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									                      Asia Early Years & Primary Job Mailer

                                    IMMEDIATE JOBS

                                      27 January 2012

Please see below for list of just a few vacancies we have open. Please look online at for our full list of vacancies!


If you are interested in any of these jobs, alert your Teachanywhere recruiter. Please indicate the
area/jobs of interest in your email so we know how to direct your application.
Unless otherwise indicated, all positions require teacher training such as a PGCE, Bachelor of
Education, Masters of Education or Higher Diploma in Education. We work with teachers who are
trained or experienced in the following national curricula – UK, Ire, US, Canada, Aus, NZ and SA, as
well as International Baccalaureate.

                          There are plenty of opportunities to work in this fast growing,
                          multicultural country. China offers great packages, interesting travel
                          opportunities, and a chance to experience life in a country that is in the
                          midst of huge transformation.
                          For more about China go to and


CHC013      Beijing

                   UK Curriculum
                   2+ years experience post qualification
                   NOR: 1800 pupils and about 120 international pupils Ages K-12
                   Type: Local International, Bilingual, Broadly Local International       (15   +

                 Primary English Language Teacher x 1 – February 2012 Job #7552

            The school has two semesters in one academic year and foreign teachers are able to
            sign a contract for one semester or for two semesters (i.e. a full academic year) when
            they first arrive). They can accept teachers from any native English speaking country
            (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and the UK) but they should have a
            Bachelor's / Masters degree and at least two years' teaching experience (experience of
            having taught GCSEs or A Levels is preferred but they will consider those who have
            other curriculum experience at the same level). They are looking for teachers who are
            passionate, love children and who are easy-going, flexible, adaptable and sociable.
         As the rapid development of economic globalization, English has become a world
         passport. Leading international schools across the world have run bilingual programs.
         Likewise, this school puts a great emphasis on the combination of Chinese and English
         courses to guarantee the completion of national curricula plans, offering Chinese
         students intensive English courses and conducting 25-45% of the classes in English.
         The courses are allocated as follows: pupils in the primary school are taught a
         preparatory course for the CIPP (Cambridge International Primary Program); junior
         middle school students study a preparatory course for the IGCSE (International
         General Certificate of Secondary Education); and high school students receive
         instruction in both a preparatory course for the ACT (American College Test) and
         British A-level (Advanced Level) preparatory courses. The combination of classes
         offers students the possibility of achieving multi-development: not only can they enter
         top Chinese universities, but they also may enrol in world-famous universities abroad.

         At the same time, for junior and senior high school students wishing to study abroad,
         the school offers foundation courses leading to further education in the USA, UK,
         Australia, Canada and New Zealand. For international students, the school uses
         proven international educational products: CIPP, IGCSE, A-level courses, ACT courses,
         Chinese HSK courses, Chinese university foundation courses and supplementary
         Chinese and English courses.

         Monthly salary between RMB 12,000 and 15,000 for a subject teacher (US$1848 -
         2309) and RMB 8000 and 10000 for an ESL Teacher (US$1232 and 1540) plus
         accommodation, flights etc.

         The school is located in Beijing, the capital of China. Beijing is a bustling city with
         more than 13 million people on an area of 16,800 sq. km – the size of Belgium. The
         Beijing Municipality is flat and has a very orderly design – north, south, east and west
         circumnavigated by six concentric ring roads. The Beijing seasons are clearly marked
         by changes in weather and temperatures, and surprising splashes of colors. Beijing
         today is a city of vast contrasts – the new intermingles with the old, and the whole city
         is developing rapidly. Being a proud member of the WTO and successful host for the
         29th Olympics Games, Beijing has set an even greater pace of development and
         change. Beijing is also home to a sizable expatriate population comprising members
         from the business community, NGOs, embassies and foreign students. (3/S/TC/M2/58)
         For             more             about            Beijing           please           see

         Benefits include:
               Salary for an ESL teacher is between 8000-10000 RMB after tax; Salary for a
               Primary teacher working in the international section is between 10000-12000
               RMB after tax; Salary for a Secondary teacher working in the international
               section is between 12000 – 15000 RMB after tax.
               500 RMB net for travel allowance
               Single, furnished accommodation 20 mins bus ride from the school very close to
               Chaoyang Park, half an hour to Tiananmen Square and Imperial Place or
               housing allowance of 2800 RMB net
               Teachers living in school provided apartments get 250 RMB net bills allowance.
               Free meals at the school
               School free internet connection; home internet and phone is charged
               Accident insurance is provided
               Round trip airfare reimbursement at the end of the second semester

CHB010   Changchun

                IB Framework
                NOR: 138 and Age range taught: 3-19 year olds
                Type: Broadly International
              Primary & Secondary Teacher Librarian – February 2012 Job #7540

         The school require candidates with a regionally or nationally recognized BA/BS and
         teaching qualification with at least 2 years of international school experience teaching
         subject content to students with multiple levels of language ability. There is a strong
         preference for instructors currently in Asia, or North East Asia, or with Asian
         experience. They prefer candidates with IBO training/experience and/or certification
         and/or a Masters degree or above are strongly preferred but this is not essential.
         Fluent English is a requirement.

         The school is growing quickly but they're still small (about 130 learners).with all the
         advantages this offers.

         This is the first international school in Jilin Province and is authorized by Provincial and
         Central Governments. It is an IBO DP/MYP member school and PYP candidate school.
         The school serves children from aged 3-19. As an IB/World School graduates have
         access to more than 2,500 universities in 77 nations which receive IBDP graduates,
         including Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, the American Ivy League, etc.

         Monthly salary according to experience and qualifications plus single housing, medical
         insurance, tuition for staff children, flights etc. (2/S/TC/M2/58)

         Changchun is located 1.5 hours by air from Beijing, Vladivostok, Seoul, Dalian and
         Qingdao. It is within a 2-hour train ride to Harbin, China's ice sculpture capital.
         Changchun is one of the cleanest and most organized cities in China, and because of
         its location in the North East, can be very inexpensive. Changchun is one of the leading
         auto manufacturing cities in China, with a strong representation of foreign auto
         manufacturers. The population of Changchun is between 6 and 7 million, 10 percent of
         which          are        of       Korean        origin.              Please        visit to learn more
         about this lovely city.

         Benefits Include:
               Competitive salary according to experience and qualifications. They do not
               count part-time work, nor do they count time spent in language schools. The
               salary scale is complicated and depends on experience, qualification, IB
               training. For example, if a teacher has an MA with a teaching qualification, and
               10 years experience, their basic would be RMB19,670. They do pay extra for
               teachers with IB training and experience. For example, if they have IB diploma
               training and 2+ years teaching experience at IB higher level, they would get an
               extra RMB3500 per month. People with IB trainer or examiner experience also
               get extra allowances, as do teachers with experience at A' level in certain
               Single occupancy housing (1 bed appt for singles, 2 bed appt for couples)
               Utility allowance
               Relocation allowance
               Medical insurance
               Tuition for up to 2 children
               IBO training for those instructors teaching within the grade ranges of the
               Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program and the Diploma Program.

CHC015   Jinan

                 IB Framework
                 2 years experience post qualification
       Ages 3-12 years old at the international campus and 2 ½ to 6 years old at the
       local Chinese campus
       Type: Broadly International; Local International; Bilingual

     Early Years Teacher (for 4-6 year olds) – As soon as possible! Job

This school is part of a large group of schools which provides Educational
Services in Singapore, China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, India and
Indonesia through International Schools, Pre-Schools and Early Childhood
Teacher Education Courses. The company currently operates 52 schools and
together, these schools provide quality international education to over 5000

All classroom teachers are fully qualified experiential teachers who are fluent in
English. Singles or teaching couples are preferred but other applicants should still
apply. All applicants should be very child-centred and wanting to work in a team as
well as being a good teacher. Applicants should have at least 2 years experience post
qualification with excellent oral and written English skills. The school seeks only
passionate and dedicated teachers to make a difference in children‟s learning. They
should also be tolerant and flexible.

This is a multicultural international school where the language of instruction is English.
This school consists of 2 campuses. The international cater for expatriate children aged
from 3 to 12 years old. This is a multicultural international school. The school follows
the inquiry based IB Framework delivered by highly qualified and experienced staff.

A Local Chinese school caters for preschool Chinese children from 2.5 to 6 years old.
All children receive English lessons from the expat teachers and have opportunities to
benefit from international teaching and culture communication.

Monthly salary of between RMB 16,450 and RMB 22,400 / US $2471 and $3365 for the
EY post RMB 12,000 (S$1903) for the EAL post plus flights, housing, medical insurance
etc. (2/S/TC/58)

The prosperous provincial capital Jǐ‟nán is a modern Chinese city that largely serves
travellers as a transit point to other destinations around Shandong which is in the
north east of China. Jinan is located in north-western Shandong about 400 kilometres
(250 mi) south of the national capital of Beijing. Compared with those capital cities, or
other large and medium-size cities in China, Jinan has few advantages and lacks a
metropolitan atmosphere, the highlight being its numerous springs. Some people say
Jinan's glamour is not merely its enticing natural beauty, but more the warmth of the
Jinan people. The beauty of nature is thin and weak, but the beauty that comes from
people      will    last     forever.     For      more     on     Jinan      go       to

Benefits include:
      Salary scale between RMB16,450 and 22,400 dependent on qualifications and
      experience for a regular teaching post and RMB 12,000 per month for the EAL
      post. Income tax is paid by teacher and is typically 10-15% and of Contract
      Bonus of RMB 35,000
      Overseas Cost of Living Allowance of RMB3000
      Economy Class flights at beginning and end of contract plus annual summer
      flights home.
      Accommodation Allowance
                Relocation Allowance
                Visa and medical examination costs
                Group Medical Insurance Plan
                2 year contracts

CHC009   Dongguan

                Curriculum based on UK Early Years and Primary Curriculum
                2 years experience post qualification
                NOR: 90 pupils Ages 18 months -11 year olds
                Type: Broadly International

              Early Years Teacher (2-3 year olds) – February 2012 Job #7359

         This school is part of a large group of schools which provides Educational
         Services in Singapore, China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, India and
         Indonesia through International Schools, Pre-Schools and Early Childhood
         Teacher Education Courses. The company currently operates 52 schools and
         together, these schools provide quality international education to over 5000
         children from fifty four different nationalities. The school is actually housed in
         the expatriate area which is all gated communities, tree lined avenues, cafes,
         boutiques – even a British pub - you name it! There is a lively expatriate
         scene and young teachers have many 'friends' outside the teaching clique!

         The school at Dongguan has been in operation for four years and extended itself into
         primary school education last year. It now offers nursery to Year 2 levels. It is located
         in a prestigious housing estate, Dynatown, and attracts children and staff from many
         different nationalities. The school offers a child-responsive curriculum where children
         learn through inquiry. The school environment offers extensive indoor and outdoor
         areas as well as resources for children to explore and learn.

         Monthly salary of about RMB 14,000 / US $2156 plus airfares, accommodation
         allowance and insurance.

         Dongguan is a prefecture-level city in central Guangdong province, People's Republic of
         China. An important industrial city located in the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan borders
         the provincial capital of Guangzhou to the north, Huizhou to the northeast, Shenzhen
         to the south, and the Pearl River to the west. It is also home to the world's largest
         shopping mall, South China Mall. Dongguan is about 30 minutes from Guangzhou; its
         equal distance between Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Industrial in the main. There is a
         lively expatriate scene (2/S/TC/58) For more on Dongguan please see

         Benefits include:
               Two year contract
               Salary dependent upon experience and qualifications - likely to be about 14.000
               RMB per month. Tax paid by the teacher.
               Airfare paid at the beginning and end of the contract.
               Accommodation allowance of 2000 RMB per month is included in the salary.
               With spouses and children, arrangements are negotiable, including tuition.
               Work accident insurance.

CHC014   Chengdu

                Inquiry based Curriculum
                2 years experience post qualification
                Ages 18 months to 11 years
                Type: Broadly International
               Nursery 2 Teacher (3-4 year olds) – January 2012 Job #7342

          This school is part of a large group of schools which provides Educational
          Services in Singapore, China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, India and
          Indonesia through International Schools, Pre-Schools and Early Childhood
          Teacher Education Courses. The company currently operates 52 schools and
          together, these schools provide quality international education to over 5000
          children from fifty four different nationalities.

          Applicants should have at least 2 years experience post qualification with excellent oral
          and written English skills. Single and teaching couples preferred. The school seeks only
          passionate and dedicated teachers to make a difference in children‟s learning.

          Built by the Singapore property developer, Surbana Land, this international school
          commenced operations in 2007. It is located in the Botanica housing estate in
          Chengdu, an iconic township development project that embellishes the Singaporean
          brand name. The school follows the Early Years curriculum for children aged 2-5 years
          old. The older students' curriculum is based upon the International Baccalaureate
          Scope and Sequence documents for Mathematics and English.

          Monthly salary or RMB 19.500 – 25,000 (US$3089 - 3960) plus accommodation
          allowance, tuition for staff children, medical insurance, flights, relocation allowance etc.

          Chengdu is the capital of "Heavenly State" (Tian Fu Zhi Guo), habitat of giant pandas
          and city of cotton-rose hibiscus. Located in the west of Sichuan Basin and in the centre
          of Chengdu Plain, Chengdu covers a total area of 12.3 thousand square kilometres
          (4,749 square miles) with a population of over 11 million. For more on Chengdu
          please see

          Benefits include:
                Salary RMB 19,500-25,000 per month; RMB 234,000-300,000 per annum
                Income tax on salary to be paid by teacher (typically is between 10% and
                Medical insurance
                Tuition for children
                Accommodation allowance (amount depends on single or with family)
                Flights home after one year and at end of contract plus flights to China
                Relocation allowance
                Cost of Visa processing
                Staff meals
                Two Year Contract

                         Somewhere between the elegant formality of Japanese manners and the
                         candid, sometimes boisterous exchanges that take place over a few
                         drinks, between the sanitised shopping malls and the unexpected rural
                         festivals, everyone finds their own vision of Japan. For more about Japan
                         go to

JAC003   Tokyo

                 The school‟s curriculum incorporates key objectives and framework from the
                 International Baccalaureate‟s Primary Years Programme (PYP) standards from the
                 UK National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and the Early Years Foundation Stage and
                 some USA state guidelines (eg. New York and Massachusetts Board of Education)
                 1+ years experience post qualification
                 NOR: 110 and ages Preschool and Kindergarten (18 months~6 years
                 Type: Broadly International (27 different nationalities attend the school)

              Female Early Childhood Teacher to substitute for a Reception class from
              April 2012 until June 2012 and continue teaching at the school for the
              2012/13 academic year. Job #7633

         This is an excellent opportunity to teach in metropolitan Tokyo in a well
         established and recognised Pre-School/Kindergarten offering the IB-PYP. The
         School is a member of the Council of International Schools and is located
         opposite a park and just a 3 minute walk from the nearest subway line and less
         than 1 minute from buses.

         They are looking for a qualified female Early Years teacher and they would prefer
         someone from the UK or US as the majority of their parents come from these two
         countries. They would also prefer someone who is either already in Japan or who is
         already planning to move to Japan. They are ideally looking for someone with a MEd. or
         BEd with teaching credential but will accept CVs from applicants with another degree
         and teaching credential. Although the school offer only 1 year contracts, the Director
         said that most of her teachers have been there 5 years or more. The school is quite
         conservative and the majority of the parents are senior executives or CEO's of
         multinational corporations or diplomats. Parents have high expectations and the school
         require a high standard of professionalism from their staff.

         This School was established 13 years ago to provide high quality early childhood
         education to the expatriate family in Tokyo. The school quickly earned the reputation of
         providing “A first-class education”, and now has grown to become one of the largest
         preschool/kindergartens in Tokyo, with an enrollment of over 110 students from over 27
         different countries and multiple national backgrounds.

         The school‟s preschool programs provide a secure and nurturing environment where
         children develop cognitive skills, motor development and social-emotional skills through
         hands-on learning activities that support academic success. The monthly thematic units
         of inquiry help children build their understanding and make sense of their world. Each
         classroom uses age-appropriate and stimulating materials that keep children inspired in
         learning. Their caring and compassionate teachers create a safe and positive
         environment where learning and play continue to progress.

         The school is ideally located in front of Yoyogi Koen, Tokyo‟s largest metropolitan park.
         Classrooms overlook the park, and are bright and spacious. School facilities include a
         library housing more than 1,500 books, computer terminals, an outdoor playground, and
         a gym with basketball hoops, balancing beams and various other physical education

         Monthly salary of between about US$3333 - 5583 depending on qualifications and
         experience. (1/S/TC/35)
         Tokyo is Japan‟s largest city and is also the capital city. Pulsing with energy and
         excitement, Tokyo is a vibrant place to live and work, but can also provide an excellent
         base for exploring the many shrines, mountains, beaches and cultural landmarks on
         offer in this very old and proud nation.      A throbbing metropolis where fashions and
         electronics become obsolete almost as soon as they are produced, Tokyo‟s unique
         vitality springs from this intertwining of the new with the time-honoured old. While it‟s
         the wellspring of Japanese pop culture, it is also a place where the imperial family is a
         tightly      held     institution.    For      more     on     Tokyo     please      see

         Benefits Include:
         Salaries for teachers with teaching credential:
                B.A Education : USD60,000
                M.A Education: USD67,000
         Salaries are taxes at about 10%
                Depending on the individual teachers situation (local or overseas hire) the school
                will assist with finding accommodation and the provision of flights etc.
                InterGlobal Healthcare- International Teachers Plan is provided.

                             With its warm and balmy weather, Malaysia enjoys one of the highest
                             standards of living in Asia while maintaining low costs for goods and
                             services. Diving, beaches, mountains, shoppers, fine cuisine – what
                             more could you ask for?! For more about Malaysia go to


MYB003    Borneo

               8 Primary EFL Teacher Development Mentors for English Language
               Teacher Development Project in Malaysian Borneo (Sabah and
               Sarawak) – January 31st 2012 Job #7323

          Our client is looking for 8 ELT qualified and experienced teaching professionals aged
          between 27 and 65 (by the end of the first contract) to work as teacher development
          mentors in Malaysian early primary classes. They need about 8 more teachers/mentors
          to join their existing team of 80 mentors already in post for a 31st January 2012 start
          date (or as soon as possible thereafter). All contracts end 30 th September 2013.

          They are looking for independent, flexible and self-motivated teachers. This is an
          excellent development opportunity for anyone interested in teacher training/mentoring
          in a rural, primary context and a unique chance to experience the biodiversity of
          Borneo from within its fascinating culture. You will be part of a team of trainers
          working to provide Malaysian early primary teachers with methodology training,
          teaching resources and continuous professional development in order to improve the
          teaching of English in Malaysia. Working as a local teacher mentor within a cluster of
          primary schools in Malaysian Borneo, you will provide on the job support through a
          variety of development activities, including a range of innovative training courses.

          Applicants must have:
                 A minimum of a recognised TEFL qualification (normally Trinity CTESOL or
                 CESOL CELTA) and two years' post qualification experience with young learners.
       For teachers with PGCE (primary) or B.Ed plus primary experience, they accept
       less-recognised ELT certificates, or Trinity/CELTA with pre-qualification
       experience. They do not accept the International TEFL qualification. Teachers
       need to have completed a course of 120 hours with teaching practice where at
       least 6 hours is assessed. The course also needs to be externally accredited.
       They are able to be more lenient to those people who have PGCE Primary or B
       Ed but they would have to look at that case by case.
       Experience    of    teacher    training/development,   line   management     or
       coaching/mentoring is desirable.
       At least two years‟ post qualification ELT experience; including 500+hours ELT
       experience with primary aged learners.
       You must be a highly proficient speaker of English and you must have a first
       degree or equivalent.
       Your passport must be valid for a minimum of two years from your start date.
       The bureaucracy is such that you have to enter the country as a tourist on a 1
       or 3 month tourist visa (depending on your nationality), during which time your
       work permit will be applied for.
       Malaysian law states that you must be 27 years old or older (but under 65 by
       the end of the first contract) and have a first degree to obtain a work permit.
       The contract is conditional on approval of the work permit. They have all been
       approved to date.

Although benefits are provided for teachers who have spouses or children please note
that opportunities for partners to find work are extremely limited. There are
International Schools for qualified teachers but it‟s best to be recruited from your home
country. Some foreigners make living giving private lessons for around £10 – 12 an
hour although this is not legal without a work permit. There are a very few
International Schools in the two states, mainly in the two state capitals, and these are
expensive including a large non-refundable registration fee. There are more choices of
English medium nursery schools and these are much less expensive. Baby-sitters cost
about £1.60 an hour. A live-in maid costs £650 up-front and £65 a month. A maid two
days a week costs around £40 a month.

Please also note that Malaysian law does not recognize same sex partnerships.
Therefore it is currently not possible to obtain residence visas for same sex partners.
Applicants with same sex partners are advised to contact the Teaching Centre Manager
before applying.

Monthly salary of between MYR 7,695 and 8661 (US$2538 – 2857) plus baggage
allowance, flights, medical insurance.

The Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah make up more than half of the island of
Borneo. They are famous for their ancient rainforests and wildlife, not to mention their
world-renown beaches. You can find rare species of mammals like the Sumatran rhino
and Asian pygmy elephant as well as the orangutan, proboscis monkey, gibbon, lemur,
civet, Malaysian sun bear, and lots more. The population of both states is made up of
many indigenous groups with fascinating cultures and traditions. For more information
about Sabah and Sarawak:

Benefits Include
      Generous package and support
      Salary range from MYR 7,695 to MYR 8,661 per month
      Additional 11% provident fund contribution. Should you choose not to join the
      EPF scheme, you may request the 11% contribution to be added into your
      monthly salary. Please note that if you choose this option, the 11% shall
      become eligible for tax at your own account as per current Malaysia Law.
                There isn‟t actually a housing allowance given but the salary should easily cover
                rent. In the more urban areas rent will be slightly higher, anything from 1000-
                2000 but in the more remote areas it can be very cheap.
                On successfully completing your contract term, you shall be entitled to a one-
                time payment equivalent to one and a half (1.5) months of your final monthly
                salary, payable to you on your last payroll.
                Flights at beginning and end of contract for teacher and family
                Baggage allowance of up to £1200 for single employees or up to £2000 for
                employees accompanied by family members on successful completion of your
                employment. This allowance is accountable.
                Relocation and settling-in expenses. You will also receive up to two weeks'
                accommodation and up to two weeks' subsistence.
                Lease car provided for work and local personal use
                Comprehensive BUPA family health insurance
                Professional development, support and materials
                35 days plus public holidays

         Depending on their point on the salary scale mentors are currently paying between 14-
         20% tax on their salaries.

                         Thailand is often referred to as a golden land, not because there is
                         precious metal buried underground but because the country gives off a
                         certain lustre, be it the fertile rice fields of the central plains, white
                         sandy beaches or the warm hospitality of its citizenry.
                         To read more about Thailand Click here
                and to


THC004   Bangkok

                IB PYP Curriculum
                Previous IB PYP Experience required
                NOR: 100 pupils and Ages 10 months to 6 years
                Type: Broadly International

              Temporary Local Hire Early Years Teacher (for 3 months) – February
              2012 Job #7665

         This school offers the IB-PYP Curriculum and best practice Early Childhood
         teaching strategies. They enjoy spacious grounds, well resourced classrooms,
         a strong sense of collegiality and there are excellent professional development
         opportunities. The school is located in Nonthaburi on the outskirts of Bangkok.

         The school are looking for an Early Years trained teacher who has previous knowledge
         of the IB PYP or philosophy that aligns itself with the PYP. This is a small school with
         only 8 classes. The professional development on offer at the school is a real attraction.
         They have no objections to the teacher being single or married as long as it is
         understood that the position available is for one person only. The spouse/partner
         would have to fend for themselves, although they are able to provide a spouse visa.

         Since 1990, the Kindergarten has been providing quality preschool education to
         expatriate families in Bangkok and Nonthaburi. It is the only stand-alone kindergarten
         in Thailand to offer the IB PYP “In the Early Years” curriculum, which emphasizes the
         ideals of international understanding, responsible citizenship and academic excellence.
The Kindergarten prides itself on employing English-speaking teachers from a wide
range of nationalities, highlighting the importance of communication and diversity
within their community.

The school currently has over 100 students from aged 10 mths-6 years from Thailand
and a range of foreign countries. The villa seen as you enter the wrought iron gates
belies the spacious grounds that comprise the school. A number of classrooms have
been constructed within the main villa itself but other purpose built classrooms
accommodate older students toward the rear of the grounds. This is truly a
kindergarten built on the ideals of sound contemporary practice for Early Childhood

As a school, they value specific qualities in their educators, including respect for self
and others, open-mindedness, comfort with ambiguity, a passion for learning and an
interest in collaboration. They believe teaching demands thoughtfulness, attentiveness,
a reflective attitude, a willingness to see things differently and in turn, to continually
challenge the way things are.

Applicants should meet the following requirements:
       Hold a Bachelor‟s Degree in Early Childhood Education OR a Bachelor‟s Degree
       in Education with experience and training in early childhood education.
       Excellent communication skills in English (native speakers of English preferred).
       Value being a member in a community of learners.
       Knowledge and experience of the IB PYP.

The facilities include a large playground, swimming pool, indoor gym, cafeteria, Thai
room, library, IT room, woodworking shed, recycling shed, art studio, and gardening

Monthly salary plus accommodation allowance, healthcare, airfares.

Picture yourself on a Friday evening 1 ½ hours from Bangkok on the top deck of a ferry
heading toward Koh Samet island with your very own beach bungalow waiting just a
few paces from the water‟s edge! Or alternatively, in a minivan heading to the beautiful
Khao Yai National Park just one hour‟s drive from Bangkok. You‟re carrying a good
sturdy pair of shoes in your backpack for trekking through forest paths looking at
exquisite birds and jungle wildlife. Bangkok, a main gateway to the Orient is simply
surrounded by weekend getaways to cater to the most discerning city resident! Just
„what the doctor ordered‟ after a long activity packed week at school! (2/S/TC/M/58)
For more on Bangkok go to

Benefits include:
      Salary is competitive
      Allowance of 6,500 Baht per month for accommodation. Accommodation near
      where the school is located is not expensive.
      Healthcare is provided (local) but hospitals in Thailand are first rate
      Contract is for 2 years with a return airfare paid if the teacher wants to stay on.
      The school will pay for an air ticket to bring the teacher to Bangkok then
      repatriate them at the end of the 2 year contract.
THC003   Bangkok

                UK Curriculum
                1+ years experience post qualification
                NOR: 300 and ages K-11 (IGCSE)
                Broadly International (Thai/Indian/Pakistani/African/Malaysians & others – about
                20 nationalities)

              Primary Key Stage 2 Teacher – February 2012 Job #7618

         The school follows an enriched British curriculum blended with Thai, Asian and
         Moslem cultures. It has modern and state of the art facilities and a world class
         curriculum where class sizes are small. The school is in a good location –
         downtown, in a quiet are. They follow the UK curriculum and the school has a
         Philanthropic Nature. It was built on a Mission and they care for their students
         and strive to better their lives.

         The school was established in 2008 and is located in the heart of the city with easy
         access to sky train and subway. The school aims at providing a multi –cultural
         education that recognizes the value of learning in a happy environment. Teachers at
         this school are from several different countries such as the United States, Bangladesh,
         India, Africa, Sudan, Middle East, Philippines and Thailand. The majority of the
         teachers are certified, experienced professionals and are the school‟s greatest resource.
         Over 30% are holders of master‟s degree with an average teaching of 10 years.

         As a non-profit school, their emphasis is on creating a happy and positive learning
         environment which has allowed them to recruit and retain qualified and good teachers.
         Their teachers are top caliber committed professionals. This is not a school you would
         go to save money! Salary and benefits are not competitive with international schools in
         Bangkok but given the budgetary constraints of this charitable concern, they have
         offered a package to foreign teachers commensurate with the school‟s income and their
         operating budget. This is a school based on a mission and would suit teachers who want
         a situation where they understand this and want to make a difference first and
         foremost. The school will accept NQTs and teachers in their 50‟s (teachers must be
         under 55 though); singles and married couples. They accept applications from teachers
         of all nationalities provided they are English first language. Given that 95% of students
         are Muslim, sensitivity to religious dress norms are appreciated. This does not mean
         that females must be covered but short skirts and skimpy tops would obviously be
         distasteful. Teachers with some experience of teaching in Asia or teaching Asian
         students do best in this school.

         They have about 350 students at the school from Nursery upwards. The classes has a
         maximum capacity of 25 students and the maximum class size is 15 -20 students.
         School usually begins in the 2nd week of August and ends in the last week of May. The
         school days start at 8:15 A.M. and ends at 3:00 P.M., Monday through Friday for all
         year levels. They follow the British Curriculum.

         The inclusion of Arabic (MFL) and Islamic studies is an integral aspect of the unique
         difference that the education at this school provides for pupils. The school‟s
         programmes provide numerous opportunities for students to develop their leadership
         and world citizenship skills across a range of subjects. This is a great place for children
         to learn. The physical environment is attractive and the facilities ensure that all aspects
         of the curriculum are well supported.

         Monthly salary of Baht 50,000 plus housing allowance, medical insurance, tuition
         discount, flights.

         Picture yourself on a Friday evening 1 ½ hours from Bangkok on the top deck of a ferry
           heading toward Koh Samet island with your very own beach bungalow waiting just a
           few paces from the water‟s edge! Or alternatively, in a minivan heading to the beautiful
           Khao Yai National Park just one hour‟s drive from Bangkok. You‟re carrying a good
           sturdy pair of shoes in your backpack for trekking through forest paths looking at
           exquisite birds and jungle wildlife. Bangkok, a main gateway to the Orient is simply
           surrounded by weekend getaways to cater to the most discerning city resident! Just
           „what the doctor ordered‟ after a long activity packed week at school! (2/S/TC/M/54)
           For more on Bangkok go to

           Salary and Benefits include:
                 2 year contracts
                 Baht 50,000 per month
                 Tax deduction from the salary approx Baht 4,000 a month
                 Baht 7000 a month housing allowance.
                 Tuition discount for staff children (staff still need to pay              60%    on
                 the school tuition)
                 Flight tickets will be paid in the beginning and after every 2 years
                 Medical insurance Coverage - OPD/IPD


Evaluating an employment package overseas means looking at many facets of the offer including
housing, flights, medical and salary. Salary should always be looked at relative to the cost of living
to determine the strength of a salary package in one‟s new surroundings. It is not advised to take a
basic salary and compare to another basic salary in another country without considering how much
it costs to live. For instance, a job paying £10,000 per year in a country with a very low cost of
living might result in a teacher saving £6,000 per year, whereas a teacher earning £30,000 in a
country with a high cost of living might struggle to make ends meet. Additionally, teachers
considering international positions must also understand the savings resulting from paid housing and
lower tax rates.
Teachers with families should also carefully consider the cost as well as the implications of living
overseas and educating your child at an international school. For more information for teachers with
dependents please ask your recruiter.

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