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					Suffolk CBA: Club Calculation of P2P Levy
Club Data                                                          Using this spreadsheet
Members                              66
Sessions per year                    50                            Change only the blue cells. Within those probably only
Average tables per session          13.5                           the bold club data numbers will need to be changed.
                                                                   The current EBU subscription and maintenance costs
                                            Current    After P2P   are correct for 2009.
Annual subscription
EBU                                            20.50      30.00
SCBA (50p per member)               0.50       33.00      33.00
                                                                   1) The SCBA club subscription is unchanged and
                                                                   included only for transparency.
Cost per certificate                0.40                           2) If your club does not currently issue Masterpoints,
                             Annual total    360.00                use zero for their cost. If you know your current yearly
                                                                   cost of MPs, you should check it against the annual
Pay-to-Play                                                        figure calculated here.
EBU per player-session          0.29
SCBA per player-session         0.04                               3) If your club does not currently have a scorebridge or
                  P2P levy      0.33                               BridgeWebs licence, enter zero for those under 'current'.
                         Annual total                    891.00    (Note that the EBU is including the first year's cost of
                                                                   these in the P2P scheme.)
                                                                   4) Suffolk has gauged its P2P amount so that the net
Scorebridge                                    10.00      10.00
                                                                   increase in table-money should be 20p for clubs
BridgeWebs                                     49.00      49.00    currently issuing Masterpoints and 33p for those who do
                                                                   not. There are a few fixed costs but the calculation
Cost per year                                472.50     1013.00    should not be very far away from those figures.

Difference under P2P                                     540.50

Per player per session                                      0.20
(Break-even increase in table-money)

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