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					Strauss Natura-Lax Caps
Herbs are not chemicals synthesized in a laboratory; they are high quality foods, rich in compounds that may be missing in today’s western diet. Liquid herbal extracts work very quickly as they enter the blood stream immediately without first having to be digested. This can be very important, especially if one’s digestive system is not functioning properly. Extracts and teas support superior absorption and digestibility (bioavailability). Product Benefits  Promotes healthy bowel movements.

Ingredients Cascara Sagrada Bark, Elder Flower, Psyllium Husk, Rhubarb Root, Ginger Root. Historic Medicinal Use      Cascara Sagrada Bark: Is a bark rich in hormone-like oils, which promote peristaltic action in the intestinal canal. It is one of the best herbs to use for chronic constipation and is said to not be habit forming. It increases the secretions of the stomach, liver and pancreas and exerts a remarkable action on the colon. Acts as a laxative and as a colon cleanser. Useful for colon disorders and parasitic infestation. Elder Flower: Eases constipation, cleanses the system, builds the blood, enhances immune system function and increases circulation. Detoxifies the body cells of toxic waste. Rhubarb Root: Helps disorders of the colon, spleen and liver. Good for constipation and malabsorption and parasitic infestation. Ginger Root: Cleanses the colon, reduces spasms and cramps and stimulates circulation. Useful for bowel disorders, circulatory problems, fever, hot flashes, indigestion and nausea. Is an excellent herb to combine with other herbs to enhance their effectiveness.

Quality Control This Strauss herbal product is certified Kosher Pareve, by the Orthodox Union, Kashruth division. All Strauss teas and capsulated products are made from high quality whole herbs, without fillers. Every herb shipment is received with a certificate of analysis to ensure quality and purity. We only use .00. VCaps., capsules made from 100% plant material. All Strauss Herb Co. formulas are unique and formulated to maximize synergistic effects of all herbal ingredients. Determining the exact proportion of ingredients is key in capitalizing on this synergy. This skill has been perfected through 8 generations of herbalists. Directions for Use For a small group of people who are very sensitive, the recommended dosage may be too much to start with. Ease in by starting with a third or half dosage and working your way up to the standard dosage. Strauss herbal formulas are not prescription drugs. Each individual must find their own effective dose for their body type. Dosage On the first night take 4 capsules at bedtime. Then, on the following night or as desired, take 1 to 5 capsules at bedtime. Each person must find their own effective dosage.

Length of Treatment Time With today’s hectic schedule, people have a tendency to unintentionally train themselves to be constipated. Either at the office, in the car, just walking down the street or even at home, it is hard to go to the bathroom every time your body tells you to. This act of .holding it. gradually conditions the body to do this on its own. You must retrain your body by going to the washroom as soon as possible when your body tells you to. The goal is to have proper bowel movements without the use of laxatives. Strauss Natura-Lax is intended to train your digestive tract to work properly again. Use Strauss Natura-Lax as needed. If it is an ongoing problem, ensure that it is not medical related (pinched colon) or dairy intolerance. Note   You could take the capsules with a cup of heated, quality water. Allow one hour between taking different herbal preparations in capsule form and half an hour between liquid forms. Do not mix teas.

Tips for Easy Use   Take with warm, quality water. If you find the capsules too big to swallow you can break the capsules open into a cup of hot water, stir and drink on an empty stomach. Maple syrup or honey may be used to sweeten the taste. Do Not Use Sugar!

Storage Store in the original package in a dark, dry cupboard. Sizes / Physical Characteristics Capsules: .00. vegetable based capsules, available in bottles of 100. To Maximize Your Good Health Just as herbs can be formulated to work synergistically, healing should also be done synergistically. Some ailments require several products to support more than just the depleted body function or organ. They should be used together to provide support to the body as a whole. A healthy diet is also very important for healing; we cannot create an environment for health when we continue to bombard the body with counter productive toxins. Recommended Diet Eliminate red meat, all dairy products and any food containing wheat, oats, barley, or rye from your diet (non-genetically altered wheat is okay). Important Considerations       Choose a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily make your plate colourful! Drink pure water daily. Avoid all genetically altered foods. Avoid the use of microwaves. Choose stainless steel or glass cookware instead of aluminum. Please stop smoking!

Product Expiration Use within expiry date shown. Who Should Not Take the Product? Pregnant Women -Product effects during pregnancy are unknown; therefore we do not recommend this Strauss product for pregnant women. Breastfeeding Mothers - Strauss Herb Co. does not endorse the use of this product while breastfeeding as the properties of the herbs may be transferred through breast milk to the infant, which can cause colic. Children- Children are not always able to communicate their symptoms effectively; therefore the Strauss Herb Co. does not endorse the use of this product on children. Undesirable Healing Effects There are no known undesirable healing effects with this formulation. Interactions with Other Substances There are no known interactions with this formulation.
The Strauss herbal formulas are specifically formulated to empower and strengthen specific body functions that have become deficient as a result of illness and can be utilized to complement orthodox forms of healing. The information listed in this excerpt is not offered or intended to replace a doctor’s advice. To order call 1 866 837 2246

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