Coaching Policy for the Spencerport Soccer Clubs Recreational by keara


									Spencerport Soccer Club House Program Coaching Policy
This is a most important position with the club, requiring a high level of commitment. Members of the coaching staff must be dedicated to working with the children of the community. Win/loss records are irrelevant, as this is a recreational program and no standings are kept. Focus must ALWAYS be on the fun of playing the game regardless of score, for all players at every age level. Duties of Coaches:
Coaches shall act as a positive role model for the players of the Spencerport Soccer Club (herein referred to as the “club”). Coaches should avail themselves of the opportunities that arise for formal training when held locally, as the Club will one day require all members of the coaching staff to be certified. The Club will reimburse all coaches’ tuition fees once proof of completion of a given course is provided. Head coaches’ children get to play for free, in that their registration fee is reimbursed post season once all equipment mandated by the manager is turned in. Coaches shall provide a climate conducive to learning and improving the players’ knowledge and skill in a safe and enjoyable environment. Coaches will provide regular practice sessions pre-season as well as during the regular season based on player interest and performance. Coaches shall lead by example to ensure and maintain the high standards of the club, as they apply to: A. Conduct and behavior B. Respect for officials C. Respect for opponents D. Respect for spectators Coaches shall be familiar with the rules of soccer, as well as other rules and responsibilities set forth by the club (, the New York State West Youth Soccer Association (, and the Southwest Inter-Town Soccer League (SWISL) as they apply to the recreational program. By signing the application form, all coaching volunteers attest to this. It would be a good idea to have a copy of all rules governing our play in the bag on the field for reference, should the need ever arise. Coaches shall support the club and all program specific mandates, directives, rules and activities at all times. Coaches will provide any and all information requested by the managers, which could include but not be limited to game reports, practice schedules and post season player rankings. Coaches shall bring any situation, which might reflect adversely on the club, as well as any other problems, concerns or questions to the attention of their division coordinator (herein referred to as the “chair”).

Administrative Responsibilities:
The head coach shall not relinquish his/her title or responsibility to an assistant coach, or any other adult on a permanent basis without prior approval from the club’s board of directors (herein referred to as the “board”). Any coach who plays an illegal player or players will be suspended from participating with the club for a period of time to be determined by the board. It is MANDATORY that ALL TEAMS be represented at any and all coaching staff meetings the managers determine are necessary. If a team has only 1 coach, then he/she MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE at said staff meeting(s), representing his/her team. If a team has more than 1 coach, it would be preferable for all to be present, but only 1 MUST be in attendance to represent the team. Coaches are provided with a team roster. Players are rostered and cannot be “loaned” to another team or “pulled” from another team to fill. Players play for 1 team only. Transgressions to this rule will have consequence. In the event that the minimum number of players cannot be fielded and a game is to be forfeited, then a “scrimmage” game could be played if so desired, where the team that is short players could draw from other team(s) in division in order to play at full strength. This is the ONLY situation that would allow for a rostered player to play on a different team. Coaches are provided select equipment owned by the club. At the end of seasonal play, all coaches must surrender the specified club owned equipment to the division coordinators in order to collect the team refund check. Coaches will be contacted by the photographer hired by the club to take team and individual pictures. Coaches will work with the photographer in assuring all order forms are distributed to teammates in a timely fashion and that teammates are well informed as to the time and place that team pictures will be taken. The club reserves the right to address and judge any and all concerns regarding members of the coaching staff. The board will address individual situations as appropriate and in a timely fashion. Decisions rendered on the matter will be final.

Game Day Responsibilities:
ALL coaches will wear club provided apparel to ALL scheduled games. If you’re working a game, represent the club and dress for it. The head coach is solely responsible in all regards for everyone associated with his/her team, including but not limited to assistants, players, parents and spectators. Coaches must take control of their sidelines and not allow onlookers to address game officials in a negative manner. Refer to the NYSW Zero Tolerance Policy. Coaches must be ready to ask offenders to leave the field of play if they refuse to be cooperative, as officials will approach coaches to ask for their assistance in diffusing adverse situations on the sidelines. On game day, they must be in control of their games, and the coach must support them in that effort by maintaining control of his/her sideline. He/she must ensure that referees are not being heckled or harassed by anyone, in accordance with NYSW policies. It is UNACCEPTABLE for a member of the coaching staff of the Spencerport Soccer Club to heckle, intimidate, or otherwise berate a referee for any reason, regardless of age or situation. Referees are instructed to stop play and approach coaches directly to let them know when things are getting out of hand. Uncooperative coaches can and will be included in the referee’s game report, and the referee assignor will report all transgressions so appropriate action can be taken. The division coordinator will provide referee fees for the entire season in full to each coach prior to the start of seasonal play. Home team coaches will be responsible for paying the referee assigned to their game an amount set forth in the SWISL rules. As stated in said rules, referees are paid a $6 travel fee if a game is canceled before kickoff. Referees are not entitled to the full amount of their fee unless the game actually starts. Coaches must not pay a referee what he/she is not entitled to, regardless of argument unless he/she is willing to accept responsibility for said funds should there be a make-up game. Disagreements of any kind should be reported to the respective chair ASAP. Games cancelled for any reason must be reported to the chair, and in the event make-up games are not played, all unused referee funds must be returned to the chair at the end of the season. In the event of a rainout or a cancelled game, should both coaches desire to play a make up game, if Spencerport was the home team for the cancelled game then the chair must be notified who will in turn contact the referee assignor to schedule a venue and a referee. If the opponent was the home team, then they need to contact the referee assignor and arrange for a referee and a venue. In effort to avoid disagreements and possible conflicts on the sidelines, the club does not support playing with both teams on the same side of the field. As stated in the aforementioned SWISL rules, the home team will be given the choice of which side of they field they’d like to occupy, and the visitors will occupy the opposite side. Spencerport teams will honor the home field advantage rule and give the home team choice of sidelines, regardless of what town the opponents represent, and then occupy the opposite side of the field. Should teams from other towns not comply with this rule, take the open side of the field for the game to avoid disagreement, and afterwards report the situation to the chair so appropriate action can be taken. Also, no players, parents or fans are permitted behind the goals during the game. Coaches shall give all players equal playing time or allow each player to play at least half the game, regardless of their age or skill level. Coaches must also allow for players 13 and younger to play all positions on the field. Children at these ages are too young to anchor down. At any age level, should a coach find himself on the favorable end of a lopsided game, he/she must consider the effect on the opponents, especially at the younger ages. Although this is recreational soccer, and the scoreboard is supposed to be of no consequence, we all know players don’t necessarily feel good about getting whomped out there. In this regard, challenge your players in their scoring efforts. Use your imagination. Let weaker players take free kicks. Back up your defense 10 yards. You get the idea. Communicate with your opposing coach and let him/her know that you’re making an attempt to keep them in the game. We DO NOT CARE what other towns are doing with their teams. In Spencerport, this is what we will be doing. The focus of recreational play must always be the fun of the game, regardless of age or situation. Having said that, we now need to say this. Soccer cannot be fun if players are slinging around epithets, vulgarities and slurs out there on the field. That kind of behavior earns a player a spot on the bench, period. We DO NOT CARE what other towns are doing with their teams. Spencerport WILL NOT ALLOW that kind of behavior to go unchecked, because it only leads to escalation, which can and will have consequences. Referees have been instructed to address this behavior when it occurs during or after the game. Yellow cards for vulgarity will result in a player being benched. 2 yellow cards in 1 game is a red card, which results in a 2 game suspension. 3 yellow cards in a season also results in a red card 2 game suspension. Red cards issued for fighting will result in a player being suspended from play for the remainder of the season. Transgressions will be reported back to the Club via the referee assignor using information provided in the referee’s game report. Players and parents are provided with our Code of Conduct at the time of registration, and they should be referred back to it by the coaching staff prior to the beginning of the season so everyone understands what can and will happen.

Tykes Program Coaches:
The idea behind the USYS SSG initiative is to promote the fun of playing the game by allowing the kids to be kids and just PLAY. Lots of running around and lots of touches on the ball. Period. Our expectation is that those who volunteer to work as members of the Tykes coaching staff will support what we’re trying to accomplish with our structure and promote it by working within these guidelines. The U4 and U6 structure remains the same as last season. The U8 structure has changed. We could have left it alone and put it out there again this season, as we have a vision and are trying to accomplish something here, but we didn’t. We listened to what our staff and our families had to say and we compromised. So for this season the U8 structure will emulate the full pitch game. We’ve given something, now we’re asking for something. With the change in U8 structure, the temptation would be to work with the kids promoting non age appropriate aspects of the game, such as positional play for example. We must keep in mind, especially at the U8 level, that the idea of our Tykes program is the promotion of the fun of playing the game. Let the kids run around and have fun and get a lot of touches on the ball. DO NOT put them into positions and tell them, “You’re defense, you play here and you’re forward, you play there. Practice sessions should be concentrating heavily on ball control exercises and instruction on the proper technique for dribbling the ball and kicking the ball. These are TYKES. Positional play is not an aspect of the game that they need to be concerned about or that needs to be taught at these age levels. In order to “be prepared for U9 travel and U10 house” they need to have a better grasp of the basics, and here is where they should be getting that instruction. Given the structure of the U4 and U6 programs, it’s possible that a coach may find him or herself as the only staff member on the field with players from both teams during the game portion of game day activities. In this situation, coaches must remember that they represent the club’s player development philosophy in that all coaches must provide direction, correction and any type of instruction to all players regardless of the team they are assigned to. Coaches should take advantage of the pre season coaching clinics, conducted by the staff locally to familiarize themselves with the developmental curriculum, which will be utilized throughout the season. Age appropriate curriculum is welcomed by the club, but an attempt to use the curriculum provided by the club should be made in earnest. Thank you for volunteering your time. These guidelines are subject to change.

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