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									1984 by George Orwell

Discussion Questions: Part 2, Chapters 1-4

The following questions are to help in your understanding of the novel. These questions will help you
prepare for the quizzes, and they will also serve as talking points for our Round-Table Discussions.

Chapter One

    1)   What does Julia do to get Winston’s attention?

    2)   Describe what Winston first does with Julia’s note?

    3)   Examine Winston’s reaction to the message in Julia’s note.

    4)    Analyze the irony regarding Winston’s budding relationship with Julia and his newfound desire
         to live.

    5) Compose a situation in which Julia and Winston could openly converse at work.

    6)   Assess why Winston has difficulty looking at Julia when he sits with her in the cafeteria.

    7) What seems contradictory about Julia and Winston meeting in Victory Square?

    8)   Discuss how the parade of prisoners assists the Party’s domination of its citizens.

    9)   Show how Julia takes the lead in her relationship with Winston.

Chapter Two

    1)   Explain why you think Winston should or should not trust Julia.

1984                                             Page 1
Discussion Questions
   2)   Generalize why Julia likes Winston.

   3) Evaluate Winston’s tryst with Julia in regards to his dream of the Golden Country.

   4)   Describe Winston’s initial thoughts about Julia.

   5)   Contrast Julia’s public persona with her true feelings about the Party.

   6) Examine what Julia means when she states, “Always yell with the crowd, that’s what I say. It’s
      the only way to be safe.”

   7)   Infer how the thrush’s song draws Julia and Winston together.

   8) Evaluate Winston’s comment to Julia, “The more men you’ve had, the more I love you.”

   9)   Contrast Winston’s current feelings for Julia to people’s interpersonal feelings before Ingsoc.

Chapter Three

        1)   Describe the irony in Julia going to a Junior Anti-Sex League meeting.

        2)   Summarize how Julia and Winston must act and converse when they are together in public.

        3)   Examine Julia’s belief, “If you kept the small rules you could break the big ones.” Do you
             agree or disagree? Provide an example to support your answer.

        4) Infer why the Party produces pornography.

1984                                             Page 2
Discussion Questions
        5)   How do you believe Julia and Winston’s relationship would fare if they could marry?

        6)   Tell how Winston’s wife, Katharine, responded to sex.

        7) Evaluate Julia’s belief, “All this marching up and down and cheering and waving flags is
           simply sex gone sour. If you’re happy inside yourself, why should you get excited about Big
           brother and the Three-Year Plans and the Two Minutes Hate and all the rest of their bloody

        8)   Contrast Winston and Katharine’s reactions to being lost during the community hike.

        9) Examine Winston’s comment, “We are the dead.”

Chapter Four

   1) Describe the room above Mr. Charrington’s shop.

   2)   Interpret the symbolism of the prole woman singing outside the window.

   3) Explain why Winston wants a private place for Julia and himself.

   4) Analyze the crimes Julia and Winston are committing by renting and meeting in the room.

   5)   Assess why female Party members do not wear makeup, heels, or dresses.

   6) Formulate why Julia and Winston are so excited about the tea and coffee.

   7)   What does Winston see that frightens him?

1984                                            Page 3
Discussion Questions
   8) Describe why Winston likes the glass paperweight.

   9)   Examine Julia’s reaction to the picture of St. Clement’s Dane.

1984                                            Page 4
Discussion Questions

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