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									July 10, 2004
A. CALL TO ORDER B. ROLL CALL DELEGATES Casper Soccer Club (0) Cheyenne Soccer Assoc (0) Cheyenne Sting (2) Douglas Youth Soccer (0) Evanston Diablos (0) Gillette Soccer (2) GOWYO/Torrington (0) Green River Spurs (0) Hot Springs Soccer (0) Jackson Hole (1) Johnson County Soccer (0) Lander Strikers (0) Laramie Blizzard (0) Laramie Soccer Assoc (0) Newcastle Soccer (1) Rawlins Soccer Assoc (0) Riverton Youth Soccer (0) Rock Springs Soccer/Avengers (2) Saratoga Youth Soccer (0) Sheridan County Soccer (0) Worland Soccer Assoc (0) Yellowstone Fire (2) OFFICERS President (1) Vice President (1) Treasurer (1) DIRECTORS Registrar (1) Wyoming League (1) Ref Director, Instruction (1) VISITORS C. CREDENTIALS D. READING/APPROVAL OF MINUTES E. PRESIDENT'S REPORT Ken Uhrich

Meeting was called to order at 9:30 am at the Radisson Hotel Casper

no rep no rep Proxies for Larry Catalano and Juston Taylor no rep no rep Proxies for Mike Lutkin and Dorvan Polson no rep no rep no rep Dave Baker no rep no rep no rep no rep Lori Grendahl no rep no rep Rick Fredricksen and proxy for Joe Arambel no rep no rep no rep Yvonne Dewey and 1 proxy Ken Uhrich (non-voting) Tracy LaFollette John Beckman Sandy Jenkin (non-voting) Deb O'Brien George Ivory none Total voting strength was 13: 4 delegates, 3 directors, 6 proxies. Total attendance: 10 minutes were approved except for a change made in "credentials". Corrected Minutes 7/10/04 Ken Reported: Gavin LaFollette was selected to an elite USSF program; Josh Carroll of the CO Rush was selected to the RIV travel team, from there could be selected to the national team. Grievances filed with USSF. All 20 were all denied. Request complete report from Ken. The grievances have been sent on to the US Olympic Committee, which has recently been reorganzied. US Club Soccer recently quadrupled their registration fees. John Murphy, Cal No Pres recently suffered a heart attack but is doing well.


The 2003/2004 Annual report was presented and reviewed; no changes. total registrations for the 03/04 seasan were 6242 a slight increase from last season. Treasurer's report as of 10/3/04 was presented (2004/2005 FY). Registration total 2503; Current assets $66,615.18; A/R of $2120.00. Complete report available upon request from state office.


Motion was made to pay for the Feb 2004 Rock Springs Ref Clininc; motion was seconded and passed. No other payment approvals requested. Elections for WSSA vice president and treasurer will be held at the Mar 6, 2005 AGM in Casper. John Thibeault, WSSA secretary resigned as of 10/2/04. Sandy Jenkin will take over many of the duties of the secretary until the postion is filled. Tracy Lafollette, WSSA vice president resigned as of 10/3/04. Jeanna Kennedy was nominated to complete Tracy's term and is considering running for vice president in March. No other nominations were received. Motion was made and accepted unanimously. Jane Baldwin resigned as ODP director; Tracy Lafollette took over that position. Jane will help during the transition period/to the end of Oct. 2004. Larry Catalano is tournament director (not present). Tournament will be held May 28-30, 2005 in Cheyenne; Hoping for 100-150 rec and completitive teams to participate in 3 divisions - bronze, silver and gold. Gold division teams will be playing for state champ position and winners will represent Wyo at the 2005 regionals in Denver in June of 2005. Bids being accepted for the 2006 and 2007 Wyoming State Cup. Information available from the state office. Will be held October 23-24, things on track. (No report as of completion of these minutes 10/26/04)


COMMITTEE REPORTS 1. 2005 Wyo State Cup Cup Director

2. 2004 Tide Cup


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July 10, 2004
3. 2004 Chevy Cup Lander Strikers

Report has been filed and fees paid. 50 teams participated and Lander had a lot of local support in the way of sponsors. This was the last "Chevy" cup. Chevy will no longer be a sponsor of youth soccer - they have decided to focus their money elsewhere. The Wyo Spring Cup in Casper (5/29-31, 2004) was accpeted as a "Chevy Cup" after the fact and that helped WSSA complete our requirements for the Chevy sponsorship contract. No Report. Darren was not present. Ken had met with Darren on August and requested from him dates for coaching clinics, plans for player development, a report of the accomplishments of the quad coaches and several other items as detailed in his contract. Of of the 10/3/04 board meeting none of the requested tasks had been completed. Ken also reported that Darren's duties with the Co. Rush had greatly expanded and that he was not technical director for Pikes Peak. QUESTION: Dave Baker. What is the status of the renewal of Darren's contact? RESPONSE: Contact was renewed and is effective thorugh Mar of 2005; however it is felt that Darren will not pursue renewal. Ken asked that a new director of coaching committee be formed to find a new state DOC. Committee would consist of a rec assocation president; a comp assocation president; the ODP director and one other person. At that time Jackson Hole Soccer stated that they were oppossed to continuing Darren's current contact; Gillette Soccer Club also stated their opposition. Rock Springs/Avengers opposed Darren's lack of involvment. (All those present still support the postion of state director of coaching.) QUESTION: Rick Fredrickson. What is required to terminate the current contract? RESPONSE: Pleasure of the board. Currently Darren is in violation of the contract. Had not submitted a requied end of the season year report nor had attended any of the quad ODP tryouts. Those in attendance reviewed the requirments of the contract and it was determined that Darren was in violation and that either party could terminate the contract, without cause, with 30 days notice. Dave Baker moved to terminate the current contract and was seconded by Rick Fredricksen. DISCUSSION: Deb O'Brien asked if he had been paid for the whole year. RESPONSE: Is paid month by month and had not yet been paid for October '04. Ken stated that WSSA had not been able to contact him for a time during the summer; his cell phone had been disconnected; finally received new contact info in August. Tracy stated that he had agreed to attend the whole state ODP tryouts being held in Laramie 10/23&24. The question was called and a vote taken: 12 votes for and 1 opposed.

J. ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS 1. State Director of Coaching Darren Brett/now vacant

2. State Ref Administrator Chuck Mason 3. State Referee Instructor George Ivory

Chuck was not present but he submitted a report. George submitted a report. Riverton requested a NW quad Ref clinic; is currently being planned. Upcoming clinic dates will be posted on the WSSA web site.

4. State Youth Ref Admin. Hank Carrera 5. Risk Management John Kolesar

no report. Hank was not present. no report - John was not present. Reminder that all original Risk Management/VDS forms need to go to Sandy Jenkin at the state office. You can get the blank form from the WSSA web site. VDS forms need to be submitted every year for coaches and every two years for administrators andother volunteers. No coaches card will be issued unless a VDS/risk management form was submitted. Jane was not present,Tracy Lafollette gave an update on the quad and state wide tryouts. As of Oct 28 pool selecions are posted at the ODP website. Effective at the end of October was Jane Baldwin's resignation as ODP director; Tracy LaFollette is taking her position starting Oct. 3 with Jane available thur Oct for training Tracy and overseeing Oct. ODP tryouts.

6. Boys and Girls ODP Jane Baldwin, Past Tracy LaFollette, Current

7. Rules WSSA VP 8. Registrar & Office Manager Sandy Jenkin 9. Recreation Vacant

Nothing to report. The new WSSA VP Jeanna Kennedy will now also be in charge of "Rules" The last WSSA printed newsletter will be going out in mid to late October. Future issues will be posted on the WSSA website. Fall registrations went well and player numbers look good. No Report. Addison was not present. In August Ken had requested from Addison reports on the current status of: rec player development, top soccer, rec coach development and Addison's desire to continue as Rec Chair. As of the Oct 2 meeting no reply had been recevied. Ken suggested that the position be vacated. Deb O'Brien moved to vacate the position, seconded, voted, none opposed. Postion will be filled at a later date. Deb reported that 47 teams registered for Fall league, 3 more over last fall. She requested dates for upcoming tournaments so she could begin planning the spring league schedule. Upcoming 2005 tournaments and league play dates are:1st league weekend Apr, 23-24; Cody May Day tourn Apr. 31 - May 1; 2nd league weekend May 7 -8; Sheridan tourn May 14 - 15; 3rd league weekend May 21-22; Wyo state cup and rec tourn May 28 - 30. There were no other questions or concerns of the board. As of Nov 2 fall league winners are posted at the WSSA website

10. Wyoming League Deb O'Brien


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July 10, 2004
11. President's Report Ken Uhrich

Report provided on topics as they came up on the agenda. Ken talked about the upcoming national USYS adidas workshop and coaches convention Feb 17-19, 2005 in Salt Lake City. 3-4 state reps will be attending. If you would like more information please contact the state office or see the WSSA web site. Also see President's Update dated Oct. 4, 2004 1)The State Cup Committee, chaired by Tracy LaFollette, submitted the final report which was accepted by the board after minor amendments. The amendments just asked that age groups be specified for each of the three divisions of play. The recommendations of that report are being put into booklet form to be followed by current and future Wyo state cup host clubs. 2) Ken announced that he is continuing to work on finding a statewide sponsor. He reported that the offer from Pam Kitchen of Powder River Energy consisted of their desire to be a sponsor however they didn't want to contribute money. Ideas for possible sponsors to contact are Fremont Motors; Kenecott Energy and the Wyo Dairy Assoc.Sponsorship would be a three year commitment, providing WSSA with $10,000 per year. 4) The 2004 Chevy Parent of the Year winner is Shauna Rood of Green River. On Oct 13 Sandy Jenkin met with Shauna and the officers of the Green River Spurs to present her award. Shauna is now entered into the pool for the the National Chevy Parent of the Year award that will be given at the end of 2004.



1) Discussion of the 2004/2005 budget. After much discussion and numerous adjustments the budget was unanimously accepted by the board 2) Discussion about the current shortage of refs in Wyoming. Several suggestions were presented but nothing was accepted. Issue is still open. Suggestions included WSSA paying Wyo League assignors; include the extra fees in Wyo League Fees; asked if WSSA could have a state league assignor.

M. N. O. P.


None None None A report was submitted by Tracy Lafollette discussing the pros and cons of centrally located WSSA board meetings. The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 pm Sunday, January 9th 2005, 9AM - Casper Sunday, March 6th, 2005, 9AM - Casper; AGM and election of new VP and treasurer Saturday, July 9th, 2005, 10AM - Casper - 2006 Budget Meeting


Respectfully submitted:

Sandy Jenkin, WSSA office manager and temp board secretary


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