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									West Football Boosters
P.O. Box 249 Downingtown PA 19335

Meeting Minutes
September 3rd 2009 Meeting of the Football Boosters Next meeting scheduled for Thursday September 10th, in cafeteria, 7:00 after team dinner Officers:
President Vice President Co-Secretary Treasure Coach: John Harlow Kim O’Toole Kim Garnett Sheri Gillespie Darryl Bull Mike Milano Present Present Present

Parent Representatives for each Class: (Sheri Gillespie –Communicator)
Freshmen Sophmore Junior Seniors Chris Lucci Arlene Fahey Doug Hall Barbara Martindale Mellen Speca Kate Connell Stephanie McNeil Kim O’Toole

Attendance: 11 present of 125 parents.
Kate Connell Gina Ferron Darryl Ferron Crystal Wilson Barb Martindale Jerry Dale Karen Wilkinson Karen Schmitt Carmela Lennox Cheryl Sauder Tina Perelli Mary Hanss

Please let me know if you attended and did not sign the sign in sheet.

Presidents Remarks:
The meeting opened with a welcome from John and introductions of all present. John reviewed outstanding action items from the last meeting:  Filming of the games for a creation of player DVD at end of season. A proposal was presented for games to be filmed at $200 a game. This expense was not in the budget for the year. The Coach’s daughter has volunteered to take the game video from the coaches and edit to DVD for end of season.  Freshman parents suggested that they not be responsible for team dinners on the night of away freshman games.  There was an issue discussed at the meeting with the email that when out for the Modell’s night. Dicks was not happy. Players patronize both stores.



  

Spirit Jerseys. John presented a flyer on two tone replica player jerseys to see if there was any interest in taking orders at games. We would get a cut of the profit. Jersey would be personalized with player name and number. John was going to go back to source and see if a jersey could more closely match out blue game jersey and work on the price breakdown. Water boys: We need volunteers from Downingtown Young Whippets and March Creek Eagles to be water boys at each of our 7 home games. Will need 2-3 boys to wear their game jerseys and work on the field. Kate Connell will write up an outline for responsibilities and instruction for this activity. Will need a parent volunteer to chair this and be responsible for scheduling for home games. We need each chair to write or revise the guideline for each committee. We want to keep all of the information for each activity in a binder for future reference. Need to put out an email requesting volunteers for committees. John discussed how other booster organizations are run for football. Some have parents pay a fee in the beginning of the year and they do not do fundraising. Other are clubs with “Cool” names that spark volunteer interest..

John presented the treasury report. A review of all recent activity, expenses paid out and deposits made. All Bank statements are available to view at the Booster’s meetings.  Bus payments  Player /game food  Large cooler  Program production supplies John also reviewed the budget for the year with expected costs and revenue.  Banquet costs  Food  Game day Programs

Gold Cards – Barb Martindale Deadline to turn in money has been extended. Gold card money is to be turned in at the team dinner on Thursday September 10 th. Please have it in an envelope with players name if possible. Terrible towels – Bonnie Shaw, No update.

Team Spirit Dinners: Thursday nights before games
This week’s dinner was hosted by the senior parents. It was a great kick off to our 2009 season. The players and cheerleaders enjoyed : 23 lbs of pasta (we ran out, need close to 30 lbs with this crowd) 25 lbs of meatballs. Salad. We ran out. (need about 4 very large BJ size bags with dressing) Drinks and desserts All players were asked to bring a case of Gatorade to the dinner to be used for after each game meal/snack.  Sheri will put out a list of parents names that did contribute and ask those that have done so yet to provide at next week’s dinner.  Will need to switch parent host schedule due to freshman away game on the night they are to host. Thanks to all the brought all the YUMMY food. The players loved it all!!!!!


 

Sunday December 20th at the Inn at Chester Springs. 11 to 4:00 Brunch.

Post Game Food:
   Freshman – Karen Schmitt JV – Yvonne Hamill Varsity – Kate Connell and Cathy DiSantis

Programs for Games:
The cost of printing has gone up since the program has added many more pages than originally planned. With that the cost of the program has gone up to $5.00. This year’s program is going to be bigger and better with lots of surprises. Coupons are included. We expect to sell at least 1,000 to cover the cost of printing. Patron ads have brought in good revenue. Thank to all the hard work on that committee.

No update

Coaches Corner:
No update

Old Business:
Web site:  A Web Master is greatly needed to improve our web site. We want to be able to use this site more as a communication tool. Once it is built Nikki Stewart (Milano’s daughter) can maintain the site for continuity through the years.  Banners needed for to hang in stands for home games and especially the East West game.  Sheri to provide list of parents that volunteered at the kick off dinner to help with co-chair positions.

New Business:

 At next meeting Darryl would like to discuss the formation of an Alumni Club for football.  John will review again the bylaws for Board of Directors and membership voting privileges. There was a revision that the Board had to approve the slate of candidates for the election of officers for the following year. John will look into.  Need to make sure that we have all committees staffed early on in the beginning of the year.  We discussed giving the Boosters club a new name …new identity. All ideas are welcome at next meeting.

Next meeting scheduled for September 10th in the Cafeteria 7pm.
Downingtown West Football Boosters Club Chairperson List Underclassmen parent volunteers are strongly needed to chair and co-chair some of our committees. Underclassmen parents are asked to co-chair so that information on the committee/event is retained for next year. We need people to be able to carry out these activities for next year. Function Tag day Gold Cards Season passes 50/50 Raffle Team Spirit Dinners Banquet Game Programs Post game food- Varsity Post game food-Jr. Varsity Post game food- Freshmen Clothing sales Summer Shoot Out Kick Off Dinner Fruit Sale Water Boys Committee Chair Mark Gillespie & Joe Vanderslice Barb Martindale Sheri Gillespie Joe Vanderslice Nancy McLaughlin Deb Moore Darryl Ferron Kate Connell and Cathy DiSantis Yvonne Hamill Karen Schmitt Crystal Wilson Nancy McLaughlin, Sheri Gillespie & Cathy Trexler Cathy Trexler, Sheri Gillespie, Barbara Bause & Nancy McLaughlin Barbara Bause Co-Chair Underclassmen (next years Chair) Joe Vanderslice Diane Foti Mary Hanss

Darryl Ferron

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