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					        Mehrnoosh Esmaielpour                                                                                           Ehsan Reza
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     Name of the Case area / building:

     Esma sultan

                                                  URBAN                                  LANDSCAPE               ARCHITECTURE INTERIOR
                                                  U                                      L                       A            I
     Approach in

     terms of Nature


D    Design             Spatial organization      Esma sultan is                         .The building           .combination of        .thank from
                        The original "garden      located in Otakoy,                     surrounded with         modern and old         transparency to
                        city" pioneers created    Where is perfect                       courtyard and with      fashion style with     conduct the
                        some very interesting     place to people                        sea connection          a multifunction        natural lighting
                        and useful urban          invitation for                         ,defined building       usage.                 from the masonry
                                                  gathering                              in terms of green                              holes which
                        areas which solved
                                                  .It is focal point in                  landscape design.                              covered with glass
                        the problems attached     that area ,use as                                                                     In between.
                        to poor housing           entertainment

                        Design Aesthetics         .As a land mark                        .Floor covering         .using glass and       . glass within the
                        (Form, colour, texture,   of that region the                     with stone piece        steel in side edg      original brick
                        lighting, …)              texture and                            and lime as             the brick tecture of   exterior also we
                                                  expose elevation                       traditional material    the old building.      can see the green
                                                  (brick) support in                     and division of the                            area back of the
                                                  well.                                  yard with                                      glas which growed
                                                                                         platforms and                                  on the brick wall
                                                                                         connecting to the
                                                                                         sea within and use
                                                                                         different type of

TH   Theory             Design concept                                                   .Rich cultural          .The building          .In 2001 the
     History –          (Conservation;            This is the                            heritage has left       was burnt down         reconstruct of
     Conservation       historical context,       wedding gift                           legacy of               in a large fire in     building was
                        green design…)            which presented                        outstanding             1975 and then          started with
                                                  to the Esma                            historical sites that   restorated by          glass and steel
                                                  Sultan and                             provide an              glass nad steel        az the main
                                                  located next to                        exciting backdrop                              element of
                                                  the ortakoy                            for meeting .                                  interior.

E    Economy            Land-use ratios                                                  .keeping the old        .using as a            .The building is
                        Economical                .This building                         yards and plants        multipurpose           set on several
                        transformation            used as special                        with landscape          hall ,without any      levels and
                                              programs and          element not cost    separation inside   includes a bar, a
                                              because               too much on the     and locating in     restaurant, and
                                              connection of the     other hand make     upper part effect   an event hall
                                              city and sea has      the sense of this   in attracting       which help it in
                                              a great potential.    traditional         customer.           economy.
                                                                    building better.

T   Technology      Natural materials –       .locating in the      .connection of      .being as light     .connection of
    Structure &     structure relations       context of the city   landscape and       weight structure    landscape and
    Materials                                 as a diamond          interior as the     which covered       interior as the
                                              which coming          green               with heavy          green
                                              from the              architecture.       masonry building    architecture and
                                              sea.(glass and        .Use of stone       creating a          used expose
                                              steel)                floor covering      contrast to         material in both
                                                                    create relation     define it well.     side .
                                                                    with the building

    Environmental   Global warming            .locating near to     .lack of shading    .location of the    . The transparent
    Control         Environmental Pollution   main street           element in open     building in the     box should be
                    Energy Saving (passive    Frome one side        spaces.             way of sea          protecting with
                    heating/cooling)          and connecting to     .usage of sea       breezes from        covering
                                              the sea from          breeze as a         one hand and        elements,
                                              other side may        cooling and         colonnades from     against green
                                              have some             ventilation         other hand effect   effect event and
                                              problem of noise      factors in the      on the energy       sun direction.
                                              and air pollution.    yard.               saving.

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