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					First Name     Other Name      Last Name     Topic                                           Date

Bhasya                         Maddukuri     Security:                                       4/11
                                             KITTEN (Common Authentication Technology
                                             Next Generation)
Devender                       Singh         Security:                                       4/11
                                             HOKEY (Handover Keying)
Mahendra                       Talasila      DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities      4/11
Mano Nandu                     Manem         DNS-based                                       4/11
                                             Authentication of Named Entities (dane)
Rajesh                         Pinninti      Security:                                       4/11
                                             TLS (Transport Layer Security)
Alan                           Stryker       Port Control Protocol (PCP)                     4/16
Ramu Reddy                     Venumuddala   Precongestion Notification (PCN)                4/16
Ratna          Kireeti         Eluri         Security:                                       4/16
                                             JOSE (Javascript Object Signing &
Shing-Tong                     Yang          SECURITY: Managed Incident Lightweight          4/16
                                             Exchange (MILE)
Sonal                          Tanpure       Web Authorization Protocol                      4/16
Vishwajyoth                    Palle         Security:                                       4/16
                                             IPSECME (IP Security Maintenance and
Sarat                          Akumella      Network Endpoint Assessment                     4/18
Baranitharan                   Muthuchamy    Routing:                                        4/18
                                             SIDR (Secure Inter-Domain Routing)
Bhoomi                         Raval         Transport:                                      4/18
Manharbhai                                   ALTO (Application Layer Traffic Optimization)
Ehichoya                       Eiluorior     Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks                4/18
Jagannadh                      Vempati       Real-time Application:                          4/18
                                             Communication in WEB-browsers
Aditya                         Kandukuri     Operations and Management:                      4/18
Jyothi         Chandrasekhar   Garapati      OSPF (Open Shortest Path First IGP)             4/23
Nischal                        Tripuraneni   Transport:                                      4/23
                                             CONEX (Congestion Exposure)
Sai            K. Sai          Kavuru        Real-time Application:                          4/23
               Sandeep                       GEOPRIV
Srikanth                       Datti         Real-time Application:                          4/23
Sultan                         Alotaibi      Internet:                                       4/23
                                             NETEX (Network-Based Mobility Extensions)
Truong         Tony            Vo            An extension to the Session Description         4/25
                                             Protocol (SDP) and Real-time Transport
                                             Protocol (RTP) for media Loopback
Vibha                          Nagaraj       Real-time Applications and Infrastructure:      4/25
                                             ATOCA (Authority-to-Citizen Alert)
Vijaya Sree                    Chodavarapu   Transport:                                      4/25
                                             PPSP (Peer to Peer Streaming Protocol)
Venkata        Sarath          Akumalla      Transport:                                      4/25
Naga           Chandra                       CONEX (Congestion Exposure)
Vinay Babu                     Mandava       Routing:                                        4/25
Savita                         Chintakindi   MULTIPATH TCP                                   4/25
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Instructions for the Seminar
    - Submit your slides to the instructor atleast one week prior to the scheduled date. Make sure you get the
feedback. Practice your talk before presenting to the class
    - Each topic has three parts.
           o Purpose of the protocol/group
           o Background work and technology
           o Network-level architecture where the protocol is used
           o Need and Requirements

           o Applications of the protocol
           o Operation of the protocol
           o State machine for the protocol
           o Event flows
           o Message formats
           o Extensions, problems, performance issues, security issue
           o Conclusions
           o References
Each student gets 15 minutes to present.
Use pictures, diagrams, event charts, and tables for presenting the material.

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