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									                                      Email Marketing
In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, email marketing allows you to connect instantly with your clients,
one-on-one. Newsletters, business updates, coupons, flyers and more can be directly delivered to an audience
that has already expressed interest in learning more about what your business has to offer. With regular contact,
your company will be the first one in mind when potential clients are ready to buy.

Sounds easy, right? It is… as long as you know what to look out for. How can you be sure that your email will
work across multiple applications such as Gmail or Yahoo? How do you minimize the chances of ending up in
the dreaded spam folder, or worse yet, on a blacklist or sued for spamming? Can you check that your emails
are really being delivered, opened, read and getting the results you want?

         Allegra has the answer.
Get the most out of your email marketing campaign

Allegra and MailChimp                                         Packages
By partnering with the industry experts at MailChimp,
Allegra is confident that your marketing emails will get      Template Design                    SPECIAL   $199
                                                                                                            (reg. $299)
results. We start by designing an attractive, eye-catching
template that complements and builds your brand via           We’ll provide a fully customized template expertly
repeat emails. Of course, this template will include all of   designed by an Allegra email marketing professional.
the necessary features and wording required by law to
keep you, and your company, out of trouble for spamming.
Then, we’ll make sure that your email passes the “not
spam” test and will be successfully delivered to as many      Execution/Analytics             PER RECIPIEnT     1¢
inboxes as possible. Allegra will also check how your email
will appear across various email programs, since there is     Allegra will test and then send your email marketing
                                                              campaign, with a complete results report.
nothing worse than an email that can’t be viewed. After
your campaign has been sent, a full report is generated
so you can check how often your email was opened,
unsubscribed from, bounced back, or clicked through to
your website. Using information from these reports helps
                                                              Subsequent Campaigns                  SPECIAL   $69
                                                                                                              (reg. $99)
you to better understand your audience, test offers and       Ready for your next campaign? With the same attention
subject lines and improve your response rate.                 to detail, Allegra will repopulate your previously created
                                                              template design with new content provided by you.

Get Results
The world of email marketing is full of novice marketers
making innocent mistakes that could have serious
consequences. Why take that chance? Trust the experts
at Allegra and watch your
next email marketing campaign take flight.

                             Always, always, always, get
                             permission before adding a
                             new or existing client to your
                             email list. It’s the law!
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