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November_ 2011 Edition - St. Louis APDA


November 2011: Vol. 25, Issue 4          Newsletter of the American Parkinson Disease Association, St. Louis Chapter

Our mission is to enhance
                                         Update of Advances at the APDA
the quality of life for people
with Parkinson’s disease, their
                                         Advanced Center for Parkinson’s
families, and caregivers in
our communities throughout
                                         Research at Washington University
Missouri and southern Illinois,
and to provide funding for
                                         School of Medicine
                                         Joel S. Perlmutter, M.D., Department of Neurology, Medical Director,
ongoing Parkinson’s disease
                                         Movement Disorders Section, Washington University School of Medicine

                                               he APDA Advanced Center for Parkin-           and skull reaches the brain and then some of
In This Issue                                  son’s Research at Washington University       the light bounces back out and can be detected
Letter from the President... 2                 continues to provide care to a large num-     with special highly sensitive detectors.
PD & Psychosis Study ....... 4           ber of people with Parkinson and relat-
                                         ed diseases. Of course, our job is to not                      Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
Good Samaritan Savings .... 5            only provide cutting-edge care but to                             Investigation of DBS continues to
Your Legacy ..................... 5      develop new treatments for future use.                         be a major area of our research ac-
Is DOPAL the Culprit? ....... 6          In both of these areas, we have made                           tivities. We still are working on deter-
                                         substantial progress. Much of our re-                          mining the effects of DBS on differ-
PD4PD-Partnered Dance ... 7
                                         search has been made possible with                             ent parts of the subthalamic nucleus
Neurologist Care in PD ...... 8          support from the Greater St. Louis                             (STN). This tiny area in the brain is
Fashion Show 2011 ..... 9-12             Chapter of the APDA and continued                              the target of stimulation for many of
                                         support from the National APDA. Ad-                            our people with PD. However, there
MO Shared Care
                                         ditional exciting research being conducted by       remains some controversy about which part of
Tax Credit ...................... 13
                                         Drs. Willis and Racette are covered in separate     the STN should be targeted with DBS to pro-
Calendars                                articles in this newsletter.                        vide optimal benefit and yet minimize any side
(Support Groups) ....... 14-15             We are delighted to have two new fellows          effects. Interestingly, we found that stimula-
Welders at                               this year. Dr. Mwize Ushe joined us as a post-      tion of almost any part of STN could improve
Increased Risk .......... 15-16          doctoral fellow in June 2011. During medical        walking. This was rather surprising since it had
Exercise Classes ............. 16        school at Washington University, he worked in       been previously thought that the top part of the
                                         my laboratory on mechanisms of deep brain           STN was the key area for this benefit. A paper
Hallucinations .................17       stimulation. He will continue to focus on this      describing these findings was just published by
Tributes & Donations .. 18-19            area using PET and quantified measures of           our group. In addition, we also just published
                                         movement as research tools. Dr. Amy Viehover        a paper on the effects of stimulation of the
    NEWSLETTER DISCLAIMER                also joined us as a post-doctoral fellow in July    STN on mood. We found that mood improved
“The information and reference ma-       2011. She will focus also on deep brain stimula-    whether we stimulated just one side of the brain
 terial contained herein concerning      tion and will work with Drs. Joe Colvert and        or both sides. However, left STN stimulation
 research being done in the field of     Tamara Hershey to apply methods of optical          improved mood more than right STN stimu-
 Parkinson’s disease and answers to      imaging to investigate brain response to deep       lation. Interestingly, on the right side, stimula-
 readers’ questions are solely for the   brain stimulation. Optical imaging uses the         tion of the more medial STN (that is the part
 information of the reader. It should    reflectance of light shined on the head to mea-     closer to the center of the head) provided great-
 not be used for treatment purposes,     sure function of the surface of the brain – quite   er mood benefit than more lateral locations of
 rather for discussion with the pa-
                                         amazing. Light shining right through the scalp                                     continued on page 3
 tient’s own physician.”
     Deborah Dalin Guyer, MA, Coordinator
                                                    Letter from the President
                    Matt LaMartina, APDA Board President, Greater St. Louis Chapter
      Elaine Dreher, Program Coordinator

      Campus	Box	8111	•	660	S.	Euclid
                                                             ore than 130,000 people will            •	 Aquatic exercise
             St. Louis, MO 63110                             be diagnosed with Parkinson’s           •	 Dance classes
     314-362-3299	•	314-747-1601	(fax)                       disease in the United States this       •	 Educational programs
                 Office Hours:                      year alone. I reflect on that number and         •	 Resource library
      Monday–Friday 7:30 AM–4:00 PM
                                                    think about our                                  •	 Speech classes
                                                    mission, “To Ease                                •	 Wellness classes
             ST. LOUIS CHAPTER
                                                    the Burden—To                                    •	 Respite care programs
        1415 Elbridge Payne, Suite 168              Find the Cure.”                                   In addition, your gift touches the
           Chesterfield, MO 63017                   The American                                   lives of people across the globe suffering
                636-537-5455                        Parkinson Disease                              from PD by funding research and clini-
          Call to make appointment.
                                                    Association of                                 cal trials. The research not only focuses
           ST. LOUIS CHAPTER APDA                   Greater St. Louis                              on finding a cure for the disease, but
                                                    lives that mission                             also identifies options to improve the
           Matt LaMartina, President
       Tom Mackowiak, 1st Vice President            every single day. Whether helping pa-          quality of life of patients until a cure is
        Don Carlson, 2nd Vice President             tients suffering from PD, supporting           found.
       Bob Goldsticker, 3rd Vice President          the families and caregivers who care for          On behalf of individuals with Par-
          Brian Hantsbarger, Treasurer
                                                    them, or funding the research teams            kinson’s disease, their care partners, re-
          Rebecca Daming, Secretary
                                                    who work tirelessly to find a cure, we         searchers, and our chapter, I encourage
               MEMBERS AT LARGE
      Bill Billings              Joseph Marchbein
                                                    are dedicated to this great cause.             you to join me in making a contribu-
      Patsy Dalton               Robert Sanderson      Easing the burden and eventually            tion to the St. Louis APDA. Please re-
    David Dankmyer                Jack Strosnider   finding a cure takes more than just            turn the enclosed envelope or visit our
     Brook Dubman                   Lynda Wiens
    Rebecca B. Farris              Stan Wilensky
                                                    man-hours; it takes resources and mon-         website at to make a
                                                    ey. A donation to the St. Louis APDA           secure gift that impacts the lives of so
                   Susan B. Levin
                                                    will allow us to continue to provide a         many. The only gift too small is no gift
                                                    network of services to those impacted          at all. Thank you in advance for your
            Deborah Dalin Guyer, M.A.
                                                    by Parkinson’s disease. The list of pa-        support and generosity. n
                                                    tient and caregiver programs that the
               MEDICAL ADVISORS
                 Kevin Black, MD
                                                    St. Louis APDA offers at little or no
             Terri Hosto, MSW, LCSW                 cost includes:
               William Landau, MD                     •	 Exercise classes
              Joel S. Perlmutter, MD                  •	 Support groups
                Brad Racette, MD
                Samer Tabbal, MD
                  Lee Tempel, MD
             NATIONAL AFFILIATION                    REMINDER
           APDA	•	135	Parkinson	Ave.
            Staten Island, NY 10305                 We have a new database. If you have changed your address recently or if you no longer wish
                 800-223-2732                       to receive our newsletters, please let us know by contacting us @ 314-362-3299 or drehere@
                        EDITOR             or by returning the form provided to APDA, Campus Box 8111, 660 S. Euclid
                 Deborah D. Guyer                   Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110.
                    LInda Clark                     Name____________________________________________________________
                   Elaine Dreher
                   Betty Hayward
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                                                    New Address _______________________________________________________


                                                    Phone Number _____________________________________________________
          American Parkinson Disease Association

2       St. Louis APDA LiNK                                                                                              November 2011
Research Advances                             thinking tests, genetic testing, and mea-     possible with volunteer participants.
                                              sures of chemicals in the spinal fluid to
 continued from page 1                        try to determine the cause of thinking        Other Studies
stimulation. We are following up both         problems. We study people with PD               We also continue to participate in sev-
of these observations and are now do-         without thinking problems, those with         eral large studies to identify genetic fac-
ing more complex evaluations of mood,         thinking problems, and people without         tors that contribute to development of
thinking, and movement.                       PD or thinking problems. The idea is          PD. Some of these studies require DNA
  As for many of the studies that I will      the PET scans, using a tracer called PIB,     samples be obtained from blood from
describe, these studies could not have        identify abnormal amyloid in the brain        thousands of people. We have been able
been done without the Chapter support         and will tell us who has Alzheimer’s          to contribute more than 1000 samples
that not only started these studies but       type changes in the brain. Of course,         collected at our center to these studies
continues to help us pursue new ideas         being hard-core investigators, the only       and continue to identify new genetic
and collect preliminary data. Of course,      way to know really what the PET or            factors that may contribute to the risk
none of this research would be possible       other measures reflect is to examine          of PD. Two more papers have been
without our research participants with        the brain after someone dies. That is         published in prestigious medical jour-
PD that have been treated with DBS.           also part of the study, but we encour-        nals (PLoS Genetics and Lancet) describ-
Their commitment and fortitude have           age everyone to hang on to their brain        ing the findings of these studies. The
been critical for us to make this progress.   as long as possible before making that        bottom line is that it appears that nearly
These studies are now supported by an         contribution. However, that incredibly        20% of the risk for developing PD may
NIH grant that Dr. Hershey has and            generous contribution has turned out          come from genetic factors. This work
another one that I have. My NIH grant         to be immensely valuable. We found            continues with the help of all physicians
was recently renewed for five more years,     that those with abnormal PIB scans had        requesting each of our patients donate a
and this work will continue to need the       excessive amyloid in the brain – like         blood sample for this research.
support of our volunteer subjects.            people with Alzheimer’s disease but did         Another area of “hot research” has
                                              not have abnormal tau. Thus, they did         been using new MRI methods to mea-
Dementia in PD                                not have Alzheimer’s disease. Rather all      sure the relationship of how different
  We have completed our fifth year            had abnormal alpha-synuclein through-         parts of the brain work together even
of support by the Chapter to investi-         out the brain and this was the likely         when the brain is at “rest” while just
gate the relationship of dementia with        cause of their thinking problems. Since       lying in the scanner. These studies are
PD. This has been a particularly pro-         finding these results, we were able to        called resting-state connectivity stud-
ductive year. We are now completing           test whether this was true in a larger        ies since they measure the connections
a manuscript describing the changes           group of people. We reviewed the brain        among different brain regions. We have
in the brain that occur in people with        tissue from the last 33 people that had       several studies in PD examining how
PD who subsequently develop demen-            PD with dementia, and the analysis            these connections change in people
tia. Dementia is most commonly as-            confirmed our findings. We are now in         with PD. One study has found changes
sociated with Alzheimer’s disease, but        the process of completing a manuscript        in connections between brain regions
we know that people with PD have an           for publication on this part of the study.    low in dopamine (chemical messenger
increased risk of developing this prob-          The bottom line is that we now be-         that is deficient in PD) with other brain
lem with concentration, sequencing of         lieve that dementia in PD is caused by        regions either near the surface of the
activities (like programming a remote         this abnormal alpha-synuclein with or         brain – the so-called cortex – as well
control), and memory. In the past, we         without abnormal amyloid but that             as in deep structures in the back of the
had thought that people with PD de-           Alzheimer’s disease may be a relatively       lower part of the brain. These findings
velop dementia due to one of two main         uncommon cause of dementia in peo-            may help explain some different prob-
causes. One possibility is co-existing        ple with PD. This new information will        lems like walking or balance problems
Alzheimer’s disease in which two pro-         direct how and what therapies we test         as well as tremor. We are about to sub-
teins called amyloid and tau go awry in       to treat thinking problems that may           mit a manuscript for publication on
the brain. The other possibility is that a    arise. This study was entirely funded by      these findings. Another study directed
different protein called alpha-synuclein      the Chapter for the first five years – the    by Dr. Meghan Campbell uses the same
misbehaves in the brain. This is the pro-     time needed to collect adequate pre-          methods to investigate these types of
tein that leads to the motor manifesta-       liminary data for an NIH grant appli-         connections before someone with PD
tions of PD when it accumulates in a          cation. We did apply and just received        ever takes any medication and then re-
part of the back of the brain called the      funding for a five-year study to support      peats the scan to check the connections
substantia nigra.                             this research. Once again, though, it is      after a first dose of levodopa. We are still
   Our study uses PET scans, MRI scans,       critical to note that this research is only                     continued on next page

 Volume 25, Issue 4                                                                                     St. Louis APDA LiNK          3
Research Advances                                                                          versity but rather just some highlights.

                                                   inally, the last area that I should     We have several other areas of active
 continued from previous page
                                                   report is the progress made inves-      research, and do not forget to read Dr.
collecting participants for this study –           tigating a new drug that may slow       Willis’ summary of the exciting research
so if you are newly diagnosed and have       the progression of PD. As I have said in      that she and Dr. Racette’s team have
not taken any medication, give us a call.    past newsletters, these studies have been     been doing – which has also been sup-
Finally, Drs. Kristen Pickett and Gam-       done in collaboration with Dr. Laura          ported by the Chapter. Remember, we
mon Earhart are using these techniques       Dugan at the University of California         may think of new ideas about the cause
to investigate the brain mechanisms of       in San Diego. She had discovered this         or the treatment of PD, but the idea does
how different rehabilitation strategies      new drug called carboxyfullerene. It          not move forward without support to
help walking in PD.                          was named fullerene since the structure       collect preliminary data. You have pro-
  Another area of research has been the      of the molecule resembles a geodesic          vided that support – both financially and
development and validation of neuro-         (think of the shape of the Climatron at       with your volunteer participation.
imaging methods to measure the severi-       the Botanical Gardens), and the geode-          Once again, I want to thank all of
ty of brain abnormalities in people with     sic dome was first designed by the ar-        our volunteers and caregivers that have
PD. This has been a challenging area,        chitect Buckmeister Fuller – hence the        participated in our research. We also ap-
but this year our hard work has borne        name fullerenes. Although I thought           preciate the continued financial support
fruit. First, we have found the degree of    we were close last year, we have found        of the Greater St. Louis Chapter of the
nerve cell loss needed to produce par-       (based upon our neuroimaging research         APDA and all of the contributors. All
kinsonian manifestations. This is par-       just described in the paragraph above)        of the work described has truly been a
ticularly important since it also tells us   that we need to re-analyze the PET im-        team effort including the APDA Ad-
how much we need to restore for some-        aging data from this study. We are now        vanced Center faculty, staff, St. Louis
one to recover brain function. We also       in the process of doing that and then will    Chapter, the hard working Board of
have found new relationships between         send the final results to Dr. Dugan for       Directors, the volunteers, the National
several of the PET-based methods for         statistical analysis. Although we are do-     APDA, and our other supporters like
trying to measure dopamine nerve cells       ing the research project at Washington        the National Institutes of Health. Fi-
and the function and number of those         University, we are blinded as to which        nally, I want to specifically thank Deb-
nerve cells. This is particularly critical   subjects are treated with the active drug     bie Guyer who puts in countless hours
since these types of PET scans can play      and which receive a placebo. This keeps       to help the Chapter and our research
an important role in research studies to     the science pristine. Although I have         group work together. She deserves all of
test whether new treatments can slow         said this in the past, I hope that next       our appreciation. Thank you. n
progression of PD. These types of scans      year’s newsletter will have an answer
can be an objective measure of disease       about this exciting new area. This work         Dr. Perlmutter will be presenting his
progression. We have just submitted          was initially supported by the Chapter        annual Research Update in April 2012,
several manuscripts describing these re-     and more recently has been supported          instead of November this year.
sults and are now in the process of ap-      by an NIH grant.
plying for another NIH grant to permit         Amazingly, this is not an exhaustive list
this line of research to continue.           of our PD research at Washington Uni-

Study: Parkinson’s Disease and Psychosis
       r. Kevin Black at Washington            The study will research the                            caregivers are able to ac-
       University School of Medicine is      safety and effectiveness of an                           company the subject to all
       participating in a research study     investigational medication compared                      study visits. Participation
investigating a medication for Par-          to placebo (an inactive look alike                       will last approximately 12
kinson’s disease-related Psycho-             substance) in individuals who are                        weeks and includes up to
sis (PDP) sponsored by ACADIA                experiencing hallucinations and/or                       five office visits and two
Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The most com-          delusions.                                               phone contacts. For more
mon symptoms of PDP are hallu-                 To take part in the study, individu-                   information, please contact
cinations (seeing, hearing, and/or           als must be at least 40 years old with                   Mary C. at 314-362-7651
feeling something that is not actu-          a diagnosis of PD for at least one                       or
ally present) and delusions (believ-         year and have been experiencing                          n
ing in something that is not true,           PDP symptoms for at least the
often including paranoid thoughts).          past month. It is important that

4     St. Louis APDA LiNK                                                                                       November 2011
Get Your “Good Samaritan”                                                              Your Legacy
Savings                                                                                Debbie Guyer, M.A.
                                                                                       Executive Director
David S. Dankmyer, JD, LL.M., Partner, Financial Management Partners                   St. Louis APDA

W                                                                                      E
         hile everyone knows giving to      A Few Things to Note                               laine and I were discussing the
         a charity is its own reward, the    •	 If you contribute more than $250,              contents of this November news-
         government has added an ex-            you need written acknowledgment                letter. The
tra benefit/incentive for your contribu-        indicating the amount contributed.      November issue
tions. Every time you make a donation        •	 If the organization provided            is our annual re-
to the St. Louis Chapter of the Ameri-          goods or services in exchange for       search newsletter.
can Parkinson Disease Association, you          your contribution (e.g. dinner          But at the same
can be rewarded for your charity dur-           in exchange for the tickets             time, we also want
ing tax filing season. When                     you purchased), make sure to            to remind our
you give money or                                     note that on the written          readers of many
property to the                                         communication to be filed.      of the patient ser-
APDA, the IRS                                           Your deduction is then          vices/programs available at no cost to
allows you to                                           offset by the fair market       participants, which Matt has addressed
deduct those con-                                     value of the benefit received.    in his annual appeal.
tributions from your                               •	If you donate non-cash (e.g.          So this does seem like a very appro-
taxes.                                          property) that is valued at more        priate issue and time of year to reflect
                                                than $500, you must fill out Form       and to ask you to consider giving a gift
 How to Get the                                 8283, found here: http://www.irs.       to sustain the wonderful programming
“Good Samaritan”                                gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8283.pdf.              and research being conducted in our lo-
 Savings                                           •	If you donate non-cash that        cal community. The board is consider-
1. Donate to the                                is more that $5,000, you need to        ing enhancing our patient services by
    St. Louis Chapter                           provide a qualified appraisal of the    adding a taxi voucher/transportation as-
    of the APDA. As                             value, and fill out Form 8283 B,        sistance program, and also homemaker
    a 501(c)(3) orga-                           found here:         services to enable those individuals with
    nization, all donations to the APDA         pub/irs-pdf/f8283.pdf.                  Parkinson’s disease to continue to live
    are deductible.                                                                     independently in their own homes.
 2. Make a record of the contribution       A Word on Deduction Limits                     I was catching up on my reading
    by either:                                Sadly, the IRS has put a limit on the     recently and came upon a very subtle
    a. Getting a bank record: a can-        amount of money you can deduct from         but powerful message about creating a
        celled check, credit card state-    your taxes for charitable contributions.    legacy. It was a small advertisement that
        ment, or a statement from your      For the APDA donations, you can de-         filled a complete page of the paper: “We
        bank or credit union; or            duct up to 50% of your adjusted gross       create meaning by connecting ourselves
    b. Other written communication          income. Anything above that can be de-      to something greater.” It went on to say,
        containing the name of the orga-    ducted over the next five years.           “We create meaning by doing something
        nization, the date of the contri-                                               with our lives that will not end with
        bution, and the amount of the       Donating to the APDA Is Easy                our death. The great use of life, wrote
        contribution.                         Here’s how: Call us at 314-362-           the philosopher William James, is to
 3. Itemize the contribution on Sched-      3299; send a check or credit card in-       spend it on something that will outlast
    ule A of Form 1040, found here:         formation to Campus Box 8111, 660           it.” That reminded me of the quota-         S. Euclid Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110;        tion by Nelson Henderson, “The true
    f1040sa.pdf. So if you donate to        or donate online at     meaning of life is to plant trees, whose
    the St. Louis Chapter of the APDA       donate. Once you donate, follow the         shade beneath you do not expect to sit.”
    in 2011, make sure to keep record       steps above and get your “Good Samari-      What will you do this year that will out-
    of it and deduct it in your 2011 tax    tan” savings! n                             last you? We hope you will consider our
    filing.                                                                             request. May you enjoy a happy and
                                                                                        healthy holiday season with family and
                                                                                        friends, and may 2012 bring us even
                                                                                        closer to a cure for PD. n

 Volume 25, Issue 4                                                                                St. Louis APDA LiNK        5
In Search of the Etiology of Parkinson Disease:
Is DOPAL the culprit?
W. Michael Panneton, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacological & Physiological Science,
Saint Louis University Medical School

         any theories have been suggest-     the brains of human PD patients. Thus       down DOPAL to nontoxic forms. The
         ed as to why dopamine neurons       DOPAL may indeed be the culprit poi-        rats showed significant turning similar
         die in the brains of patients       soning the dopaminergic neurons in the      to that seen after injections of DOPAL.
with idiopathic Parkinson’s disease, but     brain and leading to PD.                    Also, there was marked loss of a synthet-
none have yet been proven. The loss             We must remember that Parkinson’s        ic enzyme for dopamine in brain neu-
of these neurons, as well as their projec-   disease is classed as a neurodegenerative   rons on the side of the injection, sug-
tions, form the basis for the associated     disorder; thus neurons are dying in PD      gesting that not as much dopamine was
motor dysfunctions prevalent in Par-         merely by its association with this clas-   being made in these cells. Qualitative
kinson’s disease (PD). My colleagues at      sification. The question arises, however,   observations of cells in the substantia
Saint Louis University Medical School,       as to why DOPAL, a normal metabolite        nigra implicate that many of the dopa-
William J. Burke and Vijay B. Kumar,         of dopamine in all humans, would be         mine cells located here have died, simi-
and I have been working diligently on        toxic in patients who develop PD while      lar to that seen after DOPAL injections
the “catecholaldehyde hypothesis” of         others are spared. Firstly, since the oc-   and mimicking that seen in Parkinson
PD which proposes that an accumula-          currence of PD increases with age, all      brains. This is very important since this
tion of a toxic product of dopamine,         might befall its wrath if we lived long     enzyme neutralizes the toxic effects of
DOPAL, is toxic to neurons in the            enough. Indeed, we all travel through       DOPAL; without it DOPAL would re-
brain and leads to PD. We have shown         life at different speeds thus reaching      main in the neurons and, if our hypoth-
that DOPAL induces a protein to ag-          an end point at different times. Sec-       esis is correct, the neurons should die.
gregate both in cell culture experiments     ondly, it has been noted that an enzyme       We are currently doing more control
as well as in rat brains. This protein is    which normally breaks DOPAL down            experiments and quantifying this de-
found in large quantities in Lewy bod-       quickly to a nontoxic form is deficient     generation of dopamine neurons in the
ies, a pathologic hallmark of PD, and        in Parkinson brains. Our recent inves-      laboratory of Nigel Cairns at Washing-
suggested by some to be a precursor of       tigations, funded in part through the       ton University School of Medicine and
cell death. Injections of DOPAL into         generosity of the St. Louis Chapter of      hope to report on our findings in April
the brains of rats induce cell death         the American Parkinson Disease Associ-      at the American Academy of Neurol-
in 43-50% of dopaminergic neurons            ation and angel benefactor, Ted Hume,       ogy annual meetings. This observation
while apparently sparing nearby neu-         and his friends, have focused on deter-     provides an important link to the etiol-
rons which use transmitters other than       mining whether decreasing this enzyme       ogy of Parkinson’s disease. If DOPAL is
dopamine. This data was supported by         can induce behavioral changes in rats       the culprit, we may now have a target
changes in rat behavior after DOPAL          and kill dopamine neurons. This past        to which we can take aim, and perhaps
injections; the rats developed a turn-       summer we injected a molecule into the      develop a therapeutic agent which can
ing behavior, likened to symptoms of         brains of rats in the hopes of disrupting   slow Parkinson’s disease. n
PD patients. DOPAL is increased in           this important enzyme from breaking

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                                                                                         they will automatically contribute up
                                                                                         to 3% of every dollar you spend to the
                                                                                         St. Louis APDA by using this card. If you
                                                                                         do not have an eScrip card, call St. Louis
    Another easy way to contribute to the APDA                                           APDA at 314-362-3299 and request a
    during these tough economic times is to                                              Schnucks eScrip community card. We
                                                                                         will enroll you and mail the card out
    request an eScrip card.                                                              the same day.

6     St. Louis APDA LiNK                                                                                       November 2011
PD4PD: Partnered Dance For Parkinson Disease
Gammon M. Earhart, PhD, PT, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, Anatomy & Neurobiology, and Neurology,
Washington University in St. Louis

       ince 2006 my research labora-        ted to dancing tango twice a week for a    ation. We assessed participants’ disease
       tory at Washington University in     year. We tracked these individuals over    severity at the beginning of the study
       St. Louis has studied the benefits   the course of the year and compared        and again at 3, 6, and 12 months us-
of dance, and in particular Argentine       them to another group of people with       ing the Unified Parkinson Disease Rat-
tango, for people with Parkinson’s dis-     PD who were not dancing. All assess-       ing Scale. After just three months, the
ease (PD). This work has been possible      ments were done with participants off      people who were dancing tango had
through grant support from the na-          medication; i.e., people skipped taking    lower disease severity than people who
tional APDA, as well as support from        their PD medications for at least 12       were not dancing, despite the fact that
the St. Louis Chapter of the APDA. I        hours prior to coming in for each evalu-   the two groups started out with equal
am pleased to have this opportunity                                                    levels of disease severity. Differences be-
to share with you the highlights of our                                                tween the two groups got larger as time
most recent study, PD4PD: Part-                                                        went on, with the tango group continu-
nered Dance for Parkinson                                                              ing to improve and show reduced dis-
Disease, funded by the Par-                                                            ease severity over the full year. By the
kinson’s Disease Foundation. I                                                             end of the study, the tango group
hope that you will find the re-                                                            showed a 25% reduction in disease
sults interesting, and perhaps                                                             severity. This suggests that dancing
even inspiring. Maybe you will                                                             may be able to modify the progres-
consider dusting off your dancing                                                          sion of disability over time and that
shoes and joining our local tango                                                          the benefits of dancing tango are cu-
class.                                                                                     mulative, as larger gains were noted
  Beginning in late 2009, we                                                               with longer participation in a tango
launched a study to determine the                                                          program. In addition to these excit-
long-term effects of tango dancing                                                         ing improvements in overall disease
for people with PD. We were fortu-                                                         severity, we also noted significant
nate to have a very dedicated group                                                    improvements in balance and walking.
of participants with PD who commit-                                                       If you are interested in learning more
                                                                                       about our other studies demonstrating
   “Dancing makes                                                                      the benefits of tango for people with
                                                                                       PD, you can find the results in several
  use of the senses.                                                                   published papers. Driven by this body
                                                                                       of research, several communities have
   Conscious use of                                                                    established or are in the process of es-
                                                                                       tablishing tango classes for people with
    vision, hearing,                                                                   PD. Thanks to the generous support of
                                                                                       the St. Louis APDA, we are pleased to

  and touch makes                                                                      be able to offer tango classes for people
                                                                                       with PD in our own community in

  moving easier for                                                                    2012. If you are inspired to give tango a
                                                                                        try, please contact the APDA office at
                                                                                          314-362-3299 and sign up for classes
   persons with PD,                                                                         today!
                                                                                                    Please note that if you are
  just as it does for                                                                              considering dance or an-
                                                                                                    other form of exercise, it is
       dancers.”                                                                                      advised that you consult
                                                                                                       with a health professional
                     —Dance 4 PD                                                                        prior to beginning. n

 Volume 25, Issue 4                                                                                St. Louis APDA LiNK         7
Neurologist Care in Parkinson Disease:
Optimizing your Health
Allison W. Willis, M.D., Assistant Professor of Neurology, Movement Disorders Specialist
Washington University School of Medicine

       lthough those of us who care for    treated, according to the following out-      themselves (maintain a healthy weight,
       and about people with Parkinson     comes: 1) hip fracture (people with PD        exercise, take their medications) may
       disease are optimistic that some    are at higher risk for fall with resulting    be more likely to want to or be able to
day treatments that slow the progres-      hip fracture), 2) skilled nursing facility    see a neurologist for their PD. On the
sion or prevent the disease will be dis-   placement and 3) survival.                    other hand, neurologists may be more
covered, recent medication studies have      Our results were striking: only 58%         likely to get referrals for PD patients
been disappointing. Coenzyme Q10           of people with a new diagnosis of PD          with more symptoms, and that could
does not appear to slow the progression    were getting care from a neurologist          mean our data actually underestimates
of PD, and although definitive studies     in the first several years after diagnosis.   the benefit from neurologist care.
are pending, the improvement in mo-        Women and non-whites (Asian, Black,              The treatment of PD can be very com-
tor score associated with taking rasaga-   Hispanic) PD patients were about 30%          plicated; people with PD are more likely
line (Azilect) was small and temporary.    less likely to have a PD specialist in-       to have bladder infections, pneumonia,
Therefore, there is a need to find other   volved in their care compared to white        falls, and hallucinations in addition to
                                                                                         the common PD motor symptoms of
                                                                                         tremor, stiffness, slowness, and change
                                                                                         in gait. The medications used to treat
                                                                                         PD can cause confusion, hallucinations,
                                                                                         and dyskinesias as the disease progress-
                                                                                         es. Add to these the high frequency of
                                                                                         constipation, fainting, confusion, poor
                                                                                         sleep quality, and anxiety/depression. It
                                                                                         is not difficult to imagine that the expe-
                                                                                         rience gained from training in neurol-
                                                                                         ogy may result in better outcomes.
                                                                                            As interesting as it may be, I caution
                                                                                         that this data is preliminary, and we must
                                                                                         identify specific ways in which neurolo-
                                                                                         gist care improves outcomes before our
                                                                                         data may be used to change health care
                                                                                         policies. I am beginning enrollment for
ways to improve well-being in those        men. Those who had neurologist care           a nationwide long term study of out-
who have PD.                               were 36% less likely to be placed in a        comes (iMPROve= Medicare Parkinson
  Recent data from our research group      nursing home by the end of the study          Risks and Outcomes study) to answer
suggests that the simple act of seeing     and 19% less likely to suffer a hip frac-     this very question in 2012. So, my ad-
a neurologist for your PD care, rather     ture. Finally, neurologist treated PD pa-     vice to those who receive their PD care
than having your primary care physi-       tients were 37% less likely to die by the     from a primary care physician and are
cian also treat your PD, is associated     end of the study.                             doing relatively well is to keep doing
with improved health and survival.            There are many possible explanations       what you are doing! Make sure you re-
This study was published in the journal    for our findings. Women and minori-           port all medications you are taking to
Neurology (August 2011). We studied        ties (Asians, Blacks, Hispanics) may not      avoid interactions. Do not neglect other
over 138,000 elderly people diagnosed      see neurologists as often because they        medical problems like high blood pres-
with PD in 2002, and followed them         may have milder forms of PD that do           sure, diabetes, or high cholesterol, and
through 2008. People were categorized      not seem to require a specialist, or don’t    exercise daily. And, if you are one of the
according to whether the physician car-    request/desire a referral to a special-       people randomly selected to enroll in
ing for their PD was a neurologist or      ist. Our finding of improved survival         the study, please consider joining us in
not. We compared the two groups, neu-      may reflect health behaviors or overall       the largest study of PD in history aimed
rologist treated vs. primary care doctor   health; people who take better care of        at easing the burden of this disease. n

8     St. Louis APDA LiNK                                                                                     November 2011
I                                                                                       Oct. 10
   received a contribu-                                                                                        purchased by our
   tion this morning,
                             DAY                                                                               guests during the
   and on the back of
the tribute envelope                                                                     2011                  auction. Lynda con-
                                                                                                               sistently makes gift
was a sticker which
read, Find Answers—
                            Only!                                                                              baskets that are the
                                                                                                               envy of every other
Change Lives—Beat                                                                                              basket-maker and
Parkinson’s. I think                                                                                           every other auction
we’ve taken a giant step in that direc-    ties and a personal connection to ours         coordinator in St. Louis.

tion as a result of our recent 16th An-    for the past seven years. She seeks per-                      Combine it with a busi-
nual Fashion Show-Auction-Luncheon         fection and won’t stop until she achieves                     ness woman who, by her
which took place at the Sheraton West-     it. She is tireless and can’t turn off those                  very admission, can’t ac-
port Lakeside Chalet on October 10,        wheels of creation as she envisions and                       cept responsibility or take
2011.                                      builds the amazing baskets which were          charge of something that she is abso-
   So, how does a non-profit                                                                     lutely sure won’t be her best ef-
charity have a banner year, in                                                                     fort. “If I am going to do it, I
a year that has otherwise been                                                                     am going to do it well.” De-
very difficult for many, many                                                                      spite having taken a job based

                                                                                                                                       Photos courtesy of Cathy Hartman Photography except * by Bryan Schraier, Photographer, with permission by Ladue News
individuals, businesses and                                                                        in Portland, Tracy Wright
charities? Here is the recipe                                                                      honored her commitment
for our success this year.                                                                         to APDA this year by put-

         Start with the perfect                                                                    ting together fashions from
         Ho n o r a r y C h a i r,                                                                 boutiques in our community
         Steve Hurster. He                                                                         which you will want to visit as
         has a passion and a                                                                       you plan your fall wardrobe.
personal connection. His “can                                                                      Tracy assembled a beautiful
do” attitude, generosity, and                                                                      show featuring a team of vol-
competitive nature factored                                                                        unteers, radio and TV person-
into his ability to surpass the                  Steve Hurster, Honorary Chair                   alities. See photos on our web-
other 15 years of this event.                                                                        site:

As one of his friends reported,                                                                                     Top it off with
“Steve put the touch on me,                                                                                         an extraordi-
and he’s such a sweetheart;                                                                                         nary commit-
how can you turn him down?”                                                                                         tee. You might
Steve Hurster inspired us and                                                                        think we have hundreds of
made us remember why we                                                                              volunteers, but we are small
were all there in the first place.                                                                   and mighty, a committee of
You are a real jewel, Steve, and                                                                     13. Congratulations and our
I can certainly understand                                                                           deep appreciation to our un-
why your friends cannot tell                                                                         tiring committee members
you ‘no.’                                                                                            who went from shop to shop,

             Add an auc-                                                                             restaurant to restaurant, col-
             tion       chairper-                                                                    lecting items and gift cards
             son extraordi-                                                                          for our auction, and many
             n a i r e , Ly n d a                                                                    into their own wallets to pur-
Wiens, with over 30 years of            Lynda Wiens                         Addie Tompkins       chase items to complete an auc-
experience with other chari-          & Tracy Wright*                       & Gerry Francis      tion basket.

 Volume 25, Issue 4                                                                                   St. Louis APDA LiNK         9
       Mark & Nancy Kodner*
                                                                                       Dr. Joel Perlmutter

                                                                                  ongratulations and our sincere
                                                                                  thanks to the 14 boutique own-
                                                   Dr. Allison Willis
                                                                                  ers who selected fashions from
                                                                           their racks and fit our models for the
                                                                           show. Congratulations and a round of
                                                                           applause to our 50 beautiful models
                                                                           gliding the runway in fashionable at-
                                                                           tire. Heartfelt thanks to our reserva-
                                                                           tion volunteers, bankers, and runners
      Ruth Sandler, Dayle Norber                                           (31 more volunteers contributing to
            & Edie Brown*                                                  our success) who made sure that the
                                                                           event progressed smoothly for our 435
                                                                           guests. And the 19 people who arrived

                                                                                                                        Photos courtesy of Cathy Hartman Photography except * by Bryan Schraier, Photographer, with permission by Ladue News
                                            Connor, Cooper & Reed Low      in their SUVs and vans at our satellite
                                                                           resource center on Sunday afternoon to
                                                                           transport the 200 auction baskets, 50
                                                                           centerpieces, signs and clothing to the
                                                                           hotel. Our gratitude is extended to the
                                                                           141 donors who so generously contrib-
                                                                           uted gift items for the baskets and tastes
                                                                           of our town buffet gift certificates and
                                                                           one-of-a-kind items for our raffle. We
 Randee Fendelman, Courtney Adams,                                         couldn’t have achieved this success with-
 Terri Taylor, Carrie Taylor & Roz Gad*                                    out our 30 sponsors who contributed
                                                                           $46,200 to this event, and charitable
                                                                           donations received from an additional
                                              Julia & Joanie Garlich

     Emily Saksa & Courtney Tharpe        Brayden Wakula & Ellie Palombo                 Carlos Leon

10   St. Louis APDA LiNK                                                                        November 2011
                                                The Professional Dance Center

                                                                                                     Eliana Dubman

      Lynn & Steve Hurster
      Honorary Chair Couple
67 donors, totaling another $11,155. It
all came together for our most success-
ful fundraiser to date, and you all had a
role in our success. Victoria Babu kept
the commentary running and amusing
as emcee. The dancers from The Pro-
fessional Dance Center performed to
the delight of the audience entertain-
ing us between runs. Nancy and Mark
Kodner were recognized as they estab-                                                       Garett, Melissa, Brook
lished a family tribute which they and                                                       & Eliana Dubman
many of their friends and relatives have
already contributed to, for Parkinson’s
research. And finally, a special mention
of my appreciation and credit due to
my assistant, Elaine Dreher. Our differ-
ing styles and personalities make for a
perfect complement (Yin-Yang). To my
family, who for many months are so pa-
tient with my preoccupation with work,
just knowing how important and per-
                                              Annette Day, Norma McGehee
sonal Parkinson’s is to me…you mean
                                                   & Nicole Beckman
everything to me and enable me to give
120% to this cause and this event each
   Congratulations and many, many
thanks for all your help and support, as
we tally up the sensational results of this
year’s fashion show event. For a com-
plete viewing of all of the photographs
taken by and courtesy of Cathy Hart-
man Photography and video produc-                                                        Dr. Joel & Monica Perlmutter
tion by Larry Balsamo (Video Views),
visit our website at n
                                                                                Peyton, Grant, & Matt LaMartina

 Volume 25, Issue 4                                                                           St. Louis APDA LiNK       11
Sponsors                            Timothy Murch                        Angie Suntrup                       Brian Hantsbarger                     Panera Bread
                                    Karen P. Myers                       Courtney Tharpe                     Bob Kallemeier                        Poptions Popcorn
Silver Level                        Barbara Nikolychik                   Stephanie Tullock                   Linda Laramie                         The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis
Community Partnership at            Cyndi O’Toole                        Betty Velten                        Terry Lohmeyer                        The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch
    Benton Homebuilders             Linda & Matt Renner                  Allison Willis, MD, WUSM            Cindy Marsh                           Sylvia Saddler
Jeff & Lotta Fox                    Robert Sanderson                     Rick Yust                           Victor Mehrtens                       Dave & Christine Sadler
Steve & Lynn Hurster                Pam & Bruce Schneider                                                    Eric Nelson                           Jean Sadler
                                    Elizabeth Shook                      Junior Models                       Art Spellmeyer                        Ruth Sandler
Bronze Level                        Doris Squires                                                            Jack Strosnider                       Schlafly Beer
The Delmar Garden’s Family                                               Dominac, Maria & Maya Dolan
                                    Jill & Steven Starr                  Garett & Eliana Dubman              Sue Westermeyer                       Shakespeare Festival, St. Louis
Hilliker Corporation                Jack Strosnider                                                          Garth Wiens                           Silpada Designs
Luxco                                                                    Julia Garlich
                                    Molly Wainwright                     Grant & Peyton LaMartina            Alicia Wildhaber                      St. Louis Chapter APDA
Slay                                Steve & Suzy Weinstein                                                   Ruth Woodworth                        St. Louis Marriot West
Wells Fargo                                                              Connor & Cooper Low
                                    Janie & John Weiss                   Addison Luby                                                              St. Louis Symphony
                                    Lynda Wiens                          Cara & Ellie Palombo                Elsevier Volunteers                   Stages St. Louis
Pewter Level                        Stan & Donna Wilensky                                                                                          Starbucks Galleria
Terry & Kathy Bader                                                      Emma & Maggie Ratterman             Penny Dietrich
                                    Jill & Lewis Wilks                   Lexus Tullock                       Tom Gann                              Steel Magnolias Spa & Boutique
Barnes Jewish Hospital
                                    Jean Wunderlich                      Brayden Wakula                      Cheryl Grant                          Kevin Steincross
Jim & Anna Blair
                                                                         Rachel Walkenhorst                  Becky Harlow                          Stonewater Spa
Cooperative Home Care
                                    Stores & Boutiques                                                       Angelika Kreller                      Mary Strauss
Financial Management Partners
                                    Alpine Shop                                                              Emily Ogle                            Ted Drewes
Stan & Lesley Hoffman
                                    Ann Taylor                                                               Amy Rickles                           Kathleen Toal
Mark & Nancy Kodner                                                      Dancers: The Professional                                                 Addie Tompkins
Kodner, Watkins, & Kloecker         Cha Boutique                                                             Judith Schneider
                                    Chocolate Soup                       Dance Center                        Anne Simon                            Trader Joe’s
Kodner Gallery
                                    Jillybean                            Choreographers: Jeana Smith &       Sarah Spalding                        Carrie Travers-Wilson Means Salon
Maryville University
                                    Jos. A. Bank                            Yvonne Meyer Hare                                                      Unique Toy & Game
Edward “Pete” O’Brien (in memory)
                                    KayOss Designs                       Olivia Botonis                                                            Video Views
THF Realty
                                                                         Hayley Duffin                       Raffle Items                          Elaine Viets
Wolff Properties                    Marta’s Boutique                                                         APDA Board of Directors
                                                                         Therese Garret                                                            Vincent’s Jewelers
                                                                                                             Art Harper of Garland Wines           Marilyn Warren
Wine Reception                                                                                               Bailey Bank & Biddle, St. Louis
BJC Home Care Services-Lifeline                                                                                                                    Waterway Car Wash
                                                                                                                 Galleria                          West Oak Cleaners
George A. Capps Memorial                                                                                     David Kodner Personal Jeweler
   Foundation                                                                                                                                      Lynda Wiens
                                                                                                             Scotsman Coin & Jewelry               Wild Birds Unlimited
Gary, Deborah, Madeline & Lindsey                                                                            Ylang-Ylang Fine Jewelry
   Chervitz                                                                                                                                        Winston Churchill Memorial
Miss Elaine                                                                                                                                            Library & Museum
Andy & Dee Dee Kohn                                                                                          Auction Baskets & Items               Rusty Yost
Jim & Jan Otis                                                                                               Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum   Vicky Young
Doug & Stacy Rubenstein                                                                                      Amini’s
John & Linda Tracy                                                                                           Autohaus BMW-Anita Fink               St. Louis Buffet Restaurant
                                                                                                             Danene Beedle
Alvin & June Wolff                                                                                                                                 Gift Certificates
                                                                                                             Ada & Bill Billings
                                                                         Anna Gasset                                                               Almonds
                                    paperdolls boutique                                                      Mary Buck
Charitable Donations                                                     Emma Gasset                         Build-A-Bear Workshop
                                                                                                                                                   Bristol Seafood Grill
Marilyn Alton                       Petunia Children’s Clothing                                                                                    Café Napoli
                                    The Pro Shop at Norwood Hills        Carly Klien                         Cave Vineyard
Pat & Steve Bander                                                       Tori Marino                                                               California Pizza Kitchen
                                    Pure by Jen                                                              Continuum
Philip Barron Realty Co.                                                 Kathryn Mayer                                                             Candicci’s Restaurant & Bar
                                    Savvi Formalwear                                                         Harry A. Dalin
Joyce Berger                                                             Megan Mayer                                                               Canyon Café
                                    Vie                                                                      Damhorst Puzzles & Toys, Inc.
Jeanne & Joe Bergfeld                                                    Emma Miller                                                               Castelli’s Restaurant at 255
                                                                                                             David Dankmyer
Bill Billings                                                            Erica Staub                                                               The Cheesecake Factory
                                                                                                             Delmar Gardens &
Myra Bradley                        Kiosk                                Miranda Widman                       Garden Villas Chesterfield
                                                                                                                                                   Elephant Bar Restaurant
Charlene Bry                        Silpada Jewelry                                                                                                Favazza’s
                                                                                                              Garden Villas O’Fallon
Rebecca Bruchhauser-Farris                                                                                                                         First Watch
Jan Carlock                                                              Auction Committee                    Garden Villas North
                                                                                                                                                   Flemings Prime Steakhouse
                                    Hair & Makeup                        Debbie Guyer, Coordinator            Garden Villas South
                                                                                                                                                       & Wine Bar
Don Carlson                         James Pearson Salon & Day Spa                                             Garden Villas West
Jeff & Rebecca Cook                                                      Lynda Wiens, Chairperson, Auction                                         Frank & Helen’s Pizzeria
                                                                         Mary Buck                           Dierbergs Markets
Rhonda Cox                                                                                                                                         Gianfabio’s Italian Café
                                    Honorary Chair Couple &              Elaine Dreher                       Jane Domke
Debbie Dalin                                                                                                                                       Hearth Room Café
                                                                         Gerry Francis                       Dream House & Tea Room
David & Patsy Dalton                Master of Ceremony                                                       Elaine Dreher
                                                                                                                                                   Hot Wok Café
James Dalton                        Steve & Lynn Hurster                 Jeanne Hogenkamp                                                          Kreis Restaurant
                                                                         Nancy Marble                        Extra-Virgin Olive Ovation
David Dankmyer                      Victoria Babu, KTRS 550AM                                                                                      Krieger’s Sports Bar & Grill
                                                                         Josie Mazzola                       Fernando’s Hair Studio
Buzz & Pat Dunaway                                                                                                                                 Latitude 26
                                                                         Barbara Nelson                      The Fox Theatre
Robin Ferretti                                                                                                                                     Llywelyn’s Pub
                                    Models                               Dayle Norber                        Gerry Francis
                                                                                                                                                   Maggiano’s Little Italy
Carol Feuerhahn                     Jane Aylward                                                             Nancy Gerstner
David Fitter                                                             Christine Sadler                                                          Mango Peruvian Cuisine
                                    Nicole Beckman                       Ruth Sandler                        Gooey Louis Gooey Butter Cakes
Sara Lee Fitter                                                                                                                                    Massa’s
                                    Stephanie Bodine                     Addie Tompkins                      Nancy Green
Fox Family Foundation                                                                                                                              Nippon Tei Japanese Restaurant &
                                    Mary Ann Carson, Channel 9           Marilyn Warren                      Debbie & Karl Guyer
Merle & Greg Fox                                                                                                                                       Sushi Bar
                                    Brook & Melissa Dubman               Vicky Young                         Kathleen Hartig
Steve & Britt Garlock                                                                                                                              Noodles & Co.
                                    Randy Gardner, NEWS20 TV                                                 Christina Heimos
Jim & Angie Glik                                                                                                                                   Oceano Bistro
                                    Joanie Garlich                                                           Jeanne Hogenkamp
Bob Goldsticker                     Michael Hope                         Fashion Show Committee              Mary Hughes
                                                                                                                                                   Olive Garden
Maureen Greenberg                                                        Tracy Wright,                                                             Outback Steakhouse
                                    Matt LaMartina                                                           Innsbrook Resort Golf Course
Joy Sledge Greene                                                           Chairperson, Fashion Show                                              Paul Manno’s
                                    Carlos Leon, actor                                                       Imagination Toys
Brian Hantsbarger                                                        Ann Donovan                                                               Paul Mineo’s Trattoria
                                    Reed Low, former St. Louis Blues                                         the Initial
Keith Harbison                                                           Heather Graham                                                            Romano’s Macaroni Grill
                                        hockey player                                                        Joyce Jansen
Lisa Hauck                                                               Dana Graiff                                                               The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis
                                    Jo Luby                                                                  Karen Johnson
Bob & Sigma Hermann                                                      Vickie Helfrey                                                            Season’s American Cuisine
                                    Craig McBride                                                            Kitchen Conservatory
Bart & Patti Holtzman                                                    Karen Johnson                                                             Spiro’s Chesterfield
                                    Norma McGehee                                                            Lake Forest Country Club
Donna Hurster                                                            Ginny Luby                                                                Stir Crazy
                                    Joel Perlmutter, Medical Director,                                       Jeremy Lasky, Pixar Studios
Patricia S. Hurster                                                                                                                                Sugo’s Spaghetteria
                                        St. Louis APDA                                                       Les Bourgeois Winery
Bob & Cathy Lachky                                                                                                                                 Sweet Tomatoes
                                    Monica Perlmutter                    Volunteers                          Muddpuppies
                                                                                                                                                   The Tavern Kitchen & Bar
Matt LaMartina                      Mary Powers                          Lisa Ackerman                       Nancy Marble
Charlene Lehn                                                                                                                                      Trattoria Marcella
                                    Reann Ratterman                      Karen Burke                         Josie Mazzola
Ann & Randy Lipton                                                                                                                                 Truffles
                                    Andrea Robertson, Mrs. Missouri      Katie Byrum                         Mitchell James Salon
Ginny Lubby                                                                                                                                        twinOak Wood Fired Fare
                                        2009, Mrs. America 2010          Linda Clark                         Nancy McCue
Thomas Kodner                                                                                                                                      Yellowstone Café
                                    Ryan Robertson, former Sacramento    Ann Cook                            Larry McMahon
Tom Mackowiak                           Kings NBA player                 Greg Cook                           The Muny
Mike & Coleen Maguire               Emily Saksa                          Jacqueline Dougherty                Timothy Murch
Joe Marchbein                       Jessica Schleicher                   Michelle Dowell                     naked vine: (wine & more)
Ruth Matlock                        Lauren Sciuto                        Kris Emmons                         Eric & Barb Nelson
Irene Mills                         Stacey Smith, Miss Missouri 2009     Bob Goldsticker                     Dayle Norber
Jim Moss & Anne Offner              Wendy Steinbecker                    Karl Guyer                          Kevin & Cyndi O’Toole

12        St. Louis APDA LiNK                                                                                                                            November 2011
Missouri Shared Care Tax Credit
Jean Leonatti, Mid-MO Area Agency on Aging

  f you care for an older family member        •	The older person must be
  in your home, you might be eligible            physically or mentally incapable
  for a tax credit on your Missouri In-          of living alone, as determined by
come Tax Return. This includes spouses           a physician or the Department
taking care of a sick husband or wife            of Health and Senior Services
or children taking care of a disabled el-        certification.
derly parent. The Missouri Shared Care         •	This ill person requires assistance
Tax Credit provides a tax credit to help         with activities of daily living to      care received is six months in the aggre-
families offset the costs of caring for an       the extent that without care and        gate, you still qualify for the tax credit.
elderly person (age 60 or older).                oversight at home, he would
                                                 require placement in a licensed         I provided care for my mother half of
The Shared Care Tax Credit                       facility, such as a nursing home.       the year, but I am not currently a Mis-
  •	May be up to $500 for the tax              •	Under no circumstances is the ill       souri resident. Do I still qualify for the
    year. The credit is the amount of            person able or allowed to operate a     credit?
    your Missouri tax liability or $500,         motor vehicle.                             Yes. If you have a Missouri tax liabil-
    whichever is less.                         •	The older person does not receive       ity and you met all of the requirements,
  •	Is non-refundable and cannot be              funding or services through             you may still qualify for the shared care
    carried over to another tax year.            Medicaid or Social Services Block       tax credit.
  •	Applies to the tax return of the             Grant funding.
    “caregiver,” not to the tax return of                                                What is considered when determining
    the older recipient of the care.         Process to Claim the Tax Credit             whether or not the care recipient is inca-
                                               •	Call the Division of Senior and         pable of living alone?
Eligible Applicants                              Disability Services at 1-573-751-         A physician or a Division of Senior
  •	The caregiver of the older person            4842 and request a Shared Care          and Disability Services Social Service
    (age 60 or older) must be registered         Registration Packet.                    Worker must determine whether or
    with the Department of Health              •	Complete the forms contained in         not the care recipient is capable of liv-
    and Senior Services as a certified           the Registration Packet and mail        ing alone. The physician or counselor
    “Shared Care Member” and not                 them back to the Department of          must provide a description of the care
    receive monetary compensation                Health and Senior Services. They        recipient’s physical or mental condition,
    for providing care for the elderly           will determine your eligibility for     which prevents the recipient from living
    person. In other words, you cannot           the tax credit and send you back        alone. The physician or social service
    receive any pay or compensation              the necessary documentation for         worker must also describe the necessary
    for providing care to the older              your tax preparer.                      treatment or care needed for the care re-
    person.                                                                              cipient.
  •	The older person must live in the        Frequently Asked Questions
    same residence as the caregiver          Must I be a registered caregiver to re-     Is the shared care tax credit refundable?
    for an aggregate of more than            ceive the shared care tax credit?              No. The credit is the amount of your
    six months per tax year. It does            Yes. If you meet all other require-      Missouri tax liability or $500, whichev-
    not need to be a consecutive six         ments, you may qualify for the tax credit   er is less. If your Missouri tax liability is
    months, but a total of at least six      if you register as a shared care member.    $200, you will receive a credit of $200.
    months for the year. For example,        To register with the Division of Senior     The remaining $300 is not refundable.
    the older person lived with you          and Disability Services, call 1-573-751-
    from April through May, then             4942.                                       If I receive Medicaid, am I eligible for
    went to a nursing home for                                                           the credit?
    rehabilitation services for two          Do I have to be in Missouri caring             No. If you receive Medicaid-funded
    months, then came back and lived         for the care recipient a consecutive six    home and community-based services,
    with you from August through             months to receive the tax credit?           you are not eligible for the tax credit. If
    December. That would be a total            No. The law provides more than six        you receive Medicare, you may qualify
    of more than six months of care in       months per tax year requirement. If the     for the credit. n
    your home for the year.                  total time frame caring for the elderly

 Volume 25, Issue 4                                                                                  St. Louis APDA LiNK          13
                            Missouri Support Group Calendar
                            Sponsored by the St. Louis American Parkinson Disease Association
                            Our Support Groups meet once a month or as noted. Support Group day and time may change periodically. For
                            current updates on support groups and exercise classes, call the APDA Information & Referral Center or the facili-
                            tator. Information that has changed since the last LiNK appears in bold face.
          City             County                     Meeting Site                   Day of Meeting      Time           Leader(s)           Phone
     Cape Girardeau    Cape Girardeau               Call for location                     Call for schedule       Desma Reno, RN, MSN 573-651-2939
                                            APDA Satellite Resource Center
      Chesterfield        St. Louis                                                   1st Tuesday      10:30 AM       Vicky Young        636-343-8280
                                            1415 Elbridge Payne, Suite 168
                                               Lenoir Community Center                                                 Doris Heuer
       Columbia            Boone                                                      1st Thursday      4:00 PM                          573-815-3718
                                                   1 Hourigan Drive                                                    Mary Green
                                                 For Caregivers Only
      Creve Coeur         St. Louis       Shaare Emeth, Library Conf. Room            2nd Monday       11:00 AM   Dee Jay Hubbard, PhD 314-362-3299
                                                  11645 Ladue Rd.
                                                     Young Onset
                                                                                                                  Linda Pevnick, MSW,
                                             Living and Working With PD                                                               314-362-3299
      Creve Coeur         St. Louis                                                   3rd Tuesday       6:30 PM       LCSW, BCD
                                           Missouri Baptist Medical Center                                                            314-369-2624
                                                                                                                     Rich Hofmann
                                         3015 N. Ballas, Bldg. D, Conf. Rm. 6
                                            Disability Resource Association                                                              636-931-7696
 Festus/Crystal City      Jefferson                                                   3rd Tuesday       1:00 PM        Penny Roth
                                                420 B S. Truman Blvd.                                                                       ext. 129
                                                                                                                     Julie Berthold
                                                  Garden Villas North                                                                    314-355-6100
       Florissant         St. Louis                                                   4th Thursday     11:00 AM     Paula Simmons
                                                   4505 Parker Rd.
                                                                                                                      Nancy Robb         314-869-5296
                                           Capital Regional Medical Center
     Jefferson City         Cole                                                      3rd Monday        3:00 PM     Jennifer Urich, PT   573-632-5440
                                               SW Campus, Cafeteria
         Joplin            Jasper                 Call for meeting site                Mondays          1:30 PM     Nancy Dunaway        417-659-6694
                                              Kirkwood United Methodist                                             Terri Hosto, MSW,
        Kirkwood          St. Louis                                                   4th Tuesday       7:00 PM                          314-286-2418
                                                    201 W. Adams                                                           LCSW
                                                    The Gatesworth
         Ladue            St. Louis                                                  2nd Wednesday      1:00 PM   Maureen Neusel, BSW 314-372-2369
                                                   1 McKnight Place
                                             Lake Ozark Christian Church
       Lake Ozark         Camden                                                      3rd Thursday       Noon         Patsy Dalton       573-964-6534
                                               1560 Bagnell Dam Blvd.
       Oakland/                                  Bethesda Institute
                          St. Louis                                                   Last Friday      10:30 AM    Laurel Willis, BSW    314-373-7036
     Webster Groves                        8175 Big Bend, Blvd., Suite 210
                                                   Rolla Apartments                                                 Hayley Wassilak
         Rolla             Phelps                                                     4th Thursday      2:30 PM                          573-201-7300
                                                   1101 McCutchen                                                     Tyler Kiersz
                                        1st Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
        Sedalia            Pettis                                                     3rd Monday        4:00 PM      Barbara Schulz      660-826-6039
                                                    200 South Limit
                                                 Garden Villas South
     South St. Louis      St. Louis                                                  2nd Wednesday     10:00 AM      Jack Strosnider     314-846-5919
                                                13457 Tesson Ferry Rd.
                                           1st Baptist Church of Harvester                                           Sherrie Rieves
       St. Peters        St. Charles                                                  1st Tuesday       1:00 PM                          636-926-3722
                                                  4075 Hwy. 94 S.                                                    Ann Ritter, RN
                                          Ste. Genevieve County Mem.Hosp.
     Ste. Genevieve    Ste. Genevieve        Education Conference Room               2nd Wednesday     10:00 AM       Jean Griffard      573-543-2162
                                              Hwy. 61 & 32 Intersection
                                                    Pre/Post-DBS                                                     Steve Balven
        St. Louis         St. Louis        Sunrise on Clayton Senior Living           3rd Thursday      1:00 PM      Stan & Donna
                                                  7920 Clayton Rd.                                                     Wilensky
                     We want to express our sincere gratitude to Teva Pharmaceuticals and Amie Deakin for supporting the wonderful PEP meeting
                     held at the St. Charles Convention Center on November 12, 2011, where hundreds of Parkinson individuals, their families and
caregivers, and professionals in our community gathered to hear Dr. Bill Langston, Susan Imke, Pamela Quinn, and a panel including Dr. Lee Tempel
and Dr. Kevin Black discuss What’s New, What’s Now, and What’s Next in Parkinson’s Treatments.

14      St. Louis APDA LiNK                                                                                                         November 2011
                  Illinois Support Group Calendar
                  Sponsored by the St. Louis American Parkinson Disease Association
                  Our Support Groups meet once a month or as noted. Support Group day and time may change periodically.
                  For current updates on support groups and exercise classes, call the APDA Information & Referral Center or the facilita-
                  tor, Information that has changed since the last LiNK appears in bold face.
       City           County                  Meeting Site                 Day of Meeting        Time          Leader(s)            Phone
                                        Eunice C. Smith Home
       Alton         Madison                                                2nd Monday         1:00 PM      Sheryl Paradine      618-463-7334
                                  1251 College - Downstairs Conf. Rm.
                                  Southwestern Illinois College (PSOP)                                                           618-234-4410
     Belleville      St. Clair                                              2nd Monday         1:30 PM        Jodi Gardner
                                      201 N. Church St., Rm 106                                                                     x7031
                                  Southern IL Healthcare Headquarters
    Carbondale        Jackson                                              1st Wednesday       1:00 PM     Bill Hamilton, M.D.   618-549-7507
                                             University Mall
                                       Phoenix Rehab. & Nursing
      Carmi            White                                                4th Tuesday        1:00 PM     Carolyn Chastain      618-382-4932
                                          615 West Webb St.
                                       St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
     Decatur          Macon                                                 3rd Thursday       1:30 PM        Cathy Watts        217-428-7716
                                             352 W. Wood St.
                                      The Senior Community Center                                           Marilynn Kozyak      618-288-3508
   Glen Carbon       Madison                                              3rd Wednesday        10:30 AM
                                            157 N. Main St.                                                Jeanette Kowalski     618-288-9843
                                      Greenville Regional Hospital
    Greenville         Bond               200 Healthcare Dr.                2nd Monday         1:00 PM        Alice Wright
                                                                                                                                   ext. 3703
                                      Edu. Dept., Edu. Classroom
                                      First General Baptist Church
     Mattoon           Coles                                                Last Tuesday       1:30 PM       Bernice Baker       217-243-4173
                                              708 S. 9th St.
                                    Heritage Woods - Fox Meadows
   McLeansboro       Hamilton                                              1st Wednesday       1:00 PM      Paula K. Mason       618-643-3868
                                   605 S. Marshall Ave., Dining Room
    Mt. Vernon       Jefferson      Greentree of Mt. Vernon, 2nd Floor      4th Thursday       6:30 PM    Donna & Bill Peacock 618-242-4492
                                        Fellowship Hall of Salem
      Quincy          Adams           Evangelical Church of Christ          3rd Thursday       12:00 PM     Barb Robertson       217-228-9318
                                              9th & State
                                                                         3rd Sunday in Jan.,
                                       Christ the King Parish Ctr.
    Springfield     Sangamon                                               Mar., May, July,    2:00 PM         Pam Miller        217-698-0088
                                          1930 Brentwood Dr.
                                                                            Sept., & Nov.

Welders May Be at Increased Risk for Brain Damage
Michael C. Purdy, Washington University Record

          orkers exposed to welding             M.D., Professor and Vice Chairman       welders with no symptoms of Parkin-
          fumes may be at increased risk        of Neurology at Washington Univer- son’s disease, 20 people with Parkinson’s
          of damage to the same brain           sity School of Medicine. “If                    disease who were not welders,
area harmed by Parkinson’s disease, ac-         further investigation of this                   and 20 people who were not
cording to a new study by researchers at        potential link between neuro-                   welders and did not have Par-
Washington University School of Medi-           toxic effects and these fumes                   kinson’s. The welders were re-
cine in St. Louis. Fumes produced by            proves it is valid, it would                    cruited from two shipyards and
welding contain manganese, an element           have a substantial public-                      one metal fabrication company,
that scientists have linked to neuro-           health impact for the U.S.                      and each had an average of
logical problems including Parkinson’s          workforce and the economy.”                     30,000 hours of lifetime weld-
disease-like symptoms. “In the United              The study appeared online Dr. Brad Racette ing exposure.
States alone, there are more than one           April 6, 2011, in Neurology, the medi-    All participants were given brain PET
million workers who perform welding             cal journal of the American Academy     and MRI scans and motor skills tests. A
as a part of their job,” says Brad Racette,     of Neurology. The study involved 20                    continued on next page

 Volume 25, Issue 4                                                                                            St. Louis APDA LiNK          15
                           Exercise Classes
                           Our Exercise Classes meet once a week or otherwise as noted.
                           Information that has changed since the last LiNK appears in bold face.

         City         County                   Meeting Site               Day of Meeting         Time          Leader(s)           Phone
                                          Barnes Extended Care              Wednesday
       Clayton       St. Louis                                                                 1:30 PM      Mike Scheller, OT   314-289-4202
                                          401 Corporate Park Dr.             & Friday
                                           St. Luke’s Hospital
     Chesterfield    St. Louis                                                Tuesday          10:30 AM     Patty Seeling, PT   314-205-6934
                                          232 S. Woods Mill Rd.
                                         Gardenview Chesterfield                                                                636-537-3333
     Chesterfield    St. Louis                                               Thursday          2:30 PM     Cathy Clough, COTA
                                     1025 Chesterfield Pointe Parkway                                                             ext. 204
                                             Aquatic Exercise
                                                                             Thursday                                           636-896-0999
     Creve Coeur     St. Louis               Rainbow Village                                   2:00 PM      Brenda Neumann
                                                                          Oct. 6 – Dec. 15                                         ext. 21
                                            1240 Dautel Lane
  South St. Louis                          Garden Villas South
                     St. Louis                                                Monday           11:30 AM     Mike Scheller, OT   314-289-4202
      County                              13457 Tesson Ferry Rd.
                                     Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital     Every Tuesday
      St. Peters    St. Charles                                                                11:00 AM      Holly Evans, PT    636-916-9650
                                                Ste. 117                 except 1st Tuesday
                                            Aquatic Exercise
                                                                             Thursday                                           636-896-0999
      St. Peters    St. Charles            St. Charles YMCA                                    2:00 PM      Brenda Neumann
                                                                          Oct. 6 – Dec. 15                                         ext. 21
                                         3900 Shady Springs Ln.
  North St. Louis                          Garden Villas North               Tuesday                      Bobby Lautenschleger,
                     St. Louis                                                                 10:00 AM                         314-355-6100
      County                                4505 Parker Rd.                 & Thursday                            PTA
                                       Lake Ozark Christian Church
     Lake Ozark      Camden                                                   Monday           4:00 PM      Alice Hammel, RN    573-964-6534
                                         1560 Bagnell Dam Blvd.
                                     The Rehab. Institute of St. Louis
  St. Louis City     St. Louis                                               Thursday           Noon      Janelle Burge, PT, DPT 314-658-3858
                                           4455 Duncan Ave.

Welders                                                                                           has the greatest impact on the rear of a
 continued from previous page                                                                     structure known as the putamen. In the
                                                                                                  welders, the largest drop in the marker
neurologist who specializes in move-                                                              for dopamine occurred in a structure
ment disorders also examined all par-                                                             behind the putamen known as the cau-
ticipants. The welders’ average blood                                                             date. “While these changes in the brain
manganese levels were found to be two                                                             may be an early marker of neuron death
times the upper limits of normal blood                                                            related to welding exposure, the dam-
manganese levels established in prior                                                             age appeared to be different from those
studies of general populations. In one                                                            of people with full-fledged Parkinson’s
area of the brain, PET scans indicated                                                            disease,” Racette says. “MRI scans also
that welders had an average 11.7 per-                                                             revealed brain changes in welders that
cent reduction in a marker of the chem-                                                           were consistent with manganese depos-
ical dopamine compared to people who                                                              its in the brain.” Racette and his col-
did not weld. Dopamine helps nerve                                                                leagues plan a larger follow-up study to
cells communicate and is decreased in                                                             clarify the potential links between weld-
specific brain regions in people with                                                             ing and brain damage. n
Parkinson’s disease. The welders’ mo-                                                               Criswell SR, Perlmutter JS, Videen
tor skills test scores also showed mild                                                           TO, Moerlein SM, Flores HP, Birke AM,
movement difficulties that were not as                                                            Racette BA. Reduced uptake of [18F]
extensive as those found in the early            was affected as in Parkinson’s disease, the      FDOPA PET in asymptomatic welders
Parkinson’s disease patients.                    pattern of effects within this area was          with occupational manganese exposure.
   Although the same area of the brain           reversed. Parkinson’s disease normally           Neurology, online April 6, 2011.

16      St. Louis APDA LiNK                                                                                                November 2011
Psychosis Related To Parkinson’s Disease
Kevin J. Black, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, of Neurology, of Radiology, and of Neurobiology,
Washington University School of Medicine

       arly in the course of PD, treat-        volve themes of persecution, jealousy, or    Other times, we try to switch the pa-
       ment usually goes well. However,        theft. Hallucinations are more common        tient to levodopa rather than dopamine
       after five to ten years, things start   than delusions in PD, so I will focus on     agonists, because on average, levodopa
to change as treatment requires higher         them.                                        has a lower risk of hallucinations for the
doses of medications and side effects             The good news is that most people         same amount of benefit on movement.
become more problematic. One of the            who have PD don’t have hallucina-              These steps are important, but often
most problematic side effects in this          tions—at the moment. In fact, before         do not abolish the hallucinations. In
phase of illness involves what doctors         we had good treatments for PD, halluci-      that case, an antipsychotic medication
call psychosis. Unfortunately the word         nations were rather rare. The bad news       is important. There are three classes
can have very negative connotations            is that many people with PD will have        of medications here. (1) Older anti-
to lay people. To physicians, psychosis        hallucinations at some point in their ill-   psychotics work, but are a bad idea
is an indicator that something is going        ness. Although the hallucinations may        in PD because they worsen the move-
wrong in the brain (including medica-          not bother the patient at this time, they    ment problems too much. (2) Clozap-
tion side effects). Psychosis usually is       tend to indicate that this is someone        ine clearly works, doesn’t worsen PD
diagnosed when the patient has halluci-        with a high risk of having other compli-     movement symptoms, and is the right
nations or delusions.                          cations, so we usually try hard to reduce    choice for many patients. However, it
  A hallucination is a sensory percep-         the hallucinations.                          requires frequent blood draws (every
tion that does not correspond to real-                                                      week at first, eventually once or twice a

ity, such as seeing people at the dinner             here is another good news/bad          month). This is because one or two peo-
table when no one is there. Hallucina-               news story for treatment of halluci-   ple in 100 will have a potentially serious
tions can involve senses other than vi-              nations. The good news is that we      side effect, which the blood draws are
sion, like hearing someone conversing          can almost always get rid of the halluci-    meant to detect before it is too serious.
with you when no one is actually there.        nations. The bad news is that available      (3) There are several other proposed
The hallucinations that are most com-          treatments are far from perfect. Here        treatments that seem like they should
mon in PD include seeing people who            is what we do to treat psychosis. First,     help but have not been proven to help.
are not there, like the dinner table guest     we make sure there is no other, more         The best-known example is quetiapine,
mentioned above, seeing small animals          urgent problem. People can develop           which is often prescribed for hallucina-
that are not present, or hearing some-         hallucinations, usually along with con-      tions, but in at least three studies in PD
one’s voice who is not in fact present.        fusion, from other serious illnesses like    it did not work better than a placebo
  A delusion is a firm belief in some-         pneumonia or heart disease. Talking to       (sugar pill).
thing that is not true despite substantial     and examining the patient usually clears       There are current studies being con-
evidence to the contrary. Sometimes            that up, but in some cases blood work,       ducted to determine whether a new
these are explanations for hallucinations      a urine sample, or other tests may be        drug called pimavanserin is better than
(e.g., you see someone at the dinner ta-       needed. The second step in treatment         a placebo in fighting the hallucinations.
ble and you tell your spouse that it must      is to reduce medications that affect the     Pimavanserin does not worsen PD like
be bridge night because that’s when you        brain. Sometimes a medication may            many antipsychotics do, and it does not
invite people). Other delusions can in-        not be necessary and can be eliminated.      have the same risks as clozapine does,
                                                                                            but we don’t yet know if it works. There
        New Satellite                          Hours at the satellite center                is excitement in the field about pima-
                                               through the holidays and                     vanserin because it is a different kind
    Resource Center Hours                                                                   of antipsychotic, working on serotonin
                                               winter months will be by                     rather than dopamine.
                                               appointment only.                               For full information on this new drug
                                               Please contact the Center at                 or other treatments for hallucinations
                                                                                            in PD, please contact Mary Creech, RN,
                                               314-362-3299 to make an                      MSW at 314-362-7651 or maryc@
                                               appointment.                        n

 Volume 25, Issue 4                                                                                    St. Louis APDA LiNK        17
Tributes & Donations
             Tributes are a wonderful way to acknowledge the memory of a beloved person as well as honor those who mean so much to you.
          Tribute envelopes can be obtained from the Center 314-362-3299 or made directly on the St. Louis APDA website,

 HONORING                      Jack Strosnider                Culture & Heritage           Don Henry DeWitt              Rudolph Glad
                                  Robert & Jean Prichard         Museums                     Robert & Donna Bullock        Gerald Meier
The speedy recovery of                                        Dr. Harry Dalin                Carla Cawthon
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  Joy & Fred Levin               Jeffrey Higbie & Karen       Fox Associates, L.L.C.         Murray & Roberta              Denise & Brian Buchholz
  Jack & Renee Rosen                Wedekind                  Andy & Dot Guccione               Germany                    Jan & Greg Campbell
  Alan & Peggy Schaffer                                       Cliff & Barb                   Gail & Paul King              Norgene Coe
                               Dr. Samer Tabbal                                                                            Roy & Ruth Eberle
                                 Nancy & Mark Kodner             Kammermeyer                 Doris Moore
The 50th Anniversary of                                       Kay Largura                    W Franklin & Clara May        Donald Glennie
  Rich & Carole Bergmeier           Family Tribute Fund                                                                    Barbara Hall
                                                              Linda Loeffel                     Rudisaile
  Don & Diane Donlon           The quick healing of           Robert & Peggy Majors          St. Peters Exercise Group     Marie Johnson
  Nancy Johann                   Terri Taylor                 Caroline Mattern               Rhonda & Ronnie Sortor        Mark & Virginia Kasman
  Dale & Norma Plank             Donna & Bob Cohen            Julie Noonan                   Milton & June Tesson          David & Trudy Learman
                                                              Tina Polette                   William & Janeta Sue          Sam McDowell
Allen Brouk                    The speedy recovery of                                                                      Vicki & Joe Monnig
   Gayle Brouk                                                Pat Redington                     Trowbridge
                                 Sharon Walker                Gerry & Barbara Schapiro       Aleeta Urbahns                Rich & Eileen
The special birthday of          Kathi, Stuart, Jamie,        Michelle Schmitt’s             Gloria Vonbrock & Amy            Morgenthaler
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                                                              Lisa Suntrup                      Williamson                 Dwight & Darlene Taylor
The special birthday of        Lynda Wiens                                                                                 Les Trampe
                                 Jean Wunderlich              St. Louis Symphony
  Jack Coffey                                                 James & Robin Utz            Mary Ruth Dussling              Donald & Janet Vogt
  Susan Bond                   Norma J. Ziegenhorn            Mike & Kris Wesche            Eleanor Dussling               Peggy & Lew Worthey
                                 Donald L. Ziegenhorn         Patsy Wickham                 Debbie Guyer                   Jim & Marilyn Wynd
The special birthday of                                                                     Jeannie Harris
  Walter Donius                                             Peggy Bearman                   Michael & Patricia Oser      Morton Golder
  Bill & Jay, Michael, &                                      Matha, David, Ted,            Jack Strosnider               Phil & Sue Schreiber
     Connie Donius              REMEMBERING                      Jessica, & Rob Aronson                                  Wayne Gottshall
                                                              Jackie & Randy Baker         Ida Elsbree
Dr. Joshua Dowling             Gloria Albrecht                                               David Elsbree, Jr.           Consolidated Construc-
  Nancy & Mark Kodner                                         Brown Smith Wallace LLC                                        tion Group, Inc.
                                 Gloria Chase                 Barry Cervantes                Marge Evans
     Family Tribute Fund                                                                     Susan Horton                 Clara & Max Hagerman
                               Jack Alden                     Margie Cornbleet                                            Don & Ann Linhorst &
Receiving the O.W.L.                                          Jane Eiseman                   Ruth & Bruce Lucas
                                  Howard & Elmira                                            Nicole Stevens                  Family
  Lifetime Achievement              Hoffman                   Dr. & Mrs. Barry                                            Nancy & Joe Mueller
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  Award for Judith Gall                                                                         Visco
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The outstanding work of        Bob W. Andreae                                                Robert & Geraldine            Ann Lovell
  Debbie Guyer                   Mary Lou & Aaron           Dr. Harry Bozoian                                              Save-A-Lot
                                                              Donna Douglas                    Haley
  Sara Jane Weinhaus               Bodwell                                                   Marilyn & Charles             Charles Schottel
                                 Tony & Marie Favazza         Phil & Carolyn Ellingson                                     Mr. & Mrs. John Stade
Camille Herman                                                Fair Acres Subdivision HOA       Stueber
                                 Bruce & Pam Hoskins                                                                       Grace B. Warden
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                                 Thomas & Anna Plein          Helen Jarrick                  Julie & Chris Belloli
The 70th birthday of                                          Larry & Anita Renze                                        Ronald E. Gray Jr.
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The 80th Birthday of                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas           Howard Grunewald
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The birthday of Phyllis Ross     The Broadway League                                                                     Steve Heady
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The anniversary of                                                                          William & Louise Walters        Tuesday Morning Exercise
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  Joseph & Cheryl Swope      Bernice Mecurio                 August A. Busch III         William Thies                  John Meehan, Jr.
  The Winter Family            Cheryl Schollmeyer               Charitable Trust          Susan Kastrup                 Char Ann Meloney
                                                             Mitchell Bradley             Bob & Phil McAdams            Kenneth & Doris Mihill
Leo Klutenkamper             Anthony Mormino                 Midge Bueltmann              Clarence & Jeanette Sehrt
  Mary Becker & Family                                                                                                  Missouri Equipment
                               Sue, Linda, Jane, Brenda,     Don & Deb Burgess            Billy Smith & Nancy           Floyd Morgan
  Patricia Hercules              Terry, Jess, Renee,         Frances Capra                    Robb
  Robert & Anita Klenk                                                                                                  Kenneth & Janet Munger
                                 Jamie, Kathy, & Caryl       Schatzi & Homer Clark        Jake & Kolene Thies           William & Margaret
  Marilyn Klutenkamper &                                     Leslie Copeland              Ken & Nancy Vortmeier
      Family                 Robert Painter                                                                                Nagle
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Paul S.           Marguerite Wilson             Richard & Chris Nolbert
  Jill & Rick Tegethoff        Kenneth & Sandra Laune
                                                                Donohoe                  Eugene Van Doren               Karen Pfitzinger & John
  Roger & Kathleen Tiesing   Billy Persinger                 Mr. & Mrs. Don                Dorothy Beckerle                Kehoe III
Mark Knue                      Participants in the 1st          Evashenko                  Matt & Linda Brennecke       Dale & Norma Plank
 Fred & Diana Masters &            Annual Memorial           Grace Farmer                  Frank & Catherine            Gerald Prante
    Family                         Tractor Pull              Jan & Bob Hayde                 Friedman                   Kenneth & Joan Pruett
                                                             Fran Henke                    Raymond Garcia               William & Elfrieda
Samuel Kohn                  Kenneth Rak                     John Henke
                               Bryan & Ellen Kenkel                                        Tom Gordon                      Roth-Roffy
  Barbara Frith                                              Diane Jones                   Thomas & Mary McNutt         Jack Schecterson
  Fred & Joy Levin             Nancy & Jerry Picha           Michelle & Roger Lowry
                               Gregory & Nancy Smallie                                     Carla Jo & John Puricelli    Curtis & Janis Shannon
  Marilyn Reznik                                             The George Marble             Bob & Mary Jane              David Sheffield
  Joann Sandler              Thomas Randazzo                    Family                       Schnitker                  Martin Shrader
  Mr. & Mrs. Larry             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph             Pat Ott                       Doug & Ona Scott             Joan & Warren Solomon
    Trochtenberg                 Lochirco                    Marcie & Tony Pandjiris                                    William Strothman
                               Marsha Powell                    & Family                 Dennis Voisey                  Harold & Barbara Weiner
Albert P. Kopolow                                            Patty & Gary Pemberton        Tony & Kathie
  John L. Kopolow              Mr. & Mrs. Dale                                                                          Minnie Wildermuth
                                 Williams                    Carol Roberts                    Bommarito                 Melanie Yoakum
Marie Krauter                  Mr. & Mrs. Patrick            Lisa Saettele                 David & Cathy Brown          Richard & Margaret
 Bill Bachman                    Williams                    Jeff Shaub                    Fred & June Fangmann            Zimmerman
 Phil Berra, Community                                       Carol & William Simon         Don & Colleen Giljum
    Wholesale Tire           Joseph Rapisardo                Ted Vasquez                   Nathan & Nancy Hall
 Troy & Doris Knoke             Buff Buffkin                 Lesley Wandling               Roman Kulich
 Marilyn Krauter &              Jane Burnett                 Jennifer Welde                Bill & Mary Rammes
    Family                      Tracy Donahue                Richard White                 Cathie Socolofsky
 Kelli & Greg Leesman           Fred Goodyear Family         Lynda & Bob Wiens             Virginia & Richard Stentz
 John & Elsie Miller            Beverly Govreau              Women In Travel               Chuck & Mary Voisey
                                Thomas & Ann Haas
John J. Kurusz                  Mary Halet                 Charles Shipley               Burt Wenneker
  Doris Callahan                Susan Jane Handshy           Jim and Julie Eisenhart       Jill Stein
  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ray         Stephen Hockridge          Dorothy Sibley                Janet Williman
     Klobe                      Charles Jerabek              Thomas & Denise Cotter        The Brueggeman Family
                                Debra Laury                  Rudy & Norine Schromm
Minette Laba                    Barb & Jim Morgan &                                      Julia Eleanor Wittlich
 Nancy Engel                    Aunt Jennie & Jim          Eugene Richard Sies              Larry & Diane Patton
 Jody & Richard Homann          Marjorie Mueller             Irene Fenton
 June Laba                      Frank & Ruth Neuner                                      Robert Zeiss
 Larry Laba & Barb              Steve Prumo                Hermoine Silver                 Jean Griffard
    Bourne                      Kay Reilson                  Mr. & Mrs. Jerry
                                Nolan & Nancy Sims             Silverman
                                Anita Smith

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American Parkinson Disease Association                                                    NON-PROFIT
Campus Box 8111                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
660 S. Euclid Ave.                                                                            PAID
St. Louis MO 63110                                                                      ST. LOUIS, MO
                                                                                       PERMIT NO. 1032
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 Fashion Sh ow highlights
                                           Wendy Steinbecker   Rachel Walkenhorst   Nicole Beckman
                                           & Randy Gardner     & Grant LaMartina
                                                                                                         Photos courtesy of Cathy Hartman Photography

      Monica Perlmutter, Craig McBride
              & Amy Johnson
                                           Stephanie Bodine      Stacey Smith       Norma McGehee

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