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					                                   Capel Community Trust

                                       Charity No 267,775
Minutes of Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 23 April 2012
                              Meeting opened at 8.00pm

Present: Mike Gilson, Andy Agent, Trevor Banks, Mandy Marshall, Steve Bishop (chair), Sandra
Bumphrey, Julie Gentry, Richard Morgan, Jon Bunkell

Members of the public: Ian Powell & John Sturgeon

Apologies: Mark Rawthorn & Lynda Ward

23.03.12 Democratic ¼ hour
Ian reported that the majority of the drainage work had been carried out but due to the wet
weather had not been finished. He requested that £5k could be considered for the next precept
request as this would allow sand banding to commence to further drain the field.
Approval of the minutes from the meeting held on 26 March 2012
Proposal: that the minutes are a true record of the meeting.
Proposed: Mike Gilson         Seconded: Julie Gentry         none against

35.04.12 Matters Arising from the Minutes
35.04.12a No reply has been received from the Methodist Church regarding the removal of the
gate into the car park and John offered to liaise with the Church.                            John S
95.10.11a The main requirement from the Fire Risk Assessment is training for the staff and
people using the premises and we need to see what training is available. Nemco are unable to
help and Julie is going to see what Tesco provide. 35.04.12b We need to create our own training.
14.02.12a Decorating the hall was discussed, how much paint would be required and if the
Probation Service could do it. ICI may offer paint to charities but ideally it needs to be requested
through a staff member. Mark had spoken to an employee but they now only make car paint.
15.02.12 Lynda volunteered to be Child Protection Officer and will check what training is required.
02.12 Talk Talk have offered £600 to purchase a curtain for the hall door providing a link is added
to the website, advertising boards are erected and photos have been sent as proof and once the
cheque is received we will purchase the curtain.
22.02.12 Steve asked if we could receive gift aid on donations but this is only possible on
personal donations to the Trust.
27.03.12 It would be useful if coat pegs could be put in the lobby by the library.            Trevor
28.03.12a The tennis club are making some remedial repairs to the tennis courts costing £460
and have asked for a contribution from the Trust. We have received a breakdown but still require
a full invoice.                                                                               Sandra
28.03.12b Jarrett Carpentry has quoted £7240 to plasterboard and insulate the library ceiling. 2
more quotes are required. Under finance.
28.03.12c Previously Gina Tidy has been paid £240 a year to maintain the website for the Parish
Council but this is no longer necessary as the now PC have their own website.
Proposal: to pay Gina £200 (£100 Trust/£100 Association) to train staff on how to maintain the
website. Gina has been advised and Sandra has received training.

36.04.12 Report: Licensee and Premises Supervisor
The toilets in the Vine Lounge have been started and the boiler will be fixed while the plumber is
here as it is still losing pressure. It was agreed that the ceiling tiles in the Vine Lounge toilets and
corridor could be replaced as long as it did not exceed £500.
Proposed: Andy Agent                 Seconded: Steve Bishop                      none against
Trevor is going to get quotes for the flat roof as it is leaking in several places despite the remedial
work undertaken.
At the recent fire inspection we were advised that the chip pan in the pavilion may need removing
as it could invalidate the insurance if it caught fire.                                          Sandra
37.04.12 Report: Customer Service Officer – Mandy Marshall
Hall is advertised on all local free sites. Discussion had around increasing hall bookings that bring
in more money over bar. Possibly free hire if bar take over £1k and sending letters to members
who have a special birthday due. Stamps have been purchased before the price rise. Booking
form is to be reviewed at next meeting.

38.04.12 Report: Community Association – Jon Bunkell
£900 profit this year although £2k loss this month due to extra stock being purchased. Last stock
take was much better. The membership draw is being changed and charging higher prices for
functions are being looked into. A card machine is being installed. 2 gazebos have been

39.04.12 Report: Finance – Andy Agent
Andy handed out the figures. Electric, repairs and postage are all higher than predicted.
The bowls club have provided a quote to install a path between the ditch and the green for £738.
Proposal: to contribute 50% towards the path.
Proposed: Steve Bishop            Seconded: Andy Agent            none against
Could the glass recycling money go towards this?                                           Sandra
Bonfield Brothers have quoted £4900 to insulate and plaster board the library ceiling.
Proposal: to accept the quote from Bonfield Brothers as it is £2k cheaper than Jarrett
Proposed: Steve Bishop            Seconded: Andy Agent            none against
Awaiting a quote for the electrics from Ralph Crich. SCC will need to be contacted as the library
will be closed and Mandy needs to look for suitable dates as the books will need storing in either
the hall or the Vine Lounge.                                                       Sandra/Mandy
Sandra’s computer needs replacing as it is required to carry out the Administrator role. To be
discussed again next month.

40.04.12 Report: Administration – Sandra Bumphrey
Nothing to report

41.04.12 Report: Hall Users - Julie Gentry
Nothing to report.

42.04.12 Report: Playing Field – Richard Morgan
Nothing to report

43.04.12 Report: Parish Council – Mike Gilson
Nothing to report.

44.04.12 Any Other Business
Trevor asked if we could get some new play area signs as the existing ones are damaged.
Proposed asking the sign writer who is making signs for Funday for quote              Steve
Meeting closed 9.45pm


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