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									US History Review
Timeline Project
50 Points

1. Create a timeline using 10 of the following people AND 12 of the following events/things
2. Using your own words, you must define/describe/explain each selection on the timeline
3. You may use construction paper, poster board, PowerPoint,
or another method approved by the teacher
4. Most of the information you need can be found in your textbook
5. There will be a very limited amount of time in class to work on this project
6. Your timeline is due at the beginning of class on 9/17 (September 17th)!!!

People (10)
Benjamin Franklin        George Washington         Thomas Jefferson
James Madison            Andrew Jackson            Robert E. Lee
John Quincy Adams        Henry David Thoreau       Frederick Douglas
Samuel Morse             Sacajawea                 Harriet Beecher Stowe
Jefferson Davis          King George III           Thomas Paine
Joseph Brant             Alexander Hamilton        Eli Whitney
Denmark Vesey            John Wilkes Booth         Harriet Tubman
Sojourner Truth          Lewis and Clark           Joseph Smith
Abraham Lincoln          Ulysses S. Grant

Events/Things (12)
Great Awakening          Boston Tea Party          Stamp Act
Treaty of Paris          Marbury v. Madison        Articles of Confederation
Whiskey Rebellion        Monroe Doctrine           Second Great Awakening
Civil War                Confederate States        Gettysburg Address
Triangular Trade         American Revolution       Thirteenth Amendment
3/5ths Compromise        Trail of Tears            Declaration of Independence
Bill of Rights           Louisiana Purchase        Dred Scott v. Sandford
Missouri Compromise      The Alamo                 Reconstruction Act of 1867
Anaconda Plan            Union States

Point breakdown:         22 points for the people/events
                         22 points for 1 fact/descriptive sentence about each one
                         6 points for neatness/creativity
Total Points             50 points

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