May 14_ 2002 - Charter Township of Ypsilanti by vivi07


									CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF YPSILANTI PLANNING COMMISSION SPECIAL MEETING – MAY 14, 2002 MINUTES Commissioners Present: Jeff Allen, Chair John Harris Deborah Iles Carolyn Minot Sally Richie Eugene Shuey Commissioners Absent: Larry Doe, Theo Hamilton, Gust Bovoletis Others in Attendance: Jeff Purdy, Township Planning Consultant Kevin Kwiatkowski, Community & Economic Development Department Director Denny McLain, Township Attorney Cheryl Ensign, Recording Secretary 1. Minutes of April 23, 2002 meeting.

Motion by Richie to approve the minutes of April 23, 2002, support Harris. MOTION CARRIED - ALL. NEW BUSINESS 2. PUBLIC HEARING - SPECIAL CONDITIONAL USE – Mona Smith, 5703 Princeton Place, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 – for a “group child day care home” at 5703 Princeton Place and currently zoned R-4 (single family residential). (K-11-22-433-043)

Mrs. Smith was present for questions. Secretary Minot read the staff report into record. Secretary Minot read into record a letter from James Porter, 5686 Princeton Place, against the petition. PUBLIC HEARING OPENED. Susan Renolyds Bunton, 5710 Big Pine, questions how many children will this have at any time, what are the hours of operation, what are the ages of the children and will there be deliveries by commercial vehicles? She would like to reiterate the concern of congestion in the area in addition, this residence has a lawn equipment business, which has trucks, parked out front, and there is a fire hydrant in front of the address which limits parking. Mrs. Porter, 5725 Princeton Place, stated that the value of her home just went up not to long ago how will this decrease the value of homes & property. She objects to this petition. Paul Bobal, 5718 Big Pine Drive, would like to voice objection for a couple of reasons. Obviously the property values is one thing, the increased traffic is another, thirdly the increased noise level and lastly all of the plastic toys and play equipment makes the area look like a McDonald's playland and is very unsightly. He objects to this petition. PUBLIC HEARING CLOSED. Commissioner Richie stated in the staff report it states all daycare activities on ground floor; but on the inspection from the state it mentions 1 bedroom on top floor. Mrs. Smith stated that is a possibility for napping, just in case she decides to use it. Commissioner Richie is there some means of getting out of the top floor? Mrs. Smith stated that she has a window that’s labeled as exit and an emergency ladder. Commissioner Harris how many children will there be and what is the age range?

Special Planning Commission Meeting May 14, 2002 Page 2 Mrs. Smith stated that the maximum number will be 12 as far as the age group she hasn’t set a specific age but will probably be infants to preschoolers. She stated her hours would be 5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Commissioner Richie asked if that was Monday - Friday? Secretary Minot stated that a number of people have been here before for daycare and while there are 2 other group daycares within 1,500 feet of the applicant this encompasses a huge portion of land and many roads. There isn’t going to be daycares on top of another one. Chairman Allen questioned if she anticipates any deliveries? Mrs. Smith stated no. Chairman Allen point of clarification the group day care homes licensed through state there are very restrictive in terms of Townships flexibility of handling these items. The license comes from the state. The ordinance states how many sites there can be but not a lot more that the Township can do. He appreciates concerns of neighbors regarding the noise and such but Townships hands are tied. Denny McLain, township attorney, stated that part of the problem he has researched this issue numbers times over last 15 years and has come to same conclusion he has also talked with other communities and the Michigan Association of legal council. The State has preempted local zoning ordinance when it comes to daycares. The family daycares do not have to come before the Planning Commission, when it comes to group day cares the same statute covers it and allows the Township to establish some criteria. The State says if she qualifies under the criteria then the Township has to approve it. The argument the residents have is with state legislation not with local townships Commissioner Richie stated that Mrs. Smith has been issued a license. Secretary Minot stated that the 2 houses are on New Meadow and Big Pine, not right on top of the applicant. Mrs. Renolyds stated that Princeton Place is a very short street, understands research did Pineridge subdivision has lots of widing roads. It goes from Textile to Huron River Drive Princeton Place is the shortest street in the sub. Chairman Allen stated that he went by the house and has been on street before. He did see the lawn equipment on the trailer and there is a lot of congestion in middle of day. Motion by Harris, to approve the special conditional use for a group child day care home located at 5703 Princeton Place, Mona Smith, support Shuey. MOTION CARRIED - ALL. 3. PUBLIC HEARING - PD STAGE I Preliminary Residential & Nonresidential Site Plan & Rezoning Aspen Ridge, FHS Investment, Steven Friedman, 6024 W. Maple, Suite 106, West Bloomfield, MI 48322 - for a “Planned Development” located on the northwest corner of Munger & Textile for the development of a 169 unit single family residential development and 2 acres commercial development and to rezone from B-1 (local business), R-2 (single family residential) and RM-2 (multi-family residential) to PD (planned development) - (K-11-30-200-(046-48)).

Steve Friedmen, President of F&H Holdings, developed over 4,000 units in metro Detroit area. Main expertise is single family. Currently involved for past 18 months working to create a plan acceptable for review. First looked at parcel saw PD plan, 3 uses, commercial, multi and single family. Together all 3 can yield similar density. Intent tries to develop projects more harmonious with area and single family ownership best suit community. To date have presented 6-7 different residential plans. This is best that they have found and trying to not be controversial. While can develop different than what’s there believe, this is best for project? This best suite Township varied lot sizes, open space, lineal road, sidewalks and open space. Rare for developer to swap commercial and single family and not ask for better density. This is best plan for the site. Hopes to obtain approval and present to Township Board. If concept not acceptable would like clear direction on what Township would like to see and move forward with plan for what they want. He is, along with all his consultants are available to answer questions. This plan is all residential and eliminates all problems with commercial & multi. Secretary Minot read the staff report into record.

Special Planning Commission Meeting May 14, 2002 Page 3 PUBLIC HEARING OPENED. John Erickson, 6369 Munger, stated that he has a preliminary question do they get to make comments after the presentation? Chairman Allen stated no. This would be a recommendation to Township Board and when it goes before the Township Board the residents would have an opportunity to speak again then. Mr. Erickson stated that it is hard to make reasonable comments as a neighbor. He has 3 comments: 1st he thinks the staff report makes reference to changes from the overall future plan from 1/2 acre lots and he wonders why such a change. Why not conform to standards of PD there must be some sort of reasonable reason to go from 1/2-acre lots to this. #2 he has a 1,360-foot drive where every day he will be driving by a whole new development with just a little bit of wetland between him and their driveway. Some berms or site impediment from such a dramatic change from nature of houses that he lives in to the 50-foot lots. Obviously there will be some sewage and water issues though he doesn’t know what will be. Will they tap into the current system? What impact to Munger Road will there be? And paving Munger Road to his driveway, which is at the end of the proposal, doesn’t solve the problem with Textile to Michigan Ave, which already has to be graded once a month or more to get rid of potholes. What needs to be done is pave all of Munger to US-12. Julie Griess, 4847 Merritt, Pittsfield Township, and a member of their Planning Commission would like to present a few facts. Their zoning requires 2 1/2 acres per house and they are currently revising their master plan and they have a good draft that intends to continue this. A lot of input from the planning process went into this and people want a rural atmosphere and south of Textile to the southern border is to be such. She stated that she noticed that 2 of the exits will be on Munger Road with will be right up against the 2 1/2 acre per house. She stated that the additional traffic would stress roads that are at the max now. The intersections in the area, Carpenter and Michigan are already stressed out. Also the commercial 2 acres are not compatible. Ann Alvarez, 6130 Munger Road, would like to thank the Commissioner for holding off development for as long as they have. She has lived here 10 years now and trying to put together where she would fall, in between 2 drives on Munger maybe a little to the north. When she moved out to country it was for piece, wildlife, feed birds, bring up kids there this kind of thing inevitable. She brings objection from self and family regarding the traffic that will be unimaginable. Can’t imagine what will do with this number of lots and 2 cars per family. Coming in and out in morning and evening, paving small portion of Munger will not solve problem. Steve Friedman stated there would not be commercial. Can she have some clarification on this plan because it has 2 acres of commercial shown. John Erickson, 6369 Munger, questioned the 2 streets that dead end into parcels, one into his drive. Why are roads there and what future plans are there for expanding east into the 12.5 acres or his driveway? Tim Weakley, 6270 Munger, stated that it wouldn’t be a pleasure to have this across the street from him. He is also concerned about the traffic volume as well as every one else. The site plan calls for a 25-foot berm, which will be quite a view for some peace and quite in front. If you double the number of homes with traffic they should put a traffic light at the corner of Munger, or put a squad car there all the time.. The traffic is bad enough now with the curve. Haven’t talked to too many neighbors but they are not excited. When the site went from 1/2 acre to smaller lots it seems to push it all in. Laureen Weakley, 6270 Munger, also wants to state that north of Textile on Munger, on the Pittsfield side, 2 developments are expanding now that traffic combined with this will be horrendous. They have been there for a little over 4 years and moved here for the peace and quiet. They purposely didn’t not buy a new home so not to add to development and in that time have seen 2 very serious accidents because of traffic. Mr. Erickson stated that the 66-foot easement from Textile through east side of property on the site plan seems to suggest that it isn’t that but 22 foot and it seems that 11-feet of it is in backyards. He questions how this is? Glen Lichtenberg, 6080 Munger Pittsfield Township, stated that he lives right across from the entrance and kitty-corner from the commercial. He objects to moving to the country and now will be next to commercial. Currently in the mornings he can hear pheasants and see deer on the property. Are there any provisions made for the wildlife effected by the number of homes and commercial site? He knows that there is some times pressure put on Townships for development, but he would like to see something more rational than 169 very small lots that are very unharmonious next to the existing large lots around it.

Special Planning Commission Meeting May 14, 2002 Page 4 Larry Brown, 6221 Tyrone, stated that he is on the private road northeast of this development. The traffic is so terrible as everyone has talked about; it took him 21 cars to get onto Textile to get here tonight. He stated that with 160 houses going in here he should be able to come here and be able to have 15 house on his 5 acres. He stated that he is definitely against this proposal. Celeste Waltz, 5244 Textile, stated that her property is in the top left corner of the picture, currently backyard is lowest point in area, sees that drainage area will drain somewhere, will fill up pond there and has questions as to how will they guarantee that wont come onto her property. There is a dry creek bed there not sure how that will drain if it does fill up. She also sees a walk way that leads into her backyard, what’s going to protect her from people from wandering around and mosey into her backyard. She would like to propose more distance between property owners and new houses. She stated that the traffic across Textile is terrible. She had a lady run the Munger Road stop sign and totaled her car. To go across Textile Road now to get to her mailbox is like a track meet it is dangerous she would like to have some provisions to get to her mailbox. She stated that she objects all the way around. Gary Borgelt, 6300 Tyrone, would like to agree with everything that has been said and to include that when Wiard’s Orchard is open the traffic is much worse than this. PUBLIC HEARING CLOSED. Commissioner Richie asked if the petitioner if they received the staff report? Dave Bartone, Atwell Hicks, project engineer they have received reviews. Secretary Minot stated that she knows that Mr. Bartone is familiar with and aware of the Township’s ordinances and restrictions could he pass those on to the petitioner? Chairman Allen questioned if there were items on staff report that they object to? Mr. Bartone there are some items that are contradictory. Would like to run through how they came up with this plan because with the current zoning they had several options. Down in the southeast corner of textile road is a 7.7 acre B-1, south of that is RM-2 15.6 acres, behind that to west is R-2 33 acres. Under the current zoning they did look at plan on these zonings. They had something similar to a plan that looks like x basically what happens with the current zoning 70,000-sq. ft. commercial on corner traffic would be intensified. With the additional RM-2 they could have 95 multiple family units. They don’t have to put condos could be rental apartments and with the rental apartments without garages and would have cars parked in open areas. Along the western portion of site with the R-2 would be able to have 41 units. So with all that in mind that didn’t fit into the community they looked at other options, and looked at future zoning of township and that was single family. They then continued that direction and the ordinance allows for a PD option they then created this plan. The parallel plan is created to set density for ordinance. They are proposing a commercial parcel that would be greatly reduced from current parcel. They are doing a minimum of 2-acre piece of land with smaller buildings and would have access to Textile and Munger. One of the concerns with traffic study is access would work out with township. Residential would have 169 units and have used that one of conditions must be 20% of site must be open space they have proposed 23 % can’t use open berms in front still at 20-21% do have quite a bit of open space connected by walking paths. Original proposal 2 acre commercial connected by walking path, knows that township concerned with road access. Open space is located within central portion of property and has tot lot and walking space. Preserve open space and trees with this location. Existing gas line on end, which left one end of site undevelopble and open space. Detention basins not utilized as open space. Have to work with WCDC on this issue have large open space with gradual drains and slopes to be able to use as open recreation for kids during dry times. Is still useable. Way figure lot layout has transition from Munger Road. At st Munger Road have 53-foot lots (63 of them head west 1 three rows of lots will be 50 foot. That matches RM-2 density. (east) Transitions from there have wider lots of 61-foot lot (85) that is along center of property up to drive. Transition further to 80 foot wide lots which back up to existing residential area. Behind all that could answer any questions that residents have. One of those is traffic and they have to provide traffic impact study. Chairman Allen stated that Mr. Friedman said that they were here for residential development but commercial property shows on the plan. Will there be commercial development? Mr. Bartone stated that under the current zoning there are 7.72 acres they are going to propose 2 acres of commercial which would be much smaller and less traffic.

Special Planning Commission Meeting May 14, 2002 Page 5 Chairman Allen questioned the long driveway and the dead end streets? Mr. Bartone stated that the WCRC has a requirement that they submit future planning drives and these dead end streets fulfilled that condition. Chairman Allen questioned if they changed the plans from 1/2 acre to this. Mr. Bartone stated that was correct because with the 1/2-acre parcels there would also be 7.72 acres of commercial. This was the tradeoff to doing a PD. Mr. Bartone stated that the sanitary sewer will be public there are existing mains on both sides of the north end of Munger. He stated that there would be some type of plan for a berm along the long driveway on south property. The grades would match at the property lines and houses several hundred feet back. He stated in regards to the 66-foot easement that is on the property owner’s deed. The site plan shows this centered on the property line. It is his understanding that years ago this was for a private road ingress and egress. The applicant’s attorneys are working on this to clear up any confusion. Chairman Allen questioned the 2 exits onto Munger Road, the traffic issue. And the concern of keeping runoff off of the top left property. Mr. Bartone stated that they are working with WCDC and checking into if there is an established drain. He stated the site would be graded per drain commission guidelines. He stated that they don't have any paths connecting to private property, the access walkway to homeowner’s property is the bike path between lots 9 & 10 will access the open space trail. Kevin J. Kwiatkowski, Community & Economic Development Director, stated to cover briefly a couple points: first the paving of Munger Road north of Textile; Pittsfield Township is working with a different developer that should have it paved this year. The paving from Munger to Michigan Avenue is a WCRC project. To touch briefly on the history of this project 2 years ago this was zoned R-2 with 1,500 square foot lots. Aspen Ridge was proposed to have 61 lots and multi-family apartments. The Township updated the master plan and changed the zoning ordinance on February 14, 2000 they didn’t change the density of R-2 but did change lot size. To be compatibility with the 50-foot lots is the residential homes on the north side of town, not the houses that are around this. He stated that some issues the Township is concerned about is the open space and the fact that the developer counted in the detention ponds where no child will play in. Mr. Kwiatkowski explained the clustering approach to development and the PD guidelines. He stated that the comments concerning the traffic are valid and they haven’t heard from the WCRC yet concerning this project. Jeff Purdy, LSL Planning, stated that Mr. Kwiatkowski summarized how they got here looking at the PD ordinance and taking a site that is zoned to be much more intense than the surround property. How they arrived at the high-density is they took the existing zoning in place and tried to work with it. Trying to come up with a development that’s compatible with surrounding areas. Important feature is additional landscape buffers around perimeter to give more privacy to rural neighbors. Traffic is based on a revised proposal and the Township still needs a revised traffic impact study. To design the site plan they look at the commercial property and how it will be accessed and how it relates to access through the residential area. He is unsure that there are adequate access points and site distance requirements and they don’t want put the commercial in place and have driveway access problems. Chairman Allen point of question as part of the township would like to see some commercial included in the plan in order to incorporate it. Mr. Purdy stated that when you look at the overall master plan and the southern area of the township one thing that’s noticed are the relatively few commercial areas readily available in southern portion. One of things that impact traffic is large distance to drive to grocery store or other convenience. The Master plan calls for small-scale nodes of commercial to service residents in southern portion of Township. Those must be designed to be compatible with surrounding areas and not negatively impact. The goal is not to see large grocery, gas station, fast food places but small retail type shops. Motion by Commissioner Richie to tabled the PD STAGE I Preliminary Residential & Nonresidential Site Plan & Rezoning - Aspen Ridge until the applicant can revise the site plan to better address the issues contained within the

Special Planning Commission Meeting May 14, 2002 Page 6 staff report, LSL Planning’s review letter and the comments from the residents, support Minot. MOTION CARRIED ALL. 4. PUBLIC HEARING for SPECIAL CONDITIONAL USE - Rainbow Rehabilitation, 5570 Whittaker, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 - for a 7 - 12 bed adult foster care home located at 2.38 acres on Whittaker Road, North of Textile and currently zoned R-3 (single family residential) (K-11-21-300-028).

Bill Buccalo, 5570 Whittaker, Gordon) thanks for considering SCU goal is to build 7-12 adult care facility between Textile and Stony Creek, Rainbow has been providing services past 20 years with 25 facilities in southeast Michigan. Comments provided by staff outline their issues state nicely what they plan to do. One issue is that they haven’t brought site plans for building plans, though the history of rainbow is that they fit into the neighborhood they will have a home nicely landscaped and look nice with no signs in yard, individual bedrooms and adequate screening around parking. Whittaker Road is mixed use of commercial and residential they fit in nicely around that and they will serve need for service s of folks that don’t want to live in nursing home or facility. Gordon Sekerak is also present for questions. Secretary Minot read staff report into record. PUBLIC HEARING OPENED. Suzanne Smith, 5810 Whittaker, stated that she is right next to the proposal and has been there for 24 years. She st remembers the 1 rehabilitation facility that went in and supposedly no one was going to be there all night and they are. She stated that the lot next to the one for sale is another home. What is that licensed under and can they keep people there like an adult foster home? One of her questions is what is this licensed? She questioned if there were supposed to be so many feet between foster care homes? She stated that there is a 33-foot easement down her driveway and she would like to know how they plan to build the new home. She hasn’t seen any site plans and it is very low in back. The current owners did illegal dumping on site and had to build a trench and she is concerned about drainage. She is also concerned about the value of her property being next to an adult foster care home. Can they change the license and have drug rehab and alcohol there? She is very concerned of that cause she would be right next to it? She stated that she supported Rainbow earlier with DTE but she is very concerned with this. Would it be fenced and what would the layout be and the supervision of people. Would this devalue her property? She would like to see it kept residential. Mrs. Smith questioned the traffic flow and how would this facility effect the flow, since they are head injury and can’t get out to drive now. Would this impact the residents trying to come out of their own drives? Denato Faulk, 5780 Whittaker, stated that he has a couple of questions one was answered. The first is how many square-feet would the facility be? This would be 7-12 bed facility would it have 7 or 12 beds. Also, Whittaker Road is very busy and the traffic is getting heaver and will get more so. He is surprised that they would want to put this facility there because if people get loose they could get hit. He has had a dog get hit, and Ms Smith has had a cat get hit on this same road. Next, he wondered what is this currently zoned, if it is residential what is wrong with keeping this residential? This will be a commercial property making Whittaker Road look more like Washtenaw. He stated that he doesn't want an adult foster care facility by him. What is at 5880 Whittaker, isn’t that another foster care place? Mr. Faulk asked what kind of people would be here and will they be spending nights? At 5570 Whittaker there are head trauma people spending the night there. This will be another adult foster care facility, how many other ones are in Ypsilanti. It seems that Ypsilanti is becoming a dumping ground for adult foster care facilities. He stated that he is totally against this, it is to close to the house and is not the right type of facility for Whittaker Road. PUBLIC HEARING CLOSED. Mr. Buckklo, stated there is a need for adult foster care throughout the country the places where those homes are isn’t a dumping ground they are quality care facilities. He stated that 5570 Whittaker is Rainbow’s corporate headquarters and outpatient facility where people receive therapy. 5880 Whittaker, directly adjacent, is a home owned by Rainbow Rehabilitation which operates a 6-bed adult foster facility there. The individuals live there all night. He stated that some work, some are incapable of working while some have a whole variety of needs. Staff on site consists of therapists, including speech and recreational, vocational counselors. He stated that the houses are staffed 24 hours day with rehab assistants and managed by a house manager. They have homes throughout the area and take note of traffic and place in appropriate facility. They don’t own the property in question tonight and haven’t been involved with any dumping on that property. They own 5880 Whittaker and this property is directly north of that. There was a question concerning the square footage, they are proposing to construct on a 2.38-acre property with the majority of useable space in the southeast corner away from easement, which is along the neighbor’s property. He said that

Special Planning Commission Meeting May 14, 2002 Page 7 there are a lot of trees and growth and screening on site and a majority of the land is floodplain. He stated that for an adult foster care under 6-beds, they have the ability to petition state / or request to purchase a home anywhere and request a license from the state. If they go over 6-beds then they need a SCU permit, which in turns notifies the neighbors. He stated that there is no limitation as to how close one adult foster care home can be to another one. Chairman Allen stated that there was a question about supervision of residents. Mr. Buckklo stated that it depends on the individual and their needs; there is staff on site 24 hours a day. If a resident lives on site and can walk up to corner store they can. Based on this location and the road their plan is to have more people in wheelchairs and who are less ambulatory on site. This would give them closer access to the therapists and the ability to provide more nursing care to residents. The 7-12 bed is dependent on the availability. Chairman Allen questioned if there would be drug or alcohol rehab there? Mr. Buckklo stated that they would not. He stated that the licensee is not transferable from owner to owner. They would have to go to the state and request license. Commissioner Richie understands the SCU goes with the land not the business, could someone else come in can they have the SCU run for the business and not the land? Mr. McLain stated that you can limit it to the business but if a subsequent purchaser comes in they could get a license. Commissioner Richie questioned what would end the SCU. Mr. McLain stated that if they stop using it for a reasonable use of time. Motion by Minot to approve the 7 - 12 bed adult foster care home located at 2.38 acres on Whittaker Road, North of Textile for Rainbow Rehabilitation support Harris. MOTION CARRIED - 1 Nay: Commissioner Richie stated that her reason for voting no is due to the concern that what would happen in the future if Rainbow Rehab would leave. She stated that it is nothing against Rainbow. 5. SKETCH PLAN REVIEW - Gene Butman Ford - 2105 Washtenaw, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 - for a 1,205 sq. ft. addition to the showroom on the north end of the building located at 2105 Washtenaw and currently zoned B-3 (general business) (K-11-06-478-007).

Bruce Johnson, Campbell Manix, stated that they are excited about project. He stated that in doing renovations it is always fun to take a 1960 building and bring it up to today’s architecture. He stated that this would be something good to upgrade on Washtenaw. What they are looking for tonight is approval from the Planning Commission for the renovation. They are ready to submit for building permit. Secretary Minot read staff report into record. PUBLIC COMMENT OPENED. There were no public comments. PUBLIC COMMENTS CLOSED. Chairman Allen asked if they were in agreement with the staff report. Mr. Johnson stated that they are in agreement with all conditions. Secretary Minot when they had another petitioner on Kewanee there was a lot of discussion regarding the trash accumulating on this property. Can they watch out for that because the neighbors are not happy with this development. Chairman Allen is their plans to change the sign?

Special Planning Commission Meeting May 14, 2002 Page 8 Mr. Johnson stated yes, there would be an illuminated sign on the building, and whatever Ford Motor company wants for the ground sign. Chairman Allen stated that the sign ordinance has been changed and he should meet with Township staff to insure he installs the signs correctly. Motion by Richie to approve a 1,205 sq. ft. addition to the showroom on the north end of the building located at 2105 Washtenaw for Gene Butman Ford subject to the following: 1. The replacement parking lot light poles shall be limited to 20’ tall since the R-5 district is less than 150’ away. Final approval of the new parking lot pavement grading and storm water design by the Township Engineer


Support Harris. MOTION CARRIED - ALL. 6. PRELIMINARY (NONRESIDENTIAL) SITE PLAN - O&W Beverage Distribution, 3974 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 - for a 110,860 sq. ft. wholesale distribution building (warehouse & office) located on 12.98 acres on the north side of Williams between McGregor & Rawsonville Road and currently zoned I-2 (general industrial) (K-11-13-400-005).

Jack Knowles, Dietrich Bailey, Phil Garcia architect, Randy DeRider general contractors. O&W is a wholesale beer distributor of mostly Miller with 23 other types. They have been in business 63 years, covering Washtenaw Livingston & Wayne counties. They employee 120 people with 50 in the facility at any given time. Site is located on William just east of McGregor. It is a vacant 13 acres parcel surrounded by vacant land on the north, the landfill on the east, a truck facility on the south, and further west is Ann Arbor distribution. The site is currently vacant generally low flat property. Vegetation is a lower quality tree and the site covered by scrub growth and is very well drained. The soil is sandy which is evident because the property to north mined of sand. This project will consist of their corporate headquarters. It will be accessed by 2 drives off William, the eastern drive is for employees and visitors. This was mentioned in the Planners report, they have worked this out with WCRC who wants the entry to focus on the office not the warehouse. It’s important to look at the office and not the warehouse. That drive location was approved by WCRC in terms of meeting turning movements. The western entrance is for truck traffic only that is where all delivers and beer trucks go. General sequence of truck traffic is to depart early in am (530 - 730 am Monday through Friday) and at night park inside. They deliver products and come back in afternoon between 1 & 6 to unload empties in the building they will come out the other side, park temporarily outside then bring in and reload and park inside during the night. Normal office hours are 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.. People will be in facility between 5am and midnight. Occasionally a truck might be parked outside but mostly inside. West side of building will have 9 loading docks, with 4 extra semi-parking spaces. Proposing a 15,000-diesel fuel tank in the northeast corner, double walled tank, with no secondary containment required and will be permitted by MDEQ. Phil Garcia, architect, basically the building is 110,000 square foot with around 10-12 thousand square feet of office space in front. The back is a high bay warehouse type facility. There is no manufacturing or filling of containers. Everything comes in through the loading docks from the manufactures be it Miller which is the primary brand, or one of the others, comes in to building and from that point the loads are assembled, packaged onto the truck and goes out to the customers. Everything comes in kegs to be delivered or bottles. One of the loading docks away from the rest is where the empties are taken out. At night the majority of the trucks get parked inside in the staging area, which is 72 feet wide. There is a parking/garage area on the east side of the building for the shorter 30’ trucks, to be parked. The building itself is tilt up concrete panels, finished, cast on site, tilted up into vertical position and then is rubbed/polished and painted. That will be on all 4-sides of the building. The horizontal lines are reveals that are cast into the panels to break up the mass of the building. The back has a high bay with high glass to bring light into the warehouse where the trucks are staged. The office area has a main entrance with a typically office activities. There is also sales personal space for them to use for a couple hours in the morning. There is a locked storage area for promotional items. There is no real operations that would cause emissions or smoke, everything comes in bottles, cans or kegs and goes out the same way. Secretary Minot read the staff report into record.

Special Planning Commission Meeting May 14, 2002 Page 9 Chairman Allen stated that it appears on the west elevation that there are 9 loading bays, there are only 2 bays for them to enter? Mr. Knowles stated that when you first come into the building the trucks are being loaded 2-abreast, once they are loaded they pull forward to be able to park 4-abreast. Chairman Allen questioned if any of the area was refrigerated? Mr. Knowles stated that there is a cooler that is kept at 38 degrees, the bulk of the warehouse is temperature controlled at 78 degrees, the kegs have to be kept at the cooler temperatures. Motion by Richie to approve the preliminary non-residential site plan for O & W Distribution for a 110,860 sq. ft. wholesale distribution building (warehouse & office) located on 12.98 acres on the north side of Williams between McGregor & Rawsonville Road subject to the following: 1. The 10’ wide bike path should be installed along the William Avenue or payment made in lieu of installation of bike path to the Township. Final approval of the engineering drawings by all appropriate reviewing authorities prior to construction.


Support Minot. MOTION CARRIED - ALL. 7. PRELIMINARY (NONRESIDENTIAL) SITE PLAN Whittaker Creek Office Complex - Bob Spencer for Grand Teton Properties LLC, 2585 Sunnyknoll, Berkley, MI 48072 - for a 15,000 sq. ft. single story professional office building located on 1.87 acres on east side of Whittaker at Stony Creek and currently zoned OS-1 (office service) (K-11-21-200-020).

Mr. Bob Spencer was present for questions. Michael Boggio, architect, stated that this is a 15,000 square foot single story office building. With a temporary drive in the future to connect to the roundabout and additional parking will be developed at that time. Currently the site will have 53 parking spaces, an additional 11 will be added when Whittaker Road is approved. There has been some discussion with regard to the adequacy of the parking now. The parking tabulations have a usable area of 80%,the planners comments state that they prefer 85%. They have had a lot of experience with this type of small, single story office building. Typically this type of office building is self-contained so that each tenant suite has a vestibule corridor, mechanical room and bathroom, which is not useable space. They have a typical layout which show that 80% useable area is high it is more around 75%. As a beginning with the 53 parking spaces proposed they feel this is adequate to service the uses of the building. They know that if there are medical uses that go in they will have to address additional parking spaces for these uses. He has read the planners report and staff report and has submitted a lighting plan that is revised from the previous plans. He believes that this meets the ordinance now. They have a loading space that had been up for discussion because it was not 55 feet. They did this because the users for the most part use mail trucks, fed ex trucks, and small delivery trucks. They show a 25-30’ long by 10’ wide, which for this small, low intensity use is adequate. The way the center island is, due to the irregular shape of the site they have tried to mirror the shape of the site with the parking creating an irregular island. There will be no grass in this island so it should meet the ordinance and is practical. There is a 10-wide bike path along Whittaker Road indicated on the site plan or they will pay into a fund. The trash is in the front of the building yet is contained. The light fixtures are 20’ high to the top of the pole with a cutoff type fixture and lens so that the light won’t spill over to neighboring properties. For building elevation they have a single story residential type building with numerous gables with bay windows to create some interest and break up the long elevation. For the most part the building will be break with a brown shingle, the gables will have almond siding with some contrasting fascia and the bay windows will have a metal roof. Everything is consistent and maintenance free, there will be no exposed mechanical units. Each space has their own mechanical space. Secretary Minot read the staff report into record. PUBLIC COMMENTS OPENED. There were no comments.

Special Planning Commission Meeting May 14, 2002 Page 10 PUBLIC COMMENTS CLOSED. Chairman Allen stated that this seemed difficult to make a left hand turn into this site. He is unsure how one would avoid this. Mr. Kwiatkowski stated that the traffic impact study for the shopping center calls for a traffic signal upon completion of that site. There will be a roundabout installed also. There will also be a traffic signal phasing change on Huron River Drive to 4 ways, which will cause a gap in traffic to allow for turns. The WCRC has studied his plans to insure that it will be safe. Chairman Allen stated that it seems if this is approved that this would get constructed before other items are finished. Mr. Kwiatkowski stated that the sanitary & storm sewers have to get constructed inside of Paint Creek Crossings to service this facility first. Chairman Allen affirmed that the sewers are tied into Paint Creek Crossings. Mr. Spencer stated that was correct they would have to bore under the road to connect. Motion by Harris, to approve the preliminary (nonresidential) site plan for Whittaker Creek Office Complex subject to the following: 1. Applicant agrees to provide service drive easement/connection if one can be provided in the future to facilitate better traffic management. This includes but is not limited, to a connection to the future Civic Center Drive or other service drive. Revise Lighting plan to incorporate better details on light fixtures being used. The overhead wires that traverses the building needs to be re-located around the building. The 5 parking spaces within the parking lot island should be re-designed to offer a more connected open space and planting area. The sign will be reviewed administratively. The 10’ wide bike path should be installed along Whittaker Road or payment made in lieu of installation due to the final roundabout design could limit the effectiveness of bike path. Final approval of the engineering drawings by all appropriate reviewing authorities prior to construction shall be obtained.

2. 3. 4.

5. 6.


Support Minot. MOTION CARRIED - ALL.


SKETCH PLAN REVIEW - 3025 Michigan Ave - Ahmed Beyouden, 6230 Middlesex, Dearborn, MI 48126 - for a 204 sq. ft addition to an existing gas station/convenience store located at 3025 E. Michigan and currently zoned B-3 (general business) (K-11-01-430-001).

Hikmat Kassem, engineer for project, stated that they are here to improve the existing building. They found out that he has almost 680 one-story masonry building. There is a very small service area that includes the counter, restroom and utility room. They are going to extend the cashier area and provide a handicap bathroom to meet the requirements. In order to keep the sales area the same size he would need an additional 400 feet. They thought in addition to this they could change the ceiling inside and glass and painted brick outside to have decorative block. They have submitted the plans and then found out that it exceeds the 10% addition, which necessitated them to come to the planning commission and Zoning Board of Appeals. He stated that Holmes Road right-of-way is 33 feet and when it changes to 60 feet they will be at almost zero setback with this. He stated his client doesn’t have a problem with the conditions and including the dumpster enclosure.

Special Planning Commission Meeting May 14, 2002 Page 11 Secretary Minot read the staff report into record. PUBLIC COMMENTS OPENED. Mr. Kassem stated that in terms of parking they took measurements from the existing gas islands they are able to provide 6-parking spaces around the dispensers and 2 along Holmes Road and 1 along the intersection of Holmes & Michigan Avenue. He stated that typically there is 1-2 vehicles parked in front of the building. He stated that he has a copy of this sketch to present to the Commission. The green line represents the existing canopy. The small 8’ squares are the gas dispensers. The parking spaces are 8x20 feet. Chairman Allen questioned if Township staff or the Planner had seen this new drawing. Chairman Allen questioned the petitioner if he was in agreement with the conditions. Mr. Kassem stated that they are in agreement with the conditions. Chairman Allen asked if the new block would match the existing building. Mr. Kassem stated that the existing building has painted brick, which will be removed and replaced with 4” block to match the addition. Chairman Allen stated that the petitioner mentioned that Holmes Road right-of-way is currently 33’ and it is changing to 60’. Mr. Kassem stated that is correct, it is going to go to 120’ total. This is why they lost most of their frontage. Chairman Allen stated that the plans show landscape islands. There might be 2 landscaped islands, the one on Michigan Avenue has some landscaping, and the one on Holmes Road doesn’t have anything. These should be improved. Mr. Purdy stated that they recommended that street trees be added to the islands wherever possible. He would caution putting street trees to the island near the intersection due to site distance but should along Holmes Road. Chairman Allen questioned that on the staff report the fire chief recommends an exit light and Knox box installation but it is not in the conditions. Mr. Kwiatkowski stated that would be handled administratively. Motion by Minot to approve the sketch plan review for a 204 sq. ft addition to an existing gas station/convenience store located at 3025 E. Michigan subject to the following conditions: 1. Approval of the sketch plan is contingent upon the granting of a variance from Section 2001(o) by the Zoning Board of Appeals to allow for the side yard setback to be less than 10 feet. Information should be provided to confirm that the expansion would be compatible with the existing building. The applicant must submit detailed site plans showing parking in accordance with Zoning Ordinance Standards in Section 2104.12(d)(16) as well as the required trash receptacle shall have appropriate screening. All site improvements must be constructed and maintained in accordance with the approved sketch plan. The installation of 2 canopy trees to be planted within the landscape island along Holmes Road.




Support Harris. MOTION CARRIED - ALL. 9. Any other business that may come before the board.


Special Planning Commission Meeting May 14, 2002 Page 12 Motion by Harris to adjourn at 8:50 p.m. support Minot. MOTION CARRIED – All. Respectively submitted

Cheryl Ensign Recording Secretary

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