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									The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Rocky Mountain District Board of Directors 2007 January 29-30 Proceedings Monday, January 29 , 2007 Board Members Present: Mrs. Kathy Bayn (Lay Member), Dr. Paul Dumke (Lay Member), Mr. Ronald Brandhorst (Comm. Min.), Dr. Al Diaz (Lay Member), Pr. Douglas Escue (3rd VP), Pr. Randall Golter (Dist Pres), Pr. Robert Harmon (Dist Sec), Mr. Duane Nyen (Comm. Min.), Pr. Roger Schlechte (2nd VP), Mr. Dale Stoner (Lay Member), Mr. Wes Nierman (Lay Member) and Pr. Gary Trickey (4th VP). Board Members Absent: Pr. Allen Anderson (1 st VP), Appointed Officers: Rev. C.J. Ransdell Assistant Secretary Appointed Officers Absent: Mr. Paul Brill (Dist Treasurer), District Staff: Mr. Paul Albers (Cong. Services Exec.), Mr. Dan Bacon (Gift Counselor), Mr. Doug Ullmann (Office Administration), Ms. Renae Richards (Accounting), Mr. Kevin Grein (LCEF VP), Mr. Gary Johnson (LCEF Promotions Director and LCEF VP) and Dr. Mark Larson (Missions Exec.), Staff Absent: None Guests: Mrs. Sylvia Diaz (Chair of the Hispanic Mission Education Center), Dr. Erv Holle (Land Development Task Force), Mr. Kim Seter (RMD Legal Counsel), Mr. Terry Gerdst, (LCMS Foundation Sr. Vice President); Pr. Glenn Merritt, (LCMS World Relief/Human Care) [Note: All numbered items agree with the sequence numbers from the January Agenda] 1. Opening Devotions (8:00 A.M.): Pr. Trickey; LSB Responsive Prayer 2; Hymn #946, ―Glory to God, We Give You Thanks and Praise‖ Scripture, Exodus 17; 1 Corinthians 12-13. Law: We try to do it all on our own and don‘t ask for help. Because of sin, we don‘t reach out to God for help. Moses tried to hold his arms up on his own, but couldn‘t do it without help. Gospel: Out of love, Jesus stretched out His arms to help, volunteering to hold our arms and paying for all our sins. In the Kingdom, we are to hold each other‘s hands up—when we do it, we can hold our arms up much longer and like Moses, hold our arms up all day.

2. 8:25: Administrative Action/Announcements


3. Motion to Approve November Minutes  Approved

4. Motion to approve January Agenda   Agenda is approved

5. Motion to Approve Consent Agenda Approved 6. 2007-01-C-Adm.01 ―TO APPROVE REVISED CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS OF MT. CALVARY LUTHERAN CHURCH, GUNNISON, COLORADO‖ 7. 2007-01-C-Adm.02 ―TO APPROVE REVISED CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS OF CHRIST OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN CHURCH, LONGMONT, COLORADO‖ 8. 2007-01-C-Adm.03 ―TO APPROVE REVISED CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS OF CHRIST THE KING LUTHERAN CHURCH, LOS LUNAS, NEW MEXICO‖ 9. 2007-01-C-Adm.04 ―TO APPROVE REVISED CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS OF GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH, MOAB, UTAH‖ 10. 2007-01-C-Adm.05 ―TO APPROVE REVISED CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS OF IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH, COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO‖ 11. 8:35: Presentation of Staff Reports 12. President’s Report, Pr. Golter‘s Report is on file.    As the church we need to reorganize around the twin focus of Mission & Doctrine. Jesus is the true resource, the true treasure for supporting the mission.

13. Admin Exec – Financials, Mr. Doug Ullmann, Report on file. o In process of moving accounting in–house (using Peachtree) o As of April 1st, all accounting will be moved from Synod, to inhouse 14. LCEF Execs, , Reports on file  Mr. Gary Johnson, Report on file o $186 million available for loans o Beginning the new ―Consecrated Stewards‖ programs. 

Mr. Kevin Grein


o Discussion: Do we want to continue to have a relationship with CDP (Church Development Partners)?    15. Break, 9:50 16. District Administration, 10:00 17. M & M Policy Paper, on file  Discussion: who should be allowed to receive the pre-meeting ‗board packet‘? ―Proposed Memorandum of Understanding‖ [with CDP] is included in LCEF report LCEF is working with CDP to tighten up the process Motion to change the orders of the day to extend discussion by 5 minutes: Approved

18. Pr. Golter led Discussion on the ―Development Proposal‖ 19. Bible Study, 11:30,    Pr. Golter, St. John 1.43 The Law provides ‗knowledge‘ regarding stewardship and everything else, however, it is the Gospel that provides motivation. St. Mark 6.24, we must be slave of either God or Mammon, if you‘re not slave of one you are the slave of the other.

20. Lunch, 12:00 21. LCMS Foundation Presentation  Mr. Terry Gerdst, ‗Transfer the Blessings‘ Power Point (paper version) on file 22. Executive Session, 1:20 23. Presentation of Reports, President Golter (while in Executive session) 24. Standing committee reports 25. Campus Ministry Committee, Dr. Harry Krueckeberg, Report on file    To what extent will Critical Target Teams hold the CMC accountable? If so, what are the bench marks and who is the referee? Committee views its mission as: strengthening the Christian faith of post high school students, and resists being ‗pigeon holed‘ into one specific ‗critical target‘ but sees itself addressing multiple targets. Committee strives to facilitate Igniting Church and Culture for Christ. Grace, Parker: loan to purchase from RMD is approved by LCEF.

 

26. Land Development Task Force, Dr. Erv Holle


o City of Parker is holding bond money (about $92,000) until some improvements are completed. o $6,000/year is needed to maintain the bond on the property  Motion ―to bring 2007-01-A-NM-01 to the table‖: Adopted o Motion to amend: Delete from 4th ‗whereas‘: “delegation to the extent possible of the District’s bond obligations to the Town of Parker to secure the subdivision requirements including the payment or reimbursement of the annual cost of the bond/surety” Approved o Resolution #2007-01-A-NM-01: ―TO AUTHORIZE THE SALE OF REAL PROPERTY TO GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH OF PARKER‖ Adopted as amended  Serenity Ridge Property: o Newman Homes is not going to buy. o Dr. Holle recommends selling this property (11 acres plus 34 lots). Land Development Task force will begin advertising. 27. Break, 3:35 (switched with #27, HMEC) 28. HMEC, Mrs. Sylvia Diaz (Transferred from #27)  North American Missions is keeping their agreement to pay for the HMEC Director. o Interviews are in process, hope to have a recommendation to the Board by next meeting. 29. CT #1 Culture of Personal Evangelism 30. Dr. Larson, Executive Report on file 31. CT #2 Healthy Ministries 32. Mr. Paul Albers, Executive Report on file 33. Licensed Deacons Overture to Synodical Convention o Resolution #2007-01-HM-01: ―Overture from the Rocky Mountain District Board of Directors To the 2007 Synodical Convention‖ ―To Combine Alternate Routes to Pastoral Ministry‖ ADOPTED 34. Action Agenda, District Administration #2, President Golter 35. M&M Meeting Revision/Policy Discussion (Transferred to Agenda item # 42) 36. Resolution on special meetings & other Admin Matters 37. Resolution #2007-01-A-Adm.-01 ―TO FINALIZE THE APPOINTMENT AND OR CONTRACT OF MR. DOUGLAS ULLMAN AS ROCKY MOUNTAIN DISTRICT EXECUTIVE-ADMINISTRATION‖ ADOPTED


38. Resolution #2007-01-A-Adm.-02 ―PROTOCOL IN REQUESTING A ―CONFERENCE CALL MEETING‖ or an E-MAIL VOTE OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS‖ ADOPTED 39. Resolution #2007-01-A-Adm-03 ―TO SET THE GUEST LEADER FEE FOR THE CONSECRATED STEWARD PROGRAM‖ ADOPTED 40. Resolution #2007-01-A-Adm-04 ―TO EXPRESS GRATITUDE to our GOD For Bernard Braunschweig‘s Years Of Service In The Rocky Mountain District‖ ADOPTED 41. Resolution #2007-01-A-Adm-05 ―TO TRANSFER FUNDS TO AND FROM THE LAND DEVELOPMENT FUND‖ ADOPTED  Mr. Doug Ullmann, M&M Meeting Revision/Policy Discussion (Transferred from # 35)


Tuesday January 30, 2007 45. (Agenda #43)Opening Devotions, 8:00, Pr. Harmon, St. John 2.1-11, LSB Responsive Prayer 1, Hymn #872 46. (Agenda #44) Action Agenda: CT #3—New Ministries 47. (Agenda #45) Executive Report, on file 48. (Agenda #46, Resolution #2007-01-A-NM-01: was Adopted as amended, yesterday, as item #26) 49. (Agenda #47) Resolution #2007-01-A-NM-02: ―TO AWARD A GRANT TO CROSSPOINT LUTHERAN CHURCH, EL PASO, TX TO CALL A DIRECTOR OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION‖ ADOPTED 50. (Agenda #53) Pr. Glenn Merritt, LCMS World Relief/Human Care Presentation  Disaster Relief & Response Concept, Overview 51. (Agenda #48) Resolution #2007-01-A-NM-03: ―TO AWARD A GRANT TO SAN PABLO LUTHERAN CHURCH, EL PASO, TX, TO SUPPORT ADELANTE MUSIC MINISTRIES‖ ADOPTED


52. (Agenda #49) Resolution #2007-01-A-NM-04: ―TO AWARD A GRANT TO SAN PABLO LUTHERAN CHURCH, EL PASO, TX, IN SUPPORT OF LA SANTISIMA TRINIDAD LUTHERAN CHURCH‖ ADOPTED 53. (Agenda #unassigned) Resolution #2007-01-A-NM-05: ―TO AWARD A GRANT TO MISSION LUTHERAN CHURCH, LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO TO FUND A WORKER FOR HISPANIC MINISTRY‖ ADOPTED 54. (Agenda #unassigned) Resolution #2007-01-A-Adm.-06: ―TO TRANSFER FUNDS TO CONSOLIDATE DEBT ASSISTANCE ACCOUNTS‖ ADOPTED 55. (Agenda #51) M & M Policy Discussion (cont‘d from yesterday)  EXECUTIVE SESSION 56. (Agenda #52) Break 57. (Agenda # unassigned) Resolution #2007-01-A-Adm.-09 ―ROCKY MOUNTAIN DISTRICT PROFESSIONAL STAFF PAY FORMULA 1‖   EXECUTIVE SESSION Resolution #2007-01-A-Adm.-09: TABLED

58. (Agenda #53, Pr. Glenn Merritt, LCMS World Relief/Human Care Presentation occurred earlier this morning at Agenda item #52) 59. (Agenda #54) President Golter, Bible Study #2  ―More Musings on Mammon‖

60. (Agenda #55) Lunch, 12:00 61. (Agenda #unassigned) 12:45, Resolution #2007-01-A-Adm.-09: ―TO APPOINT A MEMBER TO THE CAMPUS MINISTRY COMMITTEE‖ ADOPTED 62. (Agenda #56) Executive Session #2, President Golter (Time Not Needed/utilized) 63. (Agenda #57) District Administration #4 64. (Agenda #58-59) Mission & Ministry Discussion  Motion to accept the ―2007 Mission and Ministry Plan Proposal‖ o 65. (Agenda #61-62) Visioning, Evaluation  should board of directors develop a confidentiality agreement for members to sign? ADOPTED

66. Adjourn with prayer. 1:50.

Respectfully Submitted,


Rev. Robert Harmon, RMD Secretary Rev. CJ Ransdell, RMD Assistant Secretary


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