal Arts, Purdue University.                                           219/874-8785
                • Certified National Academy of sports Medicine.
• Member of 1999 Purdue Women's Nat'l Basketball Championship Team.
                                                                                      EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES
                                  219-871-0142                                   • • ATTENTION DRIVERS - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY • •
                                                                             TMC Transportation needs drivers. $650 Guaranteed weekly, poten-
    HANDYMAN-HOME REPAIR-PLUMBING                                            tial to earn $900 per week, or more, and still be OFF WEEKENDS!!!
   QUALITY CARPENTRY: Expert remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms.                    FOR CDL Training with T.D.I. Call 1-800-882-7364 AC0064
  Also: doors, windows, skylights, ceramic tile, drywall, decks & repairs.      ORGANIST - St. Luke United Lutheran Church - 22 rank Wicks
              Small jobs welcome. Call Ed at 219/878-1791.                         Pipe Organ. One service. Full or part time. - 219/879-9415
               ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••                                                IF COOKING IS YOUR PASSION-
                         HIRE Sue’s HUSBAND                                                     If hard work doesn't scare you-
   Is your list of household repair & maintenance projects growing?                                        Let's Talk!
 Small jobs welcome. - Quality Work. -- Call Ed Berent @ 219/879-8200.          We are looking for an experienced line cook with creative flair.
               ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••                                     Café at Michigan Thyme - 107 N. Whittaker, New Buffalo.

January 22, 2004                                                                                                                      Page 33
                WANT TO BUY OR SELL                                                                    Off Season Rental
                                                                                             EMMA'S COTTAGE on the BEACH
                ART & OFFICE SUPPLIES (FIRME'S)                                                     1426 Lake Shore Drive
  (2 Stores) 11th & Franklin Streets, Michigan City - 219/874-3455
                                                                          Enjoy winter in a cozy (and warm) 1920's vintage cottage. Modern conve-
      Highway 12, Beverly Shores - Just West of Traffic Light.
                                                                           niences with the charm. Fieldstone gas fireplace and parking for 6 cars.
           SEASONED FIREWOOD -- SHOW PLOWING                                        Perfect get-away. By the week, weekend, or month.
                       PAT'S TREE SERVICE                                                               (219) 878-1724
                                                                                                      MICHIANA SHORES
         LYRIC OPERA TICKET - PIRATES OF PENZANCE                             4/BR, 2/Bath. Furnished or unfurnished. - Call 219/874-5090.
  For March 6, 2004 - 2 PM Matinee - $75. 00 -- Call 219/879-9154
                                                                                           DUNESCAPE BEACH CLUB
                  REAL ESTATE WANTED                                    Gorgeous 3-level condo. Decks, Jacuzzi, 2-car garage, fireplace,
            SERIOUS BUYER WISHES TO PURCHASE                            3/BR, 2 and 1/2 bath. Beautifully FURNISHED and decorated. The
          Home On Lake from Owner . - Call 630/325-9567                 beach and all club amenities, including indoor pool and workout
                                                                        facilities, are just steps away. Avail Immediately through May 31
       COMMERCIAL - RENTALS/LEASE/SELL                                  (June negotiable). $900/month. Call (865) 384-8104.
                GOLDEN SANDES STORE AND LOCK                                              "SHORELAND HILLS WINTER RENTAL
    4407 E. U.S. 12 (@ Hwy. 212) Michigan City, IN. 219/879-5616.              3/BR, 2/Bath. Furnished. Washer/Dryer. 2 Blocks to Lake.
  OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE IN POPULAR HACIENDA BUILDING                      Avail 11/1/03 to 7/1/04. $675 per month includes lawn/leaf maint.,
                  Sizes from 720 SF up to 1750 SF.                                but not utilities. No pets. Call Bob N. at 800/899-2699,
                For more information call 219/874-8748                            or Clare N. at 708/579-1193. "Must See to Appreciate."
FOR LEASE --Approximately 800 Sq. Ft. of Executive Office Space,        SHERIDAN BEACH - Brand new. Lake Shore Drive. Lake view. 3/BR,
    Located at 1401 S. Woodland Avenue, Michigan City, Indiana.         2/Bath. Fireplace. Central air. Washer/dryer. Avail until June 1st.
 Modern, Contemporary, Energy efficient with ample parking at the       $1,000/mo. Year round, $1,500/mo.Util included. - 219/872-4446.
         door. - Call 219/872-0318. -- Available January 2004           SHERIDAN BEACH AREA - Enjoy a year round "Vacation" home. Only
             OFFICE & WAREHOUSE SPACE FOR RENT                          a short walk to beach, park & zoo. Unfurnished 3-bedroom. 1-Car garage.
 3 Air Conditioned Individual Offices, each approx. 150 to 200 sq/ft,   Large fenced yard. Appliances included. W/D & C/A. Full finished basement.
 ($250/mo each), with shared kitchen/rest room facilities. Adjoined     Non smoking. No pets. - $775/mo. + utilities. -- (219) 878-1757.
      heated warehouse, 1,000 sq./ft, $600/mo. Rent all or part.              BEAUTIFUL LONG BEACH 5 BEDROOM HOUSE FOR RENT
 Convenient Michigan City location on Rt. 20. -- Call 219/871-0536.                    2.5 Blocks from beach -- Call 312/404-4457.
                      RENTAL INDIANA                                    SHERIDAN BEACH - LAKE SHORE DRIVE - LAKE VIEW. -1/BR,
                   HOUSE FOR RENT IN LONG BEACH                         1/Bath. A/C. Year-round, $600/mo. Utilities inc. - 219/872-4446.
    3/BR. Across from lake. Great view & beach. Call 219/874-8692.      HARBOR COUNTRY: Unique cottage with large, two story living
 LONG BEACH COZY 4/BR HOUSE AT STOP 15 (Across from Beach)              space. 2/BR, 2/Baths. Can sleep 6. Large screened porch. Lovely
         Fireplace and Large Deck. No pets. Call 708/579-1745.           terrace & garden. Gourmet kitchen. Wah/dry. A/C. Cable, TV/DVD,
                    ##############                                       Stereo, Computer. All linens. Bicycles. 8 Blocks to beautiful beach.
                       DUNESCAPE BEACH CLUB                             Sat/Sat rental, $1,200/wk. Photos avail. A must see. 773/929-2295.
               LAKEFRONT CONDOS -- 2 and 3 bedrooms.                        CHARMING MICHIANA SHORES COTTAGE IN WOODED AREA
               Winter Rentals -- $1,250 to $1,600 per month              A little over a block from great beach. Rustic charm with modern
                  DUNESCAPE REALTY - 219/872-0588.                           conveniences. 2-New baths and kitchen. Fireplace. Air/Cond.
           SEASONAL & YEAR-ROUND HOMES FOR LEASE                                                     Beach Shower , BBQ
•• 4/BR, 3/BATH 2 STORY HOME - Just 3 doors from the beach at              Dishwasher. 2 + Bdrms. Avail July 5-19, Aug 2-9, 1 or 2 weeks.
Stop 26. Available, furnished or unfurnished, on a one year basis.                 Call 773/935-1855 days, or 773/248-3265 evenings.
$1,200/mo plus utilities.                                                      EXECUTIVE GROUP REALTY, Ltd. Of Michigan & Indiana.
•• 3/BR, 2/BATH FURNISHED HOME - Sheridan Beach, just 1 door from          Rental Dept Under New Management - Is looking for new owners
the lake. Available for seasonal lease for $1,000/mo plus utilities.       who want to rent during the summer season. - Call 269/469-6892
•• 1/BR CONDO IN MARINA PARK. Available, seasonally, for
$800/mo, or year-round for $1,200/mo plus utilities.                                         RENTALS MICHIGAN
              MERRION & ASSOCIATES REALTORS                             HOUSE FOR RENT - NEW BUFFALO - Convenient "in town"
       219/872-4000                             location. 16 S. Townsend. Take the first right after Jackson's Market
FLINT LAKE-VALPARAISO - Charming hillside house surrounded by           on U.S. 12. Available now. Newly renovated. New appliances. New
trees. Spacious living room. Fireplace. Big Country Kitchen. 1/BR.      window treatments. 2 Bedroom. Full dry basement. Large yard and
Glassed in study. Steps to the beach. Peaceful. Perfect for writer,     one car
artist, or teacher. $720/month. -- Call 219/771-2779.                   garage. VERY CLEAN! $700 per month. Security deposit & refer-
LONG BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT ON LAKE SHORE DRIVE                           ences. NO SMOKERS. No pets. Please drive by first.
3/BR. AC. FP. Furn. Avail Sept thru May. $750/mo + util.                 Call Gary at 269/449-2168 to see more.
                Call 708/424-8756, or 219/874-8428.                           EXECUTIVE GROUP REALTY, Ltd. Of Michigan & Indiana.
                                FOR RENT                                  Rental Dept Under New Management - Is looking for new owners
                          615 WESTWOOD WAY                                who want to rent during the summer season. - Call 269/469-6892
  2/BR, 1/Bath. $650/mo. Tenant pays utilities. Completely furnished.
            2 1/2 Blocks to Beach. Avail Sept - June 10, 2004.
                                                                                             FLORIDA RENTALS
                                                                              FLORIDA KEY'S OCEANFRONT CONDO AVAIL FOR RENT
          330 MAPLEWOOD DRIVE - SHORELAND HILLS                           Swimming Pool. Tennis Courts. Gorgeous View with 2 Bedrooms
  2 + BR/3 Bath. $1,300/mo, year round. Brand new home in 2001.                & 2 Baths. Weekly rental, $1,100.00. -- Call 219/872-5127.
  Close to beach. Very nice. A/C, Fireplace, Sunroom, Basement.         ESTERO/BONITA SPRINGS Florida Golf & Tennis Condo - 2/BR & 2
                        This Is A Must See!                             bath. Full kitchen. Screened in Lanai. Swimming pool. Boat shuttle to the
                                                                        beach. GOLF & TENNIS included!! - 219/874-7747.
                 2521 GLENDALE WAY, LONG BEACH                                           Ask for Bruce Hirsch, March & April specials!
  4/BR-3/Bath. $1,200/mo. plus utilities. One-year lease preferred.
  Wonderful family home, partially furnished. A/C. Fireplace. Great                     REAL ESTATE FOR SALE
location, just 1/2 block to Lake Michigan. Security deposit required.                       REAL ESTATE FOR SALE
                                                                           Two Home Sites - 1 1/2 Blocks to Washington Park and beach.
                 For more information, please visit                          207 Washington Park Blvd, between Lake Avenue & Krueger.
                                        Each site $97,500. 42 ft x 120 ft. City sewer and water.
          MICKY GALLAS PROPERTIES -- 219/874-7070                                                  219/878-1757.
SHERIDAN BEACH WINTER RENTAL                                            *BUILDING SITE - Birch Drive, Michiana Shores, IN area. City water.
3BR, 2Bath. Fully furnished. On beach. $1,500/mo.                          CITY sewer connection at site. Walking distance to beaches.
STUDIO - 1BR, fully furnished. On beach. $600/mo. 312-560-5122.             Appraised Value $55,000. - Broker/Owner - 239/283-2437.\

Page 34                                                                                        January 22, 2004
                                                            kind of cute) typical man of the age. He conquers as
                   Off the Book Shelf                       many women as he paints and when one of Jean Le
                        by Sally Carpenter                  Vista’s maids comes up pregnant, tells her she should
                                                            have been more careful and gives her a handful of coins.
   The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier              But Jean Le Vista’s daughter, Claude, ahh, now
   Tracy Chevalier has become the leading author of         there’s another subject—appealing and way out of
historical novels. I don’t think too many people would      Nicolas’ reach. But a medieval man can try, can’t
disagree with me. Having previously read and reviewed       he? Especially when the lady in question wants to be
her Girl With the Pearl Earring and Falling Angels          seduced. Here we learn a lesson on medieval love and
I was more than thrilled when this new book was             marriage and how quick a girl can get sent to a con-
announced and pleased to find it on           vent to protect her salability (that would be her vir-
(the web site for independent booksellers) as their num-    ginity, of course).
ber one pick. Another pleasant surprise was to find            Nicholas is sent to Brussels to oversee the begin-
that Girl With the Pearl Earring has been made into         ning of the tapestries and meets the family and work-
a major motion picture starring that dishy Colin            ers at the home and workshop of weaver Georges de
Firth. If there is a literary god, please hear my prayer    la Chapelle. Here’s Georges’ take on Nicolas: “...him
and send the movie to Michigan City!                        with his well-cut tunic and tight Paris hose. This
   Author Chevalier has an amazing gift. She can            one is too sure of himself...He’ll be nothing but trou-
pluck an unknown event from time and build a plau-          ble.”
sible and entertaining story around it. That’s no              Living up to that remark, Nicolas manages to
mean feat. In Girl she takes a famous Vermeer paint-        alienate Phillippe de la Tour, an artist who must
ing and gives us a reasonable and enjoyable take on         draw large “cartoons” of Nicolas’ paintings and put on
how the painting came to be. In Falling Angels she          the finishing touches before the weaving can begin.
takes us to the beginning of the 20th century and inside    Then he makes Alienor, the blind and beautiful
the women’s suffrage movement and the suffocating           daughter of Georges, very nervous, but very curi-
restrictions of Victorian England on several women.         ous. “I couldn’t think now what I wanted to know from
The choices made by them, and for them, take the            him. I wasn’t used to the attentions of such a man.”
women down very different paths.                            Perhaps she has an agenda of her own?
   Now, in The Lady and the Unicorn, Chevalier has
chosen the six beautiful unicorn tapestries that hang
in the Cluny Museum of Paris for her next subject.
What do scholars know of these medieval works of art?
Not much. The quality of the material, together with
the style of the women’s clothing, suggest the end of
the 15th century. The coat of arms prominently dis-
played in the tapestries is that of the Le Viste fami-
ly, minor players in the French court. And the weav-
ing style points to northern Belgium, probably
Brussels. Voile! Now you have the ingredients for a
scintillating tale of love and lust, passion and pride,
and life in the Middle Ages.
   As in Falling Angels, the author has a different char-
acter narrate each chapter. I like this approach when
it works, and it certainly works here. Tracy Chevalier
has perfected the style of looking at events from the
eyes of the participants rather than a vague third per-
son’s perspective. She gets us inside the characters’
minds and allows us to see the story from all angles.
   First we hear the voice of Nicolas des Innocents, the
court artist who is commissioned by Jean Le Viste to
cover the walls of his dining room with large tapes-           To tell you more would be to take away the beau-
tries meant to impress his guests. With a suggestion        ty of reading this story. The artist, the weavers, the
from Le Vista’s wife that the tapestries be of ladies       family who commissioned the tapestries, all were
and unicorns instead of a bloody battle scene that her      changed in some way in spite of, or because of, those
husband envisioned, Nicolas manages to convince             enigmatic ladies and their unicorns.
his patron of the change and he paints a series of six         The Lady and the Unicorn is a bright, splashy
scenes, the first five representing the five senses and     slice of life and art in the 15th century. The author
the last? Scholars still debate over the meaning of that    is adept at telling a wonderful story while conveying
one.                                                        a sense of time and space. Not all authors can do that.
   Nicholas is a vain, womanizing, boot scraper ( but          Till next time, happy reading!

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