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									                    ОФЕРТЕН БЮЛЕТИН № BBS/4811/2011
                    ОФЕРТИ ЗА
BBS (Bulletin Board Service) е системата за разпространение на
технологични оферти(предлагане) и технологични заявки(търсене) на
мрежата Enterprise Europe Network. Чрез технологичния бюлетин можете
да намерите нови разработени технологии, необходими за разрешаване
на конкретни проблеми на вашето производство, както и да влезете в
контакт с фирми от страните, включени в мрежата, които търсят или
предлагат определена нова технология.

За да получите координати на фирмата, подала офертата, е нужно да
попълните приложения формуляр за проявен интерес и да го изпратите
на e-mail адрес: или факс: 032 908988, 908999.

1. 11 IT 52T2 3NB8 TO
An Italian company, specialised in Digital Marketing for any sectors, has developed
an advanced and innovative multilanguages WCM (Web Content Management)
platform that allows Digital Companies and Communication Agency to work with
advanced CMS, Social Media Management, SEO compliancy, e-Commerce,
Newsletter, Mobile Apps, Reputation and Reporting, easy to install and without
programming knowledge. Subcontracting, joint venture and commercial agreements
with technical assistance are sought.

2. 11 GB 44O6 3NBY TO
A London based SME working across all aspects of digital electronics design offers
expertise in low power and high performance computation for embedded tasks, as
well as in the development of novel tools and methodologies for hardware design.
The company is looking for technical cooperation, partnership in a EU collaborative
project (FP7 and associated programmes) or commercial agreement.
3. 11 TR 98OF 3NBO TO
A Turkish biomedical equipment manufacturer is offering a newly designed Hydrogen
Peroxide Plasma Sterilization Equipment which is a sterilizer for plastic, organic,
electromechanic tools and surgical, medical equipments sensitive to heat and
humudity and re-sterilises disposable materials used in hospitals, laboratories etc.
Advantages over conventional sterilizers are its ease of use, its efficiency and its high
sterility assurance level. The company is looking for joint ventures in abroad.

4. 11 PL 61AJ 3NBV TR
Polish SME from Mazovia region operating in the Healthcare sector is seeking to
expand its offer in range of extracorporeal shock wave therapy. The company is
looking for know-how and technology providers. The company is interested in
exchanging information and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

5. 11 PL 61AL 3NAY TR
A Polish company based in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, operating in the field
of PVC window and door manufacturing, is looking for an innovative technology of
pellets production from biomass, which is known for not longer than 5 years. The
main capacity is 3600 tonnes of insert per year. The company is looking for partners
interested in manufacturing agreements. Partners offering transfer of knowledge in
new raw materials and technical consultancy are preferred.

6. 11 PL 61AL 3N1X TO
A Polish university has developed an interaxial differential gear applied for
automotive industry, in particular for vehicles with 4-wheel drive. This innovative
solution is capable of the transfer of up to 100% torque to the axle with better traction
and does not modify the working parameters during operation. The goal is to
establish different collaborations with companies interested in the development and
application of the innovation in full scale. Financial resources are sought.

7. 11 ES 26E5 3NBS TR
A Basque SME is looking for technical cooperation in intensive software solutions to
be applied in the energy sector. It requires complementary knowledge in data
acquisition and analysis for engineering projects. Partners are sought to carry out
technical cooperation agreements to access valuable and bigger projects in the
renewable energy sector. The Basque company will provide background in
requirements elicitation, design, coding and validation of software for electronic and
control systems.

8. 11 TR 98OF 3NBH TO
A Turkish company developed Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilization System, which is
used for the sterilization of medical, plastic, organic, electromechanic tools and
surgical devices. The advantages over conventional systems are functionality, user
friendly interface and longer lifespan of sterilization. The company seeks joint-venture
agreements and licensing agreements with companies interested in the
implementation or marketing of this system.

9. 11 IT 532V 3LM5 TR
An Italian consultant of farm producers is looking for a solution to olive milling waste
water (OMW) disposal.The consultant is interested in technical cooperation for joint
development of the technology sought or in commercial agreements for technologies
already on the market.
10. 11 IT 532W 3NBA TO
An Italian company in the field of electronics has developed an innovative antitheft
device for ship containers. The system can be installed inside containers to detect
any kind of tampering they can suffer or to discover dangerous goods thanks to a
wide variety of sensors and a black box. A SME and or an Agency for public safety
are sought for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

11. 11 RU 86FG 3NAX TO
A Russian SME from Obhninsk, Kaluga region, develops methods for calculation of
dose distributions from neutron beams and software for creation of human phantom
basing on tomography data, in order to calculate dose distribution in the real
patient_s body, including 2d and 3d visualization of the obtained data. This approach
ensures a high accuracy of calculation of a physical model and allows planning
operations on the basis of these data. The company seeks partners for technical

12. 11 RU 86FG 3NAW TO
An innovation company from Novosibirsk, Russia, developed a hardware-software
solution for round-the-clock remote biomonitoring of vital systems and physical
activity of a human body. The solution is scaleable, due to capability for expanding
the set of measured parameters through connecting new peripheral modules. The
company looks for partners for further joint development or a joint venture and
commercial agreements with technical assistance.

13. 11 RU 86FG 3NAV TO
An innovation company, in team with an R&D institute (Russia), has developed a
technology and devices for treatment of anxiety and depression disorders by
controlling emotions and stress. As a result of permanent or cycled training, the risk
of development or aggravation of chronic pathologies of blood circulation, respiration
and digestion is reduced. The company seeks partners for further joint development
or a joint venture and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

14. 11 RU 86FG 3NAT TO
A company from Moscow developed a technology for manufacture of passenger
seat_ frames for passenger aircrafts. The technology allows changing the center
distance by means of free movement of supports. The seat equipment manufactured
by the proposed technology can be installed in any type of aircraft and do not require
considerable structural changes. The company seeks partners for a joint venture with
a view of further development.

15. 11 RU 86FG 3NAS TR
A company from Kazan, Tatarstan, that works in the sphere of services, is interested
in a data processing technology for customer relationship management. This
technology should contain an integrated marketing information system and be
implemented on SaaS platform. The company is interested in a license agreement,
with adaptation of the system for the company_s needs.

16. 11 ES 26E5 3NBI TO
A Basque SME highly experienced in embedded and on-board technology for
transport systems and automation offers knowledge for logic intensive software
solutions as well as firmware development for real time control installations. The
company is looking for technical cooperation in order to customize and adapt this
knowledge to test new applications and/or carry out joint further developments in the
transport and automation sectors.

17. 11 RU 86FG 3N9U TR
A medical organization from Chelyabinsk, Russia, working in the field of plastic
surgery, needs to improve their technology of deep chemical peeling. The new
technology should have a short postoperative period of patient observation and
recovering. The clinic seeks partners for joint further development and/or concluding
commercial agreement.

18. 11 IL 80EP 3NDT TR
An Israeli company is developing a remote learning system that will provide
physicians with an online learning platform to pursue continuing professional
development (CPD). The company is looking to partner with a software company
that would be able to develop the web-based Learning Management System as well
as coursers and games for smart phones and tablets.

19. 11 IL 80EP 3NDV TR
New innovative set of tools is designed in accordance with the Israeli company_s
experience in planning and managing IT system replacement process. The
company_s methodology for IT system replacement was developed and tested
among customers and industry organizations.Company is looking for strategic
partner with customer base and experience in IT applications area with min.
experience of 20 projects, to make the following contributions:Product requirements,
development, field trials, marketing

20. 11 IL 80EP 3NDY TR
The company is an early stage medical device company from Israel.Company is
developing an innovative medical device, using technology based on acoustic signal
analysis. The company_s team is very experienced in biological signal analysis, with
a special focus on biological acoustic signal processing.

21. 11 IL 80EP 3NA1 TR
An Israeli company is looking for a partner related to the avionic industry to develop
an obstacle detection system for aircraft based on RF radar. The Israeli company
develops the sensor and the radar computer. The partner should have the capability
to integrate the sensor and the radar computer with an output system such as heads-
up display (HUD), helmet mounted displays (HMD), vocal alarm, etc. The system
should match with the aviation regulation and standards.

22. 11 GB 41n7 3NI7 TR
On behalf of a UK client a private technology transfer company is building two FP7
project consortia for projects which will research and develop prototype software
systems for a) an Identity Verification and Authentication Service (IDAS) and b) a
Fraud Prevention Service (FPS). Various industrial and academic/research partners
with similar expertise are sought to join the consortia.

23. 11 GB 41n7 3NIP TR
An FP7 consortium led by a UK university consisting of universities, research
organizations, hospitals and SMEs is seeking an additional SME partner with
expertise in clinical related applications (e.g. medical image processing, imaging
systems, medical devices). The project will be a further extension from a previous
successful project on heart clinics.
24. 11 IT 54V8 3NHP TR
The project aims at developing hybrid organic-inorganic materials for photonic
applications. An italian coordinator is looking for SMEs dealing with new luminescent
compounds and materials with unusual photophysical properties. The partner should
take an active part in generating ideas; participate in collaborative research with other
members of the network (exchanges of personnel etc.)

25. 11 ES 29h5 3NFN TR
A research group of a Spanish University is preparing an FP7 ICT proposal, focused
on developing a scalable open-source service-oriented platform to manage and
exchange information among heterogeneous services supported on the Internet of
Services which will be built upon Cloud infrastructure. The research group is looking
for Non-Spanish University, Research organizations or R&D SME, to develop the
following task of the project: Development of agents for interaction with Internet

26. 11 ES 29h5 3NFL TR
A research group of a Spanish University is preparing a proposal to be presented to
FP7 ICT call, focused on developing a scalable open-source service-oriented
platform to manage and exchange information among heterogeneous services
supported on the Internet of Services which will be built upon Cloud infrastructure.
The research group is looking for Non Spanish University, Research organizations or
R&D SME, to develop the following task of the project: Security layer on data access
and privacy.

27. 11 ES 29h5 3NFK TR
A research group of a Spanish University is preparing a proposal to be presented to
FP7 ICT call, focused on developing a scalable open-source service-oriented
platform to manage and exchange information among heterogeneous services
supported on the Internet of Services which will be built upon Cloud infrastructure.
The research group is looking for Non Spanish University, Research organizations or
R&D SME, to develop the following task of the project: Data analysis using data
mining techniques.

28. 11 NO 79EJ 3NFE TO
A small Norwegian company has developed a composting toilet which functions as
an ordinary water closet (WC). The toilet is especially suited for houses and cottages
without access to local sewerage systems. The toilet can easily be tailored to suit
different standards in different countries. The company is looking for partners for
technical cooperation, component suppliers, and licensing agreements.

29. 11 AT 0108 3NER TO
An Austrian company has developed a new energy management technology for
industrial and private use. The technology combines hardware and software which
automatically reads compares and evaluates analogous and digital input and output
meters, compiles reports and sends alerts when energy usage deviates from typical
usage patterns. The system does not require replacement of the meter making it
extremely cost effective. The company seeks a licensee or partner for distribution,
sales and services.

30. 11 LU 87GA 3NE3 TR
A large US company is looking for proposals for tangible user interface technologies.
The goal is to integrate this technology into portable devices, such as tablet terminals
or smart phones, to convey realistic sensations that simulate seeing, hearing, or
touching real objects.They are interested in joint development, development contract,

31. 11 LU 87GA 3NEY TR
A large US company is looking for proposals for non-vacuum process for forming
thin-film transparent electrodes with low electric resistance value and high light
transmittance for use in solar cells.They are interested in licensing, joint/contract

32. 11 LU 87GA 3NF1 TR
A large US company is looking for proposals for development partners who have
useful technology to develop materials with controllable thermal conductivity at room
temperature or higher.They are interested in joint/contract development.

33. 11 LU 87GA 3NFF TR
A large US company is looking for proposals for imaging technologies that make a
person visible from 100m away, on a moonless night and under thick fog or heavy
rain conditions to improve driving safety. This request also will consider methods that
use a visible light projector or an infrared projector.They are interested in
joint/contract development, licensing, product supply.

34. 11 LU 87GA 3NFJ TR
A large US company is looking for proposals for tangible user interfaces that
represent the existence of objects, which are detected by sensors, e.g. cameras,
microphones, etc. and effectively inform it to users.They are interested in consulting
contracts, technology licensing or joint development contracts.

35. 11 LU 87GA 3NG6 TR
A large US company is looking for proposals for a GPS receiver that is, or can be,
certified for use in safety-critical location determination for railroad operations.They
are interested in supplier agreement, licensing, joint development dependent on
maturity of proposed technology (e.g. ready to market, novel approach requiring
further development, partial solutions).

36. 11 LU 87GA 3NG7 TR
A large US company is looking for consulting and design firms with a demonstrated
track record of reducing manufacturing costs of electromechanical device assembly
to collaborate on cost reduction targets.They are interested in licensing, contract
research, proof of concept leading to scale up to manufacturing, joint development

37. 11 LU 87GA 3NGB TR
A large US company is looking for proposals for innovative motion control algorithms
which quickly distribute/redistribute laundry to minimize imbalance of front loading
washing machines during spin.They are interested in contract research, joint
development, technology acquisition, consulting, etc.

38. 11 LU 87GA 3NHU TR
A large US company is looking for proposals for technologies to recognize non-
speech sounds in environments that contain both speech sounds and non-speech
sounds.They are interested in consulting contracts, technology licensing or joint
development contracts.

39. 11 LU 87GA 3NHW TR
A large US company is looking for proposals for pretreatment technology for
cellulosic ethanol production from palm tree biomass. The target biomass is the
Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) which is the by-product after removal of the palm
kernel.They are interested in joint development, technology licensing, contract
research, supplier agreement, etc.

40. 11 LU 87GA 3NI4 TR
A large US company is looking for proposals to license or co-develop existing
products at late stage technologies that can promote the development of healthy
sleeping habits in infants.They are interested in licensing, joint development, joint
venture, co-branding.

41. 11 GB 46P4 3N9E TO
A Scottish SME offers a proven platform and expertise in secure mobile computing
solutions for Police Forces and field operatives. In addition they offer solid
experience, knowledge and capability of integrating mobile solutions in complex
policing IT ecosystems.The company is interested in technical + commercial
agreements with software systems integrators in various countries preferably with
experience and relationships in local policing and/or internal security.

42. 11 GB 46P4 3NCA TR
A Scottish SME, a world leader in the supply of tensile fabric architecture, is seeking
a supplier capable of coating a 3 metre wide stretch fabric with polyurethane (or a
similar coating). The company is open to technical collaboration or manufacturing

43. 11 GB 46P4 3NFO TO
A Scottish SME has developed a world first onsite Legionella test kit and seeks
partners for market access. The kit is developed for the water treatment industry to
comply with the most stringent worldwide guidelines. It has applications in any
environment where Legionella can proliferate, or should be viewed, as a health and
safety risk. The company is seeking a water treatment technology partner to integrate
this novel kit technology or to align the technology with current test supplies.

44. 11 GB 46P4 3NF5 TO
A Scottish SME has developed a Patented & Agrement Certificate (pending)
innovative brick slip system suitable for all EU/UK brick slip sizes. The retrofit
technology offers a range of brick cladding solutions. Innovative labour savings
features and low cost high quality productivity is achieved on existing buildings or
new built properties. A partner with capability in Brick/Brick Slip manufacture or
EWIS (External Wall Insulation Systems) is sought as licensee or for a commercial

45. 11 GB 46P4 3NHS TR
A Scottish SME is working with a UK client who is seeking a modular solar power
system suitable for retrofit on a (2 million square feet/186 000 square metres)
industrial roofspace. The Scottish contractor has renewable energy design
experience. The system should not involve any punctures to the existing roof
structures and would be suitable for easy retrofit.
46. 11 GB 46P4 3NI1 TO
A Scottish SME has developed an advanced framework that allows for the production
of deeply immersive games and engaging social media to help organisations enter
the social gaming world at a fraction of the cost of developing a solution from the
start.The company is interested in Licensing, Commercial and Technical Agreements
with various potential partners including games developers, brand owners and
media/publishing companies.

47. 11 GB 77dz 3NGF TR
SME partners with expertise in photobioreactor (PBR) components, or anaerobic
digestion equipment are sought for a project focusing on the development of a
commercial scale microalgal growth system. This project will focus on the new
development of a PBR. The project will use proven designs to upscale and validate it
so that it can be integrated (retro-fitted) alongside existing industrial placements and
used by key industrial and municipal end users.

48. 11 GB 77dz 3NBQ TO
UK SME offers its technology and expertise relating to discovery chemistry to include
the custom or bespoke development of chemicals for agro/petrochemical, pharma
and biotech uses, including drug discovery. It is seeking to work with industrial or
academic partners interested in making use of their technology / expertise on a
licensing, joint venture or technical cooperation basis.

49. 11 GB 41n7 3NFS TR
A UK company is looking for a European production partner able to manufacture their
novel domestic waste compaction unit. The partner will need to have expertise in
manufacturing electro-mechanical products for cost-conscious consumer products
markets. The partner should have ISO9000 accreditation and capacity for volume
manufacturing of up to 20,000 units per annum.

50. 11 GB 41n7 3NCK TO
A UK company has developed and patented a novel home security device allowing
users to communicate, monitor and interact with their home environment via mobile
phones or the Internet. The device enables two way voice and data transmission so
users can talk to their front door from anywhere in the world. The technology can also
be seamlessly integrated with other home security and automation devices using
868MHx or 433MHz radio frequencies. Licensing and joint development partners are

51. 11 GB 41n7 3NC2 TR
A UK company is searching for opportunities in tyre recycling on behalf of a Spanish
company. Already a commodity in construction and landscaping, rubber crumb may
prove useful in other, more niche sectors. The company is interested in receiving
proposals on both applications and technologies to valorise rubber crumb. In return
they will provide capital and marketing expertise for joint further development and a
market launch.

52. 11 GB 41n7 3NCZ TR
A UK-based independent provider of healthcare and diagnostic services is looking for
additional state-of-the-art molecular & virology based diagnostic tests/biomarkers
associated with human health. Market-ready products where there is a substantial
unmet clinical need are preferred (e.g. cardiovascular, cancer, stroke etc). They may
also have utility in diagnosis, prognosis, patient stratification etc and/or being sold
elsewhere in Europe. Various types of agreements will be considered.

53. 11 PL 64BF 3MOK TO
A Polish company from the electronics industry has an innovative system for creating
and presenting 360o photography without any compromised quality. This is a
complex solution enabling the automation of the process of photographing items of a
maximum weight of 250 kg. The system ensures fast generating, editing and viewing
of photographs and possesses a data transfer optimisation mechanism. Company is
looking for a partner to sign a commercial agreement with technical consultancy.

54. 11 IT 53U6 3NH1 TO
An Italian SME has developed a fully integrated solution for tour operator and travel
agency which allows to compose fully personalized tourism package and helps tour
operators to deliver focused and personalized services and improve the customer
satisfaction. The company is looking for partners to negotiate licence agreements
and/or technical co-operation agreements.

55. 11 IT 53U1 3NBD TO
An Italian market leader offers an innovative software tool to monitor, locally or
remotely, patients undergoing dialysis treatment in a Dialysis Ward, Dialysis Centre
or from home. The application allows the practitioner to monitor, in real-time, the
dialysis treatment and to intervene in case of an emergency situation or anomaly.
The company is looking for partners willing to market their technology services and to
develop collaboration in FP7 and other European Research programmes.

56. 11 IT 53U1 3NBC TO
An Italian company offers an innovative software application to support nephrology
and dialysis wards in their administrative and management activities, allowing the
retrieval, in terms of scientific knowledge, of a precious wealth of information, which
accumulates on a day-to-day basis with clinical routine. The company is looking for
partners willing to market their technology services and to develop collaboration in
FP7 and other European Research programmes.

57. 11 IL 80EP 3NG5 TR
An Israeli drug design and discovery company is looking for partners to: 1.Design &
develop novel allosteric inhibitor drug to the partner target enzyme.2.Advance a
novel inhibitor lead compound of TACE (TNF-a Converting Enzyme)\ADAM17 into an
autoimmune and EGFR Cancers drug. The lead compound is very potent, specific
and safe. They have proved it until in vivo POC in RA & Glaucoma, and it is currently
being researched by 4 academic institutes.

58. 11 FR 32j0 3NHN TO
A French public laboratory specialized in the development of new drug delivery
systems, developed galenical chemical substance allowing the target and
visualization of a specific organ / tissue with a very high contrasting effect. It allows
limiting the quantities administered and having a strong vascular remanence. They
are looking for industrial partner active in the area of medical imaging/contrast media
for licence and/or technical cooperation.

59. 11 FR 32j0 3NHM TO
A French public laboratory specialized in the study of structure and interactions of
viral proteins, especially VIH-proteins, through a multidisciplinary approach
(combining physics, chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular and cell
biology) designed a series of peptides that inhibit NCp7 activity. They are at least 3
orders of magnitude more active than AZT. They are looking for pharmaceutical
partner/licensee interested in developing this new family of peptides for HIV

60. 11 FR 32j0 3NHC TR
7 academic, associated partners (from France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and
Lithuania) apply for FP7_ITN call. The aim is to develop high performance probes for
detection of proteins and nucleic acids inside the cells using different fluorescent
nanoparticles. The obtained nanoparticles will be of particular interest for biomedical
diagnostics, in particular for intracellular detection and imaging of oncogenic markers.
SMEs /Start-up partners are reached for research/technical co-operation.

61. 11 FR 32j0 3NGK TO
A French institute developed a strong expertise on the mechanical properties of
polymeric surfaces (friction, scratching, indentation, wear), on the mechanisms of
damage of these surfaces and the mechanical properties of surfaces of soft matter.
Applications for automotive, aeronautic, medical sectors. They are looking for
partners, which developed a new coating (nano-structured or smooth) and need to
determine its performances (friction / surface rheology), for technical cooperation.

62. 11 FR 38m7 3NED TO
A French SME specialized in WEB and 3D technologies offers software development
services for 3D web applications. It uses and develops its own 3D engine based on
webgl and HTML5. This French SME is looking for technical cooperations and
commercial agreement with technical support.

63. 11 FR 38m7 3NG8 TO
This French innovative SME is specialized in software development for 3D video
acquisition, processing and display. It provides softwares that guarantee the 3D
image quality by correcting in real time and automatically all misalignments and
mismatches between both cameras.This French SME is looking for partners
interested in lisense agreements or potential joint venture.

64. 11 FI 30I2 3NDW TO
A Finnish company specialized in MEMS semiconductor design and manufacturing
has developed a ground breaking technology to produce cheaper and more efficient
solution for photovoltaic devices. Company_s solar architecture uses materials at the
nano scale as photon absorbers, converters and transporters. Company is looking for
solar panel manufacturers for joint further development.

65. 11 FI 30I1 3NI6 TO
A Finnish manufacturer of advanced printing material solutions based on electrostatic
self-adhesive polypropylene film with patented coatings is looking for media
companies and printing houses from Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey and UK to
adapt novel technology as part of their product portfolio.

66. 11 ES 23D2 3NFB TO
A Spanish university has developed a new brand of probiotic and/or symbiotic jelly
and gummy candies, based on vegetal ingredients that confer healthy beneficial
properties. Till now, there is not in the market any product with these characteristics.
They are totally developed and tested at laboratory scale. The researchers are
looking for agrofood industries in the field of juice production, jellies, and gummy
candies for further development or acquiring the technology.

67. 11 ES 23D2 3NDB TO
A Spanish university has developed a new system to inactivate microorganisms in
food combining supercritical fluids and ultrasounds technologies. The system works
under low temperatures and pressures allowing reduction of costs and time, and
preservation of the overall sensory and nutritional properties of the food. The
technology has been tested with real foods. Researchers are looking for companies
to licensing the technology or to carrying out further developments.

68. 11 ES 27F4 3NGS TO
A Spanish public research organisation has developed and patented a portable
instrument for in situ measure of rill and gully sections. The profilometer presented
comprises a distance laser sensor that enables measurements without making
physical contact with the depressions and a microcontroller for further analysis of the
data. Industrial partners interested in a patent license for the exploitation of the
technology are sought.

69. 11 ES 27F4 3N96 TO
A Spanish research group has developed a technology that allows to improve
contrast sensitivity of the dynamic vision sensors (DVS) with respect to conventional
video cameras, by using a transimpedance circuit for low power and low mismatch,
allowing its use in applications requiring low power, high speed, and processing
complex information such as surveillance, robotics, automatic vehicle driving, or
observations in the microscopic world. They seek industrial partners for licence

70. 11 ES 27F4 3NBK TO
A research group on "Biological and Enzymatic Reactors" has developed a novel
culture medium formulated specifically for the bioproduction of ethanol and hydrogen
from glycerine, through the bacterial activity of the species Escherichia coli. It is a
simple and attractive method in which the source of carbon employed is glycerine,
obtained as a by-product in the biodiesel industry,that is available in large quantities
and hence at low price.Partners interested in a licensing agreement are sought

71. 11 ES 27F4 3NCU TO
An andalusian research group has discovered neuronal regeneration by inhibition of
the enzyme ADAM-17. When a lesion is suffered the stem cells are activated and
produce mostly new glial cells in place of neurones. The researches have discovered
that the enzyme ADAM-17 controls this process and have managed to reverse it,
giving rise to the generation of new neurones. They are looking for Technical Co-
operation or license agreement.

72. 11 DE 0855 3NH9 TO
A German SME offers a high selective coating for solar collectors allowing to coat
even textured surfaces, e.g.cusion absorbers/roll bonds. Apart from the low cost and
low energy consumption further advantages are excellent absorption and emission
values, a long-term stable performance and that the coating plant is dynamically
extensible.Industrial partners are sought e.g. manufacturer of solar panels for
licensing agreement and other forms of co-operation for which they offer further

73. 11 DE 0855 3NH3 TO
A German innovative SME has developed a low-cost hydrogen sensor based on a
schottky diode. The technology is ready to the market and can be produced similar to
conventional smoke detectors and can also be used in that way. It has a low power
consumption in standby mode, works at room temperature and can be produced very
cost-efficiently. Fields of application are consumer segment, automotive, space. They
look for industrial partners for licensing agreement e.g. from the fields mentioned

74. 11 DE 0855 3NGN TO
A German university developed an alternative to conventional laser technology
based on Bose-Einstein condensation. It is characterised by energy efficiency and a
strong light concentration effect. Applications are as laser substitute in energy,
medical and measurement technology. The proof of principle has been demonstrated
successfully. Industrial partners are sought for commercial development and

75. 11 DE 0855 3NEC TO
A German SME has developed an innovative permanent nano-coating that prevents
the adhesion of concrete on the formwork elements without using a release agent. It
can be applied directly to the formwork panels. The main advantages are an
improved quality of the concrete surface and an increased efficiency in the
concreting. It reduces costs, saves time and is more environment-friendly. They look
for industrial partners e.g. producers of formwork systems/ formwork foils for
licensing agreements.

76. 11 DE 1380 3NGJ TR
A German SME specialized in the manufacturing of bookbinding machines as well as
complete adhesive application systems for the print finishing industry is looking for
methods to improve the working stress of paper especially in case of diagonal pull.
They are looking for partners from industry or research interested in a technical co-

77. 11 DE 0957 3NDE TO
A company from Saxony has developed a technology to generate power for
detached houses or small units by combining photovoltaics and water electrolysis.
The main advantage is that no separate power termination is needed and so
extensive building site preparation can be saved, which leads to enormous cost
cutting. Additionally the energy production on site avoids conduction loss. The
company is looking for partners for a further joint development and building up a
production line.

78. 11 CH 84FB 3NAE TO
A Swiss company seeks partners to assist in completion of preclinical development
and transition through Phase I trials of two new products:(i) an antibiotic for
intravenous treatment of serious systemic multidrug-resistant Gram-negative
infections; and(ii) an antibiotic with a novel mode of action for prophylaxis and topical
treatment of infections caused by multidrug-resistant Gram-positive cocci. Data
accrued to date indicate that development of both products can proceed rapidly.

79. 11 CH 84FB 3N9Y TO
A Swiss company has developed for ESA a camera currently onboard a satellite
orbiting the Earth. The primary goal was technology demonstration in flight of
advanced features in a miniaturized instrument. The company is now willing to use
the instrument for Earth observation applications and is looking for technical co-
operation partners needing images from space for a wide range of applications,
linked to global warming, volcanic activity, meteorology, polar ice, agriculture,
urbanism, etc..

80. 11 HU 50S5 3N9D TO
A Hungarian SME has developed a new kind of mattress which is able to replace the
conventional seat- and bed mattresses and revolutionises comfort foam-
manufacturing by its controllable hardness. The company is looking for industrial
partners and they are interested in licence agreements.

81. 11 DE 1067 3N69 TO
A German company has developed and patented an innovative dry lavatory system
consisting of a toilet seat and a tank which allow the separate capture and storage of
feces and urine. With this system large amounts of clean (drinking) water for rinsing
and large quantities of waste water that need to be treated can be saved. Minerals
and nutrition can be recovered with little effort and further utilised as fertiliser or
energy resource. Company seeks technical cooperation / commercial agreement.

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