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					     rebel heart

                                       each our
                                      T Y
“Attention                            NIYAM BHUSHAN
                                      “Thousands of highly trained people are out on
                                                                                          Course of Action
class ! The                           the streets looking for jobs. Yet we are spending
                                                                                          Acrobat is so vast, that no matter what your
                                                                                          course, you still need to learn Acrobat. A basic
dotcoms                               our parents’ hard-earned money, taking
                                      education loans, sweating it out, and acquiring
                                                                                          computer fundamentals course with Windows,

are busting.                          whatever skills our IT institutes THINK we
                                                                                          Office, e-mail and web-browsing is not
                                                                                          complete without Acrobat, which is the best
The US                                need. But can we really get jobs in this crashing
                                      market? Isn’t some of the stuff we’re learning
                                                                                          way to share documents online and across all

economy is                            already outdated, irrelevant, or redundant?
                                                                                          types of computers and operating systems. An
                                                                                          e-commerce course must teach Acrobat for its
slowing                               Wake up and smell the coffee. What chances
                                      do we really have? It is time for a revolution.”
                                                                                                                    security, digital

down.                                                                                                               signatures, and forms-
                                                                                                                    processing features.
                                      Teach us. Don’t Cheat Us                                                      Web-development
                                   Do you have the guts to stand up in class and                                    courses must
                                   say this to you friends and faculty? Just say it. It                             incorporate Acrobat for
                                   is your future. Your money. Your career. And                                     its full Javascripting
Ask About
Acrobat and Win                    who knows when some shady institute may just                                     capabilities, for its
If you want to start a             pack their bags in the middle of the night and                                   search engine
revolution, write to                                        scoot with your money.        compatible content, superb integration with       Why Acrobat                     So do you really want to      HTML and XML, and Acrobat server solutions
All respondents will        We’ve created a special         be sure that every Rupee      for enterprises. Database development and
receive a free gift on      presentation “Why Acrobat” to
filling up a simple e-mail  answer several of your queries. you spend in your             RDBMS courses must point out how Acrobat
form. If you are a bona     Find it at  institute is worth it?        handles forms-processing. Computer graphic
                            adobe. Or write to :
fide student, a faculty,
                                                            Boldly question your          design, multimedia, and CAD/CAM courses
coordinator, counsellor,                                    teacher or your course        must explain PDF workflows so crucial to
                            The Digit CD also contains
or centre manager at        • Acrobat Reader 5 • eBooks     coordinator. Ask them         international design studios, publishing houses,
any IT institution in       • Acrobat Tips & Tricks
India, you will receive a
                                                            these five simple             advertising agencies, and architecture and
free T-Shirt, a software                                    questions: 1) What is         engineering firms. Courses in programming
sampler CD of software, and        Acrobat? 2) What is PDF? 3) What are the               must show how to develop customised
a 50% discount if you enrol        different ways of making a PDF file? 4) How do         solutions in Acrobat for vertical markets. Even
and pass in any one Adobe          you digitally sign any digital document and verify     the future of emerging handheld computing and
Certified Expert (ACE)
                                   that signature using Acrobat? 5) Are you aware         eBooks is literally in the hands of Acrobat. The
exam. More details about
ACE at          of the tremendous job and business                     new Acrobat eBook Reader uses cutting-edge
Prove to us you can                opportunities in the global market around              technology to allow users to read eBooks and
convince your centre               Acrobat technology and ePaper solutions?               PDF files on handhelds. The Adobe Content
towards teaching Acrobat,                                                                 Server creates a secure method of selling
and you can win further                                                             ,
                                      If the answer to any of these questions is “No”     books and content, while ensuring proper
surprising gifts.
                                      then on behalf of nearly 300 million Acrobat        Digital Rights Management (DRM) for creators.
                                      users worldwide, adamantly ask these next five
                                      questions: 1) Why does your institute not teach     And finally, all counsellors must explain the
                                      us anything about Acrobat? 2) Why do Fortune        competitive edge you get in job interviews as
                                      500 companies, MNCs, corporate enterprises,         an Acrobat expert. Whether you are a fresher
Niyam Bhushan is a leading            and even major governments of the world use         or a seasoned professional, they must tell you
consultant and trainer in digital     Acrobat in some of their most crucial IT            about new business and multi-million dollar
imaging, photoshop, design and
creativity. Views expressed in this   automation tasks? 3) What is the significance of    entrepreneurial opportunities available with
advertorial are solely those of the   Acrobat and PDF in eGovernance? 4) What is          Acrobat. So kick-start a revolution. Ask about
author. All offers valid till 31
October 2001, or till stocks last.
                                      the real future of paper? 5) Where’s the exit       Acrobat in classrooms. Because at work, your
Other terms and conditions apply.     door to this institute?                             colleagues will just ask for PDF. n

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