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Location - SCR Medical Transportation_ Inc


									Position:     VA Manager
Reports to:   Operations Manager
Location:     Chicago, IL
Industry:     Transportation-Public-Paratransit

Position Qualification

Must possess a comprehensive knowledge of the structure, mission and operational aspects of
paratransit operations. Should have at least five years of related professional experience,
including three years of supervisory or administrative experience. A college degree is preferred,
but a combination of education and experience relating to this position is acceptable. The
individual must have strong interpersonal, writing, analytical skills and management skills. An
ability to establish credibility at all levels within the organization is essential. Must be results-
oriented with strong organizational and planning skills. An ability to handle several diverse
projects simultaneously is necessary.

Position Summary

The primary responsibility of the Manager is to plan, organize, coordinate and oversee the
scheduling, staffing and execution of all VA/RTA/private operations and the timely booking and
dispatching of all routes and customer pick-ups for each day’s business. The execution of this
responsibility is achieved through the direct management of the efforts of Subordinates and the
proper use of management tools and systems developed to achieve those goals.

Position Responsibilities

   1. Develop practices, procedures and strategies that produce an efficient, effective and safe
      paratransit operation in strict conformance with SCR policy and procedures.

   2. Conducts meetings with supervisors and subordinates on a regular basis to review and
      discuss operating concerns, while developing comprehensive work plans for, and provide
      direction and guidance to, staff to assure the timely completion of work and reports.

   3. Supervise the operations organizational structure to support the scheduling, routing and
      dispatching of all Customer Pick ups in compliance with the contractual agreements.

   4. Maintain and report performance to budget as it relates to operating expenses. Play an
      active role in the development, implementation and execution of annual operating budget.

   5. Arbitrates disagreements between company personnel to ensure the highest degree of
      employee satisfaction and goodwill.

   6. Identify and investigate employee’s performance issues to determine the cause and
      corrective action to be implemented, while overseeing the counseling, disciplining and
      termination recommendation of the same based on company procedures.
   7. Works closely with the operations group to ensure that company assets are being

   8. Reviews departmental reports to follows-up, as appropriate, and consolidate for
      management reporting.

   9. Consolidates departmental reports that provide a weekly summarization and analysis of
      operational performance for the previous week.

   10. Briefs operations management on exceptional activities of the day.

Position Objective:

      Monitor and maintain operating expenses at or below budget.

      Achieves on-time performance of ninety-seven (97) percent or better of the pick-ups
      within (15) minutes of the scheduled time.

      Provides services that equals or exceeds ? passenger Pick-ups per revenue hour on
      week days. (to be determined)

      Measures and improves non-revenue driver hours and overtime reduction.

      Ensures that CAF responses are complete and returned to VA/RTA within 24 hours of

      Monitor to ensure that VA/RTA A/I Reports are completed properly and submitted to
      VA/RTA within 24 hours of the occurrence.

      Improves driver retention and productivity by ten (10) percent each quarter.

      Monitor to ensure that daily trip editing is performed accurately and timely, resulting in
      zero records found on all error reports.

Key Tasks

      Through the department supervisors, directs and coordinates the activities of workers
      engaged in providing medical transportation to the health care, ADA and para transit

      Maintains and ensure daily trips goals and quotas are met.

      Improves dispatch performance and productivity.
      Improves management reporting

      Assists in all functions of department as needed.

Management Reports

Daily- to the Operation Manager

      Previous day On Time Performance/Trip Count
      Previous day Missed Trips
      Previous day Driver Productivity
      Operations labor hour- Reg/OT
      Driver/vehicle issues

Weekly (for the previous week)- to the operations Manager

      Operating Wages to Budget
      Variance Report (explains missed targets in budgeting, productivity, performance)

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