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                                                                                                                        NEW FOR
    October 2009                                                                                                          With Allied Tour
    Dear	Traveling	Friends,                                                                                              you experience....
                                  	on	your	next	vacation	in
    Get	the	Allied	Advantage                                                               	be.	Check	out	
                                                             re	your’s	is	the	best	it	can
                             en	often	enough.	Make	su

    Vacations	don’t	happ                                                                 ,	you’ll	see	the	
                                                             ou	compare	our	services
    the	advantages	of	tra   veling	with	Allied.	Once	y
                                                                   ese	new	services:
                                   y	is	with	Allied.	Look	at	th
    best	value	for	your	mone

                                                                   es	extra	leg	room,	leather	
                                   select First Class tours!	Do
     1.	 New Ultra Coach for
        	                                                               ley for fresh popcorn and
                                          vate music listening, a gal
           ividual head phones for pri                                 the description below.

                                          It has this and more. See
     wirel   ess internet sound cool?                                                           irst Class
                                                                   ied Advantage on our “F
                                     p off service! Another All                                   e	you	are	
      2. New home pickup/dro                                         orry	about	your	car	whil
                                   e	c ities.	You	won’t	have	to	w
      tours”	in	Allied	departur                  from the boarding locati
      gone or     who will take you to and                                                          and it will
                                          A major ity of our tours
                                                                      will be in this tour book                        with benefits like....
                                      0!                                                                 me	out	
       3.	New	Tour	book	for	201                                           k	for	our	newsletter	to	co
                                    	for	y our	tour	information.	Loo
       be	a	one	source	location                   on	new	tours	and	one-d
                                                                             ay	tours.                                  Home Pickup!
       in	Januar   y	and	April	with	updates	                                          llied’s	acquisition	of	
                                                       tnership with Fun Tours!	A
       4. New and      more choices with our par                                     ans more destinations            Allied Tour is pleased to offer
                                                      rs to choose from. That me
        Fun Tours in    2009 gives you more tou                                                                       HOME PICKUP SERVICE
                                       e than ever before.                                                                on “First Class Tours”!
        and “fun” places to explor                                                       early and save in
                                                          Booking Savings! Sign up                                       In all of our Allied cities
        5. New savings     opportunities with Early                    ings.
                                       ver	tours	for	maximum	sav                                                    a taxi or van will come to your
         2010.	Or,	take	our	TourSa                                                            	we	say	Allied	is	
                                                                 elf	and	you’ll	know	why                                  home and pick you up.
         Check	out	all	the	“A   llied	Advantages”	for	yours
                                                                                                                   (see depature locations listed on page 3)
          the “Best in Tours”.
                                              Sincerely,                                                           •	 You	don’t	need	to	worry	
                                                                                                                      about how to get to the
                                           Dave	Busskohl                                                              boarding location.
                                           President                                                               •	 Your	vehicle	will	now	be	at		
                                                                                                                      home in your own garage.
                                                                                                                   •	 Door	to	door	service.

Available on select 1st Class Tours
Allied Tour is setting a new standard in luxury travel! Our new Ultra
Coach is the ultimate in comfort and amenities. It is decked out in rich,
soft leather and these conveniences:
•	 38	passenger	maximum	size
•	 Extra	leg	room
•	 Leather	passenger	seating
•	 Full	coach	wireless	internet	connectivity
•	 Reading	lights,	call	button	and	personal	air-vents	at	each	row	of	seats
•	 Deluxe	Galley	consisting	of	microwave	oven,	refrigerator,	coffee	and		
   beverage dispenser
•	 Entertainment	system	with	DVD	player	and	6	wide-screen	monitors
•	 Individual	seat	audio,	for	private	listening.                                                                   Watch for this logo on
•	 DirectTV	satellite	receiver                                                                                     1st Class Tours where this
•	 Enhanced	speaker	system                                                                                         Ultra Coach will be used!

2                              To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
       The Allied AdvAnTAge                                                           Table of Contents
•	Home	Pickup……your carefree vacation starts at home when                 WiNTER ANd SPRiNgWinter and Spring
we	pick	you	up	there!		Your	car	is	home	safe	in	your	own	garage.		        •	 South	Caribbean	Cruise ........................................ Page 4
You	won’t	worry	as	we	pick	you	up	and	drop	you	off	at	your	               •	 Florida	Getaway .................................................... Page 5
door-step.	Only	available	on	1st	Class	Tours.                             •	 Tex-Mex	Tour	&	Cruise ........................................ Page	6
•	Family	Owned……Since	1962	the	Busskohl	family	has	been	                  •	 Sunny	Southwest	Adventures ................................. Page 7
hands on in the tour business. We care what happens!                      •	 Panama	Canal	Adventure ....................................... Page	8
                                                                          •	 Best	of	Israel.......................................................... Page 9
•	Carefree	Travel……One call does it all. We handle all the
                                                                          •	 Springtime	in	Georgia	and	the	Carolinas ..............Page	10
details from hotels to attractions, meals and transportation.
                                                                          •	 New	Orleans	&	The	Deep	South..........................Page	11
•	Our	Tour	Directors……are all experienced directors who                   •	 Minneapolis	Post	Easter	Tour ................................Page	12
will	greet	you	as	an	honored	guest.		They’ll	take	care	of	the	            •	 Springtime	in	Chicago .........................................Page	13
details and any unexpected aspects along the way so you can relax         •	 Best	of	Paris .........................................................Page	19
and	enjoy	yourself.		They’ll	keep	you	informed,	provide	on-board	         •	 San	Antonio	&	Texas	Adventure ............................Page	14
activities and make you feel part of our traveling family. This           •	 Las	Vegas	and	The	Grand	Canyons ........................Page	15
concerned, personal attention is one of the main reasons for our
                                                                          •	 Ozarks	–	Around	the	World	Tour ..........................Page	12
consistently high satisfaction rating of Allied Tours.
•	Deluxe	Motorcoaches……are provided by our sister com-                    SUmmERSummer
pany,	Arrow	Stage	Lines.		And	the	Ultra	Coach	will	be	used	on	            •	 Niagara	Falls	&	Toronto ........................................Page	16
select First Class Tours (see description on page 2). Each mo-
                                                                          •	 Washington	DC	Inside	&	Out ..............................Page	17
torcoach features comfortable reclining seats and large windows
(measuring	30”	or	more	in	height),	to	insure	that	you	have	a	full	        •	 Yellowstone	and	Glacier	National	Parks ................Page	18
and unobstructed view of the passing panoramic scenery. Each              •	 New	York	City .....................................................Page	19
coach	is	equipped	with	a	restroom.                                        •	 Canadian	Rockies	by	Rail ....................................Page 20
                                                                          •	 Pacific	Northwest	Grandeur .................................Page	21
•	Superior	Hotels……are selected by a strict criteria of                   •	 Heart	of	Alaska	Cruise	Tour ..................................Page 22
cleanliness, appearance, amenities and management. They are
selected	for	the	over-all	comfort	and	good	feeling	they	give	to	you.      •	 Greek	Isles	Cruise ................................................Page	23

•	Delicious	Meals……are included in each tour.                             AUTUmNAutumn
•	All	Admissions……are included in the tour price for sight-               •	 Mackinac	Island	&	Door	County .........................Page 24
seeing and featured attractions as outlined in the itineraries. Some      •	 Grand	Canyonlands	of	the	Great	Southwest ..........Page 25
tours offer optional excursions at an additional price. With Allied       •	 Colorado	Rails	&	Aspen	Trails ..............................Page	26
you can be assured of the most outstanding attractions and features.      •	 Autumn	in	New	England .....................................Page 27
•	A	Relaxed	Pace……lets you reach your destination rested                  •	 Scottish	Irish	Highland	Festival	in	Estes	Park ........Page	23
and	ready	to	have	fun.		We	never	travel	more	than	2-3	hours	              •	 Railroads	of	New	England ...................................Page	28
between rest stops for coffee breaks and sightseeing. This relaxed        •	 Autumn	in	the	Smokies........................................Page 29
pace is what makes traveling fun.
                                                                          •	 Frequently	Asked	Questions .................................Page	30
•	Convenient	Boarding	Locations……make it easy to join
the tour at a city near you. We offer more boarding locations             •	 Looking	Ahead .....................................................Page	31

than any other tour company in our area.                                  •	 Fun	Tour	Promotions ...........................................Page	31
                                                                          •	 Reservation	Form ................................................Page	31
  Departure Locations:
    First Class Tours: All Allied locations which include
	 	 Omaha,	Lincoln,	Grand	Island,	Fremont,	Norfolk,	                                          $Aving$
	 	 Columbus,	Sioux	City,	Des	Moines	and	points	en	route.                 We	offer	a	variety	of	savings	options.	Not all savings
    Additional departure points may be available – see individual         are offered on all tours.
    tour itinerary.
                                                                          •	 Early	Booking	Savings	–	available	on	specified	tours;		 	
    TourSaver Tours:	Departures	from	a	select	number	of	                  	 see	page	31	for	details.
	 	 pick-up	locations	as	listed	in	the	specific	tour	information.
    Other locations possible at an additional charge.                     •	 Pay	by	Check	(when noted)	Save	$’s	by	making	your		                         	
                                                                          	 deposit	and	final	payments	by	check.
 The Allied AdvAnTAge gives you                                           •	 Air	Tours	–	save	by	choosing	to	drive	to	the	airport	

The “BesT vAlue for your dollAr”!
                                                                             and declining transfers &/or hotel stays the night before

                         Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                                     3
                                           Why	Travel	with...

                                                                           your choice of Tours:
Winter & Spring

                                 Allied	First	Class	Tours provide great amenities and            TourSaver	Tours provide a delightful travel experience
                                 conveniences for our passengers. Many of these tours will       that	will	save	you	some	dough!		You’ll	be	escorted	the	
                                 include travel on our Ultra	Coach which has extra leg           entire time and see all the sights as listed in the itinerary.
                                 room	and	a	maximum	of	38	passengers.	Home	pickup and            Comfortable and clean hotels are selected that are two
                                 drop off will provide the very ultimate in service. Most of     and	three	star	rated.		Delicious	meals	are	included.	See	
                                 these tours provide three and four star hotels. More meals      your itinerary for the exact number. Attractions are
                                 are included and more boarding locations are offered. This      also included and optional attractions (your choice) are
                                 all combines to make your tour First	Class all the way!         offered	at	an	additional	fee,	but	well	worth	the	$’s.		
                                                                                                 All	in	all,	you’ll	enjoy	your	TourSaver experience!

                                          Princess Cruise Line’s – Caribbean Princess
                                                                                                                               TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                            souThern cAriBBeAn eXPlorer                                                    •	 Home	pickup!		In	Omaha,	Lincoln,	
                                                                                                                           	 Grand	Island,	Columbus,	Norfolk,	Sioux	City
                                      St.Thomas; Dominica; Grenada; Aruba & More!                                          	 and	Fremont.		Also	includes	an	overnight		
                                             January 30 – February 7, 2010                                                 	 stay	in	Omaha	hotel.
                                                                                                                           •	 Airfare	–	included	in	the	price
                              Dive	into	the	tropical	wonders	of	the	       an	upper-deck	retreat	for	adults,	and	the	      •	 Transfers	to	Omaha	from	Allied	cities
                              Southern	Caribbean onboard the fab-          big-screen	sensation	Movies	Under	the	          •	 Transfers		airport/cruise	ship
                              ulous Caribbean	Princess®.Visit popu-        Stars®. Escape completely with Allied           •	 Cruise	Accommodations	as	selected	 	
                              lar St.	Thomas in the U.S.Virgin Islands.    Tour and Travel. Note:	Passport	Re-             	 (including	port	taxes	and	fees)
                              Stroll the “Spice	Island”	of	Grenada,	       quired. (Must be valid for up to 6 months       •	 Meals	–	all	meals	aboard	the	ship
                              discovering	its	wild	nutmeg	trees.		Don’t	   beyond return date).                            •	 Entertainment		-	all	entertainment	
                              miss the pink flamingos in Bonaire or                                                        	 aboard	ship
Southern Caribbean Explorer

                              the	coral-covered	shipwrecks	in	                                                             •	 Baggage	Handling
                              Aruba.	You’ll	experience	the	is-                                                             •	 Allied	Tour	Director	–	with	minimum	of	
                              lands and return to the comfort                                                              	 16	passengers
                              of our glorious ship, featuring
                              sumptuous dining options plus
                              incredible amenities like the Pi-
                              azza, where you can shop, dine
                              or	unwind;	The	Sanctuary,
                                                                                                                          cruise rATes:
                                                                                                                          Inside, Category I – $1,999
                                                                                                                          Outside/Category D – $2,175
                                                                                                                          Balcony/Category BC – $2,363
                                                                                                                          Balcony/Category BB – 2,399

                                                                                   Book soodn!
                                                                                                                          Per person, double occupancy. Price includes
                                                                                                                          airfare out of Omaha
                                                                                         JusT Aroun                       Deposit: 20% of fare
                                                                                          The corner!                          Save up to $150 per person
                                                                                                                               Call for a detailed brochure!
       4                                             To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
                                                 floridA geTAwAy
                         Featuring: Amelia Island, St. Augustine & Jacksonville
                                        February 13-21, 2010

                                                                                                                                                  Winter & Spring
Day	1:		Board	your	spacious	Florida-          Day	5:	 Start the day with a guided	tour
bound motor coach and set off for the         of charming St.	Augustine,	America’s	
sunshine of	Jacksonville,	Florida!            first	city.		During	your	tour,	stop	for	a	visit	
                                              at the famous “Fountain	of		Youth.”	
Day	2:		After enjoying a continen-
                                              Then, browse the shoppes on historic St.
tal breakfast, depart for Opry	Mills in
                                              George	Street.	This	evening,	enjoy	din-
Nashville. Opry Mills is a new concept in
                                              ner	and	entertainment	with your local
“shoppertainment!”	Later	in	the	day,	enjoy	
                                              travel	mates.	(CB,	D)
dinner	and check into your en route
hotel.	(CB,	D)                                Day	6:		You’ll	start	today	with	a	guided	
                                              tour	of beautiful Jacksonville,	Florida.
Day	3: Today is your arrival in sunny
                                              Afterwards, experience a narrated	cruise
Florida. Enjoy a leisurely	dinner	at a
                                              on the St.	John’s	River. This evening,
local restaurant and check into your
                                              dine	at	a	local	area	restaurant.		(CB,	D)
Jacksonville	area	hotel	for	a	four-night	
stay.	(CB,	D)                                 Day	7:	 This morning depart for Ma-
                                              con and visit the Cannonball	House.                    TOUR HigHLigHTS
Day	4:		Your	adventure	begins	by	heading	
                                              This	1853	Greek	Revival-style	house	was	           •	 4	Consecutive	Nights	stay	in	Florida
to historic Kingsley	Plantation. Then
head for Amelia	Island, the southern-
                                              Macon’s	only	home	to	sustain	damage	               •	 Opry	Mills	in	Nashville
                                              durning the Civil War. The cannonball still        •	 Narrated	Cruise	on	the	St.	John’s	River
most of the Atlantic coast barrier islands
                                              sits	in	the	entryway!		(CB,	D)                     •	 Guided	Tours	of	Amelia	Island,	
that stretch from North Carolina to
Florida. After taking a guided	tour of        Day	8:		Depart	for	the	opulent	Opry-               	 St.	Augustine	and	Jacksonville,	Florida
this beautiful area, break for lunch at the   land	Hotel in Nashville, TN, and ride              •		 Visit	the	Fountain	of	Youth
historical district, Fernandina	Beach,        the famous Delta	River	Flatboats inside            •		 Historic	Kingsley	Plantation
and have an opportunity to stroll along       the hotel! Tonight, relax in your en route         •		 The	Cannonball	House
this stunning beach. Tonight, relax and       hotel. (CB)                                        •	 Opryland	Hotel
enjoy dinner at a local area restaurant.                                                         •	 Ride	the	Delta	River	Flatboats
                                              Day	9:		Depart	for	home…a	time	to	chat	
(CB,	D)                                                                                          •	 14	Meals
                                              with your friends about all the fun things
                                              you’ve	done	and	seen	and	where	your	               •	 Tour	Director	–	Jeri	Podliska
                                              next trip with Allied will take you! (CB)
                                                                                                                                               Florida Getaway

                                                                                                 Price: from Omaha & Fremont
                                                                                                 $899 per person, double occupancy
                                                                                                 $1,139 single occupancy
                                                                                                 Price: from Lincoln, Grand Island, Norfolk,
                                                                                                 Columbus & Sioux City
                                                                                                 $979 per person, double occupancy
                                                                                                 $1,219 single occupancy
                                                                                                 Pay by check savings: $25 per person

                      Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                                     5
                                                                 sunny souThwesT AdvenTures
                                                              Featuring: Grand Canyons, Sedona & Tucson!
                                                                      February 20 – March 4, 2010
                             Day	1: Today we escape from the cold           Apache Junction, the Dolly	Steamboat	
                             winter to a much warmer and sunnier            Cruise takes us on secluded waterways
                             climate	–	the	Great	Southwest.		Tonight	       while the captain recounts the legends and
                             enjoy a “Get-Acquainted”	dinner	and            lore of the Superstition Mountains. Over-
                             overnight	in	Denver.	(D)                       night		in	the	Mesa	area	for	two	nights.	(CB,	L)
 Winter & Spring

                             Day	2: We visit Taos, NM today to explore      Day	8: Begin your day with a city	tour
                             the Taos	Pueblo,	consisting	of	multi-          of the Phoenix/Scottsdale metropolitan
                             storied adobe buildings, which has been        area highlighting the historic, geologic and
                             continuously	inhabited	for	over	1000	years.	   cultural	features	of	the	city.		You	may	pick	
                             Overnight in the Taos area. (CB)               our	own	oranges	at	a	“U-Pick”	Orange	
                                                                            Grove.			The	Desert	Botanical	Garden is
                             Day	3: This morning we have a guided	
                                                                            a wonderful way for you to experience the
                             tour	of Santa	Fe, including a visit to
                                                                            beauty of the desert without leaving Phoe-
                             Loretto	Chapel. Next is the small town of
                                                                            nix. Tonight enjoy a fun dinner at Organ	
                             Lincoln,	where	we	visit	the	Old	Lincoln	
                                                                            Stop	Pizza.		(CB,	D)
                             County	Courthouse	Museum which
                             tells	the	story	of	the	Lincoln	County	Wars	    Day	9:	 Spectacular Sedona beckons today
                             and the likes of Billy the Kid. Enjoy our      with	its	massive	fire-red	buttes	and	mesas	
                             evening meal at The	Dolan	House. Over-         and unbelievable topography. Browse the
                             night	in	Ruidoso,	NM.	(CB,	D)                  fascinating shops and respected galleries
                             Day	4:	 A local guide shows us one of
                                                                            before experiencing the narrated	trolley	
                                                                            tour of this beautiful area. We travel on to
                                                                                                                                  TOUR HigHLigHTS
                             the	world’s	great	natural	wonders	at	the	                                                        •	 Taos	Pueblo
                                                                            the	Grand	Canyon	area	for	overnight	at	the	
                             White	Sands	National	Monument in                                                                 •	 Santa	Fe	City	Tour
                                                                            Canyon	Plaza	Resort.	(CB,	D)
                             Alamogordo. This afternoon, we come                                                              •	 Lincoln	County	Courthouse,	Lincoln,	NM
                             upon Tombstone,	Arizona– “the town             Day	10:	 Five million years in the mak-           •	 White	Sands	National	Monument
                             too tough to die.” Tonight we are treated to   ing, the Grand	Canyon is the grandest             •	 Historical	City	of	Tombstone,	Arizona
                             a Chuckwagon	Dinner	and	entertain-             of	the	Seven	Wonders	of	the	World.		You	          •	 Tombstone	Chuckwagon	Dinner	and	Show
                             ment	at	the	Tombstone	Livery. Spend            will be able to peak over the South Rim           •	 Birdcage	Theater	Tour
                             two	nights	in	Tombstone.	(CB,	D)               of	the	majestic	Grand	Canyon	and	explore	         •	 Fort	Huachuca
                                                                            the many lookouts nearby. Overnight in
                             Day	5:		Walk the very same streets here in                                                       •	 Historic	OK	Corral
                                                                            Cortez,	Colorado.		(CB)
                             Tombstone	that	Doc	Holliday,	Wyatt	Earp,	                                                        •	 Mission	San	Xavier	del	Bac
                             Johnny Ringo, and a host of other Western      Day	11:	 Our drive across Colorado makes          •	 Pima	Air	and	Space	Museum
Sunny Southwest Adventures

                             Legends	walked	over	125	years	ago.	Visit	      a brief stop at Pagosa Springs, known for         •	 West	Saguaro	National	Park
                             the Birdcage	Theater, take in a shootout	      their therapeutic mineral springs. The drive      •	 Dolly	Steamboat	Cruise
                             at	the	OK	Corral and ride the streets of       over Wolf Creek Pass and through the San          •	 Desert	Botanical	Gardens
                             Tombstone on a stage	coach. (CB)               Juan Mountains offers stops at overlooks and      •	 Sedona	Narrated	Trolley	Tour
                                                                            vistas	showing	us	the	majestic	snow-capped	       •	 Grand	Canyon
                             Day	6:	 A visit to Fort	Huachuca teaches
                                                                            peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.            •	 U.S.	Olympic	Complex
                             us about the lives of the buffalo soldiers
                                                                            Overnight in Colorado Springs. (CB)               •	 Focus	on	the	Family	tour
                             plus	about	Geronimo	and	Cochise,	the	
                             great	Apache	Indian	leaders.	A	picture	I.D.	   Day	12:	 A guided tour of the US	Olym-            •	 Garden	of	the	Gods
                             is	required.	Next,	we	visit	the	Mission	       pic	Complex	and a drive through Garden	           •	 Tour	Director	–	Elaine	De	Jong
                             San	Xavier	Del	Bac,	built	in	1692.		The	       of	the	Gods	are	unique	visits	today.		A	stop	
                             Pima	Air	and	Space	Museum displays             at Focus	on	the	Family for a behind the
                             more than 250 vintage aircraft including the   scenes tour rounds out our day. Overnight
                             DC-6	used	by	Presidents	John	F.	Kennedy	       in	Denver.	(CB,	L)
                             and	Lyndon	B.	Johnson.		Tonight,	enjoy	
                                                                            Day	13: Taking a break from winter was
                             Trail	Dust	Town for a stunt show and din-
                                                                            a great thing to do and greater when you          Price:
                             ner at the Pinnacle	Peak	Cowboy	Steak	
                                                                            are traveling with friends. A lunch break at      $1,699 per person, double occupancy
                             House.	Overnight	in	Tucson.	(CB,	D)
                                                                            Ole’s in Paxton, Nebraska is a great way to       $1,599 per person, triple/quad occupancy
                             Day	7:	 This morning, we drive though          top	off	a	great	trip!	(CB,	L)
                             West	Saguaro	National	Park on our way                                                            $2,180 single occupancy
                             to Phoenix…but before we arrive, we visit                                                        Pay by check savings: $25 per person
                             the Queen	Creek	Olive	Mill,	Arizona’s	
                                                                                                                              Departure Points: see page 3
                             only working olive mill and farm. At
       6                                             To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
                                               TeX-meX cruise & Tour
                                                     February 3-12, 2010                                                        REQUIRED

Get	away	from	winter	on	this	stress	free,	      a week of fun. Acres of outdoor
tour and cruise to Texas and the Western        pools	&	activities.		Deck	upon	
Caribbean. We board our deluxe motor            deck of restaurants, clubs, bars
coach and journey south to Texas. Our           and	lounges.		There	are	duty-free	
Western Caribbean Cruise will be with           shops, spacious accommodations
Carnival	Cruise	Lines on the Ecstasy.           and spectacular showrooms, plus

                                                                                                                                                  Winter & Spring
Our	week	will	be	filled	with	fun	as	we	         a luxurious spa and action packed
visit	Galveston,	Texas	along	with	Progreso,	    casino.	We	set	sail	at	4	p.m.	(D)
Yucatan	&	Cozumel	in	Mexico.	
                                                Day	5:	 Enjoy a Fun	Day	at	
Day	1: Kansas is our destination today          Sea!	Do	everything.		Do	noth-
as we head south to Texas. No airlines          ing. Or a little of this and a little
or airports to deal with! Just sit back and     of that. There are plenty of things
relax	while	our	Arrow	Stage	Lines	Driver	       to choose from such as sunning
and	Allied	Tour	Director	handle	all	the	        on deck, visiting the spa, walk
details. Enjoy a casual Get-Acquainted	         a mile or two around the track,
Dinner with your fellow travelers this          enjoy a galley tour, learn how to
evening	at	Ryan’s	Buffet.		Overnight	in	        dance, relax in the whirlpool, or
Wichita,	Kansas.		(D)                           take in a wine tasting seminar…
                                                just to name a few options. With
Day	2:		Our journey continues south
                                                evening begins the excitement of
to Oklahoma. The Oklahoma	City	
                                                live stage shows, delicious dining,
Memorial	&	Museum was created to
                                                and dancing the night away.
honor those who were killed, those who
                                                (B,	L,	D)	
survived, and those who were forever
changed by the bombing of the Alfred P.         Day	6:		It’s	Cozumel	today! An island
                                                                                                   TOUR HigHLigHTS
Murrah Federal Building. We continue            of pristine beaches, superb snorkeling         •	 Oklahoma	City	Memorial	&	Museum
on	to	Dallas,	Texas	for	overnight.		(CB)        sites,	lively	cantinas	and	bargain	filled	     •	 Guided	tour	of	Galveston
                                                shops. Our 9 a.m. arrival gives plenty         •	 Movie	“The	Great	Storm”	at	Pier	21
Day	3: We	arrive	into	Galveston	mid	
                                                of time to enjoy this Mexican town for         •	 Bishops	Place
afternoon for check in at our hotel.
                                                shops or visiting the beach. There are         •	 Sail	on	Carnival’s	“Ecstasy”
Located	on	the	Texas	Gulf	Coast, you
                                                also plenty of optional tours such as
can enjoy the remainder of the day walk-                                                       •	 On	board	entertainment
                                                Deep	Sea	Fishing,	Eco	Jeep	&	Snorkel	
ing the beach or exploring area sights.
                                                Tour,	Catamaran	Sailing	&	more!		It’s	         •	 Port	stops	at	Cozumel	and	
You	may	enjoy	the	option	of	visiting	                                                          	 Progreso,	Yucatan
                                                back to the ship by 5 p.m. to depart for
the	Moody	Gardens which features a                                                             •	 19	Meals
                                                our	next	port.	(B,	L,	D)
10	Story	Rainforest,	Discovery	Pyramid,	                                                       •	 Tour	Director	–	Paula	Gundermann
Aquarium	Pyramid	and	Imax.		Or	just	            Day	7:	 Today we pull into port at
kick back, relax and enjoy! (CB)                Progreso,	Yucatan at 9 a.m. A popular

                                                                                                                                             Tex-Mex Cruise & Tour
                                                optional	tour	is	visiting	the	Chichen	Itza	
Day	4:	 This morning a local step on
                                                Mayan Ruins. Or, take a Hacienda Bike
guide shows us the history	and	sights	
                                                Trek, enjoy the Merida City Tour & Mex-
of	Galveston. Included will be a stop at
                                                ican	Rodeo	Show	or	stroll	the	duty-free	       cruise rATes:
Pier	21	to	see	the	movie	“The	Great	
                                                shops brimming with beautiful Mexican          Price from Sioux City & Omaha
Storm” which describes the historic
                                                handicrafts.		We	depart	at	6	p.m.		(B,	L,	D)   Inside Stateroom, Category 4B
storm	of	1900.		We	also	visit	Bishops	
Palace, cited by the American Institute         Day	8:		Another	Fun	Day	at	Sea	                  $1,259 p/person, double occ.
of	Architects	as	one	of	the	100	most	           awaits	as	we	journey	back	toward	Galves-       Ocean View Stateroom, Category 6B
important buildings in America. This            ton.		(B,	L,	D)                                  $1,329 p/person, double occ.
grand building features colored stone,
                                                Day	9:		It’s	time	to	rejoin	our	motor	         Price from Norfolk, Columbus, Grand Island,
intricately carved ornaments, rare woods,
                                                coach	for	the	trip	back	home.		Later	this	     Lincoln & Des Moines
stained	glass	windows,	bronze	dragons	
                                                afternoon, we arrive into Oklahoma             Inside Stateroom, Category 4B
and	other	sculptures,	plus	impressive	fire-
                                                City and enjoy a home cooked meal at             $1,339 p/person, double occ.
places from around the world including
                                                Pioneer	Pies	Restaurant. Overnight             Ocean View Stateroom, Category 6B
one lined with pure silver! This after-
                                                in	Oklahoma	City	area.		(B,	D)                   $1,409 p/person, double occ.
noon we board our home for the next
four nights, the Ecstasy. Beneath the           Day	10:	 We are homeward bound                 Pay by check savings: $20 per person
proud red, white and blue funnel of this        today	after	a	fun-filled	Tex-Mex	Tour	&	       Book by Nov. 25 & Save $35 per person
floating resort is everything you need for      Cruise! (CB)

                      Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                                    7
                                                                               10 Day Cruise on The Island Princess
                                                                                 PAnAmA cAnAl AdvenTure
                                                                                       February 28—March 10, 2010
                                           Cutting	through	51	miles	of	Central	         Day	6:		Cruising	the	Pa-
                                           American jungle, mountain and stone—         cific	Ocean. A day at sea
                                           and connecting the great Atlantic and        allows ample opportunity
                                           Pacific	oceans—is	one	of	history’s	great-    to enjoy all the incredible
                                           est engineering marvels. And when            things your ship has to offer
                                           you	sail	through	this	fabled	waterway’s	     such	as	the	Lotus	Spa	&	
  Winter & Spring

                                           mighty	locks	on	a	ship	custom-designed	      gym,	the	Lido	pool,	digital	
                                           for this very experience—The Island          golf simulator, the onboard
                                           Princess—you	can’t	help	but	be	awed	by	      boutiques,	or	one	of	the	
                                           both the destination, and the vessel that    many activities hosted by
                                           brought you there. In addition to the        the	cruise	staff.	(B,	L,	D)
                                           Panama Canal we visit fun ports along
                                                                                        Day	7:		Panama	Canal
                                           the	Pacific	Coast	and	in	the	Caribbean.
                                                                                        (Full day transit)		You	will	
                                           Day	1: We depart from the Eppley             want to be up early this
                                           Airport and fly to Acapulco, Mexico to       morning as we begin our
                                           board the Island	Princess.	Passport          transit through the Panama
                                           Required! Unpack once in your lovely         Canal! Bring your sun-
                                           stateroom, designed with your enjoyment      screen & sunhat as you will
                                           in mind. Outside staterooms include a        be in and out all day as
                                           picture window and balcony staterooms        we	experience	the	canal’s	
                                           have sliding doors & small deck with         mighty	locks	and	picturesque	Gantun	
                                           patio	furniture.	(D)                         Lake.	Cristobal,	Panama.(5 p.m.- 10                  TOUR HigHLigHTS
Panama Canal Adventure - Island Princess

                                                                                        p.m.) From Cristobal, you can head
                                           Day	2:	 Huatulco (12 p.m.- 5 p.m.)                                                            •	 Island	Princess
                                                                                        for the colorful markets and excellent
                                           This	sleepy	fishing	village	is	ide-
                                           ally situated between the Sierra Madre
                                                                                        shopping	of	Colon,	where	you’ll	find	            •	 Huatulco
                                                                                        leatherwear, beads, and other local crafts.      •	 Puerto	Quetzal,	Guatemala
                                           Mountains	and	the	Pacific.		Here	you’ll	
                                                                                        Or, set out for the historic pirate town of      •	 San	Juan	Del	Sur
                                           enjoy exploring nine coves and over 20
                                                                                        Portobello.	(B,	L,	D)
                                           miles of unspoiled beaches. Each night                                                        •	 Costa	Rica	(Puertarenas)
                                           on board ship offers exciting casinos,       Day	8:		Cruising	the	Caribbean	Sea.	             •	 Montego	Bay
                                           spectacular	shows,	and	dancing.		Dinner	     After	a	very	full	day	yesterday,	it’s	a	great	
                                           is always a delight with many options to                                                      •	 Tour	Director	–	Marilyn	Whitehead
                                                                                        time to relax and kick back. Enjoy the
                                           choose	from.	(B,	L,	D)                       Island Princess and all it has to offer! (B,
                                                                                        L,	D)
                                           Day	3:		Puerto	Quetzal,	Guatemala
                                           (9 a.m.- 6 p.m.) Named for the sacred        Day	9:		Montego	Bay (10 a.m.-5 p.m.)
                                           Quetzal	bird,	Guatemala’s	Pacific	Coast	     Discover	what	is	certainly	Jamaica’s	–and	
                                           gem is a gateway to the charming capital     one	of	the	Caribbean’s-	most	dazzling	
                                           of Antigua. Or, you may choose to visit      sights,	the	stunning	600-foot	limestone-         cruise rATes:
                                           beautiful	Lake	Atitlan	which	is	surround-    tiered	Dunn’s	River	Falls.		Or	you	may	          Price from Omaha including airfare:
                                           ed	by	three	volcanoes.	(B,	L,	D)             prefer to visit historic Rose Hall, be           Inside, Category J
                                                                                        thrilled on the Jamaican Bobsled & Can-            $2,579 per person, double occ.
                                           Day	4:		San	Juan	Del	Sur (6 a.m.- 4
                                                                                        opy Adventure or just relax at beautiful         Outside Category D
                                           p.m.) This lush tropical port offers many
                                                                                        Margarita	Ville	Beach.	(B,	L,	D)                   $2,769 per person, double occ.
                                           optional tours.Visit the colonial city of
                                           Granada.	Be	amazed	by	the	still	active	      Day	10:		Cruising	the	Atlantic	                  Balcony Category BC
                                           volcano at Masaya Volcano National Park.     Ocean.		It’s	our	last	day	on	the	Island	           $2,959 per person, double occ.
                                           Enjoy	unique	arts	&	crafts	shopping	at	      Princess.		You	may	choose	to	lounge	             Mini Suite Category AC
                                           the	Masaya	Market.	(B,	L,	D)                 by	the	pool,	visit	the	boutiques,	enjoy	a	         $3,269 per person, double occ.
                                                                                        spa treatment or partake in some fun &
                                           Day	5:		Costa	Rica,	(Puertarenas)                                                     Optional Transfer/Hotel Package:
                                                                                        games.		Enjoy	as	you	wish!		(B,	L,	D)
                                           (7 a.m.-7 p.m.) The main attraction                                                   $175 per person, double
                                           from Puntarenas or Puerto Caldera is       Day	11: Disembark	in	Ft.	Lauderdale	for	
                                           undoubtedly the nearby Monteverde          our late afternoon return flight home. (B) Departure Points: see page 3
                                           Cloud	Forest	Preserve,	one	of	the	world’s	
                                           most	scenic	natural	places.	Costa	Rica’s	
                                                                                      NOTE: Times listed are approximate          Call for brochure giving complete
                                           fascinating capital, San Jose, is another
                                                                                      and may vary.                                     details and all inclusions
                                           destination	of	interest.	(B,	L,	D)
            8                                                       To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
                                                10 Day Inspirational Tour

                                                     BesT of isrAel
                                                    March 16 – 25, 2010
“Our feet shall stand within thy               the	Dead	Sea	Scrolls	were	discovered.	
gates, O Jerusalem.” Psalms 122:2              This afternoon we will take part in the
                                               Genesis	Land/Dinner	in	Abraham’s	Tent,	
Day	1:	 Today we journey to the Holy           where we enjoy a trip back in time: a
Land.	Fly	overnight	to	Israel.                 reliving of life in the time of the Patri-
                                               archs, complete with costume, dramatic

                                                                                                                                                       Winter & Spring
Day	2: We arrive in Tel Aviv where
we will be met by our Israeli guide. We        presentation, and authentic food. Our
travel northward to our hotel for one          lodging for the next four nights will be
night in the coastal area near Tel Aviv.       in Jerusalem.	(B,D)
The	remainder	of	the	day	is	free.		(D)       Day	7:	 We visit the “Upper	Room”
Day	3:	 Today we travel by private motor     just outside the Zion	Gate. An interest-
coach along the coast of the Mediterranean ing and educational time awaits us at the
Sea to Caesarea,	where	Gentiles	first	heard	 Israeli	Museum which includes the
the	Good	News	from	Peter	and	were	bap-       Dead	Sea	Scrolls.		We	conclude	the	day	
tized.	We’ll	see	the	Roman	Amphitheatre	     with a visit to Yad	Vashem, the Holo-
and	aqueduct,	and	then	journey	on	to	Mt.	 caust Museum, for a needed reminder of
Carmel, where Elijah challenged King         what the Jews have suffered as a people.
Ahab and the prophets of Baal. Next we       (B,D)
travel	through	the	Jezreel	Valley	to	Megid- Day	8:	 Today we walk where Jesus
do,	the	Armageddon	Battlefield,	where	       walked;	beginning	the	day	with	a	pan-
archaeologists have unearthed 20 levels of
civilization.	We’ll	visit	Cana and Naza-
                                             oramic view of the city, Mount	Moriah               TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                             and	the	Dome	of	the	Rock	from	atop	
reth, the	boyhood	home	of	Jesus.	Dinner	                                                     •	 Caesarea

                                                                                                                                             Best of Isreal - 10 Day Inspirational Tour
                                             the Mount	of	Olives and then the
and overnight for two nights in Tiberias     Garden	of	Gethsemane. Next we visit             •	 Mt.	Carmel
on the Sea	of	Galilee.	(B,D)                 the House	of	Caiaphas where Jesus               •	 Valley	of	Armageddon
Day	4:	 Our morning travels take us to         was beaten and spit upon. The Wailing         •	 Cana	&	Nazareth
Dan and Caesarea	Philippi. In Caper-           Wall and then the fascinating Rabbini-        •	 Sea	of	Galilee
naum we will visit the ruins of an an-         cal	Tunnels lead us through the Second        •	 Capernaum
cient	synagogue	and	Peter’s	home.	Then	        Temple era. Before exiting the tunnel we      •	 Mount	of	Beatitudes
we travel on to the site of the multiplica-    see the immense cornerstone rejected          •	 Jordan	River	and	Dead	Sea
tion	of	loaves	and	fishes	and	the	Mount	       by the builders. We move on to the            •	 Ein	Gedi
of	the	Beatitudes overlooking the Sea.         Judgment	Hall	of	Pilate, the Pool	of	
                                                                                             •	 Jerusalem
After viewing the ancient Fisherman            Bethesda and Stephen’s	Gate. Tonight,
Boat	at	an	operating	Kibbutz,	we	enjoy	a	      a lecture by a local believer about life in   •	 Zion	Gate
relaxing	cruise	on	the	Sea	of	Galilee.	(B,D)   Israel.		(B,D)                                •	 Mount	Moriah;	Mount	of	Olives	&	Garden	of	
                                                                                             •	 Gethsemane
Day	5: We begin our day with a visit to        Day	9:	 We walk along the Via	Dolorosa
                                                                                             •	 Pool	of	Bethesda
the	Jordan	River	Baptismal	site.	(You	         and are reminded of His way of suffer-
                                               ing along with a visit to the Church	of	
                                                                                             •	 Garden	Tomb
can	be	baptized	here	if	your	choose).	
Then its on to Beit-Shean/Scythopolis,         the	Holy	Sepulcher. Our climax of the         •	 Bethlehem
and	the	fertile	Jordan	Valley.		Your	guide	    day	is	Golgotha	(place	of	the	skull)	and	     •	 Tour	Director	–	Dave	Busskohl
will point out the agricultural restora-       the Garden	Tomb, where we celebrate
tion	of	the	“Land	of	Milk	and	Honey,”	         the resurrection with communion and a
the	Kibbutz	system	and	Israel’s	intricate	     time of praise. This afternoon we visit the   Price:
irrigation development. We pass ancient        Southern	Wall	Excavations. From here          $3,149 per person, double occupancy
Jericho (view from a distance), before         Jesus entered the Temple	Mount and              Single supplement – add $600
coming to our lodging for the evening          drove out the vendors and money ex-
at the Dead	Sea – the lowest place on          changers, and where Peter possibly stood      Deposit: $300 per person
earth. Spend time in the special spa and       and preached on the Day	of	Pentecost.         Pay by check savings: $100 per person
enjoy	a	relaxing	float	in	the	Dead	Sea	        Free time this afternoon, or you may          Departs: Omaha – Eppley Airfield
before	dinner.	(B,D)                           choose to visit Bethlehem (included)
                                               the	birthplace	of	Jesus.	(B,D)   Airfare from Omaha included
Day	6: Our day begins with a cable
car ride to the mountain top fortress of  Day	10: A very early morning depar-     Call for brochure giving complete
Masada. Afterwards we proceed to Ein	     ture for the Tel Aviv Airport for our         details and all inclusions
Gedi, and the Qumran	Caves where          flight homeward.
                    Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                                                       9
                                                                 sPringTime in georgiA And The cArolinAs
                                                                                               March 19-29, 2010
                                          It’s	time	for	a	Spring	Break	to	take	in	the	   Day	7:	Travelers are drawn to Savan-
                                          southern hospitality of Georgia and the        nah because of its natural beauty, rich
                                          Carolinas.                                     history	and	good	old-fashioned	Southern	
                                          Day	1:	We’re	off	to	St.	Charles,	Mis-          hospitality. Our local guide will enlighten
                                          souri today. Enjoy a brief city tour of        us to so much in the area on our Savan-
                                          their historic downtown and a Get-Ac-          nah		City			Tour		including a visit to
                                          quainted	Dinner at Mother-In-Law	              the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.
  Winter & Spring

                                          House.	Overnight	St.	Charles,	MO.		(D)         A	delicious	southern,	family-style	lunch	
                                                                                         is included at Mrs	Wilkes	Boarding	
                                          Day	2:	Today’s	travel	takes	us	to	Paducah.	    House. This afternoon we visit the Ow-
                                          We meet with a local guide for a tour	         ens-Thomas	Home before a journey
                                          of	the	Paducah	Murals. Continue on             out to Low	Country. We tour Tybee	
                                          toCooksville, TN for overnight. (CB)           Island and Lighthouse. As a special
                                          Day	3:	Traveling east thru Tennessee,          treat, enjoy a late afternoon DOLPHIN	
                                          we travel to Oak	Ridge where we visit          CRUISE!			(CB,	L)
                                          the American	Museum	of	Science	                Day	8: We are off to Callaway	Gar-
                                          &	Energy.	Discover	how	75,000	people	          dens this morning! See the	Ida	Cason	
                                          kept a secret in Oak Ridge during World        Callaway	Memorial	Chapel,	The	
                                          War II! Next enjoy exploring the Mu-           Cecil	B.	Day	Butterfly	Center,	The	
                                          seum	of	Appalachia described by the            Callaway	Brothers	Azalea	Bowl, and
                                          Smithsonian Institute as an “American          much more! Overnight at the Mountain	
                                          Treasure” that “stands alone as a tribute      Creek	Inn	and enjoy a delicious dinner	
                                          to the American Spirit.” Asheville, NC is      at The	Plantation.	(CB,	D)
                                          our	home	for	the	evening.	(CB,	L)
                                                                                         Day	9: After a buffet breakfast, we are           TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                          Day	4:	We	begin	our	day	at	Ashville’s	         off to visit Rock	City, on Lookout	           •	 Dinner	at	the	Mother-In-Law	House
                                          #1	Attraction	–	The	Biltmore	Estate.           Mountain, a true marvel of nature that        •	 Paducah	Murals
                                          Enjoy	time	for	a	self-guided	tour	of	the	      features massive ancient rock forma-          •	 American	Museum	of	Science	&	Energy
Springtime in Georgia and the Carolinas

                                          home, conservatory, gardens and winery.        tions, gardens with over 500 native plant     •	 Museum	of	Appalachia
                                          Continue on to Charleston,	SC., our            species and breathtaking “See 7 States”       •	 The	Biltmore	Estate
                                          home for the next two nights. (CB)             panoramic views. Dinner	awaits us             •	 Charleston	City	Tour
                                          Day	5: Welcome to beautiful Charles-           in Chattanooga at the Station	House	          •	 Magnolia	Plantation	&	Gardens
                                          ton, a city steeped in history, heritage and   Restaurant. Enjoy a fun evening with          •	 Fort	Sumter
                                          culture.	Delight	in	the	beauty	of	Magno-       singing waiters. Overnight at the Holi-       •	 Savannah	City	Tour
                                          lia	Plantation	&	Gardens this morn-            day	Inn	Choo	Choo.		(B,	D)                    •	 Ships	by	the	Sea	Museum
                                          ing.		Founded	in	1676	by	the	Drayton	          Day	10: See the model	railroad	               •	 Owens-Thomas	Home
                                          Family, it is the oldest public gardens in     display at our hotel and take a tram tour     •	 Dolphin	Cruise
                                          America, opening its doors to visitors in      around the grounds before continuing our      •	 Callaway	Gardens
                                          1872.	We	begin	with	a	tram	tour	of	the	        journey towards home. Overnight in St.        •	 Rock	City
                                          gardens followed by time on your own to        Peters, MO. (B)                               •	 Model	railroad	display
                                          explore the gardens, shop at the gift store,                                                 •	 Deluxe	Motorcoach	Transportation
                                          and enjoy lunch (on your own) at the           Day	11: We continue home today and
                                                                                         include a Farewell	Luncheon to say            •	 17	meals
                                          Peacock Café. This afternoon we cruise                                                       •	 Tour	Director	–	Winora	Hallstrom
                                          to Fort	Sumter,	America’s	most	historic	       good-bye	to	our	traveling	friends.		(CB,	L)
                                          landmark.		Time	will	be	given	for	a	self-
                                          guided tour of this island fort. (CB)
                                          Day	6:	A local guide greets us this
                                          morning for a Charleston	City	Tour.
                                          We’ll	see	the	College	of	Charleston,	The	
                                          Citadel, Military College of the South, and                                                  $1,699 per person, double occupancy
                                          more! Enjoy time for lunch and shopping                                                      $1,599 per person, triple/quad occupancy
                                          in The Old City Market. We continue
                                          on to Savannah,	Georgia	where we                                                             $2,219 single occupancy
                                          will overnight for two nights. Visit the                                                     Pay by check savings: $25 per person
                                          Ships	by	the	Sea	Museum followed by
                                                                                                                                       Departure Points: see page 3
                                          a delightful Gospel	Riverboat	Dinner	                                                        Tour also departs from Worthington & Orange City
                                          Cruise	this	evening.		(CB,	D)
           10                                                     To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
                                 new orleAns And The deeP souTh
                                                      March 20-29, 2010                        South. (CB)
This tour offers so much! Historic sights,     Day	6: Today we are off to visit the
Antebellum	homes,	the	Natchez	Pil-             World	War	II	Museum.	Designated	by	
grimage, a cooking school, three nights        Congress	as	the	country’s	official	World	
in New Orleans, beautiful gardens & fa-        War II Museum, this attraction illumi-
mous homes, and so much more! Come             nates the American experience during
along with us for a beautiful Spring           the WWII era with moving personal
getaway	as	we	travel	to	the	Deep	South	        stories, historic artifacts and powerful

                                                                                                                                                    Winter & Spring
and	Gulf	Coast.		                              interactive displays. We board a swamp	
Day	1:	 Sit back and enjoy the scenery         boat, for a journey through the heart of
as	we	head	south.	.		See	a	rip-roarin’	        South	Louisiana’s	swamplands	hosted	by	
friendly battle between the North and          a native expert guide. Enjoy dinner at
the South at the “Dixie	Stampede”.             “The	Court	of	Two	Sisters.”	(CB,	D)	
Overnight	in	Branson,	MO.	(D)                 Day	7: As we drive the coastline
Day	2:	 We wind thru the beautiful            through Biloxi, we drive by “Beau-
Ozark	Mountains	on	our	way	to	Little	         voir”,	Jefferson	Davis’	Home	and	
Rock, Arkansas, where we visit the Clin-      Presidential	Library.	 Withstanding
ton	Museum	and	Library. Our over-             22 hurricanes, and just refurbished after
night stay will be in Pine Bluff, AR. (CB) Hurricane Katrina, Beauvoir still stands
                                              today as a tribute to the confederate
Day	3:		Traveling on to Vicksburg,            president. Bellingrath	Gardens	and	
Mississippi, we will tour the Vicksburg	      Home, near Mobile, provides an abun-
National	Military	Park	and	Battle-            dance and array of colors, fragrances and
                                                                                              TOUR HigHLigHTS
field where so many lives were laid down scenic views as you stroll through the          •	 Dixie	Stampede	dinner/show
for the War Between the States. Next,         gardens! Next, we board the Southern	      •	 Clinton	Museum	and	Library
Natchez	is	dressed	up	in	its	entire	splen-    Belle	River	Cruise which offers us a       •	 Vicksburg	National	Military	Park	&	Battlefield
dor during its Natchez	Pilgrimage and	 relaxing and educational tour along the           •	 Natchez	Pilgrimage	&	Azalea	Blossom	Time
Azalea	blossom	time. Enjoy a night at Fowl	River	including	unique	wildlife	and	          •	 Guided	Tour	of	New	Orleans	&	Natchez
the Natchez	Civil	War	Pageant. The            birding habitats as well as a wonderful    •	 New	Orleans	Cajun	Cooking	School
pageant is presented by local performers in view of the Bellingrath Home. We have        •	 Creole	Queen	Cruise	and	luncheon
elaborate costumes from Southern Belle        a self guided tour of the USS	Alabama	     •	 Mardi	Gras	World
gowns to Civil War uniforms. Overnight        Battleship	and	the	submarine	USS	          •	 World	War	II	Museum

                                                                                                                                             New Orleans and the Deep South
in	Natchez,	Mississippi.	(CB,	D)	             Drum.	(CB,	L)                              •	 Swamp	Boat	Tour	with	local	guide
Day	4:	 Learn	the	history	of	Natchez	         Day	8:	 Our morning stop is in             •	 Bellingrath	Gardens	and	Cruise
on a city	tour that includes some of          Lucedale,	Mississippi	where	we	will	be	    •	 USS	Alabama	Battleship	Memorial	Park
Natchez’s	beautiful	antebellum	homes.			      stopping at Palestine	Gardens, a replica   •	 Palestine	Gardens
We then encounter the “city that care         of	the	Holy	Land	built	in	a	peaceful	and	  •	 Natchez	Trace	Parkway
forgot”--	New	Orleans. Absorb the             serene garden setting. Jackson, Missis-    •	 Guided	tour	of	Koscuiko
sights and sounds of the famous French	       sippi is in our path for a noon lunch at   •	 Graceland
Quarter	as our home for three nights is       the historic Fairview	Inn. We travel       •	 17	Meals
the historic “Hotel Provincial” right in      along a portion of the Natchez	Trace	      •	 Tour	Director	
the	French	Quarter.		This	evening	we	dis- Parkway which commemorates an                  •	 Deluxe	Motorcoach	Transportation
cover the fun, flares and flavors of cook-    ancient trail used by animals and people
ing	Louisiana	style	at	a	New	Orleans	         that connected southern portions of the
Cooking	School. Dinner	is included so Mississippi River in Alabama to salt licks
bring	your	appetite!	(CB,	L,	D)	              in	today’s	central	Tennessee.		Koscuiko	
Day	5:	 A city	tour	of	New	Orleans            is the birthplace of Oprah Winfrey. A
presents the history, landmarks, legends      guided	tour	of	Koscuiko	will bring
and splendid architecture that made New       us to her birthplace and to the Boys and  Price:
Orleans famous. A lunch	cruise on the         Girls	Club	that	Oprah	built.	Overnight	
                                                                                        $1,679 per person, double occupancy
Creole	Queen takes us on a voyage up          in	Grenada,	Mississippi.	(CB,	L)
                                                                                        $1,564 per person, triple/quad occupancy
the Mississippi River to Mardi	Gras	          Day	9:	 We travel on to Memphis this
World. A guided walking tour of Mardi         morning and have a chance to visit        $2,139 single occupancy
Gras	World	is	truly	magical.	Nowhere	         Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.     Pay by check savings: $20 per person
else can you watch the artists of Blaine      Overnight	in	the	St.	Louis	area.	(CB)
Kern Studios at work in their shops. The                                                Departure Points: see page 3
remainder of the afternoon & evening is       Day	10:	 We return home today after       Tour also departs from Edgerton
free.	(CB,	L)                                 a	wonderful	time	exploring	the	Deep	
                        Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                                       11
                                    minneAPolis PosT eAsTer Tour
                                                        April 8-10, 2010
                        Come and enjoy a three day getaway to          nesotan is a result of blended bad English
                        Minneapolis to celebrate Easter and            from	over	43	different	countries.		It	may	
                        Spring! For two years, we have taken           not have been perfect but ya know. . .
                        tour	groups	to	the	North	Heights	Lu-           they all understood each other and got
                        theran Church for their Easter presenta-       along. Touring stops will also be made
                        tion “The	Thorn”. The church hosts             at Bachman’s	Floral,	the	American	
                        us for dinner followed by the show. The        Swedish	Institute,	Cathedral	of	St.	
Winter & Spring

                        script is lifted right from the Bible, with    Paul,	James	J.	Hill	House,	Pysanky
                        few	embellishments.		It	follows	Jesus’	life	   (Ukrainian Easter) Eggs, and more.
                        from before birth to after death. “The
                        Thorn”	deals	with	Jesus’	suffering—but	
                        also delves into his teachings and mir-
                                                                             TOUR HigHLigHTS                            Price: from Grand Island, Norfolk,
                        acles. This production has been highly           •	 Green	Mill	Restaurant                       Columbus, Sioux City & Orange City
                        recommended from our past tour groups!           •	 “How	to	Talk	Minnesotan”	at	                $459 per person, double occupancy
                        Another fun highlight of this trip is            	 Plymouth	Playhouse                           $439 per person, triple/quad occupancy
                        the Plymouth Playhouse for their show            •	 Bachman’s	Floral
                                                                         •	 St.	Paul	Tour                               $549 single occupancy
                        “How	to	Talk	Minnesotan”. Min-
                                                                         •	 James	J.	Hill	House                         Price: from Omaha, Lincoln & Fremont:
                                                                         •	 American	Swedish	Institute	Tour	&	Lunch     $539 per person, double occupancy
                                                                         •	 Dinner	at	North	Heights	Lutheran	Church		   $519 per person, triple/quad occupancy
                                                                         	 followed	by	“The	Thorn”	production           $629 single occupancy
                                                                         •	 Ukrainian	Gift	Shop
                                                                         •	 5	Meals                                     Pay by check savings: $10 per person
                                                                         •	 Deluxe	Motorcoach	Transportation                     Call for brochure giving
                                                                         •	 Tour	Director	–	Jeri	Podliska                            complete details

                                 ozArks—Around The world Tour                                                               TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                    Featuring World-fest at Silver Dollar City                                          •	 Precious	Moments	Chapel
                                           and the Great Passion Play                                                   •	 College	of	the	Ozarks
                                                                                                                        •	 Hamner	Barber	Variety	Show
                                             April 27 – May 1, 2010                                                     •	 World-fest	at	Silver	Dollar	City
                                                                                                                        •	 Noah!		The	Musical
                        Day	1: Travel to Carthage, Missouri for     Day	4:	 The European feel is all around             •	 Eureka	Springs	Tour
                        a special dinner at the historic Kendrick	 us in Eureka Springs. A trolley tour                 •	 Mountain	Top	Dinner	Theatre
                        House.	(D)                                  takes us around town and to the Thorn-              •	 The	Great	Passion	Play
Minneapolis / Branson

                                                                    crown	Chapel. Tonight begins with                   •	 7	meals
                        Day	2:	 Visit Precious	Moments	
                                                                    the Mountain	Top	Dinner	Theatre                     •	 Tour	Director	–	Elaine	De	Jong
                        Complex for a tour of the Chapel &
                                                                    featuring	the	Gospel	group,	The	Texans.
                        grounds. A German	lunch awaits us in
                                                                    Next, we step back in time to Israel for
                        Branson with a mystery	stop following.
                                                                    The	Great	Passion	Play!		(CB,	D)
                        A guided area tour includes the College	
                        of	the	Ozarks	&	Williams	Memo-              Day	5:		It’s	homeward	bound	today	after	
                        rial	Chapel. Our hotel stay at the Box      a “trip around the world!” (CB)
                        Car Willie Inn is a salute to France with
                        art exhibits, Parisian café, and the Eiffel                                                     Price:
                        Tower! The Hamner	Barber	Variety	                                                               $849 per person, double occupancy
                        Show	takes us to the land down under–
                        Australia.		(CB,	L)                                                                             $814 per person, triple/quad occupancy
                                                                                                                        $999 single occupancy
                        Day	3:	 A day at World-fest at Silver
                        Dollar	City	brings	various countries right                                                      Pay by check savings: $10 per person
                        to the U.S. Enjoy ethnic performances,                                                          Departure Points: see page 3
                        arts	&	crafts	and	cuisine!	We	visit	Little                                                      Tour also departs from Orange City
                        Switzerland for dinner on your own. A                                                                    Call for brochure giving
                        highlight tonight is sure to be Noah!		                                                                      complete details
     12                 The	Musical. (CB)
                                                sPringTime in chicAgo
                              Featuring Heartland International Tattoo Festival
                                             April 7-11, 2010
People come to Chicago from all over             #2.	Segway	Tour – Experience the
the world because of its beauty, progres-        coast	of	Lake	Michigan	on	a	Segway	for	
siveness, stunning architecture and cul-         a two hour tour. $80 p/p.
ture…not	to	mention	it’s	an	incredibly	          #3.	Field	Museum	OR	Shedd	
fun city for visitors!!!!                        Aquarium. $16 p/p.
                                                 #4.	Shopping	on	the	Magnificent	
Day	1:	 We travel across Iowa and

                                                                                                                                           Winter & Spring
                                                 Mile. NC
Illinois	today.		Our	first	sights	of	the	
                                                 Ask your tour reservationist for details
Chicago skyline will thrill us as we enter
                                                 on these optional tours. Our included
the city. A welcome	dinner	in a Chi-
                                                 dinner	and	entertainment this
cago	restaurant	will	be	our	first	“taste”	of	
                                                 evening is at Tommy	Gun’s	Garage.
Chicago. Our hotel in Hoffman Estates,
                                                 Enjoy the music and dance review that
Illinois will be our home for four nights.
                                                 includes gangsters and flappers at a local
                                                 “speakeasy”.		(CB,	D)
Day	2: Today begins with a guided	
                                              Day	4:	 We make a stop in Oak Park
city	tour by an informative local step
                                              this morning and learn about the revo-
on guide. We will include a stop at
                                              lutionary architecture style of Frank	
the Federal	Reserve	Bank and see
                                              Lloyd	Wright at his home	and	studio
a million dollars up close. Chicago is
                                              which gives us insight into the workings
home to Oprah Winfrey and we stop by
                                              of	Frank	Lloyd	Wright	and	his	“prairie”	
her	new	boutique,	The	Oprah	Store.
                                              designed homes. Our next stop, Graue	
Lincoln	Park	Zoo is a world of wildlife
                                              Mill, is the only operating waterwheel
under the shadow of the city skyscrap-
                                              gristmill	in	Illinois.		Learn	how	Graue	
ers. Then, step inside the Lincoln	Park	
                                              Mill housed slaves in the basement of the
Conservatory and be transported to a
                                              mill and is one of the remaining authen-
world of tropical palms, ancient ferns and
                                              ticated “stations” on the Underground
exotic plants. Take a trip to the top of
                                              Railroad. Tonight is a special night as
the world during our visit to the tall-
est building in the Western Hemisphere,
                                              we attend the 2010	Heartland	Inter-                 TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                              national	Tattoo	Music	and	Dance	                •	 Heartland	Tattoo	&	Music	Festival
Chicago’s	own	Sears	Tower. We return
                                              Festival. It is the only musical Tattoo of      •	 Lincoln	Park	Zoo
to our hotel and have time for dinner
                                              its kind in the Midwest. This traditional       •	 Lincoln	Conservatory
and shopping on our own at the nearby
                                              Tattoo is an event that honors U.S. and         •	 Chicago	City	Tour
Woodfield	Mall—one	of	the	nation’s	
                                              Canadian military music units as well as        •	 Sear’s	Tower
largest. (CB)
                                              international entertainers. The show will       •	 Oprah	Store
Day	3: We start off the day with a nar-       dazzle	us	with	more	than	250	musicians,	        •	 Chicago	River	Cruise
rated	cruise on the Chicago	River             singers and entertainers that include           •	 Tommy	Gun’s	Garage	Dinner	and	Show
where	we	learn	more	about	Chicago’s	          military and civilian brass bands, drum         •	 Frank	Lloyd	Wright	home	and	studio
history and architecture. Then enjoy an       corps, wind bands, bagpipe bands, drill         •	 Graue	Mill

                                                                                                                                       Springtime in Chicago
afternoon of choices! Options	include:	 teams, flag corps and an array of danc-
                                            	                                                 •	 7	meals
#	1.		Navy	Pier – full of family ori-         ers. This night of patriotic music will         •	 Tour	Director	-	Elaine	DeJong
ented events, attractions, and restaurants.   absolutely thrill you. (CB)
                                                            Day	5:	 We travel home to-
                                                            day with wonderful memo-
                                                            ries of our short time in
                                                            Chicago. A mystery	tour	
                                                            stop will be waiting for us       Price:
                                                            during our lunch stop. What       $795 per person, double occupancy
                                                            a grand way to see Chicago
                                                            and the surrounding area          $745 per person, triple/quad occupancy
                                                            with other traveling friends      $925 single occupancy
                                                            from Allied Tour and Travel!
                                                                                              Pay by check savings: $10 per person
                                                            (CB,	L)
                                                                                              Departure Points: see page 3
                                                                                              Tour also departs from Orange City

                      Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                        13
                                                               sAn AnTonio & TeXAs AdvenTure
                                                                              April 25 – May 1, 2010
                                Day	1:	Board your “San Antonio”             branches of the military involved in the
                                coach for a fun trip to Texas.		Your	       Pacific	theatre	of	World	War	II.		Then,	
                                tour director will help you get to know     depart for the Lyndon	B.	Johnson	
                                your travel mates along the way. Settle     National	Historical	Park where you
                                into a comfortable en route hotel for       will take a Guided	Tour	of	the	LBJ	
                                your	first	night	of	your	tour.		            Ranch, and see the “Texas	White	
Winter & Spring

                                                                            House”. This evening, enjoy a lovely
                                Day	2:	 Today, arrive in beautiful
                                                                            dinner complete with entertainment.
                                San	Antonio,	Texas – Home of the
                                                                            (CB,	D)
                                Alamo! Enjoy a relaxing dinner and
                                check into your San Antonio area hotel      Day	5:	 This morning visit the San	
                                for	a	4-night	stay.	(CB,	D)                 Antonio	Missions	National	Histor-
                                                                            ical	Park. Experience the “Queen	
                                Day	3: After enjoying a Continental
                                                                            of	the	Missions”	-	Mission	San	
                                Breakfast, your adventure begins with a
                                                                            Jose,	established	in	1720.		Later,	witness	
                                Guided	Tour	of	San	Antonio. The
                                                                            what the battle of the Alamo must have
                                tour includes visits to San Fernando
                                                                            been like a when you see the movie	
                                Cathedral, the King William Histori-
                                                                            “ALAMO	…	The	Price	of	Free-
                                cal	District,	and	El	Mercado,	an	area	
                                                                            dom” at the IMAX Theatre. Then,
                                patterned after an authentic Mexi-
                                                                            stand where history took place when
                                can market. This afternoon visit the
                                                                            you visit the buildings and grounds
                                Institute	of		Texan	Cultures. The
                                                                            of	the	ALAMO	-	“The	Shrine	of	
                                Institute	is	devoted	to	the	26	different	
                                                                            Liberty”. This evening, relax and enjoy
                                cultures that settled Texas. After din-
                                                                            dinner	with	your	travel	mates.		(CB,	D)
                                ner, visit the famous River	Walk and
                                take a scenic	cruise!                       Day	6:		A	unique	visit	today	is	the	
                                (CB,	D)                                     Cowgirl	Hall	of	Fame in Fort
                                                                                                                              TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                                                            Worth, TX! This evening, relax at your        •	 Guided	tour	of	San	Antonio
                                Day	4:		Depart	for	Fredericksburg,	                                                       •	 Guided	Tour	of	the	LBJ	Ranch
                                                                            en route hotel. (CB)
San Antonio & Texas Adventure

                                “Jewel of the Texas Hill Country”.                                                        •	 Institute	of	Texan	Cultures
                                Start with a visit to the National	         Day	7:		Today depart for home... a            •	 San	Antonio	Missions	National	Historic	Park
                                Museum	of	the	Pacific	War, includ-          perfect time to chat with your friends        •	 Visit	to	the	famous	ALAMO
                                ing	the	George	Bush	Gallery.		Here,	        about	all	the	fun	things	you’ve	done	         •	 IMAX	Theater	presentation:
                                visitors	become	quickly	engaged	in	the	     and	the	great	sights	you’ve	seen.		(CB)       	 “ALAMO...The	Price	of	Freedom”
                                personal stories of Americans from all                                                    •	 San	Antonio’s	famous	River	Walk	District	
                                                                                                                          	 &	Scenic	Cruise
                                                                                                                          •	 Cowgirl	Hall	of	Fame
                                                                                                                          •	 10	meals

                                                                                                                          Price: from Omaha, Lincoln & Grand Island
                                                                                                                          $775 per person, double occupancy
                                                                                                                          $995 single occupancy
                                                                                                                          Price: from Norfolk, Columbus, Fremont,
                                                                                                                          Sioux City & Des Moines
                                                                                                                          $855 per person, double occupancy
                                                                                                                          $1,035 single occupancy
                                                                                                                          Pay by check savings: $20 per person
                                                                                                                          Tour operated in conjunction with Fun Tours

       14                                             To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
                                   lAs vegAs & The grAnd cAnyon
                                                  April 24 – May 2, 2010

Day	1: 	Board	your	Las	Vegas-bound	            Day	7:	 Today, visit the Petrified	Forest	
motor coach for your day of enjoying           National	Park.		With	one	of	the	world’s	
scenery and making new friends before          largest and most colorful concentrations
arriving at your en route hotel.               of	petrified	wood,	historic	structures,	
                                               archeological sites, and displays of 225
Day	2:	 Enjoy visiting the Western	
                                               million year old fossils, this is truly a
Colorado	Botanical	Gardens and

                                                                                                                                                Winter & Spring
                                               surprising	land	of	scenic	wonders!		Later,	
Butterfly	House	in	Grand	Junction,	
                                               after a relaxing dinner, check into your
CO.		Later,	after	a	relaxing	dinner, check
                                               en	route	hotel.		(CB,	D)
into	your	en	route	hotel.		(CB,	D)
Day	3:		Today,	visit	the	magnificent	          Day	8:	 This morning, depart for the
Zion	National	Park. This evening,              Georgia	O’Keeffe	Museum in Santa
check	into	a	Las	Vegas	casino	hotel	for	a	     Fe, NM. It is dedicated to the artistic
two-night	stay.		(DCB)                         legacy	of	O’Keeffe	and	to	the	study	and	
                                               interpretation of Modern Art. Tonight,
Day	4:	 Viva Las	Vegas!		You	have	an	          relax in your en route hotel. (CB)
entire day in the city to do as you wish.
Enjoy	as	much	gaming	as	you	choose;	           Day	9:	 Today, depart for home. This
explore	the	famous	Las	Vegas	Strip	where	      is a perfect time to reminisce about the
you can do such activities as take a gon-      sights	you’ve	seen—perhaps,	the	lights	of	
dola	ride,	or	go	atop	the	Eiffel	Tower;	see	   Las	Vegas	or	the	glorious	grandeur	of	the	
botanical	gardens;	or	do	some	shopping	        Grand	Canyon.		(CB)
and see an exciting show!
Day	5:	 This morning, depart for a visit
to Laughlin,	Nevada. Enjoy some
gaming	in	a	Laughlin	casino,	if	you	wish,	
or stroll the river walk adjacent to the
Colorado River. This evening, enjoy                                                              TOUR HigHLigHTS
dinner and check into a hotel in the
Flagstaff,	Arizona,	area	for	a	two-night	                                                    •				Western	Colorado	Botanical	Gardens	
stay.	(D)                                                                                    	 &	Butterfly	House

                                                                                                                                         Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon
                                                                                             •	 Grand	Canyon	National	Park
Day	6: This morning you will depart
for your visit to the spectacular Grand	                                                     •				Zion	National	Park
Canyon	National	Park. Also view the                                                          •				Free	Day	in	Las	Vegas
IMAX	Grand	Canyon	Movie at the                                                               •				Laughlin,	NV
National	Geographic	Visitor	Center.	This	                                                    •				Petrified	Forest	National	Park
evening, enjoy dinner before returning                                                       •				IMAX	Theater	–	Grand	Canyon	Movie
to	your	hotel.		(CB,	D)                                                                      •				Georgia	O’Keefe	Museum
                                                                                             •				10	Meals	

                                                                                             Price: from Omaha, Lincoln & Grand Island
                                                                                             $1,045 per person, double occupancy
                                                                                             $1,335 single occupancy
                                                                                             Price: from Norfolk, Columbus, Fremont,
                                                                                             Sioux City & Des Moines
                                                                                             $1,045 per person, double occupancy
                                                                                             $1,355 single occupancy
                                                                                             Pay by check savings: $25 per person

                     Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                                15
                                                                niAgArA fAlls & ToronTo
                                                                          June 12 – 20, 2010
                         Day	1: Board your motor coach and           Canada,	full	of	19th	century	charm.		
                         head for your destination: captivating,     Enjoy dinner before returning to your
                         awe-inspiring	Niagara	Falls!		This	eve-     hotel.	(CB,	D)
                         ning, you will check into a hotel along
                                                                     Day	7:		Depart	Niagara	Falls	to-
                         the way and relax for the evening.
                                                                     day and make your way to the Erie	

                         Day	2:		Enjoy the scenery as you            Maritime	Museum.		Learn	about	the	
                         make your way east. Stop at the Mid-        region’s	rich	maritime	heritage,	and	
                         west	Museum	of	American	Art	                much	more.		(CB,	D)
                         along	the	way.		(CB,	D)
                                                                     Day	8: Today, as you make your way
                         Day	3:	 Today, continue on to your          toward home, visit the Das	Dutch-
                         destination. Enjoy a relaxing dinner        man	Essenhaus in Middlebury, IN.
                         and check into your	Niagara	Falls           (CB)
                         area	hotel	for	four	nights.	(CB,	D)
                                                                   Day	9:		Depart	for	home	and	enjoy	
                         Day	4:	 Begin the day with a guided       time to chat with your friends about all
                         tour of the Niagara Falls area. Visit     the	fun	things	you’ve	done,	the	great	
                         an engineering marvel, the Welland	       sights	you’ve	seen	and	where	your	next	
                         Shipping	Canal and beautiful Queen	 group trip will take you! (CB)
                         Victoria	Park – home of one of the
                         world’s	largest	Floral	Clocks.		This	eve-
                         ning, enjoy dinner at a local restaurant.
                         (CB,	D)
                         Day	5: Sit back and enjoy a guided	                                                      TOUR HigHLigHTS
                         tour	of the beautiful cosmopolitan city                                              •	 8	nights	lodging	including	4	consecutive
                         of Toronto,	Ontario.		Visit	Toronto’s	                                               	 nights	in	Niagara	Falls	
                         majestic castle estate – Casa	Loma!                                                  •	 Niagara	Falls	Guided	Tour
                         Later,	enjoy	dinner	with your travel                                                 •	 Toronto	Guided	Tour
                         mates	at	a	local	restaurant.	(CB,	D)                                                 •	 The	Maid	of	the	Mist
                                                                                                              •	 Niagara-On-The-Lake
                         Day	6:		Enjoy	one	of	Niagara’s	most	                                                 •	 Welland	Shipping	Canal
                         popular	and	breath-taking	attractions,	a	                                            •	 Queen	Victoria	Park
                         boat ride on the “Maid	of	the	Mist.”                                                 •	 Casa	Loma
Niagra Falls & Toronto

                         Sail near the base of the Horseshoe                                                  •	 Erie	Maritime	Museum
                         Falls	and	enjoy	a	truly	awe-inspiring	                                               •	 14	meals	
                         view of the mighty Niagara. Take a                                                   •	 Tour	Director	–	Anna	Mae	Broek
                         tour of historical Niagara-on-the-
                         Lake, one of the prettiest towns in

                                                                                                              Price: from Omaha, Norfolk, Columbus,
                                                                                                              Fremont & Des Moines
                                                                                                              $989 per person, double occupancy
                                                                                                              $1,259 single occupancy
                                                                                                              Price: from Lincoln, Grand Island , Sioux City
                                                                                                              & Sioux Center
                                                                                                              $1,069 per person double occupancy
                                                                                                              $1,339 single occupancy
                                                                                                              Pay by check savings: $30 per person

      16                                       To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
                                      wAshingTon d.c. inside & ouT
                                                        June 24 – 28, 2010
Day	1:	 Fly	non-stop	to	Washington,	             Day	3: This morning, visit the New-
D.C.,	for	a	trip	that	will	show	you	our	         seum, the only interactive museum of
nation’s	capitol,	inside	and	out.		Meet	your	    news. The FDR	Memorial will bring
local,	expert	guide who will be with you         back memories of his presidency and
throughout the day to provide history and        includes outdoor galleries that represent
narration	of	our	nation’s	capital.		Begin	       accomplishments for each of his years in
with a tour of the National	Archives	and         office.		Then,	you’ll	have	the	afternoon	to	

see	the	original	documents	of	the	Declara-       explore the Smithsonian	Museum of	
tion of Independence, Constitution, and          your	choice.		You’ll	have	a	Metro	pass	
Bill of Rights! Then, take time to have          to help you navigate your way to explore
lunch in the beautifully renovated Union	        D.C.	as	you	would	like.	(B)
Station	with	its	beaux-arts	design.		This	
afternoon, drive down Embassy	Row to             Day	4:		Escape	the	21st	century	today	
see the large, historic mansions along Mas-      when you visit George	Washington’s	Mt.	
sachusetts Avenue that have been claimed         Vernon	estate. The new Ford Orienta-
and	restored	by	Embassy’s	from	around	the	       tion Center and Museum offers visitors
world. Tour the Washington	National	             the	chance	to	experience	Washington’s	life	
Cathedral, the sixth largest church in the       through movies and exhibitions. Explore
world. Check in later this afternoon to          his	mansion	filled	with	18th	century	
your	Washington,	D.C.,	area	hotel	and	have	      treasures,	stroll	the	gardens	of	the	45-acre	
a little time to “R & R” before having           estate, and take in the views of the Potomac
dinner	with	your	fellow	travel	mates.		(D)       River	from	the	mansion’s	piazza.		Visit	              TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                                 the National	Museum	of	the	Marine	
Day	2:	 This is your grand day of sight-                                                           •	 National	Archives
                                                 Corps	at	Quantico. Stand astride the
seeing	in	Washington,	D.C.		Your	local,	                                                           •	 Washington	National	Cathedral	Tour
                                                 famed “yellow footprints” and hear the roar
expert	guide will, once again, be with           of	your	first	dreaded	drill	instructor	issuing	
                                                                                                   •	 World	War	II	Memorial
you throughout the day to provide you            commands.		This	evening,	you’ll	have	time	
                                                                                                   •	 Newseum
with	that	valuable	insight	of	our	nation’s	      to stroll Old	Towne	Alexandria and un-            •	 U.S.	Capitol	Visitor’s	Center	&	Capitol	Tour
capital. Start off with the Capitol	Visi-
                                                 derstand	why	George	Washington	chose	to	          •	 Library	of	Congress	Tour
tor’s	Center	where	you’ll	see	a	film	on	
                                                 live	near	this	once-thriving	seaport.		(B,	L)     •	 FDR,	Vietnam,	Lincoln	&	Korean	
the	historical	significance	of	our	Capitol,	                                                       	 War	Memorials

                                                                                                                                                     Washington D.C. Inside and Out
along with a tour. Other sites on Capitol        Day	5:		This morning, visit the Smith-            •	 Arlington	National	Cemetery
Hill will include a tour of the Library	         sonian	Institution’s	Steven	Udvar-                •	 Monument	Illumination	Tour
of	Congress	and the White	House	                 Hazy	National	Air	&	Space	Mu-                     •	 Time	to	Visit	the	Smithsonian	
Visitor’s	Center. This afternoon is              seum.		There	are	over	335	air	and	space	          	 Museum	of	Your	Choice
scheduled for you to visit, in person, all       craft on display, including the Space             •	 Mt.	Vernon
the	memorials;	National	World	War	II,	           Shuttle	Enterprise,	the	B-17	Flying	For-          •	 National	Museum	of	the	Marine	Corps
Vietnam,	Lincoln,	and	Korean. Next,              tress,	and	the	Enola	Gay.		Next,	tour	Ar-         •	 Old	Towne	Alexandria
stop at the National	Portrait	Gallery            lington	National	Cemetery including               •	 Steven	F.	Udvar-Hazy	Smithsonian	
which	features	a	unique	collection	of	por-       the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and               	 Air	Museum
traits of famous Americans from the world        the	famous	“Changing	of	the	Guard.”		             •	 Marine	Corps	Memorial
of politics, sports, literature and stage, and   This	evening,	catch	your	non-stop	flight	         •	 7	Meals
includes the Hall of Presidents. After           home recalling all the wonderful sights of
enjoying dinner	at	a	well-known	Wash-            our	nation’s	capitol	knowing	that	you’ve	
ington,	D.C.	area	restaurant,	your	guide	        seen it “inside and out.” (B)
will take you on an	illumination	tour to
see these beautiful monuments
lit up at night. Take a walk
through the Kennedy	Center	                                                                        Price: includes roundtrip non-stop airfare
for	Performing	Arts for an in-
                                                                                                   $1,495 per person, double occupancy
credible view of the Washington,
D.C.	area	from	the	roof.		Other	                                                                   $1,670 single occupancy
stops will include the Jefferson	                                                                  Pay by check savings: $40 per person
Memorial, and a drive by of
the Marine Corps Memorial,                                                                         Departure Points: see page 3
Washington, White House, and                                                                       Tour operated in conjunction with Fun Tours
the	U.S.	Capitol.	(B,	D)
                       Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                                         17
                                                              yellowsTone, glAcier & norTh dAkoTA BAdlAnds
                                                                                                June 22 – July 1, 2010
                                               Day	1:	 Join us as we venture to the         the	first	cattle	men	to	Montana.		The	
                                               Great	National	Parks	of	the	Northern	        Grant/Kohrs	Ranch	National	Park,
                                               Rocky Mountains. We travel across            which	was	once	a	10	million	acre	cattle	
                                               Nebraska	towards	Wyoming	today.		Get	        empire, will demonstrate what it took
                                               to know your fellow travelers at dinner	     for these rugged men to survive in the
                                               this evening. Overnight in Torrington,       “Wild West”. Then sit back and watch
                                               WY.	(D)                                      the beautiful mountain scenery as we

                                                                                            head for Kalispell, Montana near the west
                                               Day	2:	 Today we journey on the
                                                                                            entrance to Glacier	National	Park for
                                               Cloud	Peak	Skyway through the Big	
                                                                                            our overnight stay. (CB)
                                               Horn	Mountains to Cody,	Wyoming.
                                               Named after Buffalo Bill Cody, this town     Day	6:	 One of the most memorable
                                               is a symbol of the old American West.        highlights in Glacier	National	Park
                                               We check into the Buffalo	Bill	Village	      is a drive on the “Going	to	the	Sun	
                                               Resort	Comfort	Inn. Our evening              Road”. This road is deemed an engi-
                                               offers two very special options for you to   neering	marvel.		Learn	all	about	the	facts	
                                               choose from.                                 of	this	amazing	road	as	we	are	treated	
                                               Option #1: The Dan Miller Cowboy             to a special ride on the “Red	Jammer	
                                               Review	–	This	show	is	like	a	“mini-          Buses”.		We	travel	on	to	Great	Falls,	
                                               Grand	Ole	Opry”.	$12.00 per person           Montana	for	the	evening.		(CB,	L)
                                               Option #2:The Cody Nite Rodeo –
                                                                                              Day	7:		This	morning	we	visit	the	Lewis	
                                               With over 55 years of rodeo entertain-
Yellowstone, Glacier & North Dakota Badlands

                                                                                              and	Clark	National	Historic	Trail	
                                               ment, the Cody Nite Rodeo has earned
                                                                                              Interpretive	Center	in	Great	Falls.		A	
                                               Cody the title of “Rodeo Capital of the
                                               World”. $15.00 per person		(CB,	D)
                                                                                              visit	to	Great	Falls	wouldn’t	be	complete	       TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                                                                              without a visit to the C.M. Russell Mu-
                                                                                                                                           •	 Big	Horn	Mountains
                                               Day	3:		We will be seeing the beautiful        seum. The life and times of C.M. Russell
                                               Buffalo	Bill	Historical	Center. With           and the Old West are still alive through
                                                                                                                                           •	 Buffalo	Bill	Historical	Center
                                               its	affiliation	to	the	Smithsonian	Institute,	 the paintings and artistry of C.M. Rus-      •	 Yellowstone	National	Park
                                               the Buffalo Bill Historic Center offers        sell, cowboy artist. This afternoon we       •	 Old	Faithful	Geyser
                                               five	different	museums to discover. It travel	to	Lewistown,	MT,	a	town	known	               •	 Quake	Lake
                                               examines the personal and public life of       for their yogo sapphires. Overnight in       •	 Grant/Kohrs	Ranch	National	Park
                                               W.F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody. After lunch, we Lewistown,	MT.	(CB)                               •	 Glacier	National	Park
                                               travel	west	once	again	to	the	world’s	first	                                                •	 Going	to	the	Sun	Road	by	Jammers	Bus
                                                                                              Day	8:		Today we travel through the Big	     •	 Lewis	and	Clark	National	Historic	Trail	
                                               national	park	-		Yellowstone	National	
                                                                                              Sky	Country of Montana to Medora,
                                               Park.		What	symbolizes	Yellowstone	                                                         •	 Interpretive	Center
                                                                                              North	Dakota.		A	stop	at	the	Theodore	
                                               National Park more than Old	Faith-                                                          •	 C.M.	Russell	Museum
                                                                                              Roosevelt	National	Park in North
                                               ful	Geyser? Old Faithful erupts more
                                                                                              Dakota	features	Roosevelt’s	first	cabin
                                                                                                                                           •	 Theodore	Roosevelt	National	Park
                                               than any of the other big geysers in                                                        •	 North	Dakota	Badlands
                                                                                              from the Maltese Cross Ranch. Tonight
                                               Yellowstone,	making	it	the	most	popular	                                                    •	 Medora	Musical	and	Pitchfork	Fondue
                                                                                              we	will	be	treated	to	a	steak	dinner	-	
                                               attraction	of		Yellowstone	National	Park.		                                                 •	 Fort	Abraham	Lincoln	State	Park
                                                                                              Pitchfork	Fondue. Then off to the
                                               We will take time for dinner at the Old                                                     •	 15	meals
                                                                                              Medora Musical –a musical variety show
                                               Faithful	Lodge	Cafeteria.	Overnight	for	                                                    •	 Tour	Director	–	Elaine	DeJong
                                                                                              performed in the outdoor Burning	Hills	
                                               two nights is at Yellowstone	Lodge,
                                                                                              Amphitheatre located in the heart of the
                                               West	Yellowstone,	MT.		(CB,	D)
                                                                                              North	Dakota	Badlands.	(CB,	D)
                                               Day	4:	 We are off today to visit several
                                                                                              Day	9:	 Fort	Abraham	Lincoln	State	
                                               sites in Yellowstone	National	Park.
                                                                                              Park is an infantry and cavalry post from
                                               Among them will be Mammoth	Hot	
                                                                                              which	Lt.	Col.	George	Custer	led	the	
                                               Springs,	Tower	Falls,	Grand	Canyon	
                                               of	Yellowstone and others as time al-
                                                                                              7th	Cavalry	to	the	Battle	of	the	Little	     Price:
                                                                                              Bighorn	in	1876.		We	will	tour	Custer’s	
                                               lows. Then we once again head back to                                                       $1,669 per person, double occupancy
                                                                                              home.	South	Dakota’s	Capital,	Pierre, is
                                               West	Yellowstone	for	our	overnight	stay.		                                                  $1,534 per person, triple/quad occupancy
                                                                                              our destination for the evening. Over-
                                               (CB,	L)
                                                                                              night in the heart of Pierre within walk-    $2,194 single occupancy
                                               Day	5:	 Quake	Lake is in our path              ing distance of the capitol building. (CB)
                                               today as we explore the results of the                                                      Pay by check savings: $30 per person
                                                                                              Day	10:	 As we travel home, sit back and
                                               1959	Yellowstone	Earthquake.		We	will	                                                      Departure Points: see page 3
                                                                                              reflect back on all the sights and events
                                               have	an	opportunity	to	see	how	Quake	                                                       Tour also departs from Orange City
                                                                                              you have seen and experienced. (CB)
                                               Lake	was	formed.	Dreams	of	wealth	lured	
           18                                                         To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
                     BesT of PAris vAcATion
                                April 15-22, 2010

Come and enjoy Springtime in Paris!            Day	4: Today we travel just
Our leisurely itinerary gives you all the      outside Paris to The	Palace	
highlights of Paris with plenty of time to     of	Versailles,	the	official	royal	
explore on your own.                           resident	during	the	17th	&	
                                               18th	centuries.		(B)
Day	1:	 We fly from Omaha to Paris!
                                               Day	5:	 Today is yours to

Day	2:		Our arrival in Paris begins with
                                               continue exploring this wel-
a transfer to the Mercure	Montmarte	
                                               coming city. From historic
Hotel, located in the heart of Paris.
                                               sights, to art museums, beauti-
Unpack once and make yourself at home.
                                               ful parks, to stylish shopping,
The hotel is located right near the Metro
                                               the city offers so much to see
which is perfect as you will receive a
                                               & do! Or join an optional
complimentary	10-ride	Metro	Pass	Card	
                                               full day trip to Chateau Country in the
upon arrival. Enjoy a welcome dinner at
                                               Loire	Valley.		(B)
the	hotel	tonight.		(D)
                                               Day	6: Continue exploring on your
Day	3: This morning, enjoy a	sightsee-
                                               own or take an optional tour to Notre             Price:
ing	tour	of	Paris.	See	the	Champs-Elyss-
                                               Dame	&	Sainte	Chapelle.		(B)
es,	Arch	de	Triomphe,	Place	de	La	Con-                                                           $2799 per person, double occupancy
corde	plus	visit	the	Louvre	Museum.		We	       Day	7: It’s	your	last	day	in	Paris!		Join	        $3499 single occupancy
stop at the Eiffel	Tower and see spectacu-     an	optional	excursion	to	Vaux-le-Vicom-
lar views from Paris from the second level.    te, a classical French chateau. We gather         Departure Points: see page 3
This evening we enjoy a relaxing Seine	        this	evening	for	a	Farewell	Dinner.		(B,	D)                Call for brochure giving
River	Illumination	Cruise. (B)                                                                                complete details
                                               Day	8:	 After a lovely week in Paris, we re-

                                                                                                                                                 Best of Paris Vacation / New York City
                                               turn to the airport for our flight home. (B)

                               new york ciTy
                            Explore the Big Apple!
                               June 8-12, 2010
Day	1: We depart for Omaha where we            evening, you can choose between #1—a	
overnight at an airport hotel.                 Broadway	Show	or	#2—Yankees	
                                               Baseball (Teams to be announced once base-
Day	2:	 Early this morning we fly to
                                               ball schedules are released.) Ask your reserva-
The	Big	Apple–New	York	City.
                                               tionist for details on optional tour prices.
Upon arrival we check into our Times	
Square	Hotel. This afternoon is free           Day	5: Enjoy a leisurely morning at our
to	get	acquainted	with	Times	Square	           hotel or pick up some last minute sou-
and	Rockefeller	Plaza.	Enjoy	a	Get-Ac-         venirs. We depart the hotel mid to late
quainted	Dinner	near	our	hotel.		(D)	          morning for our return flight to Omaha
                                               after a great three days of baseball, Broad-
Day	3:		Today	we	explore	New	York	
                                               way	&	more	in	New	York	City!
City with one of the cities leading guides
on our “Downtown	Tour”.		Lunch	at	             *Please note, Broadway shows & tour date
Tavern	on	the	Green in Central Park            subject to change once show and baseball
will be a special event. This evening we       schedules are announced.                          Price:
walk to the theatre for the Broadway                                                             $1699 per person, double occupancy
Musical “Billy	Elliot”.	(L)
                                                     TOUR HigHLigHTS                             $1619 per person, triple/quad occupancy
Day	4:	 Today is a day of options! Join                                                          $2095 single occupancy
                                                 •	 Downtown	Tour	of	NYC
your tour director for a ferry ride to the
                                                 •	 Times	Square	Hotel                           Pay by check savings: $35 per person
Statue	of	Liberty and Ellis	Island.
                                                 •	 Tavern	on	the	Green                          Departure Points: see page 3
Take pictures of this famous statue and
                                                 •	 Broadway	Show	“Billy	Elliot”
explore the fascinating museum of Ellis                                                          For departures from Omaha’s Eppley Airport on
                                                 •	 2	meals
Island.		Your	tour	director	will	assist	you	
with other options which are many. This
                                                 •	 Tour	Director	–	Winora	Hallstrom             Day 2, deduct $100 per person.
                                                                    cAnAdiAn rockies By rAil
                                                                           July 26 – August 2, 2010

                           See spectacular scenery of the Canadian        Day	5:		Travel	to	Lake	
                           Rockies and experience the Rocky               Louise	via	one	of	the	most	
                           Mountaineer Train. Includes a stay at the      scenic highways in the
                           magnificent	Chateau	Lake	Louise!               world – the	Ice	Fields	
                                                                          Parkway. A stop is made
                           Day	1: Fly to Vancouver, transfer from
                                                                          at Athabasca	Falls before

                           the	airport	to	the	Holiday	Inn	Down-
                                                                          arriving at the Columbia
                           town and spend time exploring this
                                                                          Ice Field. Here, take a ride
                           scenic city on your own.
                                                                          on the Ice	Explorer to
                           Day	2:	 Travel onboard the Rocky	              the middle of the Atha-
                           Mountaineer	Train from the coastal             basca	Glacier to learn
                           city of Vancouver to Kamloops, in the          more about its geologic
                           heart	of	British	Columbia’s	interior.		On	     features.		You’ll	even	get	to	
                           today’s	journey,	you	will	see	dramatic	        step out onto the glacier! Make
                           changes in scenery from the lush green         a stop at beautiful Bull	Lake
                           fields	of	Fraser	River	Valley,	through	for-    before	arriving	at	Lake	Louise	
                           ests and winding river canyons surround-       this afternoon. Overnight at
                           ed by the peaks of the Coast and Cascade       the beautiful Chateau	Lake	
                           Mountains,	to	the	desert-like	environ-         Louise,	right	on	the	Lake!
                           ment of the interior. Highlights include
                                                                          Day	6:	 This morning take a
                           the rushing waters of Hell’s	Gate	in	
                                                                          one-hour	guided	lakeshore	
                           Fraser	Canyon, and the steep slopes and
                                                                          stroll	along	beautiful	Lake	
                           rock sheds along the Thompson	River.
                                                                          Louise.		Take	the	rest	of	the	
                           Your	day	concludes	along	the	shores	of	
                                                                          morning to bask in the beauty
                           Kamloops	Lake	at	the	Kamloops	Hotel.	
                                                                          of this famous hotel with its
                           (B,	L)
                                                                          luxury and scenic location. This after-
                           Day	3:			Your	journey	on	the	train	            noon takes you to the	Yoho	National	            TOUR HigHLigHTS
                           continues north and east to the mighty         Park	to	view	some	of	its	unique	natural	    •	 2	Scenic	Trains	through	the	Canadian	
                           Canadian Rockies and the province of           wonders. Among the attractions are the      	 Rockies	on	the	Rocky	Mountaineer
                           Alberta. Once again, you will be sur-          Spiral	Tunnels,	Emerald	Lake,	and	a	natu-
                                                                                                                      •	 Columbia	Ice	Fields;	Ride	the	Ice	Explorer		
                           rounded by dramatic scenery as you fol-        ral rock bridge that spans the Kicking
                                                                                                                      	 onto	the	Glacier
                           low the banks of the North Thompson            Horse	River.		You’ll	have	a	free	evening	
                                                                                                                      •	 Ice	Fields	Parkways	Tour
                           River through the Monashee and Cari-           in	Banff	at	the	Banff	Caribou	Lodge	to	
                           boo Mountains, climbing even higher            enjoy	this	quaint	mountain	town.
                                                                                                                      •	 Overnight	at	the	Chateau	Lake	Louise	Hotel
Canadian Rockies by Rail

                           to	the	peaks	of	the	Continental	Divide.		                                                  •	 Guided	Lakeshore	Stroll	of	Lake	Louise
                                                                          Day	7:	 Begin your morning with a           •	 Yoho	National	Park
                           Today’s	highlights	include	Mount	Rob-
                                                                          sightseeing	tour	of	Banff to include        •	 Banff	Sightseeing
                           son,	the	highest	peak	in	the	Rockies;	
                                                                          Bowl	Falls,	Lake	Minnewanka,	Surprise	      •	 Sulphur	Mountain	Gondola
                           Pyramid	Falls, and the climb over the
                                                                          Corner, and the Hoodoos. Take a ride        •	 Summit	Helicopter	Tour
                           Yellowhead	Pass into Jasper National
                                                                          on the Sulphur	Mountain	Gondola	            •	 4	Meals
                           Park.		Your	rail	journey	ends	on	arrival	in	
                                                                          for a gorgeous view of the Banff river
                           the resort town of Jasper for two nights
                                                                          valley. Continue to Kananaskis for the
                           at	Marmot	Lodge.	(B,	L)
                                                                          highlight of your day –	a	12-minute	
                           Day	4:	 Jasper	National	Park is a              Summit	Helicopter	Tour over the
                           World	Heritage	Site	and	Canada’s	larg-         breathtaking landscape of the Rockies.
                           est national park. Today, enjoy a short	       (A price adjustment will apply for the      Price:
                           scenic	tour including the many natural         Summit Helicopter Tour in the event of      $3,998 per person, double occupancy
                           attractions, rugged peaks, and perhaps         inclement weather or if a guest chooses     $5,048 single occupancy
                           even catch a glimpse of some of the            not to fly.) Overnight in Calgary at the
                           many creatures that call this mountain         International Hotel & Suites.               Pay by check savings: $110 per person
                           park home. The remainder of the day                                                        Departure Points: see page 3
                                                                          Day	8:			Your	vacation	ends	with	rivet-
                           is free for you to explore more of Jasper
                                                                          ing memories of your Canadian Rockies       Tour operated in conjunction with Fun Tours
                                                                          by Rail Adventure.
      20                                           To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
                                     PAcific norThwesT grAndeur
                                                        July 14-25, 2010
Day	1:	 We’re	bound	for	the	breathtaking	       area, City Center, and Pikes Place Market.
scenery	of	the	Pacific	Northwest!		Begin	       Seattle is known for the innovation of the
this adventure by meeting fellow travelers at   Boeing	Airline	Manufacturing	Plant.
our Get-Acquainted	Dinner	and enjoy             During	our	tour	of	the	world’s	largest	
the	overnight	stay	in	Cheyenne,	WY.		(D)        building by volume, we will see airplanes
Day	2:	 The Grand	Teton	Mountains               being built for their worldwide base of
form the background at our overnight            airline customers. Overnight in the Seattle

stay in charming Jackson,	Wyoming.              area again. (CB)
                                                                                              “The Oregon Trail mountain scenery was
An evening	option is dinner and a lively        Day	8: Journey north towards the                breathtaking.” – Jim & Audrey Vis
wild	west	show	at	the	Bar-T-Five	Chuck-         Dutch	village	of	Lynden,	WA. Enjoy this
wagon Cookout OR a float trip on the            charming	town	with	its	Dutch	shops	and	
Snake River. Either option is an addition-      boutiques,	windmills	and	more.			Traveling	
al cost. Please make your preference when       through the North	Cascades	National	
registering for the tour. (B)                   Park east towards Winthrop,	WA will
Day	3:	 See spectacular mountains and           bring us to another charming old town of
wild winding rivers as we head through          the	west.		Dressed	up	in	boardwalks,	this	
the majestic Sawtooth	Mountains of              western town will surely entice you. We
Idaho. Marvel at the Shoshone	Falls,            will	overnight	in	Winthrop,	WA.		(CB,	L)
one	of	Idaho’s	most	magnificent	sights	         Day	9:	 Grand	Coulee	Dam is called
and called by many “the Niagara of the          the	8th	wonder	of	the	world	and	the	larg-
West”.		Overnight	in	Twin	Falls,	ID.	(CB)       est electric producing facility and largest
                                                concrete structure in the United States.      “I so enjoyed seeing this BEAUTIFUL
Day	4:	 As we travel farther west, we                                                         country of ours. One of the BEST tours
come upon Baker City, Oregon. At                The visitor center tells the story behind
                                                the construction of the dam to harness               I’ve been on.” – Sharon F.
the National	Historic	Oregon	Trail	
Interpretive	Center,	we’ll	take	an	             the power of the great Columbia River.
in-depth	look	at	the	hardships	endured	         This	afternoon	finds	us	in	Spokane,	WA.           TOUR HigHLigHTS
along the Oregon Trail. We then follow          A step	on	guide will make the city of
                                                                                              •	 Grand	Tetons
the Oregon Trail to our overnight in            Spokane come alive before our very eyes.
                                                This	evening	we’ll	participate	in	the	6th	    •	 National	Historic	Oregon	Trail	Center
Pendleton, OR. (CB)                                                                           •	 Mt.	Hood	Railroad
                                                St.	Melodrama	in	Wallace,	ID.	This	fun,	
Day	5: The day starts with a visit to the       family-style	melodrama	reflects	the	silver	   •	 International	Rose	Test	Gardens
awe-inspiring	Columbia	River	Gorge.             mining	era	of	the	late	1890’s.		Our	over-     •	 Mt.	St.	Helens	National	Volcanic	
All aboard the Mount Hood Railroad for          night	is	in	Wallace,	ID.		(CB,	D)	            	 Visitor	Center
a lunch and train ride to Parkdale at the                                                     •	 Space	Needle
base of Mt.	Hood. Who knows….you                Day	10:	 Welcome to Montana! Its crag-
                                                gy peaks of the Rocky	Mountains and           •	 Seattle	City	Tour
may even have a train robbery! Experience                                                     •	 Boeing	Airplane	Factory	Tour
the splendid view of the city of Portland,      the expansive prairie grasslands give this

                                                                                                                                         Pacific Northwest Grandeur
Oregon while visiting the International	        state its nickname, Big	Sky	Country. At       •	 Dutch	Village	of	Lynden,	WA
Rose	Test	Gardens in Washington Park.           the Smokejumpers	Base	Aerial	Fire	            •	 Grand	Coulee	Dam
Overnight	in	Portland,	OR.		(L)                 Depot	in	Missoula,	we	learn	firsthand	        •	 Smokejumpers	Aerial	Fire	Depot
                                                accounts	of	firefighting	and	smokejump-       •	 Little	Bighorn	Monument
Day	6: We venture to the Mt.	Saint	             ing. We continue through Big Sky Coun-        •	 Tatanka:		Story	of	the	Bison
Helen’s	National	Volcanic	Monument	             try to Billings, MT for overnight. (B)        •	 Mount	Rushmore	Lighting	Ceremony
Visitor	Center via a highway that is
considered an architectural wonder. See      Day	11:	 Reflect on the last great Indian        •	 16	meals
dramatic views of the volcanic crater and    victory at the Little	Bighorn	National	          •	 Tour	Director	–	Roxie	Mulder
displays revealing mysteries of this famous  Monument	before we travel to the
unpredictable mountain. The Space	           Black	Hills	of	SD.		In	Deadwood,	experi-
Needle,	605	feet	high,	has	been	Seattle’s	   ence Kevin	Costner’s	Tatanka:	Story	
signature structure since it was built for   of	the	Bison.	It’s	centerpiece	is	a	larger-
the	1962	World’s	Fair.		Enjoy	dinner	this	   than-life	bronze	sculpture	featuring	14	
evening in the Seattle Room, then go up      bison being pursued by three Native         Price:
to the Observation	Deck to marvel at         American riders. Enjoy a dinner at one
                                             of	the	fine	restaurants	of	Keystone.		Top	  $2,034 per person, double occupancy
the panoramic view of the Puget Sound,
the Cascade and Olympic Mountain             off the day with a visit to Mount	Rush-     $1,884 per person, triple/quad occupancy
ranges and maybe even Mount Rainier.         more for the evening lighting ceremony.
                                             Overnight	in	Keystone,	SD		(CB,	D)          $2,629 single occupancy
Overnight	in	the	Seattle	area.			(CB,	D)
                                             Day	12:		Great	memories	of	our	Pacific	     Pay by check savings: $35 per person
Day	7:	 On a guided	city	tour	of	
Seattle,	we’ll	see	the	Hiram	Chittenden	     Northwest trip will linger as we head       Departure Points: see page 3
Locks	and	Salmon	Ladders,	the	Waterfront	 home. (CB)
                       Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                                   21
                                                                    Princess heArT of AlAskA cruise Tour
                                                                                                 July 20-31, 2010

                                       Enjoy	five	night	land	tour	followed	by	a	
                                       seven night southbound cruise!
                                       Day	1:	 We depart from our Allied
                                       departure cities for travel to the Omaha
                                       airport. (Air is also available from other
                                       cities.		Ask	for	a	quote	from	your	desired	

                                       departure	city.)	Your	Allied	Tour	Director	
                                       assists with your check in and then you
                                       are off to Fairbanks, Alaska.
                                       Day	2:	 Enjoy a leisurely morning in
                                       Fairbanks. Or take an optional city
                                       tour. This afternoon we board a Stern-
                                       wheeler	Riverboat	cruise for a visit to
                                       an	authentic	fishing	camp,	Tlingit	village	
                                       and Iditarod dog sled kennel.                    Day	7:	 The Glacier	Bay	National	
                                                                                        Park is the jewel of the national park
                                       Day	3: Today we journey into Denali	             system	known	for	its	regal	snow-capped	
                                       National	Park by motorcoach. Our                 mountains, coastal beaches and majestic
                                       mid-day	arrival	gives	us	time	for	lunch	         glaciers.		(B,	L,	D)
                                       followed by a Natural	History	Tour of
                                       Denali	National	Park	(approximate	3-4	           Day	8:	 We round out our ports along
                                       hours). The Denali	Princess	Wilder-              the inside passage with a visit to Skag-
                                       ness	Lodge is our home for the evening.          way,	known	as	the	“Gateway	to	the	
                                                                                        Yukon”.		Surrounded	by	magnificent	
                                       Day	4:	 The morning is free to spend             wild nature, the romance and excitement
                                       as	you	choose.		You	may	want	to	join	
                                       an optional excursion of river rafting,
                                                                                        of yesteryear lingers around every street            TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                                                                        corner.		(B,	L,	D)
Princess Heart of Alaska Cruise Tour

                                       flightseeing or horseback riding, or at-                                                          •	 Fairbanks
                                       tend a Park Ranger Talk. The options             Day	9:		For the outdoor adventurer,              •	 Sternwheeler	Riverboat	Cruise
                                       are many! This afternoon we travel to an-        Juneau is a dream come true. Whether             •	 Denali	National	Park	
                                       other	section	of	Denali	to	Mt.	Mckinley	         your passion is rafting the Mendenhall           •	 Princess	Wilderness	Lodge
                                       Princess	Wilderness	Lodge. Optional              River,	sport	fishing	or	hiking	the	scenic	       •	 Mt	McKinleyWilderness	Lodge
                                       tours are also available or just relax at one    trails, this capital city has lots to choose     •	 Princess	Domed	Rail	Excursion
                                       of several dining options.                       from. For the less adventurous, hop a lo-        •	 Seven	nights—Diamond	Princess
                                                                                        cal bus for a city tour including the state      •	 Glacier	Bay	National	Park
                                       Day	5:	 A fun excursion awaits us as we          Capital	building.		(B,	L,	D)                     •	 Skagway
                                       board the Princess Rail to Whittier to
                                       board the Diamond	Princess!		Your	               Day	10:	 We pull into Ketchikan, Alaska          •	 Juneau
                                       domed railcar provides great comfort and         this morning. Options include salmon             •	 Ketchikan
                                       service as you take in the surrounding           fishing,	visiting	Deer	Mountain	Hatchery,	       •	 All	meals	aboard	cruise
                                       landscape. Next, we board the sparkling          taking a Ketchikan city tour, or stroll on       •	 Tour	Director	–	Susan	Busskohl
                                       Diamond	Princess,	our	home	for	the	              your	own	along	Creek	Street.	(B,	L,	D)
                                       next seven nights, which offers ameni-           Day	11:	 Enjoy a day at sea! Participate
                                       ties galore, activities that are plentiful and   in the many activities offered by the
                                       service	that	is	outstanding.	(D)                 cruise	staff,	visit	the	ship’s	boutiques	for	
                                       Day	6: A day of scenic cruising begins           one last purchase, or sit back, relax and       Price: includes airfare out of Omaha
                                       as we glide into the home of Yakuial	            enjoy	the	scenery.		(B,	L,	D)
                                                                                                                                        Inside Category J: $3719
                                       Bay. On board naturalists, National              Day	12:		We arrive into Vancouver,
                                       Park Rangers, Alaskan story tellers and                                                          Outside Category D: $4599
                                                                                        British Columbia this morning. Trans-
                                       a	possible	visit	from	Libby	Riddles	(the	        fers are provided to the airport for our        Balcony Category BC: $4735
                                       first	woman	to	win	the	Iditarod),	en-            return flight home. (B)                         Deposit: 20% of cruise tour fare
                                       hance your Alaskan Cruise Experience.                                                            Final Payment: Due May 1, 2010
                                       Plus the ships signature Alaska Cuisine
                                       showcases the local specialties like fresh                                                               Call for brochure giving
                                       Alaskan	seafood.		(B,	L,	D)                                                                                  complete details
         22                                                     To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
                                                greek isles cruise
                                                       June 9-22, 2010

Day	1	&	2:	 An overnight flight takes         colorful entryways and beautiful flowers.
us to Venice,	Italy. Enjoy free time and      Take a walking or driving tour, or visit
overnight in Venice.                          the	beautiful	white	sand	beaches.		(B,	L,	D)
Day	3:	 Upon arrival we board the             Day	9:	 Prt in Kusachsi,	Turkey for a
Ruby	Princess.	Get	acquainted	with	           visit to Epheseus.
your ship today as we cruise into the
Adriatic	Sea.	(D)                             Day	10:	 Rhodes,	Greece	welcomes	us.		

                                              Optional tours teach of the history of the
Day	4:		We doc in the port of Split,	         area.	(B,	L,	D)
Croatia this morning. Each port of call
will have numerous optional tours to          Day	11: Our	last	Greek	Isle,	will	be	
choose	from.		(B,	L,	D)                       Santorini. Explore a local winery, hike the
                                              Santorini Volcano, or enjoying a driving
Day	5:		Our	first	stop	in	Greece	is	          tour	with	plenty	of	picture	stops.		(B,	L,	D)
Corfu. Historical sights are plentiful. Or,
try	a	Greek	Cooking	lesson.		(B,	L,	D)        Day	12:		Day	at	Sea.	(B,	L,	D)

Day	6:	 Today we visit the home to the        Day	13: Our last port of call is Naples/

                                                                                                                                               Greek Isles Criuse / Scottish Irish Highland Festival
Greek	Olympics,	Katakolon	(Olympia).          Capri,	Italy.		You	may	choose	to	visit	his-
A	visit	to	the	Ancient	Olympic	Games	         toric	Pompeii,	the	gorgeous	Amalfi	Coast,	
Museum	is	popular	option.		(B,	L,	D)          the rugged town of Sorrento, the Isle of
                                              Capri,	or	a	Naples	City	Tour.		(B,	L,	D)        Price: includes airfare out of Omaha
Day	7: 	Discover	the	treasure	of	Greek	                                                       $4039 per person, double occupancy
civilization	in	Athens. Pick a tour that      Day	14: We arrive into Rome early               for inside stateroom
includes The Acropolis, or maybe you          today.		You	may	have a choice of an             Departure Points: see page 3
prefer shopping & dining along the Plaka.     optional	disembarkation tour to Vatican	
(B,	L,	D)                                     Museum,	St.	Peters	Basilica,	and/                       Call for brochure giving
Day	8:	 Mykonos	is a sun splashed
                                              or	The	Coliseum before your late day                        complete details
                                              flight back to the U.S. (B)
Greek	Isle	of	whitewashed	buildings	with	

                 scoTTish irish highlAnd fesTivAl in Estes Park, CO
                                                       Sept 8-12, 2010
Day	1:		It’s	westward	bound	today	as	we	      Day	4:		It’s	a	full	day	to	enjoy	the	sights	
head for the Rocky Mountains of Colo-         and sounds of the Longs	Peak	Scottish	              TOUR HigHLigHTS
rado. Enjoy a “Get-Acquainted”	din-           Irish	Highland	Festival! USA Today has
                                              rated it as one of the top ten outdoor festi-   •	 Celestial	Seasonings	Tour
ner	and	overnight	in	Boulder,	Colo.		(D)	
                                              vals! This morning we view the Highland	        •	 Leanin’	Tree	Museum	and	Sculpture	
Day	2:		Get	ready	for	a	SENSATIONAL	          Parade featuring many bands, bagpipes,          	 Garden	of	Western	&	Wildlife	Art
experience this morning as we visit           floats and more. (Be sure to bring your lawn    •	 Tatoo	Estes	Performance
Celestial	Seasonings! Next, we visit the      chair!) Then we head out to the fair-
Leanin’	Tree	Museum	and	Sculpture	                                                            •	 Longs	Peak	Scottish	Irish	Highland	Festival
                                              grounds and can explore all of the High-        •	 Highland	Parade
Garden	of	Western	&	Wildlife	Art. A           land Festival activities. See dancers, musi-
picturesque	drive	through	the	Thomp-                                                          •	 Scottish	Irish	Folk	Concert
                                              cians, shepherding dogs, Celtic merchants,
son Canyon takes us to Estes Park. This       jousters,	&	more!	Dinner	is	included	before	    •	 Optional	Tours	into	Rocky	Mountain	
evening we are entertained at the Tattoo	     an evening of entertainment at the Scot-        	 National	Park
Estes	2010	– an outdoor concert featur-       tish	Irish	Folk	Concert! (Specific enter-       •	 7	Meals
ing military bands, drum and bugle bands,     tainers announced in Spring 2010.) 	(B,	D)      •	 Tour	Director	–	Elaine	DeJong
Celtic groups and more. Overnight in
Estes	Park	three	nights.	(B,	D)               Day	5:		It’s	been	a	festive	and	scenic	
                                              getaway! With memories of bagpipes and
Day	3:		Today is a day of options! A          drums, sheep dogs and jousters, mountains
highlight	of	the	area	is	definitely	Rocky	    and meadows, we journey back home. (B)
Mountain	National	Park.		You	will	
have two options for enjoying the park.
Drive	thru	the	park	with	a	step	on	guide	                                                     Price:
with	a	stop	at	the	Alpine	Visitor’s	Center	                                                   $949 per person, double occupancy
for breathtaking views. OR, you can                                                           $924 per person, triple/quad occupancy
join a local guide for a guided hike in the                                                   $1,334 single occupancy
park. After a short rest back at our hotel,
enjoy some free time in downtown Estes                                                        Departure Points: see page 3
Park for dinner on your own. (B)                                                                                                                                 23
                                                                  mAckinAc islAnd & door counTy
                                                                                   September 11-19, 2010
                                Pack	your	bags!!	Get	ready	for	an	excit-       surroundings. Tonight we dine
                                ing adventure. Experience a relaxing stay      in	elegance	at	the	Grand	Hotel	
                                on	Mackinac	Island	at	the	historic	Grand	      (jacket and tie required), and join
                                Hotel	and	visit	popular	Door	County.		         the list of dignitaries, the rich, and
                                                                               the famous, who have stayed at
                                Day	1:		Get	to	know	your	travel	com-
                                                                               this historic hotel as we enjoy our
                                panions	as	we	journey	to	Dubuque,	Iowa,	
                                                                               overnight	stay.	(CB,	L,	D)
                                today	where	we’ll	enjoy	a	“Get-Ac-

                                quainted	Dinner”	at	the	Ryan	House,            Day	6: Following our	breakfast
                                hosted	by	your	Allied	Tour	Director.		(D)      at	the	Grand	Hotel,	we	will	enjoy	
                                                                               a horse-drawn	carriage	ride
                                Day	2:	 Our journey today takes us into
                                                                               for a tour	of	the	island. Then
                                Wisconsin where we visit the famous
                                                                               its free time to relax and enjoy
                                House	on	the	Rock. Next, we head
                                                                               your island setting and lunch on
                                for Door	County which is known as the
                                                                               your own before we ferry back to
                                “New	England”	of	the	Mid-West.		This	
                                                                               the	mainland.		Get	ready	for	one	
                                scenic	area	juts	out	into	Lake	Michigan.		
                                                                               of the most scenic drives in the
                                Its lakeside communities have a maritime
                                                                               area as we enjoy the “Tunnel	of	
                                history	that	is	charming	and	quaint.	We	
                                                                               Trees”	on our way to Traverse
                                check into our hotel in Sturgeon Bay and
                                                                               City, Michigan for overnight (B)
                                enjoy a traditional Fish	Boil this evening.
                                (CB,	D)                                        Day	7:		This	morning	a	unique	
                                                                               stop is included at the Music	
                                Day	3:	 This morning begins as we meet
                                                                               House	Museum. The collection of old
                                a local guide for a Door	County	Tour.
                                                                               organs, pianos, jukeboxes and more will
                                We visit Bjorklunden	Chapel,	Seaquist	
                                                                               amaze	you!		Next	a	local	guide	shows	
                                Orchards	and	quaint	lakeside	villages	
                                                                               us the sights of Traverse. A fun lunch is
                                before enjoying lunch at Al	Johnson’s	
                                Swedish	Restaurant. Be sure to check
                                                                               included in Traverse City. Continuing           TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                                                               south, we arrive in Holland, Michigan for
                                out	the	grass	roof	complete	with	graz-                                                     •	 House	on	The	Rock
                                                                               overnight.		(CB,	L)
                                ing goats! This afternoon we travel to the                                                 •	 Fish	Boil
                                Upper Peninsula of Michigan, cross over        Day	8:		Holland	is	home	to	a	rich	Dutch	    •	 Door	County	Tour
                                to Eastern Time Zone and reach Escanaba,       Heritage. The DeKlomp	Wood	Shoe	            •	 Bjorklunden	Chapel
                                Michigan	for	overnight.			(CB,	L)              &	Delft	Factory	is the only blue and        •	 Seaquist	Orchards
Mackinac Island & Door County

                                                                               white delftware factory in the U.S. See     •	 Al	Johnson’s	Swedish	Restaurant
                                Day	4:	 The Upper	Peninsula (UP) is
                                                                               the	artists	as	they	mold,	hand-paint	&	     •	 Tahquamen	Falls
                                filled	with	beautiful	shoreline	scenery	and	
                                                                               glaze	delftware	&	watch	wooden	shoe	        •	 Great	Lakes	Shipwreck	Museum
                                unique	sights.	Our	afternoon	includes	
                                                                               carving on machines imported from the
                                a visit to the beautiful Tahquamenon	                                                      •	 Soo	Locks	Boat	Tour
                                                                               Netherlands. We also visit an authentic
                                Falls, one of the largest falls east of the
                                                                               Dutch	Windmill, over 240 years old &        •	 Overnight	stay	at	The	Grand	Hotel
                                Mississippi. We continue to the north-                                                     •	 Tunnel	of	Trees
                                                                               twelve stories high! We journey back
                                eastern tip of the UP to visit the Great	                                                  •	 Music	House	Museum
                                                                               thru	Illinois	and	into	the	Quad	Cities	
                                Lakes	Shipwreck	Museum. Seeing                                                             •	 DeKlomp	Wood	Shoe	&	Delft	Factory
                                                                               where our last evening includes a “Fare-
                                films	of	underwater	shipwreck	discoveries	                                                 •	 14	Meals
                                                                               well	Dinner” hosted by your Allied Tour
                                will leave you spellbound. We arrive into                                                  •	 Tour	Director	–	Roxie	Mulder
                                                                               Director.		(B,	D)
                                Sault Ste Marie for a “get	acquainted”	
                                tour	of the town followed by an over-          Day	9:		We are homeward bound today
                                night stay. (CB)                               after a great time of making memories,
                                                                               meeting new friends, and traveling scenic
                                Day	5: Experience an educational and
                                                                               Wisconsin & Michigan.
                                scenic ride on a Soo	Locks	Boat	Tour.
                                This narrated excursion will actually take
                                you thru the locks, right alongside the                                                    Price:
                                big freighters. We head south and cross
                                                                                                                           $1,699 per person, double occupancy
                                the Mackinac	Bridge before arriving
                                in Mackinaw City for our ferry ride to                                                     $1,599 per person, triple/quad occupancy
                                beautiful Mackinac	Island. We arrive at                                                    $2,179 single occupancy
                                the	Grand	Hotel,	perched	on	the	Island’s	
                                hillside, in time to enjoy the Huge Grand	                                                 Pay by check savings: $25 per person
                                Buffet	lunch.		You	will	have	free	time	                                                    Departure Points: see page 3
                                following lunch to explore your new
      24                                                To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
                          cAnyonlAnds of The greAT souThwesT
                                                  September 10-19, 2010
Day	1:	 Today we travel towards the            Navajo	Code	Talkers. They were In-
southwestern portion of the United States      dian soldiers who used their language in
to see beautiful vistas, overlooks and         a secret code assisting in the win of World
mountains. As you travel, sit back and re-     War II. We travel through the Navajo
lax as you get to know your fellow Allied      and the Ute Indian Reservations to Mesa	
travelers	on	our	ten	day	adventure.	(D)        Verde	National	Park. With a guide,
                                               we’ll	explore	the	ancient	Anasazi	Indians	

Day	2: We	journey	through	to	the	awe-
                                               Cliff	Dwellings.		Overnight	in	Cortez,	
inspiring Rocky	Mountains. Among the
red rock canyons, spires and balancing rocks
of Utah, lays Arches	National	Park,            Day	7: 	“All	aboard	the	Silverton,”
which contains the largest number of natu-     a	coal-burning	passenger	train,	to	be-
ral stone arches in the country. A guide	      hold the spectacular mountain scenery
will enlighten us about their formation.       of the San Juan National Forest between
Tonight we will be treated to a dinner,	       Durango	and	Silverton.		Then	we	travel	
sound	and	light	show on the canyon             over the Million	Dollar	Highway to
walls	of	Arches	National	Park	(B,	D)           the	“Switzerland	of	America,”	Ouray,	CO.	
                                               Overnight in Montrose, CO. (CB)
Day	3:		We’ll	see	astounding	pinnacles,	
arches, and natural cathedrals in the          Day	8:	 More wondrous scenery unfolds
Capitol	Reef	National	Park. Enjoy              at the Black	Canyon	of	the	Gunnison	
a hearty picnic	lunch before heading           National	Monument. From the top
on	one	of	Utah’s	most	scenic	drives	to	        of the Royal	Gorge,	we’ll	gaze	at	the	
Bryce	Canyon. A guided	sunset	tour             river meandering through the canyon
of Bryce Canyon National Park enhances         far below. A delightful Cowboy	dinner	
the vivid colors and stunning rock for-        and	show	will be our entertainment
mations of the canyon. Overnight near          tonight in Colorado Springs. Overnight
                                                                                                  TOUR HigHLigHTS
Bryce	Canyon.		(CB,	BL)                        in	Colorado	Springs,	CO.		(CB,	D)              •	 Arches	National	Park
                                                                                              •	 Canyonlands	National	Park
Day	4: Zion National Park is where             Day	9:		Today you have two options             •	 Capitol	Reef	National	Park
we travel today, where sandstone rock          to choose from. The Pikes Peak Cog             •	 Bryce	Canyon	National	Park
has	shaped	unique	and	beautiful	forma-         Railway in Manitou Springs which takes

                                                                                                                                         Ganyonlands of the Great Southwest
                                                                                              •	 Zion	National	Park
tions.		Then	it’s	on	to	the	Glen	Canyon	       us	to	the	14,100	ft.	summit	of	Pikes	Peak,	
                                                                                              •	 Glen	Canyon	National	Recreation	Area
National	Recreation	Area to catch a            OR you can choose to visit the Seven
glimpse of the Glen	Canyon	Dam. A
                                                                                              •	 Grand	Canyon	National	Park
                                               Falls. Please book either one of these two
cruise	on	Lake	Powell will delight us                                                         •	 Mesa	Verde	National	Park
                                               options when you make your reservation.
as we travel into scenic Antelope Canyon.      Driving	through	the	Garden	of	the	
                                                                                              •	 Durango	Silverton	Train	Ride
We	overnight	in	Page,	AZ.	(Bkfst	To	Go)	       Gods,	you’ll	see	towering	red	sandstone	       •	 Black	Canyon	of	the	Gunnison	
                                               formations. Scenic overlooks and an            	 National	Monument
Day	5:		We’re	off	to	the	magnificent	                                                         •	 Royal	Gorge
Grand	Canyon,	where	we’ll	enjoy	one	           architecturally distinct chapel are features
                                               of the U.S.	Air	Force	Academy. Our             •	 Garden	of	the	Gods
of	nature’s	greatest	works	of	art.	A	visit	                                                   •	 US	Air	Force	Academy
to the I	–Max	Theater at the National          overnight	stay	is	near	Denver,	CO.		(CB,	D)
                                                                                              •	 14	Meals
Geographic	Visitor	Center	will	thrill	you	     Day	10:	 Homeward bound today. We              •	 Tour	Director		–	Paula	Gundermann
with	the	Grand	Canyon	Movie	or	have	           have lunch	at	Ole’s	Big	Game	Steak-
a real life thrill by taking an optional       house	and	Lounge	near Paxton, NE.
helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon!         Return	home	captivated	by	the	magnifi-
Sign up for this option when you book          cent beauty of our many grand canyons!
your reservation. The Cameron	Indian	          (B,	L)	
Trading	Post	is	a	showplace	for	fine	
Native American art and Southwest art.         Tour Option #1: (Day 5)                        Price:
Their charming gardens are an unex-            Sign up when you make your reservation
                                               Helicopter Ride over Grand Canyon - $130pp     $1,699 per person, double occupancy
pected pleasure and the restaurant boasts
antique	furnishings	and	a	huge	fireplace	                                                     $1,599 per person, triple/quad occupancy
                                               Tour Option #2: (Day 9)
along	with	a	view	of	the	Little	Colorado	      Sign up when you make your reservation         $2,129 single occupancy
River	Gorge.		We	overnight	at	the	Cam-         Pikes Peak Cog Railway to Pikes Peak - $33pp
eron	Trading	Post	and	Lodge.(CB)                                                              Pay by check savings: $30 per person
Day	6:	 In Kayenta, AZ we discover the         Seven Falls - $10pp                            Departure Points: see page 3

                      Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                                25
                                                                colorAdo rAils And AsPen TrAils
                                                                                  Sept. 29 – Oct. 5, 2010
                                Day	1: Board your “Colorado	Rails	            Day	5:		This	morning,	it’s	“all	aboard”	
                                and	Trails” coach for a journey like no       the new	Royal	Gorge	Route	Railroad
                                other	in	the	Rockies.	Your	tour	director	     for	a	thrilling	ride	through	Royal	Gorge.	
                                will help you to get to know your travel      This historic route offers scenery unlike
                                mates with fun onboard activities. Enjoy      any other train excursion on your tour.
                                your new friends at our Get	Acquaint-         It is awesome! This afternoon tour the
                                ed	Dinner	this	evening.	(D)                   Air	Force	Academy and see the Cadet	

                                                                              Chapel	(if available). Also behold the
                                Day	2:		 This morning board Amtrak
                                                                              natural	beauty	of	the	1,367-acre	Garden	
                                for	your	first	train	excursion	through	the	
                                                                              of	the	Gods. Balanced Rock is the most
                                Rockies. Here witness some of the most
                                                                              famous of these red sandstone formations
                                spectacular scenery found anywhere in
                                                                              at the base of Pikes	Peak. (B)
                                the United States. The Aspens will ser-
                                enade you with their golden glow as they      Day	6:		It’s	“Pike’s	Peak	or	Bust”	as	you	
                                quake	in	the	breeze.	(CB,	D)                  board the highest cog railway for a jour-
                                                                              ney	to	the	top	of	Pike’s	Peak.	You’ll	
                                Day	3:		This	morning	witness	the	awe-
                                                                              have a breathtaking panoramic view of
                                inspiring scenery of the Black	Canyon	
                                                                              the valley below. This afternoon take
                                of	the	Gunnison	National Monu-
                                                                              time to stroll	Old	Colorado	City with
                                ment.	Embracing	almost	21,000	acres,	
                                                                              a	special	stop	to	view	Michael	Garman’s	
                                the Black Canyon reaches a depth of
                                                                              “Magic	Town”.	You	have	to	see	it	to	
                                2,700 feet. Scenic overlooks will provide
                                                                              believe	it!	The	37-acre	U.S.	Olympic	
                                you with spectacular views and photo
                                                                              Complex is the last stop this afternoon.
                                opportunities. Then journey to Silver-
                                                                              This	is	the	training	center	and	headquar-
                                ton;	its	name	came	from	the	miners	
                                                                              ters for the U.S. Olympic Committee.
                                shouting “We got silver by the ton!” All
                                                                              This evening gather with your travel
                                abooooard! The	Durango	and	Sil-
                                                                              mates for a delicious dinner and fun at
                                verton	narrow	Gauge	Railroad will
                                                                              the traditional Farewell	Dinner in the
                                take you on a journey down the scenic
                                                                              restored	Denver	and	Rio	Grand	
                                “River	of	Lost	Souls	Gorge”	where
                                                                              Railway	Station.		(CB,	D)                             TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                you’ll	see	remote	wilderness	that	defies	
                                                                                                                                •		 Amtrak	through	The	Rockies
                                description.	You’ve	always	heard	about	it,	   Day	7:		It’s	time	to	head	home	from	
                                                                                                                                •	 Spectacular	Fall	Foliage
Colorado Rails & Aspen Trails

                                now	experience	it.		(B,	D)                    this spectacular “Colorado	Rails	and	
                                                                              Trails”	tour, but the chug of the steam           •		 Black	Canyon	of	the	Gunnison	
                                Day	4: Travel across southern Colorado                                                          	 National	Monument
                                                                              engine and the echo of its whistle will
                                through the beautiful San	Juan	Moun-                                                            •		 Durango/Silverton	Railroad
                                                                              live on in your memory forever. (CB)
                                tains	to	nature’s	wonder	–	the	Royal	
                                                                                                                                •		 Royal	Gorge	Route	Railroad
                                Gorge. (B)                                    Tour is operated in conjunction with Fun Tours.
                                                                                                                                •	 Pike’s	Peak	Cog	Railroad
                                                                                                                                •	 Colorado	Springs	Sightseeing
                                                                                                                                •	 Garden	of	the	Gods
                                                                                                                                •	 Air	Force	Academy
                                                                                                                                •	 10	MEALS	

                                                                                                                                $1,399 per person, double occupancy
                                                                                                                                $1,621 single occupancy
                                                                                                                                Pay by check savings: $35 per person
                                                                                                                                Departure Points: see page 3

       26                                              To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
                                         AuTumn in new englAnd
                            Sept 22 – Oct. 3, 2010                  Sept. 29 – Oct. 10, 2010
Day	1:	 Welcome aboard our motor-            fired,	to	commence	the	Revo-
coach to view the beautiful colors of        lutionary War. Enjoy lunch at	
fall and enjoy the historic sights of New    Quincy	Market	in Boston. We
England. We will enjoy dinner	&	tour         explore Boston this afternoon
at the Jacob	Henry	Mansion. Our              including the Freedom Trail,
overnight accommodations will be in          Boston Common, USS Consti-

Joliet,	Illinois.		(D)	                      tution, and drive by the famous
                                             Pub “Cheers”, and more! (CB)
Day	2:	 Our journey continues into
Michigan and on to Canada. 	PASS-            Day	8: We travel south to
PORT	REQUIRED!		We’ll	stay	                  Plymouth, Mass. Think back to
overnight	in	London,	Ontario.		Dinner        the	1620’s	when	the	pilgrims	
is	included	this	evening.		(CB,	D)           landed on the wintry coast of
                                             our continent as you photo-
Day	3:	 In Niagara	Falls a local ex-
                                             graph Plymouth	Rock and
pert guide will show the Floral Clock,
                                             the	Mayflower! Our journey
Whirlpool,	and	the	Botanical	Gardens.		
                                             continues to Hasbrouck Heights,
Pass directly in front of the Falls as we
                                             New Jersey for a two night stay.
ride on the Maid	of	the	Mist. Enjoy
lunch at Table Rock Restaurant. Watch
the breathtaking story of the falls at the   Day	9: A brief ferry ride takes us
IMAX	Theater. Overnight in Niagara           over to the Ellis	Island	Immigration	               TOUR HigHLigHTS
Falls.		(CB,	L)                              Museum. Be sure to visit the Bag-
                                                                                            •	 Dinner	&	tour	at		Jacob	Henry	Mansion
                                             gage Room, the Registry Room and
Day	4:	 Sit back and relax as we travel
                                             the American Immigrant Wall of Honor.
                                                                                            •	 Niagara	Falls	&	ride	on	“Maid	of	the	Mist”
through the unspoiled wilderness of lush                                                    •	 Tour	of	Lake	Placid
                                             The ferry continues to the Statue	of	
forests in the Adirondack	Mountains                                                         •	 Shelburne	Museum
                                             Liberty. Outdoor exhibits are located
of	upstate	New	York	to	Lake	Placid	                                                         •	 Breakfast	at	the	Trapp	Family	Lodge
                                             around the perimeter walkway that ex-
where we overnight. (B)                                                                     •	 Morse	Farms	Maple	Sugar	Factory
                                             plains	the	history	of	the	Statue	of	Liberty	
Day	5:		A local expert guide will give       as	well	as	New	York	harbor.		A	guided	         •	 Guided	tour	of	Concord,	&	Lexington
us a tour	of	Lake	Placid before we           tour	of	New	York	City will include             •	 Boston	City	Tour
continue on to enjoy a ferry ride from       such	sites	as	Times	Square,	Central	Park,	     •	 Ferry	ride	to	Ellis	Island	&	Statue	of	Liberty
Essex,	NY,	across	Lake	Champlain             Fifth Ave., Wall Street, Chinatown, Trade      •	 Guided	tour	of	New	York	City
into Vermont. A short journey north to       Center Memorial Site, and much more.           •	 Amish	Community—Shipshewana
Burlington	brings	us	to	Vermont’s	most	      After such an exciting day, your evening       •	 Guided	“Backroads	Country	Tour”	with
popular attraction, the Shelburne	Mu-        will be free to relax and have dinner on
                                                                                            	 “Haystack”	lunch
seum. Overnight near Burlington,VT.          your own. (CB)
                                                                                            •	 15	Meals

                                                                                                                                                  Autumn in New England
Day	6:		We’ll	depart	a	little	early	to	      Day	10:	Pennsylvania shows off its fall        •	 Allied	tour	director
enjoy breakfast at the Trapp	Family	         splendor as we travel through the Po-          	 9/22	–	Jeri	Podliska
Lodge. The inn has breathtaking vistas       cono	and	Allegheny	Mountains	into              	 9/29	–	Anna	Mae	Broek
of the Stowe Valley and the Worcester        the countryside of Ohio. Our dinner
mountain	range.	Then	it’s	on	to	Morse	       and	overnight	are	in	Elyria,	OH.		(CB,	D)
Farms	Maple	Sugar	Factory to see
                                             Day	11: Shipshewana is home to one
how maple syrup is made and taste their
                                             of the largest Amish communities in
“Sugar	on	Snow”. Our journey con-
                                             the world. A glimpse of their lifestyle is
tinues	through	New	Hampshire’s	White	
                                             revealed during the guided “Backroads	
Mountains.		Maine	is	so	close,	so	we’ll	                                                    9/22 Pricing with Ultra Coach:
                                             Country	Tour” along with a “Hay-
make a brief visit to Kittery and enjoy                                                     $2,084 per person, double occupancy
                                             stack”	lunch. Overnight is in Peru,
dinner there. Spend two nights is in the                                                    Departs all Allied Cities – see page 3
                                             Illinois. Enjoy a farewell luncheon en
Boston	area.		(B,	D)
                                             route	home.	(L)                                9/29 Price:
Day	7: We explore Concord	and	                                                              $2,064 per person, double occupancy
                                             Day	12:	 We still have a few miles to
Lexington this morning. Hear all about
                                             cover, but we have many memories of            Pay by check savings: $20 per person
the exciting ride made by Paul Revere.
                                             America’s	history	and	New	England’s	fall	
The North Bridge in Concord is where                                                        Departure Points: see page 3
                                             foliage to share with our friends as we
the “shot heard around the world” was                                                       Tour also departs out of Sioux Center & Orange City
                                             make our way home. (CB)
                     Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                                       27
                                                                  rAilroAds of new englAnd
                                                                                 October 2-7, 2010
                           Day	1:		After	your	arrival	at	Logan	Air-       Day	4:	 Travel south to Winnipesauke for
                           port, spend the afternoon on a Boston	         a memorable cruise	on	Lake	Winnipe-
                           City	tour with a	local	guide and enjoy         sauke aboard the M/S	Mount	Wash-
                           Quincy	Market. Feel the cobblestones           ington. After lunch tour the Wright	
                           beneath your feet, see roaming perform-        Museum that highlights the World War
                           ers and taste the wonderfully diverse          II years with both war and everyday life
                           ethnic	foods.		(D)                             exhibits.		Late	afternoon,	arrive	at	the	

                                                                          Meredith Station and board the Win-
                           Day	2:		Enjoy a narrated	driving	tour
                                                                          nipesaukee	Scenic	Railroad for a two
                           of the coastal villages of Kennebunk
                                                                          hour	trip	along	Lake	Winnipesauke.	Ride	
                           and Kennebunkport. Visit the Fran-
                                                                          the rails while enjoying Hart’s	Hot	
                           ciscan	Monastery	with its groomed
                                                                          Roast	Turkey carved right at your table
                           lawns, outdoor shrines and chapel. This
                                                                          with	all	the	trimmings!		(B,	D)
                           afternoon visit a Maine	Lighthouse,
                           and	then	it’s	on	to	Portland, a restored       Day	5:	 Ride the Cannon	Mountain	
                           seacoast	town	and	Maine’s	largest	city.		      Aerial	Tramway, an eighty passenger
                           Ride the rails aboard the Maine	Nar-           aerial tram that whisks you above the
                           row	Gauge	Railroad for a scenic train          timberline. Travel to 4,200 feet and ar-
                           ride along Portland Harbor overlooking         rive at the summit for spectacular views
                           the Calendar Islands of Casco Bay. Enjoy       of the White Mountains. Board “The	
                           time to visit the museum here that fea-        Hobo	Railroad”	in	Lincoln,	New	
                           tures	the	historic	“two-footer”	trains	that	   Hampshire for a trip into a bygone era
                           ran between many towns in rural Maine.         when	train	travel	was	at	it’s	peak.		Then,	
                           (B,	D)                                         travel to Cape	Cod and savor a lobster	
                                                                          dinner	before checking into your hotel
                           Day	3:	 Enjoy a spectacular fall foliage
                                                                          for	the	night.		(B,	D)
                           ride on the Conway	Scenic	Railway                                                                TOUR HigHLigHTS
                           departing from the historic station on         Day	6:	 Begin your day in the “hub” of        •	 Boston	City	Tour
                           Schouler Park in the vacation village of       Cape Cod – Hyannis. Stop at the Ken-          •	 Quincy	Market
                           North Conway, New Hampshire. On this           nedy	Memorial and the Korean	War	
                                                                                                                        •	 Kennebunkport
                           valley route you will experience the ex-       Memorial, drive through the village
                                                                                                                        •	 Main	Narrow	Gauge	Railroad
                           citement of rail travel in the comfort of      of Hyannisport and view St. Francis
                                                                                                                        •	 Lobsterbake	Dinner
                           restored passenger cars. This afternoon,       Xavier Church. Then, board the Cape	
                                                                          Cod	Central	Railroad for a journey
                                                                                                                        •	 Conway	Scenic	Railway
                           travel the “Kancamangus	Highway,”
                           one the most scenic routes in North            to	the	quaint	town	of	Sandwich. Then,         •	 M/S	Mount	Washington
                           America, located in the White Mountains        it’s	time	to	head	home	with	many	fond	        •	 Winnipesaukee	Scenic	Railroad
Railroads of New England

                           of	New	Hampshire.	(B,	D)                       memories of your Railroads of New             •	 Hobo	Railroad
                                                                          England tour. (B)                             •	 Cape	Cod
                                                                                                                        •	 Hyannis
                                                                                                                        •	 Cape	Cod	Central	Railroad
                                                                                                                        •	 10	Meals		

                                                                                                                        Price: (airfare is included in price)
                                                                                                                        $2,049 per person, double occupancy
                                                                                                                        $2,400 single occupancy
                                                                                                                        Pay by check savings: $55 per person
                                                                                                                        Departure Points: see page 3
                                                                                                                        Tour operated in conjunction with Fun Tours

     28                                            To make reservations, call Allied Tour at 800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840
               smoky mounTAins—music, mAJesTy & PrAise Tour
           Featuring great entertainment, beautiful scenery and inspirational sights!
                                     October 18-27, 2010
Day	1:		We’re	off	for	an	adventure	in	the	    of-the-art	exhibits,	
Great	Smoky	Mountains!		Our	first	eve-        multimedia displays
ning is in charming St. Charles, Missouri     and	films	share	about	
where we enjoy a “Get-	Acquainted”	           the life of a humble
Dinner	in	the	historic	downtown	area.	(D)     preacher. The Bilt-

                                              more	House	and	
Day	2: Nashville, Tennessee is our
                                              Gardens in Asheville
destination today. This evening enjoy the
                                              welcomes us this
music of the Grand	Ole	Opry!	Over-
                                              afternoon. This is the
night in Nashville. (CB)
                                              largest private home
Day	3: We depart Nashville early this         in	America.	You’ll	
morning for travel to Pigeon	Forge.           have time to tour the
Upon arrival we enjoy time at Dolly-          home, stroll through
wood	–	the	“Entertainment	Capi-               the gardens and visit

                                                                                                                                     Smoky Mountains – Music, Majesty & Praise Tour
tal	of	the	Smokies”. See spectacular          the gift shop before
shows from Contemporary Country to            we are off to the
50’s	Rock	&	Roll	that	fill	the	stages,	and	   winery for a tasting.
master craftsmen demonstrate glass-           Overnight Asheville,
blowing, blacksmithing, wagon making          NC. (CB)
and	more.	And,	October	at	Dollywood	
                                             Day	7: Our journey
features the Harvest	Celebration	and	
                                             continues as we enjoy a drive along a
Gospel	Jubilee!	 We check into our
hotel and enjoy a relaxing dinner this
                                             portion of the northern section of the          TOUR HigHLigHTS
                                             Blue	Ridge	Parkway.		By	mid-afternoon	
evening.		(CB,	D)                                                                        •	 Grand	Ole	Opry
                                             we arrive at Beckley, West Virginia where
Day	4:	 Enjoy a leisurely morning be-        we tour the Beckley	Exhibition	Coal	        •	 See	spectacular	shows	at	Dollywood
fore	we	wonder	to	Gatlinburg	to	visit	the	 Mine. An experienced veteran coal             •	 Harvest	Celebration	&	Gospel	Jubilee
new Christ	in	the	Smokies	Museum	 miner will take us under ground riding                 •	 Christ	in	the	Smokies	Museum	&	Gardens
&	Gardens	which features incredibly          an authentic “man car” into the heart of    •	 Show	at	the	Grand	Majestic	Theatre
life-like	scenes	of	the	Story	of	Christ,	    the mine. Enjoy a casual dinner followed    •	 Great	Smoky	Mountain	National	Park
utilizing	life-size	figures,	dramatic	light- by	overnight	in	Beckley.	(B,	D)             •	 Sugarlands	Visitor	Center
ing,	music	and	special	effects.		Down-                                                   •	 Blue	Ridge	Parkway
                                             Day	8:	 An exciting new attraction          •	 Billy	Graham	Library
town	Gatlinburg	will	be	a	great	place	
                                             awaits our arrival this afternoon—The	      •	 Biltmore	House	&	Gardens
for lunch and shopping. We return to
                                             Creation	Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio.        •	 Beckley	Exhibition	Coal	Mine
Pigeon Forge for dinner followed by the
                                             Designed	by	a	former	Universal	Studios	     •	 The	Creation	Museum
show at the Grand	Majestic	Theatre.
                                             exhibit	director,	this	state-of-the-art	    •	 Abraham	Lincoln	Presidential	Museum
Take a journey back to the fabulous
                                             70,000	square	foot	museum	brings	the	       •	 14	Meals
1940’s.		You’ll	find	yourself	tapping	your	
                                             pages of the Bible to life. Overnight in    •	 Tour	Director	–	Roxie	Mulder
toes and singing along to some of the
                                             the Cincinnati area. (CB)
era’s	greatest	tunes.		(CB,	D)
                                             Day	9: Continuing east we travel into
Day	5:		Today we venture into the
                                             Illinois.		Springfield	welcome	us	this	
Great	Smoky	Mountain	National	
                                             afternoon as we visit the impressive
Park.	See	a	film	at	Sugarlands	Visitor	
                                             Abraham	Lincoln	Presidential	Mu-
Center that tells you all about this beau-
                                             seum. People rave about this museum         Price:
tiful park. Enjoy a break in Cherokee be-
                                             which has been deemed the best attend-
fore we continue on the southern route                                                   $1,564 per person, double occupancy
                                             ed	Presidential	Library	and	one	of	the	
of the Blue	Ridge	Parkway.		Lunch	
                                             most studied new museums. Overnight         $1,464 per person, triple/quad occupancy
will be on your own at Mt.	Pigsah, the
                                             in	Springfield	and	enjoy	a	“Farewell	Din-   $1,988 single occupancy
highest point along the parkway. We ar-
                                             ner” hosted by your tour director at the
rive into Charlotte for overnight. (CB)                                                  Pay by check savings: $20 per person
                                             Chesapeake	Seafood	Restaurant.	(CB,	D)	
Day	6: We begin our day with an                                                          Departure Points: see page 3
                                             Day	10: Recap the many fun tour expe-
inspirational visit to the Billy	Gra-                                                    Tour also departs from Edgerton, MN
                                             riences with fellow travelers while miles
ham	Library.		Learn	what	can	happen	
                                             quickly	glide	by	on	our	way	home.		(CB)
through	a	life	yielded	to	God	as	state-

                     Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                                   29
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When	do	I	make	my	Payments?			To	confirm	your	res-                         Room	Occupancy.	 Single occupancy rates provide one room
ervation,	a	$100	per	person	deposit	is	required	within	7	days	             per person, and one seat per person on the motorcoach. When
after you make your reservation. (Exceptions: Air, cruise and              three or more travelers stay in one room, two double beds will
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       destinations for 2010                                                            Thanksgiving	(Nov.	25)
Valentines	Day	Mystery	Tour . . . . . . . . 2/14-15                                          Save $20 pp: Minneapolis Post Easter Tour
Florida	Getaway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2/20-28                                                              Springtime in Chicago
Savannah . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4/24 – 5/2                                     	 Save	$35	pp:			Sunny	Southwest	Adventure
Door	County	cherry	Blossoms . . . . . . . 5/17-22                                       	 	               	      Tex-Mex	Tour	&	Cruise
                                                                                        	 Save	$50	pp:		 Springtime	in	Georgia	
Pella Tulip Festival . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5/6-7
                                                                                                                    & Carolinas
San Francisco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6/21-26                                                              Best of Paris
Stay	&	Play	Switzerland . . . . . . . . . . Apr-Oct                                     																									Greek	Isles	Cruise
Oberammergau . . . . . 7/6-13;	8/18-25;	8/29-9/5                                                                 New Orleans &
Lake	Superior	Autumn . . . . . . . . . . 9/23-10/1                                      	 	               	      			The	Deep	South
Cape Cod Caper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9/14-18
                                                                                        Valentines	Day	(Feb.14)
San Francisco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9/20-25                                     	 Save	$20	pp:			Ozarks	–	Around	the	
Washington	DC	&	Gettysburg . . . . . . 10/12-21                                                              World Tour
Mississippi River Cruise . . . . . . . . . 10/19-22                                     	 Save	$35	pp:	 Washington	DC	Inside	&	Out
Branson Fall Harvest Festival . . . . . . . 10/21-24                                    	 	         								Yellowstone
                                                                                        	 Save	$50	pp:	 Pacific	Northwest
New	York	City . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10/13-21
                                                                                                            Heart of Alaska Cruise Tour
                                                                                        	 	         	       New	York	City
fonTAnelle Tours:                                                                          Save $75 pp: Canadian Rockies by Rail
South Padre Island . . . . . . . . . . . . .1/25-2/8
                                                                                        May	Day	(May	1)
                                                                                          Save $20 pp: Scottish Irish Festival
                                       uPcoming Tours:                                  	 Save	$35	pp:	 Mackinac	Island
                                                                                        	 	        	    Grand	Canyonlands
                                       Sports Tours – Nebraska football and                             Autumn in the Smokies
                                       Pro – Baseball and the Holiday Tours will                        Colorado Rails & Aspen Trails
                                       be featured in our upcoming newsletters.           Save $50 pp: Autumn in New England
                                                                                                        Railroads of New England

                       Or visit us online at our website: and book your tour!                                  31
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Norfolk,	NE	68701                                                    Address	Service	Requested

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   800-672-1009 or

                      22 Heart of Alaska Cruise

                       20 Canadian Rockies by Rail
                                                                                                                                       Railroads of
                                                                                               Mackinac                                New England
                                                                                               Island &                                      28
             21                                                                                  Door
                                                                                                                              Autumn in
                                                                                                                            New England
           Pacific Northwest                                               Minneapolis          County
               Grandeur                                                   Post Easter Tour
                                                                                                  24        Niagara Falls             27
                                           Yellowstone &
                                         Glacier Nat. Parks                       12                         & Toronto
                                                05                                                                   16             11
                                                                                                13                              New York City
                          Grand Canyonlands of                                              Springtime in
                          The Great Southwest                    Irish Highland
                                                     19 Scottish in Estes Park
                                                        Festival                                                              17
                   Las Vegas &      25          26                                                                    Washington D.C.
                                                                                                        Autumn in      Inside & Out
                  Grand Canyons
                                         Colorado Rails &                                              The Smokies   29
                       15                  Aspen Trails                            Ozarks
                                         6                                                                      Springtime in          Best of Israel
                                                                                                            Georgia & The Carolinas
                                  Sunny Southwest
                                    Adventures                                                                        11                           9
                                                                San Antonio &                                                             Best of Paris
                                                               Texas Adventure           New Orleans &
                                                                                        The Deep South                                            23
                                                                     14                        10                                   Greek Isle Cruise
                                                                          6   Tex-Mex Tour & Cruise                                               23
                                                                                                       Florida Getaway    5

                    Panama Canal Adventure                                                                                  South Caribbean Cruise
                               8                                                                                                      4

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