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This is an example of auto accident lawsuit. This document is useful in conducting a study on auto accident lawsuit.

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									How Lawsuit Loan - Lawsuit Funding Helps Auto Accident Lawsuit Plaintiffs
Accidents can happen - may have been just a phrase in the past. Today, the equivalent phrase may well be - Accidents can happen, and if they do,
the affected parties may sue! As you can see, auto accidents are happening at an alarming rate in our country, and because of these the lives of
innocent people and their families are adversely affected. When a loved one in family is unexpectedly killed by a drunk driver, families are devastated
and destroyed. They are affected not only physically and mentally but they are also financially strained. A lawsuit loan, or litigation financing, is one
good safe option for plaintiffs involved in a lawsuit to finance their daily needs. Lawsuit loans or Legal cash advance helps them to take care of their
medical expenses, household bills, mortgage payments, auto payments, education expenses etc. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration there are about 43,000 people killed in fatal motor vehicles accidents each year in the United States. In addition to fatal accidents,
about 2.9 million people are injured each year. As you know in any type of motor vehicle accident there are always two or more parties involved. The
victim or victims in the accident are entitled to compensation from the party that can be proven liable for the accident. They can take legal action by
filing a personal injury lawsuit. Mostly plaintiffs involved in auto accident have missed work or lost their job and can no longer meet their household
regular bills. Keeping up with their household payments can be a huge strain on them. People who need cash funds while waiting for a lawsuit to be
resolved, and a fair settlement to be paid, have very few options, but some carry more risk than others. They can use their own credit cards to get
cash. This is an expensive alternative and can actually put them even more at risk if the lawsuit takes longer than you anticipate to be settled. And if
they lose the lawsuit they still have to pay their monthly credit card bills unlike lawsuit loan or lawsuit cash advance. Plaintiffs involved in lawsuits can
obtain a home equity loan or second mortgage. This option is extremely risky. If for some reason they do not win their lawsuit, they could lose their
home. But that is not the case with lawsuit loan or lawsuit funding. Most of the plaintiffs involved in lawsuits do not realize they can get lawsuit loan or
legal cash advance before their case settles. It is called as lawsuit funding and often referred as legal funding, pending lawsuit loan, legal finance,
legal financing, litigation financing, lawsuit advance funding, lawsuit cash advance, personal injury lawsuit loan and legal cash advance. There are
many advantages of lawsuit funding or lawsuit financing. It carries no risk to the plaintiffs. Some of these are as followings: 1. When you apply for
lawsuit cash advance or litigation financing, there is no application fee. A good lawsuit financing company should not charge any upfront fee or any
application fee, processing fee or any monthly fee. 2. No credit or bad credit is alright, because approval of personal injury lawsuit loan or pending
lawsuit loan is based on the strength of your lawsuit. The lawsuit advance funding or legal financing is not based on credit history, unless there is a
pending bankruptcy. 3. No employment requirement is required to apply for a lawsuit loan or legal funding. 4. Lawsuit cash advance is not a typical
kind of loan. Loans are repayable absolutely. A loan is type of financial aid which must be repaid, with interest. But lawsuit cash advance, legal
financing or lawsuit funding is actually purchasing an interest in your settlement. So, if you lose your lawsuit case, you do not owe the lawsuit funding
or litigation financing, company anything. 5. When you apply for lawsuit advance funding or legal financing, all information is kept confidential and
only parties who know about the transaction are you the plaintiff, your attorney, and lawsuit funding company. 6. Approval is always fast for lawsuit
loan or litigation financing. Mostly in 24 to 48 hours (some times in 4-6 hours). 7. Once you get a lawsuit cash advance or litigation financing, you do
not pay back until you win or settle the case. Unlike a typical loan, where you have to start paying back the loan right away and continue making
payments until it is paid off, no matter when you receive your settlement and even if you lose your case and receive no money. 8. Lawsuit funding is
actually a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance on the future value of your case. Unlike a loan, if you lose your lawsuit case you owe nothing in return.
9. Lawsuit funding or personal injury lawsuit loans are no-risk and a win-win help for plaintiffs involved in lawsuits. These are available for nearly all
types of civil and commercial lawsuits. A lot of auto accidents lawsuit plaintiffs are being forced to settle early for way less than they deserve because
they simply can't afford to wait any longer. There is no reason for them to settle for less than their case is worth.

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