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  1. Tsinghua University has agreed to admit Dr.______ (name) from
_________(country) as a post doctoral researcher at School (College, Institute,
Center, Department) of ________.

    2. Prof.________(name) as Side A has been entrusted by President of School
(College, Institute, Center, Department) of______________ in Tsinghua University to
sign this agreement with Dr._________(name) as Side B on the basis of friendly
cooperation, and both sides will pledge to conscientiously fulfill all obligations
stipulated in the agreement.

  3. The period of validity of the agreement will be from the                  day of
_______(month), 200 _ (year) to the __ day of _____(month) 200__ (year).

   4. Side B will fulfill the following research agreed by both sides:
   (1) Title of research project(s):
Effects of oxygenated fuels on combustion and emissions in optical engine.
   (2) Assignments and expected targets of the research project(s):
Study the effects of oxygenated fuels on spray, ignition, speed of flame
propagation, temperature field and particulate field, and obtain useful
information about how to reduce emissions from engines.

 5. Obligations of Side A:
   (1) Side A will provide Side B with indispensable coworker, instruments for the
       latter’s research.
   (2) Side A will provide Side B with research-related supervision and cooperation.
  (3) Under present conditions, Side A will provide Side B with convenience in the
      latter’s research, living condition.
   (4) Side A will introduce related instruments’ operation rules and regulations to
       Side B.

 6. Obligations of Side B:
 (1) Side B should comply with the laws, decrees and relevant regulations enacted
     by Chinese government, and should not interfere with Chinese internal affairs,
     and should not involve in any activities that is not commensurate with the
     position of a post doctoral researcher.
 (2) Side B should observe the regulations enacted by Side A.
 (3) Side B should complete the assignments in item 4 within the period in item 3.
     All research fruits achieved by Side B supported by Side A during the period
     should be Side A’s intellectual properties, and Side B’s publication about his/her

      research should be issued in the name of a post doctoral research of Tsinghua
  (4) Side B should submit his/her research summary to Side A before one to two
      months of expiration, give a presentation to academic committee and will be
      evaluated by fellow specialists about his/her research.

  7. Salary
  (1) □ Side B will receive ¥            yuan(RMB) as his/her salary paid by Side A
  (2) √Side A will not provide Side B with any salary.
  (3) □ Side B will receive his/her monthly payment of ¥         yuan in the form of
scholarship supported by               .

  8. Housing
  During the period in item 3, Side A will provide Side B with a furnished apartment
with a bathroom and a kitchen. Side A will pay the rent for Side B and Side B will pay
the other expenses such as coal gas , water and electricity supplies.

   9. Medical Care
  (1) Within the period in item 3, Side A will transact a medical card of Tsinghua
        University Hospital for Side B. With the card, the latter can see a doctor in the
        hospital, and should pay the expenses by himself/herself.
   (2) When asking for a sick leave, Side B should have a doctor’s certificate about
         his/her health condition.
  10. Vacation
  Within the period in item 3, Side B can enjoy vacations such as winter vacation and
summer vocation scheduled by Tsinghua University.

  11. Arrangement of children
  During the period in item 3, Side A will provide Side B with the help for his/her
children living in China to go to kindergarten or school.

  12. Revision, Cancellation and Termination of the Agreement
  (1) Both sides should abide by the agreement and should not revise, cancel and
        terminate the agreement without mutual approval. If dissensions arise about
        the agreement, both sides should consult with each other and mediate any
  (2) Side A has the right to formally repeal the agreement reached by both sides
        under the following conditions:
  (Ⅰ) Side B does not fulfill the agreement or is not consistent with the stipulated
obligations after Side A has pointed out his/her wrong action.
  (Ⅱ) The diagnosis about Side B’s health shows that he/she can not continue his/her

research after a thirty day sick leave.
  (3) Side B has the right to formally repeal the agreement reached by both sides
        under the following conditions:
  (Ⅰ) Side A has not provided Side B with necessary research instruments and living
  (Ⅱ) Side A has not paid Side B’s salary on schedule.

  13. After the expiration of the agreement, Side B should move out the apartment
offered by Side A. If Side B does not move out on time, Tsinghua University will deal
with the situation according to relevant regulations. And Side B will bear all expenses
he/she stays in China.

  14. The agreement will take effect after both sides’ signature, and it will become
invalidation after the expiration in item 3.

 Side A (signature)           Side B ( signature)



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