The Tea Party by babbian


									                 Third Anniversary Tea party

Welcome! The tea party was a celebration of our third
anniversary of our Sangha. It really was a wonderful
time we meditated, sang songs and recited poems. These
are some of the poems we heard.


happiness is here
loving all life as it is
letting the rest go

-karen hilsberg

The following poems are by Thay Giac Thanh and were
read from Scattered Memories at sangha on the occasion
of our 3rd anniversary.

Deep Understanding of True Nature

A lightening look
Brings down several great walls.
I bow my head to receive
And remember it life after life.

An Orchid Stem

The wonderful transmission
Heart to heart
Is just an orchid branch
And a cup of morning tea.
The undending deep silence.

Storm Rage

He washed his feet in the ocean.
Soft clouds, deep gentle sky,
Stars gather fire from ten directions.
In raging storm, the lotus blooms beautifully.

Life, death, peace and joy
Are coming together beautifully.
Human relationships are nice in so many ways.
A moment you come,
A moment of love and care
Turning everything into eternal light.

A 3rd anniversary poem for Organic Garden sangha (read
during the tea ceremony)

This cup of tea
warm fragrant here
now I can feel
love in our hearts

my sangha home
we inter-are
one family in
this cup of tea

True Recollection of Loving Kindness

The tea ceremony is a meditation that goes back
thousands of years. One aspect of the ceremony that
should be pointed out is that tea should be sipped from
a bowl without a handle. You should drink when the bowl
is warm but not to hot to pickup. If too hot breathe in
and breathe out until the time is right.

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