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Rostock Region – Gateway to the Baltic

Rostock is the largest and most important city in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and is one of th
Hanseatic League. For centuries international trade routes between east and west, Scandinavia and the contine
The opening of the East makes the city and its surroundings even more of what it used to be: A hub of norther

         he prosperous port and university town,      Economy in the Rostock Region                          pean Union the region is continuously improving
         rich in tradition, is proud of its excep-                                                           its infrastructure. By 2005, Hamburg and
         tional potential for growth. Traditionally       Port, shipping and shipbuilding play a leading     Szczecin will be accessible without any interrup-
         strong are the shipbuilding industry and     role in Rostock’s economic life, employing             tions via the Baltic Sea highway. The service
the ports of Rostock, including a sea port, fishing   approximately 10,000 people. More than 250             industry also features large in Rostock and its
port and cruise port.                                 shipping, transport and other industrial compa-        surroundings. Many telemarketing companies
    The number of businesses in the Rostock           nies are located at the deepest German Baltic          have settled here and profit from a workforce
region adds up to 20,500. The largest U.S. sub-       sea port. New opportunities arise in the field of      that speaks German without a trace of dialect.
sidiaries in the region are Caterpillar, which pro-   offshore energy. The life-science industry in the      Rostock is the home of 18 Service Centers with
duces ship engines in Rostock, and the automo-        region is also developing at a very fast pace.         approximately 1,800 employees.
tive supplier TRW Automotive in Laage. Further-       There are currently about 25 companies and 20
more Aida Cruises, the number one cruise liner in     R&D institutes in this industry in the region.         Tourism in Rostock
Germany, and the booking and service center               As a member of the Hanseatic League, Ros-
Call4Cruise are based in Rostock. Both of them        tock has a long tradition in logistics. Ready to use      The city’s Hanseatic past, the healthy climate
belong to Carnival Corporation Inc.                   its potential within the enlargement of the Euro-      and the beauty of its natural surroundings make

12 commerce germany December 2004
                                                             COMMERCE GERMANY SPOKE TO MICHAEL STURM,
                                                             MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ROSTOCK BUSINESS, ABOUT
                                                             WHAT THE REGION IN AND AROUND THE CITY OF
                                                             ROSTOCK HAS TO OFFER TO U.S. INVESTORS.
                                                                 What makes Rostock and its                                           a very good platform to give us
                                                             surrounding region a unique                                              the chance to establish a posi-
                                                             place to do business for U.S.                                            tive image of the Rostock
                                                             companies?                                                               region. We plan to intensify the
                                                                 There are several factors that                                       relationship with AmCham Ger-
                                                             speak for the Rostock region: its                                        many and hope that the net-
                                                             central location close to Scandi-                                        work will increasingly promote
                                                             navia, Poland and the emerging                                           “hidden champions” like Ros-
                                                                                                       Michael Sturm
                                                             markets of Russia and the Baltic                                         tock.
                                                             countries, a highly qualified and    panies that wish to invest in the
                                                             motivated workforce, and the         area?                          What do you enjoy most
                                                             modern infrastructure of the                                   about Rostock?
                                                                                                      Rostock Business serves as
                                                             Rostock region. The labor costs      the “one-stop agency” for      Rostock unites economic
                                                             here are below the German                                      advantages and a high quality
                                                                                                  investors doing business in Ros-
                                                             average, and there are very          tock. We guide companies  of life. Here you live and work
                                                             attractive financial support                                   where other people spend their
                                                                                                  through the whole process of
                                                             schemes for investments, R&D or                                vacation. The city’s Hanseatic
                                                                                                  settling down and offer solu-
                                                             labor. But one particular advan-                               flair, the open-mindedness of
                                                                                                  tions in every respect. We help
                                                             tage of the Rostock region can-                                the people and a beautiful
                                                                                                  investors find the ideal site,
                                                             not be expressed in numbers:                                   coastal surrounding make Ros-
                                                                                                  locate trained staff and research
                                                             The region’s experience with                                   tock a very livable place. A vari-
                                                                                                  financial support. As a one-stop
                                                             change and growth. Rostock                                     ety of cultural establishments
                                                                                                  agency for the promotion of
                                                             and its surroundings have                                      with a rich tradition and a mod-
                                                                                                  Rostock’s economy, we are well
                                                             changed fundamentally in a very                                ern leisure infrastructure with
                                                                                                  equipped to mediate between
                                                             short period of time; nothing is     investors and authorities.everything from theaters to golf
                                                             the way it used to be. Investors                               courses leave nothing to be
                                                             find here an inspiring economic    What role does AmCham desired.
                                                                                             Germany play for business in
                                                             vigor as they encounter straight-
                                                             forward officials ready to make the Rostock region?            CONTACT:
                                                             an effort to help investors imple- Being a member of Michael Sturm
he members of the once powerful                              ment their ideas quickly.       AmCham Germany means we Managing Director
                                                                                             are part of a powerful network Rostock Business
ent have converged here.                                        How can Rostock Business and it allows us to use a great +49 3 81 3 77 19 11
rn Germany and northern Europe.                              support in particular U.S. com- contact pool. AmCham provides

        Rostock traditionally strong in the tourism indus-
        try. Being one of the world’s most superb sailing
        areas, the nearby seaside resort Warnemünde
        welcomes more and more tourists at its cruise
        port every year. The recently opened Kempinski
        Grand Hotel Heiligendamm brings back the
        splendor of an old-fashioned seaside resort com-
        bined with award-winning state-of-the-art sports
        and recreational facilities. Among various sailing
        events and competitions one of the highlights
        and tourist attractions is the Hanse Sail – the
        biggest maritime event in Mecklenburg-Western
        Pomerania. Every second weekend in August
        more than 200 tall ships and traditional sailing
        vessels attract over a million visitors.         ½

                                                                                                                                      December 2004 commerce germany 13

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