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SLA Southern California Chapter Executive Board and Advisory Council Meeting Wednesday, 19 September 2001 Location: California School of Culinary Arts 3rd Floor, Conference Room # 1 521 East Green Street, Pasadena CA Minutes President Kathleen Smith first called a brief Executive Board session at 4:20 p.m. In Attendance: Elaine Adams, Laurel Crump, Joan DeFato, Debbie Hartzman and Lindy Lecaros. Nominating Committee  Kathleen suggested some members who might be good candidates to join Jean Crampon on the Nominating Committee. The proposed committee members were: Joe Geissler; Jill Foreman; Loren Bures; Latonya Jefferson; Jacquelyn Cenacveira; Jim Senter; and Cherene Birkholz. Kathleen opined that she would like to have two additional Nominating Committee members who ideally know people. However, she was reluctant to appoint any current Executive Board or Advisory Council members, as having this additional role would be too much of a burden. Other members offered for consideration were: Shirley Lee Tanaka; Linda Hamilton; Elizabeth Housewright; and Katherine Richards. After a brief discussion, Debbie Hartzman moved that we ask these four members  primarily Cherene Birkholz and Shirley Lee Tanaka, with Jill Foreman and Katherine Richards as backup options in case either of the first two nominees decline  to serve with Jean Crampon on the Nominating Committee. Laurel Crump seconded the motion, which was then passed unanimously. Joint Executive Board and Advisory Council Session: In Attendance  Elaine Adams, Barbara Amago, Bob Bellanti, Laurel Crump, Joan DeFato, Joyce Hardy, Debbie Hartzman, Richard Hulser, Lindy Lecaros and Bill Lee. President Kathleen Smith called the joint session to order at approximately 4:35 p.m. Approval of the May 17, 2001 Minutes  Debbie Hartzman moved that the minutes of the May business meeting be accepted and approved without corrections. Joan DeFato seconded the motion, which was then passed unanimously. Approval of the July 14, 2001 Minutes  Joan DeFato moved that the minutes of the Summer meeting be accepted and approved without corrections. Debbie Hartzman seconded the motion, which was then passed unanimously. 2001 - 2002 Budget Planning  Elaine Adams followed with a discussion of the Chapter budget. For this fiscal year, Elaine is setting up a deposit account system with the USPS through PIP in the amount of approximately $350. This amount should be sufficient to cover the cost of normal newsletter mailings, while also providing some funds in reserve as a cushion and minimize the hassles of the old reimbursement system. Sternheim Scholarship Fundraising  Elaine reported that we earned about $500 after expenses from last year’s eBay Auction. This year’s Sternheim Fundraiser co-chair, Richard Hulser, is thinking of a fundraising activity in April 2002 which would be fun, interesting, creative and not too expensive to organize. Some possibilities include a Wine tasting, a tie-in with the Cerritos Public Library or UCLA, or perhaps a benefit movie screening. In keeping with the Chapter’s 75th anniversary, Richard is planning on having 75 items for
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bid at this year’s eBay auction. Richard is targeting net income of $3000 this year, to cover the award and to reduce the need for having a fundraising event every year. Richard also suggested we include a photograph of Karen Sternheim (with the family’s permission) on our Website, as well as a brief biographical tribute which Bob Bellanti had prepared a few years ago, to raise awareness of Karen Sternheim and make the scholarship process more meaningful and personal to recipients. 2002 SLA Conference Planning  Elaine encountered some challenges reconciling the reporting of the 2002 Conference’s fundraising income and expenditures, primarily because the Association’s budget year ends on December 31st, while our Chapter’s budget year ends on May 31st, resulting in a slight imbalance in the budget. Debbie Hartzman suggested getting in touch with last year’s SLA host Chapter (Texas) or with SLA Headquarters to see how best to handle this item. Debbie will also post a message to the SLA Leadership electronic discussion list for clarification and additional guidance. Elaine will resubmit a revised budget in about two weeks, or by the next board meeting, to address the current imbalance between income and expenditures. Advisory Council -- 2002 Planning Committee Update  Barbara Amago announced that Debbie Hartzman, who was an ad hoc committee member last year as President, was appointed by Kathleen Smith as a fourth member of the 2002 Planning Committee. Debbie will organize the content of the program materials and brochures. Barbara also mentioned that Bruce Liebman volunteered to obtain copyright permission for the celebrity cutout figures, which we will use at our booths. To promote the conference, Lys Chuck’s article entitled “Look Ma, No Car” will be published in the next issue of Information Outlook. As for the Sunday night party, Barbara reported that negotiations are still in progress with other vendors, since an agreement could not be reached with the latest major sponsor. The party’s scope and format is scalable, and some adjustments may eventually have to be made, such as dividing credit between multiple sponsors. Fundraising Committee concerns  Bruce Liebman could not attend the meeting, but expressed his concerns regarding advertising via an e-mail to the Board. (He originally shared his views during the 14 July board meeting in Altadena). Bruce would essentially like to be able to offer more value or additional recognition to our sponsors, particularly those at the Platinum level. As the issues surrounding fundraising and accounting for vendor advertising and vendor sponsorship and recognition at Chapter meetings have been recurring for a few years now, the Board will solicit a formal proposal from the Fundraising Committee so that policies can be established to hopefully resolve this issue. Chapter Website update  Robert Powers reported via e-mail that he was working on improving the Members Only section of the Website, partly due to maintenance and changes to the SLA server, as well as recent virus attacks. Awards Committee  Kathleen Smith announced the appointment of Bob Bellanti as Chair of the Awards Committee.

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November Area Meetings  Debbie Hartzman presented the schedule of Area Meetings set for lunchtime in November. Latonya Jefferson is also organizing a joint event with Best Friends for the Downtown LA area, with the date to be announced later.  Century City  November 1 at Hop Li Seafood Restaurant; RSVP by October 30 to Margarita Chie  Pasadena  November 1 at Radhikas; RSVP by October 29 to Susan Hendrickson and Teresa Bailey  Burbank  November 14 at Acapulco Restaurant; RSVP by November 12 to Stacey McKeever  Orange County  November 14 at Havana’s; RSVP by November 12 to Jill Foreman  Ventura County  November 21 at Big D’s California Pizza; RSVP by November 19 to Debbie Hartzman. 2001 - 2002 Programs Status  Laurel Crump presented an update on future programs.  October 29, 2001  Roberta Shaffer, SLA Executive Director, will speak at the Empress Pavilion in Chinatown.  December 11, 2001  Ron Kilgore of KFWB radio will be the guest speaker during our joint Holiday party with LACASIS at the Summit House Restaurant in Fullerton.  January 29, 2002  John D’Amicantonio, Librarian at CSULB will speak about his work in Southeast Asia at a location in Long Beach (perhaps CSULB).  February 2002  Joint meeting with SCIP, speaker TBA. SCIP would like to hold the meeting in Orange County.  April 2002  75th Anniversary Party and Fundraiser. Details TBA, possibly at the Cerritos Public Library.  May 2002  Business Meeting, possibly at the Skirball Cultural Center. She was also thinking of hosting networking meeting for SJSU Fullerton students. The Chapter might have a panel discussion of seasoned librarians sharing their insights on “What I Wish I Knew before I Went to Library School.” Community Relations update  Joyce Hardy shared with the group her experience after a preliminary inspection of the Chapter’s archives, some 18 - 20 boxes of which are housed at The Aerospace Corporation. The archives contain a treasure trove of materials, ranging from newsletters, job announcements and budgets from around 1930. Joyce envisioned reprinting some of these items as a series of feature articles in our newsletter. The materials may also be suitable for an exhibit showcasing the Southern California chapter’s history during the June 2002 conference. In order for a thorough review and inventory of the materials to be made, a Saturday work session was scheduled for October 27th. Publications Chair Report  Bill Lee announced that the number of Pacific Bell lines for the Jobline was reduced from three to one on September 7th. This reduction will be reflected on the September bill and the Jobline budget proposal. As for the Newsletter, Linda Broussard with SLA Headquarters did clarify that we could have advertisements from the newsletter appear on the Web-based version, so long as we don’t charge advertisers twice. Bill’s preliminary poll of the membership’s preference for receiving this item yielded few results. (Three people said “whatever.”) Bill also presented various competing bids for the Newsletter’s production. After going over the pros and cons of each vendor, he recommended we retain our current vendor, PIP Printing in Burbank. The minimal cost advantages of other vendors are more than offset by PIP's familiarity with our Chapter’s templates, staff and procedures. The Board accepted Bill’s recommendation to continue publishing our newsletter with PIP, pending further discussion of this matter.
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Kathleen Smith tentatively scheduled the next Executive Board meeting for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, October 23rd, possibly at the Amateur Athletic Foundation. Official details will be announced later. There being no further business to discuss, Debbie Hartzman moved that the meeting be adjourned, and Joyce Hardy seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m. Respectfully submitted by Lindy Lecaros.

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