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Media Video Production Equipment a) video camera b) video option on a digital stills camera a) inbuilt computer camera Editing Software Windows Moviemaker Adobe Premiere Vegas Final Cut Pro For Mac; iMovie Photostory Pro Show Gold Picasa (web tool) For Mac: iPhoto Wavepad Adobe Audition For Mac: Garageband Microsoft Word For Mac: Microsoft Word Any media applications listed above Submit it As .wmv file on disc

Photographic Slideshow (with or without soundtrack or voiceovers) Audio Production

a) stills option on a video camera b) digital stills camera a) inbuilt computer camera c) mobile phone camera a) inbuilt computer microphone b) mini-disc recorder c) digital dictaphone d) mobile phone recorder a) word processor b) scanner Any media listed above

.wmv file on disc

.wma file on disc

Text Production Multi-Media Production (combine any media)

Microsoft Word Document PDF .wmv file on disc .wma file on disc Microsoft Word Document PDF

NOTE: All Editing Software listed here have full or trial versions which are free to download from If your production is in a format which is not listed in the Submit It As section above, you can use Windows Media Encoder, a free, downloadable, easy-to-use conversion tool on the web to convert your file into the appropriate format. You’ll find it here: For a helpful step-by-step guide see: pdf

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