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					Welcome to Harry Potter and the Philosophers SCONE!
(A game by Year 6 at De lucy Primary School) Can you get to the end and find the magic scone?

Let’s Play!

HARRY POTTER Malfoy has a Dragon in his hand and is going to set a light to Harry‟s broom…

Should he dive off? Crash into the tree?

Zap the fire?


Oh No!!! It backfires and you are hanging on with one hand…


You‟re tangled in a tree… Do you…

Climb down
Float down Wait for help

Nope! it‟s the whomping willow. It won‟t let you get past…


You sit waiting for help, but the Tree catches fire from your broom… you are burned to a crisp!

Start again!

Success! Harry is out of the tree and Malfoy is laughing in his face saying “that was a good ride potter.”

Do you get angry zap him?

Do you dye his hair green?
Do you punch him in the nose?

He goes all spotty and green and goes off crying but Potter gets 10 points off gryfindor…


Malfoy runs off crying!


You punch Malfoy in the nose, and he runs off to get Snape


Snape comes up says, “Potter what a surprise! Malfoy tells me that you tried to make him bleed.” Potters scar starts to sting like a knife slicing through his head
“Better get along to your Quidditch match Potter!” says Snape.


Harry plays quidditch and he is next to Crabbe. Suddenly he sees the snitch… Does he… Bump into Crabbe Go faster Grab it

Harry rebounds and falls to ground with a huge crash!

Try again

Harry flies through the air something flies into his eye before he knows he crashed into the goal

Try again

Well Done!!!!

Harry wins the match

Malloy says “watch your back Potter”

Later in the school, Harry sees a group of Slytherins coming towards him in the corridor… does he…

Cast astral project He fights them all Harry legs it!

Although he floats away, Harry‟s body gets beaten up bad


Harry loses… and quite badly… You die and have to start all over again…


Harry goes through a door and is staring in the face of a snake


You are faced by a ten meter Baselisk which is thrashing around you, you think that it is going to destroy your entire being. What do you do?. You either.

Talk to it

Cast a spell sleep

Sing to it

You try to reason with the snake and he replies with, „you need to choose a door, 1, 2 or 3, It‟s up to you, not to me…..‟


The magic spell just makes the snake more angry.


You are such a bad singer that you annoy the snake so much that he tricks you and whilst pretending to join in with the singing, he bites your head off.

BACK to the beginning

You pick door number 0ne

You pick door number two

You pick door number three

You fall to your death through a trapdoor


You look through the mirror and see your parents which distracts you for the rest of the adventure.


You fall down into a nest of baby snakes, where you find an interesting looking scone….


Harry climbed out of the window with the philosophers scone And he…

Broke it in half

ate it

fed it to snakes.

Inside there was a diamond !


Harry got food poising and his belly exploded

BACK to the beginning

Harry feed it to the baby snakes and the mother eat him.

BACK to the beginning

You are having a feast but you see a big snake heading for dumbledore…

Do you shout

Do you attack

Say nothing

You get crushed in the snakes coils You get crushed to dust go back to the start

Dumbledore zaps the snake you are a hero And you have completed the Adventure!

y o

You have completed the game of Harry Potter congratulations!

As the gigantic snake leaped forward and wrapped itself around Dumbledore And kills him then he gets eaten

How could you Harry!?!

back to the start

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