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User's Manual
            Safety Information
Thank you for your selecting this color screen GSM/GPRS
digital phone. You may get the general information and
powerful function as well as the easy operation through this
user guide.
         Please inform the telecom department or retailer of
your lost or steal phone to prohibit the SIM card, which may
save your economic loss from calling chargers by other ones.
         Please keep the IMEI number properly (printed on the
label at the back of the phone, you’ll find it after getting off the
battery) in case you need to connect to the telecom department
or retailer to prohibit the SIM card of your lost phone.
         For safety using of your phone, please set the PIN code
for SIM card. The PIN code can prevent your SIM card to be
used by unauthorized person.
Please don’t leave your phone at visible place in car when you
are out. It’s better to take it with you or locked in the box.

About your device
This color screen phone is designed for the GSM/GPRS net
environment with the Double SIM Technology. But one SIM
card can not be reached while the other one is on a phone call.
Except for basic calling, this phone also provide a variety of
practical functions such as Intelligent association Chinese input,
Phone book, Profiles, Message, MP3, Video player, Cameras,
FM, Voice recorder, TV simulator, E-book, Games GPRS,
Internet, Bluetooth, Alarm, Calculator, Date, Automatic power
on/off etc. which may facilitate your work and entertainment.
Besides, the unique interface and perfect functions will meet all
your requirements.
This color screen phone was made according to GSM/GPRS
technology and was attested by authorized institution. All rights
to change the content in this user guide without prior advice are
Network Service
You must apply to the wireless service provider after the
opening of the necessary services can use this equipment. Many
of the features needed to support a specific network function.
These features are not applicable to all networks; other
networks may require that you first need to wireless service
providers to reach an agreement before they can use network
services. The need for data network services. Please contact
your service provider, ask about the use of registration and
other networks when the cost of the case. Your service provider
may provide you with the necessary description and
explanation of charges. Some networks may limit the
development of a number of conditions; this will affect your use
of network services. For example, in some networks, not all
characters and language-related support and services are subject
Your service provider may be required to disable or turn off the
equipment function. At this point, these features will not appear
in the device menu. Your device may also be some special
configuration, such as menu names, menu order and icons
change. For more information, please check with your service
provider advice.

Your Device
Names of all parts and illustration
Technique parameter
Model:      F8
Band:       Dual GSM,900/1800MHz
Size:      107.5*50.8*17.4mm
Display:   2.4 inch QVGA
Camera:     High-definition Camera
Battery:   1200mAh
           Bluetooth /Background Music Playback/ SMS
Memory:   Support T-flash Card, up to 2G

 Picture of appearance (only for
Installing of SIM card and memory card
SIM card
Please insert available Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)
card into your phone before you using it. SIM card is
supplied by network provider.
All the information related to network connection is record in
SIM card, as well as the name, phone number and SMS stored
on SIM phone book. You can take out the SIM card from you
phone, and insert it into another phone with GSM (the new
phone will recognize the SIM card automatically)
Do not touch the golden contacts of the SIM card and put it far
away from the place with electricity and magnetism in case of
its damage. You can not use the phone if the SIM card is
Tip: Before inserting or taking out the SIM card, always
make sure that the phone is switched off and disconnected
from any enhancements; otherwise both the phone and the
SIM card may be damaged.
Installing and taking out of the SIM card
The metal contacts of SIM card is easy damaged by scratch, so
take it out carefully before assemble it into phone.
         Switch off the phone, move the back cover, battery or
other power.
         Fit the SIM card into the SIM card slot, with the uncut
side inside and the metal contacts facing down as shown. So the
other SIM card.
         Gently pull out the SIM card.
Tip: Without special illustration in this user guide, the
functions are explained under the situation of inserting two
SIM card. If you only insert one SIM card, some menu may
not be displayed.
              SIM2 Card      SIM1 Card                    Memory


Memory Card
Move the back cover and battery. Fit the memory card into the
card slot of the phone, with the metal contacts inside and facing
down as shown.
Tip: If the memory card does not work properly, please
check whether it is put in the right place and good in golden

Installing of battery
         Remove the back cover from the phone.
         Make the golden contacts of the battery face to the
contacts in phone.
         Gently press the other side of the battery to finish

Tip: Please install battery correctly in case of damage of the
Charging the battery
Plug the charger into the socket on the top of your phone.
Connect the charger to an AC wall socket. It starts charging
when the battery level icon appears scrolling on the top-right of
the screen.    When it is finished charging, the icon appears
When at low battery power, there’s caution message to appear
and the battery level shows empty. The phone will also be
power off at this situation. Do not store the batteries with low
power for a long time, otherwise the quality and life of batteries
would be affected. Do not charge the batteries for a long time.
Tip: Use only chargers approved by the phone
manufacturer to ensure the phone working normally.
Charging Port



Security codes
         PIN code
Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) code protects the
SIM card against unauthorized use. Your PIN code is usually
supplied with the SIM card. After three consecutive incorrect
PIN code entries, the code is blocked, and you need the PUK
code to unblock it. Contact your service provider for more
         PIN2 code
This code is supplied with some SIM cards, and is required to
access some functions (such as call costs) in your device. After
three consecutive incorrect PIN2 code entries, the code is
blocked, and you need the PUK2 code to unblock it. Contact
your service provider for more information.
         PUK code
This code is required to change a locked PIN code. If the code
is not supplied with the SIM card, contact your service provider.
After ten consecutive incorrect PUK code entries, the SIM card
can not be used any more. Please contact your service provider
to buy a new SIM card. You can not edit PUK code. If it is lost,
Please contact your service provider.
         PUK2 code
This code is required to change a locked PIN2 code. After ten
consecutive incorrect PUK2 code entries, you can not use the
functions required PIN2 code. Please contact your service
provider to buy a new card. You can not edit PUK2 code. If it is
lost, Please contact your service provider.
Dial call
On standby screen, click dial-up icon on the standby, and then
enter into dialer interface, fixed telephone number before the
number of xae may be required. To delete the phone number,
please click C.

Reject call
You can press power key to reject the incoming call.
Answer call
When there’s an incoming call, the phone will remind you
(through Vibration, ring and etc.). The name and phone number
of the caller is shown on the screen if the network supports the
service. You may press the dialing key to answer the phone.
End call
You can press power key to end the call.
After you apply to your network provider for this service and
the network also supports it, you can send and receive Chinese
and English SMS and MMS through message center.
Tip: Take the record of SIM card 1 for example.
Messaging (MMS)
         enter the sub menu Inbox view the received short
         news in your inbox list will display a message
received date and time, and the other number or name (if the
phone book there is the number of hours).
         in the event of a short message inbox list, you can
click "OK" to read the message details. At this point you can
click the option for the following:
- Re: to the current short message is sent by sending an SMS.
- Delete: Delete the current short message.
- Forward: forward the short message section. Editing can also
be forwarded.
- Copy to phone / SIM card: which information can be copied
to the phone / SIM card.
- Save From: extracting current SMS mobile phone number,
you can choose to save it to the phone book.
- Call From: extracting current SMS mobile phone number,
you can select it to dial.
- IP Call: Extract the current SMS mobile phone number, you
can choose it for IP dialing.
- Details: You can view the messages of the time and date.
into the Outbox view your saved SMS; in the event of a short
message Outbox list, you can click OK to read the message
details. At this point you can click the option for the following:
- Forward: forward the short message section. You can choose
to Card 1, 2 and select multi-card to send or group to which to
send a short message to send to people.
- Delete: Delete the article text messages.
- Copy to phone / SIM card: which information can be copied
to the phone / SIM card.
- Call From: extracting current SMS mobile phone number,
you can select it to dial.
- IP Call: Extract the current SMS mobile phone number, you
can choose it for IP dialing.
- Details: You can view the messages of the time and date. .
   After the message editor can save here if you do not send.
Drafts of the short message in the event list, you can click OK
to read the message details. At this point you can click the
option for the following:
- Add recipient: Select the object you want to send.
- Save as a draft: the current text can be saved as Drafts.
- Insert: insert a picture can be sounds.
- Converted to MMS: the current form of SMS into MMS.
- Send Options: Selecmemory card 1 or card 2 send.
- Input: Select the desired input method.
Sent Box
After the message editor can save here if the send failed in the
event of a short news mailing list boxes, you can click OK to
read the message details. At this point you can click the option
for the following:
- Add recipient: Select the object you want to send.
- Insert: insert a picture can be sounds.
- Converted to MMS: the current form of SMS into MMS.
- Send Options: Selecmemory card 1 or card 2 send.
- Input: Select the desired input method.
Write a message
SMS network service allows you to text a short message can
receive short messages to other mobile phone.
Please confirm before writing the message set short message
service center number. write messages into the sub-menu, you
can enter short message (see "Input Method Description"). At
this point you can click the option for the following:
- Add recipient: Select the object you want to send.
- Insert: insert a picture can be sounds.
- Converted to MMS: the current form of SMS into MMS.
- Send Options: Selecmemory card 1 or card 2 send.
- Input: Select the desired input method.
template can write some commonly used sentences, in order to
avoid duplication when sending text messages one by one input.
After writing option to edit, delete, or new information.
Edit: You can add / edit the voice mail number, so that the use
of voice-mail feature will be more efficient.
connected to the voice: the voice call set up your mailbox
number, listen to a message.
Cell Broadcast
Receive Mode: Select to open into the receive mode, turn off
the cell broadcast messages rejected.
  reading: enter the menu to read your custom cell broadcast
  Language: Set the receiving cell broadcast language.
Channel settings: Set Cell Broadcast channel.
Note: Cell broadcast service and voice mail are the
operators, please contact your carrier.
Memory status
In this feature you can view the messages stored in the current
Set up
Using the short message function of time, you first need to do
the necessary settings.
SMS set to enter the submenu.
- Mode is set: to select a suitable SMS mode. Into the mode of
the corresponding model name, SMS center number, SMS is
valid, sending format set.
- Status settings: whether to open news report or return path.
- Storage condition: See SIM card or phone box in the space
occupied situation.
- Storage location: Select Phone or SIM card.
Set SMS center number: Please contact your network
provider to get the short message service center number. Such
as China Mobile in Shanghai, a short message service center
number is: +8613800210500. Specific action to: Select a
message center sub-menu, enter your short message service
center number, tap OK to save the settings.
Note: this feature requires operators to support
This feature lets you browse books store, edit and delete the
phone and SIM card name and phone number. In order to
facilitate the records management, the function of mobile
phones, according to the group set about the direction key
Check: check the - selected user details.
Dial: call the selected user's telephone number.
For the call: - IP selected users IP calls.
Send to current: - selected users send SMS/MMS.
New: added a new - contacts.
- delete deletes the selected telephone records
Mark: after mark - can choose multiple users operating
- to SIM card/mobile phone SIM / : will the user name card
copy to mobile phone/SIM card.
- join groups: will add to the user group/blacklist.
Contact: here - a user can select send card, backup and import
user name card.
Check the state: - memory cell storage conditions.
                       Call History
Enter the call log sub-menu to view all of the calls, missed calls,
received calls, dialed calls and blocked calls call records;
When viewing the call history list will display the date and time
of the call number or name each other (in the phone book there
are the numbers.)
In the call log list, you can look at options for operation:
- View: View the details of the call records.
- Dial-up: Call this number.
- IP Call: call this number with the IP.
- Send: send SMS or MMS messages to this number.
- Save: Save this number to the new contacts or existing
- Delete: Delete the current record.
- Delete all: delete all, the card 1, card 2 in the record.
- Talk time: View the recent calls, received calls, dialed the
phone number of call time and talk; reset the call timer.
- call cost: View the recent calls, total calls, line calls
Files Management

Access to file management, menu display phone and memory
card drive letter (sure that you have inserted the memory card).
Root directory, click on "Options" can proceed as follows:
   Open: list the root directory and files.
   Delete: to delete the current folder.
   memory state: View the current memory information.
     Open the drive letter, you can open the drive letter under the
file list and folder list. If the currently selected folder in a file,
you then click "Options" to display the following options:
     If the currently selected a file, you then click "Options" to
display the following options:
   View: If the file is a mobile phone can support the image
file, you can view this image; If the file is the phone does not
support the image file will be prompted to format.
The mobile phone built-in high-definition camera, you can take
pictures anytime, anywhere, and save the photos to your phone
or memory card, or as a cell phone wallpaper, or sent via MMS
to your friends and colleagues.
Select Menu> Media> Camera into the camera preview
interface, enter the camera menu, click Options:

Note: photographs, please comply with all local laws and
regulations on the photographs. Please do not illegally use
this feature.
By the main course to enter camera mode speed, you can watch
video screen effect, click on Settings to enter sub-menu, use the
menu below:
Music Player
   Click the list into the list - option, do the following settings:
       - Play List: Displays the current music file.
       - Music Box: shows all current music folder.
       - Play: Start the music going.
       - Background Play: You can play background music.
       - Repeat: You can edit the song cycle approach.
       - Random: random order so that songs do not play.
       - Equalizer: Select Play Music mode.
       - 3D surround: switchable 3D feature.
       - Lyrics display: displays the current song's lyrics.
       - Details: View the details of the current music file.
       - Song Information: View current song information.
Tip: Play MP3 in the main interface to return the
background playing status will be maintained, the idle
screen to scroll the name of the music.
Video player
In video playback interface, click OK button can be suspended
or continue to play, according to hang key can stop play video,
according to the upper side key adjustable volume.
Enter video player file list, select a video files press left soft key,
you can enter below:
Broadcasting: play the choice - video files.
- send: your choice of video files to: bluetooth, MMS.
- delete deletes your choice of video files.
- rename: rename video file name
Content: can view - a detailed video file size, type and date, etc.
Into the radio broadcast interface, click the left or right or
adjustable frequency, click on "Options" from the options:
      - Radio Open: Radio operation can be switch
      - My channel: up to 9 channels can be edited.
      - Add to my channel: the current search to the Channel add
to my channel.
      - Search Taiwan: Taiwan automatic search or manual
search option.
      - Background play: can the background of the radio
      - Hands-free: on the hands-free switching operation.
With this feature you can record, and can be recorded as
ringtones. AMR audio file format support.
    Into the recording interface, point OK button to start
recording, press the stops to end the recording and
automatically saved. You can operate the following options.
    - Play: play the selected recording.
    - New: New to add record.
    - Rename: To rename the selected audio file.
    - Delete: delete the selected audio file.
    - Send: send the audio file to the MMS or Bluetooth.
    - Set to: the recording file is set to ring tones, contacts, and
alarm clock.
    - View Document: to view the current files of all recordings.
Please select menu > scene model into the scene mode selection
The user can choose different scenarios pattern, also can be in
several situations mode custom. The handset provides eight
scenarios mode: General, meeting, outdoor, Silent, Personal and
Headset mode.
Here you can choose to start, personalization and recovery.
Input password, mobile phone to the default Settings
Standard operating mode.
Standard operating mode.
Only start function. Other ring, etc.
Individuals with standard set mode.
Insert headset automatically open this mode. Individuals with
standard set mode.
                Network Services
Your phone supports wireless application protocol-based (WAP)
services. You can access various WAP services such as news,
weather and flights and so on. These services are designed for
mobile phones by service providers maintain WAP.
WAP service requires network support, the availability of WAP
services, pricing and tax, contact your network operator or
service you provide the necessary service provider. Service
providers will also provide you instructions on how to use their
 Select Menu> Web services.
WAP browser
Select "WAP browser", you can log on bookmarks and saved
pages. Select "Bookmark Options", you can select the
bookmark the following:
 Navigation: to enter the URL and home page of the operation.
 Bookmark Management: edit to add a new bookmark.
Folders: You can create a new file.
 Setting: The bookmark for images related settings.
 Clear: Delete the bookmark.
Download catalog: displays the current download case.
Exit: Exit bookmarks.
 Select "save page", you can save Web pages that have the
Open: Open the saved bookmark.
Navigation: to enter the URL and home page of the operation.
Saved pages: operate on the saved pages, delete or move to
other documents.
Folders: You can create a new file.
Tags: all the saved pages tagged for easy one-time operation.
Setting: The bookmark for images related settings.
Clear: Delete the bookmark.
Download catalog: displays the current download case.
Exit: Exit bookmarks.
Note: Before use, make sure your phone's bookmark list is
not empty. So we default in the phone number of sites to use
as a bookmark for you to edit.
Your service provider may have some default device settings,
so you may not be able to change these settings.
This menu contains general, mobile phone and connect the
various settings.
General Settings
Select Menu> Settings> General Settings.
Time and Date: Set the time and date.
- Time zone: time-based phone settings to select a city.
  - Time / Date settings: set the current time and date.
- Second time: time to open the second function, the phone
displays two time.
Off Set: Set the time, at the time, turn on or off.
Mobile: View Mobile identification number and software
Security Settings: Set PIN code, and modify the phone and
SIM card password. 1 SIM card security settings:
You can enter a locked SIM card mobile phone sub-menu to set
the security options to avoid the phone or SIM card 1 is the
illegal use.
PIN code
PIN code can prevent your SIM card 1 is the illegal use.

Phone settings
Select Menu> Settings> phone settings.
Call settings: Settings related to call option.
Call Transfer: Open Call Transfer allows calls to the call
number has been set.
Call limit: No limit set incoming.
network settings: for network-related settings.
- Give priority to the network: the network can choose the
priority you want.
- Operator selection: Select the operator's display.
Automatic: Automatic search for the respective network SIM
Manual: Search all network currently available, manual
-           Flight mode: open, can the phone is in airplane
-           Standby mode: the dual card single card mode
-           The default SIM card: Card 1 by default, you can
-           Speed Dial: Create shortcuts to dial.
Select Menu> Settings> Connection.
Data Account: Customize account.
WAP settings: WAP account settings.
MMS settings: settings and SIM card account residual heart.
               Additional features
When prompted, available from the Calendar interface, enter
the "Options" menu to select the jump to a specified date, join
the schedule, so you can easily manage all tasks in working life,
arranging and recording your future has to do to. When your
scheduled time of arrival of a certain matter, the phone beeps to
remind you to complete these pre-arranged matter. Under the
current schedule for the empty case, you can add to increase the
schedule, when the schedule is not empty, click "Options" to
see the following menu options:
View the contents of the currently selected schedule.
Add Event
Select to add events, create a new calendar schedule matters.
You can edit the schedule start time, end time, notes, alarm
clock, continuous, location, priority option.
Calendar schedule start time to set the start time of the
implementation issues.
End of the trip time setting calendar items should be completed
by the end of time.
Note the subject matter of editing the contents of the date of
visit (note: a note can not be empty).
Alarm on / off alarm clock, set the starting time when the
matter of the calendar schedule whether to activate the alarm
prompt arrival.
Set the matter straight trip calendar alarm prompted repeated
manner "once a day, from the definition (default is Mon-Fri
alarm clock, users can set their own needs for the week of a few
days), weekly, every month. "
Locations where the calendar schedule.
Priority setting the priority of the calendar schedule.
Note: The phone schedule for the calendar set aside a
certain amount of available storage space, no additional
options if the options, can not add calendar schedule, you
must remove the storage of important records of the
calendar schedule, before creating a new Calendar journey
matters. Matters only when the travel alarm clock calendar
is set to "open" in a way set up to be effective.
Select week view, you can make a weekly calendar to be
Event List
View all current events.
To a specific date
Select Go to a specific date, enter the specified date, click "OK",
the screen displays the specified date.
Set up
By setting, set the view to display and start date.
Remove All
Can remove all of the events.
Find Events
By looking for events, view the current events kept.
Memory status
View the current storage situation.
Note: The phone language is set to "English" in the case of
Chinese is not displayed.
Alarm Clock
     Mobile phone can be set up to six alarm (shutdown alarm
clock is still valid). Alarm clock alarm clock menu shows the
list, select and edit an alarm clock: alarm clock can be carried
out respectively on / off, time, ring mode, ring settings and ring
type settings. One ring to set the option is set to: once, daily,
custom (default is Monday to Friday of the alarm clock, users
can set their own needs in a few days a week).
This feature allows you to phone a calculator, some simple
Exchange rates
Currency converter must enter the exchange rate, and then enter
the national currency value, click OK to display in another edit
box value that you want.
- General stopwatch: to record the time out.
- More for the stopwatch: You can click on the direction of the
different directions were recorded after the results.
NES Games
This phone supports NES simulation games, as long as you
need to play NES games into the memory card folder to GAME.
Note: Please do not remove the memory card msaaEML.bin file,
or may result in NES games can not run.
This feature can help you to read the save in the phone /
memory card (make sure the memory card has been inserted)
on the TXT format text file. You only need to copy the file to
read [the document] folder, then enter the e-book function can
be read.
Click the "Options" option as follows steps:
 View: Read the contents of the selected file.
 File Information: display e-book title, size and file format
information content.
 Delete: delete the selected file.
 Delete all: delete all appear in the e-book file menu.
 read by: Select all the files read e-book form: each scroll line,
each rolling three lines, six lines per roll, each roll one.
 encoding format: can its automatic, simplified, UCS2 three
formats of the set.
Note: This feature supports display TXT files, and only
saved in the [Documents] folder TXT file can appear in this
menu. Open an e-book, if the file is displayed as garbled,
please modify the "system default" in the "encoding"
setting to properly display the appropriate encoding format
of TXT documents. "System Default" in the "encoding"
default "GB2312 (Simplified Chinese)."
Dependency through
Can enter the phone number or landline phone number search
Whether to open electronic and caller ID to the territoriality.
Bluetooth wireless technology you can connect the phone to a
compatible device. To ensure mobile phones and other devices
supporting Bluetooth wireless technology between each other,
use approved by my company, for this model phone accessories.
Please contact the manufacturers of other devices to determine
whether their equipment is compatible with this device.
      In some areas, using Bluetooth wireless technology may
be subject to some restrictions. Check with your local
authorities or service provider.
      Using Bluetooth wireless technology functionality
required, or using other features, Bluetooth running in the
background. These operations may consume the phone battery
faster power, shortening battery life.
      Using Bluetooth wireless technology, mobile phones with
10 meters far away from a compatible Bluetooth device to
establish wireless connections. Because Bluetooth wireless
technology equipment to communicate via radio waves, your
phone and other Bluetooth device do not need is right. However,
the Bluetooth wireless connection may have walls or other
electronic equipment subject to interference from obstructions.
      Open: Open to open by Bluetooth.
      Search Equipment: Click "OK" to search for devices such
as Bluetooth headsets. If the nearby Bluetooth devices, and has
opened, the phone will find the device, click on "Connect",
enter the Bluetooth password pair, a successful connection.
      paired set: Click "OK" to enter the matching set, display
and the phone records to establish through coupling device.
Select a record, click on "Options" can proceed as follows:
    - Online: the equipment online, choose service record in the
service line.
    - Break: Disconnect this connection.
    - Device Name: enter the device name can be modified.
    - Delete: delete the record.
    - Delete all: delete all records.
    - Service record: display the device's service record.
    - Search for new devices: search for new Bluetooth devices.
    - Online in devices: Display line of devices and services,
may click "disconnect" the device off-line.
      settings: Bluetooth Settings, click "OK" can do the
    - Visibility of the machine: press on / off to open or turn off
this feature.
    - Device name: choose the appropriate input device name
after the local modified.
    Note: This phone supports the Bluetooth services
include:-free installation services, installation services,
headset, serial port services, dial-up Internet service, the
object transmission services, file transfer, advanced voice
broadcast services, video remote control services, SAP
services, and Fax service. If you need to search laptops and
other Bluetooth headset or handsfree device, select
"Search-free device" can, if you need to search for mobile
phones and other devices, please select the "My device -
search for new device" operation.
You can buy the following accessories from our company for
use with this particular phone model. For the available of other
accessories, please consulate with your dealer.
Standard accessories of this phone: one USB Charger (incl. data
cable), Earphone, Battery.
You can view the Charge status from the phone screen, the
phone will not automatically Power On when the Charge is
made when the phone is Power Off. During the Charge period,
you can press Power On key to use your phone.
             Care and Maintenance
Battery care
        Your phone is power by rechargeable battery. When
the power is weak, please charge your phone. In order not to
shorten the battery lifetime, use out the battery capacity before
        Unplug the charger when not in use. Do not leave a
battery connected with a charger longer than a week, since
overcharging may shorten its lifetime.
        Temperature can affect the ability of your battery to
charge, therefore the battery may need cooling or warming for a
while before charging. If the battery temperature exceeds 40 ℃,
the battery can not be charged.
        Use the battery only for its intended purpose. Do not
short-circuit the battery. Accidental short-circuiting may occur
when a metallic object causes direct connection of the + and –
terminals of the battery.
        Never use any battery which is damaged.
        Leave the battery in hot or cold places will reduce the
capacity and lifetime of the battery. A phone with a hot or cold
battery may temporary not work, even when the battery is fully
        Do not dispose of batteries in a fire! Dispose of
batteries according to local regulations.

Phone care
The below suggestions will help you to enjoy this product for
many years:
         Keep the phone and all its parts and accessories out of
the reach of children.
         Keep the phone dry, all kinds of liquid will erode the
electronic circuit.
         Keep the phone away from hot place, high temperature
can shorten the life of electronic device, warp or melt certain
plastic and damage batteries.
         Do not attempt to open or disassemble the phone,
non-expert handling may damage it.
         Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents or
strong detergent to clean the phone.
         Use only the original parts or accessories, disobeying
this, the phone will not be guaranteed.
                 Safety Information
Remember to follow any special regulation in force in any area
and always switch off your phone whenever it is forbidden to
use it, or when it may cause interference or danger.
Traffic safety
         Do not use a hand-held telephone when driving a
vehicle provided there is an emergency, stop your vehicle in a
safe place and then use your phone. Please obey relevant
         Certain electronic systems in the vehicle may affect by
the RF (Radio Frequency) signals from your wireless phone.
         Use your phone in the vehicle with out antenna.
         Only qualified technician can install your phone in
your vehicle.
Airplane safety
Power off your phone before boarding, the use of a wireless
phone in an airplane will be dangerous to the operation of the
airplane and disrupt the wireless telephone network and maybe
illegal. Failure to observe these instructions may lead to law
suit or denial of GSM cellular network service to the offender.
Environment safety
         Remind to observe any special regulations in any place,
always power off the phone in the place where the use of the
phone is explicitly stated, or places where the use of the phone
may cause interference or damage.
         Operation of any radio transmitting equipment, incl.
Cellular phone may interfere with the function of inadequately
protected medical devices. Should you have any doubt, please
consult with doctor or medical device manufacturer.
         Your phone may interfere with some medical devices
as hearing aids and pace-maker. Please follow the suggestions
of doctor or medical device manufacturer when using your
         Switch off your phone in any area in any potential
explosive place, such as gas station, chemical plant.
         Observe the restriction regulations of wireless devices

1、 Used the wrong type battery replacement will explosion
2、Please be sure to by manufacturers to consciously used
batteries into the recycle bin.

The information on the package is only for your reference. Images
are for your reference only. Please check the product model before
purchasing .LESUN reserves the rights to change specifications
and parameters of the products without further notice.

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