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									GIS and Law

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Question 1: The Singer

   Speaker
   Songwriter - words
   Composer - music
Estate of Martin Luther King, Jr., Inc. v. CBS

   I have a dream, delivered on the steps at the Lincoln
    Memorial in Washington, D.C. on August 28, 1963
   The court ruled the speech was a performance and
    is, like other performances such as plays and CBS's
    own television shows, covered by copyright, and is
    not in the public domain
   The case was never finally decided as the two sides
    ultimately settled the matter out of court
   From:
Question 2: Map in book or CD

   The Complete National Geographic CD-ROM
       All mags since 1888
       9,500 articles
       180,000 photographs,
       196,000 pages of material
       1.4 million units of it have been sold
Question 2: Map in book or CD

   Nothing has been paid to the freelance
    contributors to the original magazine
   Ward et al v National Geographic
   Lots of court time involved
Question 2: Map in book or CD
   Jerry Greenberg v. National Geographic Society, et al.
   No. 05-16964 (11th Cir., June 13, 2007)
   Republication Of Magazine In CD-ROM Format Is A Protected Revision
    That Does Not Require Additional License
   The 11th Circuit holds that pursuant to 17 U.S.C. Section 201(c), the
    republication of 1200 National Geographic magazines in a 30 disc cd-rom set
    titled ‘the Complete National Geographic’ is a permitted revision of those
    collective works for which the National Geographic, the owner of the copyright
    therein, does not need additional license or permission from plaintiff, the owner
    of the copyright in various photos contained in these magazines. The fact that
    this cd-rom set also contained a new 25 second video montage of the covers of
    10 of the magazines it contained did not alter this conclusion. In reaching this
    result, the 11th Circuit followed the decisions of the Second Circuit in Faulkner
    v. Nat’l Geographic Society, 409 F.3d 26 (2d Cir.) cert denied – US --, 126 S.Ct.
    833 (2005) and the Supreme Court in New York Times Co. v. Tasini, 533 U.S.
    483 (2001). The 11th Circuit accordingly reversed its prior contrary decision,
    and remanded the case to the District Court for further consideration of plaintiff’s
    claim that the inclusion of one of his photographs in a magazine cover contained
    in this new 25 second montage infringed his copyright therein.
Question 3: Crime data – Crime Map

   Government Proposes New Regulation Of
    Sports Statistics And Other "Facts"

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