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									 Student Name:______________/ Grade:__________        Warren Montessori December 2011 Lunch menu
 SUN            MONDAY                        TUESDAY                       WEDNESDAY                            THURSDAY                             FRIDAY                 SAT
 DAY                                                                                                                                                                          UR
 *Payment due now through November 18th                                                                  1                                2                                  3
                                                                                                         NV: Chicken Alfredo w/pasta      NV/V: All natural Cheese Pizza
                                                                                                         V: Pasta Alfredo                 Sweet peas, bananas and milk
                                                                                                         Glazed carrots,
                                                                                                         Oranges, and milk

 4      5                            6                               7                                   8                                9                                  10
        NV: Mini Farfalle w/         NV/V: Grill cheese Sandwich,    NV: Chicken quesadilla              N: Spaghetti beef Bolognese      NV/V: All natural Cheese Pizza
        chicken, tomatoes & corn     green beans, vanilla pudding    V: Cheese quesadilla                V: Spaghetti Marinara            Peas & carrots, bananas
        V: Mini Farfalle, tofu,      and milk                        w/ side of pinto beans              w/parmesan cheese                and milk
        tomatoes & corn                                              broccoli, oranges, and milk         Mixed veggies, fresh fruit &
        bananas and milk                                                                                 milk

 11     12                           13                              14                                  15                               16                                 17
        NV/V: Homemade Mac and       NV: Chicken nuggets             NV/V: Bean burrito (handmade        N: Spaghetti w/chicken           NV/V: All natural Cheese Pizza
        Cheese                       V: Veggie Nuggets               with 100% pinto beans) side of      marinara sauce                   Glazed carrots, jello and milk
        Green beans, oranges &       w/ side of rice                 Spanish rice, broccoli, apples      V: Spaghetti w/ Tofu
        milk                         peas & carrots, vanilla         and milk                            marinara sauce
                                     pudding and milk                                                    Mixed veggies, fresh fruit &

 18     19                           20                              21                                  22                               23                                 24
        NV/V: Grill cheese           NV: Chicken mini penne          NV: Meat balls w/rice marinara      NV/V: Four cheese raviolis       NV/V: All natural Cheese Pizza
        Sandwich, Sweet peas &       pasta/ light basil sauce        V: Veggie roll w/ rice marinara     w/ marinara ,green beans,        Mixed veggies, bananas and
        carrots, fresh apples and    V: veggies stick mini penne     Sweet corn, peaches & milk          oranges and milk                 milk
        milk                         pasta/light basil sauce
                                     Glazed carrots, mixed fruit &

 25     26                           27                              28                                  29                               30                                 31
        School Closed                School Closed                   School Closed                       School Closed                    School Closed

                                                                                     Ordering Procedure: * Price change to $5.00 per day if less than 5 days are purchase.
                                                                                     $2.85 X 17 (school Days) = $48.45
                                                                                      Meal     # of Days         Total
* Payment due now through November 18th                                              *Please remember to include $5.00 late if payment is received after 11/29/2011.
$5.00 late fee applies to ALL payments received after 11/29/2011.
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