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									            { GENER IC HE A DING }

      UNIVERSITY              125


Worldwide, World-class University
Welcome to Brigham Young University, where more than
30,000 students gather from more than 130 countries          “Education is the power to
and all 50 states. The university is internationally
                                                                                               EXCELLENT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT
known for its multicultural and academically minded
                                                                                               The 2002 National Survey of Student Engagement places
student body, world-class teaching, wide-ranging foreign
language programs, talented performing arts ensembles,       think clearly, the power to act   BYU in the 93rd percentile for its level of academic chal-
                                                                                               lenge, also ranking it in the 99th percentile in providing
outstanding sports programs, beautiful mountain location
                                                                                               a supportive campus environment – one that fosters
and devotion to combining solid scholarship with the

                                                             well in the world’s work, and
                                                                                               active and collaborative learning. It’s no surprise that
principles of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. BYU has
                                                                                               our graduates leave BYU with the skills and desire to
an additional 2,800 part-time and 1,000 evening students,
                                                                                               make meaningful contributions all across the globe.
as well as 2,400 students enrolling at BYU-Hawaii and
                                                                                               Furthering their education in a highly supportive envi-
10,000 others attending BYU-Idaho. Founded in 1875,
BYU is the largest privately owned, church-sponsored         the power to appreciate life.”    ronment, an impressive number of undergraduates have
                                                                                               the chance to become involved in research that enhances
university in the United States.
                                                                                               their course work. The BYU experience ensures that

                                                                         - Brigham Young
                                                                                               students are well prepared to pursue advanced degrees,
                                                                                               enjoying strong acceptance rates into leading gradu-
                                                                                               ate programs. BYU graduates are also highly recruited
                                                                                               among top employers.

                                                                                                                                                                      { UNI V ERSIT Y }

                                                                                                                           BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY

                                                                                                                            A BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS SETTING
                                                                                                                            BYU is located 45 miles south of Salt Lake City in Provo,
                                                             QUALIT Y PROFESSIONAL PREPARATION                              Utah, a city of more than 110,000 situated 4,500 feet
                                                             A strong curriculum delivered by outstanding faculty is        above sea level. The campus sits at the western base of the
EXCEPTIONAL ACADEMICS                                        key to the academic excellence of BYU graduates. From          Wasatch Mountains, part of the Rocky Mountain Range.
BYU ranks among the top 20 in National Merit schol-          business management to nursing, from the humanities            Surrounded by mountains, Provo is at the heart of Utah
ars enrolled; among the nation’s leaders in National         to engineering, the University’s 11 colleges—supported         Valley with a combined population of more than 377,000.
Science Foundation fellowships (and fellows who go           by comprehensive offerings from religious education—           Utah Valley is framed by the 23-mile-long Utah Lake on
on to earn science and engineering doctorates); third        continue to be internationally recognized for the quality      the west and 11,750-foot Mount Timpanogos on the east.
among accounting programs; fourth in the number of           of their education and the professional preparation they       BYU also has campuses in La’ie, Hawaii (Brigham Young
Advanced Placement examination scores; and among             provide. In addition to the challenging course work and        University-Hawaii) and Rexburg, Idaho (Brigham Young
the top 10 percent in nursing programs. BYU students         hands-on research, numerous programs offer academic            University-Idaho) serving an additional 12,000 students.
garner distinction as Fullbright scholars, Mellon fellows,   and service outreach opportunities. Study-abroad cen-          The main campus sits on approximately 600 acres at the
and Barry M. Goldwater scholars. The University consis-      ters, distance-learning courses, and worldwide perform-        foot of the Wasatch Mountains and includes 333 build-
tently achieves national recognition. U.S. News & World      ing-arts tours are a few of the offerings that enrich BYU’s    ings. Additional facilities include the BYU Jerusalem
Report ranks BYU’s law and business schools among the        academic experience.                                           Center, the BYU Salt Lake Center, LDS Business College,
top 40 in the United States. In the July 2002 edition of
                                                                                                                            and the Missionary Training Centers around the world.
the Chronicle of Higher Education, BYU was recognized
as the best in the nation at turning research dollars into
inventions and new companies.

                                       “This Institution is unique. It is remarkable. It is a
                                       continuing experiment on a great premise that a large and
                                       complex University can be first-class academically while
                                       nurturing an environment of faith in God and the practice of
                                       Christian principles.”
                                                    — Gordon B. Hinckley, President, Board of Trustees of BYU
                                                                                                                             and LDS Church President



                           OUTSTANDING STUDENT BODY
                           BYU students arrive with superb preparation. The entering class has an average
                           high school GPA of 3.76 (on a 4.0 scale) and an average ACT score that ranks in
                           the 89th percentile nationally. The University consistently places in the top 20
                           for enrollment of National Merit Scholars. In addition to their academic excel-
                           lence, students bring and share high values and ideals. Students come to BYU
                           from all 50 states and more than 130 countries, bringing many international
                           cultures and experiences to the campus.

                           Nearly half of these scholars have lived outside the United States, and three-
                           fourths are fluent in at least two languages. The variety of cultures and back-
                           grounds, coupled with an institutional commitment to the gospel of Jesus
                           Christ, adds to an already rich academic experience that challenges the mind
                           while feeding the spirit.

                           INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF LEARNING
                           BYU has been selected as a Center for International Business Education
                           Research (CIBER), a program designated to promote the competitiveness of
                           United States business through an integrated international curriculum, faculty
                           and student international research and outreach programs. BYU’s David M.
                           Kennedy Center for International Studies provides support to colleges and
                           departments in pursuing their international interests.

                           BYU runs the largest study abroad program in the United States, with satellite
                           centers in London, Jerusalem, and Paris, as well as more than 20 other sites. The
                           Institute of International Education ranks BYU as the number one university in
                           the US to offer students study abroad opportunities; nearly 2,000 students take
                           advantage of more than 50 BYU study abroad programs yearly. BYU’s motto is
                           “The World is Our Campus.”

                           DISTINGUISHED FACULT Y
                           Faculty members hold advanced degrees from universities around the world.
                           Their achievements are compelling and broad-ranging as they pursue conse-
                           quential research–work that is making a real difference. Alleviating hunger
                           worldwide through more efficient agriculture, finding low-pollution energy
                           alternatives, and making significant contributions to the strengthening of fami-
                           lies are among their many pursuits. Faculty members are regularly called upon
                           to head national and international professional organizations and to consult
                           with corporate and governmental entities. Above all, these high-principled men
                           and women share an unmatched devotion to bringing the best possible educa-
                           tion to their students.

                                                                                                                                   { UNI V ERSIT Y }

  U.S. News and World Report gave BYU high marks in several categories in its 2002 “America’s Best Colleges” issue, ranking BYU
  in the second tier in the category of “Best National Universities,” 30th in the “Great Schools at Great Prices” among national
  universities with doctoral programs and among the top 10 with the least student-incurred debt.

  In U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Graduate Schools” issue, BYU’s Marriott School of Management ranked 29th in the
  nation, while in the “America’s Best Colleges” issue the School’s business program ranked 38th. In The Wall Street Journal’s
  2003 ranking of top business schools worldwide, BYU’s business school moved from 38th to 26th. When U. S. News and World
  Report ranked national graduate programs in March 2002, the J. Reuben Clark Law School was ranked 37th among the top 50
  law schools in the nation.

  BYU College of Nursing graduates are consistently among the top 10 percent in the country with student pass rate in the
  National Council Licensure Examination to become registered nurses, according to the NCLEX Report. Six BYU students were
  recently awarded scholarship money by the National Science Foundation. According to NSF, BYU ranks 29th out of more than
  2,000 universities in the number of graduate students who go on to receive science and engineering doctorates.

  Ranked among the top 50 of Yahoo! Internet Life’s “America’s Most Wired Colleges,” BYU has 100 percent of its dorms and
  60 percent of its classrooms wired for the Internet. BYU students have access to a wide range of technology products, ser-
  vices and support through the use of on-campus Ethernet connections and Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC Rooms).
  The law and business schools require students to own laptops. Prospective and current students have access to electronic
  application for admission, on-line transcripts, registration, and course schedules. BYU’s supercomputing facility houses four
  supercomputers with a total of 460 processors, 456 gigabytes of memory and 22 terabytes of hard disk storage space. About
  90 faculty members and 250 students using the supercomputers can process in days what would have previously taken a year.
  Funded by the University and donors, BYU’s supercomputers are available at no cost to students and faculty members cam-
  pus wide for projects such as 3-D visualization, molecular modeling, linguistics modeling, satellite visualization and medical
  imaging. The University also has a million-dollar virtual reality theater to enhance the output of much of the work done on

  BYU exists to provide a university education in an atmosphere
  consistent with the principles of the Church of Jesus Christ. This
  environment is preserved through adherence to a code of conduct
  called the Honor Code that reflects those ideals. Initiated by stu-
  dents in 1949, the Honor Code emphasizes being honest, living
  a chaste and virtuous life, abstaining from alcohol and tobacco,
  using clean language and other values encompassed in the doc-
  trines of the Church. The code is supplemented by additional
  guidelines on dress, grooming and housing. Students and faculty
  are attracted by the opportunity to study and work among those
  who share their faith and standards. In a survey of BYU alumni, 74
  percent cited their desire to “obtain a spiritual, religiously based
  education” as a very important or extremely important factor in
  their decision to attend BYU.

 For the latest information about BYU,
visit http://www.byu.edu/about/factfile/

             “BYU is one of Ford’s top sources of business talent. The students are bright, well-trained,
             and internationally astute—and they have great leadership skills. BYU has been one of
             Ford’s hidden gems for the last 30 years.”
                                                                                      — GREG GEIGER, SENIOR EXECUTIVE
                                                                                                              FORD MOTOR COMPANY


                                                                   BYU’S DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI

          Jayne Clayson                           MIKE WEIR                             DANNY AINGE                      VIA SIK AHEMA                                                              Rafael Araujo

From Super Bowl Champions to PGA Pros and from national broadcasters to political leaders, Brigham Young University is the alma mater of many outstanding men and women.
The BYU experience ensures that students are well prepared for outstanding success after graduation. Whether in academics, business, medicine, law, government, entertainment
or athletics, BYU is a proven launching pad for your future dreams.

Rafael Araujo (‘04): NBA lottery pick and member of the Toronto Raptors. Eighth pick           Orrin G. Hatch (‘59): U.S. Senator, Utah.
      overall and first center and first college senior selected in 2004 NBA draft.            Sharlene Wells-Hawkes (‘88): 1985 Miss America.
Danny Ainge (‘92): Former NBA basketball player and Phoenix Suns head coach; current           Chad Lewis (‘96): NFL All-Pro tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles.
      executive director of basketball operations for the NBA’s Boston Celtics.                Tiffany Lott-Hogan (‘98): World Record holder in the 55-meter hurdles
Ezra Taft Benson (‘27): President of the LDS Church from 1985-1994; U.S. Secretary of          Jeffrey R. Holland (‘66): Former president of BYU; current member of the Quorum of
      Agriculture under President Dwight D. Eisenhower.                                           the Twelve Apostles of the LDS Church.
Brian Billick (‘76): Current head coach of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, 2001 Super Bowl         Wally Joyner (‘82): Former Major League Baseball player, most recently with the Anaheim
      Champions.                                                                                  Angels.
Don Bluth (‘67): Director, producer, animator of feature films.                                Rex E. Lee (‘60): Former Solicitor General of the United States, former president of
Paul D. Boyer (‘39): Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1997.                                              BYU.
M. Anthony Burns (‘63): Former CEO and President of Ryder Systems and member of the            Keith Merrill (‘67): Academy Award-winning film maker.
      board of directors for The Black & Decker Corporation, J.C. Penney Company, Inc.,        Ryan Millar (‘99): Three-time first-team All-American Volleyball player and current mem-
      J.P Morgan Chase & Co. and Pfizer Inc.                                                      ber of the U.S. National Volleyball Team.
Orson Scott Card (‘75): Author of science fiction stories, plays and books.                    Johnny Miller (‘69): Legendary professional golfer and television golf analyst.
Todd Christensen (‘78): Former All-Pro tight end; current ESPN Announcer.                      Dale Murphy (‘82): Former Atlanta Braves baseball player; two-time MLB MVP.
David Checketts (MBA, ‘81): Former president of Madison Square Garden owner of                 Dallin H. Oaks (‘54): Former Utah Supreme Court Justice; former chair of PBS and presi-
      Utah’s Major League Soccer franchise.                                                       dent of BYU; a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the LDS Church.
Jayne Clayson: Emmy award-winning co-anchor of the CBS Early Show.                             Andy Reid (‘80): Current head coach of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles.
Stephen R. Covey (‘76): Heads Covey Leadership Foundation; author of “Seven Habits             Kevin Rollins (‘83): was named President and CEO of Dell Computer.
      of Highly Effective People.”                                                             Mitt Romney: Founder of Bain Capital and President of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic
Ty Detmer (‘92): 1990 Heisman Trophy winner and current NFL quarterback with the                  Organizing Committee; governor of Massachussetts.
      Atlanta Falcons.                                                                         David A. Sawyer (‘68): Major General in the Air Force; director for Operational Plans and
Philo T. Farnsworth (‘27): One of the fathers of television.                                      Interoperability in the Pentagon.
Harvey Fletcher (‘07): Father of stereophonic sound.                                           Via Sikahema (‘85): Sports anchor/reporter for Philadelphia NBC10 (WCAU); Former
James C. Fletcher (‘44): Former president of the University of Utah; former chief of the          Two-time All-Pro and NFL veteran
      National Aeronautics and Space Administration.                                           Kevin Towers: General Manager of Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres.
Frank Fredericks (‘91): Two silver medals in the ‘92 and the ‘96 Olympics.                     Mike Wier (‘92): 2003 Master’s Champion and among the top current money winners
John H. Groberg: Author of “In the Eye of the Storm” (also known as “The Other Side of            on the PGA Tour.
      Heaven”) and current member of the Quorum of the Seventy in the LDS Church.              Steve Young (‘84; JD,’95): Two-time NFL MVP with the San Francisco 49ers, future Hall
                                                                                                  of Famer and current television NFL analyst.
                                                                                                                                                   Photo Courtesy of Provo Daily Herald: Dan Lund

             ANDY REID                           STEVE YOUNG                          FRANK FREDERICKS                   MITT ROMNEY                                                                BRIAN BILLICK

                                                                                                                                                                                      { UNI V ERSIT Y }

                                                                                                                              BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY
MISSIONARIES                                                     teaching the restored gospel and its ordinances and               The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is
BYU is owned and operated by the Church of Jesus                 engaging in community service.                                    Christian but is neither Catholic nor Protestant.
Christ of Latter-day Saints. The missionary emphasis                                                                               Rather, it is a restoration of the original church estab-
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is            The missionaries or their families donate money to                lished by Jesus Christ.
perhaps one of its most recognized characteristics.              the Church equal to the average cost of a mission-
The program follows the Biblical pattern of sending              ary ’s expenses. After their missions, missionaries               The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus
out missionaries two by two.                                     return to schooling, vocations or family.                         Christ is regarded as divinely inspired scripture, as
                                                                                                                                   is the Holy Bible. Both volumes are used by Latter-
Currently, approximately 61,000 Latter-day Saints                CHURCH BELIEFS                                                    day Saints side by side. For more information on the
are serving proselytizing missions around the world.             The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was               beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Approximately 75 percent of the Church’s proselytiz-             officially organized on April 6, 1830 with six mem-               Saints, visit www.mormon.org.
ing missionaries are young men between the ages of               bers. Today, congregations of the Church are found
19 and 26. Yet substantial numbers of single women               in more than 160 nations and territories. With more
(18 percent) and older couples (7 percent) also serve            than 11 million members, it is one of the fastest
proselytizing missions. These missionaries serve for             growing religions in the world and one of the largest
two years (men) or 18 months (women and couples),                Christian churches in the United States.

                                                            BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY MAJORS
  BYU offers bachelor’s degrees in 212 academic programs, master’s degrees in 70, juris doctorates in one and doctorates in 20. BYU offers courses in 11 colleges: Biology
  and Agriculture; David O. McKay School of Education; Engineering and Technology; Family, Home and Social Sciences; Fine Arts and Communications; Health and Human
  Performance; Humanities; J. Reuben Clark Law School; Marriott School of Management; Nursing; and Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

BIOLOGY AND AGRICULTURE                      Anthropology (Sociocultural double major)            HEALTH AND HUMAN PERFORMANCE                             International Studies
Agronomy                                     Economics (BA)                                       Dance                                                    Latin American Studies
Environmental Science                        Economics (BS)                                       Dance Education                                          Near Eastern Studies
Animal Science                               Family History-Genealogy                             Health Sciences
     Agribusiness Production                 Geographic Information Systems                       Health Education                                         MARRIOTT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT
     Animal Biotechnology                    Geography                                            Physical Education                                       Accounting
     Science-Preveterinary Medicine               Environmental Studies                                Athletic Training                                   Management
     Veterinary Technology                        Travel and Tourism Studies                           Exercise Science                                         Entrepreneurship
Biology                                      Geography Teaching                                        Fitness and Wellness Management                          Finance
Biology Composite Teaching                   History                                                   Public School Teaching K-12                              General Business
Botany                                       History Teaching                                     Recreation Management and Youth Leadership                    Human Resource Management
Clinical Laboratory Science                  Home and Family Life                                      Leisure Services Management                              Insurance, Risk Management and Financial
Conservation Biology                         Home Economics Education                                  Therapeutic Recreation                              Services
Dietetics                                    International Politics                                    Youth Leadership                                         International Finance
Food Science                                 Marriage, Family, and Human Development                                                                            International Marketing
Horticulture                                 Planning and Resource Management                     HUMANITIES                                                    Management Information Systems
Microbiology                                 Political Science                                    Chinese                                                       Marketing
Molecular Biology                            Political Science Teaching                           Chinese Teaching                                              Operations Management
Neuroscience                                 Psychology                                           Classical Studies                                             Public and Not-for-Profit
Nutritional Science                          Psychology Teaching                                  Comparative Literature                                        Retailing
Plant Genetics and Breeding                  Social Work                                          English
Range Science                                Sociology                                            English Teaching                                         NURSING
     Production Agribusiness                 Sociology Teaching                                   French                                                   Nursing
     Rangeland Ecology                                                                            French Teaching
Wildlife and Range Resources                 FINE ARTS AND COMMUNICATIONS                         German                                                   PHYSICAL AND
Zoology                                      Acting                                               German Teaching                                          MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES
     Human Biology                           Art (BFA)                                            Humanities                                               Biochemistry
                                             Art Education K-12                                        Art History, Classical Studies, Comparative         Chemistry (BA or BS)
MCKAY SCHOOL OF EDUCATION                    Art History and Curatorial Studies                        Literature, English, Foreign Literature, History,   Chemistry Education
Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology      Communications                                            Media Arts (Film), Music, Philosophy                Computer Science
Early Childhood Education                         Broadcast Journalism                            Humanities Composite Teaching                            Earth and Space Science Education
Elementary Education                              Communications Studies                               English, French, German, History, Japanese,         Engineering Geology
Teaching Physical Science                         Marketing Communications                             Latin, Russian, Spanish                             Geology
Teaching Social Science                           Print Journalism                                Italian                                                  Mathematics
                                                  Public Relations                                Japanese                                                 Mathematics Education
FULTON SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND             Graphic Design                                       Japanese Teaching                                        Physics
TECHNOLOGY                                   Illustration                                         Korean                                                   Physics, Applied
Chemical Engineering                         Interior Design                                      Latin Teaching                                                Computer Science
Civil Engineering                            Media Arts Studies                                   Linguistics                                                   Selected Options
Computer Engineering                         Music                                                Philosophy                                               Physics-Astronomy
Construction Management                      Music Composition                                    Portuguese                                               Physics Teaching
Electrical Engineering                       Music Dance Theatre                                  Russian                                                  Statistics
Electronics Engineering Technology           Music Education                                      Russian Teaching                                              Actuarial Science,Biostatistics
Facilities Management                        Performance                                          Spanish                                                       Information Systems, Quality Science
Industrial Design                                 Brass,Combined Piano and Organ, Jazz Studies,   Spanish Teaching                                              Statistical Science
Manufacturing Engineering Technology              Organ, Percussion, Piano, String, Vocal,        Spanish Translation
Mechanical Engineering                            Woodwind
Technology Teacher Education                 Photography                                          DAVID M. KENNEDY CENTER FOR
                                             Theatre Arts Education                               INTERNATIONAL STUDIES
FAMILY, HOME, AND SOCIAL SCIENCES            Theatre Arts Studies                                 American Studies
Anthropology                                 Visual Arts                                          Asian Studies
     Archaeology, Sociocultural                                                                   European Studies



                               Smith Fieldhouse                                    MARRIOTT CENTER                                            Miller Park

BYU boasts outstanding athletic facilities that provide student-athletes with opportunities to develop and showcase their talents. BYU’s athletic success
has also fostered loyal fan support for all 21 of its athletic teams and have combined for ten NCAA championships and nearly 300 conference titles.

                                                                                         LAVELL EDWARDS STADIUM

  SOUTH FIELD                                          RIVERSIDE C.C.                                     GYMNASTICS TRAINING

      BYU                                            INDOOR TENNIS                                       ROBISON TRACK & FIELD

                                                                                                                                         { GENER IC HE A DING }

                                                                                                    STUDENT ATHLETE BUILDING

                                   BYU’s Student Athlete Building State-of-the-Art Features Include:
    •   Student Athlete Academic Center             • Team Meeting Rooms and Video Conference                •   Equipment Room
    •   Strength and Conditioning Center              Rooms                                                  •   Athletic Administration Offices
    •   Nutrition Center and Restaurant             • Football Offices                                       •   Video Facilities
    •   Training Facilities                         • Athletics Legacy Hall (Hall of Fame)                   •   Apparel and Memorabilia Store
                                                    • Football Locker Rooms

BYU Men’s Athletics Director Val Hale and other BYU athletic             “The indoor facility is patterned after the St. Louis Rams’,” Hale said.
administrators toured 10 to 12 facilities of professional and other      “The weight room in the Student Athlete Building is like the Green Bay
collegiate institutions to get ideas for BYU’s new facilities.           Packers’ and the locker room is like the Philadelphia Eagles’.”

                                                                 View of new Student Athlete Building and Indoor Practice Facility from football practice field

                                                    Legends Grill: BYU’s new sports dining center on the first and second floors of the Student Athlete Building



       BYU claimed its third men’s volleyball national championship since
       1999 when national player of the year Carlos Moreno and company
       won in a five-game thriller in Honolulu in May 2004.

                                                       1999, 2001, 2004 Volleyball NCAA Champions

       AMONG THE VERY BEST                                                  NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS         NACDA DIRECTOR’S CUP

       BYU’s 10 NCAA team championships, 998 All-Americans,
                                                                            Men’s Volleyball        2004   1996-97                    16th

       and 274 conference championships have created a                      Women’s Cross Country   2002   1997-98                    18th

                                                                                                           1998-99                    12th
       tradition of excellence. The Cougars consistently rank               Women’s Cross Country   2001

                                                                            Men’s Volleyball        2001   1999-00                    18th
       among the nation’s top 25 athletic departments in the                                               2000-01                    17th
                                                                            Women’s Cross Country   1999
       nation, according to the NACDA Director’s Cup standings              Men’s Volleybal         1999   2001-02                    23rd

                                                                                                           2002-03                    45th*
       which measures the overall performance of                            Women’s Cross Country   1997

                                                                            Football                1984   2003-04                    29th*
       athletic departments. BYU’s 21 athletic teams                                                       *Men’s Volleyball’s first and second-place
                                                                            Men’s Golf              1981

       continually establish themselves among the top                       Men’s Track             1970   NCAA finishes not counted toward score

       teams in the nations

                                                                                                                                                            { ATHLETIC TR A DITION }

                                                                                                                              BYU’S WINNING TRADITION

              Pride of the Mountain West
 In the five-year history of the MWC, the Cougars have won 53 of 95
 conference championships–nearly 60 percent of all championships
 awarded by the conference. In 2000-2001, BYU won all but three
 conference championships (16 of 19). From 1962 to 1999, BYU
 also dominated the Western Athletic Conference, winning more
 championships than any other WAC School. In fact, during the
 last three decades in the WAC, the Cougars won 60 percent of the
 WAC Championships—more than all other conference competitors
 combined. Included in these team titles, BYU’s baseball team won
 22 division titles in 23 years and was ranked as high as No. 1 in
 1983. For the second straight season, BYU teams claimed eight MWC          BYU’s women’s cross country
 Championships during the 2003-04 season.                                   team has been simply dominating
                                                                            the past decade, winning the
                                                                            national championship in four
                                                                            out of the last six years (1997,
                 2003-2004                                                  1999, 2001, 2002) and finishing
                                                                            second in 1998, 2000 and 2003.
              Athletic Prowess
                         Conf. NCAA
   Sport                 Finish Finish
   M-Basketball          2nd      T-33rd
   W-Basketball          6th      NA
   M-Volleyball          1st      1st
   W-Volleyball          3rd      T-17th
   W-Soccer              2nd      T-5th
   Baseball              4th      NA
   Football              4th      NA
   Softball              3rd      NA
   W-Cross Country       1st      2nd
   M-Cross Country       2nd      19th
   Gymnastics            —        13th
   W-Track (indoor)      1st      19th
   M-Track (indoor)      1st      10th
   W-Track (outdoor)     1st      15th
   M-Track (outdoor)     1st      26th
   M-Golf                2nd      9th
   W-Golf                3rd      T-25th
   W-Swimming            1st      NA           After    five   consecutive    postseason    Two-time All-MWC Greg Machtaler carries            BYU’s Nathan Robinson leads a talented
                                               appearances, includng three NCAA bids,       on BYU’s long and rich men’s golf tradition.       Cougar track & field team that has
   M-Swimming            1st      NA
                                               and two NBA draft picks in the last two      Including the 1981 National Championship,          earned 22 conference championships and
   M-Tennis              4th      67th
                                               years, BYU basketball continues to rise.     the Cougars have 12 top-5 finishes and 18 top-     consistently ranks among the top-20 track
   W-Tennis              1st      21st
                                               MWC Defensive Player of the Year Mike Hall   10 finishes at the NCAA Tournament including       & field programs in the country including
                                               (above) leads the Cougars in 2004-05.        last season’s ninth-place finish.                  a 10th-place finish last season.

For the fifth consecutive year, BYU’s men’s   All-American Kari Lords led the Cougar        BYU’s women’s soccer has established itself      All-American Barbora Zahnova led BYU to a
and women’s swimming and diving teams         gymnasts to a successful 2004 season.         as a national power after their seventh-         Mountain West Conference Championship
earned MWC Championships.                     Finishing the regular season ranked No. 6     straight NCAA Tournament appearance and          in 2004. BYU has won 19 women’s tennis
                                              in the nation, BYU was the top seed at the    last year’s run into the NCAA’s Elite Eight.     conference championships in the last 28
                                              NCAA Central Regional. Head coach Brad                                                         years.
                                              Cattermole was named NCAA Central Region
                                              Coach of the Year.                                                                                                                   135


Utah’s white splendor has been characterized as “The Greatest Snow On Earth.” With an average annual snowfall of more than 42 feet, skiing and snowboarding at any of Utah’s
14 resorts is truly a winter wonderland. Knee-deep powder and untracked snow are common characteristics of mountain resorts throughout Utah. The Wasatch Mountains
provide a backdrop for Utah Valley with high peaks and rugged terrain that give bikers and hikers a taste of wildflower meadows, deep forests and snowcapped mountain peaks.
Breathtaking vistas and spectacular views awaken the senses to nature’s simple beauties.

A mountain biker’s dream come true, Moab is paradise for fat-tire bikers. Just a three-hour drive from Provo, Moab is an old mining town that neighbors Arches National Park, one of
six national parks and seven national monuments within a half-day drive from Provo. Ascending to higher elevations, clear mountain streams and rushing rivers wash through green
landscapes and deep forests. The numerous canyons surrounding Utah Valley are full of mountain springs, lakes and waterfalls.

With a population over 377,000 people, Utah County             lowest violent crime rate in the nation. Utah Valley is        people attend Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival.
offers all the conveniences of a major metropolitan            an excellent educational environment with high-quality         Several films that premiered at the festival have been the
community. Just 40 minutes south of Salt Lake City, host       health care, a below average crime rate and rich cultural      recipients of Oscar, Emmy and International Film Festival
of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Provo also offers various         and recreational opportunities for its citizens. In fact, in   awards. Sundance offers year-round activities that can be
recreational activities. Known for its incredible skiing and   May 2003 Forbes rated Provo as the sixth best city in the      enjoyed by everyone, including its ski resort, summer
central location to 15 national parks and monuments,           country for businesses and careers. The Utah Valley area       outdoor theater, fine dining and shopping.
Utah County attracts visitors from around the world.           has also been ranked among the top 20 places to live in
                                                               the nation (according to Money Magazine) for the past
The Utah Valley metropolitan communities of Provo
and Orem are home to a growing high-tech mecca,
                                                               five years. In September 1991, the magazine rated the
                                                               area no. 1 on its list of the top 300 places in the nation
                                                                                                                              Utah Valley is a major gateway
including the world headquarters for many computer             to live. Fortune magazine also considers Provo to be the       to six national parks, seven
and technology corporations. The Provo/ Orem area              “third high-tech cluster in the U.S.”
boasts one of the highest standards of living in the                                                                          National Monuments, two National
country and has been rated by several experts as one of
the top areas to live in the United States In a 2001 FBI
                                                               The Sundance Institute, located in Provo Canyon, offers
                                                               locals and visitors an opportunity to experience some
                                                                                                                              Recreational areas, six National
report, the Provo/Orem metropolitan area had the second        of the region’s artistic culture. Every year, some 20,000      Forests and 44 State Parks.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       { COUGA R CLUB }

                                                                                                                                                                        BYU COUGAR CLUB

With the donations and support of nearly 5,000 members            that the Cougar Club is
nationwide, the Cougar Club has helped BYU build one of           helping      BYU     athletics
America’s strongest collegiate athletic programs. Through         continue to be one of the
                                                                                                   ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION DESIGNATIONS
its fund-raising and promotional mission, the Cougar Club         nation’s     top   collegiate
                                                                                                   Young Alumni . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50
is ensuring the future success of BYU athletics.                  athletic programs.
                                                                                                   Cougar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100
                                                                                                   Bronze Cougar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200
Loyal Cougar Club members across America are building             THE LEGACY
                                                                                                   Silver Cougar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500
the foundation for BYU’s future athletic victories. The           PROGRAM
changing nature of collegiate athletics means that to                                              Golden Cougar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,000
                                                                  In   1997,    Cougar    Club
compete at the highest levels, BYU must raise more money          introduced     the     Legacy    Legacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,000 or more
every year. The costs associated with being one of the            Program to further ensure
nation’s top programs continue to rise dramatically. With         BYU’s continued athletic                                                    • Men’s Basketball Cougar Tipoff
that challenge in mind, the support of Cougar Club and            success. The Legacy Program is designed to help Club                        • Pre-game activities before each home football game,
its members becomes an even more important key to the             members structure their financial planning (appreciated                        where Club members get a preview of the upcoming
future growth of BYU athletics.                                   securities, trusts, bequests, wills, life insurance, and                       event from former players, University administrators,
                                                                  other options) to benefit BYU athletics, while maximizing                      and members of the media while enjoying a delicious
“The BYU donors and fans make all the difference,” says           flexibility and tax benefits for the donor. Additional                         meal in the Cougar Room at LaVell Edwards Stadium
Cougar Club Executive Director Michael Middleton. “For            athletic benefits are available through the Legacy Program                  • Monthly luncheons with coaches and players
our teams to continue to achieve national prominence,             for BYU donors who make present-value Legacy gifts of                       • Exciting athletic tours co-sponsored by the Cougar
the Cougar Club needs to continue to grow.”                       $10,000 or more during a period of three years or less.                        Club and the BYU Alumni Association
                                                                                                                                              • Many other events in geographic areas with club chap
     “For more than three decades,                                The Cougar Club sponsors many programs and events that
                                                                  build athletic loyalty among Cougar fans, BYU alumni, and
     the Cougar Club has been the                                 other friends of the University. The Cougar Club annually
                                                                  sponsors more than 30 events for the enjoyment of club
     life blood of BYU Athletics. We                              members, including:
                                                                  • BYU Athletic Hall of Fame
     are grateful for all the generous                            • The Y Awards

     contributions of our fans.”                                  • Academic Athlete Banquet
                                                                  • “Meet the Football Team” Watermelon Bust
     - Val Hale
     - BYU men’s athletic director
                                                                   COUGAR CLUB BENEFITS
                                                                   • Seating priority for home and away sporting events, bowl games, and post-season
FUNDING                                                              tournaments
Cougar Club donations are used for many vital projects,            • Tax deduction
including:                                                         • Parking passes
• Funding    the    entire   athletic   program’s   recruiting     • Cougar Club Newsletter and athletic publications
  expenses, helping BYU coaches to attract some of the             • Monthly luncheons with BYU coaches and athletes
  world’s premier athletes to Provo, Utah.                         • Invitation to annual Y-Awards banquet
• Building new facilities including the Indoor Practice            • Privileges for Club events and Club travel
  Facility, Student Athlete Building, and Miller Baseball/         • Annual “Meet the Team” football reception
  Softball complex.                                                • Discounts on exclusive BYU merchandise and commemorative memorabilia
• Supporting the Student Athlete Academic Center, which
  includes sponsoring academic tutoring for student                REASONS TO SUPPORT BYU AS A COUGAR CLUB MEMBER
  athletes, providing laptop computers for the athletes
  to use when traveling, and sustaining an endowment
                                                                   1. With costs increasing more rapidly than ticket revenue, additional support is necessary to
  that   provides     spring/summer      and   post-eligibility
                                                                      maintain a full athletic agenda.
  scholarships that assist current and former athletes to
                                                                   2. Vital Cougar Club funds help maintain a strong athletic department.
  finish their degrees.
                                                                   3. BYU’s athletic success is dependent on its ability to recruit outstanding student athletes.
                                                                      Cougar Club provides the essential resources to bring recruits to campus for recruiting visits
Member Benefits                                                       and to send coaches on the road for recruiting trips.
There is a Cougar Club membership level for every fan              4. Club funds strengthen the women’s athletic program, helping it to achieve equality with other
who wants to help BYU continue to build a strong athletic             established     programs.
tradition. Individuals and businesses annually make tax-           5. Club funds help to provide the best facilities possible.
deductible Cougar Club contributions of between $50                6. A strong athletic program provides opportunities for talented young people to develop their
and $1,000–based on their financial ability to give and               full potential.
the athletic benefits they want to receive. To acknowledge         7. A winning athletic program brings positive state and national recognition to Provo and enhances
the generosity of Club members, the athletic department               the local    business climate and quality of life.
makes a number of benefits available to Club members,
including priority seating, parking passes, and Club events.       Become a member by contacting us at (801) 422-2583 or 1-800-426-4298, or by e-mail at
However, the greatest benefit of membership is knowing             cougarclub@byu.edu .



                                                         STUDENT ATHLETE ACADEMIC CENTER (SAAC)
BYU student-athletes are seeking to excel academically,
athletically, and are preparing for life after they graduate.
                                                                                      MENTORS                                            NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills
                                                                Mentors are available for any student-athlete through the       The BYU Athletics Department is an active participant
The transition into university life can be challenging for
                                                                Student Athlete Academic Center. Incoming freshmen will         in the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program.           The services
any student. This is especially true for student-athletes
                                                                be assigned a mentor for their first semester. Mentors          provided by the Student Athlete Academic Center target
who are expected to be good students and outstanding
                                                                are most often fifth-year student-athletes or graduate          each of the five commitments of the CHAMPS/Life Skills
athletes. They are also under obligation to understand
                                                                students. Mentors provide time management help, study           program.
and comply with a variety of NCAA rules and regulations
                                                                skills, test taking tips, help adjusting to college, etc. To
in order to be eligible to compete. The Student Athlete
                                                                obtain a mentor, see the academic advisor assigned to
Academic Center was created to provide a place where
student-athletes can receive support and resources as
                                                                your team.                                                              COMMITMENT TO ACADEMIC
they pursue their goals.                                                                                                                      EXCELLENCE

                                                                                                                                A primary goal of the Student Athlete Academic Center
One of the main priorities of the Center is to assist               COMPUTER LABS AND LAPTOP                                    is to ensure that every student-athlete graduates with
student-athletes as they transition into the BYU culture
and the world of college athletics. Student-athletes are
                                                                          COMPUTERS                                             a bachelor’s degree in their chosen field of study.
                                                                                                                                achieve this goal, the Center provides a team advisor as

                                                                The computer lab is located in the Student Athlete
assigned an academic advisor to help them register for                                                                          part of the comprehensive academic support program.
                                                                Academic Center and is an Access Point Lab available
classes and monitor their progress toward graduation.                                                                           Each athlete has regular visits with his/her team advisor
                                                                for all students. Athletes can utilize the computers for
The advisor is the contact person for student-athletes                                                                          who assists with registration and monitors progress
                                                                research and writing papers. E-mailing and surfing the
who have academic or eligibility questions and concerns.                                                                        toward graduation. Tutoring is also available for every
                                                                Internet is not considered legitimate study hall time, but is
The advisor also helps student-athletes make connections                                                                        student-athlete. The Student Athlete Academic Center
                                                                permissible when not in study hall. Laptop computers are
with other campus resources such as the Counseling and                                                                          is conveniently located on the third floor of the new
                                                                available on a first-come first-serve basis. The computers
Career Center, Multicultural Student Services, University                                                                       Student Athlete Building.
                                                                are equipped with the basic word processing programs:
Accessibility Center and College Advisement Centers.
                                                                Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Internet is accessible on
                                                                                                                                        COMMITMENT TO ATHLETIC
          ACADEMIC ADVISEMENT                                   some computers. Computers can be checked out before

The main focus of the Student Athlete Academic Center
                                                                away games and should be checked in upon the athletes                        EXCELLENCE
                                                                return.                                                         The Student Athlete Academic Center employs a sport
is to help student-athletes graduate on time. To achieve
                                                                                                                                psychologist   to   provide    performance     enhancement
this goal, academic advisement is provided to all
                                                                                                                                interventions for BYU teams, coaches and student-athletes.
student-athletes. Advisors are available to help students-
athletes register for classes, monitor athletic eligibility,
                                                                             Services available                                 These interventions include: increasing awareness for

secure tutorial help, and provide on-going support and
                                                                   in the Student Athlete Center include:                       sport   performance,    goal-setting,   arousal     regulation
                                                                 • Academic Advising                                            through relaxation and energizing techniques, imagery
encouragement. The academic advisors assist student-
                                                                 • Career Counseling and Testing                                training, confidence building through self-talk strategies,
athletes by having them set weekly and semester goals,
                                                                                                                                developing     pre-competition      plans,     concentration
teaching them time management and academic success               • Community Service Opportunities
                                                                                                                                (focusing) training and team-building interventions. The
strategies and helping them communicate effectively with         • Computer Lab
                                                                                                                                overall objective of these types of interventions is to assist
their professors. Advisors also assist the coaching staff in
                                                                 • Group Study Sessions
                                                                                                                                individual student-athletes and athletic teams to perform
monitoring the day-to-day progress of student-athletes
                                                                 • Laptop Computers                                             at consistently high levels.   Personal counseling is also
who struggle academically.
                                                                 • Leadership Opportunities (Cougar Council)                    available through the sport psychologist as needed.

                      TUTORING                                   • Mentoring

Personal tutors are provided for athletes through the            • Sport Psychology
Student Athlete Academic Center with funds made                  • Study Facilities
available by the Cougar Club. Tutors are hired to tutor          • Tutoring
multiple subjects. To obtain a tutor, student-athletes may
contact their academic advisor.
                                                                For more information about the BYU Student Athlete Academic Center, go to: http://www.byucougars.com/student_athlete_center/

                                                                                                                                  { STUDENT ATHLETE ACA DEMIC CENTER }

     COMMITMENT TO PERSONAL                                  and decision-making skills. Student-athletes are taught
                                                                                                                                     SAAC STAFF ROSTER
                                                             about some of the unique issues they face in the world
          DEVELOPMENT                                        of college athletics and how to thrive in the university                             E.J. CAFFARO
Student   Athlete   Academic    Center     personnel   are   setting and beyond.                                                                  SAAC Director
also active in teaching classes designed to promote
                                                                                                                                                  Basketball Academic Coach
leadership,   emotional   well-being,    personal   growth
                                                                     COMMITMENT TO CAREER                                                         801.422.5305 (office)

                                                                         DEVELOPMENT                                                              801.422.0037 (fax)
                                                                                                                                                  Room 378 SAB
                                                             A career specialist is available to assist student-athletes
                                                             with a variety of career issues. They receive help in
                                                             choosing a major, building their resume, establishing
                                                             a career network and preparing for their transition
                                                             from college athletics into the world of work.         These
                                                             services are available through individual consultation,
                                                                                                                                                  RON CHAMBERLAIN
                                                             workshops, computer programs and University courses.
                                                                                                                                                  Assistant Director
                                                             Career exploration and career transition classes are
                                                                                                                                                  Sports Psychologist
                                                             highly recommended to all student-athletes. Internship
                                                                                                                                                  801.422.8018 (office)
                                                             and employment opportunities are also made available
                                                                                                                                                  801.422.0037 (fax)
                                                             through the Career Network, which is made up of Varsity
                                                                                                                                                  Room 362 SAB
                                                             Club and Cougar Club members.

                                                                     COMMITMENT TO SERVICE
                                                             A vital part of Brigham Young University’s involvement in
                                                             the CHAMPS/Life Skills program includes a commitment
                                                             to   service.   The   CHAMPS      program    supports    the                         SANDY THOMAS
                                                             philosophy that all student-athletes have inherent talents                           Academic Advisor
                                                             that allow them to excel in athletics and in life. Athletes                          Career/Employment Specialist
                                                             provide valuable role models and have many unique                                    801.422.4841 (office)
                                                             opportunities to serve their campus and surrounding                                  801.422.0037 (fax)
                                                             communities. The Student Athlete Academic Center                                     Room 370 SAB
                                                             coordinates     service   opportunities   networking    with                         sandy_thomas@byu.edu
                                                             schools, churches and community events. Many requests
                                                             for service projects are received throughout the year.
                                                             Student-athletes are expected to be involved in at least
                                                             three hours of community service per semester. Student-
                                                             athletes enjoy the opportunity to be involved in serving                             JIM HAMBLIN
                                                             and find these opportunities fun and rewarding.                                      Football Academic Coach
                                                                                                                                                  801.422.2027 (office)
                                                                                                                                                  Room 380 SAB
                                                                                                                                                  801.422.0037 (fax)

                                                                                                                                                  JIMMY BENALLY
                                                                                                                                                  Academic Advisor
                                                                                                                                                  Community Service Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                  801.422.4837 (office)
                                                                    BOB                            CINDY                                          801.422.0037 (fax)

                                                                  WAKEFIELD                      WAKEFIELD                                        Room 372 SAB

                                                              Service Representative           Service Representative                             jimmy_benally@byu.edu

                                        CHAMPS / Life Skills Program
                                          Commitment Statements
COMMITMENT TO ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE                            for student-athletes, encouraging emotional well-being,
To support the academic progress of the student-athlete      personal growth and decision-making skills.
toward intellectual development and graduation.
                                                             COMMITMENT TO CAREER DEVELOPMENT
COMMITMENT TO ATHLETIC EXCELLENCE                            To encourage the student-athlete to develop and pursue
To build philosophical foundations for the development       career and life goals.
of athletic programs that are broad-based, equitable and
dedicated to the well-being of the student-athlete.          COMMITMENT TO SERVICE
                                                             To engage the student-athlete in service to his/her

                                                                                                                            JACLYN PRICE                  KARILYN
COMMITMENT TO PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT                           campus and surrounding communities.

To support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle
                                                                                                                            SAAC Administrative
                                                                                                                                 Assistant               Assistant SAAC
                                                                                                                                                         Office Specialist

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